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The World's Oldest Story!! #3 AR

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67. Baby Got Back!! - pg 1
68. Gotcha!! - pg 62 (Woah!!Shocked)
69. Broken - pg 85
70. Love Is A Lie - pg 128

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A Big THANK YOU!! to all you people for making thread three possible and that too so fast.. i just realised that my first thread had 55 parts and the second had just 11.. its unbelievable.. Thanks so much.. Hug

Finally.. the much awaited part will be put up in some time.. i need time to finish it up.. so wait for it..Big smile and please dont expect much.. its not that khaas. but i shall still hope you like it!

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Firstly my apologies for the title if it offends anyone, but i just couldnt help but use it!! lol!! it really suited the part.. Secondly, this is an all out Armaan Riddhima part, obviously since Armaan's got back from wherever he went to.. very mushy, iccky romance ahead..
Thirdly, readers discreetion advised!! baaki enjoy!!
Riddhima was waiting in the Arrivals lounge  to see the one face she longed to see.. It had just been two days that she had not seen him and it felt like forever.. She just wanted to hug him and hold him there now.. And this wait was killing her.. She saw a few passengers come out, pushing their trolleys and meet their loved ones and she smiled.. When would he come.. She looked at the sea of travelers walking towards her and scanned the entire area.. Then through the last security check she got her first glimpse of him.. As the guard checked him with the metal detector, Riddhima checked him out to make sure it was her Armaan.. In a really smart black t-shirt and a matching black jacket he looked pretty suave for someone wearing denims below.. It had to be him.. That attitude and confident demeanor of his was recognizable even from the distance.. He took his bag from the x-ray machine and made his way towards her.. Riddhima grinned looking at him.. She noticed that he had gotten a haircut.. His hair that had been a little shabby in the front was now cut neatly.. This new coiffure made him look even more dapper.. Her heart beat louder now that he was a few meters away.. But he had not spotted her yet.. Obviously he wasn't expecting anyone.. Then she realized that he was talking to someone.. She looked at his side to find out and was shocked at his source of distraction.. He was talking to a really hot girl.. She was very smart, wearing a really short skirt.. She was laughing at something Armaan had just told her.. She didn't like the way she looked at Armaan.. Clearly smitten by him.. Riddhima had a thousand invectives for her at the tip of her tongue.. Don't lay you dirty eyes on him you ****.. She was fuming..

Armaan was walking towards the Arrivals lounge talking to this chick he met on the plane.. As he spoke to her he looked around and saw the relatives of his fellow passengers come to take them.. He wished his Riddhima would be here too.. At least he wouldn't have to listen to this mad woman who was trying to hit on him.. He said something stupid and she seemed to find anything he spoke funny.. Giving her a fake smile he looked away and what met his sight was exactly what he was looking for.. "Basket!!!", he did a double take.. He couldn't believe his eyes and his heart picked up speed as he neared her..

"Basket!! Tum yahan?!!.. I cant believe this..", a very very surprised Armaan asked with a smile slowly replacing his surprise.. He had not believed his eyes first.. And the first reaction he had when he believed he saw her was.. wow!! Just two days away from her and he had felt it was a lifetime.. He suddenly rediscovered the fact how beautiful she was.. In these two days he had imagined her in his head, stared at her picture on his laptop all night.. But none of them did justice to what she was in real.. Nothing could capture the real her.. And finally he had seen her.. What he had been waiting to do since the moment he left her turned back in the parking of this very airport two days back.. He had not expected her here of course.. She had said she couldn't come that late in the night.. But when he saw her now, the feeling that filled him could not be articulated.. Not by him.. Not at this moment at least.. But he wondered why she wasn't saying anything.. Then he noticed her staring, or maybe glaring, at the figure standing next to him.. "Basket.. Kucch toh bolo..", he held her hand and entwined his fingers in hers as he squeezed it to get her attention.. He wanted to hug her, but wasn't sure if she would approve of it in public..

Riddhima felt his hand in hers and turned to him.. As she saw his smile, those adorable dimples of his, she couldn't help but return his smile.. "Hi..", she said awkwardly.. She had been so impatient to see him and be with him.. And now that he was with her, she felt a little different.. Like this was the first time he was holding her hand.. Or maybe she had longed for his touch so much that now it automatically brought a blush on her face..

