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Heal my heart Rajeev Aamna Climax (Page 3)

pinky901 Goldie

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:05am | IP Logged
oh its a very compicated situation here.
nupur n ashmit like each other-ridzi like ashmit-akash likes ridzi
hope ridzi soon find out that her secret admirer is aksh n not ashmit.i have a feeling that wen ridzi speak her heart in front of nupur den like a nice sister she will back out will not open her heart in front of anyone..hope ashmit n nupur admit their love soon before ridzi ashmit n nupur get attracted in first meeting only..well ridzi like ashmit so much that she will ready to do anythg for him.she's going crazy for himm i'm scared if this sitution will get open in front of each other then wat will happen b/w the sisters n to their relationship hope they will bonded like this forever.
so akash is getting married.wonder how will he able to get his love n confess in front of riddhima...
well pls cont so soo dear..

ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 3:25am | IP Logged
hi Smile
the up is really goodSmileSmileSmileSmile
toh ashmit and nupur both started likng each otherWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
but yeh ridz ko bhiaasa laage haai that ashmit is sending her gifts OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch
aur ridz aur asmit ko ek saath dekh kar akash got jealous hmmmmWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
par yeh kya ab eswari prem aur akash ke shaadi karwana chahate haai AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
becchara akash OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch
i hope he gets his love ridz Smile
plz cont soon and pm me
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 4:19am | IP Logged









Prem caresses Akash.
P:I'm sure that you are expressing dislike in this proposal because of something else.
Akash sweats.
P:Tell me the real reason.
A:I love Nupur's sister Riddhima.
Prem is shocked:Don't you know that mom has lost faith in that family.Still you...
A:But that's mom's misunderstanding.
P:Yes.But if mom does'nt like this relationship..
A:No,i can't forget Riddhima.
P;Can you go against mom?
A:No,i can't go against mom.But i can't forget Riddhima also.
P:When we have to forget our beloved we will be depressed.But we have to forget.
Prem's eyes get filled up with tears.
A:Bro...did you have any affair?
Akash is shocked.
P:I wanted to marry Avni whom i met in Arts school when i went there to visit my friend.I fell in love with her voice.Mom came to know about it.Since mom wanted a rich daughter in law she opposed our relation.But i was adamant about marrying Avni.Mom said she will commit suicide if i marry Avni.So i had to break up with Avni though she requested me not to desert her.Later i heard that Avni tried to commit suicide.I decided that i will bring her back to my life.But mom's condition depressed me.
A:You are so cruel bro.You should not have dumped Avni.
P:Now it's too late.It's been four years since Avni got married to someone else.
If you also become stubborn we will lose mom.

Siddarth's daughter Jyothika is in Riddhima's hostel.She is a smart dusky beauty who is very attractive.She distributes sweets to everyone.
Chanda:Why are you giving us sweets?Today is your birthday?
J:No.My marriage got fixed.
Riddhima:Congrats:Who is the guy?Is he handsome?
J:I have seen only his photo.His name is Akash.His eldest brother Prem will marry my sister.
Riddhima and Chanda are shocked.
Jyothika goes.
R:Jyothika is so foolish.That's why she is marrying Akash.
C:Do you know them?
R:Yes.Akash's brother Prem is the person who got engaged to Nupoo first.He dumped her because of his mom.He is a weak man.I will break this wedding.Eshwariji should'nt be happy. never.How happy is Jyothika.You should not make her upset.Akash may be innocent.We don't know.
Riddhima is confused.
Chanda thinks:The same Eshwariji only broke my sister Avni di's dreams.She was madly in love with Prem.But because of Eshwariji Prem broke up with her.Later when Prem came to our house to marry Avni,dadaji insulted him.Avni di got married to a nice man and they have having a happy married life.She has forgotten Prem.Fate is the real culprit.What is the use of blaming human beings?

Akash is really upset about going to visit the girls along with Prem on the next day.He undergoes migraine because of tension.So he can't concentrate on driving properly.So a car hits his car.He gets admitted to the hospital.His condition is not serious.Only his hand is fractured.
Eshwari:So how can we go to the girls' house?
A:You and Prem bhaiyya can go.
E:But you have to see the girl.
A:First let bro see the girl.Let him get married first.I will marry later.
E:But my plan is to get you both married on the same day.
A:I promise you that i will marry soon.But it's better to conduct the weddings on different days.

