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PHreaming Home#15 *INVITES ONLY*Note pg 88*

XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:40pm | IP Logged

Welcome to our 15th home Party, PHreaming home is a Place where you can PHream ,PHrool with the Same species as you 24/7LOLOur Phriendship Bond is strong as our Couple. We cry together,laugh together,make fun together,Fight together and play
 "kiska banega prem pati?"LOL.
Ahh thats our favorite game With No winner at the end OuchLOL.We are crazy and
insane and guess what?ErmmWe Feel proud about it CoolShockedLOL.

PS: as you all can see the siggies are not god cause i made them LOL

Members of our PHreaming Home are part of our PHreaming Gang.So here we go with the Updated Member list.Smile


PS:This is the Updated Member list.Members who didnt visited the last two CC have been removed but they are Always Welcome Here.

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:43pm | IP Logged

Our Eid ka chandzz LOL Who are missing from past few Months Shocked.We hope they are
Phit and PHine and hopefully one day Ermm  They come back again.,We are missing you all loads.Missing the masti and fights we had. Long hours of discussion *ahem*..FightsLOL.So come back so that we all can fight is the MOST WANTED comeback list.

Suhana: Iqbal khan jaise hottie ko humare Jee-joo bana kar Broken HeartLOL..Khud he gayab hogayeConfusedSo come back soon even Jee-joo is missing you,Its not good app jeee-joo ko itni saare kunwarii ladkiyo ki beech mai akela choor gaye BlushingLOL.

Meeshti: My prem's favorite delight and her favorite Daughter.Hug..The chahat
of our CC is missing.Who always used to stand by her mommy (PariLOL) When others teased herAngry.The Most Obedient and Good Gal Our Meeshti..Mamma,pappa and
maseez are missing you bachcha.Come back.

Heer:Oh we were so jealous of her Real nameOuch,Haath dhoo ki nahee..balke naha dhoo ki par gaye Painful love ki Prem ki peeche D'oh.Humne diya nahii shayad naraaz hogaye Ouch,we promise to give you PL wala prem come back..Waise bhii PL ka sirf epilogue he rehta hai LOL

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:47pm | IP Logged

If Gandi ji had 3 Bandars we have Two BhonduzLOL.
Borra mat sunno means Harshad never hear a word from your New-co-starLOL.
Borra mat dekho  means Additi Never watch a Romantic moment in Tere liyeLOL,
and Borra mat kaho means Additi ki ilawa kisse aur ki tareef mat karro LOL.

we Know that Our PHreamers are very disciplined but still!!
*.Prem par no borre nazar,Already Reserved by Pari and Sia Approve
*. No Spamming
*. No fights but a little masti is aloud
*.Before inviting any new member Inform the CC members.
*.You should press the "Like" button of the member to whom you are chatting
*. NO Emo PostsShocked
*. PHreaming Gang mai kekta ki shows  ki tareef karna Qanoon Apraad hai LOL
(i am serious)

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:48pm | IP Logged

Favorite PHreaming Moments of Phreamers, So here we Begin

Rasgulla scene
This is one of my fav scenes of Premeer including alot others... well which scene
do I not love just one glimpse of the two and i fall in love LOLI love the blue in there... lol... and rasgulla's are my favourite.... but thats just some dumb reasons
that Neha di has told me not give Cry sooooooo,I think that the way Prem was biting
the rasgulla while flirting with Heer... fingers more than her..was really cute and the cuddle where Prem goes behind her and snuggle into her EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
I was just wondering...well my dirty mind Big smile kept wondering how many retakes it took for this shot??? Wink I could just imagine Harshad lickin Additi's fingers a gazillion times TongueLOLDay Dreaming

