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Learning To Love and Live [Update:Pg 100] (Page 101)

charmee_sammy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Samrat and gunjan both are heart brokenOuch I so want Samrat's misunderstanding that she doesn't love him to get clear... Want gunjan to tell him...
Good that Gunjan is back as samrat's PA..

All the best for ur exam Manjari...

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fend IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged
hey manji it was awesome update loved itClap
poor gunjan feel bad for her shez completely heartbrokenOuch
do cont soon
all the best for ur boardsThumbs Up
thanks for the pm

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2012 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Thank Youu So Much Guys! :D Loved your comments!

@Sam : So Sorry Yar! There is no way I will be able to update before boards! Its in one week and I barely come online now! :S Nevertheless, I will try. Have written a paragraph. Lets see how things turn out! :D

SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 February 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Lovely part dear manji ...sorry for commenting late ...was very busy ...anyway thanks for the Pm n cont soon ...All the best for ur BOARDS dear Thumbs Up

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SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
heyyy manjii..
AMAZINGG updates,Big smile
just loved it..
felt sad 4 gunjan though..Disapprove
i will cont soon..
wonderfully written updt...
Congo guys 4 completing 100pgsHug
love u

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SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 9:30am | IP Logged

It had been a week since gunjan was back as his PA,while Samrat was happy that he was able to pretend to change himself,gunjan on the other hand was getting more and more annoyed by his so called 'SWEET'beahviour..She was hurt deeply that he never loved her but atleast she wanted her old 'sadu'Samrat back whom she loved and missed terribly because though she could see the new happy nd changed Samrat she dint failt o notice that he was not being himself nd something was troubling him.."What is wrong with him??","If he doesn't love me then why did he change so much after that incident??does he still care about me??"these thoughts were ringing in her mind when she was walking to his cabin but it was soon broken as  she heard two girls talking about him.."heyy did u notice Samrat Sir has changed so much??he has become so sweet and caring!!"said one of the girls in happiness.."Exactly he has become such a sweetheart,I guess that makes him even more sexy now yaar!u know kal maine unko file dene mein ek galti kardi and he dint evn get angry or scold! U know I was shocked "replied the other..Gunjan heard as she stopped to hear their convo,though she always liked to hear praises about him but she certainly dint like to hear it from the girls who always looked for a chnce to hit on him,"Sweetheart,sexy my foot yeh samrat sir zyaad kuch zyada hi sweet ban rahe hai agar employess galti kar rahe hai fir bhi unhe daant nahi rahe hai!!!huh"her face was filled with anger and jealousy and she herself dint realize wen she hd started walking and she had enterd Samrat's cabin without evn knocking as the door was open..Samrat who was busy with his files was surprised to see gunjan in his cabin filled with  anger and he was even more surprised as she dint even knock the door.He called out her name twice but she dint respond,he wa getting confused now she ahd never seen her so angryy he could hear her muttering somethng which could be heard by nobody but her.."Gunjan r u fine??"he exclaimed the third  time though a bit loudly this time so that she would respond.."NOOO!!"she replied in no time in a cold nd loud tone..While Samrat was shocked by her replyy,gunajn was herself shocked by the reply she gave,and she was even more shocked to find herself in his cabin.."main yahan kab kaise aayi??"she muttered to herself in a confused tone bt this tym he could hear her clearlyy.."Pichle 5min se aap yahan hai Miss Bhushan,aur pichle 5min mein maine aapko 100 baar already bula chuka hoon!!"Gunjan realised what she had done,she felt guilty as she knew he hated it when anyone entered his cabin without knocking she started to apologise"I am really sorry sir,who main actually ab woh main kab andar aagayi woh mujhe pata hi nahi chala im really sorry sir,aagey se ais kabhi nahin karungi"she couldn't even face him she knew he would scold her as this time it was her mistake but she was again shocked by his replyy,"hey hey plzz relax,itz okay galti sabse hoti hai!!"he tried to calm her down.,She looked at him in surprise she hadnt expected him to take even this so lightly nd he continued"waise tumhe kya itna pareshan kar raha tha!!??he asked in a playful tone.."who aap ke baare mein"she replied witohut thinking,"KYAA??tum mere baare mein soch rahi thi??"he again asked her in surprised..gunjan realisd and bit her tongue as soon as she realised what she had blurted out.."Nahin who main actually who mujhe haan who aapse ek project ke baare mein puchna tha!!"she tried hard to find some reason to cover up for she hd said..:"achaa so kyaa puchna tha tumhe??puchoo??"he asked her immediately as he could guess that she was lying as he saw her stammering wid her words and fidgting with her duppata."Woh prjoctt..woh main bhul gayii!!"she replie nervouslyy.."acha??lagta hai ab eyesight ke saath tumhe memory ka bhi problem hoaraha hai shayd??"he teased her as he was now sure that she was lying but he was completely enjoying her nervous expressions..She couldn't hold it anymore she was emabarassd,she excused herself from his cabin as she knew she would be definitely caught if she would hv stayed there any longer.."Was she really thinking about me??he thought as soon as she left his cabin"i know she wasn't thinking abt the project but why did she say she was thinkng abt me??"his cheeks turned red at this thought but he realised what he was doing"Noo samrat stop it,you hv already done that mistake,u cant commit the same mistake again,she doesn't love you right then why would she think about you!!"he tried hard to make himself understand but that only gave him more pain..

