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Friday (22/10/2010)

Sudan shouts at Mayil asking how dare he slapped him and slaps him back.Pushpa reacts and this adds fuel to Sudan's anger. He asks him where her reaction was when he was slapped by Mayil. Pushpa as usual continues crying.. Mayil then explains about the situation which forced him to slap Sudan and again asks him Sorry... He asks Maha to apologise.

Maha goes near Sudan and starts her explanation on how she gets angry if someone harms her Gopi athan(Amma thaaye Pandi is also your Athan and avarkum thaan soonyam vetchaaru unga appa, atleast for namesake andha per sollanum nu thonicha?)She apologises and asks him to forgive her.

Sudan then asks Mayil to leave and not waste his time.Mayil with a sad face tries to leave and Maha also turns to leave. Sudan asks her to go inside and Maha gets mad.She asks him not to give her situations to break her feeling of being sorry.. Sudan also thorws words about Maha and leaves.

KS aunty and uncle busy making Puttu. Andha cycle gap le sila pala nakkals, kindals from Selva.. KSA goes with the puttu to Mahes and asks her to eat (adada enna idhu paasam pongi vazhiyuthu? sariyillaye? ..)Mahe doesnt give attention to KSA and party.. Selva and KSU praising about aunty's puttu making theramai and asks her to taste it. Uncle build up mela build up about his wife and her puttu making which could have made them rich if she had agreed to put a road ora puttu kadai near the kovil.

Mahes after a long compulsion takes the plate and before she could eat the puttu she gets to knw the real intention behind the paasa puttu... Selva wants to do a new business and for that money is needed for which they are aiming to catch hold of Sokku sir.Mahes keeps the puttu thattu down  at once.. Appram the trio try to convince her to talk to her appa but haha Mahe kitta adhellam vegale...

The Dubai return Kadai onwer  comes and shouts for his Kadai which had to be vacatted within 24 hrs or else he threatens Selva to get ready to face the consequences.  Selva starts talking to Mahes again asking her to to talk to her appa for money..Mahes talks about their guts to talk to her about this after all that happened. Sokku calls her and gets a hint from her tone that his daughter was not happy..

Malar tries to talk to Rohini about Shankar but she refuses to listen. She blames his wife for cheating on him and support Shankar.. Malar narrates the whole story but it falls on the deaf ears of Rohini (Neruppu totta sudum nu sonnalum, naan patta thaan thirundhuvain nu adam pudicha enna panna mudiyum)

Rohini tells that her sister Malar was similar to Shankar's wife .She says that even Malar was cheating on Gokul by getting engaged to him and still thinking about Gopi and her silent love nu... She throws words on her sister and leaves.. Malar falls down crying bitterly


