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FF: IRREVOCABLY YOURS #3 The End Chapter P. 17 M&G

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Hello everyone TongueParty

After the successful end of the previous thread, I openly welcome you to my second home! LOL I introduce you to 'Irrevocably Yours' Part 3 thread! ROFL Wow I seriously am taking this too far and way out of hand. It seems as if I am inaugurating this new thread. LOL

Anyway thank you everyone for your lovely lovely comments. It has inspired me greatly and I shall endeavor to please you all continuously.

Okay so first and foremost. My name is Samira = ] and yes I am the very same girl who used to be Maan's first love! ROFL I joke I joke, psh in my dreams! Ouch But just to clarify, do not spell my name as 'Sameera', It's 'Samira' LOL. But if you would like too, you may call me Sam, Sammy, or Mrs Maan Singh Phurana. Wink Whatever your heart desires.

Some people have asked me, as to why I keep highlighting Maan's name in red. Well just to clear it out, I have many reasons.

  • The colour red signifies heat, fire, love, blood!
  • Maan is symbolic of being on fire! Since his so insanely hot! My reaction towards him is to blush, go red as the heat overpowers my whole system. I hyperventilate, dehydrate, swoon, drool when I see him! All in all, his too hot to handle.
  • I absolutely love him! Like insanely so! I heart him to be specific LOL
  • And also my blood pressure rises in response to seeing him.

If you are new to this FF and have not read the previous chapters. Then visit this link: It has Chapter 1 - 17!

The second thread consists of Chapter 18-33. So if you really really want to continue reading then visit the following link.

I'd like to specially thank ALL of the members who spammed on my previous thread! ROFL Bless your souls! ROFL

So a special thanks to

  • Saomom WinkLOL
  • Rachana LOL
  • Mini (Minimouse LOL)
  • Shaila LOL
  • Shilpa aka Mrs Jay Sean LOL
  • Shivangi Tongue
  • Asmiish Tongue
  • Sireesha LOLHeart
  • Sneha0504 Clap
  • Amrinag Evil Smile (I'm sure it was not an intentional double post)
  • Shining_moon StarLOL
  • Yaz Wink
  • Ansah! Embarrassed
  • Aaliyah LOL (My already appointed spammer)
  • Dhara thread and inbox spammer LOL LOL
  • Afsha EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I am still dying from laughing so hard! You all are born spammers! Evil Smile Anyway back to business! *rubs hands in glee*

Chapter Index

Chapter Thirty Four - Page 1

Chapter Thirty Five - Page 7

Final Chapter Thirty Six - Page 17

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Love you all!

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Hello everyone and welcome to thread number 3! PartyThanks to everyone's comments and spams Evil Smile, we have reached another thread. Hopefully this will be the last thread! LOL
Anyway press the 'like' button everywhere and celebrate with me. WOO! LOL

         Irrevocably Yours
                  Chapter Thirty Four

The possessive gleam reflected in his eyes as he devoured her sight whilst waiting for her response, moved Geet beyond words. The beauty of his soul, of his confession, of his love surpassed the physical significance of Maan's entire being. The lump in her throat remained lodged, whilst tears lingered on the tips of her thick lashes. Her future, her destiny and her soul mate was kneeling before her; a guardian angel that was specially gifted only solely to her.

Natures divinity and surroundings was witness to every step and every breath that Geet took as she openly embraced her happiness. Eventually standing before him, Geet gazed down at his upturned face. A tear of joy slipped down her face and smeared his cheeks. 'Your already sharing your tears with me' he whispered, 'and I'm still here, waiting for you'.

Letting out an anguished sob, Geet knelt down and levelly faced him. 'Well my consent depends on a few things', she whispered with a small shaky smile.

Maan tried to hide his astonishment, but was unsuccessful. 'And what is that?' he asked.

'First promise that if hell froze over, and if the grass turned pink, you still will never ever shave your stubble' she confessed. Maan bit the insides of his mouth, desperately trying to not smile. 'I promise' he vowed.

'After marriage, I expect to be those rich housewives that doesn't have to work, cook or clean' she requested with a small laugh. His eyebrows shot up at her list of expectancies, 'then what will you do all day?' he asked. 'What rich people do of course' she stated, 'I'll eat, watch movies, gossip and play those high society card games with all the upper class women'.

Maan shook his head at her media filled imagination, 'if you eat all day, you'll get fat'.

'Which leads to my other point' she said, 'If I gain weight, you still have to love me the same way and call me beautiful every single day'. Maan frowned at her words, 'this is getting difficult to swallow' he muttered.

'And!' she pointed out, 'I want 6 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls'.