Among d sad ones.. meaning where they were crying a lot LOL LOL LOL
that was just esp the way prem says meri arthi utegi lekin tumhari doli nahi.. Clap Clap Clap(forgive me if its wrong.. hope u recalled it) n then both of them cup each other's faces n cry their foreheads touching.... that was jus so Embarrassed i know they were crying but still that was AMAZING....Next the happy one Winkwhich one do i love d most???? Shocked
Yeaaa its the valentine day i mean it was tele-casted then
After their 1st marriage, they are in Gayatri's room... prem near the bedside stops Heer n then flirts with his eyes.. WinkWink heer all shy... BlushingBlushingthat scene was speechlessEmbarrassed
Moving on to dances ( 2 much i know Wink but still see trying to pick up even  these among the wide choices we have )
Undoubtedly the rain dance which unfortunately is Heer's dream so choosing the dance in the pub WinkWink(when preet n meher try to get them close after 1st separation LOLLOL) Dance on Heer's birthday was good too but it had too much of dancing while dance in pub showcased love in their eyes, expressions EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
See the effect of calling lazy itna saara likh diya ROFL

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" Song Sequence on Premeer.

this is the best passionate scene i justt cant stop looking attt them and humming the song the way they both are away from each other but still their souls find an escape to be with each other is fantastic the way prem looks at heer while she dances with someone else shows ss hisss madness and passion

and thenn the sensuality in the air when their souls are alone the way he stops her , takes his face to er shoulder , mesmerizes her feel , is just wwow the hug from backwardd just took my breath away i just canttt forget the look on their facessss
specially prem hehehhee

'ishq walla karde challa jism ulagh jaye ho jaye kalla "
kyunki hum dil de chuke sanammm


i love how heer got angry at preet, first time i saw heer stand up for someone, and her dialogues, the anger...i was like.. Go girl..n preet gg, look i didnt want to apologise, i only did cos of my bro.. his arrogance and all... amazing.. n then my prem enters.... n do i have to explain more??? i loved every sec of that scene, the way they looked at each other.. all the other fab ph scenes coming, from the shiv mandir, to the hotel one, to the bride one.. n then the slow motion.. n prem's hair blown up.. literally to show he's blown away, and heer's astonishment to see him.. n how her anger suddenly turns to silence, surprise and her feeling shy, and the way she blocked him, the song, n prem teasing her, n the sweet i love the way heer blocked prem the most.. she didnt look into his eyes.. n he was smiling/grinin away...
 this scene.. i can write an entire essay one.. detailing how i love each n every sec of it.. th above is only preview.. so yeah.. it's my fav scene.. n i've made all my friends who know abt me watchin desh watch this scene... all loved it .... n of cos.. the ph chemistry was mindblowingly mindblowing in this scene...Embarrassed


HHMMMmmm no Doubt Every single scene of Premeer is Worth PHreaming!! infact their one glimpse drive us CrazyEmbarrassed
But as to Follow Hitler ki Nani's RuleOuch..we have to choose One na!! after Soching alotLOL
or i would say PHreamingDay Dreaming and PHroolingBlushing ALOT..
i selected 2 scenes(one is difficult to chooseLOL)
*Ahem Ahem*
 sooo First scene is
 Soap Scene...
Ahhh!! This scene i watch it almost twice a dayEmbarrassed..
Reason....our Naugthy Prem and Innocent Heer!!
Haye mei mar jawan!!Day Dreaming
They way Prem Come..Rubbing his Eyes..and the Way Heer fall in his arms!!..
Just soo Mar jawan MomentEmbarrassedLOL..
after that Prem put that Dupata on Heer's Shoulder...
that Gaze of our Naugthy PremBlushingUFFffff!!Day Dreaming
These Things Make me Watch this scene again and again!!Embarrassed
and the 2nd one is
4th December scene!!
It was a Treat for all Deshains!!
after Prem's much i had Cried...that EktaAngry
(controlling emotionsSleepy..and coming back to sceneBlushingSmile)
yeah soo i was saying it was truely a Treat for us!! That tooo romantic One!!
Everything was soooo, Couple, site, that Blueish Effect!! just Perfect!!
The way Prem rub his Finger on her LipsDay DreamingBlushingCant express
Now let me PHream!!Embarrassed
as after Describing these scene we cant wait to watch them againEmbarrassed


well......... its really hard to choose one scene from desh as all the premeer scenes are my favourites............. but still if u ask to choose one then i will choose the rain scene of the after 18th june............... i am sure i need not expain the scene as you people will be knowing it very well...............

