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FF:Kheenche Mujhe KoiDor Teri Ore ch18,19 up pg 40 (Page 39)

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Hello there!I know I am late and I deserve berating..
Honestly my head works pretty slowly and takes me eons to churn up ideas...
So here is the next chapter...which i hope isn't going bore you to death...

Chapter 17

    Raichand Mansion'

"Excuse me sir" a smartly dressed butler knocked on Abhay's study'
"Nakul! How many times do I have to tell you not to disturb me when I am in the middle of a work" Abhay shouted as usual.

Nakul gave a mental sigh. Ever since he had started working for Abhay this was the case. Initially he used to be scared out of his wits because his employers anger was almost eerie. Even now the creepiness was intact but three years was enough time to get used to something and Abhay had never once physically tortured him though one must admit, one fiery gaze from that oceanic blue eyes could sent anyone running in the opposite direction.

"I am sorry sir but your mother is here to meet you" Nakul said.

Abhay sighed. He knew he shouldn't be loosing his cool every other second but he blamed this behaviour on Piya. She had taken a large portion of his normal sane self with her not that vampires were ever exactly sane.
"Tell her I am coming" Abhay replied curtly "And I hope you have got my bags ready" he eyed Nakul sternly.

"All ready as per your instruction sir…I cross checked the list you gave me thrice" came Nakul's prompt reply.
"Good….tell Shankar to be ready at 5.…I will leave then" Abhay said while walking past Nakul. 

"Mom" Abhay called while coming in. He placed a peck on Haseena Raichand's cheek before sitting across from her.

"Why do you always have to scare the poor servants Abhay…they are doing all your biddings" Haseena reprimanded her son.

"Mom quit the advice, you know I am not about to change" Abhay replied, bored.
"No the truth is you won't change back….back to the smiling, jovial Abhay that you were around Piya" Haseena chose to reply bluntly. She was riding on the guilt wave ever since Abhay's plunge into this dark brooding nature. After all it was for her that Abhay took up the mad cap venture to bring down the Dobrials - hurting many innocents in the process. Haseena never wanted such a life for her sons. At least Siddarth had a proper life.

"Where is he now?" Abhay asked stiffly as soon as Siddarth's thought crossed Haseena's mind. Abhay was well aware of Siddarth's involvement in Piya's disappearance and that of the Dobrials. But unfortunately for him his brother was too smart to outsmart. This had Abhay on an edge whenever Sid's name was mentioned. His brother had eluded all his efforts to reach him.

"He is at Dubai" Haseena answered much to Abhay's surprise.

"Either your son is extremely stupid or he is up to something….why else would he decide to show up now after 5 years….that too at Dubai where he most probably knows I will be coming" Abhay mused.

"We are vampires son….we have our very own strange ways….and this is Siddarth we are speaking about, you do know your brother better than me" Haseena stood up with a smile "I am leaving….hope you will have a good journey Abhay" she hugged Abhay.

"Bye Mom…..will call you when I reach there" Abhay said, escorting her out.

Abhay turned to face his hall.

What are you up to big brother.


Piya's home….

"Mom are you sure you will be okay?" Ridz asked, looking over a blue top at her mother.

"Ridsi please don't make me change my mind… have always wanted to do this right? And finally you are getting the chance….so take it….I hate to see you away from me even if it is just for a few days…..but then I am glad that you are with Sid….so relax I will be fine" Piya explained for the hundredth time to her daughter "By the way it is supposed to be the other way around I am suppose to worry about you"

"Sharing the duty Momsi….let me do the worrying for a while" Ridsi said making a serious face making Piya laugh..

"And we are done…..all your best clothes, shoes, accessories all set" Piya said zipping up Riddhima's suitcase.

"I really wish you could be there Mom" Ridzi took Piya's hand and kissed it while looking her in the eye.

"I will be fine baby (Piya shows all possible love she can through her baby brown eyes)…..besides I promised Birdie that I will help her with the renovating their house and it's best done when Sid is away in your aunts opinion…else he will drive her crazy with his incessant complaints" 

"Translation they love each other to death" Ridzi said, sharing a laugh with her mother.

