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Mayur OS - My Sixth Sense!

mayur247 Groupbie

Joined: 10 February 2010
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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 8:25pm | IP Logged

                                   My Sixth Sense! 

Oh my god! Oh my god! I am going to meet HIM!I hope he is excited about our get-together! Me The Nupur Bushan- the beautiful (that's what Gunjan says), the gorgeous (that's what my friends say), the- ok I will stop bragging about me! But you know people flatter me with their compliments everyday! Sometimes I hear that I am smart! Sometimes that my hair is pretty! And etc etc''. OH how I missed my school days! You know I was just a year younger than him.... I first saw him in 8th grade at my aunt's baby shower. I didn't know him them but just noticed that he was cute and handsome''Well you know how a girl sees a boy for the first time, she checks out everything? Yap I was one of those! Me and Gunjan used to check them out and all that when we were in high school and college! I know it's not an idol thing to do for and Indian girl! But I admit one thing- It was so much fun! I always used to make fun of Diya and pair her up with the geekiest guys I could find! Wait... Where was I? Ya... So I saw him at my aunt's baby shower. I actually thought he was one of the uncles! Then came Navratri, my favorite festival! You know how I am? I always want everything perfect when it comes to my appearance! SO my sister and I were dressed and were ready to go! Well guess what happened there? My parents already knew each other from their business and we had a good talk! While we all were talking, he was sitting with some friends who looked like uncle! I called over my friends and shouted "Uncle! Hi! How are you?" He laughed! Oh my god! He had dimples... "I am only a year older than you!" So I was going to call him "Bhaiya" and Gunjan called him that before me and his response was the same! I still remember what he said when Gunjan called him that, "I am only a 1 year older than u guys! Aap mujhe sirf Mayank kahe!" Thank God that word didn't come out of my mouth! I would have never wanted for him to be my brother! 

And then our parents slowly started having friends over and we met once in a while but he was quiet and I being talkative and bubbly had no courage in me when I saw him! I would always smile and pass sarcastic comments between us but no more than that! Then one day after my uncle's son's birthday, their parents decided to come to our house. I was happy! Then that day I go this email. I never chatted with him on yahoo though I added him! One day after dinner I was just about to go wash the dishes, then he came online and started chatting with me! I was on cloud 9! OMG I was so happy but then Gunjan was by my side and I didn't want her to have that idea! And then my dad was home early so I wasn't able to chat with him! I was so mad at my dad that day! HUH! They say-Cest la vive- that's French for such is Life (see I m smart aren't I?) OK enough about me! Now moving on... so I had his email and we chat once in a while. I would be so happy whenever he came online. I would think reasons to talk to him. It was him who would initiate the chat, but sometimes I started it! Friends do that right? OK so anyways days passed by and I got a face book account and he was a friend with me in their too. Whenever we met in birthdays now we would talk but mainly about songs, movies and all that! As you guys know that I am a bollywood encyclopedia! I know about every star and every song! So those were mainly our topics! 

Now comes Navratri again and time flies! We talked more now! I talked about school and he did too. Me and Gunjan made fun of him and annoyed him but he always laughed showing his dimples! And then in the Diwali party, there was a couple dance segment and you know I am not one of those girls who just dance off with boys even if I like them! So he had chosen a partner for him! I was so jealous of her! Huh but I was a good actress! And slowly I started talking to the girl and she was pretty nice! But whenever he posted a comment on facebook about anyone, I would check it! And then he gave us girls his number so we can text! I texted him sometimes and he would reply! But I thought a hundred million times before texting him though! I would get his reply and very rarely not! It was fun! I thought about our relationship one day and I had a sixth sense that he would move one day and then I would get married to him one day! God I wished that feeling would be true! 

