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Heal my heart Rajeev Aamna Climax (Page 7)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 October 2010 at 5:43am | IP Logged
nice part.....................hope ridhima doesnt get angry..................she hasnt realised nor sorted her feelings yet......................cont soon..............

jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 October 2010 at 4:50am | IP Logged

Heal your heart Part 10

Inder:Riddhima loves Akash?
Prem:Yes.Everyone is shocked as Riddhima hates our family that much.I hope uncle will be pk with this alliance.
Prem and Anjali are tense.
I:If Ridz loves Akash i have no objection.
They are relieved.They smile.

Prem and Anjali go to Akash's room.
P:Akash..there is a surprise for you.
Anj:Yes,there is sweet surprise for you.Before hearing the sweet news you have some sweets.I made kheer for you.
A:Thank you bhabhi.
He tastes kheer.
A:Very tasty.
Anj:Thank you.
A:Now tell the sweet news.
P:We talked to Inder uncle about you and Riddhima.He is happy to conduct your wedding.
Akash is shocked:What?Was Riddhima there?
A:Inder uncle gave a positive reply before asking Riddhima?
P:Why should he ask her?We told him that you both love each other.
A:You all ahould have talked to Riddhima.Why did you both go there without informing me?
They are stunned by his reaction.
P:Akash!Why are you reacting like this?
Anj:You told Prem that you love Riddhima.Right?
A:Yes,i love her.But i did'nt tell that Riddhima loves me.
They don't know how to react.
P:Means?You both broke up?
A:I have always loved her.But she never loved me.She hates me because of the past incidents.Once she had rang me.


Akash attends the call.
R:Hi Akash..i'm Riddhima.
He is excited:Riddhima..I'm so happy that you called me.
R:Akash..please don't be happy.My attitude is not changed.I called you to tell something else.
Akash's face becomes dull.
A:You hate me and my family.What else to say?
R:Not only that.I had decided to break Prem's married life as he wounded Nupoo's heart.So i only wrote rubbish about Anjali and sent it to your mother.
Akash is shocked.
A:Riddhima!I never knew that you are that cruel.How could you try to do that to an innocent lady?
Riddhima becomes upset.
R:I realized my mistake.Later only i came to know that Anjali is Nupoo's close friend.Nupoo told me how nice Anjali is.I felt guilty.So i went and told your mom to bring Anjali back as she is innocent.But your mom insulted me.It made me angry again.
Akash did'nt want to hear anything more.He cuts the phone.

Prem is shocked.Anjali and Prem feel upset.
A:But i'm not angry with Riddhima.She did'nt do it purposefully.She can be can she tolerate when her sister's wedding gets cancelled and the bride groom marries some one else?You know onething..?I had met Nupur and Riddhima in the mall.That day...

Nupur,Anjali and Riddhima eat together in the restaurant.
A:Today onwards not only Nupur you are also my friend Riddhima.
Nupur and Anjali smile at Riddhima.Unexpectedly Riddhima bursts into tears.
They are shocked.
N:What happened Ridz?
A:Riddhima..why are you crying?
R:I don't deserve a friend like you.You are too sweet Anjali.
Anjali smiles:What are you saying?
R:I was angry with you for taking over Nupoo's position.
A:I took over Nupur's position?How?
She can't understand it.Nupur is silent.
R:Prem's marriage was fixed with Nupur before.But it got cancelled when somebody told something bad about her to Eshwari aunty.
Anjali is shocked.
R:So i decided that Prem should not live happily dumping Nupoo.So i only wrote that letter related to you and sent it to Eshwari aunty.
Anjali and Nupur are shocked.Nupur raises her voice.
N:Till now i took your mischievous activities as a joke.But this is...too much.How could you do this to Anjali?
R:I'm sorry.
She weeps.
A:Don't worry Riddhima.That is past.You confessed it to us.That shows how pure your mind.I have no problem with you.You are my friend.
R:You are too good Anjali.


Anjali:Riddhima regrets a lot.She is not bad.
Prem:I'm the real culprit.In one way i and mom cheated her family.That wound can't be healed easily.That's why she took revenge.But she regrets now.So don't be angry with her.
Anj:Don't hate her.
A:I don't hate her.Hating Riddhima is something which i can never do in this life.But if she can go to this extent..that shows how much she hates us.She can never love me.I know that very well.After knowing this if she comes to know that you both went there with a proposal on my behalf she will hate more.She will misunderstand me again.
P:Now what will we do?
Anjali tries to console them.

