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FF: Kismat ki Kagaz par..- Last Part , pg 107 (Page 6)

-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2010 at 5:44pm | IP Logged
Aww loving the cute romance between the 2 and Aww shaan not getting his wife to himself don't worry shaan interzaar ke paal meetha hota hain lool and ergh looks like madhavi and kushboo have planned something hope it don't create misunderstandings bewteen shaanak anyways great update and continue soon Smile

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Just amzing writing!! cud this get better?? am floored dear!!ClapClapClap

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sampar Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Firstly thanks to my lovely loyal reader shanakforever , shamima,  shanakrocks,  simiv,  sexyheels...thank you soo much guys ..u all are sweetheart....ur comments just bring a smile on my face and make me write more for u guys.........so thanks alot..and here is the next part

Part 9:

Khanak pacing up and down in her room '.wo koon tha our kya sach main ada kee halat theek nain hai ' gopi ko phone kartee hoon 'she tried calling but couldn't get through ' she got worried and strange feeling came to her heart'. Mujey jana chayeee' agar ada ko kuch hoo gaya to....nain nain main ada ko kuch nain honey doon gee ' she starts packing '.

In office 'shantanu suddenly felt some fear in his heart ' oh god what is this feeling '.. mujey kuch darr lagraha hai' khanak  ko tu kuch ..nain nain ..main kya soch raha hoon 'lakin mujey kuch khooney ka daar kyun lag raha hai .. khanak koo phone kar leytaa hoon '

Khanak: mujey kuch ajeeb laga raha hai ..kuch khooney ka daar 'lakin kya '.janay sey phelay shantanu ko phone kar deytee hoon '.she dialed his number but phone was busy'.on the other side shantanu was calling her and phone was busy'they both were calling at the same time '.

Khanak : yeh phone nain lag raha 'abb kya karonn. ..hmm ..she goes towards her bed ' write something on a piece of paper with a red rose and kept it on the side table '. picked her bag and walked out of her room'.

Mdhvii: khanak joo driver tumhara wait kar raha hai ' khanak walked to the door' she felt a tug on her dupatta ..she turned and it was stuck to the door handle ..she pulled the dupatta and looks at the house for one last time and walked out'.

Shantanu: phone nain lagraha ' damn it yaar' main ghar ja kar dektha hoon kay khanak to theek hai .. he was about to leave when sunil called him to his office..shantanu hit his fist on the table and walked out

Madhvi and kushboo were laughing and high five each other 'plan successful '.

Shantanu  wasn't much into what sunil was saying in the meeting room .. he kept thinking about khanak and continuously looked at his watch 'sunil noticed his behavior and saw that something was bothering his son .. he called shantanu and tell him to leave because he's not looking fine ' shantanu mouthed sorry and  thank you dad  and left '.

Shantanu on the road'.something is definitely wrong I can feel it  '.kuch to galt honey wala hai 'he kept honking 'to get out the traffic 'he hits his hand on the steering..damn this traffic '

Finally he reached home 'and ran inside 'he saw his mom sitting in living room 'she saw her son running with heavy breath ..shantanu beta sab theek tu hai na'han mom sab theek hai 'lakin kya ghar per sab theek hai'he was looking for khanak '.mom: han bte ghar per to sab theek hai' he ran upstairs calling khanak's name '.

Shantanu: walking downstair 'mom app ney khanak ko dekha hai kya ' wo apne kamray main nain hai '.she looked down '.shantanu felt fear'mom plz boliye khanak kahan hai 'mom plz'.say something '.

Mom: wo bte wo khanak ghar chor kar hamesha kay liye dhulwadi chalee gayee hai '

Shantanu: felt his world crashing ' khanak ghar chor kar'.lakin kyun '.

Mom: pata nain bte 'wo jatey jatey bole kay mere yahan koi kaam nain hai our our yeh bhi kay wo tumharay saath nain rehana chatee'.