"Mom do you miss him?" Ridzi asked abruptly, taking Piya by surprise.

"Miss who Ridz?" Piya countered knowing full well who her daughter was speaking about.

"The one who left you all alone with me" Ridzi said, trying to bite back the dislike she felt every time she thought of her father.

"He didn't leave me all alone Ridz….you said it he gave me you… most precious possession" Piya fondly ran a hand through Riddhima's hair.

"Sorry for asking…it's just that….leave it" Ridz said facing away from Piya.

Piya turned Ridz to face her.
"Is something there that I should know Ridz" she asked.

"Nothing Mom….it's just that when we spoke of Birdie and Sid, I was reminded that I have a father as well" Riddhima replied straight faced.

Unable to find any words Piya just hugged her daughter

And soon I will meet him Ridsi thought while hugging her mother tight.

In the deserts of Dubai…..

Sid gazed at the vast expanse of sand before him while waiting for the two people that destiny had decided to bring together. 
He  gazed into the tent the meeting organizers had set up. The few ladies in there where ogling at him and Siddarth smirked thinking of his wife. It would have been fun to see her burn up. He had never expected to have a family much less a wife. But he was gald he had one. Being in a family and being able to love was indeed a great feeling.
And family reminds me off my brother who is supposed to be here he thought.

"Mr. Raichand will be here in a few minutes Mr. Raichand" Linda, the personal assistant of the MD of  Lukewill company, informed Siddarth.
"Thank you Linda….and also please say my thanks to your boss for organizing this desert safari for us" Sid said "Do I detect an ulterior motive?" he asked raising one eye brow.
Linda laughed.
"None at all Mr. Raichand…..our Boss actually likes  to spoil his guests…..this desert safari is a part of that….and also to show you some good time in Dubai before you fly off" she explained "The young lady seems to be enjoying…..she isn't back yet"

"She is kind off adventurous" Siddarth explained looking to the left where Riddhima had gone off in a Hummer few minutes ago.
He messaged her to get back soon.

Just then a Land Cruiser came to halt in front of them bringing with it a tall, handsome blue eyed man who soon got the ladies attention.

"Mr. Abhay Raichand?" Linda asked frowning.
"That would be me" Abhay replied smiling and straightening his plain white shirt.

"Welcome Mr. Raichand….I hope you had a comfortable journey" Linda said cordially.

"Thank you I did….and thank you for this little retreat" Abhay replied while eyeing Siddarth.

"Mr. Raichand meet" Linda began the introduction

"Hello brother" Abhay interjected her.
"You both know each other?" Linda was surprised. The fact that they both shared the same surnames had caught her attention but she had never guessed that they would know each other.

"Yes we do….we are family after all" Abhay said with a stiff smile.

"Oh!….Um….I think you should come into the tent….we can go on the safari after a drink" Linda excused herself understanding the awkwardness of the moment.

"So we meet after long" Abhay crossed his hands and looked at Siddarth.

"Destiny's games brother" Siddarth replied raising his glass of wine.

"When did vampires start believing in destiny?" Abhay asked

"Destiny exists Abhay…believe it or not…and it has strange ways" Sid said, his eyes twinkling.

The roar of a powerful engine diverted their attention. A black hummer came sailing over the sand and landed neatly a few yards away from Abhay and Siddarth.
The door opened and a slender frame stepped out of the drivers seat, dressed in shorts and white slips with a scarf hanging from her neck. Shutting the door she threw back her long curls to reveal a stunningly beautiful face, eyes hidden by Vogue. 

"That was so much fun" she said in an attractive voice walking towards Siddarth while eyeing Abhay. 
"I can see that…you nearly killed that poor guy" Sid said with a smirk. As soon as Ridz had stopped her car her guide had jumped down from it and rushed into the tent.
"Not my fault he is a chicken" Ridzi replied rolling her eyes 'What's the point in driving a Hummer if you can't use it's full potential"
Siddarth shook his head smiling. There was no use talking about safety to his niece.
"Ridzi meet" Sid began
"Mr. Abhay Raichand….the famous entrepreneur who always gets his way" Riddhima said not taking her eyes off Abhay. She had seen his face so many times in her mothers memory but even then seeing him in flesh was a little unnerving. More so because she knew that he would never love her.
"Forgive me Mr. Raichand…talk of the business town" she said after a pause.

