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~*~Genuine Love~*~ One-Shot - Maaneet - (13/10/10)

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Hey guys, here is one-shot on MG. I hope you'll like it. :)

Only if she could tell him how much she loved him, but she couldn't as he loved someone else. Someone who meant way too much to him. Who was she 'a mere a nothing' this very phrase had always made her heart pierce, tears started streaming down. The more she wiped the more they came out. They were just not ready to stop as her heart was shattered beyond limits.

She had been always there with Maan, whenever he needed her without asking anything in return. She always tried to make everyone happy but everyone failed to notice that she wanted to be loved, she wanted someone to make her smile in bad times, but maybe she wasn't destined too.

After knowing the intimate moment that Maan and Meera shared, she got to know there was no reason for her to hope Maan would understand her love, he loved Meera too much. 'he will never understand me or accept me, 'Geet Malhotra'" she said wiping her tears, once again in a try to stop them but again to no avail.

*sighing* she closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall of her bedroom. Tears were non-stop leaking down. Though no sob came out but tears did came out. "I can't bear this pain anymore. I can't see him with someone else and that someone else is none else than my sister, a sister that doesn't even know that I am her sister, what a life" she said, swallowing  her saliva.

"I have to leave Sanjeevani, I have to go away from Maan" she said with determination visible in her voice.

The next day, she went to Kirti and told her " Dr Kirti, can I talk to you for a moment?"

As Kirti saw Geet's tired face, she knew there was something serious "ok"

They went in Dr Kirti's cabin "what happened Dr Geet? you don't look ok" she asked with concern. Although she was strict but she cared for her interns.

"Dr Kirti, can you please transfer me to another hospital. I can't stay here" as soon as she said this, she couldn't control her tears. All the past memories were back to her, all the moments she spent with Maan, the suffering she had gone through seeing Maan loving her sister.

"Can I know the reason Dr Geet?" Kirti was stunned to hear this.

"I can't  see my love with someone else, if I stay here I will die" she said trying to control her tears.

"Dr Geet after hearing this, i don't think I have any reason to stop you but please do think about your decision"  Kirti knew what she must be going through thus she didn't want to force her in anything.

"This is my final decision and it's not like I have an option" Geet said wiping her tears.

Kirti nodded and placed her hand on Geet's shoulder "ok, Dr Geet, I accept you request. There is a post available in our Panchgani hospital, if you want I can transfer you there and you can join it by tomorrow for that you'll have to leave today"

"thank you Dr Kirti" Geet said thankfully

"you are welcome, but I truly hope whatever the tension you have will be solved soon and you'll be the same Geet as before" Kirti said this not as her in-charge but more like a sister.

Geet was really touched, she nodded her head and smiled through her tears. She took a leave. In the way, she found Dev who was looking really furious, who wouldn't look angry knowing that his wife had an affair behind his back. He knew they once upon a time they loved each other but now she was his wife and he couldn't bear this, actually no husband would bear.

"Geet what happened?, you look so weak?" Dev was really worried for his friend.

"Dev I am leaving Sanjeevani" she said in normal tone, controlling her emotions.

"what? but why??" he was shocked to hear this.

"Dev, we both know why?" after that she didn't have to add anything as Dev understood it, he knew she loved Maan.

He exhaled and tried to stop his tears as he was really heartbroken after knowing what happened between Maan and Meera, his wife.

"I have request Dev, can you please give this to Meera di" she said handing him a photo "and tell her that we are sisters. Actually how unlucky I am, I came here just hoping she would make me happy, at least I would be able to call someone my own but I was wrong. I just deserve to be alone" she said with more tears coming out.

At that moment, Dev realized that Geet was going through more pain than him and he felt guilty that he tried to hook Maan and Geet. If only he knew that Geet was Meera's sister and how much she had suffered he would haven't done this.

"I am sorry Geet" he said and hugged Geet

Geet hugged him back and cried her heart out. For the first time she got a shoulder of her own to cry.

"please take care and keep in touch" he said feeling sad himself.

"don't worry I will" she said wiping her tears "take care you too, bye" saying so she left the place which had so many memories of her.

At the nurse station, when Maan asked Dr Kirti about Geet he got to know that Geet was leaving Sanjeevani, he sprinted outside, not caring the obstacles in the way. For some unknown reason, he didn't want her to go.

As soon as he reached out, he found Geet taking a taxi "Geet" saying so he went to her. She was already sitting in the taxi. "where are you going??" he asked with concern.

"I am leaving sanjeevani, I took a transfer" she said turning her face away

"why Geet, why when I need my friend the most?" he said getting emotional.

