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SS MG-Night & Day completed page 47-49 part 27-END (Page 3)

maanmishti Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 10:08am | IP Logged
plzzzzzzzz update soon cant wait any more and plzzz add me to the pm list

solicitude Groupbie

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
amazing start!!!!!!!

please add me to ur pm list!
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 2:56pm | IP Logged
Geet awoke early that morning. She had forgotten what happened the previous night. A new day a new beginning she thought. She glanced at the clock and realised it was nearly 8 and her interview was at 11. She still had to go home and get ready and her portfolio. She quickly got up and told sister Maria that she had a interview today and had to leave. Sister maria wished her good luck and congratulated her on her results. Geet went to the childrens room and gave them all a hug and told them to behave. They all hugged her back and told her to bring sweets. Geet suddenly rememberd what happened last night at the mention of the sweets and remembered how they had dropped. She frowned at realising she didn't manage to get sweets for them last night. She promised that she will tonight. Sister Maria asked her to come over that night for dinner to which Geet responded.

Maan spent the whole night camping a few meters away from the orphanage. He knew that he needed to get this girl alone. Her fearful eyes had been haunting him all night. He was worried as she was a witness of the massacre that occurred that night. A russle in the leaves made him aware of some movement near the path. He saw her walking down the slopey path to the main road. He followed her carefully making sure not to let her know that he was present. Geet walked humming to herself and praying to God to help her in her interview today. She reached the main road and called for an auto. She got into the auto and asked him to take her to his home. Maan who watched her quickly got onto his bike and followed her keeping one car in front of him and her auto. Geet didn't notice anything different. She decided not to worry about what happened last night and not to let fear consume her. She knew she had to live her life as normal and had to go forward. She reached home and walked into her apartment. Maan stood waiting outside near a corner. He was about to knock the door when he heard Geet talking to someone on the phone

'Jee mujhe pata hai mere interview 11am hai jii main Malik Industries pochjaounge..ji app address phir se batayee jii main abhi nikalrahi ho'.

Maan smiled and thought she had forgotton about the whole thing that happened last night but to be sure he decided to follow her but he knew she had a interview at 11 so he decided to catch her after the interview. Maan went off home and had a shower. He kept thinking about Geet. For some reason he wanted to take her away from the rest of the world. He kept remembering her trembling lips, he wanted to feel them. Geet had reached her interview and had got the job. Her boss was Armaan Malik and he was impressed by her. She had the job of his secretary. Armaan was a charming young man who was impressed by Geet's simplicity, he didn't care about her being a orphan or having no one in her life. He told her cleary that her past doesn't matter all that matters is her work. She smiled hearing this and thanked him.

That evening on her way home Geet felt like someone was following her, she turned around and saw it was Dev. Geet got angry again seeing him.

'Geet please main tumse baat karna chata hu tumse pyaar karta ho tum kyun mujse shaadi nahi karna chati kyun batt nahi''

'Dev bus karo samje tum. Mere peecha karna bandh karo' Geet replied angrily. He held her hand and Geet got scared. She looked at him in disgust. She slapped him with her other hand and ran from there. She decided there and then she had enough and decided to go to the police.

She gave her statement to the police and they assured her that they will get a injuction and a restraining order and if Dev does not follow that then he will be arrested. Geet thanked the police man. It was nearly 6pm, Geet walked out of the police station smiling in relief. Maan saw her walk out and was angered because he warned her last night not to say anything to anyone. He waited for Geet to turn the corner where he was waiting as he knew this was the way she would come to reach her home. Geet was on the phone talking to Pinky

'ha Pinky ab wo mujhe pareshan nahi karega. maine police ko sab kuch bata diya. Tik hai main rakti ho tuje kal milogi aur haa don't worry ghar pochne ki baad main tumhe text dedonge. ' Maan only heard the last line of the sentence that she had told the police. Geet turned the corner when she felt an arm grab her from the back. Maan had held her petit frame strongly with one hand and covered her mouth with the other so she could not scream. Angry that she went to the police and told everything he had to act fast. He quickly injected her with a sedative which he had and made Geet unconciouss. He tied her hands up as Geet started to feel drowsy and her mouth and carried her to his car which he had nearby and laid her down gently on the back seat. He took her phone and texted the last person she had called which was Pinky and said that

'Im home. Kuch din ke liye main out of town jarahi ho mere chinta mat karna aur please to mere kaam Malik industries ko phone karke bolna keh mujhe zarrori kaam hai. Kuch mat poochna'.

Maan smiled looking at a unconscious Geet.

'Agar tumne mere baat manli hoti to tumare saat aisa nahi karna hota'. He went through her bag and found her resume and all her information about her. Her name was Geet.

'Geet' He smiled and walked to the driver side of the car and drove off in the middle of the night. He felt happy that he had her all to himself. But why would he feel like that. He thought to himself. The only reason he was kidnapping her was to keep her mouth shut. He didn't want to have her for himself. Maan was getting confused. This girl was starting to play with his mind.

PRECAP: Geet scared of Maan.