"It's all right Miss.." Abhay extended his hand.

"Riddhima" Ridzi said "Riddhima Raichand"

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finally tumhe update karne ka time mil hi gaya.LOL

now will abhay know that ridhima is his own daughter or will he think that she is sid's daughter?
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plz continue soon
u stoped at a very intrstng place leavng suspns bhind so update soon
eagrly waitng
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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dats awesome..
loved it..
continue soon..
thanxx for d pm..
-Sonia- IF-Dazzler

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Nice update..
Wow..abhay n ridhima met...
thanx 4 d pm
continue soon
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lovely update plz update soon
u have stopd at an  intrstng place
eagr to whether abhay will fnd out abht ridsi being hs own daughter
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Chapter 18: life goes on

Abhay looks at Riddhima surprised then looks at sid

" Riddhima Riachand"? says abhay

 "Your not mistaken 'Indeed you heard it absolutely right I too am a raichand"   says Ridz

 (She is Looking at abhay and sid both)

 "Isn't that Right Daddycool " says ridz as she smiles

Sid thinks "attiude is just like her father" smirks sid 

"Ah Yes  ofcourse my princess" says Sid

" Little brother it so good you both finally met this is my  lil princess panchi's and my only daughther oldest of three  kids I have other 2 our my twin boys  yuvraj aka yuvi and anurag aka anu  who our back at home" says sid

"Really I must say bro she does have the Raichand charm pleasure to meet you ridz"im your chachu  says abhay

"Sorry feeling is not like wise I don't get inpressed with everyone so easily you know what they say every that glitters is not gold'.chachu I don't think so not yet I just met you I only accept realtions once they prove them  ' and it riddhima only the ones im allow  to get close to me call me   ridz you'll have to wait till you prove to be worthy enough for that right well ill take your leave Mr. abhay Raichand". Says ridz  


"Daddycool its already burning hot here and on top of that with my hotteness dubai will become the tempuerture of hell lets go inside na where our the keys to my suite" says ridz

"Here they are come ill drop you to your room princess abhay will talk later" says sid

"But sid I need to talk now I didn't come to have holiday im came here for information" says abhay

"Abhay that we will talk later at dinner" says sid

They leave

In ridz room

"Ridz what was all that  and daddy cool"? says sid

"please chachu understand what could I do when isaw him I snaped all of mama tears and her brokenheart  I remembered im sorry oh and daddycool well that's thanks to anushka  "says ridz

"Its ok you have your mother style heart and your fathers anger and arrogance along with your mothers attidude whata combo and im starting to like being called daddycool when we get back remind me to tell anu yuvi call me that ' ah yes our little angel wonder what her and misha our up to right now"? Says sid

"Mostlikely worrying misha masi chalo ill freshen up and head out on the town"  says ridz

"Ok but don't be out too late and have your cell on understood young lady" says sid

Yes sir  she goes to change

Abhay knocks on the door

And comes in

"our you guys ready for dinner" asks abhay

"well little brother dinner will be just you and me ridz is going out on the town exploreing the sights you see" says sid

ridz walks out ready wearing cheetah tube top and black shorts and a gold necklace  he hair down but starightend with a curls at the end brown smokey eyes and pink pale lips and sexy high heels

she grabs her black cluth bag

"see you daddycool" gives him a kiss on the check

"ridz wait heres  a credit card keep it with you"  says sid

"thanks  she hugs him and don't wait up ill be late" says ridz and is about to leave

"wait just a minute young lady what are you wearing" ? asks abhay

ridz turns around

"excuse me if you cant tell  already there clothes" says ridz

"I cant see that where is the rest of it" says abhay

"Listen If daddycool doesn't mind you cant tell how to dress got it" says ridz

"Good night" and she leaves

She is all irrated talking to her self walks in to the elevator

"What the '. How  dae he think he can act like that with me its my clothes my body uff"

