WHERE IS THENDRAL???-Thendral team,pls do read this

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    The Thendral we are watching now is not the one we used to be crazy about,not the old one which we loved. Unhappy I feel very bad to see Thendral like this.

    Nowadays there is too much of curses, abuses, crying, stress etc,.all possible negatives in one package precisely. That is what is Thendral now. They can be there, they can't be avoided yes. All the above have to be there at one point in a story but there is a limit for everything. It will have the effect, impact only if they are under that limit.

    We r really tired of listening to all abuses and curses. I think the hero and heroine got stuffed with enough of problems in their store but still the count seems to get increase and never seems to decrease.

    I mean that there should be a balance between all positives and negatives but only negatives are shown nowadays. Yes there is romance scenes at times but that is not the only thing we expect. There are so many other positive things that can be shown such as Thulasi getting bold enough, Tamizh waking up, being responsible and doing something witty to solve the problems or trying to get a job atleast.

   But what is shown now is just two ladies screaming like anything such that we just didn't get our ears bleed yet.That too full of bad and harsh words.This is a prime time show and many families watch it together with all of them in their family including children.So imagine how much annoyed we will be, hearing such harsh bad words.And so sad of my parents really,they are asking me not to watch but naan daan adam pudichu paathutruken.They are feeling annoyed to watch with me and hesitates to let me watch coz of this.

   Really tired of hearing those two ladies pointing out the same thing with same atrocious words.Going on repeating again again to degrade Thulasi with horrible language and abuses is really atrocious to watch.We have had enough of them.

   Now this week again this madam,Padma has filed a new complaint about Thulasi to Tamizh's mom about her character.Now this Tamizh's mom is going to bombard us again with the same dialogues.

   This week they could have shown the murderer who did this attack or atleast Tamizh waking up but they didn't.Ok that's ok but someother tracks could have been shown rather showing these ladies and abusing Thuls even in the hospital. It really sucks to see the same saga getting repeated again and in the upcoming week too is going to continue.Soo sad of updaters.

    And Thuls is now with no support.Just this Monday her hubby got attacked and now her dad.Sadness-ae serialaa irundaa viewers nelamai enna aagradhu?Konjam karunai kaatlaame.Serials are just for entertainment why should such stress must be shown???They are giving bonus to daily routine tensions which really sucks when we really feel stressed.This is the only serial I watch.Nowadays I am not sitting in front of TV for any others too.This is the only show I watch.Andha half an hourlayum ivlo sogam.

On the whole this post is just to place some important requests as follows,

  • Please try to avoid showing too much of CRYING, violence and ABUSES rather show something positive to balance them.
  • Please for Gods sake try to give decent dialogues.
              Don't mistake that I am criticising,this is just  a request.We are now just requesting you so that Thendral would be even better than now.The thing is we want our most favourite show to be the bestest of all in all ways Big smile.

          Thendral team,we love your show a lot  Hug and can understand the difficulties in creating something.
Hats off to you Star,we thank you sooo much for all your efforts to give us such a beautiful show.This is not just a serial,it's our most favourite show which we want to see outstanding with all its best.Keep rocking!!! Thumbs Up We shall support Big smile


     The notion of this post is to make clear of what we really feel and to make clear of the weeds that have to be removed which will help Thendral to revive its flavor.The need for this post particularly at this time is coz Thendral started losing it's viewers's interest...not just started now but since the abuses started.We feel that this is high time to make necessary changes to avoid loss of viewers.

     It will be very nice if this goes to the ears of the concerned person and gets considered seriously.So people reading this please convey the message to the concerned people.

Please friends,do press the "Like" button if u agree with what I said so that it comes across properly to the Thendral team reading this.Thank u Big smile

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Excellent post, Hema.

It's OK to see occasional dull episodes, but this week was full of negativism and absolutely nothing postive to enjoy. It's becoming another 'SUN TV serial' and the uniqueness is starting to disappear with the whole world turning against Thamizh & Thulasi . I hope someone from Thendral team reads your post and makes the needful changes. 

Deepak , please (if possible) get Kumaran sir to read these posts.