"Because I can't see the person I love with someone else, I love him way to much" as Maan got to know that she loved someone else, hundred knifes pierced in his heart. Never had he felt like this. Geet too a deep breath and said " near or far, friendship and love can't be separated" she said looking in his eyes

"you wanted to leave even before saying bye to me?" he said getting upset and getting sentimental, any moments tears were ready to come out.

"If I say bye I won't be able to leave and please don't try to stop me, it's a request" she said hoping a positive response.

Maan nodded, though he agreed but his heart was in denying. He didn't want her to go, he just wanted her to keep her to himself. He couldn't understand what it was, he had never felt like this before.

The taxi started the engine and zoomed off. As soon as the taxi disappeared, Maan knelt down and burst out crying, he didn't know why he cried but he couldn't see her leaving him. He didn't know how was he going to leave without her.

In the evening, as Meera and Dev came face to face, Meera started talking "Dev, please forgive me... I know I have made a big mistake and I am ready to go through any punishment" by the end, tears were rolling down her eyes.

Whatever it was, he couldn't see tears in her eyes nor he could forgive her. He wiped her tears. "Meera, please stop this, stop torturing me and Maan. Either choose me or Maan as it will reduce lot more problems of all us" he paused and took out the photo that Geet gave him. He held Meera's hand and passed the photo to her "I feel sad for Geet that she has a sister like you, that not only was bitter with her instead of being loving person but was unknowingly the cause of her biggest pain. You know what Geet loves Maan and knowing that you both are still in love with each other, she left Sanjeevani. Once again she is left all alone, no one to love her" saying so Dev left.

Meera was left stunned with a photo of her and Geet. Tears started streaming down quickly, she started sobbing. She couldn't believe what she had done to her sister. Putting her hand on her mouth she sat down, she was numb. The girl she had insulted at every chance she got was her own sister.

How could she do it, how could she be so harsh and too with her sister. 'Maan' the guy she thought she loved was just a mere infatuation for her as she didn't have any relation before but she loved Dev and she had realized it once she saw Dev ignoring her.

Only because of her, Shilapa had left. 'I am a really bad sister' she just couldn't believe all that she had done.

Maan who incidentally was passing by the locker room, stopped in the way as he heard Geet's name.

He heard Dev talking "...You know what Geet loves Maan and knowing that you both are still in love with each other, she left Sanjeevani. Once again she is left all alone, no one to love her" As he heard all the conversation between Meera and Dev, he was left stunned.

All the while she had been loving him and he just gave her more and more pain. 'how could I do this?' he directly went to the terrace and sat there.

"Why does she love me so much? why was she always there with me when I was giving her so much pain" he said sobbing, for the first in his life he felt miserable. When he got to know Meera had married Dev, he was broken and cried a lot but then the pain which he was feeling now was just unbearable.

For how long he kept sitting there, he didn't know but as he looked up he found the sky black, it was already night. He sighed and stood up. Thankfully, he had taken a leave for the day. As he passed through the corners of hospital, Geet's memories flashed in front of him, terrace, fire-escape, corridor, children ward, recreation room, locker room. All the previous memories of Meera were replaced by Geet. She was everywhere and now that she wasn't here it hurt him.

He entered in the locker room and sat down, wile holding his head in his hands. Dev who was standing near his locker looked toward Maan. He knew Maan wasn't at fault completely, if Meera had stayed away from Maan, he would have moved one and today four lives would have been living happily but she wanted both the men.

Dev sighed and made his way to Maan. "what happened?" Dev asked placing his hand on his shoulder.

"why are you talking to me? I don't deserve any concern, I have made Geet so much suffer" he was really crying now really badly.

"why do you care? you never loved her, as if you would have loved her than you wouldn't have..." Dev stopped in his midway as he didn't want to mention again to moment which made his blood boil in anger.

For the first time in life, Maan regretted his action, he regretted being intimate to Meera. He was just believing that doing all this would make Meera realize her love him but what he didn't realize he was over Meera, way more before.

As when and how Geet invaded his heart and mind he didn't know. When he was with Geet, he didn't even think about Meera, she was nowhere in his thoughts but he got angry again when he was reminded of her; only when Meera called for her second marriage and that was not called love. At that moment, he did that as he was still believing he loved Meera and in all that he hurt Geet.

"Dev, I am sorry, I am really sorry. I was wrong,  today when Geet was leaving me I felt like a part of mine is leaving. I just realized that I was over Meera since a long time. I haven't only made Geet suffer but you too, please forgive me, I am sorry" Maan said joining his head, as for begging to be forgiven.

"if you really want to repent and if you really love Geet then go to her before it is too late" saying so Dev left.

Maan looked at Dev's retreating figure, he pondered over what he said and now he knew what to do. He smiled through his tears 'yes, I am going to make Geet happy, I am going to tell her I love her and the rest is on her' he thought and stood up with determination.