"Hey Armaan.. So is she Riddhima..", a female voice interrupted their staring session.. Riddhima didn't like the way this chick pronounced her name.. And what an irritating voice she had.. It was cloyingly sweet..

"Yeah.. This is Riddhima.. My fiancee..", he introduced her proudly.., "And Basket.. This is Roma.. Met her on the plane.."

"Oh Riddhima.. Your fiancee saved my life.. I am so grateful..", she said in her typical accent and she kept a hand on his shoulder.. Riddhima wanted to rip that hand apart right now as she gave her a fake smile through clenched teeth.., "Really Armaan.. That is so sweet.."

"Oh common Roma.. You just fainted.. Trust me.. You wouldn't have died..", Armaan tried to brush it off.. He was sure she had done the whole drama to get his attention.. Anyway she had been good time pass. But he didn't like the expression on Riddhima's face.. She had been glaring at her since the time she had set her eyes on her.. He decided not to test her patience anymore.. He didn't want to make Riddhima angry.. Not now anyway..

"Uh Riddhima.. Lets go.. Its getting late..", he said.. Then turning to his new travel friend, "So it was nice meeting you.. I'll see ya.."

"Don't forget to invite me to your wedding Armaan.. I guess I'll see you there.." and she moved ahead to hug him.. But  Riddhima was at the end of her tether..  This girl was clearly smitten by him and no she was not allowed to hug him right in front of her.. No sir.. So before the overfriendly friend of Armaan could hug him she came between them and hugged Armaan.. "I missed you so much baby.." she said in an obvious sexy whisper which was loud enough for the short skirted bimbette to hear.. Armaan was shocked beyond words as his eyes widened.. Was this Riddhima or had she sent her clone to pick him up.. But he had little to complain as he hugged her back, his travel buddy stood all forgotten.. Riddhima continued to hug him till that woman disappeared from there feeling embarrassed about infringing on a private moment.. Armaan on the other hand, oblivious to the intentions behind that hug, held her tighter as he said, "I missed you too.." as his smile widened.. But the next second it was replaced by pain as Riddhima stomped on his foot.. "Missed me my foot.. " and she glared at him.. She was about to blast.. He could see it.. And before that happened he smiled nervously at her and made his way out of the lounge dragging his bag along with his Riddhima..


"Leave my hand Armaan.. I don't want to talk to you..", she declared as he pulled her to the parking.. She was angry with him coz he dared to discuss their wedding, their personal matter with a complete stranger..

"Common yaar Basket.. I had to tell her about us.. She asked me out.. Now I had to tell her some reason to reject her offer na.. ", he blurted without thinking..

"What!! She asked you out.. That.. that.. That.. Arrgh..", she contemplated abusing her aloud as her blood boiled at the very idea..

"Say it Basket.. You'll feel better..", he smirked at her prudishness..

"Shut up..", she scolded as she opened her car to put his luggage in.. But she couldn't help her smile at his sincerity.. However, she couldn't help but feel mad at that girl and all those women who must have ogled at her Armaan in her absence.. She was never going to leave him alone.. Or maybe she'll have it tattooed on his forehead "Booked by Riddhima Gupta!" As she contemplated ways of keeping him safe from the drools he snuck up behind her and took hold of her.. "Armaan!!.. Log dekh rahe hain..", she warned as he took in the smell of her hair.. He finally felt he was home..

"Vey smart Basket.. Wahan lounge mein kisne hug kiya tha.. And don't tell me people were walking with blindfolds there.. " he said, turning her around in his arms..

"Oh.. So you wanted that Roma to hug you.. In your dreams mister.. Not happening..", she declared..

"Not at all Basket!..  I enjoyed that hug.. What was it that you called me again..", he pretended like he didn't remember as he grinned at her.. Riddhima blushed as she slapped his face lightly, "Time pass mat karo Armaan.. Mamma ke strict orders hain.. I have to pick you up and drop you home.. No hanging around.. Chalo..", she said looking in his eyes.. Armaan looked back at her and grinned, "She allowed you to come.. "

"Only coz she didn't want you spending  on a cab.. ", she retorted as she tried to get out of his arms.. But Armaan held her close even through her struggle as he chuckled at her response and didn't break their eye contact.. As they stared into each others' eyes they realized what they had missed so much.. They didn't want to let go of that gaze.. A strand of Riddhima's hair fell on her face as the cool night breeze blew across and that broke their eye lock.. He put away that strand and caressed her face, leaning in.. But Riddhima shied away, "Armaan.. Not here.. Lets go.." as her heart beat frantically.. It almost felt like he was going to kiss her for the first time.. He let her go very reluctantly as they drove off towards their home..


