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Tere liye (RTMC ff)(Part 17 in Pg 49)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Hi friends I'm super bored wid this tere liye n sooo angry about the less scrn space Rajat is getting. So thought of starting my own version of tl wid Rajat n mugdha as main leads. Plz comnt n tell me whether u like it or not.

Aditya Basu (Rajat Tokas) - A very naughty, chirpy, jovial, fun-loving and stubborn guy. However, at the same time very much conscious about his work. He is an expert in both sports and other curricular activities and at the same time topper in studies. He loves his family a lot. He's very close to his mother and also to his elder brother with whom he shares his feelings. He's an excellent friend who is always ready to do anything to bring smile to the lips of his friends.  A very handsome guy and prince charming of every girl.

Paromita Roy (mugdha chapekar) - A very beautiful and sweet girl. She is very chirpy and bubbly and arrogant as she is the only child of her parents and highly pampered. She is an intelligent girl and singing is her passion. She 2 loves her family a lot. She is an extraordinarily loyal person just like Aditya (why, well we'll see later). She is the desire of every young man. 

Subhankar Basu - A renowned businessman. A very nice and benevolent person. A caring and loving husband and father to whom his family means everything. He's the father of Aditya.

Aparna Basu - A housewife whose world consists of her family. An adoring wife and a doting mother. A beautiful and benevolent lady.

Abhishek Basu - The elder son of the Basu family and the elder brother of Aditya. He loves his family a lot. He, like his mother, is highly partial to  Aditya and is always ready to help him out of any situation. He is a very dutiful and responsible son and person. Also a very shy person. 

Arpita Ganguly - A very sweet and shy girl. She is like a daughter to the basu family. She is the daughter of the family friend DR. Pranab ganguly. She is the childhood love of Abhishek and the would be elder daughter in law of the Basu family.

Mouli Ganguly - The younger sister of Arpita. A very stubborn girl, cherishes an obsessive love for Aditya. Her charcter will undergo a change later in the story.

Pranab Ganguly - A doctor by profession. He is a jovial and fun loving man and is a family friend of the Basu family.

Rita Ganguly - A sweet lady and a housewife. A very caring mother and wife.

Prabhat Roy - A famous businessman and the father of Paromita. A very loving and caring father whose world revolves round his daughter. He never says no to his beloved daughter especially after the death of his wife. 


Part 1 - Pg 1
Part 2 - Pg 3
Part 3 -  Pg 5
Part 4 - Pg 7
Part 5 - Pg 9
Part 6 - Pg 12
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Part 8 - Pg 16
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Part 14 - Pg 34
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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 8:14am | IP Logged

(Mumbai, 2010)


( Basu Mansion)

(Lavishly decorated dining hall)

As it is eight past ten in the morning, four maids are engaged in making preparations for the breakfast while a person clad in elegant night robes is sitting on the chair of the head of the house, the only chair with which the rows on both the sides of the table commences.  He is engrossed in reading the newspaper. His concentration breaks when a sweet, melodious voice asks him : " Kya aaj Mr. Subhankar Basu ko office jane ki jaldi nehi hain jo itne aaram se akhbar mein dubein hue hain?"


To this Mr.Basu folds up the newspaper and looks up and with a cheerful smile turns around only 2 see his wife standing beside him.


Subhankar: " Ab isme humari kya galti hain Mrs. Aparna Basu, aapko jo ekbaar dekh le wo toh kahin aur jane ka naam bhi nehi lega."


Aparna (blushing): " Aap bhi na, na log dekhte na jagah, bas suru ho jaate hain." (And glances sideway to the maids)


Subhankar, feigning astonishment,: " Arey par maine kya kiya?"


Aparna: "Ab isse jyada aur kuch karne ki jaroorat nehi, chaliye naasta kijiye."

Subhankar smiles, sensing his wife's awkwardness and deciding not to drag the matter further, replies: " Wo toh hum kar hi lenge lekin yeh Abhishek kahan reh gaya, wo toh kabhie…"


He is cut in between with a young man coming downstairs: "Good Morning Papa, sorry main thora late ho gaya. Actually kal aapne jo file mujhe diya tha uspar kaam karte hue thora der ho gaya. But the good news is that my presentation is ready. I'm all set for the meeting today."


