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The World's Oldest Story!! #4 AR

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71. I Give Up - pg 1
72. Loving You Always.. - pg 27
73. Friends First! - pg 42
74. Brain Stew!! - pg 72
75. Suddenly I see - pg 100
76. Family Matters - pg 137

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Hi again.. Thread no. 4 it is.. Thank you for reading and appreciating my work so far.. am not starting this thread on a good note. but will end it on a good one i hope!! Keep reading!!


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"Dr. Armaan.. In papers peh aapki sign chahiye.. Dr. Shubhankar ne bheje hain..", the nurse gave him a file as he sat behind his desk in his cabin.. He jerked out of the thoughts that had engulfed him as he heard her voice..

Taking the file from her, he looked down at the papers and smiled.. He signed where it was required, "Thank you..", he thanked her as she took the file from him and left the cabin.. He sighed as she left and ran a hand through his hair.. The last two days had been the worst he had seen so far.. Worse than anything he had faced in his horrific past.. And he knew the days ahead would surpass all levels of pain he had felt, even more than today.. He remembered that fateful day.. Everything went wrong.. All his dreams came crashing down.. And the day that followed was worse.. He had lied blatantly to Riddhima.. He told her he didn't love her.. He knew this was the darkest kind of blasphemy ever.. God, if there existed one, would never forgive him for uttering those words.. And love, if there was any such thing, lost all its meaning in that one day.. He remembered following her all the way back to her place.. She did not allow him to come inside.. But he went anyway.. He had to apologize to her parents.. Padma aunty had refused to speak to him, refused to speak to her.. She just saw Riddhima and went back to her room, satisfied that her child was alive.. Nani had tried making conversation, but no one spoke.. Anjali had tried coaxing Riddhima into talking, "Ridzi!!.. Tu kahan thi.. Tu theek toh hai na.."

"Di!.. I am sorry.. I was stupid.. But I just wanted some time alone..", she told her, her voice steady as a rock.. Then she turned to her dad, who had not said anything since their arrival and was just looking at the ongoings from his armchair while nani and Anjali fretted over his daughter.. "Papa.. I am sorry.. Aisa phir kabhi nahi hoga.. I am really sorry.."

But he too looked at her once and started making his way out of the living room, giving her the silent treatment..  Armaan couldn't bear this kind of behavior.. He couldn't leave her to deal with this alone.. So he spoke before Dr. Shashank could leave, "Sir.. Please ek baar meri baat sun lijiye.."

Shashank turned to look at him, but before he could react, "Armaan.. Don't say another word.. Just go from here..", she commanded..

"Riddhima please let me say what I have to..", he defied her order..

"Ab aur kya reh gaya hai sunne ke liye Dr. Mallik..", Shashank asked him derisively..

Armaan, glad that he gave him a chance to speak, jumped at the opportunity, "Sir I know we have hurt you.. I have hurt you.. But sir, trust me, Riddhima cares more about you.. She really does.. She just got impulsive yesterday.. I am really sorry.."

"Dr. Mallik.. I know my daughter well.. Aap ko mujhe bataane ki zaroorat nahi hai ki she loves me and cares for me.. Main acchi tarah jaanta hoon.. And as far as me and my daughter are concerned, please stay out of it.. This is our private family matter.. ", he said coldly..

"Papa please..", she pleaded her dad to shut up.. He was making matters worse.. Hurting him more.. He would push her further now..

"Why Riddhima.. He should know.. ", he started but she interrupted, "Enough.. Please stop this.. Armaan tum jao yahan se.."

Armaan didn't feel the pain, he was numbed by it.. Now as he heard those words, he really believed that those people who he considered his own, were not really his.. He was really all alone.. Riddhima was the only one who cared for him.. But he couldn't be selfish.. She cared for a hundred other people apart from him.. "I know sir.. I am sorry.. I will never bother you or your family again.. But mera aapko dukh pohochaane ka koi iraada nahi tha.. Really.. Please forgive me.. Please sir.."

Riddhima couldn't see him begging, pleading like that.. Why was he doing this to himself, "Armaan that is enough.. Just go.. Mere liye please.."

Armaan smiled as she said that.. How could he disobey her now.. Saying a final goodbye to a teary nani and Anjali, he walked out of the house wowing never to haunt these people again..

