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eclat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 October 2010 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
update by rkalpananaidu
Written Update 18/10/10

 Scene 1

 Meenakshi sneaks into her room, and encounters shakthi over there. Both shakthi and meenakshi keeps looking at each other (rendu per manasula oru 100 questions odudhu pola''.). Meenakshi asks shakthi when he came, shakthi informs her that he is been here long time and questions her where did she go'. (loosu meenakshi fails to disclose the truth) she tells him that she went shops to purchase few things''. ( adi pavi epdi than thali katina purushan kita poi solluralo'.. anyways shakthi also does that same when goes to meet amudha'.. purushan pola pondati)''. Shathi didn't stop there she ask her y didn't to call him' adhu adhicha oru padhil meenakthi'. Does that mean y I didn't call u / inform u'.


Shathi: no.. If u would have called me, then I would hv taken u there

Meenakshi: I want to get to used to do my things by myself

Shathi: y u look tired? Didn't u get auto

Meenakshi: no I walked all the way ( meenakshi thadumarinal)

Shakthi: Meenakshi konjam stronga solla

Meenakshi: I took auto for half way only

Shakthi: its confusing

Meenakshi: even im'. Today u are asking me so many questions

Shathi: is that wrong

 Apdi ipdi poitu irudhuchi'..

 Shakthi leaves the place'. And recalls the temple flashback between meenakshi and her ( forgot his name guys)


Scene 2


Devraj and his brother in one car and malika with her anni in another. DEvraj plans to destroy chinnasamy's family by using malika'. He informs shekar that he needs to surrender him to the police.. shekar seems confused' he informs him that currently malika wont believe them in any case and they need to re-build that' he need to gain trust of malika' and shekar says that he will no anything for him'.

 Devraj calls the police and asks them to meet somewhere'' Malika shocked to the see the police' Devraj surrenders shekar to the police and informs them that shekar was behind the plot '..

 Malika looks confusing' and does wanna belief her eyes'.. Devraj informs malika that it was shekar behind shakthi murder plot'.. as he didn't like that I apolized to chinnasamy'. Devraj apdi oru acting potar paru'.

 He adds that he is going to sanyasam' as he cant stay in a house where his family does trust him' he says that I will never break ur promise.. and he has changed'.

 Malika is shocked'..devraj leaves the place..


Scene 3

 Amudha kuti pota pounai pola left right kum walk panitu irukar'. Avar oda appa full bodhaila sceneku entry kuduthar'.and ask her wat happened'.. Amudha informs him that shakthi told her that he cannot stop the reception'

 Amudha thinking about how to stop the reception and his father gives him stupid ideas'

 Scene shifts to Malika

 Devraj calls malika and asks them to go to shakthi's reception. Both shocked and at the same time confused'.

 Meenakshi arranging her wardrobe' suddenly finds mobile phone that rajarathnam gave her' Amudha notices her sudden reaction'..And takes the mobile when meenakshi leaves' she dials rajrathnam and informs him that he wants to meet him'.

Scene freezes on amudha.. with full of joy'. ( madam kandipa happyaa than irupanga' adhan idea kadhaichiduchila'..)

Edited by rkalpananaidu - 18 October 2010 at 10:33pm

update by lakshmikr

EPM - 20th October 2010 Written Update

RR roaming in some kadu n reaches some lake and take a turn to his shock there is amutha standing infront of him.ConfusedStarted to scold RR that what he have done so far to stop the reception nu..our RR q's her that u also wanted to stop reception right go n do something why are you bothering me nu ?AmuthaAngry turns violant and holds his shirt n start shouting "please someone come here, this fellow is talking to me indecently over phone n in person"then continues if i want to stop this reception then you would be my balliaadu are you ready for that nu? kekura(Such a stingky female, what she is going to acheive after doing so many fraud..for a super athai..why such sothai daughterAngry)RR stunned to hear this.he checks what more he can do?she continues by giving one more shock if you die also this reception will stop nu !!! than she tells if do suicide attempt in front of meenu she will defintely saves you nu sollura n shares him shakti's mobile n ask him call shakti first then meenu and leavesAngryDead.

