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Dill Mill Gayye-----For AR/ ArSh/ SR fans....

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Posted: 13 October 2010 at 8:12am | IP Logged
TongueI'm writing this....Not because I want to put any of the other jodi's down...I'm an AR fan...Always have and will be....But I'm also a Sid and Shilpa fan....I love both of them..And I've adored KW right from his Remix days....So as Sid to, I've loved him! My post isn't to pin point at any of you guys' personal favorites....It's just my POV...I hope you guys will respect it by not posting abusive replies firstly, and secondly not bashing AR/ ArSh/ SR....I'm an AR fan but I've not bashed up SR or ArSh to prove my point...So I hope you guys will reciprocate the same...!Smile

Here goes!Smile

***************************Dill Mill Gayye*******************************

When you hear these three words, or hear that signature whistle...What comes to your mind first? I mean those people who have been with DMG right from August 20, 2007 up till the end on October 29, 2010....

I'll tell you what I think of...I think of those 5 interns-Armaan, Riddhima, Anjali, Atul and Sapna....The story was originally supposed to be revolving around THEM...!

The fights, the basketball matches, the bets, the Girls v/s Boys battle....The never ending fun and masti and pranks....

And then the love began....Between our favorite jodi-AR aka Armaan and Riddhima...

But then Sapna left!!:( But two of the best characters entered thereafter....Rahul and Muskaan....!:) 

So the story began to revolve around those 6 people, those 3 eternal pairs....Although separated brutally, yet remembered as ONE....ALWAYS! No matter what!

The fun and frolic never died in DMG....Until that horrible episode of September 21, 2009....Where our AR almost got killed....I cried...A lot....Because just an hour before that episode was telecast, I saw the same jodi( Although Shilpa was Riddhima then), fighting and playing pranks with each other, on Star Utsav....It was so unbelievable that I had to see those fun and lovely people getting brutally killed that way...

And for the next 6 months, we were tortured with those unrealistic stories....Which was never a part of our DMG before....And agreed, I stopped watching DMG for some while after that...

And then one glorious day I heard that Riddhima was coming back on New Years'....My spirits were dampened yet again, when in her comeback episode itself, I saw friction between Riddhima and Sid....And I was heartbroken...I had always thought of Riddhima as the epitome of perfection...And in the months to come, I had begun to hate her...

Who would blame me? She got married to someone just because she cried wolf and made a joke out of herself in front of the entire hospital? I strongly opposed to that...Especially to Shashank's decision to get her married to a guy who was responsible for his daughter's misery....I would rather put my daughter's happiness before what the stupid society thinks...I know this might not go with Indian values and trust me I'm an Indian from heart and soul...But I would never compromise my life just because the world thinks it's the right thing to do! It's my LIFE for heavens' sake...And I, like every human being, have a right to be happy...

But Shashank did not see all that...And so Riddhima got married to Sid...Not for herself...But to save her Dad's reputation...

Later on, Armaan's comeback was the BEST thing that could have happened to DMG...I just wished the CVs would have had the brains to bring him back earlier....Probably the disastrous storyline could have been altered...

But better late than never...The life of the show returned...

And the joke began....Who would you choose-Your Ex or your Husband....Subjective matter....

If you choose to say EX: SR fans bash you up like crazy calling you a Non-Indian and saying that you're betraying Indian values!:O 

I would like to answer to those accusations....Wouldn't I rather choose to be happy with my Ex rather than cheat on my husband by pretending to love him while I love someone else? 

Think it this way....Even if Riddhima did go with Sid...Do you really think Sid would have been HAPPY? Like HAPPY HAPPY....He obviously wouldn't....People Marriages aren't supposed to be about compromising with your lives....It's supposed to be compromising FOR your lives...I'll explain the difference..'With' your lives would include what SR were sharing till date....A marriage no doubt, but no love, no trust, no honesty involved....But this wouldn't be to make each other happy...All this would be done only to keep the world happy and to make them think that 'Oh we're such a happy and lovey-dovey couple!'

'For' your lives on the other hand would include compromising not for the world, but to keep each other happy...Which Riddhima and Armaan did...Armaan chose to leave when he realized he was going to go insane...He was compromising FOR his life cause his life was equivalent to Riddhima...And he didn't want her to spend her life with a madman who could fall dead any minute...Riddhima too took the bullet for Armaan...She too compromised on her life....

