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Note on This Weeks Episode.

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This week is sadly a repeat. Cry
But Vampire Diaires will be back with a band with 2 connecting episodes call Masquarade part 1 and part 2. : )

For a refresher:
Here is the written update for 201 The Return.
By the wonderful Jot

The Vampire Diaries, Season 2, The Return

The episode starts with John in the kitchen. He closes the fridge and is surprised to find Katherine standing there. He asks her a few casual questions about Jenna and Jeremy. Katherine tells him that Jeremy is "holed" up in his room and Jenna is gone to the fire station. They show Jeremy lying on his bed, asleep and then Elena walks up the porch steps talking to Stefan, telling him that her stuff was gone. As Elena is unlocking the door to the house, Katherine chops off John's fingers and stabs him but not before he realized that the whole time, he was talking to Katherine and not Elena.
Elena steps in the house and calls for Jeremy but then hears something like a pot falling to the ground. As Elena enters the kitchen, she gasps when she sees John lying on the floor wounded and bleeding.  She grabs the phone and dials 911 asking for an ambulance. While she's on the phone, John whispers "behind you" and Elena turns around afraid. She grabs the bloddy knife lying on the floor and looks around for the intruder but Katherine ends up leaving the house before Elena could see her.
She panicks when she realizes that the intruder was probably a vampire. She runs upstairs worried about Jeremy and is horrified. She shook him and he opens his eyes gasping.
--TVD logo--
The police, and ambulance are at the Gilbert's house and they carry John on a stretcher. Stefan walks in the house and Elena takes him upstairs to Jeremy's room.  Elena explains to Stefan how Jeremy drank Anna's blood and then OD'ed. Stefan grabs Jeremy's face and inspects him and informs Elena that he is fine, and is not a vampire. Jeremy explains why he would do such a thing and is upset about Anna's death. Stefan pushes Jeremy back to the bed and instructs Jeremy to try not to kill himself because Anna's blood was slowly leaving his system so instead of becoming a vampire, he could end up dead. Elena decides to go to the hospital while Stefan stays with Jere.
The scene switches to Bonnie in the hospital. She runs to Matt whos sitting in a waiting chair, upset.  Matt tells Bonnie what happened.
Damon and Caroline's mom chat about Caroline and how she is doing. Liz(Care's mom) tells Damon that Mayor Lockwood was burned in the building with the rest of the vampires at Founder's Day but she is confident that Mayor Lockwood was NOT a vampire. Liz bursts out crying as she thinks of Caroline and Damon hugs her to comfort her.
Elena reaches the hospital and she asks Bonnie how Caroline is doing to which Bonnie replies saying that Care is still weak. Elena and Bonnie hug and Elena asks Bonnie if there is something she could do to save Caroline.  Damon walks toward the two girls and tells Bonnie that it took years for Emily to learn such a spell. Bonnie tells him she knows how to take down a vampire and Damon ignores her and turns to Elena to tell her that he could help Caroline survive by giving her his blood. Elena objects but Bonnie tells Damon to do it telling Elena that they couldn't let Care die. Damon asks if he does this, will Bonnie agree to a truce between the two and Bonnie says no but she is sure that Damon will save Caroline anyways..for the sake of Elena.
Once Bonnie leaves, Damon tells Elena that they should talk about what happened that night. Elena, not knowing he was referring to the kiss, mentioned John and told Damon that one of the tomb vampires got into the house and tried to kill him. Damon is confused and exclaims that the two kissed! Elena starts to walk away annoyed but Damon stops her grabbing her arm telling her if she wants to forget it, she could but he couldn't. The two are interuptted by Jenna who tells Elena that she came as soon as she got her message. Elena asks where Jenna has been and Jenna gets annoyed as she tells Elena that she had told her about going to the fire department. Elena is confused and tells Jenna that she did not tell Elena anything. Suddenly, realization dawns upon Damon and he leaves the hospital.
Stefan who was in Jeremy's room with a sleeping Jere, heard the door open so he walked downstairs and sees Katherine walk in. He asks how Caroline was and she hugs Stefan muttering "just what i needed".  Just as Katherine leans in to kiss him, Stefan grabs her by the hair revealing his fangs. He throws her on the couch and tells her he knows she's Katherine. Stefan pins her to the wall while she says that atleast she fooled one of them. They both hear the click of the door and know that someone was coming so Katherine twists Stefan's arm, throws him to the floor and escapes. Once she's gone, Elena and Damon enter.
Stefan and Damon talk in the kitchen wondering what she wanted. Stefan asks Damon what she meant when she said that she had fooled one of them. Damon tells him that she pretended to be Elena when Damon had come to visit earlier.
