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Heal my heart Rajeev Aamna Climax (Page 5)

jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 7:57am | IP Logged

Heal my heart Part 7

Mouni Roy:Damyathi
Abhijeet & Namrata:Aamir Sanjeeda

Ashmit also avoids all the proposals he gets.Finally he admits that he is in love with Nupur.His family members are happy.So they themselves requested Inder to give Nupur to Ashmit.It was a surprise for everyone.

Ram hears Chanda singing.He gets irritated:Music makes people blind.Dance is my next enemy.But music...i can't stand it.I don't like you singing.Damyanti moved away from me because of music.
Chanda becomes upset:Please don't ask me to leave music.It is cruelty.
R:You are cruel to me by singing.I will not let music to defeat me again.If i fail again i will die due to heart attack.
Chanda gets upset.Ram goes.
Padmini comes.
C:Damyanti used to sing?
P:No,but she used to love music.
C:Just because Damyanti loved music Ram hates music?
Padmini tells in her mind:No.
C:How was Damyanti?
P:She was nice.But circumstance made her do certain things.

Chanda finds an album from the cupboard.She opens the album.It is full of Damyanti's dance photos.Chanda likes her Odissi dance picture the most.
Ram shouts:Who asked you to take this album?
She gets scared.He snatches the album from her and burns it.
C:How can Ram burn such nice photographs?
Padmini:Let him burn those photos.All the memories will also get burnt along with them.

Chanda gets ready to go to the temple.
R:Where are you going?
C:I'm going to the temple.
R:Lie.Somebody must be trying to impress there with music.Don't go out.
She loses her control:Stop it.I can't tolerate it anymore.You suspect me unnecessarily.You are abnormal.
R:Yes,i'm abnormal.But don't pretend to be decent.
C:What about you?You also had a girlfriend called Damyanti?You must be going out to see her.
R:Stop it.Why should i see her?I don't want to see her.
Padmini becomes upset:Bhabhi...Damyanti bhabhi was Ram bHaiyya's wife.
Chanda is shocked.
Ram goes away.
P:Damyanti bhabhi used to do a lot of dance programmes.Bhaiyya used to encourage her.A singer named Abhijeet used to sing for her dance shows.Some people made bhaiyya believe that Abhijeet is better for Damyanti bhabhi as they both are artists.Later bhaiyya started suspecting bhabhi.He insulted Abhijeet when he came here.Later they got separated legally.Later bhaiyya went to bring her back to his life.But that time she was already married.
C:Whom did she marry?
P:I don't know.Her dad told him that bhabhi married the person she loves.Bhaiyya feels that it must be Abhijeet,that proves that she used to have an affair with him.But i don't know anything.Thus Bhaiyya hated dance and music.He believes that bhabhi was punished by God.In a gas outburst she died.
Chanda is shocked.

Padmini takes some books from the cupborad for Chanda.
P:Bhabhi...these are good books.You can read..
C:Thank you.
While taking books from her,a photo falls down.
It is Damyanti's dance photo.There is a man singing near her on stage.
C:Is this Abhijeet?
C:I know him.
Padmini is shocked:What?
Ram overhears it.
C:He is Ashmit bhaiyya's friend.They have done music programmes together.He married the girl he loved.But that was not Damyanti.He married my dad's music student Namrata.
Ram and Padmini are shocked.
Padmini and Chanda are stunned as they did'nt know that Ram was overhearing their conversation.
P:Are you sure bhabhi?
C:Yes.I had attended their reception party.I still remember..Namrata had worn a beautiful white saree.Everyone praised her looks.I have their photos with me.
She goes and brings a small album.
Ram grabs it from her and goes through the album.It contains the photos where Abhijeet,Namrata stand with Ashmit and Chanda.There are photos where Abhijeet and Namrata stand alone.
Ram goes crazy. simply suspected Damyanti.
R:No.Her dad told me that she married the person she loves.That means she fell in love very soon after our think i cheated you by hiding my first marriage from you.That's not true.Your father knew everything.He did'nt want you to know that.Your family also needed only my money.
Chanda's eyes are wet:Please don't talk like that.

Riddhima has a visitor who is supposed to be her cousin in her hostel.But he was a stranger.
He:I'm Raghu.I will go to the matter directly.My friend had send you a violen.
She smiles:Yes,i got it.
Ra:He told me give this flower bouquet to you.
She takes it from him.
Ra:He wants to meet you today in the park at 5 pm.I'm sorry to desturb you.
R:I will come.
She smiles.

Riddhima is excited as she thinks that Ashmit is going to propose to her.She wears a beautiful green saree.
R:This is Nupoo's selection.Ashmiji will love me in this saree.

