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What makes KMH special? (edt)

shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 8:03am | IP Logged

Its unique & powerful story line...A passionate love story never seen or heard before...
The deep characters...
The intense Arjun Punj & the only girl in his Life.. Arohi Sharma...
The show that tells a story so beautiful for the first time...
The show that mostly revolves around the male protagonist..The Arjun Punj.. The strongest male character on TV till date...
His transformation from a woman hater to a romantic & then a crazy lover...

His journey from a successful businessman to a prisoner...
His emotions...His bonding...wit His father, Mother, Friends, employees..a bond of Humanity.. His Love Arohi..

Arjun's Arohi, a bubby girl who had the necessary sweetness that we could connect with.. an example for humanity... her life changes coz of her Love Arjun... she stands by Him until destiny tears 'em apart... They live A life that they had never thought of...

Its a Heart warming love saga of the two innocent souls... A fairy tale just soo dreamy...
A perfect blend of fun & emotions...

Karan & Kritika who gave life to Arjun & Arohi..Who made us laugh & cry with 'em.. who made their onscreen characters seem soo real that we lived with 'em... A strange emotional attachment...we love 'em.. We love "Kitani Mohabbat Hai"...
KMH had its own moments...the breathtaking scenes...very special indeed... Arjun & Arohi's chemistry & bonding is something my heart goes out for... Their love being visible in their eyes even when they were miles apart...They were magical...
Arjun's intense eyes & the depth of love we felt was amusing...

The awesome BG tunes & the pleasant song tracks...The catchy tagline & some of the amazin locations....

& & & can i forget the catchy promos of KMH that were misleading most of the times yet were amazing & had its own charm...The promos all together said a story...They where the best ever..

All these make KMH special & more... Kaise kahe humein kitani mohabbat hai.....Heart

here is a lovely VM i came across...its an ode to the eternal jodi ArjuHi<3 

will miss this KMH n its characters lots..!! :'( they will always remain special n very close to my gearing up for the New Kitani....Tongue

I tried my best to keep it brief but i guess i couldn't make it waiting to read from u guyz..u can post those special moments from KMH & your favorite videos & pics..:)

i hav posted some xclusive promos below :D n the nxt page..:p

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Wonderful Post shibz.  So beautifully written  , no wonder I got all misty while reading thru.  Great job.  The VM is so good,  the beats , the song and the stills makes u to  just go back and watch the show all over again.
KMH is special. A hearttouching love story told so beautifully enacted by two most talented people.  They made the characters come to life.   never did I imagine I would fall for a tv show so deeply.  I will be in KMH dream land today. 

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 10:46am | IP Logged
beautiful post shibz. for me kmh was a story of arjun selfless luv. ist half of kmh was normal but bg music made it extraordinary. i m so much connected wid 2nd half of d story. every ym when i used to c arjun pain it made me cry frm heart. sometym i thought m i mad to hav so much concern for a show character. it was a drama but it really affected me deeply. it changed my behaviour. i was completely in luv wid arjun. it made my mom tense kmh days i used to c kmh alone bcoz i felt embarrased to cry bfore anyone n in romantic scene of arjuhi(dey r very less)i felt so much shy bfore anyone. it used to take me on ninth clouds. there was something in kmh which cannot b expressed in words.arjuhi romance  n pain looked so real. karan killer eyes expression in emotional scenes were very very real. it appeared like he is telling story frm his eyes. his tears used to make me tremble. none can beat karan in emotional act. when i think my kmh ddays i feel very strange now. my luv for kmh is due to arjun selfless luv,unbeatable bg music,father-son realtionship,intense story line,karan emotional act, arohi cute smile,real onscreen chemistry btw karanika list is very longgggggggggggggggg  shibz.only can say i dont know kitani mohabat hai n kyun ye mohabat hai bus mohabbat hai.