One day out of the blue I heard that they were moving to some other city. I was sad but found out that the city was only 2 hours far and he was moving after he graduated! I was happy! I thought about it a lot u know we never met that often even when we lived some distance close so things weren't going to change a lot! "Di, are u ready? We r fixing to leave! Come down soon" I heard Gunjan calling me now! Ok now we are leaving! I am so ready to meet him. I gave out a sigh as I sat in my car. Many memories drift back to my mind whenever I sit in my car. One day he and his parents were at my house with some of my dad's friends. We were out of some supplies and my mom- thanks mommy I would never forget your favor- asked me to go with him to get them! I was so happy. We walked towards the car and till we reached we were silent besides the directions I gave him! And he played his favorite song when we got back! I still remember and then we watched a movie at home with the kids! Isn't that funny I would talk loads and loads on the net but I would be a silent cooker when he came in front of me! Slowly the time started to pass bye and I was getting used to it by now! We would talk on the net now once a week and I would text him some time. It was time he moved and I was sad, I knew he was going to see knew girls and he would like them and it wasn't as if he liked me or anything like that! Slowly I was moving on in life too. We were in college and me and Gunjan saw many cute boys but he held a special part in my heart!   

Ok. We are here! Oh I still can't believe I am going to meet him We got out of the car and I started walking with my family. I started smiling to myself as I do whenever I come in front of him. Gunjan poked me, and I gave her a what-do-u-want look. Of course she knew I had a crush on him. She was my BLOOD sister! I always told her everything and she would sometimes tease me but I would tease her back by reminding her if Samrat- her crush! Ahh... Finally we are in here. There are so many people here. I can't even see him. Wait first I have to talk to his mom. HE had the coolest mom of us all. His mom was totally like me! She knew everything about bollywood and my mom and she were the best friends! I would be so happy if I have a mother-in-law like her! Wait What? What am I thinking? I think this excitement is making me go crazy! OK now I and Gunjan are going to meet the kids or I would say the crush of my lifetime- him..Oh.. I seehim... He is even handsomer than before. He saw me now and what's that I see? Did he just smile at me? Did he? Gunjan poked me again and snickered. I saw her and she was giving me a oh-someone-is-pleased-to-see-u look! That girl is going to have some words with me when we reach home! Now we reached him. Oh my god! He looks like John Abraham! No... Even more cute than him. And his dimples... hay me marjava! OK now control yourselves Nupur! Stop smiling!
Mayank- Hi Nupur! How are you?
Nupur- Good Uncle... Um and you?
Gunjan- Hi Mayank! How are you?
Mayank- Great Gunjan! And I see someone remembers something from the past hum?????
Nupur- (smiling) sure.So how are studies going on? 
Gunjan saw Samrat so she went to talk to him. Oh so now I have to talk to him alone? I really wanted to spend time with him alone. And then we talked and talked so much. I was surprised hew was being really nice to me! So I asked him that and he replied that who wouldn't be nice to me? And then the night passed so fluidly that it was time to leave. We bid each other god bye and parted out ways.

I was so happy tonight! I met him after so many days and now they moved back again where they lived before 7 years. Yes can u believe it? He was my crush for 7 years. That night I thought a lot about my relationship with him. Is it just a crush? I think its just infatuation. I haven't seen him in 7 years and may be I was happy so I just loved talking to him.Nop that's not right Nupur, my heart said. U always loved talking to him.Yes, that was right. Talking to him always made my day! I always turned happy from sad when I chatted with him. And you were jealous if he ever talked to any other girls! My heart shouted at me again. Oh well. Its time to sleep! It feels like I am beginning my life again. I am so happy tonight! It feels I don't know!

Aaj kitne dino ke baad gali me aaj chand nikla!
Tum aaye to aaya mujhe yaad! Gali mein aaj chand nikla!

Yap that song exactly expresses my feelings! Ok goodnight!

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mayur247 Groupbie

Joined: 10 February 2010
Posts: 105

Posted: 26 October 2010 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Next part......

