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FF: Kismat ki Kagaz par..- Last Part , pg 107 (Page 3)

-xShagunx- Senior Member

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Posted: 19 October 2010 at 9:48am | IP Logged
yes yes  ! keep continutingg Big smile
amaziingg !

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sampar Senior Member

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Posted: 19 October 2010 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
thanks guys Smile.. i just need to get over with my midterm ..which is tomorrow .......after that  i will post the next part ...

until then keep rocking Wink

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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 October 2010 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Shai!!!
I loved the button scene at the end...very romantic!!
Looking forward to the next chapter....Smile

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unnatia Senior Member

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Posted: 19 October 2010 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Very nice ff! Plz add me to your pm list. :)

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sampar Senior Member

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Thank you everyone for reading and commenting .....Smile

Part 4:

Khanak beta'dadi called from downstairs'. And they both came back from their dream world ' khanak was dumbstruck and quickly removed her hands from his chest and ran downstairs to the kitchen '.khanak (thinking with heavy breaths)' yeh main kya kar rahii thi main kasee apna hosh khoo beti 'nain mujey shantanu kay kareeb nahii jana chayiee tha' wo Natasha ji kay honay waley pati hain 'mujey shantanu say door rehna hoo ga.'. After this incident she ignored shantanu the whole day and slept before he came to their room 'shantanu (in his mind): main janata hoo khanak tum mujey shubha waley incident ke waja say avoid kar rahii hoo.. par kab tak khanak kab tak ..he signs

Next day, shantanu went to office when khanak was busy in kitchen without eating anything'arey aaj shantanu ney kuch nain khaya 'wo bina nashatey kay office chelay gay' after khanak didn't feel like eating anything and roamed around the house feeling sad..

At around lunch time'dadi asked khanak to take food for shantanu to the office' khanak didn't wanted to go but seeing dadi all worried made her to go to the office' dadi sent khanak with the driver as khanak is not familiar with the city '.


Shantanu was shocked to see her in his office and that too with lunch ka dabba '.shantanu: khanak tum yahan kya karrahii hoo'

Khanak: not looking him in the eye: wo mujey dadi ney beja hai app ka khana ..aap ney subha say kuch nain khaya '

Shantanu was pissed at her behavior and in anger said kay mujey nahii khana main theek hoon 'khanak felt tear forming in her eyes quickly left from there' thinking' shayad shantanu bhi mujsey door honey kee koshish kar rahay hain ' lakin wo itna gussey say kyun baat kar rahey the'. Khudee to mujey kaha tha button band karney koo'our ab..khanak was walking in the corridor and heard two ladies talking:

L1: lagata  hai aaj shaan sir ney kuch nahii khaya subha sey

L2: haan yaar main bhi notice kiya 'aaj wo kuch thorey weak bhi lag rahey hai ..haan na ' roj natasha madam kay saath lunch kartee hai'

L1: han yaar aaj Natasha madam office nain ai'.shayad esiee liye sir ney lunch nain kiya

Khanak: shantanu kamzoor (got worried)  .. main aisey kasey wahan se ai gaii mujey un ko khana khela kar ana chayiee tha' khanak went back to his room ' shantanu: abb kya hai 'khanak: kuch nain with a smile '

She started opening lunch box and came towards him and signal him to eat' shantanu turned his face with a no' khanak smiled'bilkul bachee hoo aap' and started feeding him with her own hands' while feeding him khanak's eyes never left shantanu's face' main while shantanu was working and eating at the same time' he smiled to himself and enjoyed being pampered by his wife his khanak'

Suddenly shantanu grabed a file from the table, which caused khanak hand to get dirty with daal ..khanak: kya shantanu app dekh kar kio kaam nain kar saktey 'mere haath ganda  kardiye 'ab app key office main hath kasey saaf karoon ' yaha kio wash room hai kya ' turned to leave '

He grabbed her hand from back' mere pass aik acha idea hai '.khanka: wo kya'.abb hath saaf karney  ka bhi idea hota hia'. Choriye 'shantanu got up from his chair ..Got close to her and brings her hand close to his face'. Khanak main saaf kardeta hoon tumhara haath'.he brings her hand close to his mouth and licked the dhaal from her hand '. Khanak gasped and got shocked by his action'and he also licked her two fingers with she was feeding him '. Shantanu : khanak ho gaya ya abhi our bhi hai '.smiled and stared at her lips 'khanak freed her hand and ran from there'  shantanu signed heavy ..yeh larki mujey pagal karde gii'.