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

first of all shibz....a big hug 2 u..for this amazing topic...EmbarrassedHug...ur long speeches r jus so r ur topics..ClapStar...

and i agree wid everythin u said in ur topicTongue...our kmh is so special because of everythin and everyone in this sho....from gossip aunty..LOL.. our punji did 2 salsa wid arohiEmbarrassed and the very intense one wid gossip aunty...ROFLROFL really he must of enjoyed that alotLOL anyways bac 2 the topic...i loved arjun's character the most in kmh...his expressions...uff...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming his innocence in his eyes wen he is wid arohi..esp in that terrace scene..the one aanchi mentioned...hume kiss karlena chaiye Heart...aww..i felt like runnin and givin him a hugEmbarrassedEmbarrassed bt virtual hug he sahi...LOL...Hughis dialouges..there r so many which had so much strength and depth in it...left me speechless....ClapClap... no one can ever create arjun's character other than our Karan Kundra....his is one in a millionStar his jail dialouges literally made me cryCryCry and once agen...i will say kmh is the only sho which i have enjoyed cryin...i cried because i cud feel the pain in arjuhi's eyes..hw they broke each others heartsCry...those scenes were acted the best by Karan and Kritika....Embarrassed arjuhi's love was so pure..they never ever cossed their limits..and thats what i loved...StarEmbarrassedHeart this sho is such an inspiration...be4 i never knew what love properly after watching KMH...i even learnt that...Tongue...this sho has nt jus changed all of our lives in sum way...Embarrassed
and shibz....what u sed abt the promo' absolutely correctClapThumbs Up...each and every promo told a story and the BG voice in it was so ronantic..peaceful..Smile...and makes u wanna watch dem agen and agen...Day DreamingBlushing i never saw the promo wher arjuhi were guna confront DK...thanx 4 postin that too...gotta watch it...TongueWink that was a sweet promo...Big smile we even got a promo for the last epi of kmh too...EK hogaye do dil....aww loved that line..and what the female voice in the BG said...woh aag ka dariya tha...jise guzrethe do dil...StarClapClap...Embarrassed every promo was so catchy..and intense...that even they gave us shivers or goosepumps...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.....Heart
i loved every single scene in kmh...except for the natz and ajun apple sceneAngryLOL arohi breakin arjun's heary bt rejecting his marriage heart went out to him...he was shattered..CryCry...and she decided to amrry KSDeadAngry and the DK, Paddy and Mohan...villainous scenes...LOL
bt all the scenes were amazing...aanchal as listed the main scenes..those scenes that were too gud...Embarrassed those scenes which we love so much...that they r in our hearts 4 r more scenes
the scene where arohi's dress gets wet and she unknowingly cums into arjun's room..and arjun slips straight to arohi...BlushingBlushingBlushing and wraps her duppata around her....haila..BlushingDay Dreaming
hospital scene...Cry
wen arjuhi first meet...arohi nearly falls and arjun holds her...Day DreamingHeart
in DK's house...the wind blows and arohi swishes her hair it touches arjun...Embarrassed
the terrace scene...after their reunion
the kiss scene...wher arohi gets the lights turned off and kisses naWinkLOL
the other terrace scene...hume kiss karlena chaiya...TongueEmbarrassed
arjun's confession to arohi....I love you...Day Dreaming
in the sangeet ceromony...arohi has medhi in her hands and her hair is cumin on her face...arjun turns the mini fan so her hair blows bac....uff that was so sweetDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Heart
wen arohi and arjun cum 2 mumbai and the train is crowded....arohi gets pushed and arjun grabs her hand and pulls her towards him...Blushing
the first tym arjun pulls aorhi on the train...1st epi...Embarrassed
arohi sings kmh title song to arjun...and they hold hands...
those scenes wher arohi hurts her leg and arjun nurses it....Blushing library one and the mumbai one
arohi is on the ladder looking for a book and her ladder is was about to fall...den arjun cums and holds the ladder...Day Dreaming
arjuhi's vachans to eachother...phera's...Embarrassed
rain scene...arohi is cold and arun's wraps his coat around herEmbarrassed..and den he is shiveringLOLTongue
in salil and purvi's engagement...gossip aunty is lookin for arjun and arjun cums into arohi's room...and gossip aunty cums too..arohi teases her saying...dhoondo dhoono..yahi kahi hogs apka handsomeLOLLOL and den arjun pulls arohi into behind the curtains...Day DreamingBlushingBlushingBlushing
gosh..therr r lots...put this post is already long i will stopLOLTongueWink
dialouges were really powerful...had so much depth and were had so much r sum of my faves...EmbarrassedStar
"Ek dil ke liye duniya dedo"...ek pal ke liye zindagi...bas inti mohabbat hai....the tagline of kmh...the best one ever HeartClapStar
"nafrat sae bhi zaida bada zaida gehra ehsaas hai pyar"

arjun: "its not rocket science god dammit, i love you"....uff i had a shiver down my spine wen he said much love and passion... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..

