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Learning To Love and Live [Update:Pg 100] (Page 99)

fend IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 8:58pm | IP Logged
hey manji
amazing update loved it
loved sajan scene felt bad for gunjan
hope sajan confess their love soon
beautifullly written
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Thank Youu So Much!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Samrat's feet stopped. 'She was awake.' Samrat told himself. He stood there thinking about what would he say to her. 'How will I face her? I have to keep my distance. I have to keep in mind that Gunjan doesn't love me, and nor do I. I have to lie to her face. I have to be calm. I have to be The Samrat Shergill whom no one will hate .' He turned around. "Are you alright?" Samrat asked Gunjan. Gunjan nodded and tried to sit up. "Don't even try." He said at first, then calming down he said, "Its ok. I just came to apologize." Samrat said keeping his voice as calm as he could. "I am sorry for what I did, and thank you for not telling the police about this." He said. "Samrat Sir, You didn't do anything. I slipped." She said. "I shouldn't have spoken to you that way, I don't have the right to.." he said in his normal voice. Gunjan didn't reply to that. But instead she did tell him, "I am sorry for speaking to you so rudely but you—"Its ok Gunjan, and let's just forget whatever happened in the past few weeks. Everything." He said calmly. Gunjan knew what 'Everything' meant. She was supposed to forget that Samrat loved her. She was supposed to forget that Samrat cared so much for her. Instead for saying anything she nodded. She could never forget that Samrat loved her. She could never forget that he cared. Never. "I should leave now!" he said turning around. "Sir, Thank You.." Gunjan said. "It was my fault, I had to help.." he said leaving the ward.


That Night Samrat slept peacefully. It would be a new beginning for him. He promised himself that he would try to be as calm as possible. He would also try and forget the past and move on. He knew it would be difficult. It would hurt him alot, but he had to get through with this. Once rejected can never be accepted again. That's what Samrat had learnt. His parents had always thought of money and power more than their own children. He was rejected then and now again he was rejected. 'There must be something wrong with me only' he told himself. On the other hand Gunjan was happy that Samrat came to meet her. He even seemed a little relaxed, obviously he must have been worried like Di and Jiju but he didn't show any of it. Again a spasm of guilt filled her heart. She had hid her love and caused equal pain to him and her, probably more to him. She knew he loved her, but he, he must be feeling rejected. He must be under so much pain. The next day Gunjan was brought home from Hospital and Karan had dragged Samrat to apologize to Gunjan. Samrat couldn't tell Karan that he had gone yesterday and met her so he just came along. Mayank opened the door, "Good Morning Mr. Sharma." Karan greeted Mayank. Mayank smiled slightly and welcomed the guests. He was very unhappy about Samrat coming but he couldn't say anything since Gunjan had admitted that Samrat hadn't done anything. "How nice of you two to come and meet her.." Mayank said as he guided them to her room. Karan smiled, "It all happened at our office so even Samrat was pretty shaken up because of this." He said. "Hi Gunjan!" Karan said. "One week you were my assistant and your already in bed?" he said laughing. Gunjan too smiled. "Hi Sir." She said. Gunjan looked worse today in the daylight. Her arms were bruised and her head was plastered. Her eyes were dull and she had dark circles. "How are you feeling now?" Karan asked. "Much better." She said. Shilpa who was sitting near Gunjan got up to apologize to Samrat, "Sorry Sir, I saw you two arguing and after that it all happened so I thought.." Samrat put on a smile and said, "Its completely alright. I know how you must have felt, and I should have taken care that Gunjan doesn't get hurt.." he said with a sigh. Two people in the room were the most astonished at his polite reply and forgiveness – Gunjan & Karan. Mayank wasn't surprised because he still believed Samrat had done it, but Gunjan And Karan couldn't believe that Samrat hadn't yelled at Shilpa was spreading the wrong message. "So what were you'll arguing about?" Mayank asked. Samrat opened his mouth to answer when Gunjan said, "About a project, Samrat sir disagreed with my point of view in the project!" "But I thought you were working under Karan now?" Mayank asked still trying to get a confession out of Samrat, "Yes but this was a joint project.." she said. Mayank shook his head and left the room. Karan asked Gunjan when would she be rejoining again. "Sir, Jiju won't let me come for work until I am perfectly fine again, so I will need a week's leave.." she said. Karan agreed and Samrat apologized once more to satisfy Karan.