But his decision had wavered the next day when he had seen Riddhima in the parking.. He had missed her to no end, when she didn't come in the morning.. He skipped breakfast.. He couldn't bear to enter that kitchen.. All those moments they shared there came haunting back to him.. He couldn't sleep in his room.. She was all around.. He wanted to run away.. Run away.. Coz her absence killed him every second.. And all this became worse when he saw her in the hospital.. He tried busying himself in work.. He tried running away.. But where could he go.. The terrace was full of their memories.. The fire escape a mirage of all the moments they shared there.. And when he walked through the corridors he remembered all those times she had pulled him or he had pulled her by their hands to somewhere.. But the worst was when he bumped into Riddhima in the corridors.. It would take him all his last remaining will power to remain unaffected by her presence.. This was becoming more and more difficult.. Hence he had taken a decision on that very day.. And he was ready to go ahead with it..  He knew his presence was torturing her too.. And only his absence would give them respite.. At least give him some respite..


Armaan  and Riddhima's problems had become quite apparent to the world.. Their morose demeanors, their ashen faces and that electricity that charged the atmosphere when they were within a five foot radius around each other wasn't unnoticed by those around them.. And it was most apparent to their friends who knew exactly what had gone wrong.. Anjali had told them everything there was to tell and asked them to try and talk to Armaan.. She thought Armaan was being really stupid by not talking to his sister.. She knew he was hurting too, but so was Riddhima.. And she had seen her cry continuously for the last two nights.. And from whatever little she had spoken to her, it was clear that she was going to fight for her love..  And she had decided to help her in any which way possible.. Coz she knew Armaan was doing this only for her.. And she really respected him for respecting her dad so much.. Now only if her dad could see through that ego of his!!.. But if not her dad, at least she had to try and convince Armaan to talk to Riddhima.. Facing problems together is always better than on your own.. But he didn't seem to want to talk to her.. Coz she fell under the Gupta family category.. So she had asked Nikki to talk to her best friend, "You think I didn't talk to him.. Anjie he's gone into his shell.. That's what he does.. Whenever a problem arises, he stops talking to everyone and tries to solve it on its own.. He thinks he's superman or something.. And he is so stubborn.. I don't know what to say to him.. Yaar Rahul tune try kiya na.."

"Yeah! But I am not talking to that kameena.. Aise behave karta hai jaise problems sirf usi ko hai.. I am not sitting here to solve his problems if he cant respect my presence..", he was extremely frustrated with Armaan's behavior.. He had tried talking to him, making the issue lighter.. But Armaan had blasted him instead and asked him to stay away from his life..  If that is what he wanted, then so be it.. He had decided not to talk to him about anything from then on..

"Rahul.. Chod na.. Sach mein pareshaan hai bechara..", Muskaan comforted him.. She knew her husband well.. She had seen him worried for his friends the day they had disappeared.. He had even stayed on at the Guptas for a very long time to help look for them before Armaan had made that call to Anjie..

"Haan Rahul.. Gussa toh mujhe bhi aa raha hai.. But you know Armaan na.. I am sure this is going to follow with another street fight or bike race.. ", Nikki reminded him of their college days.. Armaan was impulsive when he was upset.. And they had seen him lose himself one time too many.. They knew he took to extreme sports and his other crazy activities whenever he felt alone.. Especially when everyone was on vacation or celebrating some festival with their families.. But he would get over it soon and be back to his charming garrulous self in no time..

"I just hope he talks to Ridzi yaar.. She's so upset because of him.. Wahan papa uss se baat nahi kar rahe.. Yahan who kucch keh nahi raha.. Its been two days you know..", Anjali was very worried for her sister..

"Anjie.. Its been just two days.. Let the matter settle down a little.. I am sure dimaag thanda hote hi, they'll miss each other so much, that apne aap sab baat karne lagenge..", Nikki told her hopefully..

Just then Abhi and Atul entered the canteen, walking towards them, their expressions serious on their long faces..

"Nikki.. Bad news..", Abhi told her as he sat next to her..

"Atul what happened?..", Anjali saw his sullen expression as he too sat at the table with a sigh, looking at them with a defeated expression..