In mandapam Small god(Chinnasami) with muruganOuch, SG seems to worried and found to be guilty n telling murugan that this should have happen to you first, becoz of me both(murugan & Somu) of you leading the bachelor life..for which murugan as usual putting chingcha LOLn telling no daddy no we are happy with you.. dont worry about us be happy and welcome the guest happily nu solluraru.for SG ask him check with shakti whether they have for mandapam..murugan leaves to call shakti.At home meenu is getting dressed there comes shakti informing her that he is getting calls from mandapam nu..meenu stops her dressing maids..n tells that she wants to talk to shakti..shakti tells her he dont have time to talk lets leave..but meenu stops him n tells that she have time to talk nu continues whether he checked or called her dad for reception ..he says no..she insists if he calls her dad he would be there in mandapam in few mins.. so please call nu sollura.. shakti refuses that n tells her back its been discussed a lot of time.. lets not discuss this now nu escape aka parkuran..meenu checks him whether he needs permission from his ayya to call her dad nu kekura..shakti softly but strongly reply back that for our marriage nobody from my home was present but i married sollitu hope you understands nu solluran.meenu is hurted n continues..till you haven't opened anything about our marriage but now you opened up and used that as very big tool against continues telling that marriage was decided by u ,my dad & his reception is also decided by your nowhere connected in this decisions but always affected of it nu sollura(pavam paCry).you have killed me once by marrying me without my interest now again you killed me knowly by telling this sollitu ..takes 2 mins to get ready for receptionCry.shakti leaves

RR is restless in Iyyannar templeAngry.there crosses some farmer with some pesticides in his back..RR checks with him whether pesticide is there?he says yes and moves off.. RR calls shakti ..other side shakti checking who it is ? RR replys back with his name n introduces as meenu's relative , n ask him give it shakti blinks what to give? RR "meenu" shakti stunnedShockedTongue "what , i didnt understand nu?"(sareyana maramandai ya ivan)RR mulupifyies n convey hi wishes to their reception n tells that he cannot come nu ..n informs that he wanted to speak to meenu n wish her. shakti passes phone to meenu.. meenu stunned hear RR voice in shakti mobile..he continues threatening her that she needs to leave home now.. becoz its not her home,otherwise he will commit sucide and write a note to police that all SG & Vaathiyar family is responsible for his dead ..everyone will be in soup nu solluran..meenu got panicked..he continues if she is not coming then he will start calling every trader of that town who were sitting in the reception hall nu sollitu cuts the call. meenu stunnedShocked with tears in eyes.


update by rkalpananaidu
Monday 25th October
Written Update

Brief Update

Shakthi asks meena to move on... but meena refused
Shakthi give whole lecture... that she's being so self centred.... meena being guilty... and they both leaves the hospital

On their way to the reception hall... meenakshi informs shakthi about everything happened btw RR and her...

Kadisila meenakshi says she did it from humanity POV..... but shakthi questions her... whether its humanity or affection.......meena shocked...

Amudha dials each any evrythin hospital to check whether RR has been admited...

Chinnasamy and meena sister on the way to temple.....kovil laa ore polambal.....

shakthi and meenakshi reaches the reception hall and meets the big three (Shathi's dad, murugan and somu)....

Scene freezes on their faces...

