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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OS- Midnight Summer's Dream

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Wrote it on Sunday late night...and sent it to someone who should have read it by now...but alas..

i have a sense of deja vu again..with the way the episodes are going...

tell me if you like it..

Midnight summer's dream


It had been a week since he had seen her, since their face off. He had kept a track of her work with Yash Malhotra. He knew she was doing a good job. His challenge to her to show how she would fend for herself was already giving fruit. As he read the latest report on Geet from the Private Detective he gave a wicked smile of pride and love which he only kept to himself. The rest of the world including Daadi, Board of Director and Office staff were under the impression that they had parted ways and there was no way they would be back together.

He suddenly got up when he saw a photo of Geet with Yash where they were smiling at each other and felt a sharp pain shoot through him. He felt seared to the soul to see her with someone else. He had bought Yash's company for the very reason. He wanted to keep tabs on Geet and her movements.

He had let her go to help her find her confidence, give her room to learn to be independent. He felt, for their love to be stronger he needed to let her go and find wings. He did not feel superior but he felt he owed it to her to know that love with unflinching trust would only come once she had more confidence in herself, once she was independent and she started thinking of herself as his equal. She had to move out of the "Sir" mode she reverted to and think of him as Maan else there will always be a room for misunderstandings.

Sasha then came into the cabin and brought the designs of the D'Mello House that was not complete. The work was stuck half way because couple of rooms needed work. Maan looked at the design and was reminiscent of the times with Geet on the project and the anniversary wedding of D'Mello. Sasha tried to tell Maan that she would complete the designs now that Geet was not there but he asked her to leave the designs in an off hand manner.

Sasha did not know that he had already bought the house and that was the reason the designs were not complete because he had halted the work as he wanted Geet to see the house and do the changes to add a nursery. But what was going to be an engagement gift was now lying incomplete like their relationship.

He smashed his hand on the the table and felt the pain pierce through him. He knew office and home had become a haunted place for him ever since Geet had left. He felt her presence everywhere; the smell of her perfume, her anklets and her dupatta kept flashing in front of him driving him crazy. He had almost given up on Tai Chi as he felt her in each stroke of movement but today he felt he needed to get some exercise done to exorcise her from his mind, body and soul. He left office and went straight to his gym and did his exercise in vain. He could not get the image of Yash and Geet smiling at each other out of his head and he slashed the air like it was Yash's head he was smashing. Instead of alleviating his anger, every stroke seemed to fuel it.

Maan could not take it anymore so he showered and changed and went to Yash's office despite his promise to himself that he would keep away from Geet. He now could not hold himself back as the rage that had banked down to embers now flared into an inferno for he wanted her to be independent but not be with someone else. He was not going to let her go ever. He seethed as he drove to the factory.

He had to wait to be shown to Geet's cabin which did not improve his disposition. After waiting for few minutes, he barged into her cabin.

Geet looked up from the work as she had suddenly felt a frission of awareness that Maan was around but had dismissed it and got back to it. Just as she had dispelled the thought as to how would Maan know where she was, she heard the door to her cabin open and he was standing in front of her. Geet slowly got up from her chair but tilted her head up and looked with cold eyes at him lest he finds out that her whole being was quivering. She steeled herself and asked in a flat voice, "Aap yahan kya kar rahe ho? Dekhne aaye ho ki Geet ab aapke bina bikhar gayee hai?"

Maan smirked sarcastically, "Dekh raha hoon ki ab mujhe milne se bhi tum darrti ho, isiliye tumhein milne ke liye appointment leni padti hai."

Just then Yash comes into the cabin and says, "Maan Singh Khurana, aap finally yahan aa hi gaye. Mujhe laga tha apne…"

But Maan cut him off and retorted, "mein Dekh raha hoon ki aapne inefficient logon ko hire kiya hai. Jo koi kaam theek se nahi kar sakte. Saare instructions follow nahi karte bulki uska ulta karte hain. Aadha project chorr ke jaate hain. "

Before Yash could answer, Geet came around the desk and said, "Maan, jo kehna hai mujhe kahiye. Aap yahan kyon aaye hain? Mein phir se pooch rahi hoon."