She goes to the park and waits for Ashmit.She hears footsteps.
She says in her mind:Ashmitji has come.
She bends her face as she is shy.She realizes that however tom boyish she is this situation she is becoming a girl in every way.
When she hears it,she bends her face slowly.Her face becomes dull when she sees Akash infront of her.
A:I'm sorry..i'm late.I had to travel a lot no.That's why.First time i'm seeing you in saree.You look beautiful.Saree suits you.I doubted whether you will come.But you came without any anger.I'm relieved.
R:I can't understand anything.You came to see me?
A:Yes.Raghu had given you a flower bouquet?
A:I only sent it to tou.
She is shocked:yOu?No.You are lying.You are trying to destroy my peace of mind.Are you the one who sent me flowers and violen?
A:Yes. are a liar.
A:I only send them to you.
R:I have always been rude to you.Then why did you...?
A:I never blame you.You did it for your sister.Then why should i..?Believe me..
Riddhima feels pain inside her mind.Her eyes become wet.She can't accept the fact that it is not Ashmit who sent her the gifts.
Ashmit calls her softly:Ridz..
R:Now i understand everything.I misunderstood you and...
She can't complete the sentence.
A:Now i'm relieved.
R:But..i don't like you Akash.
Akash feels that a pin pricked his heart.His heart is grieved.
R:May be because of misunderstandings..i hated your family.I don't think my attitude will change.
Akash's tears flow down:Ridz..
Riddhima walks away.His tears don't touch her heart.She feels only her pain.
Akash thinks about his moments with Riddhima and sings painfully:
Na hai yeh pana
Na khona he hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kuyn hona he hai

Tum Se Hi din hota hai
Surmayi shaam aati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Na hai yeh pana
Na khona hi hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kuyn hona hi hai

Aa aa..aa aa?aa aa..aa aa.. aa..

Aankho mein aankhe teri
Bahoo mein Bahe teri
Mera na mujh mein kuch raha
Hua kya
Bathon mein bathein teri
Rathe saogathe meri
Kuyn tera sab yeh ho gaya
Hua kya
Mein kahin bhi jaata hun
Tum Se Hi mil jatha hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi..{Jab we met}.

Riddhima goes home.She sits inside the room silently.Nupur finds it strange.
N:What happened Ridz?
N:Something is there.I know.
She raises her voice:I told you no nothing is there.Then why are you cross questioning me?
Nupur bursts into tears as she can't bear Riddhima's scolding.
Riddhima regrets hurting her and pities Nupur.
R:I'm sorry Nupoo.
N:No problem.
She wipes her tears.
N:Then there is a surprise.My marriage got fixed.
Riddhima is surprised:Really?But you did'nt tell me about it on the phone.
N:I thought of giving you a surprise.
R:Who is he?
Riddhima is eager to know.
N:I'm sure that you will like him.Ashmit sir.
Nupur is shy.
Riddhima is shocked:What?
N:We both love each other.
Nupur closes her face with her arms.
Riddhima is shocked again.She tries to suppress her pain and smiles. are the most luckiest girl in this world.Ashmitji is the sweetest person i have ever seen in my life.
Nupur smiles.
Riddhima thinks:Is God punishing me for the mistakes i have done in my life.

Nupur stands close to the wall and dreams about Ashmit.She feels that Ashmit is coming closer to her and caressing her with his soft arms.She feels happy in his arms.When she realizes that it's only a dream she becomes shy.

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hinal60sweetangel_25cute_samrahIqbal Neha1Sumi_162710monikasethronojoy_riaspvd

ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 11:04am | IP Logged
the up is really good
so ashmit and nupoor ke gharbaale unke shaadi karwa chahate haai aur isse nupoor aur ashmit dono he bohhot khush haai
idher ridz ashmit ke liye park mein intezar kar rahe hote haai when akash comes and tells her that he was her secret  admirer
but ridz gets upset after hearing this
plz cont soon and pm me
dazzling_glory IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 11:29am | IP Logged
great part
please continue soon
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Awesome part , continue soon good going.
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
nice part...............akash really likes ridhima and ashmit and nupur alliance is fixed........................cont soon.............
Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Am glad that Ashmit n Nupur r getting married....and also Ridhhima's misconception is gone....but hope the Ram track goes well too....pls continue soon.
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 11:36pm | IP Logged

