Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Ria ka Adda:KMH2 epi 2

pavs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:11am | IP Logged
HOLLA if ya hear me!!!! Hey RKIANS wassup??
Well before giving my pointers lemme remind all u guys the rules of RKA.
1) Follow IF Rules and respect each others opinions. There is a decent code of conduct you can maintain and not pounce on each other if there is a difference in opinion.
2) Dont use quotes but use @ to answer.
3)If you want to open the Adda, after the first few weeks, please pm the 'addakeeper' A/C on IF or RKA FB a/c.
4)IMPORTANT:: Save First page for epi  analysis so only reserve on the first page if you wanna analyze. From the next page you can yapEmbarrassed
Can i just say i loweddddddddddddd today's superduper happy that todays epi really made me relive why exactly I have  been all lattooo over  dear kmh.Wink Okies without wasting time Il just get down to my pointers::
1)Arjun ...Mashallah ws looking hawtttttttttt....loved his stubble wala look. Thank God he is sporting the stubble look. That just adds to arjun's yummylicious appeal. He was in the top form today. His entry was smexci, his countenance very much the old arrogant snobbish hunk that we have adored in season 1. One clarification..does he do 'it' with tht random chick in the club??Confused 
p.s--simply loved his YSL belt..
2)Arjun putting that scar on her neck and leaving her gasping in fear was a very interesting scene. That scar is like a nishani he has left her which however much she tries she cant hide.
3)Arjun's family is damn interesting. The dad n mum are brilliant actors and they suit the role really well. Though mom looks exceptionally young, but she carries off her look with elan. Arjun's bro is a looker but no brainer as it seems. Arjun is the lonely rich boy who just has  a family in name but not in reality.
P.S ---another clarification...was arjun's bro on drugs??
4)Arohi's family reunion was simply too cute.. I am loving Arohi's chirpy act. Hats Off to kritika for doing such a wonderful job. She is superb with her expressions and dialogues. Only 1 problem;;her voice is still screechyConfused and very shrill in certain parts.
5)Arohi's chachu is damn seedha and sweet n i really like da actor who plays the role.
KEEP THE ADDA ROLLING SWEETIE signing off for now..will come later to gossip n chatTongue

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sweetassugar16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:13am | IP Logged
before ME start watching episode ROFL...i thought of a song....when punji playing basuri ROFL....and arohi dancing around him ROFL ooppss me mean running around him

Basuriwaaaaaleeeeeeee basuri bajaEmbarrassedDancing
Mere pagal parivar tuje bulate hai tu aaEmbarrassedDancing
Main bak bak karu tu sun naaaaAAAAaa EmbarrassedROFL

1).arjun almost kills arohi.Dancing..taking badla for almost giving him phasi last seasonROFL..."taste of your own medicine"ROFL...and this time u dont have anjana to save uROFL
2)WHAT THEEROFL me thought side-kick ladkies at club uno said whats that "FISH" ROFLROFLROFL....but ladkies actually said "dish" even they watched last season kya...when punji bane tha purple pineapple dishROFL
3)hiyla....punji ROFLROFL me didnt know u had such bad taste in ladkies....random ladki says my place and u goooROFLcholo chodo even arohi has some extreme bak baking skills this time...even i would skip her ROFL
5)punji has numbro uno pagal familyROFL while arohi has numbro uno cute si familyDay Dreaming
6) oye arohi./kritika.ROFLROFL i know KMH2 has started and u all excited...but relax karo voice ko ROFL too damnnn loudROFL
7) precap:punji murder-arohi-mission 2ROFLROFLROFLROFL

episode 7/10
please kritika lower your voice Smile
karan give u free-no-make-fun-pass this weekROFL....
rest of the cast seems decent enough....lets see where the story goes Smile

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 July 2010
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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:30am | IP Logged
writing for RKA for the first time .  before I go on let me say I enjoyed reading  the rka1 posts.  they were beautifully written.Thumbs Up  
loved the epi in totality .   Arohi  was fab ,  she was scared , angry , nervous, teasing,  bubly  and happy go lucky.  I luv arohi's I dont care attitude.   dadaji was looking so lovingly at dadi Tongue thoda chachu was fine.  they cleverly didnt show us unloading the bikes LOL.  Today I cld actually see Chandigarh and loved the way they showed the city. Smile
I luved the frnds interaction and yeah gauri's dad has no idea, he thinks both gauri and arohi are seedha and shant, gauri has a bf and arohi is oppo. of shanth LOL.  wah how quickly gauri's mehndi dried up Tongue.   she knew arohi wont stop talking  so took her time to open up.  If arjun is her bf (as per article ) and now she is marrying arohi's chachu and later arohi loves arjun then arjun's mami is gauri (did I get that right) .....Wacko oh forgot as long as blood relation nai hai sub kuch chalega...Wink
now comes the best part, Arjun ( my all time fav ) enters the show with style once again Thumbs Up.  he luked fit and fab.  his gait was perfect , expressions were spot on and what he left with that girl Unhappy doesnt that mean he isnt gauris bf.hmm confusion.  when the target was shot I thot it was arjun , oh ho it is the daku dad.  Arjun is spot on again with the expressions, with one look he gave us a clue abt a major part of his life , he is not loved enough.  his mom is stylish,  his family including  arjun were introduced pretty fast, all drama was left for arohi and her family LOL . 
his brother is a meano and we were shown drugs , I disliked it totally.  and arjuns frnds entering the club were they dancing Silly . so , many of you think the scar is there to stay , then they better get it stiched or else it will fade off, really her family just kept quiet laughing off her gangster story they didnot persue it furtherShocked.  
Arjun's show stealer act pertectly done by Karan . Thumbs UpClap
all the above said emotions of arohi perfectly portrayed by kritika.  Clap
parul gulati luked nice.Tongue 
and oh yeah almost forgot  welcome back mirror ..Big smile.

