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CCBM Analysis time-specially of NivArth!

Sid4TeamCanada IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
Hey guys!

So i just went on YT and caught up with ALL the scenes of sid-nivi... some of u might know that I had started watching this show just this weekend only based on nivi viren couple, who i thought had this "spark", which i just found missing in any sid-nivi scenes that i have happened to catch a glimpse of on tv...

NOTE: SPECIAL THANKS to our Navz (xaviara!) for her AWESOME CHANNEL on YT, where i cud easily skip the rest of the episodes and just watch the main sid-nivi or viren-nivi scenes! Thanks navz! i have been watchign videos on ur channel whole weekend! and when i read it was U - i was like WOWWWWW!Big smile really keeeep it up, that is an AWESOME channel u have yaar!Clap

however, anywayz, it is also not right for me to judge nivi-sid without knowing wht their story was like... so that is what i did, i went back to episode 1, and watched ALL their scenes....,my thoughts before i started watching their scenes was that i WON'T find interest in sid-nivi scenes... that i won't be able to watch all of them... but surprisingly, i was wrong... i slowly got more and more interested in their couple.. so here's my analysis of sid-nivi-viren triangle, and i hope everyone, regardless of whether u r a nivren fan or a nivarth, will read this, because I have many positive things to say abt both the couples Smile


to start off with, if i were to describe snivarth jodi in a few words, they would be : CUTE and INNOCENT and MILD/SIMPLE...  with nivi being this extremely SHY personality, who is scared of even speaking up in front of any1 other than her family...
and enters into her life SIDHARTH, a businessman who is the waris of a RICH family... a guy who gets whtever he wants, whose family is gaga over him, and who has a lot of control over his family... even though he is a completely family oriented guy, he still has a lot of say in his family... he is an IMPORTANT person of sood family basically..

siddharth's personality i see as : CALM.. a very very calm and PATIENT, very soft-spoken guy, sort of like how an ideal mentor shud be... he talks, yet he is not "batooni" like viren or divya... but he isn't scared to talk at all like nivi either.. he is impulsive at times, with fluctuating moods, quick anger, but that is probably the consequence of being the most doted son of such a rich family... however, he is also VERY friendly, he's not conceited over his wealth, he doesn't seem to care abt poor or rich...
he is basically a PERFECTIONIST, and an ideal hero..

seeing scenes where nivi is SCARED, of even playing charades! and the way siddhart gently coaxes her into playing - "u can do it".. or into just talking... assuring her she is pretty... basically, he cracked OPEN the shell that nivi had hidden herself on!... after becoming his friend, falling for him, etc, she now can atleast TALK in front of others, albeit still shy and hesitant... but where nivi stands today is a major improvement from how she was when siddhart first saw her...

and having said this, i can also say this: siddhart was the BEST "first love" nivedita cud have gotten... a calm, DECENT, and very soft-spoken guy... who actually wants to LISTEN to her, rather than just talk...this was really good for nivi, becuz she needs some1 who will listen to her in order for her to come out of her shell.. by letting her know he was there for her, by letting her knwo that she could DO ANYTHING...

so siddhart was the perfect FIRST LOVE nivi cud've gotten, she NEEDED HIM to come into her life as her first love!... their story  i see as similar to an angraizi babu- desi maym story, except for sid aint really an angraizi babu... but yeah, a shy SCARED girl, and a calm wise handsome guy....Smile

and why i called them MILD was, well just based on their personalities... the type of simple sweet and cute scenes they have had... basically their scenes weren't ones that had fireworks flying out, however they were scenes that wud make u go "awww" Smile

these are the GOOd points of NivArth story... however NivArth have a few flaws as well, which may make it very hard for them to end up as a permanent couple:

1) NIVI...  her personality is to be honest one of the major obstacles in nivarth's love story... more like nivi's PRIORITIES.. she clearly gives th emost importance to her family.. and she clearly seems like a girl who CAN without any hesitation sacrifice her love for her family's happiness... it was evident when she kept telling sid she wasn't in love with him.... it was evident in the way she closed her door on sid in a recent episode, telling him the only time he was welcome in her life was as divya's hubby! she felt pain while and after sayign this, yes, but she still SAID these words without any hesitation.. and this does not prove that she is faithless, no this only proved that for nivi her family means A LOT MORE than her love!Smile and this, my friends, is the biggest obstacle right there in nivarth... the family history these two families share is NOT good.. and nivi is not one who wud easily forget all the hurt her family suffered just for her love... and the second reason is DIVYA.. divya is nivi's sis! and it's clear nivi wants div's happines.. after all this, all this insult, nivarth breaking up, the only thing that nivi seems to really prioritize is divya's happiness...

it's sad, and i feel AWFUL for sid while saying this, but even though sid's LIFE may rank the most in nivi's priority list, but his love for her ranks AFTER nivi's family's happiness... and this means in order for nivi to say yes to sid again, BOTH the families wud literally need to FORCE nivi to marry sid.. including divya and divya's family! it just can't go any other way..