The entire journey back, an awkward silence prevailed in the car.. Both of them were so happy and excited about seeing each other, that it felt weird now.. They didnt know what to say to each other.. Maybe this was their first time apart so they were new to this feeling of coming back to someone.. They somehow looked different to each other.. They had become so used to seeing each other all the time that this absence had made them realize what they didn't when they were around each other.. They looked at each other as different individuals rather than a single unit bound together.. That is how they realized how precious the other was to them..This time away had totally put into perspective their relationship, not only to each other but also to themselves.. They realized all of a sudden how close they had become all this while, not realizing that that was happening.. They had unknowingly become dependent on each other.. And now they were sure it was not possible to reverse this process.. As she parked in front of his house, she killed the engine and looked at him with a small smile.., "Uh.. Ghar aa gaya..", like he couldn't see it himself..

Actually he had been lost in his thoughts and had really not realized.. "Yeah.. So.. Andar nahi aaogi..", he asked her..

Riddhima sighed as she shook her head in a no.. "Its late Armaan.. I have to get back.. Main kal subah aati hoon.." Armaan was highly disappointed.. He had missed her so much and she had come to pick him up and they would not even get time to talk to each other.. It felt so unfair.. Then she shouldn't have come at all.. No, he thought again.. If she wouldn't have come he would have gone crazy.. But today he couldn't stop her.. She had to go back.. Do the right thing.. Not take advantage of her mom's trust in them.. So he sighed, "Basket.. I missed you.. A lot..", and he looked longingly into her eyes.. Riddhima melted at the first glimpse of that longing as she caressed his face and brought it closer to hers.. "I know.. I missed you too..", and she conveyed all her love through her eyes, leaning in and placing her lips on his.. They kissed each other long as she welcomed him back and he pleaded her to not let go of him ever.. And this kiss did indeed have different emotions attached to it.. New emotions, of getting back to someone.. Of getting back someone.. And everything else felt new..

"Armaan I should go..", she said after they parted from the long and gentle reunion kiss.. He didn't want to, but nodded and got out of the car.. Taking his bag he dragged it to the door as she waited in the car till he got into the house.. She wished she could accompany him inside and they could talk, cuddle up together, be with each other, hold each other and never let go.. But it wasn't meant to be.. Not right now.. They'd have to wait.. She sighed and reversed her car as she set out.. At the gate, she noticed something on the dashboard and braked.. As her smart head figured out what was happening, she shook her head in defeat and smirked, giving up on that more than smart brain of his..


Armaan had pulled his bag quickly inside and switched on the lights in a hurry.. Then he waited right behind the closed door counting down the time.. As soon as he reached 'one' the doorbell rang..

"Arre Riddhima.. Tum gayi nahi ab tak?.. I thought you were getting late.. Anyway  aao na..", he asked her, putting up one of his all famous shows..

Riddhima raised her eyebrows at his nautanki as she forwarded his phone to him.. "Jee nahi.. I just came to return this to you.. Apparently you forgot it in my car..", she played along..

"Oh Thanks.. I am so sorry you had to come back.. Ab aa hi gayi ho toh.. Coffee?..", he asked her pulling her in and shutting the door behind her..

"Armaan.. Enough.. Band karo yeh naatak.. Sab pata hai mujhe tum yeh phone kyun bhule the..", she confronted him as he forced her to come in..

But Armaan trapped her right as he said, "If you knew it then why did you come Basket.. Kal de diya hota mera phone.. You didn't have to come all the way..", he said as he pulled her closer..

Riddhima smiled a reluctant smile that forced her way to her lips.. She knew she could have ignored it.. But she too wanted a chance to see him again.. But she had to pretend otherwise.. "Aisa kucch nahi hai.. I thought you might get some important calls.. So I .. You know..", she pretended to show genuine concern..