Riddhima was walking to the cabin after lunch.. She avoided the canteen during lunch.. There were too many people there.. She was tired of the sympathetic looks she got from people in general.. Either she was imagining it because she was so defeated or people had guessed something from Armaan's behavior towards her and cooked up stories.. And she was in no mood to hear any of those.. She just tried concentrating on her work in the hospital, and in the breaks, reminiscing the good times she'd spent with Armaan.. He however was avoiding her big time.. It hurt her to no end, but he wouldn't listen.. But she knew it wasn't completely his fault.. Her father had made him feel like a murderer.. Like he had made a grave mistake by falling in love with his daughter.. She knew she would do the same if she was in his place.. That guilt was too much for him to handle alone.. And he didn't think it right to share it with her.. So she had tried to take matters in her own hand.. The only way to convince Armaan of their relationship was to convince her dad of it.. So she had gone and spoken to him after Armaan had left that day.. She had gone to the study, where he pretended to be busy in his work.. "Papa.. We need to talk..", she told him as she sat opposite him on the couch..

"Why Riddhima.. Why do you care now.. I have given you all the freedom.. Jao apne Armaan ke paas.. Mujhe koi problem nahi hai.." he replied rudely, clearly hurt by her run-away act..

"Papa.. Gayi toh thi.. But you know what, he sent me back.. He said what you said was right.. He didn't want to do anything against your wishes..", she told him a little bitterly.. This was not what she exactly wanted..

"That hurts even more Riddhima.. Ki usse yeh kehna pada.. Ki tum uske paas gayi in the first place.. Ki you care about him more than me..", his expression hurt and defeated..

Riddhima's heart twisted at those words.. "That is not true papa.. I care about you.. I love you.. How can I not.. Papa aap humesha se mere role model rahe hain.. I always respected you above everyone.. And I know you love me a lot.. But papa.. So does Armaan.. And I care for him just as much.. Jaise aap meri family hain, waise woh bhi meri family hain.. He's a part of my life now papa.. And I know yeh sab aapke saamne galat tareeke se aaya, but trust me.. Armaan bohot accha hai.. Aap bhi toh uski kitni tareef karte the.. Then what happened all of a sudden.. How did all that change overnight?"

"Kyunki maine usse pehchana nahi.. He was fooling me all along.. Riddhima you know what, mujhe woh pehle se pasand nahi tha.. College ke dino se awaara kism ka ladka tha.. But he managed to impress me somehow.. And slowly he made a place in my heart.. I trusted him.. To be good.. Different from what I thought he was.. But unfortunately, he turned out to be exactly what I thought he was.. Mujhe sirf tumhare jhoot bolne se dukh nahi pohocha Riddhima, iss baat se bhi dukh pohocha ki usne bhi jhoot bola aur tumhe jhoot bolne ka badhava diya.. Do you really think I'll approve of that..", he asked her indignantly..

"Papa, we were going to tell you.. We were just scared.. He really respects you papa.. And that is why he's broken up with me.. But papa I know he's hurting..", she tried convincing him but he cut her off, "And am I not hurting Riddhima..", the pain was clear in his eyes..

Riddhima looked at him pleadingly, begging for him to understand, "Papa, you have me, you have mamma.. You have nani and di with you.. He has no one.. He considered me and us his only family papa.. Please usse aur hurt mat karo.. He really needs me.. Needs us.." and her eyes welled up as she remembered his pain..

Shashank scoffed at her plea, "Riddhima.. He's told you some crappy cock and bull story and you fell for it.. I know he's had a painful past, but he used it to his advantage to get closer to you.."

And this Riddhima was not going to take lying down, "Papa stop it.. You are insulting me by saying that.. Don't you trust your daughter.. Don't you think I know what is right and wrong.. Don't you trust your upbringing.. Kya aapko mujh par itna bhi bharosa nahi hai ki main ek accha insaan pehchaan sakti hoon..", she demanded..

He lowered his voice as he heard that, "Tum par bharosa hai Riddhima.. Lekin uss par nahi.. Tumhara pyaar sach hoga.. But how can you guarantee that he is not just playing with your feelings.."

"Coz I know.. I just know.. And I don't need to prove myself..". She said with a finality.. She'd have to try some other day.. Her dad was as thick-headed as Armaan was.. Where did she come across such crazy people from..

"Riddhima beta.. Listen to me.. I am your papa.. I know what is good for you.. Don't you trust me beta.. Do you think I'll ever want anything wrong for you..", he asked her caressing her hair..