'What!' he exclaimed, his legs were beginning to get sore. 'That's too many kids!' he almost shouted hysterically.

'Too bad' she pouted, 'I love kids – I want to have a big family'.

'No Geet' he replied rapidly, 'too many kids is a pain in the ass'.

'Pain?' she snapped, 'I'm the one who has to carry them for 9 months and I'm going to be the one screaming in the labour room'. Geet's eyes widened with a new idea, 'which reminds me' she murmured.

Maan raised his hands with the aim to cover up his ears but Geet instantly took hold of his hands. 'You have to be with me when I'm giving birth' she stated.

'Never!' he stated as a matter of a fact, 'I'm not going to get physically and verbally abused by a frantically angry and sweaty woman'.

'Have some respect!' she stated, offended by his words, 'I may possibly be the mother of your future children'.

'Whats next on your list' he ignored her request, eager to get this over and done with.

'Grant me 70% ownership of your house, business and bank account' she asked with a cheeky grin.

'You know what, maybe this marriage business was a bad idea' he responded as he tried to get up. Geet held onto his arms, refusing to allow him to escape. 'Now that you have popped the question, I wont let you escape from me so easily' she whispered. Maan smiled and caressed her cheeks, 'If I say that I agree to all your demands, then will you?'

'Yes' she breathed out, 'Even if you say no to all my requests, to all my wishes, I'd still say that I would love to be Mrs Geet Singh Phurana.'

Maan closed his eyes in relief and rested his forehead upon hers. 'You have my answer now' she murmured, 'I say yes now, I'll say yes tomorrow, and I'll continue to say yes till the day I take my last breath'.

Her words were cut off by his unexpected kiss. 'Promise me, that you will never mention anything about dying' he requested, 'your going to live a long life with me Geet, I'm not going to let you go, ever'.

Geet wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder, holding him tightly in a possessive and overwhelming embrace. 'I promise' she vowed, as she buried her fears deep within her heart. Maan reluctantly broke the hug, as he grasped her hands and slipped the ring through her finger. '6 months from today, we will be married' he stated with a beautiful smile.

Geet frowned at his words, 'why 6 months?' she asked.

'You'll see' he replied, as he bent his head and pressed a promising kiss on the palm of her hands.


None of them knew how mere days had turned into months, as both Maan and Geet continued to create loving memories with one another. Geet's laugh had turned more joyful and gleeful. Despite her deteriorating health, Geet's face glowed predominantly with vibrancy and requited love. The will to live had become her strength, no longer did she fear the outcomes of the future.

In a haze of newly established memories, Geet brushed her fingers through Maan's hair as he slept on, unaware that she had awoken. Geet took a shuddering breath and smiled affectionately at his sleeping form. Maan's head was placed on her pillow, his arms locked protectively over her waist. With an impulsive need, Geet placed a kiss onto his forehead, 'I love you' she murmured. Maan responded with a sleepy grunt, thus pulling her more tightly in his embrace.

Geet laughed softly and ran her fingers up and down his muscled arms. She turned her head and looked at the bathroom door. She desperately needed to go to the toilet and also needed to have a shower. Unwilling to wake him up, Geet softly removed his arms from her waist and removed the blanket covering her lower body. Her legs were stiff as she tried to raise herself up to a sitting position.

Gasping in pain, Geet almost screamed from the torture of having to sit up. As if sensing something was amiss, Maan unconsciously placed his hand onto the empty pillow. His eyes shot open as he realized she wasn't there. Maan raised his head and noticed Geet sitting up, inhaling deeply through the excruciating pain. Maan rose and ran towards her, 'Geet why didn't you wake me?' he stressed out. She touched her waist and gasped, 'I didn't want to disturb you' she managed to say through clenched teeth. Maan held her hands and slowly helped her to stand up, 'If you really care about my feelings so much, then please stop hurting yourself and me' he requested in worriment. Geet nodded her head and grabbed hold of his arms for support, 'I need to go bathroom'. Maan placed his hands over hers, and ever so slowly, walked her towards the door.

'Thank you' she murmured as she went inside the bathroom, holding onto the walls for support. Maan stood reluctantly outside the bathroom. 'Ah can you close the door please?' she asked. 'No' he retorted in anxiousness. He had once allowed her the privacy of relieving herself on her own, and till this day, he regretted his actions. Not only had she locked the door, but she had spent more than 15 minutes in the bathroom. Maan's hair had literally turned gray from stressing as he walked endlessly in the room, waiting for her to finish. Losing patience he had called out her name but Geet had not responded. Maan had instantly broken the door, only to find her toppled onto the ground, unconscious.

'Maan, I wont faint this time' she stated out.