Elena enters the kitchen telling them that she told Jeremy the truth and that she couldn't keep it from him any longer. Damon looks amused as he answers that he and Katherine kissed when Stefan asks what happened when Kat pretended to be Elena. Stefan gets angry and is unhappy with what he heard from his older brother. Stefan lunges for Damon but Damon runs to the other side and Elena gets inbetween them stopping Stefan before things got ugly. Stefan and Elena decide that John must know something if Katherine tried to kill him so they end up going to the hospital to meet him.
Matt and Bonnie talk once again and Matt tells her that Damon had visited last night. The two enter Care's room. Bonnie hugs Caroline and Matt kisses her. Bonnie starts crying relieved to see her best friend fine. The three hug and the scene switches to the funeral of Mayor Lockwood at the Lockwood mansion.
Liz and Tyler's mother have a little feud after Liz asks why Richard (the mayor) was affected by the vampire device. Damon tells the ladies, that all of them are on edge and that they had to stick with each other.
Mason Lockwood, Tyler's uncle aka Richard's younger brother, makes his entry. He gets out of his car and hugs Tyler. Tyler invites his uncle inside.
Stefan and Elena enter John's room at the hospital. Elena gives John his ring. The conversation doesn't go as expected because John clearly hated Stefan....all vampires and was upset that Elena hadn't driven a stake through Stefan's heart yet. John tells Stefan to kill him because he cannot stand Stefan beside Elena. Elena has tears in her eyes as she tells him that his hatred was going to get him killed and she storms out of the room. Stefan starts to leave the room but then walks back to John and forcefully gives him his blood. Stefan threatens to kill John if he didn't leave town in the next 24 hours.
Damon asks Liz who Mason was and Liz explains to him that Mason has nothing to do with the council and was not a believer.
Katherine walks up the stairs to enter the Lockwood Mansion and Tyler thinking it was Elena, thanks her for coming and invites her in.
Stefan tells Elena that he had asked John to leave town but Elena tells him that she knows he threatened John to leave town and she was thankful because she did not want someone like John in the lives of her and her family. They hug and Stefan tells her that he has to go find Damon but Elena convinces him to not fight with Damon.
Bonnie tells Damon that the vampire device had affected Tyler as well as his father.  Damon asks how Caroline was and Bonnie tells him that she is now fine. She says that he is welcome because he lived to see another day. She tells him that he couldn't fool her even if he has fooled the rest of Mystic Falls.  Bonnie uses her powers to make Damon feel pain. Bonnie smirks as she says "sorry" and storms off.
She walks upto Katherine thinking it was Elena and told her how big of a jerk Damon was.  Bonnie touches Katherine's arm and she automatically feels that something was wrong. She excuses herself and enters a room to call Elena.  Elena tells Bonnie that she will be at the Lockwood house in five and hangs up. Bonnie is horrified and she turns around to leave but is shocked when Katherine appears. Katherine introduces herself and chats causually about Elena's life. She said she knew who Jenna and Jeremy were, she knew Matt, the "delicious" ex-boy friend and that Bonnie was the vampire hating Bennett witch. Bonnie turns around to leave but Katherine appears in front of her again. Bonnie uses her powers trying Katherine to feel pain but it doesn't work. Katherine pins Bonnie to the wall.  Stefan throws open the door and demands Katherine to leave Bonnie and she does. The two talk and they are surprised when Matt walks toward them. Matt thanks "Elena" and once he leaves, Katherine mutters something about his eyes being so blue. 
Elena, Jeremy and Jenna arrive at the Lockwood house and after seeing Damon, Elena walks upto him. Elena tells Damon that he is hurt to which he denies. Elena tells him that it wasn't a suprise that he tried to kiss her but it was a surprise that he thought she'd kiss him back. Damon looks at her and says "now that hurt" and before Elena could say something, Bonnie walks upto them.  
Jeremy and Tyler sit down to talk after Jeremy tells Tyler that he knows how it feels to lose his father.
Mason enters the room to interrupt the boys. Jeremy leaves the room and Mason and Tyler for a bit. Tyler realizes that he could be great friends with Mason because he seems like a cool guy.
Stefan and Katherine go for a stroll where Katherine tells him that she came back for him. Stefan tells her that he hates her and she gets angry. She stabs Stefan with a pole thingy and walks off saying that this seems like a start of a love story. 
Elena cleans Stefan's wound and Damon comes. Elena walks away when she notices the tension between the two brothers. Stefan tells Damon that he wasn't going to fight him because Katherine was going try to set them apart and mess with their minds anyways and they had to stick together which was the reason he wasn't going to fight him. Damon is left speechless as Stefan walks away.