Yash looked at the interplay between them and knew this was a lover's tiff and slipped out of the cabin as he knew he was redundant. Maan noticed Yash go out and stepped closer to Geet with hands on his hips with eyes shooting fire at her. Geet stood her ground and looked straight back into his eyes. Maan then said, "D'Mello project is not done yet. Tum batao agar meine kuch bhi galat kaha hai. tumne menu spoil kiya hai, tumne party ka theme spoil kiya hai, design mein bhi gadbad ki hai aur D'Mello ka project atka hai kyon ki tum ne jo design kiye woh ab engineers ko confuse kar rahe hain."

Geet opened her mouth and then shut it but then firmed herself to not back down and snapped, "Toh meine kab mana kiya usse khatam karne se."  Then realized what she had just agreed to and put a hand on her mouth.

Maan took a step closer still, narrowed his eyes and said, "tumhara boss jaane dega tumhein?" Pushing one last button.

Geet replied and said, "Mein boss hoon Maan, Mein yahan ki CEO hoon aur Yash Chairman. Mein decide karti hoon, ki mujhe kya kaam karna hai aur kya nahi. Kab design poore karne hain aapko?"

Maan simply replied, "Abhi!"

Geet looked at the watch and saw it was almost five in the evening and realized she had couple of hours she could use before she had to be home to take care of the kids.

Geet had taken up the job and responsibility of the kids of Yash Malhotra reluctantly but she knew the kids needed someone to help anchor them. She had not accepted to stay with him but had insisted that she stay in the apartment opposite his and take care of the kids from distance.

Maan saw a small hesitation and felt a stab of jealousy and could not stop himself and taunted, "Kyon, Yash ko time diya hai kya?" as he had seen her look at the watch.

Geet snorted, jerked her head up, declined to reply and walked to the door. Once there she turned and asked, "Chalein?"

Maan for once followed Geet.

Maan drove to the site and Geet was astounded at not just the location but the way the house was taking shape. The house was ofcourse incomplete. It had no windows or doors just the area marked out for them. The roof was missing but the rooms were demarked with dividing walls. Geet asked Maan for the design and Maan shoved it in her hand as they walked towards the main door. Just as they were near the door, Geet tripped and stubbed her toes and Maan lifted her and walked through the door and placed her inside. Geet protested but Maan simply put her down after entering the house and walked to the center of the room.

Geet took the design and looked at what was the hall. She said what could be done and Maan seemed to not like it. She let it pass. But she saw that for every room whatever she said seemed to illicit an opposite reaction from him.

Maan had asked her not just on the layout of the rooms but also the way the placement of furniture would fit in the design. But whatever she had to say,

When she had said about the living room, she remembered the way he had pulled the pen out of her hand and she had fallen on the sofa and Maan had been close to her. She had shaken her head and had said, "yahan par sofa hoga," but Maan had looked at her, though looking a bit lost, had said, "nahin, yahan chaise lounge hoga." Maan

They had moved to the kitchen and she recalled the pasta making and she said, "yahan par cooking island hoga,"Maan had contradicted her and had wanted something else. Geet was getting more and more livid by the time they reached the master bedroom. She told him when they reached there was, "Aap bolo kyon ki jo mein bol rahi hoon sab toh aapko theek nahi lag raha hai."

Maan then made a face and said, "Bedroom mein koi change nahi hai par the balcony beside it is something I don't like." Maan had moved to the time when she had walked ou

Geet goes to the verandah which is open on three side and asks, "isme kya kami hai?"

"kuch nahi, isse band karna hoga.. mein convert karna hoga…"Maan ordered.

Geet starts to become more angry and said, "ye kya, poora view aur look kharab ho jaayega. D'mello ko ye pasand nahi aayega."

Maan stubbornly digs his heels in and said, "No, it has to change bas."

