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Viren & Nivi - Upcoming Track

xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 December 2005
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
hello everyone !!! Tonight was a whopper of an episode !!! NivRen's marriage we predicted, one of revenge or maybe even compromise, but Viren's confession was really a surprise, a pleasant one !! At least I hope it is !! Tonight's episode confused me to no end, but when the aftershocks of the mind blowing episode lessened and then I went back to my analysis and character wise and story wise, I genuinely feel that Viren is in indeed in love, and he didn't do all this for the sake of revenge !! But I'm sure very few people will agree with me !! LOL It okay, I have opened a new topic, hoping you will join in the discussion and be convinced soon !! Wink Till then, lets discuss the upcoming track of this very special and magical couple !!! Embarrassed

I had already predicted that we will have a double wedding weeks ago and the TB article tonight confirms it !! So lets discuss how this will happen ?

I have also made another prediction last week and that is that Viren will find out about NivArth's love !! So I hope my this prediction comes true, and it would be awesome if Viren finds out about NivArth from Nivi herself, because later on when they get married, I don't want any secrets between NivRen and I want them to start their life together on the basis of trust and honesty so the base of their relationship and marriage is very strong from the starting, it will help them overcome a lot of problems they will face in future together.

And if Nivi doesn't get to tell him, then I want Viren to figure out on his own, rather then find out from somebody else !! Maybe when Sid finds out about Viren's proposal for Nivi, he will confront him and accuse him of taking revenge, because no one in the family will believe that Viren is in love with Nivi, so maybe during this confrontation or afterward Viren will figure out that its Sid who has broken Nivi's heart !!

If he figures out himself, then it would be a great way for us to know if its revenge he is after or does he really love Nivi, because he is a lot like Nivi, and if he does love her, after finding out the guy is Sid, he might try to convince him that for her happiness, he will help reunite her, and if he does that, then its simple that he really loves her and wants her happiness only !! But for Divya's happiness she will tell him that there is nothing between her and Sid anymore because she can never trust him again !!

So these are few of my thoughts, predictions, views and even requests from CT's for their upcoming marriage track !!

What are yours ???? Embarrassed

Please refrain from bashing or comparison !!

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lams Goldie

Joined: 05 July 2006
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 5:47pm | IP Logged
Xiavara I totally agree that Viren loves Nivi and its not out of revenge . I would like Nivi to tell Viren about Sid but I feel that Chanchal will spoil that . She might poison Viren against Nivi ...We cant afford to forget her .. I also hope that Divya gets to know about Nivi and Sid before Marriage but I agree Nivi will convince Divya that its over between them

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 December 2005
Posts: 15316

Posted: 28 October 2010 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by lams

Xiavara I totally agree that Viren loves Nivi and its not out of revenge . I would like Nivi to tell Viren about Sid but I feel that Chanchal will spoil that . She might poison Viren against Nivi ...We cant afford to forget her .. I also hope that Divya gets to know about Nivi and Sid before Marriage but I agree Nivi will convince Divya that its over between them

I'm not too worried about Chanchal right now, because even if he is really in love or is doing this for revenge, in both cases, Viren will handle his mom !! He is his own person and makes his own decisions, and once he does, not one can influence him, not even his family or his own mom !! So I would worry about Chanchal after NivRen gets married, not before !!

And yes i feel it is really essential that both Viren & Divya find out about NivArth, so when they do get married, it is without any secrets or skeletons in the closet !! EmbarrassedLOL

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 March 2007
Posts: 25436

Posted: 28 October 2010 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Navi I have seen this episode many time and thought a lot after thinking too much I came to conclusion that he is doing it out of revenge only. He do have feelings for her. He thinks that she is not bad. But he also has seen his dada sahib condition and his own mother blamed that she is responsible for his dada sahib's condition.

He doesn't know the whole truth, he doesn't know Nivi father, he doesn't know Sid loves Nivi, He doesn't know his dada sahib last wish. All he knows that his dada ji got heart attack because of this girl and her father. He is so much obsessed about his dada ji that only this reason is sufficient for him to hate her. He doesn't actually need anything else.