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Good ONE DA!!!!!!!
U have pointed out most of the viewers feel who used to be very crazy about the show. The way things were shown for this week was too bad and was very hard to take.....too many things in a gives lots of negative vibrations and as u said cant be a drawing room show that too being a prime time show......
Balancing of emotions should be there...hope things change in a right way at least in the future episodes.......
As u said we just dont need romance alone.......many positive things can be shown......though negative aspects are needed..but not dumped together this way continuously.......
I want thendral to be the best one as we were feeling so far......this week made most people feel bad........please come back with good things as early as possible.......
KEEP ROCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great post Hema! I think we have to write it explicitly for them to be aware of the viewer's POV. Things are really getting out of hand and the atrocious language, abuses and oppaari vachufying are really what we DO NOT want to see! Thendral was going really well earlier such that even people who normally dont watch serials got addicted to it, like me! However, its really going overboard right now so high time they put a full stop to all the negativism.

Thendral team, please do the needful after reading this. Be assured its from mad Thendral fans, so you can imagine how depressing it is, seeing our favorite show going down the drain. Unhappy

PS: Friends, please press the like button on Hema's post, if you agree with her and wanna get the message across. Thank you!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Very good job. You have pointed out very well what the viewers feel about this serial for the past few weeks. I really wish and hope that someone of the crew reads this or Deepak conveys this message to the director or script writer. I thank you for this thread Hema Smile.

Where is Thendral? I shall answer this question. Thendral is now polluted with full of curses,abuses,blaming,crying,violence,revenge,pain,negativism,pessimism etc. Let me stop the list here, of course it is longer than this.

Let the director answer us two questions. The first one is, could he point out even one good thing that happened last week in Thendral? Not even a second they did show anything good. Even in a movie they show rarely women like this much bad. But this is a serial everyone is supposed to watch it with a whole family without feeling uncomfortable. Last week was nothing realistic in this show. A 20 years old girl is taunted from every side and her supporters are weak at the present time. She should manage all those problems alone.If he tries to create sympathy for her, i am left with the choice to laugh than feel sorry for her.

It is understandable that Thulasi went through lot of struggles to get her studies. Even after that she went most probably two days only to college. I doubt if she could continue her studies. After all those months of watching Thendral i have concluded it is not a woman- education based story, it is like every other serial how to make the heroine cry cry cry and cry. I think like all the other promos for this serial, the very first promo for Thendral too mislead many of us to believe it is all about education, but IT'S NOT.

Director Kumaran sir, a request to you, if you can not give us any positive things or if you can not avoid the abusive language, please FINISH THE SERIAL. It is much much better than showing us full of negativism.

I am really sorry if i hurt anyone of Thendral crew or Thendral fans.

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hema well done..i agree ur points..

the director of this serial has started again the usual mega serial format in this serial too..

so pls change the format to this serial atleast..

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Hema, thank you daa for this thread, it is a very good idea from you maaClap. I am very happy that you created a new thread to let the Thendral team know about our state of mind about this serial.

Everyone here said what we all fans feel about the serial's going now. It is very sad that even the craziest Thendral fans like me begin to dislike the serial. It hurts when our beloved Thendral serial is turning out to be a worst serial Unhappy. It makes us angry that the director is sothappifying everything even if he has all the chances and stuff to make it more interesting. With a really good theme like woman's can the director make the worst out of it....if he would make use of it, Thendral serial would be outstanding and different from every other serial on Tamil TV.

Like Hema requested, they should give decent dialogues. I think we are seeing a huge difference in the dialogues after the dialogue writer Guru Sampath Kumar has been replaced few months back....we hear lot of abusive sentences now.Ahhh.... how much i loved his words for Mr. Varadarajan to Deepa. They were really motivating for young people like me. In Mr. Ezhilvaradhan's writing the "ezhil" is missing in his dialogues. And the sad part is that two women....especially mothers.....who should be respectful people in life and in a family are portrayed in a most horrible way....they can't be shown worse than these two ladies Angry. Agreed...this serial does not show stories like two wives, or killing family members for money...but the words ouf of the two women's mouths can be compared to them.

They are good people in this serial, you can show them atleast once a week to make the viewers feel better. Ok, Thamizh...who shines out with his optimism is that situation..he can't be shown....but you could show Deepa or Kalyani.How comes that... that side characters like Deepa and Kalyani are very bold.....the main lead Thulasi is so timid Confused.

Bring Thamizh into the story again. He gives the full energy to the serial..wouldn't it be nice if Tamizh gives his energy to his viewers too???!!!

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