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YuNa/SeHa's LoveIsland#107~You leave me Breathless

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Credit: .Lali for the Beautiful and Amazing bannerSmileClap

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Sehban Azim (Yuvi)



Neha Julka (Naina)

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U guys know we are crazy right?..lolz
anyways as u all know we have TN (Team Naina) and TY (Team Yuvi)..so here are the members:


Team Yuvi

 Lana (LanaBurak)

Nitica (Pocohantes)
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Nadia (nadz_J)
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 Find all Yuvi-Naina Love Scenes by Piya Here:




SBS - New doc in Sanjeevani

Seha SBS 

December 4th, 09


YuNa On TellyTadka - 13th February 2010

YuNa- Picture Gallery **NO COMMENTS**




Dr. Naina Mehta Intro

Dr. Yuvraaj Singh Intro
All The docs - Yuvi & Naina - Sid & Tamana

Yuvraj Anjaane Khatrein Mein - 18 November 09

Kya Ho Gaya Mujhe - Naina

Naina Kahi Nahi Jayagi

WOHI KAROGI JO MAIN KAHUNGA (we never saw this scene in DMGConfused)

24 November 2009 Promo YuNa dancing on Just Chill (OMG yuvis style and nainas dressTongue)

Naina Yuvi Soft Scene


Dill Mill Gayye & Miley Jab Hum Tum - 12 December 2009 SPL PROMO

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Credit: Danglez for the Above Beautiful and Amazing bannerSmileClap

From Neha Jhulka

Yuvraj Naina June 7 at 1:35pm

hi neha u rock, u are the best on dmg, and im proud of u for leaving the show because u never gt any proper space since teh AR s fiasco started i reli ama nnoyed at cvs for that witha ll those wastable FBs shown each day they cud easily put yuna in bt now... im soo missing my yuna and hope one day we will get to see u back wen teh cvs get there brains right watever... u rock!!!!!!

Neha Julka June 8 at 8:05am 
hey thanks alot 4 recpectin my decision.
dmg ment alot to me, had fun shootin but at times one needs to decide from head. 

Yuvraj Naina June 8 at 11:35am 
yup u decided wat we all thought all the time actually didnt want u to go but didnt want u to be used and wasted as a prop or filler it hurt us fans deep u knw, so wen u left we were sad but now we realise how right u were and now seems sehban is also leaving, i wish we can see u both togetehr again its like a dream :'(

Neha Julka June 8 at 6:16pm

hey i do knw abt india forums n YUNA thanks for everythin, it makes us feel connected to all of ul. will surely wud love to give d interview for all of ul, anythin 4 ul , we r because ul accepted n loved us

Sehban's Status:

Sehban Azim

This is the day I'll be gone
That's the end of my song
Never to be played again
I ain't coming back the same
thanks for what all you gave
I'll remember it to my grave....
Like a Phoenix will i rise
To soar the world with new eyes...

Yuvraj Oberoi.........on Monday

VM: Tere Liye By meEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Neha Julka wow it was amazin. brought back old memories.. thanks

thanks nady.... loved it...what memories..miss it..i even loved the song you have used.. thanks again

Yuvraj Naina jst saw u on horror nights wow, u so rock... i just loved each part that u were in, loved it to the core... u are such a brilliant actor keep entertaining us now eagerly waiting for goodbye trip wow u rock... luv you toooooooooooooo much!!!!

Sehban Azim
:-) thanks so much for your appreciation...
Tuesday at 5:56am

Yuvraj Naina OMG sehban u are simply the best, sorry FB was giving probs but had to say this from all us islanders that stripping episode was a bomb u looked great, ur dance, ur body, ur look everything was awesum lol u are the onli person who looks great giving Dr. armaan challenges i soo love it we all do... u rock! u gave tough ...

:-) makes me smile. wasnt easy though.. im not used to stripping..lol
Tuesday at 5:57am

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Sehban's Latest ArticleEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 Sehban Azim

Sehban Azim, popularly known as Yuvi, is back with Dill Mill Gayye. We caught up with the actor to know more on his preferences in clothes'

Fashion is: Being comfortable in whatever you wear. You don't have to follow someone but just carry yourself with attitude.

Who chooses your clothes? I do.

Do you wear accessories? Yes, like rings, pendants, bands. I don't go out without them.

Do you follow any brands? No I don't. I like doing street shopping as well.

