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FF: IRREVOCABLY YOURS #3 The End Chapter P. 17 M&G (Page 7)

luvabbybaby IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 October 2010 at 11:38am | IP Logged

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aka Mrs. Maan Singh Khuranna
Haye! Me so honored to be one of the spammers!!!ROFLROFL Thank you thank you!!ROFL Sammy congrats on your third thread!Big smile You deserved it!ROFL Now the chapter was............AWESOME! I love the way Maan cares for her..Embarrassed  Why the hell did he have to wait six monthes?ROFL But oh well....Update soon please! I can't wait any longer and wan to keep reading!ROFL BTW Geet is so funny.." I want six kids...Three boys and three girls."I was laughing like ROFL 

Shilpa aka Mrs. JaySeanEmbarrassed

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Antares IF-Rockerz

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Congrats on your 3rd thread! But I hope that this isn't the last one. TongueLOL

I am so loving the updates! It's just getting better! The way Maan is tending to's just so touching.....lovely! Oh, I so love their glad that nothing has changed between them. Ooooo....they are getting married soon.....calls for double celebration....lolz.....all in all a great, great update! Do continue soon.

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funnymonkey Goldie

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yay! finally they are going to get married sweet of maan!

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FingerFetish IF-Rockerz

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Welcome welcome! Tongue Thank you everyone for your kind congratulations *bows* LOL. Oh and my apologies if I had somehow forgotten to add any members onto the PM list. If so, it's been dealt with Wink. Can I just say that my arms are DYING from typing! ROFL This chapter is almost 3000 freaking words! I seriously deserve some nice comments for such a horribly lengthy chapter. Ouch Oh and if you TRULY want to experience the nice moments in the following chapter, it is COMPULSORY to listen to the song clips.

Okay I'm going to have to give some news to you all. It may be 'bad' for some people and 'good' for others. *breathes in and out*. I'm going to end this Fan Fiction VERY soon. Like literally, it's reaching to it's end. So don't be surprised if suddenly at the end of the update, you have a 'The End' written. Smile Okay enough with the chatter! Happy reading! Tongue

        Irrevocably Yours
                 Chapter Thirty Five

Nervous butterflies fluttered within her stomach as she gazed back at her own reflection. The transformation was incredibly amazing, almost as if it were a fragment of her imagination. Her brown thick hair was swept up into a loose French twist whilst her fringe remained on the side. The makeup artists assisted in applying the natural toned makeup onto her face, thus concealing her paled complexion. The slight blush that penetrated her cheekbones, enhanced the colour of her skin. The thin eye liner highlighted her honey brown eyes to perfection, only to be more beautified by the frame of her curly thickened lashes. In order to complete the touch, pink lip gloss was smeared upon her full lips.

With trembling hands, Geet hesitantly touched her face in absolute awe. The frail girl whom was bedridden from sickness had disappeared, only to be replaced by a vibrant angel. Her eyes lowered as she examined her strapless white wedding gown. The upper half of the dress tightened around her waist, hence further emphasizing her almost narrow waist. The lower portion of the dress flowed freely, touching the ground in it's lengthy brilliance. Geet felt bare in the dress as her gown was backless, with only a thin diamond strip crisscrossing from side to side.

Geet could not fathom the reason why Maan sent her this gown to wear instead of a traditional Indian brides dress. Instead of red glass bangles, her wrists were adorned with thick diamond bracelets. A small diamond tiara was placed upon her head, giving her an image of pure royalty. The only traditional aspect was the henna applied on the palm of her hands. In the palm of her hands, scribed in thin sweeps was the name of her beloved, Maan.

'You look so beautiful' the assistant crooned, fussing over her.

Geet smiled shyly in response, 'I must be the first bride who got prepared and readied in a hospital room'.

The young lady smiled sympathetically, 'there's always a first time to everything' she encouraged.