"Looks like some one ticked you off huh" says avoice

Ridz looks at him

"Exactly I hate it when some ruins a good mood I want enjoy my trip here but he ruined it I don't like being stoped or called back w hen I leave some bad is gonna happen I konow it"  says ridz

"Well just drop and enjoy your time here'don't be so superstious .. you know there is really nice club here called lotus you chould check it out" says the guy

"I will thanks im riddhima Raichand nice to meet you" says ridz

"Pleasure is mine im armaan malik" suddenly the elevator stops

 Lights go out


At dinner

"Listen sid come to the pint where is piya there some thing left unfinished a old score has to be settled" says abhay

"Well well little brother I was going to tell but now I don't feel like I want to..get one thing straight abhay its not piya's fault get over and no I wont tell you where she is" says sid

Suddenly abhay and sid sense ridz in trouble the run down near the elevator


Back inside the elevator

"Omg I knew it now what I hate closed places  and its so dark" says ridz

"Dont worry  look" he on his lighter

"Please get me out of here ill just go crazy I hate 'I mean hate closed places I have a fear" says ridz

"Shhh (pulls her   to him and places finger on her lips and)calm down don't worry just look at me"says armaan

They both our lost in each other dreamy colored eyes(still has his fingers on her lips  eyelock)

Suddenly the door opens and sid and abhay see them together like that

"Riddhima raichand" yells abhay  armaan quickly removes his finges and moves away they both look at them  sid pulls riddhima near him and takes her back to the room

"We need to talk now" says abhay

"You better stay away from my niece got it" says abhay



Ridhhima Raichand: 18 yrs old  she is a hybrid she is been blessed with beauty and brains wether its her fathers deep blues or her mothers curly locks beauty is in the gene pool but arrogance and attidue is in her blood'.she is sweet kind hearted heart of gold .. a modern 21st century girl confident,stylish ,and itellegnet 'she has also inherted her fathers arrogance and ego she will give you a piece of her mind if she is rub the wrong way she wont take shit hands down she will fight back and beat you at your game ..doesnt belive in love'feels father her father could do that to her mom they no man can be trusted with a delicate thing as a heart'she knows all man are not the same ..sid and jeh proved that to her  when she was young but she is just scared of getting hurt like her mom and misha masi


do comment

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Chapter 19: ill be there for you


Later that night   In Dehradhoon

"Anushka  comeback here your and eat your dinner then you have to get to bed early  tommrow is your first day of preschool" . says misha

"No mama I don't want eat and im not sleepy  let me her my favorite song is on tv" says anushka

Misha is running around the house with a food of plate in her hand trying to get anu to sit and eat

In her cute adorable 4yr old voice she  sang while  she took her moomy's hanky and out and  put it  around her shoulders then started dancing

Ye.. hat ja re chokre
Bheja na thok re
Aa rela hai apun
Panga nahi karna
Danga nahi karna
Kar dunga main warna ( making fits up in air and shanking her lil hips  )

Teri tai tai phish
Teri tai tai phish
Teri tai tai phish
Teri tai tai phish
O phish, o phish, phish phish ha..

 "Anu please come eat" says Misha ( then seeing how cute she looked misha just stood there smiling at her daughther sweet antics she takes her cell and records this cute dance)

Just then  a tall fit figure comes in the room

"Hey  hows my little teddybear doing huh?asks the man"

"Daddycool" says anushka and runs in his arms

(He gives her a tight bear hug ) "whats my little tomboy up to" ?

"Daddycool … tai tai phis" (pointing to the tv ) giggles anu

…. "oh I see tai tai phis huh  come" … (he holds her little  hand he starts dancing with her )

Yay ! yay ! smiles anushka

Now that's enough tai tai phis for today allright come (he offs the tv)

Misha is looking at the smiling

"Your mama has been running around with your food come eat" (he picks anu up in his arms  and puts her in her booster chair) 

"Misha you must be hungery you also sit and eat ill feed anu" says the guy

"No its fine Jeh you just came home your tired ill eat after I put her to sleep" says misha

"No not at all he sits her down knowing you …I bet you skiped lunch  today …(he sits her down on the chair) either you eat or along with anu ill feed you to" says jeh

