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Wish you were here Pg 10 MN OS

Muskaan_01 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 October 2010 at 8:21am | IP Logged

Part 1

Falling in love with my best friend. How stupid of me. I have been hiding this from him. For the reason I don't like to ruin the friendship. I know this reason is getting old and has been used a lot, but I'm not a risky person to actually tell him the truth. We have been friends since elementary, that's a long time.

I heard my phone ringing: I have the silliest yet unique ring tone ever, him calling my name over and over again. 'Nupur,Nupur'' plus this awesome line' 'You're the greatest'' People I know, think this is plain pathetic, I think it's a sign of our friendship besides when I'm down just hearing this uplifts me. That's how much I'm in love with him.

I didn't bother answering it. I don't let anything or anyone bother me during my relaxation time.

I lay merrily on the soft green grass. I can feel the gentle breeze brush my face, the rays of the sun stinging my exposed skin. I can hear the rustling of the leaves, chirping of the birds, cheerful laughs of the passersby, beeping of the cars from afar.
This is such a nice summer day'

"Nupur Bushan what on earth are you doing?" I heard someone ask.
"Dying'" I replied instinctively.

"You can't die now..."

Because of curiosity, I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times. At first I had blurred vision, I tried to rub my eyes hard after a few seconds, I could see clear again.

"How did you find me Mayank?" I questioned him, as I lay still on the grass.
"Nupur, I know you always hangout here at the park when you have nothing else to do." He answered, crouching down at my left side positioning his face above mine at the same time narrowing his eyes.

"Come on' Get up." He demanded swinging his head to the right.
"I don't want to!" I whined scrunching up my nose and crossing my arms.
"Do you want this?" He dropped his bag on the grass and showed me his hands as he threatened me. This could only mean one thing, he is about to''tickle me to death.
"Try me'" I stuck out my tongue at him, playing hard-to-get.

"Ok, you asked for it."
"AH!" I started laughing out loud as he tickled me on my stomach. I rolled all over the grass like a cute puppy.
I couldn't bare it anymore so I gave up, "Alright, alright!!! I give up!!"

"Good." He stopped after hearing my sweet surrender. I brushed off the leaves that got stuck on my jacket and stood up slinging my backpack on my left shoulder.

I gave out a sigh as he grinned.

I love seeing his smile'
"Let's get going, we still have dance practice!" said he, at the same time messing up my hair.
"Hey!" I reacted.
"You're so cute!!!" He teased me and pinched my nose.
He began to run away from me. Mayank leaped over the knee-high fence on to the paved part of the park where the benches were placed. He looked back at me and shouted my name.
He started to run again.
"Wait for me Mayank!!!"


"Why did we have to run?" I asked catching my breath, trying to vacuum in the oxygen around me.
"It is for warm up Nupur'" he answered me.
The dance studio was located at a commercial building in London. It is hidden behind the other tall buildings but it is pretty well-known. It is managed by Indians, so mostly the dancers there are Indians but there are also locals.
We entered the building to the studio.
We saw our fellow dancers, some were chatting and some were stretching.
"Hey!" they all greeted us with enthusiasm.
"Are we late?" I questioned them placing my bag on the wooden floor along with the others.
"No, you guys are right on time." My friend, Gunjan, replied walking towards me.
"Is everyone here already?" Mayank raised another question, also throwing his bag onto the pile.
She answered with a simple nod.
"Ok, guys! Let's get started!" our leader, Atul, yelled clapping his hands to get everybody's attention.

The boys were up first. Atul pressed play on the CD player and the guys started dancing.
Us girls sat in one corner and watched them. Some girls drooled and murmured seeing their crushes dance.
Gunjan started to poke my sides, "Look at Mayank' He's freaking hot!!!!" she squealed softly
All of the sudden other girls near us began giggling.
I stole a glance at Mayank, he is hot when he moves. I saw Mayank glanced at me through the wall mirror and he smiled at me. I heard giggling again.
"Nupur, why aren't you telling him the truth yet?" she asked me.
"I don't want to." I frowned at her.
"At least ask him out." she insisted.
"I do ask him out." I told her.

"Well, we don't go on dates' We just hang out." I clarified.
"Stop being stubborn Nupur' He's a nice guy.. I'm pretty sure if ever you confess to him and he rejected you nothing will change between you." Gunjan tried to convince me.
"Yeah Nupur  or else I'll take him." One of the girls joked as she laughed.
I kept quiet, what Gunjan said got me thinking. Maybe I should stop being stubborn and at least try' AH! What am I saying? I just can't take that risk.

"Ok' Girls it's your turn." Atul informed us as he drank his bottle of water.
We all stood up, flexed a few muscles and then went in front of the mirror. I was in the front row.
Atul pressed play on the CD player and we started dancing. On the other hand the boys were the one's who sat in one corner.