The moment was interrupted as someone knocked on the door. 'Come in' Geet called out. A man dressed in a suit opened the door, 'If your ready ma'am, the car awaits you'. Geet exhaled nervously and nodded her head in consent. The driver strolled in and offered his hands in assistance. Geet placed her hands upon his, whilst the assistant held onto her elbows as they walked her through the hospital corridors.

Geet smiled brightly as the doctors and nurses gazed at her appreciatively, murmuring complimentary words as she passed. Her smile soon turned into a gasp as she descended the stairs and noticed the white limousine parked before her. Ever so slowly, Geet walked towards the vehicle, her legs shaking from the pressure of having to walk. After being settled into the car, Geet clutched her heart; her chest heaving in utter nervousness. For two whole days, Maan had not visited the hospital, thus causing her to feel a sense of loss, a feeling that something was lacking. She did not know how the two days passed, for each and every moment was agonizingly painful. Smoothing her dress, Geet tried to imagine the wedding venue. Was Maan already there? Had he invited anyone else? Was it a private or public ceremony? All these questions were a mystery which was about to be solved in a few minutes. But most importantly, Geet wanted to know above all, why he had made her wait for 6 long months. What was the secret behind that motive?

So many questions, yet such less answers.


The endless staircase handle was decorated with glittering diamonds, whilst a small candle was lit at each side end of the steps. Geet looked up and marveled at it's beauty. Quietly, she felt someone hold her elbows from both sides, as if to support her. Astonishment followed by a sense of surprise was her initial reactions as she realized that Pinky and Maan's assistant Adi was holding her.

'You look amazing Geet' Pinky exclaimed in heightened excitement. Geet let out an anxious giggle, 'is Maan there?' she questioned. Pinky nodded her head, 'everyone is waiting for you'.

Geet groaned in response, 'crap! What do you mean by everyone?'

Pinky frowned at her words, 'everyone as in our whole college grade, Maan's business associates, and the media!'

'I think I'm going to faint' Geet gasped as her face paled at the thought of having to walk in front of hundreds of people.

'Don't look at anyone Geet' Adi tried to comfort her, 'let your eyes only be drawn to that one person whose waiting for you at the end of the aisle.'

'Are you sure his there?' she hastily questioned.

'Do you trust him?' Adi asked.

'With everything I have' she replied with all the honesty and emotion she could muster.

'Then is it worth it to question his presence?' he asked again.

Geet looked at Adi with tenderness, 'thank you' she whispered.

Adi swallowed deeply and let out a nervous laughter, 'ah ha ha ha ha' which made Geet laugh out loud.

'Are you ready now?' Pinky asked.

Geet nodded her head, more confident than before. With the support of both her dear friends, Geet ascended the staircase, unsure of what the upcoming night had in store for her.


The hall glittered brilliantly – as the entire room glowed with the heat of thousands of scattered candles. The entire room was filled with anticipated silence, whilst she stood awkwardly at the end of the aisle. Ever so quietly, Pinky and Adi untangled themselves from Geet, leaving her to stand on her own. Geet frantically casted a look at both of them, 'why are you leaving me?' she hissed in panic.

'M-aan S-sir told us that he wanted you to walk down the aisle on your own' Adi stammeringly replied.

'But he knows I can't!' she exclaimed.

'It's his wish that you walk towards him, with no one but the support of his love' Pinky replied apologetically.

Geet closed her eyes as she vividly recalled Maan's inspirational words. One day my love will become your strength, and from then onwards – you will acquire the inner strength to wholeheartedly walk towards me, with a beautiful and confident smile playing upon your lips. At that time, his words seemed to lack true meaning, as if it had been uttered in a misplaced moment. However, she knew now that those phrases held great significance and thus had been solely dedicated to this very night, alone.

Geet straightened her posture, the act in itself was painful, however tonight she would mask her pain with a smile, just as Maan had desired. As if sensing that she was now ready, the musicians began to play a soothingly beautiful verse. Her heart jolted with emotion as moment by moment, Geet took a small shaky step towards her destiny. The violin began to play as hundreds of heads turned towards Geet, watching her in admiration. Nevertheless, despite the crowd and the flashing of the camera lights, Geet's gaze was focused entirely on him. Maan stood tall and proud at the end of the alter, his black tuxedo enhanced his tanned complexion. Was this beautiful man truly waiting for her? Geet thought in wonderment, if this was a dream, she never wanted to wake up.