Riddhima gave up finally.. This matter wasn't going to be resolved so easily, "Papa.. Please just think about it.. Coz I cant choose.. I cant choose you over him and I cant choose him over you.. Please try and understand..", and with that request she left from there with a heavy heart.. And there after she had not gotten a chance to speak to him.. The next day over breakfast she tried buttering him again.. But her words didn't seem to have an effect on him and in the evening when she got back from a dreadful and painful day at the hospital, he was packing his bags to go for another one of his tours.. "Riddhima.. If you are going to wait for my approval for Armaan, then its better you forget him.. My conscience does not allow me to encourage you into anything that is wrong..", he had told her.. And after that she had broken down again.. Shut herself up in her room.. Armaan wasn't talking to her.. Her dad was being so insensitive.. What was she to do.. The last of all her hopes were draining.. But her di encouraged her, told her everything will be alright.. And her mamma, though she didn't say anything, she came and sat beside her all night, caressing her, as she cried on and on..

"Armaan please apna pagalpan band karo.. Stop this right here..", she heard Nikki screaming from his cabin.. She stopped to hear what more pagalpan was he up to.. Hadn't he done enough already.. She knew how he had shut not only her, but also all their friends from his life.. Now it seemed only the nurses, his patients and Dr. Shubhankar had access to his life..

"Nikki.. I said I don't want to talk about this.. Leave me alone..", Armaan's voice matched Nikki's raised voice..

Atul tried to calm him down, "Armaan.. Please thande dimaag se soch.. Tu yeh kya kar raha hai yaar.."

"Haan Armaan.. Think twice before you take any such decision.. Abhi bhi der nahi hui hai.. Things can still be sorted out..", Abhi told him in a calm voice.. Riddhima's heartbeat increased as she went to the door and opened it a little to see all her friends gathered in his cabin.. She had this ominous feeling.. Something was terribly wrong..

"I have thought a hundred times already Abhi.. And I know what I am doing is right..", he said, calming down a little..

But Nikki got more agitated as she heard that, "Running away from your problems is not the rightest thing to do Armaan.. Bhaagne se problem solve nahi hoti.."

"There is no problem Nikki.. I have sorted everything that is needed to be sorted. And I am not running away.. I am just moving ahead in my life.. This is a big career opportunity for me.. I don't have any responsibilities.. This is the time I should build my career.. And I have made my decision.."

"Tu kahin nahi jaa raha.. Samjha na..", Rahul spoke menacingly for the first time.. He tried hard not to talk to him, but he couldn't see his friend make wrong decisions and not do anything about it..

"Rahul please.. Interfere mat kar.. Mera decision final hai.. Everything is ready and I am leaving for Singapore tonight whether you guys like it or not.. Instead of supporting me you guys are just trying to pull me down.. You should be happy for my success..", he was irritated.. it had been tough enough to convince himself of going through with this decision of his without his friends trying to stop him too..

"Yeah.. You're right.. Congratulations Armaan.. All the best.. Go wherever you want.. Do what you want to.. Why would I care.. I shouldn't interfere..", Rahul said sarcastically as he walked out of the cabin in rage..

As he opened the door to get out, he unveiled a shocked Riddhima staring inside the cabin, tears flowing out her beautiful green eyes..

"Ridzi.. ", Anjali saw her standing there and got worried.. Abhi and Atul had found out that Armaan was moving to Singapore and Dr. Shubhankar had already done all that was needed for his transfer.. They had been scared about the consequences of his actions.. They all knew very well why Armaan had taken this decision in just a matter of two days..They didn't want to tell Riddhima until they tried dissuading Armaan.. But this had all gone wrong.. Armaan was more obstinate than they had thought and Riddhima had heard everything..

But Riddhima's eyes were stuck on just one person.. She stared at him unable to believe the conversation she had just overheard.. Numbed by the pain that she felt when she heard that, she stood there, not moving an inch.. Armaan's eyes stung with the pain that he saw on her face.. He had planned not to tell her at all.. Coz he knew this would hurt her.. And he knew that her reaction would compel him to stay back.. But now that she knew, he would have to handle the situation.. He could not let himself fall weak.. So he priced his eyes away from her gaze that had betrayal written all over it.. No one spoke as they waited for one of them to say something.. Finally Muskaan broke the silence, "Armaan.. Yaar ek baar phir soch le.. Guys I think hume chalna chahiye.. ", and she walked out the door as all of them followed her in a file, leaving Riddhima with Armaan, hoping that she would be successful in dissuading him..