Heal my heart Part 8

An old man visits Ram.Ram takes some time to recognise him.
R:Damyanthi's father Shivpriyji?
He looks very different now.He is very weak.
R:Why did you come here?You insulted so much?
S:I came here to apologize.
R:Apology?Why?If you apologize everything will be over?
S:No.But only if i apoligize i will get peace of mind.My wife died.I'malone.God punished me.
Chanda ans Padmini come there.
S:That is your wife?You are lucky to get a good wife.
Padmini whispers to Chanda:This is Damyanthi bhabhi's father.
R:Nonsense.You please go back.
S:Please..i can go only after telling the truth.Damyanthi has'nt cheated you.I lied that she got married to the person she loves.I forced her to remarry.So she committed suicide.
All are shocked.
S:If i you keep on misunderstanding her,her soul will never be able to rest in peace.
Ram's eyes become wet.
C:Uncle..come and have lunch.
S:You remind me of Damyanthi.I'm not staying here for lunch.Before death i wanted to reveal the truth.I did so.Now i'm relieved.I'm going.
He goes.
Ram is so upset that he he is numb.
He curses himself:I did so many mistakes.Chanda keeps her arm on his shoulder to console him.Suddenly she becomes weak and faints.They are shocked.
Chanda is taken to the hospital.The doctor comes:Chanda has no physical problems.She is pregnant.
Ram and Padmini are surprised.
Ram and Padmini go near Chanda.
P:Be happy bhabhi.You are going to be a mother.
C:I knew it earlier itself.I hid it from you all.
Ram and Padmini can't believe it.
C:Ram also suspects me.I doubted whether he will refuse to accept his own baby.I can't bear that pain also.
She bursts into tears.
Ram feels upset.
C:Ram..i will go back to my house.Now i'm going to be a mother.Both me and baby should get peace of mind.I can't live with a husband who always suspects me.
Ram and Padmini are shocked with Chanda's decision.
Ram wipes her tears.Chanda can't believe it.
R:I don't suspect you Chanda.My behaviour became like this.I'm very rough.What to do?But i promise that i will not hurt you again.
Chanda is surprised by Ram's change.Slowly she smiles.Padmini is relieved seeing Ram and Chanda smiling at each other.

Ram is getting ready to go to office.Chanda comes there with a smile.She puts the shirt's buttons for him.She helps him to wear the coat.His eyes are on her.
He thinks:How could i hurt such a sweet innocent girl?
He can't take his eyes off her.She becomes shy.
She touches his face with both arms:Come early for dinner.
He pulls her towards him by holding her waist.
R:I will come back soon.I can't stay for long without seeing you.
She blushes.They exchange romantic glances.Earlier she used to be scared when he used to be romantic with her.Because his romantic approach was rough,wild and violent.But now he is soft in his romance.So first time she is becoming shy when Ram tries to be intimate with her.

Riddhima is ashamed to think about her foolishness to fall in love with Ashmit and changing herself for him.
He looks at the violen and the faded flowers given by Akash.
She thinks:I loved these gifts thinking that these are sent by Ashmitji.Now i don't feel the same for AShmitji.He is a like a brother for me now.Then also why i don't feel like throwing them away?Why i feel pain when i think about dumping them in the waste basket?

Riddhima's college life comes to an end.She wants to find a job and stand on her own feet.

Ashmit's and Nupur's wedding day...
Nupur is adorned by Riddhima.
R:You look so pretty Nupoo.
Nupur smiles.
Ashmit and Nupur enters into the marital bond in a grand traditional manner.
Santha comes to attend the wedding though she was not invited.Santha gets nervous seeing Riddhima.But she does'nt shout at Santha.Riddhima has become a little more mature and calm.

Ashmit unveils Nupur's face.
A:Your beautiful face should not be veiled.
Nupur smiles.
A:You look very pretty Nupoo.
Nupur raises her eyebrows and looks at him as she is surprised to hear him call her 'Nupoo' for the first time.
A:Your grandmother said only the closed ones call you 'Nupoo'.Now i'm also close to you.Right?
She smiles:Yes Sir.You are close to my heart.
A:Don't call me Sir again.Call me Ashmit.
She nods her head with a smile.

Reception party...
Nupur looks gorgeous in her bright yellow and red coloured costume.Ashmit looks sweet in his purple shervani.
Ram is shocked to see Abhijeet with Namrata there.
Ram and Abhijeet find it difficult to face each other.But Ram goes near him while Abhijeet tilts his head to a side to avoid Ram.
R:Don't get scared.I came near you to apologize.
Abhijeet can't believe it.
R:I misunderstood you.I'm sorry.
Abhijeet smiles with relief:Atleast now you understood the truth.

Ashmit holds Nupur's hand.
N:Ashmit..what are you doing?What will others think of us if they see it?
A:They will say how romantic we are.
They both giggle.
A:Will you dance with me?
She smiles.
They both dance singing:
A:Ho chal pyaar karegi

N:Haan ji haan ji

A:O mere saath chalegi

N:Na ji na ji

A:Arre tu haan kar ya na kar teri marzi soniye
Hum tujhko uthaakar le jaayenge
Doli mein bithaakar le jaayenge

N:Hum ghar mein kahin chhup jaayenge
Sang tere nahin hum aayenge

A:Ho, chal pyaar karegi

N:Haan ji haan ji...{Jab pyar kisise hota hai}.

Chanda:Ashmit bhaiyya and Nupur bhabhi look so nice together.
Riddhima:That's true.
C:Do you get gifts from the secret admirer now also?
C:He must have done it for one.These guys are disgusting.They try different trivks to flirt with girls.
R:I think i did a mistake by misunderstanding him.
C:Did you see him?
Chanda is eager to know:Who is he?
Riddhima bends her face silently.

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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2010 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Ohh everything going well...Ashmit n Nupur r married....Ridhhima realizing her feelings....Ram is behaving nicely....all is well....thats nice.

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