Just then Maan got a call on his cell. It was getting dark now and Geet was wondering how long before Maan would agree to drop her home. She again looked at her watch and called Yash to let him know that she was still waylaid and he should organize something to help with the kids.

Maan had returned in the mean time and advised her that the car's tyres were flat and he has called for someone to come and help but till then they would have to be here. Geet rummaged through her bag and found the candle and matches.

Maan in his uncustomary jovial manner said, "Aaj mirchi nahi hai?"

Geet gave a rueful smile but nodded in agreement that it is always with her.

Maan could not stop himself from teasing and asked, "aur woh gudiya? Woh kahan hai?"

Geet could not believe that Maan would remember that and both of them stood still looking at each other  with the invisible thread of that shared night between them tugging at their heart strings.

Maan wondered how had it all gone wrong but pushed his memories aside and looked away from those beguiling eyes that had him entrapped. He knew he would never get away from them. He looked at the moon rising and went back to the car to get a blanket torchlight that was there.

He had a flask of coffee and some energy bars in the car which he felt would help Geet especially in her condition. He went back to the Verandah where Geet had again wandered to.

He offered Geet a bar to eat and some coffee poured into the cup of the flask.

Geet looked at it and said, "mujhe nahin chahiye," turning her face away.

Maan growled, "Geet, zid mat karo, kuch nahin toh bachche ke baare mein soch lo, pata nahin aur kitni der lage, help aane mein."

Geet almost melted at the concern lacing his voice as he spoke of her baby. She turned then and said in a soft voice, "Mein coffee nahin loongi, baby ke liye theek nahin hai par woh.." and took the energy bar from his hand.

Again a current of electricity passed between them as their skin brushed. Their eyes automatically locked with each other for a few seconds everything else was forgotten.

Maan then disengaged himself from the moment and turned away. He spilt a bit of coffee on his hand in his haste and Geet immediately rushed to him and asked if he was scalded.

Maan not wanting her to touch him lest he lost it and said lifting is hand up, "ek minute" and wiped the coffee with his hanky. He wondered if the moon and she were conspiring to drive him crazy. But then he was already crazy about her why else would he leave everything for her.

Geet was lost in her thoughts about another scaling incident and how she had applied toothpaste.  Geet was lost when she felt a hand on her shoulders and heard Maan say, "Geet baith jaao, thak jaaogi," and pointed to the blanket he had spread against a wall in the verandah.

Silence engulfed them as they sat side by side eating the bar; the only light from a thin candle that would eventually burn out. Maan advised after sometime that they should extinguish the candle and let the moonlight help them as they were quite alright.

Geet was not happy at the turn of events but knew there was nothing much that could be done. As they sat there in silence, Geet heard a sound of something rustling and inched closer to Maan. She whispered,  "Wahan koi hai," and Maan came closer and murmured, "Koi nahi hai, bas patte hawa mein lehra rahe hain. Kya hua meri sherni, ab darr lagta hai?" humour spiking his words.

Geet turned towards him and darkness and snarled softly as she tried to move a bit away, "mein kisi se nahi darti, "

Maan then pulled her close and said, "Toh mera haath kyon pakda hua hai?"

Geet had not realized she had held his forearm in fear and released it.  Mann gave a small snort of satisfaction but reverted to silence.

Geet after a while asked, "Daadima kaisi hain?"

Maan lost his temper, "Tum kya karogi jaanke ki Daadima kaisi hai Geet, tumne toh shaadi se inkaar kar diya tha, ab ye concern kyon?" he bit back at her.

Geet did not have a reply so she simply shut up and sat back looking straight into darkness as if trying to figure out what had happened.