"Kitne baje ki flight hai..", she asked when every one had left and the silence became unbearable..

Armaan was stunned as he heard her, "Riddhima.. I have to go.. It's a very good career opportunity..", he tried giving an explanation..

"That wasn't the answer to my question Armaan..", she replied coldly, holding back her tears..

He knew she was hurt by his actions.. He had not wanted her to know.. But now that she did, he had to justify himself.. "Riddhima.. I want to concentrate on my career right now.."

"Why are you explaining things to me Armaan.. What right do I have to know.. You didn't bother telling me when you took this decision.. It doesn't affect my life right.. Why should I bother..", she was so hurt and angry.. She wanted to slap him tight across his face..

He saw that hurt in her eyes, heard it in her tone.. He didn't want to do this.. He realized what a jerk he had been.."Riddhima I am sorry.."

"What for Armaan.. Do I even matter to you.. Did you ever consider me as a part of your life Armaan..", she finally blasted, glaring at him hurtfully..

He couldn't look into those accusing eyes anymore as he turned away.. "Please Riddhima.."

"No Armaan.. I am pleading to you.. Don't say anything.. Go wherever you want.. Make your career.. Don't bother about me. I am fine..", her reply full of derision..

Armaan closed his eyes as a tear escaped it, but steadying himself he replied.. "Good.. That's all that matters to me anyway.. Humesha khush rehna.."

She scoffed at his answer.. "Of course rahungi Armaan.. Tum nahi rahoge toh bohot khush rahungi.. I don't need you or your fake concern.." and she looked at him, her eyes finally watering, letting all the hurt and pain out.. Begging him through her eyes to stop his nonsense.. But his eyes were determined.. He apologized to her for god alone knows how many reasons and bade her a final goodbye.. "Theek hai.. I'll see you later I guess.. I hope.. Bye Riddhima.."

She smiled at him,"Bye Dr. Mallik..", she added defiantly and started to make her way out.. As she started to go away, a feeling of loss took over him.. It suddenly hit him that he wouldn't be seeing those beautiful eyes, that breathtaking smile ever again.. He wouldn't be seeing his Basket ever again.. He found himself going weak as she walked away.. And before she left the cabin he uttered, "Can I please get a last hug.. One last time please..", his voice was barely a whisper, but she heard it loud and clear.. His pleading eyes, begging her to take him into her arms.. But she was angry and this request of his ticked her off even more.. If he could give her so much pain, he would have to learn to bear it too.. Two could play this game.. "I am sorry Dr. Mallik.. It'll hurt too much to let go.. And I have hurt myself enough because of you.. All the best for whatever you do in your life.." she seethed as she walked out on him without sparing him so much as a glance..


"Armaan.. Please ek aur baar soch le..", Abhi tried one last time as they waited at the departure lounge bidding Armaan a goodbye..

"Chod na Abhi.. Usse koi farak nahi padta.. He doesn't care about anyone else but himself..", Rahul spoke, his voice full of hurt..

"Oye Raaool.. Agar tujhe mujhse itna problem hai toh yaha kyun aaya hai mujhe chodne.. Jaa na..", Armaan replied in the same tone as Rahul's..

Rahul challenged him, moving forward as he said.. "Nahi jaunga.. Kya karlega.."

Armaan smiled at his stupid friend.. He knew what his anger really meant.. "I am sorry yaar.. I know you're going to miss me teasing you with Muskaan.. Mujhe pata hai you secretly liked it when I did that.. But seriously.. Keep up the good work..", and he winked at him as he said that.. "Its not funny..", Rahul said, looking away, his eyes moist..

"It so is.. Haina Muskaan..", he turned to her to see her in tears.. She came and hugged him tight as she cried on his shoulder.. He tried to get away but she still held on.. That's when they heard the announcement for his flight.. He knew time was running out.. And he had a few loose ends to tie up.. "Muskaan.. Sunn.. Raunak ka khayal rakhna.. I will call him from there.. But phir bhi.. If he needs anything just tell me.. And tell Minnie I am sorry.. Now I have to go.. And don't hug me here.. Rahul yahin khada hai.. If he comes to know about us mujhe maar dalega..", he joked as he pulled out and looked around with tears in his eyes.. She let go of him hitting him on his arm and hugged Rahul, not being able to stop her tears..