2) SID's family love: now, loving his family isn't wrong.. but the fact is, he isn't the kind of guy who likes to stand upto his family... it was clear from wht happened during nivarth's breakup...he just isn't the kind of guy who wud go against his family.. and the prob here is that NIVI herself is a SHY TIMID SCARED girl, and she needs a guy who can PROTECT HER - not just from outsiders, but a guy who can protect her from his OWN FAMILY! a guy who makes sure HER VOICE IS HEARD - becuz as it is, she is scared to voice her thoughts on her own!

and this is where VIREN comes in...


viren is...well a CARELESS, FUN, COOOL kinda guy... who i wud also go to the extent of calling " bad guy" as compared to sid... he's not completely a bad guy, he is very family oriented himself.. however he has quiet a laid back "WHO CARES" attitude.... oh and he def. seems to LOVE TALKINGLOL

had viren entered before sid in nivi's life, i am not sure if their story wud've worked out... because, like i said above, sid was the IDEAL first love nivi cud have gotten..

however, now that nivi is slowly coming out of her shell, she needs a guy who will TRUST HER, no matter wht, and a guy who will EASILY stand up to any1 who points a finger at nivi.... nivi needs a guy who will make her more confident, and who will CONVINCE HER to stand up for herself, who will convince her of RAISING HER VOICE, even if its against her own.. and this very thing sid can not teach her.... this is something only a guy like viren can teach her.. as well, she needs to start taking initiative herself... instead of being URGED into doing things..

for eg, take the scene where viren asks her if she wants a lift in the middle of the night..she says no, and he TAKES OFF!LOL no ifs or buts or u SHUD take a lift...nope... he just goes.. later on when those two uncles come, he returns, and stops his bike a bit AHEAD of her, WAITING FOR HER to COME ON HER OWN...  i really LOVED this scene, cuz it was symbolic of the kind of relationship these two MAY have... where instead of URGING her into doing things, he just waits for her to herself TAKE ACTION when circumstances demand an action!Smile

LONGGGGGGGGGGG POST, i know i know...

but i just had to give my analysis.. i had so many thoughts going on in my mind, i am not even sure if this is even a proper analysis - more like an ongoing train f thoughts!LOL

but i part with the following THOUGHTSLOL:

1) i feel REALLY SAD for sid... he loves her... and he is used to getting wht he wants, and it seems he has always got wht he wants... so for him to not get her becuz of her resistance only, or becuz he can't hurt another girl's heart - that's really sad! and i feel really bad for him becuz, in all honesty, i DISLIKE DIVYA!ConfusedOuch i dunno why... i just don't think she is a girl sid can be happy with... he is the kind of guy who needs to be a dominating (not to the extent of SUPRESSING the other ofcourse) husband, u husband who LEADS, who GUIDES his wife... BASICALLY, the kind of wife i feel sid needs is some1 who is dependent on him...very much like nivi....who he can coax out of her shell with his softspoken and teacher-like attitudeSmile and DIVYA is just not the right girl for him!Confused and yes, he made MAJOR MISTAKE that day, of insulting nivi and then standing dumb while her family was PHYSICALLY INSULTED - the family of the girl who was ABT TO BE HIS WIFE!Ouchthat is NOT an attitude u wanna have towards the love of ur life!Ouch

however, he is guilty of his actions...the fact remains that i dont feel nivi can easily get over wht happened that day.. and thus, it will be REALLY HARD for nivarth to reunite ....Cry

2) finaly thought: siddhart was the best thing that cud have happened to the shy and scared nivi! for sure!Smile however, now that her shelll her been OPENED by sid, i think viren is the guy who she very much needs at this stage of her life... and i honestly feel viren could very well be the right guy for her...Smile the guy who can now BRING HER OUT of her shell... sid opened that shell and made nivi see the beauty of the world... now she needs a guy like viren who wud FORCE her to come out of her shell!Smile


nivarth jodi is a CUTE "aww-worthy" love story... puppy love i wud say... (which is very special  btw !Smile)

but nivren's jodi is more of the INTENSE kinda stories...where fireworks DO fly out of the screen..

and i won't say one of them is better than the other here ! why? becuz its kind of like comparing a 'LIKES ATTRACT' love story and an 'OPPOSITES ATTRACT'... when opposites attract - like viren and nivi - those kinda stories are generally more on the INTENSE side of the spectrum.. whereas where u have two ppl of similar personalities -nivi sid-  (soft spoken reserved), u have a cute aww-worthy mild love story... Smile  best exanple i can give is perhaps neev prachi of kayamath (CUTE love story) with milind prachi (INTENSE couple)..