Armaan grinned at her attempts, "Yeah yeah.. I know.." and he pulled  her by the belt-hoops on her denims into the living room.. "Armaan yeh kya ar rahe ho.. Leave me.. Armaan seriously I cant wait.. I have to go..", but he didn't pay any attention to her protests as he settled on the couch with her on his lap and his head buried in her neck as he held her close.. Riddhima stopped speaking as he did that.. She realized that he had indeed missed her, probably more than she had missed him coz he was all alone.. She forgot all about going back in a hurry as she ran her hand through his hair.. It felt like she was doing that after such a long time.. Clutching his hair lightly she pulled him closer to her and caressed his back with her other hand.. Armaan took in her fragrance as he remembered how he had craved for this last night, when he was alone.. Especially when she was telling him about her conversation with her parents.. That had reminded him of her blunder that morning.. Only he knew how helpless he had felt in those hours till she had called him and told him all was fine.. He had called Padma aunty as soon as Riddhima had told him.. But she seemed a little miffed with him.. And she had every right to.. He thanked god for giving them her though.. Or else he would have really lost Riddhima yesterday.. He didn't even want to think about Dr. Shashank's reaction if he knew where she had been.. And that thought of losing her had been scary.. Even scarier coz he didn't know what was going on.. He had not told her that and tried forgetting it.. In fact after everything was fine, he came to terms with it.. All was well.. But now, in her arms, as all those feelings rushed back to him, he wanted to just lose himself in her, hold her to himself forever.. At that thought he clutched tight onto her back, holding close..

Riddhima felt something different in him, in the way he held her.. She tried to pull away to look into his eyes.. They never lied.. But he didn't allow her to.. "Armaan.. Look at me.. What's wrong..", she asked him as he breathed in deep near her neck.. "Armaan..", she called again, caressing his back.. This time he parted from her to look into her eyes.. "I missed  you Riddhima.. I really did.. ", he said as he pulled her back into him and placed his lips on hers without letting her say another word.. And this time he didn't bother being gentle.. This time he poured in all his fears, the insecurity that he felt of losing her.. Riddhima felt overpowered, but kissed him back with equal fervor, trying to take all that insecurity away.. Telling him how much she had missed him in these two days.. And as they kissed each other all the weird and awkward feelings disappeared.. It felt like these two days didn't happen at all.. Like they had been here in this moment all the while.. They felt at home.. It was where they belonged.. And both of them as usual lost all their senses as he started placing fervent kisses on her neck.. Soon they had gotten their jackets off each other and made out like their was no tomorrow.. And more than her, this time it was Armaan who had completely lost it.. In the feeling of separation that took over him, he had really missed her, though he had not expressed it like she had, just for her sake.. Riddhima shivered as she felt his fervent kissing on her long neck, her shoulder blade, as he moved to her shoulder.. When he met the neckline of her t-shirt near her shoulder he pulled it down her shoulder along with her black strap as he continued to kiss her.. Riddhima, who was lost in this passion of his, suddenly realized what was happening and pulled away a little as she held his face away "Armaan..", she whispered breathing heavily, looking into his eyes, telling him he was crossing his line.. As she adjusted her t-shirt back he just said a "Sorry..", and continued kissing her, pulling her closer again, this time on her collar bone.. Riddhima smiled whacking him on his head for being so desperate, but pulled him closer anyway, not wanting him to stop, as his kisses drove her crazy again.. She fisted his hair as she pulled him up from her chest, opening her eyes, she whispered into his lips, "I love you Armaan..", and took him in a kiss again.. As her kiss made him lose his already lost senses he moved his hands inside her t-shirt tracing her curves as he felt her soft skin.. As they parted for air, he continued his caressing, making her squirm in his hold.. "I love you so much.. ",he said, out of breath, as his hands moved up her front, driving her to the limit.. she couldn't take it anymore.. His touch was inflammable.. It had set her on fire and there was no way to put it out.. Before she, before they, lost it completely.. She had to stop him.. "Armaan.. I have to go..", she said, she was finding it difficult to breath.. "Hmm..", was all he replied as he pulled her into him by her waist to take her in a kiss again.. "Armaan please..", she looked into his eyes as she moved back a little in his hold.. "Please Riddhima..", he pleaded as he placed his lips over hers, caressing her waist urging her to give in.. Riddhima was helpless.. She was trying so hard to get away and he was pleading like that.. That wasn't how it worked.. But she couldn't help herself as she kissed him back anyway.. But all her senses came rushing back to her as she felt his fingers fiddling with her hook inside her t-shirt.. and before he could make his move she moved away, jerking out.. "Armaan!! .. What is wrong with you..", and she got out of his lap pushing his hands out of her top.. Armaan winced at her tone.. He knew he crossed his limit but he didn't want her to go, "Sorry.. Sorry.. I am sorry Basket..", he pulled her back to him, "I am sorry ok.. I am not doing anything..", he said as she struggled to get away, "Armaan please leave me.. Chodo.. ", she hit him on his arm..