Walking toward Kirti's cabin, he knocked and entered as he got the permission. "Dr Kirti, can you please tell me, where has Geet taken the transfer?" he asked hoping a clear answer.

Kirti frowned and asked "why do you want to know that, Dr Khurana?"

"Dr Kirti, please it's a request, I'll tell you everything soon" he said begging for her address.

Kirti sighed and said "she has taken the transfer to Panchgini Sanjeevani and she is staying for now in the doctor residency"

"thank you Dr Kirti" he asked, beaming with happiness. Finally he would go and meet Geet. Before he left, he stopped and said "uh Dr Kirti, can I have a leave of a week?"

"Not a week but yes you can have three days leave" Kirti said, as she noticed Geet's dullness had to do something with Maan.

"Once again thank you Dr Kirti" saying so, he left the sanjeevani and jumped in his car. Soon enough, he started his journey to his love.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Dev was making his way toward the exit when he met Meera in the way. "Dev, can I go with you in our home?" she said hoping not a refusal.

"are you sure, I am the one you want to stay with?" he asked as he didn't want to suffer more.

"Yes you are the one, I love you.. I am sorry I made you suffer so much not only you but Maan and Geet too. I was equally at fault, if I had stayed away from Maan, he would have moved on" she said with tears in her eyes, as she felt through what she made her husband go "... I am sorry" she said again and hugged him.

"it's ok but I am also human Meera... I can't bear this" Dev said honestly, repciprocating the hug.

Meera looked at him and said "I  promise, I won't let anyone or anything come between us, I love you"

"I love you too" Dev said while kissing on her forehead.

On the other side, Maan did four hours travel in mere in three hours, he reached there by 10 PM. He was eager to meet her, to tell her what he felt about her.

As he came out, he found the doctor residency area. Finally he was so close to his destination but he didn't in which part she was. He really didn't know what to do.

Yet he knew he had to do something, a sudden idea came in his mind, he thought to go and check the register, she should be registered there. He rushed to the little office and checked the register. As he found the register as well as her name and residency number, he was relieved.

Quickly he made his way out and searched the number, finally after few minutes he found it. He knocked the door, waiting impatiently for Geet to open the door, he so wanted to see her.

Whilst Geet was sitting on the couch and weeping. From the morning she hadn't eaten anything, she didn't feel like. She had left sanjeevani to be away from Maan but he was everywhere, he was in her heart.

As she heard the knock, she was surprised as till now no one knew her there. She decided to not open the door but as the knocks didn't cease. She wiped her tears and she stood up. Taking a stick, she made her way to open the door.

Slowly she opened the door and was ready to take an action. Her hand was risen up in mid-way but she stopped seeing Maan, who looked shocked seeing a stick in her hand.

"what are you doing Geet?" he asked gently and himself made his way in.

"uh I hu..." she fumbled and put the stick down. She wasn't expecting him here at all.

"are you angry with me?" he asked politely

"no" answering to his question, she looked away.

Maan held her waist softly and made her look at him "say this looking into my eyes"

"I huh" how could she lie looking into his eyes, yes she was angry, she was upset, she was hurt but she wasn't able to even utter a word. Only her tears came out.

"don't cry, just say me that you are angry with me, say that you want to beat me or even beat me but don't cry" he said sweetly, wiping her tears.

"why should I hate you?" she asked, once again turning her face away.

"because, I have hurt you a lot and I hate myself for it" Maan said, while the tears that were silent for few hours, came out.

Now that she looked at his face, she could see he had been crying as his eyes were red and puffy. Moreover, now too he was crying but the question was 'why?'.

"Don't cry Maan" she said lovingly, wiping his tears.

"I deserve this as I made you suffer a lot. Please forgive me, I am really sorry. I know my actions can't be justified and I feel really guilt but I have realized I love you and that I want to marry you. Now everything is up to you. You have to decide if you want to forgive me or not? you have to decide if you to accept my love or not? You have to decide if a jerk like me deserve to be with you or not? You have to decide if you want me as your husband or not. And if the answer is 'no', I promise I won't come in your way" he said getting emotionally, he didn't want the answer to be 'no' but even if it would be a no, he would understand and wouldn't bother her.

"What if you realize tomorrow that you love Meera di, the girl who is my sister?" she asked, not wanting to be hurt again. Though, these three words from him took her over the moon but she didn't want to be hurt again.

"I don't love her, she is a closed chapter. I love you and I can't live without you but how come she is your sister" he asked with a frown

Geet sighed and said "we both have same father"

"Oh ok, and no problem as I told you, your sister doesn't matter to me anymore. Take all your time I can wait for you forever" he said, and started making his way out but stopped in the way as she held his wrist.