He comes downstairs and first takes his mother's blessings by touching her feet and then goes to take his father's blessings who puts his hand on his son's head and says with utmost pride: "I always knew u r the one whom I can trust upon to complete the presentation at such a short notice. I'm proud of u my son."


Abhishek: " Thanx Papa."


Aparna: " Wo toh hain. Humara Abhishek hain hi itna zimmedar. Lekin bas ab aur kaam ki baat koi nehi karega. Pehle breakfast kar lo fir dono baap beta kaam mein dub jaana."


Subhankar glances meaningfully at Abhishek and replies: "As you wish your highness."


And all the three of them laugh heartily. All of a sudden Subhankar notices that the chair on his left is still vacant. Realizing now the absence of the naughtiest and the most beloved member of his family, he turns to Aparna.


Subhankar: " Toh Aparnaji kahan hain apka ladla? Abhi tak soke nehi utha na? uff din ba din bigarta ja raha hain yeh ladka aur yeh sab apke aur apke bare bete ke laad pyar ka natija hain. Pata nehi kab sudhrega yeh ladka. Humesha apni hi mann marji ka karta rehta hain."


Aparna : "Arey toh kya hua agar wo thori der jyada so gaya toh. Aur mana ki wo thora shararti hain par bacche shararat nehi karenge toh aur kaun karega bhala. (Then in an almost threatening voice) Dekhiye aap bilkul use nehi datenge, abhi uthati hu main usko." And she leaves.


Subhankar, making sure that Aparna is at a safe distance and cannot overhear him, says to Abhisek, who is grinning as he is quite accustomed to this fight between his mom n dad regarding his younger brother always resulting in the defeat of his dad,: "Dekha tumne Abhi, ye larka kuch bhi kare iski ma ko kuch najar hi nehi aata. Aparna ki laad pyar ne bigar ke rakha hua hain is larke ko. Aur kya kaha tumhari maa ne shararat bacche karte hain hain na! Wo humesha baccha hi rahega agar isi tarah uski maa uski dhaal bankar khari rahegi toh.' 


Abhishek smiles and replies : 'Papa aap toh jante hi hain wo aisa hi hain aur humesha se aisa hi tha, bahut jiddi aur utna hi shararti. Agar wo kuch decide kar le toh use koi nehi rok sakta. Par papa aap fikar kyun karte hain, main hoon na, uska bara bhai, use is duniya ke har dhup se bachane ke liye. Papa mere rehte koi pareshani use chu bhi nehi sakti.'


Subhankar shakes his head with a smile and says: "Wah kya baat hain, aise ma aur bara bhai ke hote hue yeh larka bara hoga bhi toh kaise. Na iski maa ko iski galtiyan dikhti hain aur fir uska bara bhai to hain hi uske sari shararton ko chupane ke liye."


Abhishek smiles cheerfully as he knows that though his father pretends to become angry with his naughty, younger son but he loves him the most and though he doesn't make a display of it, his father cherishes a liking for the naughty and chirpy nature of his younger son.


Aparna climbs upstairs and reaches the landing of the first floor from where starts a beautifully decorated corridor which ends at the door of a room.

Aparna, after covering the distance with quick steps and reaching the room right at the end of the corridor, pushes the door a little and finds it unlocked as usual. Smiling to herself, she now pushes it open and enters the room.

She has tripped over something and is about to topple down but she prevents herself from losing her balance, clutching the wall beside her for support. When she looks down she finds the floor is littered with a lot of both necessary and unnecessary things, ranging from a pen to a designer wear, and everything is scattered here and there. As this has been an usual sight to her for as long as 15 yrs now and as she is quite used to the untidy and careless nature of her son, she, instead of being shocked, smiles to herself and mutters: "Agar iske papa ne kamre ko is halat mein dekh liya hota toh subah subah ek aur mahabharat suru ho jaata."