Arjun: I love u like crazy EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBlushing

"jaunga...par apni zindagi ko sath leke jaunga"

arjun's hospital dialouge...wher is ek pal ke liye Zindagi...started after arohi starts to get consious...and holds his handEmbarrassed...
 Aaj mein vaada karta hoon, tumse or us baghban aaj ke baad mere jeene ki wajaah sirf tum hogi. Log marne ke baad apne pyaar ki mizaal kaim karhtein hain..mein jeethe ji aapne pyaar ko amar banaunga.
Aaj ke baad mein tumhare haath kabhi nahi pakkar paunga..hamare beej chahe kitni dooriyan ho, chahe kitne faasle aye, chahe ham dono ek dussre se hamesha hamesha ke liye alag hojaye MERA SAAYA HAMESHA TUMHARE SAATH RAHE GA,
Ek dil ke liye duniya , Ek pal ke liye zindigi , Bas... itni mohabbhat hai,main tumhara pyaar toh na paa saka par tumhaara gussa aur tumhari nafrat sar aankho pe, arohi main bhale hi tumhari zindagi ki sabse badi sharmindgi hu par tum meri zindagi ki sabse badi kamyabi ho ,tum meri zindagi ki sabse badi khushi ho,what the hell tumhi toh meri zindagi ho,arohi aaj tume itni doori nazar aati hai ki hum kabhi ek nahi ho sakte lekin mujhe itni karibi mehsoos hoti hai ki bas tumhe apne paas paya hai yeh che feet che inch ka faasla main tey karunga...ClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStar loved punji alot in this scene

shibz...i've got lots more fave dialouges....Wink...will post dem in another post...cuz this topic is really long nwLOL enjoy readin..and plz reply...Embarrassed


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Debo_Afghan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Reason why this show is very special for alot of people because....

- Great cast
- Great chemistry between Arjun and Arjohi
-Great storyline

This 3 reason makes why I love this show! Big smile

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LindaxXx Goldie

Joined: 22 June 2009
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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
wow very lovely post shibz.Smile.
loved ur words and the videosEmbarrassed
Well for KMH i dont know what to say but it has all the special in it
the hottest chemistry btn arjuhi as well as KaranikaEmbarrassed
Their love storyTongue
their naughtiness ,fun everythingHeart
thanks for it..loved ur topicEmbarrassed

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 04 September 2009
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Posted: 21 October 2010 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Thanq guyz..Embarrassed but i remembered later dat i had 2 write moreEmbarrassed

@kavya..i jus love dat VM..its short yet soo beautifully captures their emotions..the song the beats n the scenes selected ..jus perfect..!! makes me nostalgic n yes makes one go bac n watch the whole show again... but ye kya..?Shocked bus itni hi contribution is thread ke liye?Tongue

@Tanu..How could i forget bout the
selfless love..Shocked gosh!! i missed soo many things..
their romance was 2 die for..Embarrassed it was a show with no unnecessary touchy wuchy scenesTongue Arjun & Arohi wer Natural together..there was much more to jus chemistry between 'em..they dint hav 2 do chipkofying scenes to show off their chemistry..they just did wat the script demanded n dey created magic..Day Dreaming Arjun's eyes spoke volumes..His unconditional love showed us a different & new face of a Man..Hez an Angel..Star!! u described it in 3 points..Approve

@Linda..aww...EmbarrassedBig smile thanx for another point..their naughtinessTongueLOL

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 October 2010 at 5:26am | IP Logged
some of the promos that sens a shiver down your spines...n my favz too..Embarrassed
notice the BG score n the voice in the background.. they're awesomeStar

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