Eshwari talks to Siddarth on the phone about this.
S:An astrologer had told us not to conduct both the weddings on the same day.We did'nt know how to tell this to you.But before we could discuss about it to you,you put this suggestion.

Eshwari and Prem go to see Anjali who is meant for Prem.Prem has gone there just for his mom's sake.But when he sees Anjali,he just falls for her.He can't take his eyes off her as she reminds him of Avni.Anjali has worn a shining yellow saree with red blouse.He remembers that Avni also loved wearing yellow sarees.Like Avni Anjali has worn a lot of bangles.He feels that Anjali's face expressions are like Avni's.

Prem and Anjali get married in a grand way.Akash does'nt bother to look at Jyothika.

Avni sees Chanda's sad face.
A:Why do you look dull?
C:My colleague Jyothika is getting married to Prem's brother Akash.Prem got married to Jyothika's sister Anjali.Di..did you forget Prem?
Avni's tears fall down:Don't talk about Prem. Please don't remind me of anything.

Chanda's marriage gets fixed with Ram without her consent.He fell in love with her in the temple and brought the proposal.Ram is not interested in her continuing studies after marriage.She is upset that her college life,studies and friendships are getting to an end with marriage.Riddhima consoles Chanda.
R:Our friendship will not break after marriage.I will visit you after marriage also.
Chanda is happy:Really?
R:Yes.I will gift you a diamond ornament on your wedding.Chanda..will you give me a salwar kameez for a trial?I feel like wearing it now.
Chanda is surprised:You will like wearing salwar kameez?Surprise!
Chanda gives her a salwar kameez.
Riddhima wears it.
C:Wow!You are looking so beautiful.If my family sees you now they will even think of getting married to my brother.
Riddhima blushes.
Her hostel mates laugh at her when they see her in salwar kameez.She feels bad.

Chanda's wedding..
Riddhima attends the wedding.She has worn a western dress.So others are staring at her.Ashmit goes near her:Hi..
R:Hi.All my college mates teased me when i wore salwar kameez as they can't imagine me in Indian clothes.So i wear modern dresses now.But here all are staring at me because of my modern costume.
A:If you want to wear Indian clothes just go ahead.Don't mind other's comments.
She smiles.
His eyes search for Nupur.
A:Where is Nupur?
R:They all have gone for our relative's wedding.I came here as i can't avoid my best friend Chanda's wedding.
A:Let me go and make arrangements.Bye.
He goes.

Riddhima's eyes fall on Avni.She remembers Chanda telling that Avni is more beatiful than her.Though Avni is pretty she finds Chanda better.

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 5:12am | IP Logged
hi Smile
the up is really goodSmileSmileSmileSmile
is up is decidated to marriage LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
are sab log shaadi karne mein busyLOLLOLLOLLOL
prem is getting married to anjali TongueTongueTongueTongue
while chanda is getting marriewd to ram TongueTongueTongue
yeh prem kitna mamas boy haaiAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
main mante hue ke maa ko pyyar karn aunke aadar karne thik haai par is ke hum aapne khushi ko mitta de sahe nahin haai naaSmileSmileSmile
aksah aur ridz ko kareeb laao
plz cont soon and do pm me

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Sumi_162710 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Hey thats a nice part....but missed Ashmit-Nupur scene....however many new characters hav been introduced as well....nice progress to the story....pls continue soon!!
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 8:12am | IP Logged
so many characters and it has started to confuse me now itself.................he he he...................nice part..................all getting married................missed ashmit and nupur....................cont soon.......................
monikaseth IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
.nice part,.all getting married.great going ..
jasminerahul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 4:05am | IP Logged

Heal my heart Part 5

Prem could never think of loving anyone other than Avni.But Prem has fallen in love with Anjali who is well mannered,down to earth,soft and calm.Akash also accepts her as his sister in law.Prem goes for a one month official tour.
Riddhima can't tolerate Prem with Anjali as Prem had broken his relation with Nupur once.To take revenge she writes rubbish about Anjali and sends it to Eshwari.

Riddhima wears a simple red saree and goes to Nupur's music class room to see Ashmit.She longed to hear a compliment from him.Though Ashmit sees her, his concentration is on music she feels.She goes away with disappointment.Actually Ashmit's concentration was on Nupur.
A:You sing so well Nupur.
N:Thank you sir.
A:I forget everything else when you sing.
She smiles.
A:By the way,Riddhima's dressing has changed a lot.
N:Yes,we are happy about that especially dadi.She always wanted Ridz to wear Indian clothes.
A:She looks good in Indian clothes.
Ashmit goes.Riddhima comes back.
R:Where is Ashmitji?
N:He just left now.
R:He left?
She is out of mood.
N:Well..he said that you look good in Indian clothes.
Riddhima is excited:Really?
N:Yes,he accepts your change.
Riddhima goes to her room and hugs the violen which she considers to be Ashmit's gift for her.