"Nikki.. Common yaar.. I am going.. Bye toh bol de.. Accha anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to make it for the wedding.. I am sorry.. Iss liye congrats in advance..", he spoke to a very angry Nikki, who had not spoken to him at all since the shouting match they had in his cabin.. She was on the verge of a blast..

"Abhi please tell him to shut up and get lost from here..", she told Abhi angrily not looking even once at Armaan..

But before he could say anything to her, Atul spoke up, his tone obstinate.. "Armaan.. I am not letting you go anywhere.. Tune mujhe promise kiya tha, that you'll water my plants for one month.." Armaan chuckled as he heard that and hugged Atul as he continued "And I had warned you.. I'll make your life hell if you don't keep your promise..", his voice shook a little as he reminded him of his threat..

Armaan just scoffed at that and said, "I guess even hell will be better than this life.." and smiling dejectedly, he left Atul.. "Bye Anjie.. Riddhima ka khayal rakhna.. She'll forget me sooner than you think..", he turned to Anjali, who was looking away from him, trying to hide her moist eyes..

"And who the hell are you to assume that..", her teary voice sent his heart in a frenzy.. No!!.. Why had she come.. It was better that she didn't.. Now it was going to be even more difficult to go..


Riddhima had been mad at Armaan for not telling her about his move.. And she was even more mad at him for taking such  a stupid decision.. She didn't believe he was so weak.. So selfish.. She was trying so hard.. Holding on to him with every little hope she had.. But he didn't make any effort at all.. What did he think of himself.. If he didn't care then nor did she.. What was she going to do if he only wouldn't be there to fight for.. She had given up.. Given up on everything.. Given up on all her dreams.. As her trust in his love shattered with every step he took to go away from her, her hope drained from her.. Now there would be no need to fight for anything.. She had thought that his guilt was compelling him to behave the way he was.. And if she got a little time to convince her dad, they would be together again.. She didn't really imagine in her wildest of dreams that he would give up on them so easily and leave her.. She remembered those instances when he had asked her not to leave him.. When he had promised to her that he would never leave her side.. All that seemed meaningless now.. He had truly ended everything in the real sense of the word.. It was all over.. Their dream had finally shattered and she had been rudely woken up from it by the very person who dared her to dream this dream.. Who taught her, who showed her this dream..

"Ridzi.. Hum Armaan ko chodne jaa rahe hain.. Usne mana kiya tha.. But I cant keep this from you.. You're the only one who can stop him now.. Please Ridzi..", Anjie came into her room, trying to convince her to stop Armaan.. But she was hurt right now, "Usse jo karna hai woh wahi karega.. Main nahi rok sakti usse.. Na hi rokna chahti hoon.. He can go to hell if he wants..", she said, her anger getting the better of her..

"Ridzi..", Anjali tried pleading again.. But Riddhima said with a tone of finality, "Please di!.. I am not coming to the airport.. Tum chali jao.. In fact, you also don't try to stop him.. He doesn't care about anyone.."

Anjali left, crestfallen, as she couldn't persuade her equally stubborn sister..

As soon as she left the room, Riddhima broke down.. She didn't know why she was seeing this hell.. What wrong had she done to deserve this.. She had forgotten where all this had started.. She just knew that she was surrounded by an ocean of pain and sorrowful loneliness.. And there was no shore in sight.. As she cried her heart out, something that she had gotten used to now, she recollected all those moments they had spent together.. Their time in Goa where she fell in love with him.. Their journey together in Sanjeevni from the day he joined in.. The way he irritated her on purpose, flirting with random girls.. The way she discovered a new him everyday.. The way he discovered her everyday.. That Sunday in Lonavla that changed their equation.. Their stupid fight during Anjali's wedding and then the confession.. His romantic side that brought out hers.. His every word that she latched on too.. It was all etched in her memory permanently.. And what changed their realtionship the most was her finding out about his past from Nikki.. She had hurt him so badly that day.. She had wowed to not let him go through that pain ever again.. But he had suffered again when Raunak had brought out his past.. That day she had promised herself that she would take care of him.. She would look after him.. And that included times like these when he was being really really heartless.. She couldn't leave him like that now.. She suddenly realized that he must be going through hell.. He will go through hell when he goes from here.. She knew him.. He will hide it behind those dimples but he was punishing himself for something he had not done.. She had to stop him.. How could she let him go.. Cursing herself for losing her temper she ran out of the house and into her car as she drove crazily towards the airport, her heart thudding, hoping she makes it on time.. Parking in the airport car park, she hurried through the crowd to the departure lounge, looking around frantically for any sign of him.. Tears started to pour out as she didn't find him or any familiar face around.. That's when she heard the announcement for his flight.. So he had not left at least.. She looked around some more and finally spotted him hugging Atul, as her friends looked on morosely.. She ran towards them as she heard him tell her Di, "Bye Anjie.. Riddhima ka khayal rakhna.. She'll forget me sooner than you think.."