"Basket.. I promise.. I wont do anything.. Just want to hold you.. Really..", he said as he engulfed her in his arms placing his head on her shoulder..

Riddhima calmed down as he did that.. His warm hugg and even breathing told her he wouldnt lose it now.. But he wanted her close, didnt want her to go.. She knew it was difficult for him.. as difficult as it was for her to let go of him.. but she couldnt stay for long.. she had to leave.. "Armaan.. I really have to go.. Jaane do na please..", she requested him..

"Nahi.. I m not letting you go anywhere..", he said stubbornly, pulling her closer..

"Armaan.. Baccho jaise behave mat karo.. I have to go..", she raised her voice a little..

"I am not letting you go.. Please Basket.. Don't go..", he pleaded and then grinned to look at her..

Riddhima scrunched her eyebrows.. Then she realized.. He was imitating her now, like she had behaved when he was leaving the other day.. He was never going to give up on irritating her..

"Please Riddhima don't go..", he begged again, in a mock tone, grinning wickedly..

Then she smacked him.. "Very funny.. Ho gaya tumhara naatak.. Now if you've finished making fun of me can I please leave..", she said sarcastically..

"Kya Basket.. Since the time you've come that's all you've said.. I have to leave.. Mujhe jaana hai.. Arre I came back.. Uska kucch nahi..", he complained..

"Armaan.. Bohot ho gayi nautanki.. Lets continue this tomorrow.. ", she tried to get out of his hold again..

"Fine.. Jao.. Ghar jao.. And then keep thinking about me.. Usse accha you can stay here with me.. Isnt that a better option and a more useful waste of your time..", he said letting her go..

Riddhima giggled at his logic.. He was right.. She would go home and think about him and their moment till morning.. But she obviously couldn't wait.. "Don't be so sure Armaan.. What makes you think I will think about you.."

"Please after what just happened, I could bet on my life that you'll stay up all night blushing about it to yourself..", he said casually, getting up from the couch..

Riddhima blushed at his comment as he added, "See.. Abhi se chalu ho gaya.."

"Armaan!!..", she tried to get angry with him..

"Kya Armaan.. Ab jao na.. But jaane se pehle let me tell you that if you go, you wont get your gift.. ", he said with a sly smile, as he dragged his bag to his room.. Riddhima followed him with a curios expression on her face, "What gift?..", she asked, acting like she didn't have any clue as to what gifts are..

"Nothing.. Its just something I got for you.. You know.. Like a token of my love.. But tumhe toh ghar jaana hai.. Bye Riddhima.. ", and he shut the door of his bedroom on her face as he smirked at the closed door.. The door flung open as soon as it had shut to reveal a fuming Riddhima, "You shut the door on me!! How dare you.."

"You want me to do it again and show you Basket..", he asked her genuinely, before turning around and snorting at her expression..

"I'll kill you.. ", she said through clenched teeth..

"Why?.. Don't you have to go.. Jao na.. ", he said indifferently as he unpacked, putting his clothes back in the wardrobe.. As soon as his back turned on her, she started rummaging in his bag for her gift..

"Hey.. Don't touch my bag.. Chor kahin ki..", he held her from behind and pulled her away..

"Armaan.. Please.. Just give it to me.. I want to see what you got for me..", she finally said it.. Her curiosity getting the better of her..

He turned her around grinning at her, "And what do I get in return.."

"Armaan.. You said it's a gift.. You don't ask for anything in return for a gift..", she said pouting.. He couldn't blackmail her like this.. "Is it one of your jokes.. Have you really even got anything for me..", she asked him, frowning as she got out of his hold..

"Well I really did get something for you.. " and rummaging in his bag, he brought out her gift as he gave her a small box.. She looked at it and frowned again.. "Armaan what the hell is this.. Chocolate flavored lip balm!!.."

He grinned at her expression, "What? You don't like it.. Flavored lip colors bhi the.. But then I realized you don't use lip color everyday.. So I got this for you.. Nice na.."

"Really?..  this is what you got me from Singapore.." she made a face as she looked at the box in her hand..

