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FF:Kheenche Mujhe KoiDor Teri Ore ch18,19 up pg 40 (Page 36)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Chapter 14

Raichand Enterprises...

"Abhay have you honestly lost your marbles?" Sid asked gazing incredulously at his younger brother who was standing with a stoned expression on his face.

"No I haven't neither have I gone all soft and mushy inside like you Sid'.I can never forgive the Dobrial family for what they did to our mother" Abhay said looking but not seeing anything in the file he held.

"That happened nearly  a century ago you nitwit" Sid shouted

 "Mom is still living in that haze and now you too'.you want to destroy and innocent girls life for something her ancestor did? Piya probably doesn't even know about her own great grandfather'.what will she know about Arnav Dobrial's great grandfather'..she is so madly in love with you Abhay'. She left behind her family to be with you and now you want to destroy her'.you have seriously lost it bro" he ended looking sternly at Abhay across the table.

Abhay slammed down the file and stared at Sid angrily who looked back without flinching.

"Do you even know whom you are defending Sid? She is a part of the family who took away our mom's humanity from her'..her ancestor Dhikvijay used our mom, hurt her and then threw her away to the mouth of death'.Dad saved her life and fell in love with her and now he is hurt because mom could never actually forget Dhikvijay'.they fight all the time because of her family'.Dad who usually doesn't go into human emotions rages and looses everything when it comes to mom'.you may not love mom Sid but I do and I am going to take revenge from the family who hurt her" Abhay raged at Sid.

"How dare you say that I don't love our Mom Abhay'.we both love her just the same and you know it'.but yes I am not blind as a bat like you to hurt an innocent girl for something her ancestor did'.I won't support you in this'.don't forget that her family has gone through a lot recently" Sid said

He made to walk off but stopped at the door and turned to look straight at Abhay's ice blue eyes.
"Our heart is dead I know'.but still I do know that you have a heart' ask it honestly if it doesn't feel anything for Piya"

Abhay's angry look faltered for a second in which Sid could see that Abhay was lying big time to himself.

Dobrial House'.

Misha was lying on her bed with her eyes closed. She didn't want to bother others with caring for her so was pretending to be asleep. Ocassionally her hand travelled to her stomach and she caressed it softly. Though she was hell bent on killing the life within her earlier, since the moment she decided to protect it, she started loving it too. She knew that soon she would get a small bundle of joy whom she could call her own.
"Mumma loves you dear" she whispered softly.

Piya kept a tentative step inside the Dobrial House. Ever since her marriage she had never set foot in the house. Her father had disowned her so what right had she to barge in? But now her sister cum BFF needed her the most and Piya promised her that she wouldn't be a coward and stay in the safety of her Mansion.

"Piya! OMG! It's so nice to see you here" Panchi almost crushed Piya while giving her a hug.

"Birdie! Calm down, I want to live a little longer" Piya said with a smile.

"That's rude baby sister but no probs I am just too glad to see you" Panchi said beaming.

"Panchi beta, you had an interview to" Arnav said walking out of the study but stopped short on seeing Piya. 

Ever since he disowned his youngest beloved daughter he had been going through mental torture that was almost physical. Piya had been his light ever since her breath just as Panchi was his support and Misha his laughter. Loosing his light had taken a toll on him but being a proud man he had concealed his pain from all. Then came the blow with Misha, his laughter, which took away almost all the life out of his house.
Seeing Piya standing in the house like guest rather than his daughter pained him further. But his pride prevented him from stepping forward to take her in a hug.Also he felt that if Piya had married Kabir, then Misha wouldn't be so broken now.
He just gazed at her.

"Dad please if you are planning to shove her out of the house forget it'.she is here for Misha and I and mom will not allow you to do any such thing" Panchi almost threatened her Dad.

"I didn't say anything did I Panchi'..I just came to enquire about your interview" Arnav said nonchalantly.

"I am not going" Panchi said with a shrug "Misha is more important, I will apply for another job once she improves"

"Panchi that won't be necessary'.you should go for this one'.it's hard to bag a job these days'.so don't loose the chance'.I will not leave Misha's side until you return" Piya said hurriedly wanting to get away from her father's hostile presence.

"Piya it's really okay'I will look for another one soon'or I will join in with Dad" Panchi didn't trust her father with Piya especially when her mom was out of the house.

"Panch I know how much you love your independence'.you hate working in the Dobrial Enterprises'.so quit acting and go out'.I will be fine here" Piya assured Panchi reading through her elder sister.
"Okay fine meri maa'..jaa rahi hun'.but hey am sure I won't bag it'.it's the Raichand's you know" Panchi said heading to her room to get dressed

"Abhay? Why would he throw you out" Piya asked following her sister.
"Not Abhay dear'.his elder brother'.you saw him at the hospital na'.Siddarth Raichand'.office tho Abhay ki office building mein hi hain'.par Siddarth runs independently and he selects only the best" she explained while combing down her hair.

"And my sister is the best" Piya gave Panchi a matching stall from her wardrobe and hugged her sister.

"You are too kind Piya'.any ways like Mom says shubh shubh sochthe hain" Panchi placed a kiss on Piya's kiss and they walked out of the room.

"See you then" Panchi waved while walking out  of the house  Piya climbed up stairs to Misha's room and Arnav retreated to his study.

Misha closed her eyes as soon as she heard footsteps coming closer to her room. Light rosy fragrance alerted her that it was Piya, her sister's favourite perfume was unmistakable.

"Stop acting Misha Dobrial, I know you inside out" Piya scolded lightly.

Misha slowly opened her hazel eyes and looked at Piya.