Edited by lakshmikr - 21 October 2010 at 10:52am
update by lakshmikr
26th oct 2010 - EPM Written Update
SG,Murugan & Somu were discussing how to stop the reception, how to face crowd?? TADA - Shakti & Meenu entering the hall..SG got irritated and started his archanai to S&M.Tells them if they wanted to be togather & hold respect of the family they can go to the reception medai..otherwise they can even depart then n there itself(sssssssh.... S&M naduvula ottu poda alae illayapa.. except athai.. god only knows when she will change)family kuttam dispersed.. meenu informing shakti that lets us goto medai.. there comes our super athai with tons n tons of happiness praying murugan n takes them to the medai. there her daughter irritated n move off from there.
Athai is meeting murugan n slowly telling that they need to arrange for S&M 's FN.Murugan stopping athai not to check with ayya on this, as he is already upset.after gr8 conversation. athai informed murugan she will speak with her bro on this n get it arranged.
All are greeting S&M in reception one after other.SG looking them from an corner.. n gives relief breathe..
Excellant Scene of the day.Wink
Mallika is entering to reception with her anni.Murugan is happily stunned to see her.. (excellant expression),coming to vasal with an 0.001 % smile (controlled expression)& welcoming both and take them in.M&M exchanging looks .mallika leaves her mobile purposely in the place paneer table n go towards seating area.. ahhhh .. there notices our murugan(sema bright mr. murugan)takes that n dial his number in her mobile take an missed call.. hahhahah this is noticied by our day's heroine mallika.. she comes back to him n takes back her mobile with a smile(wow... no dialogues awesome expression)mallika n anni getting seated in a place.mallika looking around for murugan..there comes the call..she is looking at mobile .. its noticed by anni ..she encourage her to speak with him n moves from that place(adada..vittuku oru super lady irrupanga pola).mallika takes the call.. dialogues below
Murugan : Hello
Mallika : no sound
Murugan : Mallika
Mallika : mm..
Murugan : romba nanri nee vandhatuku
Mallika : Yethuku
Murugan : Enga veetu viseshatuku nee vandhatuku
Mallika :mm.. romba nanri neenga vandhatuku
Murugan : Yethuku
Mallika : Enga veetu viseshatuku neenga vandhatuku
Understanding smile from both the ends.sorry gurlz i dont have patience in writing more dialogues.. here goes summary
mallika is telling murugan that she wish to stay back with him & his family nu.. murugan reverting backing telling that you are living in my heart as my wife nu... again happy smile.. mallika telling him there is 2 happy news for him.. one is her brother only sent her to this reception. 2.her brother  sent his younger brother to jail  for shakti's murder murugan. checking is there any more happy news left over..mallika shying n asking him when thier marriage will happen (gr8 question of the day),,murugan tells her very soon it will happen be with patience nu.. mallika tells him that she jus now got some hope abt thier marriage today.. n kept quiet.. murugan asks her speak something as he wants to hear her voice for his life time nu(ahahhaha 40 vayasula enna romance vuduraru pa intha murugan)mallika with Embarrassed informs him that she is going to greet couple so will cut call now.. nu cut the call..murugan with happy smile..
SG is taking rest in room checking somu hows food what did guest are informing on it.. somu reverts that guest were very happy on it..SG sending somu to take care of guest.there comes our darling athai to meet her brother.. SG is kidding with her.. that she had come there to start new kalakam nu.. for which athai is telling all guest are happy to see S&M , All are praising u.. nu putting bit... SG starts kidding n ask her to come to point straight..athai checking for S&M's FN with him.. SG approves that n tells her.. take care of all this things for shakti as like a mother.. i always gives way for good things to happen nu solluraru..
AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa our villi Amutha is looking furiosly the couple from madi..(FN na keduka adutha plan poda aramichuruppa.. padupavi)
update by lakshmikr
EPM-27th oct 2010. - Written Update
Athai is reaching amutha and bugging her to come along with her to annan 's house.After so much of bugging amutha accepts to go with her, while leaving amutha tells her mom that she needs to come back soon to mandapam to take care of Shakti(Angry stupid female).For which her mom telling her back that meenu is there to take her of him nu solluranga..for which amutha gets irritated n tells her mom that she should not open her mouth , if she needs amutha to accompany agrees n both are going to SG home.On the way..She checks with that mayil patti whether everything is ready at home..with which our devil comes to know on S&M FN.She starts blabbering to her mom that shakti wont like this..athuithu.. but her mom stops her n tells my brother himself accepted for u dont talk on this like a stupid n u r very younger to all of us.. we elder knows when & what to do things. nu solli shuts her mouth.
S&M is coming back to home, shakti gets an call from murugan.murugan informs shakti noone will be coming home as they all going to dhanalakshmi athai's house to compile the accounts of reception ,so u take care of house nu sollitu cut panniduraru.shakti conveys the same to meenu..meenu is wondering n asking our house is bigger than thier why they all are going there nu check pannitu leaving as it at home mayil patti is decorating S&M room for FN , devil amutha helping her.. patti checking when she will get FN nu, for which amutha answering "Today"
Patti shocked n telling that i have told ur mom not to send you to do this arrangements as ur unmarried ,see now ur blabbering like this nu solluthu..amutha is telling her if i send meenu out i will be here how it would be nu check pannura..for which patti telling her it will nasty..dont ever think of it, u pls better move from here nu solluthu..for amutha somehow calmdown her n send her out of room n doing the arrangements.
S&M arrives to home, women taking arathi to them they are coming into home.dhana athai meeting meenu in person n tells her she is very happy today to see them like this nu.even meenu expressing happiness she is always happy to see her nu.. now athai opens about FN and ask her to get ready for it.intially meenu says no , but athai convinced her and send her to get ready.
Shakti coming to his room got stunned to see amutha sitting there in cot, hestitates to come in ,but amutha calling him to come in ..asusual started her pogai that she is waiting for him ,but he is getting ready to lead his life with meenu,finally tells him that let him be happy today nu sollitu leaves the room(velakuchuOuch..nalla naalulae intha shakti umakottan .. ippo extra pogai veraDead)meenu enters room with milk tumbler.. both looked tensed..slowly shakti is telling her that he is not aware of it nu,meenu tells him back the same..then shakti tells her if you want u goto sleep nu,but meenu is telling that she is not feeling sleepy nu.. shakti tells her today there are so many shocks for him..meenu tells him that she have forget all the bad shocks which happened today nu.. shakti tells her that he couldn't nu n staring at each other.
Devil Amutha coming to hospital to meet RR.RR is in room who is deep sleep(mayakam).DA enters the room and locks it n staring at him.(aiyayo DA Shocked RR ah kill panniduvalo, so that she can stop FN nu.i think meenu might stops shakti from not going even if RR gets killed.)