He does loves her and have feelings about this girl in his heart and also thinking about how probably this girl is responsible for his condition. She is innocent and had many good things in her. But he always keep his family above his own logic and thinking especially his dadaji which is not making him to think through heart and understand Nivi and his own feelings

The pain we saw in his eyes was because of the fact that his mind and his heart is as his heart is saying he is going to punish a heart broken innocent girl who doesn't seems to harm anyone but his mind is saying but she harmed his dada ji and his family. So his dada ji conditions stand ahead his heart feeling.

Because if he really loved her he would had never confessed his feelings to her like this as 100 questions would have come to his mind how can he do that, how can he go against his own family and love her etc etc.

Few points made me think that
On the day he come to know about her he couldn't confront her so anger fully occupied his mind and he made his mind to take long revenge
Yesterday his talks with Chanchal Sood ki soch itni choti nahi(really meant let go a girl who did such a deed agaist his family he will tech her a big lesson )pehle yeh shaadi ho jaane dein dushmani nibhane ke liye to poori umar baaki hai

Third when he was convincing Sid about marrying Divya he said (tumhari jagah agar main hota to bina soche dushman ki beti se shaadi kar leta)
All these indicates he confesses his love out of Revenge.

He kept his family above him, his happiness so to punish Nivi he is also keeping his happiness at stake. He knows it may ruin his life too but he is doing this just to avenge his dadaji. He also know by doing this he may loose little bit trust of his dadaji too but still he is doing.

I think he may come to know Sid loves Nivi or may be he knows Sid feelings for Nivi but still he want sid to marry Divya just for his dadaji. He doesn't think bad for Sid or doesn't want harm sid.Because according to him love holds no value once Sid will marry Divya he will be happy. His sadness right now is not a big issue and its temporary and a person can handle it

The story moving my way only

Fire scene which was end of Nivarth is starting of NiVren (That day Sid promised to give happiness to Nivi whereas that day Viren promised to give punishment to Nivi)

Confession scene (Sid tried to harm him and because he couldn't  lloose Nivi because he wanted her in his life because he loves him Viren saved her in return get hurt and confessed his feeling with motive to destroy her completely)

Then engagement scene (Nivi backout of engagement where both of them love each other due to Divya only and will enter in marriage where no one loves each other due to Divya only)

Love first Viren will fall in love with her after knowing she is not the one who is responsible for his family miseries but will not be able to confess due to his guilt of spoiling innocent girls life and will try to free her from this marriage

Then Nivi will fall in love with him after knowing who actual he is
Nivi will confess her feelings to him then as when Viren will actually fall in love it will take him ages to confess hi love.

This will be a reversal process
Nivarth was like Love confession misunderstanding
Nivren will be like Misunderstanding confession then love

That is also true he will come to know the truth before actually harming her and then will love her throughout the life
Maine bahut bari thesis dedi but this I have conclude out of today's episode and this only make sense

But Navi this doesn't shows that he is like Jawaher or Sid. Because what ever Jawaher did it was due to greed or hatred and Jawaher never loved his family I doubt he actually love Viren too. Jawaher wouldn't have dared to risk his own life , his own happiness for even money. But Viren is doing this for his family aand he is actually risking his own life, his own happiness.
Sid because Sid knew each and every thing when he was standing there and knew her and her family from child hood He promised her to stand by her when she needs but Viren never knew her and her family and today also he didn't promised her to stand by her all the life but he will stand by her when ever she needs him the most.

But still Navi it going like your predictions only it was your first prediction after the first episode only remember.

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lams Goldie

Joined: 05 July 2006
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
OMG ...cant wait for the next week to see what happens ...its getting too exciting :) Viren breaks me heart :)

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naley4ever Goldie

Joined: 15 June 2009
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 10:50pm | IP Logged
girl nice prediction and i agree with u to .....luv yesterdays episode
i don't think his after revenge anymore ....but u can't never say it's so hard to predict Viren's character that what so gr8 about it ....but i soooooo want them to be the chemistry between them a lot .... fingers cross for Viren & NiveditaEmbarrassed


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mahix3 Goldie

Joined: 14 October 2010
Posts: 1898

Posted: 28 October 2010 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
So I've been doing a lot of thinking and have read a lot of threads/ posts about Viren doing this only for revenge... most of the posters have been NivArth fans who refuse to accept NivRen as a jodi but now I see my own friend Rachna, who being a NivRen fan, can't accept that Viren loves Nivi and meant what he said to her. 