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SHIKHA19 Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2010
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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:36am | IP Logged

Hello to all !

Ya i liked d whole episode too. Big smile
kritika was at her best this time in terms of acting Big smile but in terms of looksSleepy then they need new designer 4 sure .
karan's looks r perfect Big smile n as hot as ever wid shades , suit , style etc etc ..but acting part ...still waiting ...Confused
arjun ke saath saath arjun ki mom bhi hot this time Wink 
both families r perfect wid their characters ....story bhi predictable hai kuch episodes ki ....but kal deffo maza aayega Big smileWink
n i also think that knife scar will turn into some nishani thing which can play an imp part like om locket of last time .

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Ok finally I got some time to write my short analysisTongue
Things I liked today...
  • Dadaji and DJ welcoming Arohi with that police was funny and I loved the chemistry of Arohi with Dada and DJThumbs Up ..
  • Arohi and his hot-happening Chachu Rajveer too share a grt chemistryEmbarrassed..I liked their cycle ride and the friendly relationship that they share..I can see in the future Rajveer Chachu might play an important role in Arjuhi love storyEmbarrassed..
  • Arjun's new look is coolCool...Rivalry or jealous between Arjun and his brother  looks interesting hereThumbs Up...
  • No doubt Precap is again better than the episode because finally Arjun and Arohi met and this time Arjun is in his real selfEmbarrassed;I feel the precap is misleading and Arohi will not recognise ArjunBig smile;She might mistake him to b Gouri's boygriend sinse Gouri said she loves someone elseErmm...
  • Arjun's character looks very mysterious..he is cool..he seems to b the favourite of his dad..he seems to b perfect in every work that he does...he is reserved in nature..doesn't gel around with girls...interesting character sketchThumbs Up..Karan was fab todayEmbarrassed
  • Liked the fact that Arohi tells the truth to her family about that mark on her neckThumbs Up
Issues in today's episode..
  • Arohi's character seems to b a fun loving girl..but Kritika can just tone down her act a little bitEmbarrassed
  • CVs r introducing too many characters and sub plots in just 2 episodes which is not bad but I hope they don't make a khichdi of all these tracks now Stern Smile
  • Gouri is Arohi's friend and will soon get married to her Chachu but she loves someone else...hmmmm I felt its a cliched trackThumbs Down..Instead I will prefer Rajveer-Gouri marriage hereEmbarrassed..
  • I m not too impressed with Arjun's Mom or DadOuch;DK and Arjun's mom in the first season  were much more impressiveApprove;But still I want to see how Arjun's overall equation with his parents is shown here...ready to wait and watchErmm
  • Technical department still needs to pull up their socksLOL..not too impressed with background score and cameraworkUnhappy..
What to Expect from the Story:
I feel the love story will b typical Pride and Prejudice type...Munda does not believe in love and relationships because he never got that love or care from his familyOuch whereas Arohi believes in love and relationships because she got it all from her familyBig we can expect some real war of words between the two here regarding thier different POVs towards life..Also the story could b inspired from a Feroz Khan Film called Yalgaar which was a love story between a boy who was from a gangster family and girl who was from a police family..the story there was quite complicated and for once I will not mind if Ekta copies that film's fact even in that film the girl and her Chachu shared a grt friendly relationship and also Chachu's love story was separately projected..on the other hand the guy had some issues with his brother..the brother was jealous that his dad always preferred the other I already see a similarity here between the film and this storyWinkBig smile...Ekta maa...u cannot fool Jyoti mataCoolLOL
My Rating:8.5/10...Karan was impressive today...also today the story moved finally and precap looks interestingEmbarrassed

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

Joined: 18 September 2009
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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:56am | IP Logged
   Thanks @pavs ..i was waitingg for u to write Wink. agree with all what u said ..Rockingg episode complains ..I just loveeeeeeeddd it !!   what a dashing entry of Mr BOND  i mean The DON ..WinkWink VAOOO ...he just KILLED IT !! karan is looking  very FIT !! Jawdropped Dashing ..Handsome !! loved his suit ,belt and shades .
  Arohi ..loved it ..loved the way Arjun put his mark on her and even loved when he said at the begining when he lets her go..she is his first mistake Wink.
  Arjun's family Intresting ..yeah @pavs too think they showed arjun's bro and drugs ..vaoo..two different families i am pretty sure this one is gonna be more intense love story .Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day DreamingDay Dreaming...lovedd the precap Wink how Arohi gonna mistake Arjun for Chiku and kill him with her bak bak ..while he is gonna think his ways to kill her too .haaeee..bichme toh i am getting killed WinkEmbarrassed
  just noticed i used lotts of times loved it word coz yeah's episode i just LOVED IT !!
   yayyyy ...Kitani is back with Da Baang !! and i am loving it !!