"Actually its from the Singapore airport.. I didn't really go shopping.. Time nahi mila.. But when I saw this I knew it was made for you.. See.. It keeps your lips soft and moisturized..", he read it on the cover.. Then added, "Plus it tastes yummy.." and he leaned in again into her as he winked.. But she smacked his hand.. "So smart na Armaan.. Ek cheez layi.. That is also indirectly for yourself only.. Thank you so much..", and she crossed her arms across her front as she frowned again..

"yeah I know.. The chocloate lip balm is actually for me.. But I got you these.. As compensation..", and he handed her a box of chocolates.. Riddhima smiled at the chocolates.. Chocolates were any girl's weakness.. Slowly the her frown started being replaced by her smile as she tried holding on to her frown.. He made her look at him as he said, "Sorry.. Actually I didn't get time to go shopping.. Plus.. You know how I hate shopping na.. Next time pakka.. ", he said seriously..

Riddhima smiled at him wide as she caressed his face, "Next time main tumhare saath chalungi.. So you really don't have to shop for me.. And anyway.. Mera sab se bada gift toh mujhe mill gaya.. ", and she placed a loving kiss on his forehead.. Armaan smiled at her as she said that, "Basket.. You're like the world's best girlfriend.. No tantrum at all.."

"Girlfriend!! ", she scowled again at his comment..

Armaan raised his eyebrows as he realized and quickly amended his statement, "I mean.. Fiancee.. You're the world's best fiancee.."

"Hmm.. That's better..", he held her close by her waist as she said that, "And you know what will be even better.. When I can call you the world's best wife.. My Basket!!" and he bent over her face, touching his forehead with hers.. Riddhima smiled as she blushed.. "Armaan.. I have to go.."

"There we go again!!.. Riddhima tumhare gale ka record atak gaya hai kya.. You just killed my romance..", he complained..

"Arre.. But its almost one Armaan.. Mamma let me come.. I should go na.. You know what happened yesterday..", she tried consoling him..

"Yeah I know.. But Basket.. how come Dr. Shashank ko koi problem nahi hai.. that you are here..", he asked her curiously..

"Coz obviously he's not at home and he doesnt know.. Pune gaye hain.. Emergency..", she explained..

"Yaar Basket, tumhare papa kitna ghumte rehte hain.. When is he ever at home.. Now how am I supposed to talk to him about us..", he complained to her as she made her way out of his room..

"Stop complaining Armaan.. Agar papa aaj ghar pe hote toh main yahan nahi hoti.. And anyway he's coming tomorrow.. Evening I think..", she retorted..

"Then don't go na Basket.. Anyway he's not there.. And its really late..", he tried one last time as she opened the main door,  putting on her jacket, getting out into the porch..

"Armaan stop it.. You know I cant wait.. ", she told him looking into his eyes.. He pouted but nodded, at last letting her go.. "Fine.. See you soon..", and he pecked her on her lips.. She smiled at him and said, "Good night.. I love you..", as she made her way to the car, he stared at her retreating back.. He smiled, hoping to see her sooner than she expected.. But she got into the car and drove off.. As he saw her car disappear out of his gate, he sighed and got inside.. Closing the door behind him, he leaned back on the door as he recounted tonight.. He was finally back home.. Back to his Riddhima.. As he stood straight to get back to his room and catch on with some sleep, he smiled remembering the gift he gave her.. Hopefully she would like it.. And before he could take a step towards his room, the doorbell rang again.. He smiled wide, flashing his dimples.. He knew who it was.. As he opened the door he saw her standing there with a broad smile "You're absolutely crazy Armaan.. ", she said, pulling him out by the front of his t-shirt.. "Yeah I know..", he said as he brought her closer by her waist..


Riddhima drove out of the gate of his house feeling a little low.. She obviously didn't want to leave.. But she would have to be responsible now.. But that didn't mean she didn't miss him.. She wanted to be there, with him, for him.. She looked at the chocolate lip balm and the box of chocolates that he got her and smiled.. He was so cute.. As she stopped at the signal, she took the chapstick, now interested in the chocolate flavor of it all.. She put her hand forward to take it, and that's when she noticed it!.. Adoring her wrist was a beautiful diamond studded Rolex.. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at the white gold shimmering on her wrist.. She couldn't believe it.. She put on the light in her car to make sure she was looking at this.. that this was not her imagination.. How the hell did it get here!!.. This obviously had to be Armaan.. This was his signature style.. He just went overboard whenever he did.. He must've slipped it on her wrist while kissing her or something.. She always lost her senses when he did.. And so she hadn't even realized.. As she admired it in her hand she realized this was too much of a gift.. She didn't want this.. His gifts were always so crazily out of the ordinary.. She felt weird to accept it.. She couldn't possibly accept such an expensive watch.. But it was beautiful.. She wished she could keep it.. As she turned it over to confirm the make, she got a bigger surprise than what she had got already.. Her eyes narrowed in surprise as she saw it.. Inscribed at the back of the dial were the words,