"Ok ok ill eat but with you I promise" says misha

"Here is  your food my sweet teddybear just the way you like in your dora the expolore plate and here is your milk  in your dora sippycup  and look mama has made your favorite palak paneer and warm roti yummy now open up" says jeh

Anushka is looking up at him with a frown

"Oh im sorry madam  no need to get upset … I forgot open sesame" says jeh

Anushka opens her mouth

Misha was looking at them

Moments like these just warmed misha heart  she couldn't that jeh enough for everything he did for her and anushka even before she was born he always was with her everystep of the way she didn't know if she could ever repay him for all this


"Daddy cool you gonna to drop at preschool right" asks anu

"No anu daddycool has a meeting I will" says misha

"No misha I cancled it babydoll ofcourse ill be there it my girl 1st day of school I cant and wont miss it  and not just  to drop you off but ill come with ma and pick you up then we will go out to lunch and have a fun together how does that sound pumkin" says jeh

"Yay! Cricket or football at the park" says anu

"Done I know lets  have a picnick for lunch they well go to dinner later ok happy babydoll "says jeh

"But jeh the meeting" says misha

"Misha I have never missed a of thing anus wether it be her 1st injection or step…I was always there … ill have be there  like I always am and will"  says jeh

Mish was just so touched  with jeh he always puts them 1st she knew they ment the world to him she was very lucky .


*Flashback 5 yrs ago*

Durning misha pregnancy  misha was decided she want to live on her own get hold of her life even though madhu was against it since misha was very weak  she agreed 

A lot of rumors were going around about misha being characterless and having affair  somepeople even said she had lied about kabir ..and others doubted if the baby she was carring was even kabirs at all….

People were even thinking why there was such a close friendship with her and jeh …they had to be more then just friends"  

 She always stood with her she was the one she use to call at 3am if she had a craving for anything 

One such night she called him


Jeh cell ringing

Misha are you ok are you on pain ill call the ambulance says jeh

No jeh him just hungery I want yummy warm chessy pizza says misha

Pizza at 3 am where will I find pizza from says jeh

Oye listen you always act like a hero so you deal with  it I dont how but just get my pizza fast  says misha

Yes madam as you say …says jeh

He gets up and gets in his car and searches every where …but no luck he passes a disco

He walks in at the bar he asks for the bar menu he sees pizza but 10 differet kinds.. he order 15 …5 chesse and one of each says jeh


He gets to mishas house and gives her pizza she is thrilled

…..few months after at the office in the middle of a meeting

Ahhh yells misha

Misha omg are you ok  asks jeh

Jeh its time call birdi and mama its hurting we have get to the hospitalsays misha

He picks her up in his arms takes her to hospital

Doctor she having labor pains please take look says jeh

With just 45min misha delivers the baby

Madhu panchi,piya sid arnab are stuck in traffic

Jeh is calling them

Panchi where are you  guys? Says jeh

 We went to misha is  to get clothes and babys things wherein traffic we are almost there  says panchi

Doctor comes out with the baby

Congrats it's a girl

Jeh takes her in his arms  he princess how are you huh he kisses her

Just then madhu and them all arrive

They go to see misha and the baby in the room

Misha beta how are you feeling now?

Im good mom says misha

She is holding the baby

Hi there princess im your mama says misha with tears in her eyes

Haye…. just like our misha says madhu

Mom she is a copy of kabir says panchi

Don't take his name says misha

Doctor comes in  to see how misha is

Nurse asks fathers name of the baby

Dobiral says misha

That's your name im asking fathers name its our hospital rule says nurse

Its ra says madhu but before she could finish

No don't mama not his name I don't want anything of his near my child not even his name says misha

What is going on do I hav inform this to police is ita police case says the doctor give us the fathers name or we will have to says the doctor

Its Khurana  says jeh im the father he signs it

What says misha

don't worry misha this little angel will have my name I will like a father to her that's all you and me will still just like we are says jeh

few months later arnav and madhu had to leave town cause of abhay

 ..sid had told everything to them he and panchi quickly married and took piya away with them   

Misha was alone and to make sure abhay wouldn't come after misha in order find piya

Jeh made misha move in to the khurana mansion with him they lived together as friends housemates  they stayed in seprate rooms