Outside his office'. khanak holding her hand and smiling 'and kissed her hand where shantanu kissed a minute ago'..while walking she spotted Natasha and her smiled vanished '.natasha jii'and remembers her moment in shaan office'walks out of the building and starts walking along the road'.. yeh main neyn kya kiya fir say shantanu koo apne paas aney diya 'agar ..agar Natasha ji yeh sab dekh leteee to kya sochthee mere our shantanu kay baray main '.

Lakin main apne app ko rook kyun nain pa rahee' mujey shantanu ka naam Natasha ji  kay saath jortey howe itneee takleef kyun hotee' kyun main nahi chatee kay shantanu ka naam mere elawa keseee our kay saath na  liya jaye'she kept thinking about shantanu and her moments'in her thought she didn't know where she was walking '.

On the other hand, shantanu went out to look for khanak 'he asked the lady at the front desk'she told him that she saw khanak walking out of the building ' shantanu; lagat hai khanak ghar chalee gayee hai 'chaloo kio baat nain ghar ja kay baat kar loon ga.. smiled 'suddenly he spotted the driver 'khanak to driver kay saath thi 'lakin driver yahan kya kar raha hai ..our khanak'.panic struck him ..he ran towards the driver and asked him about khanak 'khanak kahan ja sakte hai 'bina kessi ko batiye ' plz khanak be safe' tumey to ais city kay baray main kuch nain pata 'oh god khanak kahan hoo tum '.. went out to look for her' he spotted her walking on road' shit khanak road kay beach main kaya kar rahee hai '.

Shantanu grabed her with force'khanak came out of her thoughts' shantanu app yahan kya kar raheen hain .. app ko tu office main ..shaan cuts her in between

Shantanu: main yahan kya kar raha hooo.n ..yeh to mujey tum sey sawal karna chaiee'tum beach sarak main kya kar rahee hoo 'our agar tumey kuch hoo jata too'tum ney mere baray main socha' khanak kabii tu mere baray main soch liye karoo ..kabhi too

Khanak (she get flaskbak of what happened in the office and then Natasha): she pushes him away'nahi main nahii soch saktee app kay baray main 'mujey kio haq nahii hai kio haq nain... Nahi soch sakteee main..nahi with sobs'.and faints in shantanu's arm'.

Part 5:

Later 'khanak is on the bed sleeping and shantanu setting on the sofa looking at khanak' achanak khanak ko kya howa jo ais taran roo rahi thi ' kya office main kio baat 'nahi office main koi baat nain hoiee tu fir ' he comes out of his thoughts .when he heard khanak saying something in her sleep' shantanu run to her bed and holds her hand'she was mumbling shantanu's name in her sleep'.

After a while khanak got up but shantanu was not in the room ' she goes and sit by the window '.shantanu comes in the room and sees khanak sitting by the window ' shantanu: khanak tum theek nahi hoo tumey aram karna chayiee..chaloo he holds her by her arm'khanak removed his hand from her arm' main theek hoon '.

Shantanu who was still feeling the fear of losing khanak from the morning incident'. got angry at khanak's behavior 'held khanak tightly by her arms and pushed her against the wall'. Kya problem kya hai tumharee 'han'kyun tum mujsey aise behave kar rahii hoo. Kyun mujsey door bagthee hoo bolo' jo tum feel kartee hoo mere liye wo tumharee ankhoon main dekta hai ..tu fir bol kyun nain date'bolo '.shakes her hard '

Khanak: main kuch nain mehsoos kartee kuch nain .. mujey kio haq nahii hai  kuch mehsoos karney ka 'mujey kio haq nain hai khush honey ka ' kio haq nahii ' slides down against the wall crying '.