"I'll Love You Till The End Of Time


Tears started forming in her eyes as she read that.. Now this was priceless.. She couldn't return it to him even if she wanted to.. And now she didn't even want to.. Coz she recognized his feelings behind this extravagant gift of his.. His thought was what counted.. And this thoughtfulness could only be of her Armaan.. He always made her feel special.. How he loved her.. Why she didn't understand..

As she stood at the empty signal in the middle of the night, a lone car honked at her from behind, and she came out of her daze.. She knew what she had to do.. She had to tell him what he meant to her.. To tell him that she loved him too.. As much as he did.. So she took the first u-turn there was and drove back to where her heart was, her life was..


"Armaan.. Why did..", but Armaan cut her off, "Don't ask me stupid questions Riddhima.. I saw it.. I liked it.. And I knew it would look more beautiful if you wore it.. So don't ask me why.. " they had made themselves comfortable on the two steps outside his house that led to his door..

Riddhima smiled at his response, "I know why Armaan.. You explained it quite well at the back of the dial.." she said kissing his hair as he sat on the lower stair between her legs, with his back leaning against her in a half-lying position..

"You saw that..", he asked, surprised and a little excited, as he looked back at her..

"Of course I did.. And that is the only reason it is still on my wrist.. Warna I would have come here to return it to you..  What I wanted to ask you was, why didn't you tell me.. " and she put her hand around his neck, kissing his earlobe lightly from behind as she admired her gift again..

"Coz firstly, I was scared that you wont take it.. You always throw tantrums when I spend money on you.. And secondly, coz I wanted to surprise you.. Tum surprise hui na.. That is important.. " he explained matter-of-factly..

She smiled as she heard him, "This was a really beautiful surprise Armaan.. Thank you.. And I love you too.. And I always will.. " she said with all the love she had, as he turned his face to look at her.. Seeing him smile, she bent in to give him a kiss when he stopped her, "Not so easily Basket.. Ab toh I'll kiss you only when you use that chocolate lip balm I gave you.. I like chocolate.." and he smacked his lips greedily..

"Shut up Armaan!!", and she smacked his head and then pulled his face closer, "You can kiss me whenever you want.. But I want to kiss you right now..", and she joined their lips, pouring out all the love that she couldn't say in words, as the bright stars smiled at them from above..

He sighed as he bid farewell too her, one final time tonight.. This time she didn't want to go.. And he had to literally force her into her car.. Wishing her a goodnight, he saw a very reluctant Riddhima drive out of his gate.. He watched long and waited.. Would she come back again.. Finally pacifying himself that he would only see her in the morning now, he trudged back to his room, though with a happy smile.. As he changed and sprawled on his bed, he fell asleep immediately.. He was really tired.. But her thoughts didn't leave him a minute as he dreamt on, about her, about them, together, forever and ever, till the end of time..
Sorry for the long wait.. let me know what you think!! Big smile 


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godisgr8 Senior Member

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*edit* first!!!!
congratulations on new thread!!!Big smileClap
ab rachnaji hume jaldi jaldi update de dijiye.........waiting impatiently!!!!!LOLBig smile
*edit again* hehe
amazing, mindblowing, romantic always!!!
i loved the watch scene...and when riddhima was getting jealous seeing roma..!!
thnks for the pm...
i think u should make shashank know about AR now..its high time!!!
looking forward for the next update soon...!!!
PS: v r getting greedier by the day..but cant help it!!! so pls update sooonnn!!!!

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kavyaa IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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AA1407 Goldie

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hey can you please add me to your pm list?

and wonerful part.. loved it Hug

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_Oishi_ IF-Stunnerz

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You are just awesomeeeeeeeee
I Love your's my daily routine to read your FF or else i can't sleep properly LOL
It's one of the best FF..that I have ever read..
I am addicted to it LOL
you are just tooo good
please keep updating..because i am very impatient..LOL

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zoya-ammy Goldie

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