The sound of the music penetrated on each and every wall, thus echoing it's sereneness into the intense atmosphere. She bit her lips in anxiousness for she felt her legs buckling in fatigue. Geet was about to stop in order to restrain herself, but her eye caught Maan's and for a split second, time seemed to have stood still. The hope reflected in his eyes, motivated her to continue on, putting aside the agonizing feeling.

Maan smiled slightly in encouragement as he waited for her, holding his breath every time he saw her struggle. More than once, Maan had been tempted to simply carry her instead of watching her painful attempts. But he feverishly wanted Geet to have faith in her own strength, instead of seeking support from others. The Geet that he had fallen in love with was a strong, independent and courageous woman. In this small act, Maan wished to show her that despite the sickness pulsating in every fiber of her being, the strong and independent Geet still and shall continue to live.

A sigh of relief escaped from her lips as she reached his side. Her heart was bursting in self pride and victory as she realized that she had walked on her own without the dependency of any other person. So this was your wish, Geet thought to herself as she looked at Maan's proud face. 'Thank you' she mouthed out to him, causing him to smile in response. Maan offered his hands in which Geet gladly accepted his offer. His hands tightened possessively over hers as he steered her towards the mandap, whereby the priest had already began to chant his prayers.

Maan gently settled Geet onto the ground and eventually sat down beside her. Everyone gathered around them, watching the marriage take place. Maan stole glances at Geet's profile, drinking the sight of her ethereal beauty. It were as if an angel had descended from the heavens, for her face took his very breath away. Today, he wanted everything to be perfect. Instead of making her wear a traditional dress, he had sent her a white wedding gown. Maan wanted to interrelate a traditional wedding with a fairytale theme. Geet deserved something different, something to make her stand uniquely apart from others.

'Stop staring at me' she whispered, 'everyone is watching'.

'Let them watch' he replied as he continued to openly admire his bride.

'You look as if you want to devour me!' she hissed.

'Maybe I do' he teasingly replied.

'Have you no shame?' she replied, 'people will think that your eager to jump on me rather than pledge yourself to me'.

'I can do a bit of both, can't I?' he responded.

'Are you flirting with me?' she asked in surprise.

'What's the need to flirt?' he asked, 'I already have you under my spell'.

Geet rolled her eyes, 'spare me from your smugness'.

The priest announced that it was time for Maan to formally make her his wife by tying the mangalsutra around her neck. Maan neared Geet, placing the sacred bead around her neck. Geet closed her eyes as Maan took a pinch of the sindoor, thus applying it on her forehead, forever binding her into the pure relationship of marriage. A tear of suppressed joy slipped down her cheeks as she inwardly revised her third wish.

My third wish is a conflict between impossibilities and possibilities. To love and be loved in return is a yearning I doubt I shall ever discover. Why you may ask, would I then list it as my final and most important wish? If the chances of it occurring are almost naught, then why waste my life hoping for the unattainable. Unfortunately, the romantic within me still continues to live. After reading countless romantic books and watching various romantic movies, I still crave to be bound to my prince charming for eternity and evermore. My third and final wish is to happily dance on my very own wedding day. Yes you guessed it right, I so feverishly wish to marry one day.

She felt Maan's fingers brush away her tears. Opening her eyes, she met Maan's understanding gaze and suddenly felt an overwhelming rush of love for him. Caressing his cheeks, she whispered, ' thank you for loving me'. Maan grabbed her hands and kissed it, 'thank you for coming into my life' he responded sincerely. At last, the priest requested the coupe to stand up in order for them to do the saat pheres. Maan stood up and looked down at Geet's upturned face. She took a deep breath, waiting for the pain to come as she tried to stand up, but Maan didn't allow her to move. Instead, he bent down and scooped her up into his arms and proceeded walking around the fire, carrying her in his arms.