Shantanu : in anger '.to theek hai ab main tumey nain rukoon ga ' tumey jo sochna hai sochoo ..jo karna hai karoo 'ab sey main bhi kuch nain sochoon ga kuch nain mehsus karoon ga samjee tum ' kuch nain ' in anger leave from there'. and doesn't come back to his room all night '

Next morning

Khanak is looking for shantanu but didn't see him anywhere 'but not dared to ask anyone ' at the table ' sunil tell akshay that shantanu went out of town for two days for some deal ..khanak was shocked hearing this and left from there '

Khanak in kitchen: shantanu kaam say bhar chalee gaye' mujsey miley bina .. mujey bataya bhi nain 'hey bhagwan'wo buhat gussey main tey kal raat ' lakin shantanu itna gusse main kyun they .. wo mujey kya bolney ko kah raheey the '

Later in the day ..She goes to her room to get some rest'but feels restless and keeps thinking about shantanu' she feeling thirsty 'gets up to get some water form kitchen'and heard Khusboo bhabhi and mummy ji talking '

Kushboo: mom lagta hai hamara plan kaam kar raha hai' main tu dargayee thi kay ye plan fail hoo jayee ga ..but mom its woking' shaan ko lagata hai kay us gawar ney natasha ko beeja tha ..lakin wo nain janta kay yeh sab hamaree planning thi '

Madhvi: han ab hamara plan kaam kar rahaaa hai ' lakin jis tera shaan khanak ko us din ghar le kar aya our us kay liye worried tha ..mujey laga hamara plan fail ho gaye 'lakin kal raat main ney shaan ko gussey say apne room sey atay howe dekha '

Kushboo: han mom ..main ney bhi dekha tha kal raat wo buhat gusse main tha .. lakin mere samj main yeh nain aya kay shaan itney dinoo say normal kyun behave kar raha tha'.na khanak per gussa tha'.

Madivi : han main bhi yeh soch rahtee thi ..kay shantanu normal kasee behave kar sakta hai ' lakin wo khanak sey pyaar karta hai ..i don't believe this 'fir bhi wo normal hai ' lakin abb mujey lagata hai kay shaan ko pata chal gaya hai kay sirf Natasha he us ki life partner hai'

Khanak was dumbstruck after hearing everything 'quietly walked to her room 'tear flowing on her cheeks.. kya shantanu mujse mujse pyaar kartee hai ' wo sab mere liye tha' ab main samjee kay itna gusse main kyun the ' lakin mummy ji ney asaa kiye .. wo bhi apne bte kay saath mujay vishwas nain ho raha ..lakin aik ma apne bte kii khushiya kasey cheen saktee hai .. agar wo mujse pyaar karte hain tu fir Natasha ji sey shadi ke liye han kyun kiya .. mere kuch samj main nahi ai raha 'aik taraf mujse pyaar to dosree taraf Natasha ji say shadi ' uff main pagal ho jaioo gee' but she kept smiling all day to herself ' at night  in her room by the window'shantanu plz app wapas ai jaiyeee..app key beggar yeh do din buhat bharii lag rahey hain ' kitni burdthal hoon main ' mujse yeh do din nehii kat rahey our main apni pori zindgi shantanu kay bagar soch rehii thii'smiling  nahii main sab theek kardoon gee. Hamaray beach kee har galtfahmee ko katham kar doon gee' har dhoori ko meta doon geee. Bas app jaldee say ghar ai jayee'kal subha jab shantanu ghar ain gay phelay main un see sorry bolongee our phir main apne dost..nain dost nain apne pati apne pyaar (she blushed ) ko manaloon gee' she slept thinking about shantanu with huge smile on her face'.

here goes part 4 and 5 .....enjoy and plz do comment.Smile..thanks


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shanakforever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
sampar superb awesome mindblowing killer n totally breadthe taking
 omg that daal licking scene just killed badly sooooooooooooooooooooo romantic man u have got brilliant ideas superb......................cant wait fr wat khanak does next pls pls upload soon im dying 2 read it

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ZaraK18 Newbie

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Posted: 20 October 2010 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Hey tht was so good please update date soon :) can you also pm too

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FebruaryFlower IF-Dazzler

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Great stuff Shai!!
Story's coming along nicely!!!
Lets see what Khanak does now....Smile

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