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Archives Copy

Monday October 25 2010 Episode 133 Update

Original Song:Movie :Andha 7 Nattkal
kavithai arangkerum neram
malar kanaigal parimaarum dhggam
ini naalum kalyana raagam
intha ninaivu sangithamaagum..
kavithai arangkerum neram
malar kanaigal parimaarum dhegam
our remix song:Movie Name:Nondha 5 naattkal
Azhugai Arangerum Neram
Thalai vali dhaan start aagum kaalam
Idhu ggggopi azhugatchi vaaram
Naam ellam Esss aagi povom povom
Azhugai aangeru Neram.....CryCryCryCry
Gopi and 2 pancha paandavigal (ragini and geetha) in mahes' s ooru,Thirupullani....They are coming out of the temple and comes near the Poo kadai..which they believes as Selvarangam's flower shop...Gopi and sisters perumaiya pesing abt SL's flowershop...A man comes and asks what are they talking abt the shop?...Gopi says they are talking abt Selvarangam...their maappilai and the owner of the shop...That man nakkal adichufies them and goes...
Gopi and sisters confused...Ragini says they will ask this to selvarangam and says there is defenitely something wrong...Gopi agrees and they walk towards Mahes's house...
Gopi and co reaches Mahes's house...Shanthi and co welcomes them...Mappu SL thiru thiru...Mahes happy happy...welcomes her family members..Karasev uncle asks abt the sudden visit...Ragini says mahes'svoice phone la sariyillaiyam...adhaan appa vandhu parthuttu poga sonnanga...Karasev family again thiru thiru...
Two mens brings 2 mootai's and keep that 2 moottai's in SL'shouse and leaves...Gopi asks what  is that...KArasev uncle says that is cocunut load for our flower shop...Gopi asking some arivali kostins...Krasev uncle giving same arivali answers...Mahes morachufying karasev aunty...Gopi tells mahes to come to backyard..he wants to talk to her...Shanthi was likeElectric...shouts..why why? here itself...Gopi firmly says he wants to talk to his sister in private...They leaves...karasev family kudumbathoda nail bitingnail bitingnail bitingnail biting
Backyard...Gioi and mahes talking..Gopi asks her...whats happening here mahes?any problem?...Mahes without showing her face to gopi says nothing...she is fine and happy...Gopi does not beleive...Sees her crying...Forces her to tell whats wrong..Mahes azhudhukitte says that the shop is not theirs...karasev fmaily nalla yemathittanga...Gopi shocked...asks...why u didnt tell thisto me and appa?...Mahes replies...Already u all are facing severe problems...idhula idhu veraya?....Mahes continues...Iam afraid anna...enga naan saapattukke kashta pada poreno nnu "...Hearing this gopi gets emotional...Starts crying...Crying 2Crying 2
Mahes joins him in crying...2 perum nalla oppari vaikaranga...Gopi says he is responsible for everything....Mahes continues...SL is gud...But Mr and Ms.karasev always talking abt my jewels..Eppadiyavadhu they r trying to get my jewels from me...Gopi giving over oppari ...says...i'll talk to appa and see whether i can help mappu in any way...Tells mahes to be patient...Gives her some money...adhukku oru oppariCrying 2annanum thangatchi yum u dont cry ...u dont cry nnu sollikitte perform super wits' endat wits' endat wits' endat wits' end
After oppari session mahes and gopi comes in...SL waiting for them...Gopi tells mahes to go inside..mahes thiru thiru...gopi says naan onnu seiyammatten...(adhaan theriyumae...Grrr)...Mahes leaves...Gopi aks abt theshop to SL...Sl asking sorry...Gopi starts his emotional oppari once again...Says this vishayam not known to rest of my fmaily members...I'll not tell them...Pls take care of my sister...I want her to be happy always...Solliputtu azhumoonji annathey leaves...
Gopi's house...Gopi thalaiyila kaiya vachukittu sitting...(Gopi sir...idhu enga sitting position...unga serial aa parthuttu...we should sit like this )....Gopi polambing to his sisters...says ellarum onna porandhu onna valandhom...(achaa?? it so??...orey time laya porandheenga??adhaan ellarum oreymaadhiri loosa irukeengaAngryAngry)....he polambufying abt their mappillai partha lakshanam...tells his iam going to select mappillai's for u...adha nenechadhaan bayama irukku...(same here gopi sir...oru thangachi mapps kke ippadi oppari...innum 4 sisters pending...sethom naanga....DeadDead)....Gopi and sisters continues their RKO...

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Wednesday  27/10/10

Karasevu kudumbathukku periyyyaaaa order doyyyyyy - innikki poora athu thaan kathai !!!

YarO oru appavi,karasevu kudumbathu kitte 30 kgs of Karasevu order kuduthu "should be delivered tomorrow, without fail, gotcha??" Gives an advance of 1000 Rs - the cost for the grocery is 3000 rs - budget le veshti, thundu ellam vizhuthu - the trio decide to approach Mahesh. Selva goes to wifey darling and gloats "namakku nalla kaalam vanthachu. ..karasevu....order ...30 kg..... 1500 rs panam ...idikkarathu....un nagai.....Gopi kudutha panam..." Adeyappa, panam venum nna upside down aa ninnu dancing ellarum !!! - Mahesh denies categorically " stand on your own two feet, I won't part with any thing I have.. one more time, you talk about my jewels.... moottai kattings....appa veettu kku flying.." Selva pacifies Mahesh and sends her in. Mr.Shanthi says that they have to approach their own personal bank..." vaada mappillai, we will DRAW money and get back "

Both go by bike to see Gopi. Selva does not want to face Gopi " yethanum demeaning aa pesitta?? maama, neenga mattum pOittu vaanga..." Maama agrees to venture alone - goes to Gopi's Fashion tailors ( adeyappa, Aish picture vera intha lodukku shop kku !!) - Brags about  the order and says that they have a new brand name " Mahesh per thaan vaichu irukkOm .....1500 rs..... urgent..... neenga thaan.." The pOdisu in the shop reminds Gopi about all the debts and Gopi says that he does not have that kind of money - finally says that he will go home and try to arrange. Mama takes him in the bike. Selva is left high and dry - so, he starts walking towards  the peepee house.