'You didn't have to' she chided.

'I wanted too' he replied stubbornly.

'But why?' she asked.

'We are one Geet' he replied softly, 'I promised to be with you at every step and so I am fulfilling my vow. I don't want our steps to be differentiated. Instead of either of us leading the way, we will lead our lives sharing the same step.'

Geet couldn't find words to convey her inner feelings, so all she did was stare at her guardian angel, in wonder. The audience clapped and cheered as the priest announced them as to officially being man and wife.

The whole night passed through a haze, as everyone gathered onto the dance floor. The newlyweds stood in the middle, swaying to the meaningful song. His arms were wrapped security around her waist, not allowing her to crumble onto the ground. Geet's arms were wrapped loosely around his neck whilst she rested her head upon his broad shoulder. Their bodies swayed to the rhythm as they surrendered themselves to the dedicated moment. Words of love was not required, for their silence was in itself a confession.

'It's time' he whispered in her ear.

'For what?' she questioned, still continuing to lie her head upon his shoulder.

'For your surprise' he murmured.

'What more could you possibly give me?' she asked.

'Just one more thing' he replied.

That said, Maan swooped her into his arms once again, ignoring the audiences gasp of surprise. Nodding his head in acknowledgement of the guests, Maan strolled out of the hall, laughing as he heard a few cheers and whistles. Geet hid her flaming face in the croon of his neck, far too ashamed to reveal her face to everyone. Maan walked towards his black car and settled her in the front seat. Once they were both settled, Maan took out a blindfold. 'You have to wear this' he stated as a matter of a fact. 'But!' she tried to complain. However, Maan ignored her refusal and tied it around her eyes. 'It will only be for a few minutes'.

Geet played with her fingers, trying to guess what the surprise is. 'Whatever this surprise is' Geet began, 'is this the reason why you delayed our wedding for 6 months?'

'Yes' was all he said.

Eventually, the car came to a stop. Geet heard Maan unbuckling his seat belt and opening the door. Soon she found herself being carried by him in an unknown direction. The sound of waves crashing into one another seemed familiar.

'Are you ready?' he whispered.

Geet nodded her head frantically, eager to find out what had caused him to wait 6 long months.

Within seconds, Maan unbounded the blindfold, allowing her to gaze at her dream. Geet almost shrieked in astonishment. Her breaths came in frantic gasps as she withheld her ultimate wish, staring right at her in the face. Situated upon the cliff side, near the wooden bench, was a decent sized double story house. Geet felt the world tumbling down, for she could not believe that he had done this for her. She recalled the day when she had sat upon the wooden bench, continuously ignoring Maan's calls. At that time she had noticed the workers building a house and had felt extreme disappointment that some fortunate person had taken away her dream. But never had it occurred to Geet that the fortunate person had actually been her.

'I read your diary' he confessed, 'and from that day on – I had desired to make all of your wishes come true.'

Call me greedy, selfish, and unsatisfied but yet I cannot suppress the desire to have my own home. Whether it's a single story or a double story, I care not! Just the mere notion of having a home to call my own fills me with pleasure. Although this is wishful thinking, but it would be a dream come true if my house was situated on my favorite location. That very Cliffside which overlooks the seas, where I often sit down on the wooden bench and gaze upon the horizon.

Comment and please read my note in the beginning. It's important. Smile

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AWWWWWW Brilliant!!!!!!! loved how to made it clear and didn't prolongue was sooo emotional I felt like i was there...........
you are simply the BEST!!!Clap

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wow....that was just so goooood......oh sammy u finishing the FF...
but then all good things to come to end.....SmileSmileSmile
really loved the update.....gawd maan is so adorable.......
and the loved it......
6 monts wait was worth it for geet....
keep writing.....and thankuuuuuuu for awesome update Hug

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tht was really sweet of Maan. Well written !!
so hmm is this the end? noo ya.

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