Edited by lakshmikr - 27 October 2010 at 10:29am
 update by lakshmikr
EPM - 28th Oct 2010 WU
Shakti & Meenu having small happy chitchat in the room, shakti insisting meenu to switch off the light to n then continue the chat Wink,as people outside might think wrong nu..lights off.. chats on.. there comes an call Angryin shakti mobile, with a msg that RR is about die,both are leaving to hospital after changing thier reception dress.on the way shakti worrying to meenu that why he alone is getting every time happy n sad news togather.. both reaches hospital.. shakti goes to RR room n finds RR is fine, about to leave by then meenu telling shakti that she like meet RR , shakti waits outside.. meenu saw RR , while returning RR holds her hand n starts blabbering asusual, he is alive bcoz of meenu n will Angry(loosu payalae..loosu payalae .. oru serial ku ippudi 2 loosu irrukum pola )definetly take her from shakti nu.. meenu warns him that if he continues she her self might kill him ..inbetween she tells him she like him on basis of humanity nothing above it nu sollura.. shakti is hearing half info of this n moves out of the door. both are coming back to home calm n quiet.
next morning athai found cots are seperate in room n gives meenu a lenghthy long advice that she n shakti shouldnot lose each other by kept shut all the time.. they have to talk n solve the issues, then only family will get good binding nu solluranga(worth adviceClap)it makes meenu to think.
Shakti is meeting selvi in the road,selvi gaves royally to him becoz of his family now her father is at temple from few days..not moving from there nu..shakti checks which temple n leaves to temple.Shakti meeting vathiyar in temple n taking manippu for his families behaviour..for which vathiyar telling him that if he feels S&M are really happy without any grudges then he would leave temple nu..for which shakti slowly starting to open things to m's dad.

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shall i do the update on fridays
eclat IF-Rockerz

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Thanks anuu 2010 - you are most welcome to...

Reserved for Thamizhan's Thursday quota...  

The next week reservation would be done in the following order... just to maintain the date/day in the chronological order...

Kalpana, Thamizhan, lakhshmikr,anuu2010 and then Thamizhan again...
lakshmikr Senior Member

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From 19th Oct Episode, i think vaathiyar will safeguard meenu & admit RR in hospital n bring back meenu to mandapam on time.. n explain shakti abt the scenario in person.. shakti might meet with RR in hospital n by then he should regret for his mistakes & potukudufy amutha.. i think amutha image would come 1 step down with shakti.. i feel so.. how abt your thoughts post it.(if it happens that way wow.. thats awesome na Tongue)

Daffodilee IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by lakshmikr

From 19th Oct Episode, i think vaathiyar will safeguard meenu & admit RR in hospital n bring back meenu to mandapam on time.. n explain shakti abt the scenario in person.. shakti might meet with RR in hospital n by then he should regret for his mistakes & potukudufy amutha.. i think amutha image would come 1 step down with shakti.. i feel so.. how abt your thoughts post it.(if it happens that way wow.. thats awesome na Tongue)

if it happens it will be good but i dont think so . sure they will creat problem between sakthi-meenuCry
rkalpananaidu Senior Member

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even i thinking abt it... i dont think this reception will happen smoothly
lakshmikr Senior Member

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ya me too felt so after watching 20th Oct episode..Unhappy..lets c what happens..intha vijay stories matum guess pannavae mudiyalapa
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I am new to this forum..I really liked this serial which is entirely fresh and new, searched for the same and landed in this is really great to know u guys are giving written update ...3 cheers for the wonderful work..keep going..ClapClap

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