Maama drops him at home - prefers to wait outside - " 50,000 , 1 Lakh nna gowravamaa kadan kekkalaam...ithu small change....athaan ...vekkama.." ( rommmbbba Gnyamaanaa pechu !!) Gopi goes home and tells his sisters that he needs money to buy some spare parts for the machines. All are kakkufying their meagre savings - which amounts to all of 560 Rs. Maha goes in and brings 1500 rs - " yethu Maha ivvalavu panam?? Appa kitte appO appo suttathu thaan " - after this Q and A session, Gopi goes out to give the money to maama. Tells him that the money did not come easy " be careful, ok??" Selva is hiding and watching this......Rasappa comes from behind, sees the mappillai and drags him out " Gopiiiii, mappillai yai paaru " Both Selva and maama look like Scorpion bitten thieves...
Gopi is surprised..

Freeze (neram da sammyyy , enna da ithu Roja kku vantha sOthanai??!!)

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Friday (29/10/2010)

Moorthy comes and the loosu Pandy with his psychic smile pulled the rope and Moorthy falls from his bike.. Kamu all happy waiting to meet Moorthy.She waits for long and finally leaves the temple crying.. She runs crying on the same road where Moorthy fell. She failed to notice a bike which was shown to be lying on the side.. She keeps on running and crying. Then we finally get to see Moorthy who was lying unconscious away from the road...

Kamu goes crying and Paramu asks her sister about the meeting. KAmu after too many questions infroms her about all that happened,Moorthy's absence which shattered Kamu and the way she cried etc..

Paramu then starts telling that Moorthy also showed his true colour and Most of the guys were like that etc. She catogorised guys into 3 like First those who loved over the phone, Second those who married via internet and Third who had did time pass by speaking emotinally to Gals about their feelings and trapping them etc.. SHe then continues that it was not clear on which category Moorthy belongs etc.

Kamu still has a doubt on why he would do all this for her and why he would disappear without telling. Her doubts were shattered by Paramu's words and finally Kamu tells her that she had made up her mind and there wont be anymore confusions from her side..

KS family busy with their preparation for the order. Selva busy praising his akka and wife turn by turn and KS aunty idhaan saaku nu Selva kitta sollara mathiri Mahes ku maraimugama advice pannarthu, thittarthu nu ore busy..

Mahes who now knws fully about the family asks KS aunty to be quiet and tells that she knew all the work but aunty's stupid talks made her not to do anything ... KS aunty asks her FIL to fetch water for her and this makes Mahes mad.. She asks him to rest and she goes to fetch water and vaalu mathiri goes Selva sir...

KS uncle comes and tells aunty about his dedication by showing her the 'Erumbu Podi' .He tells that making sweets would bring ants and they would eat all the sweets so he got powder to get rid of them and save their business etc.. KS aunty finds that her maavu was very diluted and asks his to add more flour to the mixture.. Ayya stock market, share market pathi pesikitte puts the Erumbu podi instead of the flourShocked and SK Aunty who was busy correcting the consistency of the dough fails to notice this fiascoOuch...

Malar meets Shanker and asks him to stay away from her sister Rohini.. Shankar tries to convince her and make his part clear but Malar tells that she knew the whole story and saw the mother crying for her daughter who was not in this world etc.She then warns him to stay away from Rohini and tells that it was her helplessness that she was requesting and talking to him as her sister was not ready to listen to her..

KS aunty and family back after their business. They have delivered their order and now KS aunty is now busy dreaming and talking about her future project, which is taking more orders,shifting to a big house where they can make and preserve their orders etc.. Pesikitte they come to the backyard of their house and KS aunty finds a paper with some powder left..She asks uncle whether he had put the whole flour for the dough and he nods telling Yes.. She goes near doubting about why the paper still had some powder left. She takes a tinch of it and tastes it.

She spits it in shock and shouts at KS uncle for mixing Erumbu podi instead of rice flourOuch.. KS uncle and Selva talks about escaping before police came to question them.. KS aunty polambyfies and shouts on KS uncle who was getting Saave Market ready instead of his Share Market etc..Mahe is all shocked and not moving or talking. KS uncle tells Selva to escape to his Mamanaar's place (Idhe pozhappu ungalkkuDead..)

Selva calls Mahe and there she starts her oppari banging on her head about her keduketta In Laws who never knew to do anything properly.. She is then dragged by the whole KS family and Thunda Kaanom Thuniya Kaanom nu they are running to save themselves from the Police...


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