Marriages are made in heaven....And at the end life is all about finding that one person you are DESTINED to be with...How many of you'll will disagree with me when I say that SR weren't DESTINED to be together...They were merely TIED down...! Bitter truth...At least for Riddhima it meant a huge burden to endure for life...Because she knew at that time, that she could never accept him as more than a husband...You share many relations with your husband...My mum says he can be your best friend, your confidante, your shield, your guide, and your worst enemy as well...

He is supposed to walk behind you to protect you, ahead of you to show you the way, and beside you to support you when you fall!----This is my personal favorite quote..Copyrights reserved!;) Lol!

But anyway...Marriage therefore isn't only about those 7 boons...It's about the love which helps you maintain those 7 promises....And SR had ZERO, ZILCH, ZIPPO love between them...Marriage is supposed to be merging of hearts and souls...So technically speaking, AR were pretty much married, because they belonged to each other from heart and soul...!

Coming to Sid...He is every woman's dream husband no doubt about that! He's simply amazing, and in the last few episodes he made me go crazy about him...And trust me I've hated him since sooooo long! So he achieved the impossible where I'm concerned!:P

But guys, Sid is better off without Riddhima...She loves someone else...Doesn't Sid deserve to be SOMEONE'S ARMAAN? He deserves a Riddhima as well...Just another Riddhima...He deserves someone who'll love him...Not someone who's just with him for society's sake and just because she respects him...That's all there is to SR's marriage...Respect...

Coming to AR.....Just because AR are gonna be together now, doesn't make Armaan and cheap dog, and Riddhima a wh*re...Because what they have is what we call 'true love'! 

Armaan was NEVER lusting for Riddhima...If he would have, then he had a good 2 years to do her in...But he never did...He looked after her, made sure she was happy, as if his life depended on it....

At the end, as Sid said, it's better for all three of them if AR were together....Because otherwise, it's not justice to both-Armaan and Sid...While Armaan would be left heartbroken, Sid would be cheated in the most preposterous way....

Coming back to why I wrote this silly article...

I wanted to know why we guys are fighting, when the reason for all our fights and unity is coming to an end...! 

Guys DMG is ending...Be it AR or SR.... First and foremost it was about DMG...I think the end is justified....DMG began with AR on the basketball court...It should end with them being happily married....Because that was what the story was supposed to be...Always! DMG was and always will be about the girl next door named Riddhima Gupta and how she became Riddhima Armaan Mallik...How she met, fell in love with, and finally married the guy of her dreams-Armaan Mallik...

This was and is supposed to be THEIR story...!

SR fans, you guys are fighting to see your favorite jodi together, who made you guys fall in love with them in these past 7-8 months...True you guys are also fighting to keep the sanctity of marriage alive...But I already explained why SR's marriage cannot be called a 'true marriage'...Riddhima's heart was already married to Armaan's way before Sid even came into the picture...

"Papa, Armaan meri jaan hai....Meri jaan andar hai..."

Riddhima had said this on September 21st....

And as far as I know, no one can forget their past....Forget 'forgetting'....You can never stop loving someone who is your life...Someone who you are breathing for...

Coming to KaSh fans....KaSh fans, even I'm a huge KaSh fan...But DMG was never about KaSh...As far as I know, DMG never had a character called Karan and Shilpa only came into DMG in the last few months of DMG....Shilpa as a character did not exist in the actual DMG....So KaSh fans, I know you guys are disappointed that Shilpa left yet again, but DMG was never about KaSh...It was about AR who were once upon a time being played by KSG and SA...But SA left....Sukirti came...KaSu created another kind of magic...Then Jennifer came...And KaJen made ways into our hearts as well....

At the end it's not about KaSh/ Kasu/ KaJen...It's about AR...And I've never been able to make out the difference between any of the three Riddhima's...Because to me, all of them were Armaan's baskets....Not SA, SK or JW...

It was sad that none of the other stories saw a nice ending...AA, RM, AN....They deserved happy endings as well...But they didn't get them...

