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Update - 10Th Feb, 2005

disha77 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 11:14pm | IP Logged
This Update is thanks to the priceless effort put by Lata.......& guys please beware before reading this, Lata has put so much of passion & effervesence in this update, that all of you will be hyper-ventilating after reading this update.....this has to be the most romantic, most passionate and most beautiful DK - Disha episode ever shown on Tumhari Disha (till date ofcourse, there will lots more to come) Please join me in Clap for Lata!
------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------
Episode begins with DK in his bed at night ( looking like a Greek God as someone would say) in this track suits, muscles all bulging out and looking hot as usual. He is restless. He thinks to himself 'Disha aisa kar sakti hain kya, Maa ke papers gaayab karna, unhe takleef paunchaana, No she is not like that, Disha would never want to hurt anyone, is waqt uske sirr par badle ka junoon sawar hain, yeh junoon ache achoko bhi kamzor bana deta hain, woh achhi tarah jaanti hain ki meri maa ko takleef paunchakar mujhe sabse zyaada pareshaani hogi, Disha pleaase bandh kar do apni ladaai, please............". He is unable to sleep the whole night. Morning he gets up and goes to her room to check but she is not there. He thinks to himself Disha kahan chali gayi.
They show the mental hospital. Someone entering . It is Gargi. Tells Sumitra,humari taraf dekho sumitra, hum wahi Gargi hain jiske pati ko tumne apne pyaar ke jaal mein fasaya, hum tume chain se nahin rahne denge, pahle tum pareshaan kar rahi thi, ab tumhara woh langda beta humari zindagi barbaad karne par tula huwa hain, kaash mein us din usse dakhaa marne ke bajaay use maar dala hota, tho aaj woh apne pankh felaaye saap ki tarah mujhe  dasne par nahin tula rahte. They show Disha entering the hospital. When she is about to go into Sumitra's room doctor stops her and tells her that the you cannot meet her , the visiting hours are over and moreover ur husband DK has told that not to let u to meet her. Disha tells that she will just look at her from far and go away and the doctor agrees. She sees from the window and feels very sorry for sumitra. She leaves and sees from far Gargi ( though I don't think she recognises her from far). She goes following her and comes near the lift but Gargi is gone from there. Taj calls up on Disha's mobile and tells her aap kahan ho madam presentation ke liye sab aapka wait kar rahe hain. Disha tells she will just be there.
Here Rano and Inder are shown in some hotel resort. Inder is fast asleep. Rano tells oh GOD hum kaisa honeymoon mana rahe hain. My husband is fast asleep here. She tickles his ears and tries to wake him up. He tells all of a sudden please thang mat karo Dishaaaaaaaa................He is taken unawares and gets up quickly and even Rano is shocked to hear this.
Here DK ( looking woww.....) He blasts at Taj what sorry , mujhse pooche bina sab kuch kar lete ho aur ab sorry keh rahe ho... why did u keep this meeting, akhir agenda kya hain.....Taj tells that sir woh kanaka ka ad campaign ke launch ke baare mein.....DK is livid he tells whaaaaaaaaaaaatt..mein thode din bahar kya gaya aap log tho apne man maani pe utar aaye ho..........Taj tells him sir aapne tho Disha madam ko power of attorney aur sab powers diye the, unhone yeh ads poori karwayi aur aaj yeh campaign launch ho rahi hain........DK tells Taj do as I say, stop this campaign launch, Disha ko main samjhaoonga..now pleeeease go. Taj leaves.
Here Inder and Rano are both silent. Inder ( can't act for nuts really) breaks the silence and tells that I am sorry, actually u r at fault. I know both of you'll since childhood and both of you'll are alike. Even she used to trouble me this way. Rano softens up and comes close to him. He asks her if she is not angry. She tells him that if you had taken any other girls name I would have got angry but u told about Di. She has always thought about other's happiness not hers. Inder also agrees and tells that I know she has always thought about other's happiness, and he thinks that else she would have been with me now.  Rano is in tears and tells Di has always only given me and not taken anything from me.
Now the scene which should not be missed at any cost.
DK looks at the snaps for the ad campaign launch. Fully clothed females snaps with the jewellery. He shouts at Taj damn it and throws the snaps. He tells him you very well knew what is my concept. Looking at this people will tell that DK has launched some 18th century campaign. Itne din campaign postpone karne ke baad agar maine yeh ads launch kiye tho is campaign ke saath saath mere reputation pe bhi paani fer jaayega. Go and cancel this campaign. Taj tells but sir all the delegates have come and Disha Mam will also be coming any moment. DK shouts I don't give a damn just go now and stop this............saying he throws the paper weight......Disha just enters and it hits him(oh now this scene I must have seen it about 6-7 times since yest.)........DK immediately gets up saying oh my GOD.................and goes to Disha and holds her hand and tells her oh its bleeding.........Taj go and get a doctor . Taj is also looking surprised at DK's attitude. Disha tells him no its just a small wound it will be ok. DK says wait and takes out his kerchief ( I started getting cramps in my stomach seeing this sooooo damn lucky chavi is.......) and with one hand holding the kerchief and other edge holding it in his mouth ( since the other hand he has to hold the crutches) ties it around her forehead and literally carresses her hair ( oh my goodness).... Disha is also blushing beetroot red. She tells him Dk woh ad campaign...DK tells in the most romantic tone and softly don't worry maine woh ad campaign cancel kar wa diya hain..........( still caressing her hair)...........she screams whaaaaaatttt( stupid lady i tell u felt like banging her head).......DK moves back and tells ah Disha main nahi chahta ki tum is ad ko launch karwaho. Disha tells him lekin karaabi kya hain is ad mein........DK tells her tum mere buyers ko nahin jaanti.......mera concept kya tha aur tumne kya banaaya, tum apne middleclass mentality is ad mein le aayi....agar buyers ne use dekh liya tho tum nahin jaanti humaari kitni insult hogi...it will be a complete flop. Disha tells him tum pahle se hi aisa kaise keh sakte ho... DK tells agar yeh sab itna aasaan hota na tho Taj aap is CEO ke kursi par baita hota........Disha looks at Taj who has a disgusted look on his face....DK tells her main apne buyers ko acchi tarah jaanta hoon.. unhe is sati Savitri types se sakth nafrath hain....it will be a complete flop. Disha tells this launch will take place...DK stresses yeh launch nahin hoga..Disha tells him tum hote kaun ho is campaign ko rohne wale...DK tells mein is company ka maalik ho...Disha tells him ek minute power of attorney mere paas hain... yeh launch hokar rahegi... DK tells her theek hain, main tume, unneccessary insult se bachaana chahata tha, agar tum apne aapko bewakoof saabith karne par tuli ho then please go ahead.........Disha tells Chalo Taj and both go away.
Disha apologises to the delegates for being late and tells them she will come straight to the point and does the presentation ( shown in mute). They are all impressed by it. Here DK is telling to the lawyer ( on the phone) to cancel the power of attorney given to Disha... Then he screams at the lawyer whaaaaaaat..I pay you , do u understand do as you are told... saying this he hears the clapping sound..........tells the lawyer he will call back later. He comes to the conference room and all the buyers congratulate him and tell him they are eagerly waiting for this launch. DK is taken unawares and tells them that he will talk to them later. All of them including Taj leave. He looks at Disha with surprise and she says that ' apne kaamyabi par khushi tho bahut hogi tume, aurat ke khoobsurati ko lekhar bahut galat fehmi paal rakhi hain tumne apne dil mein, darhasal jis roop ko tum dekhna chahate ho woh asal mein uska sharmnaak roop hain, uski khoobsurati tho uske dekhe huwe tan mein hain..uske khoobsurati ko lekar jo bhi defination hain tumhare dil mein use badal dho Dk....aur ah apne mard hone ka jo tumne ego paal rakha hain na Dk usse apne kaam ke beech mat aane dena.......( superb dialogues and Chavi really acted well, goes without saying so did Ashish) .. saying this she takes out the file and gives the power of attorney papers to him and tells him rakho ise apne paas mujhe iski kohi zaroorath nahin..dum ghutha hain mera yahan...DK takes the papers and tears it off. Disha is about to leave. DK holds her hands and drags her to a corner ( looked like the DK as we saw at the beginning , though no doubt Ashish looked hot and rocked in this scene as well)...pushes her to a corner and is holding his hand above her head....says itni asaani se tume azaadi nahin milegi Disha, jo tumne ad banaayi woh is contract ke isaab se galath hain..contract ke isaab se tum meri model ho.........saying her touches her face with his finger....Disha is scared and says softly please Dk and takes out his hand. Again he caresses her neck and she too feels the jitters ( cramps in our stomach)....looks at her with fire like passion and tells her jaaoo yahan se Disha.......and turns away his face....she is also confused and goes away......Ends on DK's face with a passionate look in his eyes......
Ohhhhhhh must see episode. Ashish.....................rockeddddddddd....