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iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
awesome update continue soon please!!!!ClapClapClapClap
raym1 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
wooow loved itClapplsss continue s00oon
Cytherea IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
heyy!!greaT part..OMG maan has geet all to himself..this is going to be interesting!!
maanmishti Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2010 at 8:30pm | IP Logged
Terrific update........hmmm plz update soon.........want to see what maan does next.......eagarly waiting......plzzzzzzzz update soon
RishbalaAsyaMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Part 4


Geet awoke the next morning feeling hazy. She opened her eyes and tried to get used to the surroundings. She realised that her hands were tied and she wasn't at home nor the orphanage. She tried to sit up. Her eyes looked around everywhere to see where she was. It was a dark room with a where little light was coming from small window on the far right top hand corner. Geet looked around. She saw 2 doors. One lead to the bathroom and another she guessed was the exit. Geet looked around and saw she was sitting on a bed. There was a chair nearby. And a small fireplace. Geet sighed and starting thinking to herself what happened and tried piecing the days events together. She rememberd that she went to her interview, went to lunch with Pinky walked home that evening had a encounter with Dev, went to the police. She tried to remember what happened after that. She closed her eyes and remembered someone holding her from the back.

Dev, Geet thought. Only he could do something like this. He must have found out I went to the police about him. Geet opened her eyes and was angry and scared because firstly she didn't know where she was, she was incapacitated as her hands were tied and on top of that after slapping Dev last night she didn't know what he could do. Geet refused to let her tears come out. She had to stand up to this Dev. Geet looked to the left of the room and saw a shadow of a man.

'saaleey kuttey kamineey Tume sharam nahi ati na. kab se mere piche kar ra he ho. Maine police ko tumhari complaint kya kardi tumne mujhe kidnap kiya. Oi tum main tumse baat karahi hu. Kal raat se mere piche paree ho. Tume kuch samaj main nahi ata. Abhi tum mujhe chor do. Warna…' Geet yelled at the figure thinking it was Dev. Without warning the figure came forward. Geet closed her eyes in fear thinking she had infuriated Dev. The figure grabbed Geet harshely from the arm and made her stand up. He pulled her hair from the back with one hand grabbing hold of her with the other hand.

'WARNA' Maan said hoarsely. Geet opened her eyes and saw him. She looked at him shocked and tears started forming out of her eyes. Tears of fright and pain because he was holding her tightly and fright because she knew this man was dangerous as she had seen it 2 nights ago.

'aaaappp'. She said trembling. Maan looked at her in curiosity. He let go of her and flung her back onto the bed. He stared at her in anger. Geet looked down.  Hai babaji yeh maine kya kardiya mujhe laga keh yeh Dev hai.

Maan looked at her and his heart felt sorry seeing her in tears. He wanted to kiss those tears away he wanted to hug her. He snapped out of his thoughts and said to himself no. I cannot do this. My mission has no time for these stupid things. He started to walk away when he heard her voice

'Sorry maine app ko gali nahi deh rahi ti. Mujhe laga keh aap koi aur ho'. Maan turned around and looked at her confused.

'kya' he asked. How could she not know who kidnapped her. Why would anyone else kidnap her. After knowing all the information about her he knew she didn't have any enemies and her life revolved around the orphanage and Pinky.

'ji mujhe laga keh aap '. Maan looked at her and sat on the bed next to her. Geet frightened moved back. Seeing this Maan laughed at her. He smiled at her closely. He decided to teach her a lesson for not complying with him.  He moved closer to her. Geet gasped. He took his hand closer to her and removed her dupatta off her chest. Geet wanted to scream but she was rooted and tongue tied in fright. Maan went closer to her. Geet heartbeats started to beat louder. But it was not because of fear. Having him closer to her was causing her to have an effect on her. Geet was scared of this effect and confused. He picked her up and pinned her against the wall. Geet was scared.

'Choro please mujhe'. Maan smirked seeing her state. He moved her hair to the side and kissed her neck. Geet gasped. She wanted to push Maan off her but her hands were tied. He then moved to the hollow part of her throat kissed her there. Geet stopped resisting. He was doing something to her. He then moved to her lips and kissed her. Geet opened her eyes and realised what was happening. He forced his lips harder on her prying her to open her mouth. Geet responded to the kiss with the same amount of of passion. She didn't want to but somehow she was getting rooted into his spell. Then realisation hit Geet she was kissing a stranger a shooter. Someone who shot countelss people that night but then he had saved her. Finally Maan let go of Geet when he felt a tear coming out of her eye. He smirked at her and chucked her on the bed and walked away. Geet signed a breth of relief when she realised he had walked away. He had kissed her she thought and she had responded why did she respond. Why did she let him break her barriers. She was disgusted at herself.

He turned to look at her and his heart started to melt. She was changing him. It had only been just over 24 hours he had seen her but his heart feelings started to change. Her innocence was affecting him her tears. He straightened himself up internally and walked to her. Geet looked at him scared thinking what if he does more to her. Maan understood what was playing in her mind.

'Tumne mere baat nahi mani. Maine kaha ta ishara kiya ta police ko kuch mat batana liken phir bi tum police ke pass gayi'.

'liken main aap keh bare main'. Maan looked at her with angry eyes which shut Geet up. But Geet wanted to remove this misunderstanding and tried to talk again

'Aap ke waja se nahi'.

'Shut up Geet, joot mat bolo. Tumne khud kaha ta abhi aur tumne kaha main tumhari piche karaha ta toh sahi ta'. Geet shocked at this revelation that he knew he was following her.

'aap mere piche aur' Geet realised he had kissed her 'aur aapki himmat kaise hui mujhe kiss karni ki aap samaj teh kya ho apne aap ko' Geet angered by the fact he kissed her.

Maan looked at her dumbstruct at her from being a meek girl to turning into a loud angry person.

'you bas***d' Geet swore at him. Maan got angry at that and pulled Geet towards him and slapped her. Geet shocked and was in tears.

PRECAP: Geet tries to escape. Maan tortures Geet more.


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