I've done a lot of thinking and have analyzed his character time and time again to only come to one conclusion.. Viren is not the kind of guy who lies about love even if it is to get revenge at his enemy. I feel like everything he said is sincere and straight from his heart... (mind you this is only my opinion with reasons which I am not trying to force on anyone, nor am I trying to bash the ideas of other parties-- and although I may be wrong, at this point I don't believe I can be wrong)... anyways, Viren has seen Nivi and the way she is. He's seen who Nivi is and the way she acts and holds herself in front of others. 

You guys know the phrase, the first impression is the one that lasts forever? Well if you remember Viren's first impression of Nivi, it was of a helpless girl who would do anything to try to save her father. And mind you, he thought of her as helpless not because she could not do for herself but because she needed help to try to fight the world. From the first moment, he knew with her passion for saving her dad, that was something she could do for herself and so he didn't have a problem with leaving Keshav in her hands. 

Then Nivi and Viren met more and more and Viren gradually saw who Nivi is before even realizing that she is his enemy's daughter. If we recap to previous scenes, for example the Mandir scene, Nivi told him that she was not only praying for her father but someone else close to her and after that she also told him that she would pray that his brother understands the value of family. So from that he could see how much of a caring girl she really is as she was hoping for the best for his family when she didn't even know who his family is. Also another scene, when Viren was telling her he has an enemy, she was like don't hate someone so much as it turns out to be worse for you than that person. From these meetings and the numerous other ones that NivRen have had even before knowing each other's real identities, Viren has an idea of who this girl is. 

As for when he found out that she was the enemy's daughter... he was shocked as he should be and he was mad because his enemy's daughter was right before him and he never knew but then he questioned it. He thought to himself how could THIS girl be the enemy's daughter.. how could this girl cause my family so much pain. At that point he has a clear idea of how Nivi is and he couldn't grasp such an idea that she could cause so much problems in his family and be the reason behind his grandfather's current health condition.

So this brings me to the meetings AFTER he found out that she was Nivedita Sharma, Keshav Sharma's (also known as his dushmaan's) daughter. Even after he knew she was his enemy's daughter, he told her not to cry as if you cry then God and the universe will give you reason to cry. He never once attempted to hurt her or make her feel bad the way he did with Divya when he mistook her for the "dushmaan ki beti". 

Now let's look at what Viren has done that shows that him saying I LOVE YOU NIVEDITA not something he would do out of revenge... 
let's look at the episode where he put the powder into Nivi's drink.. he only did that to find more out about her and also because he knew how tired she was and how she needed rest before she made herself sick. Fine, you guys have doubts about that and can't believe that his only motif was to find out more about her. But then why would he decorate the whole house while she was asleep? Don't say it was cause he wanted the house to be decorated in time as it his brother's wedding function because if that was the case then he wouldn't have hid the fact that he paid 20 extra workers (from his pocket) to finish the work and that he handled it all. He would have taken the credit but he didn't. 
Now let's fast forward to this last episode where he said that he loves her. Now you guys are questioning how could he love her so quickly. But what you guys tend to neglect is how could he not? Nivi's character is someone you can fall in love with easily because of how beautiful and caring she is on the inside. How she just wants the better for everyone. Fine, this doesn't convince you. Then let's look at what he did today. If Viren wanted revenge, then why didn't he let the wooden log hit Nivi? Why was there that scared/ worried look on his face as he saw the closet shaking and the wooden log about to fall? If you say cause he wanted revenge on a bigger scale, then her getting hurt wouldn't matter cause he's want to take revenge as many ways possible. Now look at his words. The things he said to Nivi were straight from his heart. The pain in his eyes was pain because she was rejecting him and that's what everyone is scared of.. rejection. No one wants to fall in love and not recieve that love in return. Viren loves Nivi as it is so transparent in his words and in his eyes.

But if you still doubt me, then we just have to wait and watch as the story unfolds.

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hajar Groupbie

Joined: 01 October 2010
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
hey lovely prediction yaar:) I hope Nivren get things sorted out fast n first when Viren will come to know about Sid who betrayed Nivi his anger will come on Sid n I think dere will be lovely track on Sid n Viren also........waiting  2 c all these in near epi:)

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