Jeh was more then that he was a unofficial father and husband to misha and anushka

In jehs room he always ahd a baby monitor just incase misha was away or in deep sleep

2am jeh awoke with the cries of anushka

He ran into misha room

Misha was just getting up to go to her

Misha you sleep I got it

He looked at anushka hi there angel  look who woke so late at night huh 

Are you hungery? Is my lil princess hungery come lets warm you up your milk

He picks her up and takes her in the kitchen hold with one arm and warms the milk with the other as it heats he plays with her he was kissing lil ummy hich tickeld her and she giggled

Aww my girl likes that now huh he does it again id do anything see you laugh my baby he kiss her fore head

Oh look you milk is ready he checks the temp of it before he gives it to her he feeds her the bottle then burps her…the he paces backinfort till she asleep on her shoulders and place her in the crib

Misha was awake and watching everything the respect she had for me grew day by day she was very greatful for such a wonderful friend


Next day

Outside dheradhoon jail

Mr .kabir because of your good behavior you are let out early you proved you have changed just don't mess up again

Thank you and I wont says kabir

Misha im coming to get you and our child back in my life thinks kabir


At the khuranas

Mama hurry up ill be late daddycool come on lets go says anushka

Ok ok mere ma …am I your mom or you mine says misha

Misha comes down   wearing a purple  high neck halter and black slacks and heels and aside ponytail


So how do I look… I tried  dressed like a real normal … no shorts or t today says misha

You look pretty as ever misha says jeh

Come babygirl hop in the car says jeh

Misha smiles… past few years misha had changed accordingly to how life was going since she work at khuranas dress code was professional..outside she dressed ladylike but at home same old misha ..but with a new attiude a nononses one to the world she was mean rude business woman buta wonderful mother…the misha who hated girly thing learned how to be a woman and use her ladycharm to get what she wanted a new improved misha

In the car

Jeh ,anushka, misha in the back

My little angel is going to her first day of school …you are growing up so fast says misha

Mama please don't get all senti like nani … and mama if im late I wont talk to you  says anu

Why is that pumkin why won't you talk to mama says jeh

Because daddycool 1st impressions count a lot you don't want to make bad 1st impression

*flash back*

Yaar misha hurry up I want you meet my new gf  I told so much about my best friend which you don't ruin it na   hurry says kabir

Ready says misha

Wait what this I don't thing so go change yaar says kabir

Why yaar im fine this me its your gf not mine says misha

Hey hello 1st impressions are a big deal they make last impression go on change says kabir

*flash back ends*


You anushka your just like your  misha stops she bites her toung

Who mama who am I like ? asks anu
Misha looks away

Me pumkin just like me your daddycool oh look school is here come lets go they  drop  anu at schoolwhen they came back to the car they arrivied at the khurana enterprise

Outside it

Misha suddenly broke down in tears

my baby is in school  im missing her already she said

hey shh mish iknow our anu is growing up but its just a beganing of anew phase don't cry he hugs her

kabir who was passing in autorickshaw sees them

misha and jeh?

That's it for now do comment

Precap ch 20

At the park the football rolls away near mans feet

Excuse me my ball please says anu

You like football asks the man

Yes ilove all sports I hate dolls

Me too want play says the guy

Jeh goes to anushka

Babygirl where did you go he says

Here daddycool says anu

Kabir  tum  says jeh

Misha hears kabirs name runs over pulls anushka awayfrom kabir and picks her up in her arms


Anu go play over there mama will come in 5min go says misha

What the hell you doing here why are you in jail where you belong says misha

Mish calm down  go to anu says jeh

Listen rathod don't you dear come near my family again under stood says jeh

There my family not yours  just   try and stop me if you can  says kabir

Jeh punches him in the face no there mine says jeh


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Author: _mahi_   Replies: 103   Views: 24012

_mahi_ 103 24012 31 March 2012 at 6:48am by pooh_91
FF: Abhay pia Kheenche Mujhe Koyi Dor Teri Ore

Author: Fiza28   Replies: 0   Views: 1636

Fiza28 0 1636 08 November 2010 at 3:07am by Fiza28

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