Favourite shopping destination: Depends actually. I like Colaba Causeway. I pick up stuff from Hill Road, Delhi mein Sarojini Nagar.

Most expensive buy: My car.

Clothes you are comfortable in: Blue jeans and a white tee.

Favourite designer: No favourites as such but I like Versace and Armani.

Must-have in your wallet: My cards, cash and driving license.

Favourite perfumes: Issey Miyake, 212 Sexy Men, Hugo Boss.

Colour that fills your wardrobe: Blue and at times sea green as well.

 Neha Julka's Latest performance as Pari:-

 Amazing Siggy By Nadzz ClapClap

12th August 2010

Yes guys u heard it rightParty Our princess is back and looking as gorgoues as everWink


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Posted: 17 October 2010 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

(capped the pic myself and vid thanx to kunwarraj1991)

Supporting male- Nominated
Sehban Azim

Supporting Female- Winner
Neha Jhulka

NEHA has won the best supporting actress award in the NEW TALENT HUNT award functionClapClap She looks gorgouesEmbarrassed

Well deserved PrincessClapClap

And Sehbu has been on newsWink

Direct Link:

Sehban on India Times:

Sehban Azim is a well-known face on TV. His is a story of perseverance and the courage of conviction. The typical 10-5 job was definitely not for Sehban, who always wanted to do something hatke. In a free-wheeling chat with TOI, the actor lays bare his real self. 

I never had enough moolah 
I was very extravagant as a kid, when it came to clothes, watches, bags, etc. Though my parents used to give me pocket money, I could never have enough. As I always wanted more, so I used to do small jobs as a promoter or an event coordinator. I used to bunk college and go off to work, so that I could earn some extra money. 

From literature to computers 
I was a student of humanities in school and I enrolled myself in English (Hons) at Dayal Singh College, as I was always fascinated by stories and fantasy. I think that has something to do with my parents, as my mom is a writer and my father is a painter. But I left college in second year to pursue a computer course, as I was eager to start earning as early as possible, and be independent. The computer course helped me get a job with an IT firm. 

College was fun 
Though I could not complete my graduation, but the time I spent in college was wonderful. Bunking classes, getting proxy attendance, girlfriends and indulging in college politics, I have done it all during my college days. One thing that I didn't do was give names to my professors, as my mom was a teacher. Now, I'm planning to complete graduation and then do masters, in philosophy or psychology, as I want to enjoy the college life that I missed out on, because of the work I used to take up in college. 

Delhi is where my heart is 
I do connect to the phrase Dil wallon ki Dilli. It's been four years that I shifted base to Mumbai, and now that I have lived in both the cities, I can appreciate Delhi even more. In Mumbai people are very professional. Their first priority is their career, but that's not so in Delhi. Here if you call a friend for any help, he'll drop everything and come to meet you. I also miss going to Roshan Di Kulfi at Karol Bagh, Karims at Nizamuddin, Paranthe Walli Gali at Chandni Chowk, Big Chill and Khan Chacha in Khan Market, and Al Bake at New Friends Colony. 

It was a tough decision 
When I initially thought of taking up acting and modelling as a career, I was working at the IT firm and I kept thinking about it for a good six to seven months. It was a tough decision. My job meant a secure income, but after a while, it became very hectic and monotonous. I wasn't really enjoying it. It was then that I decided to try my luck in acting. 

My friends were a big support 
My friends Surdas and Farhan Hashmi have been a great support. Farhan helped me during my college days and Surdas, who is a photographer, helped me with my portfolio. Thankfully I got a transfer from the Delhi office to the Mumbai office. After working there for six months, I came back to Delhi, got my portfolio done, and went back to Mumbai and started distributing my photos,while I was working. 

The ad that got me noticed 
My big break came with the denim ad shoot that I did with Deepika Padukone. It was my highest paid print campaign. Then I did a short film with FDI students which received three national awards, and it was shot by a foreign student. It really got me noticed and after that DMG happened. To tell you a secret, I got the part because I'm a Delhiite and Delliwallahs have that kind of aggression and intensity needed for that role. I have just finished my part some time back, as my character has gone to the US. DMG has been my best experience. 

Follow your heart 
Though I never had the typical Punjabi boy looks that everyone looks for in an actor, I was passionate about my career and really wanted to give acting a shot. I think you can do anything that you want; if you believe that you can do it. The belief, the confidence is inside you. I actually believe in SRK's dialogue from a film, "Agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori qayanat tumhein usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai."

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