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FF-*Maan/Geet- Love Hate Relationship*-NOTE 45* (Page 7)

Cutee999 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:43am | IP Logged
thanks for pm
update soon.........

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SahSah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 5:08am | IP Logged
wow...really awesome update...totally loved it
no maan....hope to have him in next update....
keep writing

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s-o-m-m-i-e Goldie

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 8:54am | IP Logged
intresting.............plz cont. buddy...

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jaanlover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Hello dear...
I have just read the first part...and I'm honestly in shock...
you are such a wonderful writer..
I really love it...I don't follow this with your story I had my own imagination about the serial. I really love the way you described the first the introducing about the have really paid attention on the details...and mostly that's the most difficult thing...but you have done it really good !!
Love the part of Maan with Mr. K >> That was really a nice introduction of him...I can see it in front of me...
But must continue...bevause I already fell in love with it...

Than about the second part...

First of all I really want to say that I love the first part...( the diary  of Geet)
That was I think the best part of it...I really love the way you wrote that...and it was beautiful written by you !!
Love the way you write about Pinky and Geet...that's so sweet and cute !!
I really love the story...
You must continue...I'm so excited to
Please continue and believe you are a beautiful writer !!
HUgs Reena xxx

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-prabz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 3:17pm | IP Logged
Hello, Thanks for Everyones Comments
Have not got much time on here atm soo i'm posting Part 3  which i delayed sorry about that.
I made this part much more longer then the other parts.
-prabz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 3:18pm | IP Logged

Part 3

Maan's POV:

"Yes I'm angry, of course I'm angry, stupid Dev thinks he knows everything, Just because he can bring a different girl to dinner and even Vicky brings his GF every now and then, but just because I don't bring anyone he automatically thinks Im' gay how can I be gay no im not Gay. How can THE MSK be GAY? He's the GAY one yeah much better Dev's Gay! And top of all of this I'm being forced to go to London for god knows how long."

Maan was always up before anyone else in the house to do his early martial arts exercises. Maan's Angry Ranting could be heard through the whole house.

Dev's room was next to where Maan exercised so Dev could clearly hear what Maan was rambling on about. Since this morning Dev decided to check what actually Dev did that got on his Maan bhai's nerves. Dev went in the room to see Maan talking way to himself about London.

Dev - "Hey Bro, You know talking to yourself is the first sign of madness right."

Maan - "Shut-up Dev, you talk utter rubbish. Especially last night."

Dev - "what about last night?"

Maan - "You know what!"

Dev - "Urmm no I don't actually know what your talking about?"

Maan irritated- "Do you want be clobber you over the head to make you remember?"

Dev - "Urm.. No I said nothing wrong I was only telling you the truth"

Dev's Flashback Last night

The Khurana Family were all sitting down around there dinner table his friends house they were, waiting for Maan to arrive, he was also late he really didn't like these Family meeting dinners.

Dev - "God sake im starving I haven't eaten in hours and this stupid brother of mine takes forever just to come home" said a rather hungry and annoyed Dev. Finally Maan comes in with Adi? "Haha couldn't find a girl to bring home so he brought adi what a sado" thought Dev.

Maan - "Hi sorry I'm late had to Pick up Adi, for some work issues"

Dev- "Hey Maan you couldn't find a girl so you going the other way nice choice ;) , and Adi I never knew you were like that?"

Mr.K /Dadi/Choti Maa - "DEEVV!?"

Dev laughing- "What? We shouldn't treat him any different just because their both are like that don't worry you guys you got me to help you"

Vicky their youngest brother and Dev's new GF, Sat their laughing away but brutally stopped when they saw the look on Maan's face. Of course they knew that Maan has a very bad temper on him and in his own words "Nobody messes with The Maan Singh Khurana" obviously they were scared of him hell who wouldn't be.

Maan is already fuming with anger "Dev Please could You SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Dev- "Maan bhai you have never ever brought anyone to family dinners never a girl? Any anyways you haven't had a GF in the Past I duno how many years?"

Maan -"Wait so just because i don't bring a different girl home every week like you I happen to be Gay?"

Dev- "Well' that's the whole point of this Conversation and I feel as if your in denial mode"

Maan- "What?"

Dev - Don't worry Bro it will pass once everyone can accept you relationship with Adi, and if they don't I'll make them understand ;)"

Maan- "Dev Just zip it ok before I knock some sense in to you."

Dev - " See denial your telling me your going to hit me so that I wouldn't tell anyone that your actually Gay and I'''."