          ||   One Week Later ||


"Good Morning Sir!" Gunjan said with a new shine on her face. She had finally recovered completely and was happy to be back. This office had now become her second home and only her heart knew how much she had missed Samrat. "Good Morning!" Karan said. "How are you now?" he asked. "I am fine now." She said. "So back to work Ms. Gunjan Bhushan, and yeah, your back as Samrat's PA, and he's waiting for you.." he said grinning. Gunjan's smile vanished and her face became serious once again. "What?" she said in disbelief. "You don't look happy ?!" he said. "No. No. I am ok..!" she said shaking her head. "But someone's really happy!" he said looking at Shilpa who was more than happy being back to her old spot. Gunjan turned around and after giving a small smile to shilpa went out of the room wondering what made Samrat change his decision.. Why had he suddenly changed his decision again? What was wrong with him. And with a slight shiver she knocked at his Cabin door. She could hear Samrat talking with someone. "Come in!" he shouted. Gunjan entered and saw Samrat talking to Mr. Singh. He saw Gunjan come in and smiled at her. Gunjan however frowned. She was horrified as Samrat had just SMILED at her. Even when he hadn't confessed his feelings, he had NEVER smiled at her. What was happening. Its a nightmare, she told herself. But realising it wasn't her mind began thinking of what Samrat was upto?! Samrat Shergill her Khadoos  Boss had just smiled at her! As Mr. Singh left Samrat said, "Welcome back, Ms Bhushan.." he said leaning back on his chair. Yet he smiled again. "Didn't know you were joining today.." he said looking at the awestruck Gunjan. When she didn't answer he said, "You may not return a smile when your boss smiles at you, but atleast I expect a polite Good Morning.." He said mocking at her. She shook herself up. Ok! Now this was certainly a dream because Samrat Shergill was laughing.. She mumbled to herself, "Good Morning Sir.."  "And unless you want to stand here and stare at me all day, you can get back to work, The files are all in your cabin and Shilpa will explain to you where to take over from." He said calmly. Gunjan nodded and turned around. She walked straight out of her office and without stopping entered hers.. She sat in her cabin and stared blankly at the table, 'What is Happening!? First, he made me his PA again. Then He SMILED & then If that wasn't enough he LAUGHED! :O There is something wrong. Either he has started taking drugs or this isn't Samrat Sir. I havent been coming to office for a week and a half and Samrat sir had changed so much?!' Gunjan shook herself up trying to forget about it. How did she care anyway..?! Shilpa entered her cabin to welcome her with a warm hug!

Samrat sat back in his chair and sighed. Finally. After a whole week of practise he could do it in front of Gunjan. He had successfully carried out the attitude that he doesn't care. He was successful in showing her that he was as chilled out as ever. He placed his hands on his eyes. It was difficult but he enjoyed seeing everyone awestruck when he spoke especially Gunjan. He shut his eyes and all he could see was her awestruck face when he smiled at her. Her eyes had a million questions and he was sure her mind couldn't process a single one. He smiled thinking about her confusion and then happily got back to working on his file. In the evening, Samrat called her to his office. She came in with her notepad. "Have you understood everything from Shilpa?" he asked. Gunjan nodded. "Good, So now I want the whole file ready by—"Tomorrow!" Gunjan finished thinking about the typical Samrat answer. "Are you crazy? Even you have a life!! You can finish it by day after tomorrow evening! Just do it carefully. Its a very important client's file..!" he said handing it over to Gunjan as he headed out. She was once again surprised. Thinking of asking him straight away she said, "Sir, can I please ask you something?" His obvious answer would have been a NO. But she expected him to say YES since he was surprising her since morning. "Yes sure, go on!" he said in his cool attitude. "Are you alright?" she said. "Yes, perfect, and I think I should be asking you this, since you were the one unwell!" he said. "Sir.. I mean.. you were never like this before.. Is this because of what happened that night..?" she asked her eyes narrowing. Samrat's face stiffened and he understood she referred to the night he had confessed but he turned around saying, "Obviously not! You told me it wasn't my fault, but I always had anger issues, I like being a little calm!" he said smiling. "No Sir!" she said immediately. "I was talking about the night umm.. when.. you..told.. me.. that—"That I loved you?" Samrat completed the sentence for her. He turned away from her looking at the wall, "Are you crazy? Why would I change myself for that? And anyway I realised that I never really loved you.. you were just a very good PA so I was used to you.. Thats all.." he said stabbing an imaginary fully sharpened knife through Gunjan's heart. She looked at the floor in shock. She couldn't believe that he had just said that. She turned away and walked out of his cabin. Samrat on the other end also followed her out. He went downstairs into his car and drove off. Gunjan sat in her cabin with moist eyes, "I was just a good PA.." she said sniffing. Samrat leaned back in his seat, "How stupid could I be?! I told her she was a good PA?! I am sure she would never buy that?! God, I should have come up with something better.." he sighed, not knowing how much his words had hurt Gunjan. "Obviously. I was just a good PA." She repeated to herself while she had actually thought that she mattered in his life. He didnt even care. "Obviously he never loved me.." she said to herself. "I was just a big joke." She blamed herself for giving Samrat that much importance in her life. Thinking how worried he would be because she was hurt. But.. he was working on his anger issues and carrying on his life for the better. She didnt even ask how she was? Or how she was coping up?! She picked up the file she had to work on and headed home.