Then out of the blue, she again ventured, "Sorry, mujhe uss baat par gussa aaya tha ki aapne Dev ko bail karwayee, mujhe bahut hurt hua ki aapne mujhe bataya nahi ki aap usse wapis ghar la rahe hain. Aur jab mein usse dekha aur jo meine suna tha usse laga ki aap mujhse sirf isliye shaadi karna chahte ho taaki aapke khaandaan ki izzat bani rahe. Mere ghar wale toh mujhe maarne ke liye ready the izzat ki khatir, aap mera saath doge aur family ka nahi ye mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha tha. Meine jab suna ki aap mujhse shaadi karke mujhse case wapis lewa loge toh mein gussa thi, phir socha aap aisa nahin kar sakte par jab Dev ko dekha toh aapki baat sachch hai wahi maan liya. Mein phir bhi aapse baat karne aayee thi par sab galat ho gaya…." She stopped and started sobbing.

Maan realized how damning it must have been whatever she had heard that day and he also knew now that she had not heard the whole thing. She had scars which were yet to heal and he knew he would have to keep reassuring her all their lives if they were to have a healthy and steady relation.

He melted and wiped her tears and said, "Bhool jao sab Geet, sab theek ho jaayega…"

Geet knew he had not forgiven her yet so she continued, " I am sorry maine aapko media ke samne beizzat kiya par mein tab tak bahut door jaa chooki thi aur…jab…pata chala ki..Dev.sirf do ghante ke liye..aaya tha…pata chala ki Daadi bimaar this isiliye…aap lekar aaye the..kayee baar…aaon aur..aapse..maafi..maangoo par…himmat nahi hue…" she haltingly added all that had been festering inside her.

Maan just said, "Hmm," and then got up and looked outside the window hole not really seeing anything.

Geet went up to him feeling the wall and letting the moonlight guide her. She went and hugged him from behind and felt Maan stiffen but not pull himself out of her embrace.

Maan closed his eyes as he felt her arms around him. He was not going to melt. There was too much between them, but this child woman had him wrapped around her little finger and he knew he would never be able to resist her. He put his hands on hers to pry them apart but ended up caressing them.

He heard Geet murmur some words of repentence and kissing his back with each word of remorse.

He slowly turned towards her and said, "Geet you are too distraught, go take a nap, on the blanket," and slowly slid her arms away from him.

Geet feeling rejected just went back to the blanket and sat down in a huff and stretched out her legs and closed her eyes, leaning her head against the wall. She did not think she would sleep but it was better that than have this man shun her away again. She had her pride too.

Maan saw her in the moonlight and knew how beautiful she looked with anger, pride and sulk mixed but he had to shun her else he was in danger of drowning into her. He stood there looking at her and realized as he saw her bobbing head that she was dozing. He went and sat next to her and stretched his legs out and eased her on his lap so that her head was cradled on his thigh and Geet would get some sleep. He wondered why it was taking so long for help to come. He saw that his mobile phone battery was also drained and resigned himself to a night here.

He gave a rueful smile, at least he had this one night with her. He did not know when he slept as well.

He heard chirping of the birds and predawn light making the sky glow trying to shake the darkness of the night away and let the laziness be dispelled with rays of sun stretching its arms out to bring a bright morning out.

He found himself entangled with Geet with her head on his shoulder, an arm around his waist and she curved into his flank and he could not resist running his hand on her hair to move it and see her face as she slept peacefully. He smiled at how innocent and calm this firebrand looked right now, but when riled she was a sight to watch out for.

He then felt her stir and he schooled his features to not let her know what he had just been thinking as she opened her eyes.

She first gave a smile and then realized where they were and how she was wrapped on him and she sprang away from him.

She stood up, paced up and down the verandah as the sky turned a light orange hue and it seemed her anger simmered the same color.

She suddenly asked, "aapne bataya nahin, yeh verandah kyon band karwana hai," spreading her arms out encapsulate the area and added, "dekhiya subah subah yahan baithna aur…nashta karna kitna suhana hoga."

Maan slowly got up and came near her and said, "kyon ki yahan nursery room banana hai,"

"Nursery?" Geet squeaked

"Haan," he replied and then produced a sheaf of papers from behind his back tucked in his trousers and gave it to her.