She starts picking up those scattered things and arranging them in order. After almost completing the task, she glances at the figure lying on the bed, covered in blanket, and then reaching the windows, she opens them wide, letting the sunbeams to enter the room. Now she reaches the bed and sits beside her son. Putting her hand affectionately over her son, she shakes him slightly and says in her sweet, melodious voice: "Get up baby, its time to get up now. Mera raja beta, chalo abhi uth jao. Subah ho gayi."


To this the figure stirs a little and then a yawn followed by a sleepy reply comes from underneath the blanket: "ummm sone do na mom. Bas 5 min



Aparna smiles and says: "Agar maine tumko 5 min ke bharose chor diya toh wo 5 min 5 hrs mein badal jayenge. Chalo baby ab uth jao, my sweet baby, get up now. (Then she smiles to herself) Thik hain mat utho, maine jo tumhari favourite custard banayi hain wo main Abhi ko de dungi."


These words of Aparna produced the desired effect as she has anticipated and a very handsome couple of eyes emerge from beneath the blanket.

 And a charming voice flooding with enthusiasm speaks: "Sach!!"


His mother replied with a sweet smile: "Much. Par agar tum jadi nehi uthe toh wo toh gayi tumhare haathon se." And with this she gets up from the bed and is about to walk away when a hand grips her wrist tight and a voice still from underneath the blanket says: "Oh common mom! You know it very well, jo Aditya ko chahiye hota hain wo toh sirf use hi milta hain, kisi aur ko kabhie nehi."


With these words he pulled off the blanket and jumps out of the bed and without turning to his mother rushes to the bathroom and calls back "Mom you just get my custard ready, I'll be there in five minutes."


Aparna (smiling to herself): "Now his 5 min will actually be 5 min. All thanks to the custard." She leaves with a broad grin of satisfaction as well as with a heart full of the pride of winning a battle. Well, of course, waking Aditya up from his ever deep slumber is no less toilsome than a formidable battle.


When Aparna climbs downstairs and reaches the dining hall, Abhishek and Subhankar are having some discussions on some important project but they immediately fell silent as they have seen her entering the hall because she doesn't like any discussion of business in her home at least. However, Aparna does sense something and is about to enquire when Subhankar, sensing that both he and Abhishek are going to be in great danger, immediately changes the topic to divert her mind.


Subhankar: "Toh kahan hain aapka ladla? Uth gaya ya kumbhkaran abhi tak so hi raha hain?"


Aparna smiles sweetly: "Haan baba uth gaya aur 5 min mein taiyar hokar neeche bhi aa jayega. Chain se sone bhi nehi dete aap mere bacche ko."


Subhankar, with a great surprise: "Chain se sone nehi deta? Main?? Ab aur kitna sona hain is larke ko? Hey bhagwan mere raksha karo in dono maa bete se."


Both Aparna and Abhishek burst out laughing witnessing Subhankar's hilarious expression of the great surprise and the mock frown.


Their attention is diverted by a voice which came all of a sudden from the stairs.


"Arey hasi majak! wo bhi Adi ke bina! Yeh kaisi baat hui bhai.''


All three of them turn towards the stairs almost at the same time and find a very handsome, charming boy sitting on the railing of the stairs with his face wearing his million dollar smile.


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maanmishti Goldie

Joined: 14 May 2008
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 10:03am | IP Logged

loved their family......good entry of aditya......loved abhishek relation ship with his father.......waiting to read more........plzzzzzzz update soon

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 August 2009
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 10:08am | IP Logged
Thanx so much dear.
I'll update soon.

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Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
lovely concept n part 1 is gud :))

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megha01 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 October 2010
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 12:16pm | IP Logged


i hope dat turns into reality sumwhere in sum show.

gr8 workClap

perfectly suites our hero

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
nice character sketch .
 awesome part 1.
update soon.
anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 February 2010
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Posted: 28 October 2010 at 5:00pm | IP Logged

wooowww nandini...

that was amazing....simply superb yaar...

beautifully continue...

thnx for the pm.........

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