John packs his stuff and is about to leave when he notices Jeremy. Jeremy is upset with John for killing Anna but John explains that he was taught to kill and hate vampires.  The two talk for a bit and then Jeremy asks if the ring John was wearing was orginally Jere's fathers to which John says yes.
Tyler is staring at a family picture and suddenly angry, he throws the picture and other stuff to the floor. Tyler's mother enters the room hearing the noise. Tyler tells his mother that he hated his father and when his mother tried to console him, he pushed her away roughly. Mason enters and lunges at Tyler dropping him to the floor. Tyler pushes and yells to let him go. Mason tells Tyler to calm down.
Damon enters his house and is surprised to find Katherine sitting on the sofa. Katherine tells him that she came to say goodbye because it was obvious that she wasn't wanted. Damon demands to know what she was upto but Katherine refuses to say anything about it. She asks him to kiss her or kill her. Damon turns to leave but Katherine pushes him down. She mutters sweet stuff about him and Damon kisses her.  It gets hot and heavy real quick but Damon suddenly stops.
He pleads to her to tell him the truth. Katherine tells him that she never loved him and that it was always Stefan. Katherine walks off leaving a heartbroken Damon behind.
Elena takes a deep breath and looks at herself in the mirror one last time. She walks out of the bathroom and is shocked for a brief moment to see Damon sitting on her bed.
Damon calls himself the "trusty bodyguard" when Elena thanks him for looking out for her. Elena realizes that Damon was not only drunk but also upset which was a bad combination.
Damon denies once again that he was not upset because he did not care about anyone. Elena tells him he was lying and that he did care.  Damon tells her that what was between meant something and she was lying to him, to Stefan and most of all, to herself. Elena is surprised. Damon says he could prove it and before Elena can say anything, he grabs her and kisses her. Elena tries to resist and push him away but he wouldn't budge. He pulled away from her but Elena does not let him kiss her again when he attempts to do so once again.
Jeremy enters the room and asks Elena if everything was alright. Elena tells him to go to bed and everything was fine but Damon intervenes. He says that nothing was alright and that Jeremy wanted to be a vampire.
Damon pins Jeremy to the wall. He tells Jeremy that being a vampire was the easiest thing in the world because the part of you that cared just disappears. Saying that he snaps Jeremy's head. Elena screams out crying as Jeremy falls to the ground.
Damon watches Elena sit beside Jeremy's body sobbing and then walks away after a while.
She stops crying when she sees the ring on Jeremy's finger. Relieved, she hugs Jeremy crying.
Mason walks to Tyler and tells him that his mother was asleep. Tyler confides in his uncle about what he was feeling and that he didn't want to be this way to which Mason replies saying that that was the curse and it shall remain.
Elena tells Stefan that nothing was good about Damon. Stefan said that Katherine had gotten rid of everything good in him. Elena bursts out sobbing as she tells Stefan that she hates Damon. Damon throws a glass at the fireplace, hurt and upset.
Jeremy gets up gasping and says Damon killed me. Elena hugs him and calms him down.
Caroline is disturbed and out of her sleep. She opens her eyes and thinks Elena had come when it was actually Katherine. Katherine tells Caroline who she really was and that she wanted Care to give the Salvatores a message. "Game on" And she took a pillow and muffled Caroline until she stopped breathing.
--The End Of Epi 1--
Sorry for the delay but like i said...time zone diff. I know the show airs on Thursdays but the written updates will only be up on Fridays because TVD comes on very late on the CW channel for my city.
Hope you enjoyed the episode.
Oh and i'm sorry if i made any mistakes...i have a fever and i\m really sick so i can't really concentrate on anything.Ouch

Here is the Video update by muaah.

Watch at Mega Video
Watch At CW TV [This will work on Friday/Saturday]

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yeahh... i just read that the next airing is on 21st Oct.. ie next week Disapprove

here's the source : IMDB

you can see the air date under the name of the episode : Plan B
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thanks for sharingHug
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ohh noo!!! i wz waiting for dis epi!!! btkoi nai!! n e wayzz thanxx jot!! Hug i had ben luking for d upd8 of dis epi!! LOLn found dis topic on 4th page!! LOL n i wzlikee ohh yess!! ab pata chalegaa k hua kya!! n here i go epi hi nai air hua!! LOL

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Originally posted by viniva sharma

ohh noo!!! i wz waiting for dis epi!!! btkoi nai!! n e wayzz thanxx jot!! Hug i had ben luking for d upd8 of dis epi!! LOLn found dis topic on 4th page!! LOL n i wzlikee ohh yess!! ab pata chalegaa k hua kya!! n here i go epi hi nai air hua!! LOL

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