Now we met often like we did before. And you know what I would always notice? He would be really nice to me and agree with me and flirt with sometimes! Whenever he smiled and said something good about me, my heart would both skip a beat and then start doing cartwheels! I was just clueless about what he would do! But he was a boy and no one ever understood a boy! Slowly months passed and before I knew it I was 22 years old! My parents started looking for a boy for me! I was sad and hoped that I would marry him! I never had that courage to tell him that I loved him!Yes... I loved him... I figured it out now'''. I loved him and I could never forget him.      Some days passed and one day my parents informed me that they had a proposal for me and the boys and his family were coming to see me tomorrow. I was sad and heart broken. And the looks my family was giving me was kind of weird and confusing. Gunjan and Mom were smiling at me and taking behind my back about something. And my dad was just happy. I don't know why but something fishy was going on! And I knew it but I couldn't care less. I had so many other things to worry about like who was coming to see me tomorrow and all that.

That night I thought a lot about him. I thought I loved him and I wouldn't be able to leave him even if I had to marry someone else. He would always be my first and last love of my life. I would not be loyal to my to be husband because all the time I would think of him as my husband and love him. I hope tomorrow brings good wishes for me! I was awake and ready by the time they were coming to see me but Gunjan would apply make-up to me and decorate me every second like someone special was coming to see me! I skidded downstairs and couldn't believe my eyes!

It was his family. I was so so so so surprised! I had to pinch myself to see the scene in front of me! I was so happy! Oh' so that's what they were hiding from me! So greeted everyone and him- not looking at him in the eye! My mom took me into the room and asked me if I was ok with the match and if I like his family or not? I was so happy but I didn't show it and I said yes! And everyone was hugging each other and congratulating them! But I was little sad thinking if his parents were the one who came up with this proposal or was it him? Our parents then decided to have dinner together that night and Gunjan was supposed to meet Samrat her fianc! I should have know why dady was so happy yesterday! He had agreed to Samrat's proposal for Gunjan and they were supposed to get engaged when they finished their studies! After the dinner Gunjan asked Mayank- my fianc- to drop her to the garden where she was going to meet Samrat! Mayank asked dady and he asked him that if he can take me along too. I was happy but nervous as hell as I was going to talk to him after he became my fianc. The whole way Gunjan was talking to him and he kept looking, no, staring at me. I was really nervous. And finally we reached the garden and Gunjan met Samrat and went got out to greet him.

Now we left Gunjan and him alone and we were alone! We didn't talk to each other for 5 minutes. And slowly he broke the silence.
Um'are'you happy with this?I smiled and nodded.I really wanted to talk to you about it Nupur. Nupur..I'.Nupur'I'Love you!I was so shocked to hear it! I really wanted to run into his arms and just hear it one more time but my body was in a state of shock!Yes, Nupur I really loved you from the minute I saw you! I never believed in love at first sight but you proved me wrong! I didn't realize it until I moved and I never saw you! I just really loved you and thought that you liked me so I told my mom and she was so happy! So she asked your parents and sent you the proposal! I know you said yes but I need to know that if you like me or did u just say yes to make your parents happy!! I was so so so happy to hear that! My heart started doing cartwheels and somersaults as I heard that! I decided this was the time to reveal my secret!! "Yes Mayank! I love you too!" and I just couldn't resist myself and jumped in his arms! We hugged each other for a long time and then I told him about my crush on him and all that! And especially about my Sixth sense with I had! We had a great time!

Today is my engagement with him and then we will be married after we finish our studies! You know I am the luckiest girl on the planet! So just one more thing

Agar hum kisiko dil se chahe to
puri kaynat humko ue milane k liye lag jati hey.................................

OK guys pls do comment and criticize! Pls!!! 



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sreevijayan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
awesome os dear....

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Nirvrithi Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 10:37pm | IP Logged

Oops...I was thinking that I have read it before... You only posted it in FF forum,right??

It is one of my fav OS Smile

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