At the end I would just like to say...Guys end all WARS! DMG's going to END in another 2 and half weeks! Enjoy it! It doesn't make a difference which jodi was best as AR-KaSh/ KaSu/ KaJen....It doesn't make a difference if AR are doing the right thing or no...It doesn't make a difference if SR is the ethically correct option...The point is, that DMG's ending! So just end all wars, sit back, and ENJOY...

What's the whole point? They are fictional characters...And we, real people, are fighting over them? Dude that's so hilarious!:D

Let's just enjoy our favorite show as it nears its end....Because people, firstly married couples aren't going to take tutorials about how to maintain their marriage from DMG....And just because DMG breaks ethical guidelines, doesn't mean you bash it up like this...What about all K-shows? Not only have they broken ethical guidelines, but it also broke God's and Nature's rules of life and death, because in all those shows, people seemed to have been coming back to life from their graves!!

So STOP FIGHITNG! Stop bashing AR! Stop bashing SR! Stop bashing ArSh! Stop bashing Armaan, Riddhima, Sid and Shilpa! And most of all keep the actors out of this!

And this is something I find very disgusting and I'm gonna take a stand for it...I might sound rude but I don't care...It's very disgusting how some people have been doing this...But people please understand, KSG, JW, KW and SA haven't decided the story line! So don't have go's at their personal lives cause seriously we don't know the whole story....No one except the people involved know the true story...So we are NO ONE to comment on that! So stay out of it! Live your own life people...It's disgusting how some you guys have jabs at KSG's and JW's personal stuff....Don't you'll get it? They don't live their lives to please you, or to do what you guys think is right! They live life their way... Definitions of right and wrong vary from person to person! It's subjective, so please don't get objective and judgmental about these petty things...Just because of a show you guys are tarnishing an individual's integrity and reputation...Stop it! It's a show...Treat it like one! It's simply disgusting and disgraceful how you guys can have jabs at a REAL person's life just because your favorite FICTIONAL show isn't going to give a happy ending to your favorite FICTIONAL jodi! 

Have fun with DMG...Don't moan and cry....! Because you'll will cry when it's all over...Trust me!!

Hope this 'small' note helped all those who are troubled with the storyline or with all those rubbish things that people are posting on other public websites!!:)


P.S. No offence to anyone! Please don't bash me up or anything! It's my POV...And since I'm allowed freedom of speech, I'm just voicing my mind's thoughts....Civilized human beings will respect it! I don't know about the rest!!Tongue

P.S.S. This is my first note on this website, so in case you guys do decide to bash me up, I'l never be able to come back here again!Cry

P.S.S.S. No more post-scripts!Tongue LOL!Big smile

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Shrutika......I want to say you two things.... said what I always wanted to say.....but did not have have the proper words to say it......You have really written an awesome post....May be you should try your hand at writing.....because you have some serious me on that...

And secondly.....I know you have been moved by how some morons have bashed and abused AR,KSG and Jenni...I am aware of all the happenings in IF and other forums...But do you really feel this post would any difference at all to those jerk's mind set??
I believe if they have not only dared to write an OS with humiliating and disgracing the fictional characters like hell....but also going on to call Riddhima a wh*re.....they can never behave in a civil way again just by reading this wonder piece...rather they would come up with an even more lengthier post and an even more uncivil OS!

I have said that earlier and I will say that again....I realise the amount of time you have put on to write this brilliant piece..but the fact is......this is not going to help....
We...and by we...I mean AR,SR and ArSh fans......because according to me those idiots are not AR,SR or ArSh fans....they belong to a 4th group...names OBAP[Only Bash and Abuse People]...We have tried to make them understand this....but we have miserably I do not care too just avoid it....give an occasional reply if it seems absolutely unbearable!

Its high time now that we stop wasting our time in making them realise that its about DMG at the end of the day...
So lets just forget about every thing else......let those insane people have their jabs at AR,KSG and Jenni......

Just enjoy the last 7 episodes of our favourite show Dill Mill Gayye...
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Posted: 13 October 2010 at 2:53pm | IP Logged
This should be posted in the Dill Mill Gayye Forum. Fan Fictions forum is only for stories, not to discuss shows! Thanks!
Sheena :D
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it awesome ll this is soo true...

The show is frictional Y make it real...

Kudos to u
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Posted: 14 October 2010 at 2:05am | IP Logged

I really adore you so much for writing this.......

Every word has weight........Muah to you!!!!!!!!!!Clap

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