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Allwaysindian Senior Member

Joined: 18 September 2009
Posts: 718

Posted: 02 November 2010 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SHIKHA19

Hello to all !

Ya i liked d whole episode too. Big smile
kritika was at her best this time in terms of acting Big smile but in terms of looksSleepy then they need new designer 4 sure .
karan's looks r perfect Big smile n as hot as ever wid shades , suit , style etc etc ..but acting part ...still waiting ...Confused
arjun ke saath saath arjun ki mom bhi hot this time Wink 
both families r perfect wid their characters ....story bhi predictable hai kuch episodes ki ....but kal deffo maza aayega Big smileWink
n i also think that knife scar will turn into some nishani thing which can play an imp part like om locket of last time .
  agree shikhaa ..what a sexyy scar Wink ..LOL

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Angad_Kripa_200 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 November 2010 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
So without wasting anytime... Let me get down to business and share my two cents about today's episode...

Today's episode was good... But it wasn't great for some reason... Anyways...

To start of with...

Mr.Arjun Singhania... to leave Ms. Arohi wasn't your galati... It was actually your samajdari... Arre if you would have killed this shining star today, how would she come and brighten up your lonely life... LOLLOLLOL... And the scar was a good thing... you can say sorry to her when you fall in love with her... just like you said sorry to her after you rejected her for the competition... I can see glimpse of KMH-1.... WoooHooo...!!!

And I must say... What a grand entry you made... It literally set the screens of fire... But I have to ask the same question as I asked Ms. Arohi Ahluwalia yesterday... WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH ANNOYING AND IRRITATING FRIENDS....!!!... Both their friends are giving me the creeps... And why were they dancing like such wierdos... BTW loved your suit...!!!... Its defo gonna set a trend...

Anyways moving on... Arjun ki bhai ka naam Mikhail... Haila yeh kaise ho... The name is too hilarious and Arjun's jiju looks more like a pimp that his bro-in-law... Whats with the hat dude....

The grey shades of Arjun were already shown yesterday.... But today his other side of being a boy who wants to be loved by his parents were shown... He was actually thinking that his dad was gonna bless him... But yeh kya hua... A pat on the back... This scene along with the reaction of his "mom" (inverted because from no angle does she look like a mom, seems like Arjun is probably their adopted son... Because parents-son relationship is not there at all...

Ok... BTW I never knew that if you lived in the footpath since you were eight, you are so stylish and also that your english is so good and clear... I mean what an accent for someone who been a street rat... Damn, I think I need to go live on the streets now... LOLLOLLOL

Okay enough of Arjun... Coming to Arohi...

I have to tell you something Arohi... "you don't hate him'" because you don't even know him... so please that was such a baseless statement... LOLLOLLOL... Anyways, the fear in Arohi's eyes were brilliantly portrayed by Kitto... Kudos to her and haila yeh kya... You said the truth and no one believed you... R u such a big liar that no one even believes what you say... And whats this... band baaaja for your arrival that too in the market... Why didn't they just go home directly... What was with the detour....

Going off track for a bit... Are the roads of Chandigarh this clean and tidy... And are the parkign system so organised... Damn it looks like a complete setting from abroad... and also are you allowed to cycle a bike in the middle of the road... Policewale hai yeh sab aur khudh hi laws break kar rahein hai... Wah bhai Wah...

Okay, Loved the Chachu-Niece relationship... It was really sweet... A nice change... And this is actually funny... Arohi's best friend will now become her Chachi... Wah Ekta Mai.... Kya baat hai.... And haila lights break kar diya... LOLLOLLOL... Love Moofhat and Chatterbox Arohi and yeh kya hua... the serial hasnt even started properly and they have Arohi in her dancing shoes... Well not bad... Nach meri Bulbul nach...

And okay... the last scene... if you love someone else, why you marrying someone else Gauri... Ab yeh kya drama hai... ConfusedConfusedConfused

So the second episode was good, but not great as I mentioned... Kritika has definitely turned into a polished actress... She emotes her feeligns well and Karan did justice to the parts he was given today... But tomorrows preview seems rocking... Loved the setting they are gonna meet in... Anyways enough of me... Seems like I have got Arohi's beemari na of not stopping... LOLLOLLOL...


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