Prem rings up Inder.
P:Uncle..did you speak to Riddhima?
I:No,she has'nt come yet.Her friend Chanda's sister in law Padmini is getting engaged.She has gone there.So she will be late.
Prem is relieved.
P:Then please don't tell her about the proposal.
Inder can't understand anything.
P:Actually Akash and Riddhima are not seeing each other.It was our misunderstanding.
Inder is shocked.
I:Riddhima has troubled your family a lot.Because of that Akash may be hating her.Right?
P:No,Akash is very mature.He has'nt taken all those things seriously.He considers it as a joke.He loves her.But Riddhima does'nt like her.Then what's the point in going ahead with this proposal?
Inder is relieved.
I:So Akash loves Riddhima.I like Akash very much.He is a nice guy.So i was happy about proceeding with this proposal.But..I think we should not drop this proposal.
Prem can't believe it.
I:Let me ask Riddhima once.
P:But Riddhima may get angry.She hates us that much.
I:Anyways let me ask Riddhima.
After putting the phone down Prem looks tense.
Anjali:What did Inder uncle tell?
P:He has'nt spoken to Riddhima yet.But he will speak to her about the proposal.So i'm tense.
A:Let him speak to Riddhima.
P:What's the need of speaking to her about it as we all know that she hates Akash.
A:What if she does'nt hate Akash?
P:What are you saying Anjali?Did'nt you hear what Akash said?
A:Yes,but what if Akash is misunderstanding her?
Prem is confused.
A:I met Riddhima.Right?She regrets a lot.She was calm and quiet.So i don't think she still keeps hatred in her mind.
P:Let us keep our fingers cross.

Inder thinks:Now a days Riddhima seems to be very different.She is quite calm and serious.Who knows whether the reason is Akash?I have to find out what's happening in her mind.

Ashmit enters the house.He is surprised to see the house decorated with flowers and heart shaped balloons.
Nupur comes singing:Happy birthday to you Ashmit..
Ashmit is surprised.
A:I can't believe it Nupur.You made my birthday the most special day of my life.
Nupur smiles.
Nupur brings a cake:Your favourite chocolate cake.
He cuts the cake.He shows the cake piece to Nupur and winks his eyes.She is shy.
Slowly she goes near him.They both bite the cake piece together.
They sway their bodies slowly to the romantic music.
'Ab se koi khushi nahi
Jiski tum wajah nahi
Ab se koi din nahi
Jiski tum subah nahi
Ab se koi baat nahi
Jo tumse na hogi shuru
Ab se koi raah nahi
Jo tum sang main mudhoon
Abh ke abhi yeh ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Abh ke abhi yeh ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Tumse hi tumse har baat
Har baat hai
Jab tum ho saath..'{Anjaana Anjaani}.
They forget the whole world and become really romantic.

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 October 2010 at 5:01am | IP Logged
the up is really good
prem aur ajnali kitne khush hoke akash ke pass jaate haai usse yeh baatane ke un logo ne inder jee se akash aur ridz ke shaadi ke baat ke the aur inder jee ko bhi is shaadi se koi problem nahin haai
but akash toh yeh sunte he upset ho jaata haai kunki usse pata haai ke ridz usse pasand nahin karte
yeh baat sunke prem aur anjali bhi upset ho jaate haai
idher ashmit ke liye nupoor birthday party organize karte haai to surprise him
ashmit is really happy to see this
i loved it
plz cont soon and pm me
cute_samrah Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2010 at 1:31pm | IP Logged
both parts were tooo good........................
i hope akash n ridz unite soon
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 October 2010 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
very nice all the misunderstandings and clarifications are done only ridhima has to realise her feelings for akash................and then alls well................liked ashmit and nupur scene..............cont soon.................
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 8:18am | IP Logged

Raghu & Padmini:Mridul & Wasna

Heal my heart Part 11

Padmini is getting engaged to Raghu;who is Akash's friend.
The engagement function...
Padmini has worn a silk Indian dress.
Riddhima goes near them:All the best.
Raghu:All the best has to be told by me to you and Akash.Don't disappoint Akash.
Riddhima's face becomes upset.
R:Where is Akash?
Ra:I don't know why he is late.
Suddenly Akash comes.he has worn shervani.
Ra:Akash has landed.
Riddhima looks at Akash.Akash is finding it difficult to face her.
He thinks:Does she know about the proposal?
A:I'm sorry buddy.I became late.
Ra:It's ok.
Akash and Riddhima look at each other.
Raghu and Padmini exchange rings with a smile.

Riddhima has worn a typical Indian yellow dress which has red designs on it with metal ornaments.She dances to the song
'Maye ni maye mundher pe teri, bol raha hain kaaga
Jogan ho gayi teri dulari, man jogi sang laaga..'{Hum aapke hain kaun}.