Gunjan couldn't keep it in herself anymore she needed to talk with somebody and the only person she could share here feelings was shilpa,she went to her cabin and was confused to see her lost in her own world,smiling away to herself with a pen in her mouth..gunjan went near her and flicked her fingers infron of her eyes to bring her back from her dreamland.,"huh,gunjan kya hua main kitne ache se karan sir ke baare mein soch rahi thi"shilpa blurted out unknowingly.."acha wow kya sapne dekh rahi thi tu karan sir ke baare mein??"gunajn asked her in a teasing tone emphasing the last  words,Shilpa felt embarassed"ab woh main tu meri chod apni bata kya kyun mujhe irritate kar rahi hai??"shilpa tried to change the topic,"oh haan who mujhe tujhe kuch puchna tha Samrat sir ke baare mein??"gunjan asked"puch??","woh shilpa like jab tu Samrat sir ki PA thi tab Samrat sir tujhepe chilate the na??she asked her,"ab haan bahut choti choti baat par"shhilpa replied in a  complaning  manner but before gunjan could ask she continued"lekin ab woh bilkul badal gaye hai infact who bahut sweet hogaye hai,pure office mein abhi sirf yehi topic hai ki Samrat Sir ka sudden change behaviour","wohi toh Samrat sir ka yeh behaviour,I mean mujhe kuch theek nahin lag raha"gunjan said trying to find the exact words to explain shilpa.."gunajn tu paagal hai samrat sir gussa kare toh problem,pyaarse baat kare toh bhi problem tu akhir chahti kya hai"she asked unable to understand gunjan's prb.."shilpa chod tu nahi samjhegi"gunjan said nd left her cabin as she knew shilpa wouldn't understand wat her problem was and it was nt shilpa's fault as gunjan herself dint tell her about her feelings and his proposal though she never hid anything from her bestfriend but this was something she wasn't ready to share it anyone,maybe because she herself dint want to admit the fact that he never loved her..