Yeah, well, home wasn't exactly so for Samrat. It was just an extraordinarily big house made of marble, wood and other expensive stuff. But the Homely elements of Love, Care and Affection were always missing. These days it was even worst as his Parents 30th Anniversary was approaching and they were planning for it in an extensive fashion. They had hired Mumbai's top event managers for that and the best decorators. They would leave nothing missing, except for their two sons who appealed to stay away from the show anyway. Samrat's mother was being extra kind to them in order to make sure they attend their anniversary. "What would People think if you two weren't there?" was her usual dialogue but Karan and Samrat cared little. Everyone they knew was invited since there should be minimum of 1000 people attending. Their Image had to be maintained, but there was only one condition to the people they 'knew' , Only the wealthy people were invited. "Samraaat" his mother called out to him, "Just look at these invitation cards and help us pick which one would be appropriate?" she said stopping him at the staircase. Samrat first decided to ignore but when she pressurized him he said, "Mom, you know I really don't care, why do you even ask?" he said getting pissed off. This was a place that he couldn't continue his cool attitude even if he wanted to. Bad memories entered his mind as he stepped into this house. This house had no place for love. This house reminded him every second of why he hated his parents so much. He went upstairs totally ignoring his mother. Life was hell these days. Nothing was falling in place and nothing ever would according to Samrat. God had planned something totally different for him. Samrat Shergill was never this way before. He was never so harsh to anyone. He sat in bed remembering his good old days when he could be careless and had so many friends. His college was his life and his friends, his family. He needed no one, and ofcourse his siblings were always there to cheer him up at home.. Karan was his best friend, still is, but there are something's which even he doesn't know.. and Samrat never intended to do so. Gunjan had become the core of her life in these past few months and it was next to impossible to do anything about it. The only thing Samrat was capable of doing now, was smile and live just for the sake of it..


Hey Guys! 

Yep, I updated again. Since Both My Friends are so busy right now I updated twice in a row, But this is my last update before Boards. 

Shreya will be updating the next part as Ria also had her boards. 

I will be back on the 26th Of March <3 Yess.. can't wait for that day to come! :P 

GoodBye & Hope to see you all sooon!

With loads of Love,


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shruti-love Goldie

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 7:00am | IP Logged
beautiful update
poor gunjan
nice part
saduf IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged
awesome update...and oh my! gunjan is heart broken that samrat does not loves her anymore poor her...
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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 7:26am | IP Logged
really nice part
beautiful Thumbs Up
Glowing_Star IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Fantastic updateClap Poor Gunjan..Now she thinks that Samrat doesnt love her Broken Heart Feeling really bad for her But Samrat is also deprived from his parent's love..Both of them are suffering a lotDisapprove Plzzz make them together soon..Can't see them like this
Cont soon..Thanks a lot for the PMSmile

Nila Heart

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Posted: 12 February 2012 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Awesome update !
Poor Gunjan her heart is broken Ouch
Continue Soon
and best of luck to you for your board exams !
Love <3

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