'Forget about it' he murmured, 'either quietly relieve yourself or I'm taking you out of the toilet'.

'Damn you' she muttered in embarrassment, 'this is why I didn't want to wake you up. You won't even let me pee in peace'.

Maan snorted at her words.

'Maan' she called out uncertainly.

'What is it?' he asked.

'Can you turn the tap on?' she requested. Maan frowned at her request, 'why?'

'Just do it!' she exclaimed.

'But...Oh....' it finally came to him. Maan laughed loudly, 'you don't want me to hear you pee!'

'I hate you' she sulked in humiliation.

Maan laughingly entered the bathroom, ignoring her gasp of outrage. 'Calm down princess' he replied charmingly, 'I've been showering you for almost 6 months now'. That said, he turned on the tap and walked out of the bathroom. 'You've been showering me, because you wont let the damn nurses do it!' she retorted. 'Why should they?' he asked normally, 'When I'm here, theres no need for a nurse'.

'There is a thing called having shame and privacy' she called out.

'But I'm your husband' he retorted.

'Husband-to-be' she corrected, 'your still not legally married to me'.

'Marriage is just a term of formality' he murmured, 'our relationship is much more than that'.

'Okay I'm finished now' she called out as she flushed the toilet and gripped the walls; and walked towards the tap to wash her hands.

Maan strolled into the bathroom, 'it's time for you to have a shower' he stated. Geet blushed, 'I know' she murmured. He stood behind her and quietly unbuttoned her hospital gown. Geet's hands tightened in a fist, as she felt her bare back scorch red in embarrassment. 'Your still shy from me?' he whisperingly asked, as he gently kissed her back. Geet closed her eyes from the sensation of his touch. 'I feel so bare and awkward' she confessed. Maan turned on the shower and sat her down onto the shower chair. 'There's no need' he whispered, 'I'm not looking at you in a bad way. Because all I can see right now is your beautiful face'. Geet shivered as the water sprinkled onto her body. Maan gently scrubbed her arms and legs. Geet laughed at the ticklish feeling and substantially felt herself relaxing. He massaged her head, cleaning her weakened hair. Geet gave herself up to his gentle care. Eventually after a few minutes, through closed eyes, Geet heard Maan turn off the shower. She opened her eyes and watched Maan smile affectionately at her as he dried her entire body up with a towel. Then after being completely dried, Maan wrapped the towel around her body and lifted her up into his arms.

'Have you been keeping up with the date Mrs Khurana?' he murmured.

Geet raised questioning eyes to his, 'no?' she replied honestly.

Maan rolled his eyes in good humour and carried her towards the calendar. 'Look now' he encouraged.

Geet looked at the calendar for several seconds, unable to understand what he was trying to show her. Suddenly understanding dawned within her, 'in two days' she gasped out in surprise.

'6 months will be completed' he finished off her sentence.

Geet stared at Maan in shock, 'which means.....' she whispered.

'Our wedding day' he replied with a grin.

The song is used to describe the feelings and atmosphere as to when Geet wakes up and stares at Maan sleeping. 

Don't be stingy and press the 'like' button. OH and comment! LOL

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Hooray!!!! Thread #3.  You did it!  (With a little help from some spammers, there at the endLOL)

Now to the story.  Wow.  You have me where you want me - longing for more.  I want to know what happens with Geet!  Why was it so important for man to wait 6 months?  Ack!  i'm going to have to re-read it!  Again!

Fabulous job!

ps - I think Aleena wins the spammers award!  She was prolific and hilarious!

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Woooh! LOLParty

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Hey Sam,

Congrats on the new thread. PartyPartyParty
Chapter 34 is awesome. I am so happy that Geet said yes to Maan. I was laughing at her conditions. Geet saying that she wants 3 kids, 3 boys and 3 girls was so funny. ROFLROFLLolz'Maan said that is too many.


I loved Geet's answer - 'I say yes now, I'll say yes tomorrow, and I'll continue to say yes till the day I take my last breath'.....that was just awesome.


I loved this line too - The will to live had become her strength, no longer did she fear the outcomes of the future.  When a person is happy, when a person finally finds something in their live that they really want and know is theirs, it can change them so much. It gives them the strength, motivation, determination to move forward in life.


I love how Maan is taking care of her and being by her side always and ensuring her each and every happiness. I wonder if you can find love like this today in the 21st century.


Only 2 days left till the wedding day HeartHeart

And what was the reason for the 6 months....was it treatments, his love for her that would become her strenght in life which in turn will make her fight for her life so that she can live ever after.....or something else? Confused

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Congrats on Thread three, Sam!Party

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thnx for pm and congrats yaar!!! luved it soo much amazing!!!!

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