Later that day Samrat called Gunjan to his cabin and informed her that they both were suppose to attend a conference at Taj at 6PM with Mr Mehta's company  and the meeting might end late and  so it would be better if gunjan informed mayur so that they would not get worried.and he will drop her home after the meeting,gunjan was touched by his care and concern and did as he said,she immediately called up and informed her sister..They reached Taj on time,Samrat got down from his car and opened the door for gunjan with a huge smile on his face,gunjan wa surprised as this was the first time he was doing anythng like that'They entered the conference hall,gunajn was surprised to see a tall thin girl wearing a knee length black formal dress,they had attended many meetings with Mr Mehta's but she had never seen her before she could think more about her to her surprise the next moment she sees that girl was hugging Samrat tightly,"hey Sammy,how have u been long time!!"she said breaking the hug.."heyy Neha,im finee yaa long time,tum yahan kaise??"he asked in surprise."Mr Samrat Shergill aap shayad bhul rahe hai ki main ki iss company ki CEO hoon,woh actually Mr Mehta ka tabiyat kharab hogaya so unhone mujhe bola yeh meeting attend karne ke liye.kyun tumhe mujhe yahan dekh kar acha nahi laga kya"she asked in a flirtious tone,"Arrey nahi main toh bas aise bol raha tha itz great to see u aftr a long time"he said keeping a hand on her shoulder,"anyways conference start honewai will catch up aftr that okay"she replied and left'Samrat turned back to see gunjan again glaring with anger,"why is she in a bad mood today"he thought and went near her,"gunjan r u okay??"he asked softly,"yea im fine"she replied in a low tone before Samrat could ask her more the conference started,Samrat gave his presentation which everyone appreciated d conference lasted for two long hours and throughout the conference gunjan was lost in her own thoughts even wen samrat gave his presentation which dint go unnoticed by Samrat,he knew something was troubling her but he failed to understand now neither did he get angry wid her nor did he scold then why is she so upset..As soon as the conference got over sajan were about to leave only to be stopped by Neha,"heyy Sam wait itne dino baad mile hai letz go 4 dinner na"she asked keep an arm around his,"ab woh actually I would love to bt some other day im in a hurry now"he said looking at gunjan who was looking even more upset now,"ohh plzz sam hamesha kaam kabhi toh apne frnds ke liye time nikalo"she again requested him getting even more close to him,"hmm no actually I hv to drop gunajn home and itz quite late now we but will definitely meet up soon"he said freeing his arm from her's,gunjan was surprised by his reply but she felt guilty although she dint want him to go on a dinner with neha but she dint want to spoil his evening also,"Sir main woh khud chali jaungi aap Neha ji ke saath dinner pe jaa sakte"she tried to interrupt him only to receive a glare from him,"I hope u don't mind Neha,mujhe kuch aur kaam bhi hai"he tried to convince her sweetly,"ok Sam no prbz next tym nahi chodungi ok"saying this she hugged him tightly and gave a peck on his cheeks before breaking the hug leaving a shocked gunjan behind,"so gunjan chale??"he asked her as soon as Neha left,bt gunjan dint reply instead started walking towards the parking lot were his car was parked..Their drive back was in complete silence as both of them were lost in their own thoughts,"huh why does he hv to behave so xtra sweet with girls now??he hugged dat girl twice that too so tightly nd when she kissed him he dint even mind,.infact he was smiling widely as if umm as if he was waiting 4 her kiss!! dint he think even once that I mite feel bad.huh."she was in anger she herself dint know wat she was thinking bt she couldn't help it only she knew how irritated nd jealous she felt seeing samrat close to neha,while Samrat was puzzled he couldn't understand gunjan's strange behaviour throughout the day,he dint fail to notice how her expressions changed everytime Neha came close to him,"was she jealous??noo why the hell would she be jealous??bt why did she get angry wen Neha hugged nd kissed me??Noo Samrat stop thinking like why would she care if u go close to any girl,she is in a bad mood since morning maybe she is having some family prblm or somethng,maybe datz why she is worried..should I ask her?? No I knw she wouldn't share wid me bt I dnt like to see her like dis"he tried hard to convince himself as he was getting confused seeing gunjan like dis,he luked at her and saw her gazing blankly at the road lost in he own world..Finally he broke the silence aftr sometym as he stopped d car infront of office,he tld her that he hd 4gottn his laptop nd asked her to stay in the car nd he would be back in 5mins..He went up to his cabin nd was surprised to see Karan waiting for him.."Bro u here now?r u alright??Samrat inquired him as he could see he was in some tension,"umm yaa I wanted to talk to u abt something??"he replied."abt wat??"samrat replied back.,"Umm abt mom dad's 30th anniversary partyy"karan said in a low tone,"ohh bro plzz I dnt wanna tlk abt it nd I knw even u don't want to so please just leave it,"Samrat said in a cutting tone,"well actually mom asked me like both of us if we want to invite any of our guests or frnds or anythng"karan informed him wat their mother hd asked him,"ohh really??thank god atleast she has the courtesy to ask us??bt why would I invite anyone wen im myself a guest to the party"before karan could speak further he continued,"plzz bro im in a hurry nd im nt really in a mood to discuss about the so called grand party of our parents,il see u at home ok..gotta leave now..byee!!!"saying this he left his cabin unaware that their conversation was heard by Gunjan who hd came to his cabin to pick up a pending file which she could complete at home bt she was shocked and confused hearing the conversation between the two brothers..!!

Sorry guys for the short update!!i wrote it in a hurry as im going on a holiday tomorrow will try to update this ff aftr i return as both Ria and Manjari are busy wid their boards!!hope u guys liked this part..plzz do comment..Smile

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Kritianya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Nice update
358674 Goldie

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Posted: 01 March 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
awesome update
excellent Thumbs Up Clap 

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