Maan was getting frustrated he slammed his Mobile that he had in his hand on the table just so that Dev could just stop talking.

Maan- "Dad please tell your son to stop with the Bakwas I don't have time for this me and adi have some important work to do."

Dev - "I know what important work Wink Wink"

Maan - "Just' God your just not worth it" and with that Maan walked up the stairs to the study.

Dadi- "Dev you happy now you Upset him now he's going to be like this for the rest of the week you know what his mood swings are like they last for days"

Dev - "Don't worry I was only joking, I'll say sorry in the morning promise"

Dadi - "Promise by the way did you see his Face awh he looks soo cute when he's angry."

Dev - "Anyways Dadi lets eat I'm starving"

Adi didn't follow Maan up the Stairs, instead he was down stairs talking about the place that he got in a London university to Mr Khurana, Adi was 18 years old same age as Dev.

Mr Khurana - "Adi really Maan's going to the same university as you, at lest you'll can spend time with a friend who you already know."

Dev Quietly listening Noticed that Maan left his phone on the table when he got the chance he picked it up and changed his ringtone to Maa da ladla (I know he's mean) just to annoy Maan further ;) .


Maan - "HELLLOOO ANYONE IN THERE" Maan got fed up trying to get Dev's attention so he just whacked him in the back of his head.

Dev - "Huh? What"Maan - "I've been talking to you about important things for the past 10 minutes and your minds elsewhere?"

Dev - "Oh sorry I just remembered something, what was you talking about?"

Maan - "Listen I was talking about because I'm going to London you have look after the family, please keep them happy."

Dev - "Oh of course I will."

Maan- "Good" Maan started to walk out the room to go back in his room in to is en-suit bathroom to have a shower dev noticed called for him t come and listen.

Dev - "Hey, Bro im Sorry about yesterday I didn't mean make you upset I was just joking"

Maan- "Its Fine"

Dev - "And do you know that dads asked Adi to get the same flight as you and also to live in the apartment in London with you"

Maan - "WHATT??"

Dev - "You should be happy spending time with your loved one ;)"

Maan - "DEEEEVVV!"

Dev - "Bye" Dev ran for his life.

Maan just couldn't believe that Adi's going to London with him that too staying with him in that apartment. "Oh God I better find another apartment to live in I cant live with that lunatic he's worse then Dev" said Maan while walking in his shower. Even though Maan didn't work at Khurana Constructions he always went to work with his father just to understand how the company worked as he would take it over once his father had retired. Maan came out of the shower 30 minutes later fully clothed and ready to go wearing his normally office attire. "Now where's my Blackberry I swear I had it yesterday, I bet Vicky's got it"

Maan walked towards Vicky room to ask if he knew where his phone was since his room was downstairs Maan had to go pass the dinning room, Maan with his straight A vision noticed his Mobile was on the table. "Oh well at lest I don't have to wake Vicky up and see that horrid sight he calls a room." Dev was standing behind the Pillar and saw Maan with his Blackberry "Now this is where the Fun starts" thought Dev.

Maan decided to get to Office early since it was Saturday his dad would be going in much later then normal. Maan got in to his Porsche, (I know nothing about cars)( he set up his mobile to his car by Bluetooth in case anybody called he could just talk to them hands free.

Maan was driving through the streets of Delhi It wasn't that busy since it was still early in the morning, About 10 minutes of driving the song Maa da Ladla started playing which was strange since Maan never turned the radio on. "God where's this song coming from?" it stopped then after about 2 minutes it started again, Maan trying to stop it accidentally pressed a button which actually picked up a call from his blackberry.

Maan - "Oh its my blackberry, Now you dead Dev"

Caller - "How did you know it was me?"

Maan- "Dev only you can do something so childish"

Dev - "Well the songs true its about you really na?"

Maan - "I have no time to listen to you, now let me drive in peace I' sort you out in the Afternoon."

Maan cut the call before dev could reply.

Maan was still driving he noticed a girl she looked about the same age as Dev, she was dancing about in the park. "God people these days are so mad". Maan's car was still far away but he could see her, he saw her heading towards the road, he sounded the car horn a number of times just for her attention but nothing and Maan wasn't in the mood for stopping his car.

Maan -"For gods sake get out the road you mental lunatic"

As the car got closer and closer Maan knew she wasn't going to get out the road soo he quickly Put his foot down on the Brakes but it was too late his car had already hit her.

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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
loved this update! lol ohh silly Dev hahah

con't soon! hope geet is okay 

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
great update pls cont soonnnnnnnnnn

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