Afterwards we had more practice until it was time to go home.
"Guys remember the dance competition next week. You all should prepare!" Atul reminded showing us the tarpoline.
"Ok, you can all go!!" Our leader shouted telling us we could leave.

"Nupur, I'll walk you home." Mayank said as he came up to me.
Gunjan who was beside me whispered at my ear,
"Go and ask him out."
I took a deep breath and spoke up,
"Mayank I have nothing to do after this and it's too early if I go home' Could we hang out for a while?" I questioned like it was my first time asking this to him.
"Oh, sure! We haven't hanged out for quite a while now." He agreed placing his arm on my shoulder and securing it.
"Let's go then!" he continued.

We went out the building, it was noon already. Mayank held my wrist and dragged me out the streets.
"Where do you want to go first?" I asked him.
"The arcade~!" he answered.

So we went to an arcade station and played a lot of games. We stayed there for hours. Mayank was playing Tekken 6. He kept on winning, he was unstoppable. After he won every round he hugs me tight with those toned arms of his. I didn't bother stopping him, I liked that moment, let us say I'm sort of taking advantage of him. Then we ate a lot of ramen until we were full and we ended up back at the park lying on the grass side by side. I loved every minute with him.

He kept on cracking jokes and I kept on laughing. He sat up, oh no' He wants to go home'
"Hey, Nupur?"
"Yes?" I sat up as well.
"About the dance competition'" That was close, I thought he wanted to go home already.
"What about it?" I gave him an innocent look.
"Since we have to compete with each other, may the best dancer win." He stretched out his left hand wanting to shake on it. I took his hand, "May the best dancer win." I repeated.

"If ever one of us wins'no hard feelings alright?" Mayank reassured.
"Yep." I answered shortly.
"Now that's settled' Let's get home." He finished.
Aww' I did not want for this day to end but it was getting late so I had no choice but to agree or else my mom would kill me, if not, lock me in our attic for a day with no food. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but one thing's for sure she'll get super mad.

Mayank walked me home, we exchanged our goodnights. He gave me a hug, another friendly embrace I should bare wishing it could be more than that.

"See you next week Nupur, practice hard ok? 'Coz I will, I don't want to see you crash and burn on the stage and start crying in one corner. Seeing you like that breaks my heart." Mayank uttered with concern as he messed up my hair again.

"Mayank? Can I ask you a random question?"
"yeah, Of course ?" he smirked.
"Will you ever see me as more than your friend' you know, like a lover or something like that?"
I stumbled with every word but gladly I managed to get that out.
Mayank's smile disappeared.
"Uhh'ummm'" he was speechless and began tapping his foot.
I shouldn't have asked that! STUPID!!!
He stared at me the whole time.
'Tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc' I started singing in my head to ease of the tension between us.
Completing the harmony is the sound of the crickets. Anima much?
Come to think of it my question can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no' right? Am I right? Why is he having a hard time? Was it that difficult?
There was along awkward silence before he miraculously spoke up.
"Why are you asking me that?" then he began chuckling.
That's it? That's all I get after all that time I held my breath waiting for his reply. That is really it?
Answering me with another question? Oh Jesus Christ!!!!

"I was curious so I had to ask' So is that a yes or no?"
"Well'" he started thinking again.
"I really can't answer that'" he tried to excuse himself.
"Oh'" I got disappointed. I was damned. No, it was more than that it was like a blanket of ice cold snow just poured down on me. Like I've been shot, like I've been sliced by the sharpest blade in the whole entire universe. Like' like' like' someone forced me to drink a bucket of acid. I was feeling the water in my eyes waiting to come out, he can't see me crying.

"Umm' See you next week Mayank."
I bid good-bye and ran into my house like a baby.
My heart got shattered into a trillion pieces. What did he mean by 'I really can't answer that'?
Did that mean no or did that mean maybe? AHH!!! I'm so confused.
I bursted into tears'

I'll update the final part tomorrow. I hope u like it.

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yuppi i am the first oneParty
that was great
really really beautiful written
update soon plsssssssss


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nice one

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Nirvrithi Goldie

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Posted: 11 October 2010 at 9:04am | IP Logged
I am waiting for next part Day Dreaming 
My fav part  was
 I have the silliest yet unique ring tone ever, him calling my name over and over again. 'Nupur,Nupur'' plus this awesome line' 'You're the greatest''
ab soch rahi hoon ki mein bhi apne hubby ke liye aise hi tone set karoon LOL ,even if it takes a lot of effort to make him utter these cheesy lines even at gunpoint Wink

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Awww...dont stop at such a curious point! :(

Continue soon! Please!

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2010 at 9:21am | IP Logged
Wonderful os..
waiting for next part
do continue soon

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nice os dear................

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wilddevil2010 Senior Member

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Nice OS but y did u stop at dis point. Dying 2 read d next part

Pls continue soon

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