"And who the hell are you to assume that..", she said angrily though tears of relief rolled down her face at finding him..

Armaan turned to look at her and looked away immediately before he lost himself completely, "Riddhima.. I have to go.."

"No you don't.. Armaan you promised you wouldn't leave me.. You cant go..", she reminded him bitterly..

"Riddhima it's a good career opportunity..", he hid behind his stupid shield of an excuse.. Career.. Really!!

She caught him right as she scoffed at him and then pleaded, "Armaan please.. Stop this.. Ghar chalo.."

"Main jaa raha hoon Riddhima.. I am leaving..", he said letting the words sink in.. Riddhima just stared at him for two minutes as those words reverberated in her head.. She was brought out by the voice of the announcer announcing the final call for the flight to Singapore.. "I guess this is it.. Bye..", he said as he pushed his trolley away from them.. "Bye guys.. ". He bid his friends a final goodbye and walked away as fast as he could towards the security check.. Riddhima stared at his retreating back, her life moving away from her.. When she realized what was happening, the reality hit her.. He was actually going.. Leaving her and going.. There was no more of him, of them ever now.. "Armaan.. Please.. Don't go.. Come back..", she called out to him as he ignored her calls and walked in through the metal detectors placing his bag on the x-ray conveyor belt..

Her loud and frantic shouts were attracting a lot of attention.. Anjali quickly came over to calm her down as all of them surrounded her.. "Ridzi please calm down.."

"Di please.. Stop him.. Please..", she pleaded to her as she cried.. Then turning to Rahul, "Rahul please tell him to come back please..", Rahul looked at her helplessly as Muskaan tried to comfort her..

"Riddhima.. Chal.. Lets go..", Nikki took her by her shoulders, pricing her away from the railing "Nikki he's your best friend na.. Please stop him.. Please he's not listening to me..", her voice was barely audible now as she pleaded hugging Nikki tight, sobbing in her arms.. But what could anyone do.. He was gone.. Gone for good..


Armaan looked away from the window of the plane as it took off leaving behind the shores of the city that had given him his life.. He closed his eyes to all the memories he was leaving behind.. He was leaving his heart ,his soul behind.. But he knew he had to live on.. Live on his own now.. He had to tread a lonely path.. Walk a lonely road.. He knew he was destined to be alone..

Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park
I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away

Sometimes solutions aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only way

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey

And the sun will set for you

In cards and flowers on your window
Your friends all plead for you to stay

Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple
Sometimes good bye's the only way

And the sun will set for you
The sun will set for you

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey

And the sun will set for you..

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zappy congo for the new thread!!!!

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Congrats Rachna!!! Truly Deserved<3...its been great reading ur ff and u r a wonderful writer, keep writing...this is the only thing to look forward since DMG is over...

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Woww Rachnaa..NEW THREADDD !!!
This is awesome..CONGOOOSS ;)
and keep it uppp!
i hope we move onto the 5th threadd as well..but when will you updatee :(

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jst loooved dis part ....loved armaan as he knows importance of parents in life......dre love nd dre blessing is important to live a sucsessful lyf.....ridz shld giv hr fathr tym to undrstnd her love for now he is feeling the problem is dat he was best fathr nt a best frnd....RACHNA DEAR SETTLE THNGS BETWEEN THM ......i dnt lyk my ammy cryng.....lolx.....ND YEA congo for new thread.........

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