Shantanu: mere saath nain 'wo mujey ..apne shantanu ko chor kar chalee gayeee ..nain aisa nain hoo sakta 'I don't believe this 'I don't believe this '.and walked to his room '

Khanak mujey chor kar chalee gaye'wo asey kasey chalee gaye ..mujey bataya nain 'nain kuch to garbar hai ..wo mujey pyaar katee hai 'wo khud yeh zindgi chatee thi tu phir achanak kya howa '. His eyes fell on her photo on the side table  ...and notice a paper with red rose' he picked it up'. SORRY'.was written on the paper'

Shantanu was confused.. Sorry our red rose 'aiska kya matlab howa '. Wo sorry kyun bol rahee hai..our yeh phool 'a tear dropped from his eye'walked toward the window'looking at the moon '.oh god 'koi pyaar kyun karta hai '.app ney pyaar main itna dard kyun likha hai '.pyaar main dard kyun hota hai 'kyun  pyaar kiya our kyun dard liye 'why 'and slides down the wall and sat there in the dark '.

After a while , again looked at the paper and the rose'suddenly he spotted a small piece of paper all crumpled up ..he picked it up and opened it'it was 10 rupes note ..he was shocked to see it in their room ' aisa ka matlab hai khanak key pass tha yeh note'lakin us ney mujey nain bataya ..wo tu ais kagaz ka apne kismet ka kagaz mantii thi ..phir bhi wo mujey chor kar chalee gayee' kismat ney aik ishaara tu diya hai phir bhi wo chalee gaye '..

He looked at the paper and the rose again then at the 10 rupee note 'kuch to matlab hai in sab cheezon ka 'is rose ka'is note ka ' lakin kya '.mujey pata karna hoo ga ' he got up and quietly walked out of his room  to settle his mind 'but as he passed by his mom's room..his steps were frozen to the spot and felt being hit by a lightning bolt '.

Kushboo: thank god 'mom wo gawar ais ghar sey hamesha ke liye chalee gaye '.. wasey mom app ka plan kam kar gaya .. Our us gawar ko ham per shak bhi nain howa'ur genius mom '.

Mom: han kushboo' wo becharee to yeh bhi nain jantee kay wo phone call hamharey khaney par aya tha'usey kya laga kay main haar mann loon gaye '.wo letter switching wali baat kartey howee us ney humey dekh liye thi'..main tu darr gaee thi kay wo yeh baat shantanu ko bata deygee ..per nain ..us ney aisa kuch nain kiya 'main bhi chup thi main ney bhi usey yeh pata nain chalney diya kay main ney usey dekh liya tha'.wo KFD chalee thii apnee zindgi kay sapney dekney wo bhi mere bte ke saath .. per wo yeh nahi jantee kay madivi khandalwal ki DIL bana itna asaan kaam nain hai '.

 Shantanu felt tears in his eyes'..mere mom ney aisa liya '.i don't believe this ' he walked in the room 'Kushboo saw shaan at the door and was rooted to the ground 'Madhvi saw her like this and turned 'she was dumbstruck 'shantanu'he raised his hand to stop her '

Shantanu : mom app ney yeh sab ..but why mom 'kyun kiya aisa '. koi ma apne bte ki khushiyoon ke dushman kasey hoo saktee hai'. Kyun 'tears rolling down on his cheeks'

Mom: shantanu bte meri baat tu suno

Shantanu: nahi mom'jo sunna tha wo main ney sun liye hai '.app ney wo letter switch kiya ..app ney Natasha ko wahan beja ..our main becharee khanak ko saza deta raha 'our wo bina kuch kahey sab sahtee rahii'app apne bte ko takleef main dekhtee raheen par kuch nahi kaha'.

Mom: bte main jantee hoon ..tum khanak sey pyaar nain kartee..wo sirf aik attraction tha ..sirf infatuation nothing else'.

Shantanu: han mom app ney bikul theek kaha..ye aik infatuation tha par khanak key liye nain mom Natasha ke liye ' khanak se pyaar kiya hai mainey '.jantee han kyun 'kyun kay jab khanak ghar chor kar gayee thii to mujey dard howa tha ..buhat dard kasee kay khoo denay ka dard 'lakin jab Natasha chor kar gayee the..tab asa kuch feel nahi kiya main ney  kuch nain '.bas bura laga tha aik dost key liye '.