All are having food.Riddhima is standing simply as she does'nt feel like having food.Akash's mental stage is also not so good.Because of the proposal incident he is very upset and that's why he did'nt get the mood to dress up on time for the function.
He thinks:I myself will tell it to Riddhima.
He goes near Riddhima.She feels uncomfortable.
She is silent.
A:I know that you hate me.But Prem bhaiyya and Anjali bhabhi misunderstood us and talked to your father about our wedding.
Riddhima is shocked.She looks at his face.
A:Believe me was without my knowledge.Please..
R:I know that it is without your knowledge.Because after knowing what i did to your Anjali bhabhi you hate me.
Akash does'nt know what to say.He cools himself.Riddhima turns back to walk away.He holds her hand.She looks at him with wonder.
A:I can never hate you Riddhima.I still love you.
She can't believe it.Her eyes become wet.
R:One more thing i have to reveal to you.
Akash looks at her carefully as he is eager to know that.
R:I used to think that i love a man.But i realized later that it was only an infatuation.He is none other than my brother in law Ashmit.
Akash is shocked.
R:He has loved only Nupoo.Now he is like my own brother.
Santha overhears it.She goes away.
She looks at his face to know his reaction.
A:Everyone feels infatuation towards someone.I'm not bothered about that.
He removes her hand slowly.
Her hair strands fall on her face.Slowly he moves his fingers towards her forehead and cheek and moves it to a side.They both are lost in each other's eyes.
Akash goes away.She keeps looking at him.He turns back.
A:Your dance was good.
Her seriousness turns into a smile.He smiles and goes away.

Riddhima reaches home.
Inder:How was the function?
R:It was grand.
I:How was your dance performance?
R:It was ok.
I:Prem and Anjali had come here.
R:I know.
Inder is surprised.
R:I met Akash at the Party.
Inder is surprised.
I:What should i tell Prem?
Riddhima is silent.
I:They doubt whether you will reject the proposal with hatred.But i have no doubt about that as i have noticed changes in you.
Riddhima looks at him as she wants to know what he thinks about her reply.
I:I feel you don't hate Akash.
R:You are right dad.I don't hate Akash.
I:You love him?
Riddhima did'nt expect that question from him.
Riddhima is silent.
I:You were so bold and smart before.You never hesitated to express your feelings.But now...
R:Now i realize that sometimes no girl can be a boy.
I:I'm your father.I can understand your feelings.But i want to hear reply from your mouth.Are you happy with this proposal?
Riddhima smiles:Yes.Today only i realized that i also have feelings for Akash.Akash is waiting for my reply.
Inder smiles:Then you yourself give the reply to Akash.
She is shy.
She goes to her room.She thinks about her moments with Akash and sings:
Dil Ne Kaha Chupke Se
Yeh Kya Hua Chupke Se
Kyon Naye Lag Rahe Hein
Yeh Dharti Gagan Meine
Pichcha To Boli Yeh Pagli Pawan
Pyar Hua Chupke Se...{1947 a love story}.

Santha tells Ashmit and Nupur about Riddhima's crush on Ashmit.
They are shocked.
N:No,you are lying.
S:I's not a lie.If you have any doubt you ask Riddhima.
Santha goes.
Nupur cries:Ridz used to share everything with me,but why did she hide it from me?I always tried to make her happy.But i snatched her love from her and wounded her heart.
She curses herself.
Ashmit does'nt know how to comfort Nupur.
Slowly he keeps his arm on her shoulder:Nupoo!
She looks at him with were not meant for me?You were meant for Ridz?Then why did we become one?I did a big mistake.We should not have gotten married.
Her words wound Ashmit's heart.
A:What are you saying Nupoo?We love each other and so our marriage is our sacred union.
She removes his arm from her shoulder.
A:Nupoo,you promised me that you will always be with me.Right?
She weeps:That was my mistake.I don't want you tearing Ridz's heart.
He is shocked.
A:Then what about tearing my heart?
She goes away crying.
He is depressed.
He walks outside in the rain and thinks about his romantic moments with Nupur.Though he is thinking about his sweet moments it pains him and so his tears flow down.

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cute_samrahIqbal Neha1golu_1677dazzling_glorySumi_162710ronojoy_riamonikasethspvd

dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 8:26am | IP Logged
nice part
please continue soon
ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 31 October 2010 at 8:50am | IP Logged
the up is really good
akash is upset ke ridz usse pasand nahin karta
aur idher nupor aur ashmit ko pata chalta haai ke ridz ashmit se pyaar karte the
yeh jaan kar nupoor ko bohot dukh hote haai ke uske aapne bahen ke pyaar chin le haai
plz cont soon and pm me

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