hey rabz............. prem's wet transparent white shirt Day Dreaming............... his wet hair with water drops dripping one by one and above all his PHromatic eyesDay Dreaming................ i loved the way heer take her steps backwards to escape from his magnetic gaze............. their footsteps were in the same rhythm just like their heart beatsDay Dreaming ................. and atlast the wall reaches and she is trapped between the wall and the magnetic gaze of her love Day Dreaming................... now heer is the dilemma............. even though she was scared of move her heart was loving his closeness and it was clearly visible in her eyes  Day Dreaming.................. i loved the way heer turns her face closing the eyes firmly when prem streches his hands to touch her lovely cheek Day Dreaming.............. but the most lovely thing is that he moves his hand and take the towel on seeing her closed eyes.Day Dreaming.............. but we the see the flames of love in his eyes while he wipes his face with the towel...............Day Dreaming

there was no dialogues but their eyes were speaking countless number of words................ thats what i love the most in my PREMEER................... their Romance through the eyes..............HATS OF TO BOTH HARSHAD AND ADDITI..............


well, theres lots of PH scenes that i love the manap scene was awesome.The raging fire in Prem's eyes,The innocence in Heer,The devil Daljeet,The lines spoken by prem can just win anyones heart.It was just one of the best scenes in Kis Desh

i also loved the 'anday' scene it was just hillarious and really sweet Prem romancing with Heer and then little adorable Tannu Then heer teasing prem just so cute

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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:50pm | IP Logged

Yeah you read that right LOL, Its the Badnaami section, The badnaami and embarrassment which we faced cause of Premeer/harshiti AngryLOL, So here we start with it.
Grab some popcorn


hhmm...i never got embarrassed because of themLOLLOLcuz i used to hide and watch kis des...and no one would be around....LOLLOL


well it is during my chemistry class my teacher asked in class tell me what is PH nd i kind of raised my hand in excitement you know and then when i stood up the teacher again said yes aishwarya tell me what is ph scale nd i was the red pumpkin ohh god then i got the sense that i am in class not desh forum and the teacher is asking about chemistrys ph scale not premeer and i stood embarrased there and finally he said me to sit down hehehe


There are Many!! Sach!! Sleepy

Premeer cant get out of my Mind!!OuchEmbarrassed and bcz of this i have faced many such momentsEmbarrassedLOL Noorie waqai mai  badnaam huiROFL
The Most stupid one was!! when i was watching something Related to SPA(cant rememberConfused) with my cousin and then suddenly they Showed Glimpse of harshad aditi... where they had won Yogaya Jodi award!! i must say the way both of them jump..i also get excited ..and it happened to me that time too..i suddenly shouted..literary Jumped on my sofa.. My cousin was shocked at this actShocked..and i was embarrassed!!Embarrassed
There are many that now i cant remember them properlyLOLLOL
Wese I M proud to be a PHreamer and DeshianEmbarrassed

my brother always used to change the channel or talk really loudly when Kis Desh was on Just because he knew I loved i loved it and wanted to irrate me when he used to change the channel i used to chase after him he would pull my hair
i would kick him and so on..LOL
But the good thing was that my mum used to side by meEmbarrassed

Waiting for PmzzSleepySleepy


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XSilentPrayersX IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 August 2007
Posts: 20368

Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

Video mix of the CC is back as well Big smile.This Video Mix is made me me (pari) LOL

Premeer Love StoryDay Dreaming

Direct Link

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