Our mom app jantii hain ..app pyaar usey kartey hain jiss kay liye dard hoo..usey khoo deney ka dard '.jis insaan ki dhoriii app ko tarpayee..us sey pyaar hota hai '.jis insaan ki aik hasii kay liye app kuch bhi karney ko tayar hoo..us sey app pyaar kartey hoo'.jis insaan ka dard app mehsoos karoo 'usey chot lagney par app ko dard hoo'.usey pyaar kehtay hain mom'our yeh sab main ney khanak key liye feel kiya ai mom 'lakin app to apne bte ko samj nain paieee tu app pyaar ko kya samjgeen '.

Our mom jantii hain 'khanak ney khabi kesay kay liye bhura nain socha ..wo to khud chatee thi ki main Natasha key saath shadi karoonn..lakin us kya kasoor agar mujey us sey pyaar ho gaya hai 'agar main apni puri life us kay saath spend karna chata hoon '.our yeh baat main ney Natasha ko bata dee hai ..or wo bhi mere liye khush hai 'agar Natasha mere liye khush hai tu mom app kyun nahi 'kyun nahii mom '.

our bhabii app ney mere saath aisa kiye woo theek hai 'lakin apne bhen kay saath bhi 'kya app chatee hain Natasha aik asey insaan kay saath rehay jo usey khabi pyaar nain kar payeega 'kushboo for the first time felt bad for what she did '.

Shantanu walked out from there to his room'.he puts his hand through his hair and signs heavily'main janta tha kay meri khanak mujey khabi chor kar nain jasktee'wo to khud mujsey pyaar kartii hai'.he walked toward her photo on the side table'hmm tu madam ko mujey pheliyan boojaney main maza ata hai 'yeh sorry or phoool ' lakin madam tum mujey jetna burthal samjthi hoo main outa hoon nain ok'..ab samja kay ..sorry ais liye kyun ko tum mujey bata ka nain gaye . our yeh phool ais liye because u love me'.hmm khanak tum say baat karney ka bhuhat maan hoo raha hain'aaj mujey apne mom ki planning kay baray main pata chala '

Tum yeh jantee thi phir bhi mujsey kuch nain kaha kyun khanak 'kyun tum itnee acheee hoo ..kyun sab dukh akelay bardasht kiya ..kyun nain mujey bataya '.main janta hoon tum yeh bata kar mujey apni mom sey door nain karna chatee theee'. Lakin khanak mom ney tu khud mujey apne sey door kardiye 'aik ma apne bte kay saath aisa kasey kar saktee hai 'tears rolled on his cheeks 'he hugged her picture '..i need u khanak ..i need u 'buhat akela mehsoos kar rahan hoon 'buhat lonely


shai Wink

Thats all for today..i know its a bit senti Cry part....... now all the raaz are out of the way........sooo there is alot more to come after this short separation ........wo kehtey hain na.key..sabar ka phal meeta hota hai...soo just keep reading.. and plz ignore spelling/grammar mistakes

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
So cuuutee and sweeet!!! Even the sadness is sooo cutee!!Approve
don't worry Shaan everything will be fine!!Big smile

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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 October 2010 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Hey nice fic !
Lovely part..
Glad Shaan came to know the truth..

Continue soon !!

P.S - Do add me to your PM List...(if you maintain one,that is)


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sexyheels Senior Member

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 2:21am | IP Logged
awwww man you're doing all that should have happened in the drama i so wanted shaan to find out about his mom's evil plans and i wanted to have shaan give mads some piece of his mind 
anyways loved it can't wait for more =D 

and thanks for thanking us i love your story Big smile

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shanakforever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 2:54am | IP Logged
sampar dear once again anawesomepiece by u
 its senti but i just loved shaan confronting his mom n bhabhi its tooo good
 trust me i know yr next part is gonna kill us wid ur shanak scenes
 god im gonna go dead cause i know yr scenes r gonna b kick ass romantic
 plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss upload soon dear

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sampar Senior Member

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Posted: 26 October 2010 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Thank you guys........i m glad you guys like it so far......will update before i sleep tonight if not then tomorrow for sure ............


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