She looked at them asking, "yeh kya hai…" and stopped and looked up at him when she saw her name on the papers and realized what he meant.

She had tears in her eyes which were threatening to spill over and she said, "Yeh……" sweeping a listless hand again in a gestured a poor imitation of her earlier one and took two steps to close the gap between them and gave him a hug that threatened to crush him.

Maan held her tight and said, "Haan Geet, ye meine…kharid liya tha tumhare liye…apni engagement ke tohfe ke liye… par.." he then pulled back, held her face in his hands and asked, "Geet, tum sirf ek baar keh do ki…woh Yash aur tumhare beech mein kuch nahin hai…" He could not stop himself from asking her the thing that had been eating away at him like acid.

Geet frowned and said, "Yash?...woh toh…sirf..ek..achche dost hain…aur…"

Maan then put a finger on her lips and said, "Bas…aur kuch nahin…jaannana mujhe…" and looked deeply into her eyes as he traced her lips with his finger then his thumb and said, "Geet mujhe phir se kabhi chorrke jaane ki baat mat karna…." And before she could answer, he kissed her on the lips to seal the promise he had made to her that day in the car.

Geet melted against him and responded to him as if her very life depended on this kiss.

Maan had finally found his love, his home…in Geet's arms.


Doston se jhoothi moothi dusron ka naam leke
Phir meri baatein karna, yaara raat se din karna
Lambi judaai teri bada mushkil hai
Aahon se dil bharna, yaara raat se din karna
Kab yeh poori hogi door yeh doori hogi - 2
Roz safar karna, yaara raat se din karna

Chupke se, chupke se raat ki chaadar tale
Chaand ki bhi aahat na ho, baadal ke peechhe chale
Jale katra katra, gale katra katra
Raat bhi na hile aadhi aadhi yeh - 2
Chupke se lag jaa gale raat ki chaadar tale
Farvari ki sardiyon ki dhoop mein
Moondi moondi ankhiyon se dekhna
Haath ki aad se
Neemi neemi thand aur aag mein
Haule haule maarwa ke raag mein
Meer ki baat ho
Din bhi na doobe, raat na aaye
Shaam kabhi na dhale
Shaam dhale to subh na aaye
Raat hi raat chale
Chupke se, chupke se raat ki chaadar tale
Chaand ki bhi aahat na ho, baadal ke peechhe chale

Doston se jhoothi moothi dusron ka naam leke
Phir meri baatein karna, yaara raat se din karna
Lambi judaai teri bada mushkil hai
Aahon se dil bharna, yaara raat se din karna
Kab yeh poori hogi door yeh doori hogi - 2
Roz safar karna, yaara raat se din karna

Tujh bina pagli yeh purvai - 2
Aake meri chunri mein bhar gayi
Tu kabhi aise hi gale lag jaise yeh purvai
Aa gale lag jaise yeh purvai
Saathiya sun tu
Kal jo mujhko neend na aayi
Paas bulaaye na
God mein apni sar rakh le na
Lori suna de na
Chupke se lag jaa gale raat ki chaadar tale
Chaand ki bhi aahat na ho, baadal ke peechhe chale
Jale katra katra, gale katra katra
Raat bhi na hile aadhi aadhi yeh - 2
Chupke se lag jaa gale raat ki chaadar tale
Chaand ki bhi aahat na ho, baadal ke peechhe chale

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I loved it Vru... I had read it on Sunday... re-read it .... And got lost in the magic - ONCE AGAIN EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Thanks Rev...

my QA has to read

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Good to see you back in action Vrushali..Very good OS..really enjoyed reading it..Keep writingSmile

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Thanks Tanya...

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wow just loved it..really beautiful..specailly the way he tells her taht he has bought it for her..

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Lovely...Alas the writers have lost their marbles and are showing us stuff we have already seen!

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It was soooo beautiful Vru!!! Loved it!!! Was missing ur writing thanks for such an awesome piece if only we could get such a scene on the show sigh!!

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