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xaviara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
Sidra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG you finally watched all the scenes !!! Yes !!! You finally are up to date !!  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Or his fierce protectiveness towards her !! They did love each other and I'm glad they did, because it will help them a lot in their future relationship with other partners !! And what a mind blowing analysis babes ! Couldn't agree with you more !! You are bang on !! I remember how I used to love NivArth, their scenes still makes me go awwwwwwww !!! Especially the first time she dresses up and he compliments her !! It was so sweet !! Or the time when he asks her what she wants from life !!

I know it is tough to imagine NivArth not together, but I have watched the episode from day one, and Nivi's priorities in life has been always clear !! Family comes first ! She never thinks bout herself and she never will !! She would always put her family before everything and everyone, including the guy she loves !!! Nivi being the character she is, will never accept Sid back into her life and that is what I have been trying to explain for so many days to everyone that it is not about Sid, Or Viren, it is about Nivi !! NivArth not uniting again would not be courtesy of evil or Viren, it would be courtesy of Nivi, because one, she won't forget Sid's treatment of her family, which is her basic character, and second is her love for her sister again her basic character !!! Even in tonight's episode she tells her daadi that I can't become selfish or weakness because of my own wants !!! That is why she was so matter of fact about Divya-Sid wedding, because even had it been not her job, she would have participated the same way in her sis wedding, even if it is to the guy she has feelings for !!!

Her transition about Nivarth and the fact that she has moved on clearly started from the day of DivSid engagement in the hospital where she cries her heart out and then wipes her tears and is back to taking care of her family ! That same night Sid confronts her, but she was very clear in her decision, she doesn't want anything to do with Sid anymore, unless he happens to be her Di's husband ! Then she shuts the door and again she cries and let her emotions flow out !! And then again we see her move on go in search of a job !! Even while waiting for transportation Sid and she comes face to face, but she walks away showing her back to him to make him realize that she will not look back anymore !!!

When I look at Sid, I do feel sad, he is what I would call a real prince charming one girls dream about, who would come and sweep them off their feet, but the sad truth is fairy tales are fiction and in reality a girl needs a life partner, a soul mates, not a prince charming !!! Also two things which really saddens me about Sid is that firstly he is quite presumptious in thinking that once he reveals the truth she will come running back to him, which shows, he doesn't know her as much as think he does, and also the fact that he needed proof to believe in what Nivi and his mom was telling him !! It really angered me when he wouldn't even for the sake of humanity stood up for Nivi when Sharmila insulted Nivi in front of him the first time, but later after finding out the truth from Khanna, he stood up to her and that too indirectly ! Does that mean that his mom's and Nivi's words are less true and important then an employee or a client ?

Whereas NivArth is concerned, it doesn't have anything to do with Viren !! Because Sid dug his own grave !! He did the one thing he should never have and that was insult her family and let her dad be mistreated why he stood by and watched !!! And later his mom rightly said, you will regret this for the rest of your life and he will. Nivi is not going to accept him back, and if he insists, then he is going to face consequences which he can't even dream about rather the face !!

We have seen today;s promo about Divya telling Nivi that Sid doesn't love her ! So the next time Sid tries to talk to her, she will make him understand that it is better for everyone if he marries Divya, because it is always best to marry someone who loves you, rather then the person whom you love !! But if he doesn't listen to her, it just might force her to accept Viren's proposal of marriage !! Because the truth will come out one way or another before the wedding and with Nivi refusing to accept Sid, Viren would step up and tell his dadaji that he would like to marry Nivi, because he will finally get a chance to do something for his dadaji, which he has been dying to do all his life ! So I think we are in for a double wedding !! Especially after reading Abhishek's words in the article that he has Divya's feelings to think about and also protect Nivi from Viren !! So it just makes me even sure that between divya's feelings and his insistence on getting Nivi back, he will face the major consequence of being married to Divya and pushing NiVren into marrying each other !!

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Few observations I had made of character on Present situation:

Viren right now has hatred towards Nivi has the only one priority his family

Nivi-Sid in fighting between their love and family (Though Nivi's main priority is family but still feels love for Sid and for Sid main priority is love but can't stake his family too)

Divya right now feels love for Sidharth and has only one priority love

Viren has doubts might be Nivi is not a girl who can do this and Divya has doubts might be Sid is not happy with wedding

If Divya will comes to know about Nivarth before wedding than Viren may also know that Nivi is not responsible for all this

Lets see what happen

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