"won't you take me with you?" she asked cutely.

"If you say yes, I'll take you with me, wherever you want" he replied and kept looking at her.

"Yes I forgive but at the condition if you don't ever repeat it again, I can't see you with other woman" Geet said, while tears streaming down.

Maan smiled through his tears and wiped her tears "I promise you, I won't repeat that mistake again, I won't even go closer to other woman." he replies still looking at her, waiting for the other yes.

"Yes I love you, Yes I accept you jerk in my life and yes I want you as my husband" she said last bit hoarsely, as she was really close to Maan and breathing was getting difficult for her.

"I love you too Geet" he said hugging her

Geet blushed hearing this, she never thought he would come to her or even consider her feelings for him. Now not only he was there but he also confessed his love for her.

"Can I kiss you?" Geet asked, fearing rejection.

"is this even a question to ask? I am all yours" he said and the next second captured her lips in his.

Maan's hand were securely placed around her waist and hers were in his hairs. Both explored each other mouth and enjoyed this new sensation. Their saliva exchanged and their tongue touched each other, it was heavenly.

As they broke apart due to lack of oxygen, Maan leaned his forehead against hers "you make me feel so special" Maan mumbled against her lips.

"and you make me feel heavenly" Geet whispered back, still breathing heavily.

"I love you" he said again and pecked on her cheek.

"I love you too" she replied back, with a blush on her cheek.

"won't you ask me anything to eat?" he asked with a pout.

"hmm ok let me check if there is something" she said moving apart from him.

He held her wrist and said with bafflement "don't tell me you haven't eaten anything?". He was shocked at the very thought.

Geet stayed quite and started looking down as she felt caught red-handed "oh my God, Geet this is too much" he said in a loving anger. He very well knew he was the reason because of which her appetite had disappeared. "now you seat here and let me see what I can prepare" he said pecking on her temple.

"ok I'll make a call to Dr Kirti, that I am coming back" she said, picking her mobile up.

"good idea as I can't stay away from you si either you have to come back or I have to shift there. Now that you have decided, so the problem is solved" he pecked on her lips and went in the kitchen.

She shook her head with a cute smile on her lips and a blush on her cheeks. Still she couldn't believe that he was there with her and they were both getting lovey-dovey.

Geet called Kirti and said "Dr Kirti, I am sorry for all the trouble I an giving you but I want to come back in Sanjeevani"

Kirti could feel happiness in Geet's life "ok Dr Geet, no problem you and Maan both can join in two day" she said last quite softly as she knew it must be Maan's magic that she was fine now and ready to come back.

"thank you Dr Kirti" Geet said with a smile, though she was surprised when Kirti mentioned Maan. After disconnecting the call, she went in the kitchen and saw Maan preparing something.

She couldn't help but hug him from behind "what are you cooking?"

He felt so good to be hugged like this by his Geet "hmm I am preparing eggs with bread that was all I could find"

"ok, so Mr Khurana knows how to cook?" she asked teasingly, placing a kiss on his neck.

"don't distract me if you want to eat something edible" he said concentrating on the eggs as it was getting hard for him to resist her.

"hmm" she said, chuckling softly and kept hugging him, her head placed on his broad back.

He smiled widely and kept doing his task. "finally it's done, let's set the table" he said, placing the last bread in the plate.

"already?" she asked, breaking apart from the hug, with a frown which made Maan chuckle.

"Geet, it had been more than at least 20 minutes that you had been hugging me now come the food is waiting for us" he asked knocking some reality in her head.

"really?" she asked innocently.

"really" he confirmed, pinching her nose softly in response she pouted, only to receive a kiss by Maan on her lips.

After two day, they went back to Sanjeevani where everyone greeted them happily even Meera came to her and hugged Geet, with tears in her eyes "I am sorry Geet, I was always hard with... I always kept on hurting you. Please forgive me". Meera had informed her parents about Geet, being her sister and they really wanted to take her home as she was always their daughter.

"it's ok di" she said hugging Meera back.

The next week, Maan and Geet got happily married. To Geet, it still felt like a dream but each time Maan proved her it was reality with his kisses and love making. Now both of them had each other's support and love, when they had confessed they never felt alone or ignored they just love each other so much.

Hey guys,
Here is a one-shot on MG, I hope you all will like it :)
I truly wish that you enjoyed it and that you would read my writtings in the future too. :D

I want to dedicate this OS to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in October (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).
If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D
All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.
And I'll PM later :)

Luv u<333

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luved it dear..
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Love it so much
thanks 4 da pm
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loved IT!!!!
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wow, awesome os. loved it .
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Oh ya Kashh... I loved it!!!!

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i loved it to the coreee......
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That was such a cute one ! aww

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