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4th April
Saas Bina Sasural-4thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
April 4th Written Update

5th april
Saas Bina Sasural-5thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
April 5th Written Update

6th april
Saas Bina Sasural-6th Apr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
WU - 6/4/11 ~ Done

7th april
Saas Bina Sasural-7thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
WU - 7/4/11 ~ Done

11th April
Saas Bina Sasural-11thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
April 11 Written Update

12th April
Saas Bina Sasural-12thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
April 12 Update

13th April
WU - 13/4~ Responsibilities taken away from toasty
Saas Bina Sasural-13thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

14th april
WU - 14/4 ~ buying a gift for nitika
Saas Bina Sasural-14thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

18th April
Saas Bina Sasural-18thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
April 18th Written Update

19th April
Saas Bina Sasural-19thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
April 19 Written Update

20th April
WU - 20/4 ~ Sangeet+mehndi, pashu & malti meet
Saas Bina Sasural-20thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ

21st April
WU - 21/4 ~ Done
Saas Bina Sasural-21stApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ

25th april
April 25 Written Update
Saas Bina Sasural-25thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ

26th April
April 26th Written Update
Saas Bina Sasural-26thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*

27th April
Saas Bina Sasural-27thApr11-Video OL/DL/Pic *DVDQ*
WU - 27/4 ~ Nitika's marriage is Called OFF

28th April
WU - 28/4 ~ Ved brings nitika to his house

Discussion Threads

Discussion Thread - 4th to 10th April'11
:ll--:Discussion Of The Week:--:ll

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Joined: 19 June 2009
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4th july
Sasuraal-4thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update July 4

5th july
Sasuraal-5thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
July 5 Written Update

6th july
Sasuraal-6thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 6/7/11

7th july
Sasuraal-7thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
WU - 7/7/11 ~ Done

11th july
Written Update July 11
Sasuraal-11thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

12th july
Written Update July 12
Sasuraal-12thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

13th july
Sasuraal-13thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 13/7/11 ~ Pashu asks ched to remarry

14th july
Sasuraal-14thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 14/7/11 ~ Done

18th July
Sasuraal-18thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update July 18

19th July
Sasuraal-19thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update July 19- finally done

20th July
Sasuraal-20thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 20/7/11 ~ Done

21st July
SBS WU - 21/7/11 ~ Done Finally
Sasuraal-21stJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

25th July
Sasuraal-25thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
25th July Written Update

26th July
Sasuraal-26thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
26th July Written Update

27th July
Sasuraal-27thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 27th july ~ Done

28th July
Sasuraal-28thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 28th July ~ Done


Other Vdo's

Sasuraal-SBS Segment-1stJuly11-Video !DVDQ!
6thJuly-SBS Segment-Video Update
7thJuly-SBS Segment-Video Update
Tosty Will DO More-11thJuly-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
11th July SBB Segment Video Update
13th July SBS Segment Video Update !DVDQ!
Aishwarya Hot PhotoShoot-SBS-14thJuly-Video Update
NEws 24 Segment-15thJuly11-Video Update
Gold Awards2011-17thJuly11-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
SBS Segment-19th July Video Update
Sasuraal{MORE TO COME}-21July-Video PROMO !HDQ!
22nd July SBS Segment Video Update
26th July SBS Segment Video Update
Sasuraal{ONE MORE CHANCE}26July-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
27th July SBS Segment Video Update



|Epi Discussion Thread|18th-21st July
July 27 Epi Discussion
July 28th Epi discussion

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1st Aug
Sasuraal-1stAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update August 1

2nd aug
August 2nd Written Update
Written Update Aug 2
Sasuraal-2ndAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

3rd Aug
Sasuraal-3rdAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 3rd August ~ Done

4th Aug
SBS WU - 4th August ~ Done
Sasuraal-4thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

8th aug
Sasuraal-8thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
August 8 Written Update

9th aug
Sasuraal-9thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
August 9 Written Update

10th Aug
Sasuraal-10thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS Written Update 10th August ~ Done

11th aug
Sasuraal-11thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS Written Update 11th August ~ Done

15th aug
Sasuraal-15thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: 15th August :)

16th Aug
Sasuraal-16thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

17th aug
Sasuraal-17thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS Written Update 17th Aug ~ Done

18th aug
Sasuraal-18thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS Written Update 18th August ~ Malti Back Home

22 aug
Sasuraal-22ndAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: 22nd August :)

23 aug
Sasuraal-23rdAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: 23rd August...Edit: Full Update

24 aug
Sasuraal-24thAug11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 24th August ~ Done

25 aug
SBS Written Update - 25th August ~ Done
Sasuraal-25thAug11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

29th aug
Written Update: August 29th...Done
Sasuraal-29thAug11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

30th aug
Sasuraal-30thAug11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: August 30th...Done