"Tough to fool Mrs. Raichand I guess" she replied ruefully

Piya gave a small smile while helping Misha sit up and placing a pillow at her back.
She then resorted to just looking at her sister, unable to ask any of the regular pleasantries.

"I am fine''physically I am Piya'.I don't feel any nausea or have any trouble with smells'.is that normal Piya?" Misha asked to break the silence.
"Different women have different reactions Mish'..some do not have any troubles at all'.and that's kinda good right'.you don't have to run to the washroom all the time" Piya replied.

"Hmmm'..I hope this condition prevails'.how is Abhay?" Misha asked diverting the topic.

"I convinced him to get back to office today'he was" Piya was interrupted by Misha's cell ringing.
Piya noticed Misha ignoring it and took the I-phone. Jeh's name flashed on it.

"Misha'.I know you are in no mood to talk but please just tell me are you okay?" Jeh asked as soon as the call got connected.

"Jeh this is Piya here'.next voice will be Misha's" Piya said offering the phone to her sister with a look.
Misha took the phone reluctantly.

"I am fine Jeh'.stop worrying'..seriously I am doing fine'okay" after a brief chat Misha cut the call.

"He really cares for you Mish" Piya stated.
"I know he makes a great friend Piya" Misha replied with a nod.

Maybe a great lover, I sense something more than friendship from Jeh Piya thought silently.

Siddarth's Office'.

Panchi glanced at the girls around her and felt unease settle in her. Almost all of them came under the super model figure tag and almost all of them were dressed to kill.
Though she disliked this blatant effort to get the boss's attention she couldn't help but feel a little insecure. Being on the heavier side of the scale Panchi had mostly preferred Indian wear. This made her stand out among the crowd of girls gathered in the office.

She took a deep breath and sighed. If brains and good credentials didn't value, then she didn't prefer the job either.

Sid walked into  his office and ran a quick glance through the crowd. He smirked smugly. The fair sex was always out to impress him. But they often fail to recognize that looks may appeal but in the long run it's the character that matters.

His eyes strayed onto Panchi and they widened in surprise. She was definitely a stand out here. In terms of dress and also character. While many were now ogling at him and some with touching up their make up, she had barely given him a glance and returned back to reading a file had.

He motioned his secretary to sent in the girls, his mind already set on whom to select.

Siddarth went through the girls as fast as he could keeping Panchi for the last.

As soon as she entered Panchi felt herself relaxing. It was always like this. In the face of a challenged she calmed down and took it up with courage.

"Please take a seat Miss. Dobrial" Siddarth said in his smooth voice.

Panchi sat down while keeping her eyes on Siddarth.

"Must say I am surprised to see you here" Sid commented.
"Why is that sir?" Panchi asked narrowing her eyes.

"Look at you'.the modest Indian girl'.all other girls who come to me are anything but that'.you must have seen that" Sid said leaning back and gazing at her.

"The interview is for PR manager sir'and for that I think intellectual abilities matter more than looks'.I am well aware of the fact that I am not drop dead gorgeous modern chick'.but I also know that I am not that ugly'.plus I am pretty sure my credentials will get me a good job" Panchi replied 
Sid smiled with satisfaction.

"What is I say you are over confident Miss. Dobrial'.there are girls out there with credentials better than you"

"I know that sir'.and I didn't say I will get this job'.I am just here to give my best" Panchi replied, faint irritation coming up in her tone.

"Hmm'.well then you may go" Sid dismissed her.
Panchi looked outraged. Not once had he looked at her certificates or her merits. She got up with huff and was at the door when his voice stopped her.

"Be here at sharp eight tomorrow Miss . Dobrial'.your cabin will be ready for you"

Panchi looked astonished and blinked at Siddarth twice.
"Congratulations Panchi'.you are appointed as my PR manager" Sid came up to her extending his hand.

"Thank you sir" Panchi replied finally finding her voice.
He opened the door for her with a smile.

You will be of help to me in Panchi, in helping Piya Sid thought, his face darkening at the prospect of working against his brother.

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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sadiyon baad ek update mila. so abhay is grey here and sid is positive. hope abhay does not shatter pia. she is too sweet.

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Anjali.kk IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 November 2011 at 12:39am | IP Logged
wow, change of place.Sid is good and abhay is the bad boy
I hope he doesnt end up hurting piya because of his hate for the dobrials
update soon!!
sur001 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2011 at 5:03am | IP Logged
awesome work yaar. . .luved it. ,so Abhay is a bad boy and Sid is the gud guy. . .I hope it wont end hurting Piya...Jei ko bahut kuch feel ho raha hai Misha ke liye. . .dekhte kya ban pati hai inke pyaar ki ek kahani
SheDevil IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 November 2011 at 7:35am | IP Logged
gosh ek toh itni late update tht too Abhay married Pia 2 take revenge.Oh Poor Pia.I hope Abhay dont harm her in anyway.Nice twist nidzEmbarrassed
--peehu-- IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Assistant Writer
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Posted: 22 November 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
finally..ek update..i had lost hope with the update...
the update was finally...abhay is getting on tracks with the reason he married piya...aww...sid is so sweet..i hope he puts some sense in him...i dont want piya with broken heart...hope for next update soon..thanks for pm...
RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2011 at 6:20am | IP Logged
hei nidha,
thanks again for the update..
never thought abhay is here to take revenge on the dobriyals..
waiting to see how sid works against his own brother for the dobriyal sisters..
do continue soon..
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by abhayfan_dishu

sadiyon baad ek update mila. so abhay is grey here and sid is positive. hope abhay does not shatter pia. she is too sweet.
Thank you Dishu...
Abhay is grey in here...lets see how he looks in that...
Abhay has a lots of plans in mind...but so does his elder brotherWink

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