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soapCynic Groupbie

Joined: 05 February 2005
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Posted: 10 February 2005 at 11:57pm | IP Logged

Hey there Lata, I think you have done an excellent job summarizing this episode. I'm all agog with curiosity considering how backward we are on the pacific coast US.

I could visualize it pretty well in my mind and thanks much for the effort that you put in to convey this to us.


dkaddict Senior Member

Joined: 21 January 2005
Posts: 610

Posted: 11 February 2005 at 12:04am | IP Logged

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! So good! Yes, smashing update, killer episode, even without understanding the Hindi. Please, please, please! Somebody translate! My undying gratitude to whomever does........


PriyaS Goldie

Joined: 03 December 2004
Posts: 1092

Posted: 11 February 2005 at 12:05am | IP Logged
Thanks for the great update but can someone pls translate the Hindi dialogues into English for me.  I can understand spoken Hindi but its a difficult when its written out!
lilly Senior Member

Joined: 03 January 2005
Posts: 529

Posted: 11 February 2005 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Very well written episode, Thanks to Lata and Disha's effort. Very Romantic seems like one of Mills and Boon classis I read during my school and college days. Rano and Inder are again like two school kids , very immature. I wonder how long before Gargi is found by DK to be harrasing mom . Looking forward for these episodes to air soon
india Senior Member

Joined: 18 November 2004
Posts: 965

Posted: 11 February 2005 at 6:49am | IP Logged
I would love to seee this whole episode. if anyone have videos of this, please please post them somewhere since I only read the updates. I don't get to watch any of these shows and after reading the updates, i would love to see this one. thanks so much.
jassifan2004 Senior Member

Joined: 15 June 2004
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Posted: 11 February 2005 at 7:13am | IP Logged

U guys must really love DK to call him a greek god. Wow!!!

jaansepyari Newbie

Joined: 08 February 2005
Posts: 10

Posted: 11 February 2005 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Thank you soooo much for the update!!!! i still have butterflies in my stomach. (haha)

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