Sasuraal-31stAug11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Short Update August 31st


other vdo's

Sasuraal{NEVER}1stAug-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
1st Aug SBS Segment Video Update
Sasuraal{DECISION}17Aug-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
15th Aug-SBS+SBB Segment Video Update *EHQ*
18th Aug-Sasuraal-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{KEYS}22Aug-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
BigTvAwards-21stAug11-Video Update *DVDQ*
22nd Aug-SBS-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
23rd Aug-SBS-SBS & SBB Segment Video Update *HQ*
31st Aug-SBS-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*



Aug 2nd Epi Discussion



GOTW:: You are Banned::[CLOESD]

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Sasuraal-1stSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update - 1 September 2011 'More will come'

Sasuraal-5thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
5th September Written Update...Done ;)

Sasuraal-6thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: 6th September "Toasty Pregnant?"

Sasuraal-7thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
saas bina sasuralwritten update 7th september 2011

Sasuraal-8thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
8th sept 2011 written update:

Sasuraal-12thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: 12th September...Done

Sasuraal-13thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 13 Sept 2011 -will be added
Written Update: 13th September...In Progress

Sasuraal-14thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
WU 09/14
WU 14/9 in brief ~ Done
Full Written Update 14 Sept 2011 -Done !

Sasuraal-15thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
WU 15/9 ~ Done

Sasuraal-19thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update: 19th September...Done

Written Update: 20th September...Done
Sasuraal-20thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

Sasuraal-21stSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU ~ 21/9/11 ~ Done

Sasuraal-22ndSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU ~ 22/9/11 ~ Done

Sasuraal-26thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 26th September...Done

Sasuraal-27thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 27th September...

Sasuraal-28thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU ~ 28th Sep ~ Epi no 201 ~ Done

Sasuraal-29thSep11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU 29th sep ~ Ep no 202 ~ Done


other vdo's
1st Sep-SBS-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{HONEYMOON}-7Sep-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
5th Sep-Sasuraal-SBB Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{ROMANCE}-8Sep-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
9th Sep-SBS-SBS+SBB Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{PLACE}-13Sep-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
13th Sep-Tej/Ravi-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
14th Sep-Sasuraal-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{NEWS}-19thSep11-Video PROMO !HDQ!
19th Sep-Sasuraal-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
20th Sep-Sasuraal-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{CONTROL}-26thSep11-Video PROMO *DVDQ*
Sasuraal{PROBLEM}-27thSep11-Video PROMO *DVDQ*
26th Sep-ITA-SBS+SBB Segments Video Update *HQ*
29th Sep SaasBinaSasural SBB+SBS Segment WO/DL


~Game of the Week~


|Epi Discussion Thread|#1

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Sasuraal-3rd Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 3rd October...Done

Written Update 4th October...Done
Sasuraal-4th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

SBS WU ~ 5th Oct ~ Done
Sasuraal-5th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

Sasuraal-6th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU ~ 6th Oct ~ Done

Sasuraal-10th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
~ Written Update 10 Oct 2011 ~ DONE

Written Update 11th October...Done
Sasuraal-11th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

WU ~ 12th Oct ~ chedi agrees for new store for tej
Sasuraal-12th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*

Sasuraal-13th Oct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
WU 13th Oct ~ tej arranges money for new shop

Sasuraal-17thOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 17th October...Done

Sasuraal-18thOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 18th October...Happy Anniversary!

Sasuraal-19thOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 19th Oct -Tej unveils new store

Sasuraal-24thOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update October 24th...Done

Sasuraal-25thOct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
~Written Update 25 Oct 2011 ~ Done

Sasuraal-26thOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
WU - 26th Oct - Chedi agrees to celebrate diwali

Sasuraal-27thOct11-Video-OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
SBS WU - 27th Oct - Preparations for Diwali

Sasuraal-31stOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics+PRECAP *DVDQ*
Written Update 31st October...Diwali Ke Mithaas <3


other vdo's
3rd Oct-Sasuraal-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
7th Oct Saas Bina Sasural SBB Segment Video WO/DL
7th Oct-Sasuraal-SBS Segment Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{DON'T}-11th Oct11-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
Sasuraal{NO HELP}-13th Oct11-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
14th Oct-Sasuraal-SBS+SBB Seg-Video Update *HQ*
ITA 2011-16thOct11-Video OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*
17th Oct-Sasuraal-SBB Segment-Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{OPENING}-19Oct11-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
19th Oct-Sasuraal-SBB Segment Video Update *HQ*
21st Oct-Sasuraal-SBS+SBB Seg Video Update *HQ*
Sasuraal{CHALLENGE}-26OCT 11-Video PROMO !DVDQ!
25th Oct-Sasuraal-SBB Segment Video Update *HQ*
31st-Oct-Sasuraal-SBB Segment Video Update *HQ*

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