Eshwari gets the letter sent by Riddhima.She is shocked to read it.
She calls loudly:Anjaliiiiiiiiii!
Anjali goes near her:Mummiji..
Eshwari throws the letter on her face.
E:Read it.
Anjali reads it.
A:It is not true mummiji.
E:Shut up.If it is not true why should someone write like this to me?
Akash supports Anjali:Tear the letter.The problem is over.
E:The problem will be over only when Anjali leaves this house and Akash's and Jyothika's wedding gets cancelled.
They are shocked.Anjali bursts into tears.
The person who loved her like her own daughter has ditched her.She longs for Prem's come back.
A:Mom..Anjali bhabhi is innocent.
E:My decision can't be changed by you.Anjali will go back home.That's final.

Siddarth is not willing to bend before Eshwari when she insulted his daughters.
He challenges Eshwari:We are not interested to give Jyothika to your family.Anjali and Prem will get separated legally and i will find a better guy for Anjali.
Eshwari does'nt care.
Anjali be win before mummiji please don't separate me from Prem.
S:No Anjali.Let Prem come back.I will bring him to you.

Ashmit gets a job in the music academy after trying a lot.But now he is not that happy as because of this job he will have to move away from Nupur.

Ashmit goes for Nupur's music class.He does'nt tell nupur that it is going to be the last music class.Nupur has worn a beautiful white salwar kameez.Ashmit feels that she is a Goddess.Because of the separation's pain,Ashmit can't open his mouth.
N:What happened Sir?
A:Today i'm not going to teach you.You simply sing a song.
She thinks about the songs she knows.
Then she sings:
Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya
Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya
Chun liya
Maine Sun liya

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar
Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar
Kar loon main kya apna haal
Aye dil-e-bekaraar
Mere dil-e-bekaraar
Tu hi bata

Pehla nasha
Pehla khumaar..{Jo jeetha wohi sikandar}.
He does'nt get words to appreciate her.
A:You reminded me of Meera bhai.Meera used to love and worship Krishna.Only someone who keeps love in the mind like Meera can sing this song so beautifully.I think you sing better than Meera though i have not heard Meera sing.How did you sing so well?Do you have someone in your mind?
Nupur looks at him with shock as she never expected that question from him.She bends her face silently.
A:I'm sorry if i hurt you.I should not have asked you like that.I will not be here to ask you such stupid questions in the future.I can't come here from tomorrow onwards.
Nupur is shocked:Why?
A:I got a job in the music academy.
Nupur feels pain.She does'nt know why.
A:I feel that atleast once in a while i have to come here.Otherwise i won't get peace of mind.
N:You should defenetly come here.
A:You gave me the permission to come here.I will come.
When Ashmit goes she sits on the sofa thinking about him.Nupur's eyes get welled up with tears.

When Riddhima comes to know this she becomes upset.
N:But Ashmit sir will come here once in a while.He said he can't resist coming here.
Riddhima thinks:Yes,Ashmitji can't live peacefully without seeing me.
Riddhima wants to know whether her letter has created a rift in Prem's family,
R:Any news about Prem?
Nupur becomes dull:Yes.Prem's marriage is on the rocks.
She tells the reason.Riddhima is happy.
R:God punished them.
N:What did Prem do?I will upset about Anjali.She is such a nice girl.
R:How do you know that?
N:Anjali was my closes friend.I used to tell you about her no.
Riddhima is shocked:that was this Anjali?
N:Yes.I have not seen her after 12th std.I don't know whether she will recognise me.She never had the strength to bear any pain.She was that soft.So i wonder how she is living after getting separated from her husband.I don't know who wrote nonsense about such a nice girl.Whoever that person is..he or she is heartless.
Riddhima feels guilty.

Riddhima goes to see Eshwari.
E:How dare you come here?
R:I came here to say that Nupur knows Anjali very well.Anjali is a nice girl.
E:Don't talk about Anjali here.
Riddhima thinks:I was sad when she sent out Anjali because of me.But now i'm happy that Anjali is escaped from Eshwariji.
Riddhima goes.

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