Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

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Also do check the link below by Megha,
SNS: Poem Analysis
which will give u a nice Funny Recap of the show till now.

Its not upto the mark...i know...but still it will help new members to understand the story and will update them with current proceedings....
I'll update it in a well described manner later this week.....
till then hope this will work.....
purple flower

by upasana.diya

An orphan Gopi, is brought up by her maternal uncle and aunt after her parents expire. Mami is an evil person, who never allowed her to make herself literate and used her around the house as a servant. Mami doesn't see anyone else in front of her daughter Rashi, who, if not worse, is no better than her mother.

Kokila Modi, the younger daughter-in-law of Modi family is looking for a Daughter-in-law, who would be more like a deaf and mute person, who will listen to everything she would say and fulfill it. She is searching and is yet to find the right girl. Everywhere she goes she finds girls who are well versed in modern customs and are unaware of how to run a house.

The holy person, who is looking for matches, suggests Rashi as a good match for her son. The day they are to go see her, Kokila walks in a little bit earlier than planned and finds the true colours of this family and selects Gopi, who fits her bill as her daughter-in-law.

Rashi and Urmi try to spoil this match but relent as soon as they come to know about Jigar, Ahem's younger cousin. Jigar's parents are Hetal and Chirag. Hetal is a very soft-hearted person and will suit this mother-daughter duo to exploit.

Kokila convinces Ahem to leave the love of his life, Anita, to marry Gopi. He can't say no to his mother's request. But this alliance is not to the liking of his sister Kinjal as well, she writes a note to Gopi to get her to reject this match. But Rashi messes this plan by reading the letter as a love letter to Gopi. The marriage happens with these mis-understandings.

Rashi somehow gets herself into a compromising position and ends up marrying Jigar during Gohem's marriage ceremony.

Since, Rashi doesn't know anything about running a house, she lands in trouble after trouble with whatever task is given to her. Gopi gets Rashi out of most of the troubles.

In the meanwhile, ahem gets to know Gopi is illiterate and abandons her. Gopi takes back her marriage vows to bring Ahem back home, as he threatened to leave the house if she is around. His mom pacifies him saying till Kinjal's marriage let Gopi live here. He agrees.

Ahem does many things which in the eyes of society will show his as loving and caring husband, which he is actually not. Gopi gets misled by this as well as her Rashi is a clever instigator of mischief. Under these influences Gopi does some things, which irritate Ahem and he gets furious at her more than once and yells at her.

Kinjal and Umang are trying to break Kinjal and Elesh's marriage everytime Umang and Kinjal do something to break the alliance, Koki becomes more determined to get her daughter married to Elesh. Kinjal is pregnant with Umang's baby. Right now it is still a mystery if she is actually pregnant or not but Koki thinks its Elesh's child because of circumstantial evidences. Now Koki is determined to marry off Kinjal to Elesh within a week.

purple flower
September 2010
Epi#090 to Epi#111

Urmila and Rashi are stunned to learn that Kokila is aware of their plan. Gopi requests Urmila to give her rakhi to Dhawal. All are worried when panditji forgets to get the hymn book to celebrate Raksha Bandhan but when Gopi recites the story behind Raksha Bandhan all are happy. Aham is also impressed with Gopi. Rashi is irritated when Kokila praises Aham in front of everyone. Kinjal lies to Kokila and goes out of the house on the pretext of buying betel nut leaves for the pooja. She tells Umang about the blackmailer's recent demands. Kokila is furious to see ants on the pooja's prasad. Rashi is worried about Kokila learning her plan of planting ants on the prasad. All are shocked when Kokila gives the house's responsibilities to Rashi. Rashi herself is stunned when Kokila handovers the treasury keys to her. Rashi orders Gopi to do all her menial jobs and leaves for the beauty parlour and takes Urmila alongwith er to spa.  Kokila stops Gopi from helping Aham and reminds her of her promises. Kinjal is worried when Kokila insists on keeping the raksha bandhan's shagun in her cupboard. Urmila is delighted to know about Rashi being given all the responsibilities of the house. Kokila taunts Rashi for coming home late and forgetting her responsibilities. Rashi is stunned when Kokila explains the duties to her and asks her to prepare dinner for everyone. Rashi orders Gopi and Mani to prepare dinner for everyone.  Kokila lambastes Rashi for not to preparing dinner and making Gopi and Mani do her work. Gopi is worried about Rashi single-handedly preparing dinner for the family. Kokila confuses Rashi by questioning her about her cooking skills. Kokila takes away Rashi's cell phone and advises her to fulfill her duties with dedication. Kokila is irritated when Gopi asks her permission to help Rashi in front of Hetal. Rashi orders Mani to help her in the kitchen and Kokila scolds Mani for helping Rashi in the kitchen. Gopi is worried when her pallu gets stuck in the table fan. Aham saves Gopi by switching off the table fan. Aham scolds Gopi for purposely getting into trouble. Gopi cries remembering Aham's words. Kinjal is worried about not being able to talk to Umang when she accidently breaks her cell phone. Kokila asks Gopi to do the mandir pooja as Rashi is late. Rashi is stunned when Kokila asks her to take up the responsibilities of the Janmashtami pooja. Kokila is hurt when a glass piece pierces her leg in the kitchen. Kokila scolds Rashi for being negligent in cleaning up the glass pieces and for blaming it on Gopi and Mani for her careless work. Kokila and Aham are irritated when Chirag refuses to postpone the puja timings according to Aham's convenience. Chirag scolds Kokila when she refuses to allow Aham and Gopi to do the puja together. Chirag forces Aham and Gopi to do the puja. Kokila and Hetal are shocked when Rashi plans to play cards to kill time. Rashi is worried when Kokila gives her a list of work to finish for Janmashtami. Gopi feels bad when Kokila asks her not to fast on Janmashtami. Kokila taunts Rashi for showing laziness in buying new clothes for the Krishna's idol. Rashi switches off her cell phone to avoid taking more instructions from Kokila. Gopi lies to Kokila about her not keeping the fast. Kokila is irritated as she is forced to go out to buy Krishna idol's jewellery as Rashi has switched off her phone. Rashi breaks her fast by eating chaat. She is horrified to see Kokila coming to the shop and lies to her about not eating the chaat. Jigar is surprised to see Gopi decorating the mandir for Janmashtami. Jigar and Gopi nurse Hetal as she faints due to exhaustion. Kokila scolds Gopi for breaking Hetal's fast by making Hetal drink sweetened water. The doctor thanks Gopi for making Hetal drink sweetened water to revive her health. Kokila lambastes Rashi for eating chaat and breaking her fast before the Janmashtami puja. Rashi lies to Kokila about not breaking the fast. She is stunned to see the Krishna idol's dress spoilt. Rashi requests Gopi to help her out of the trouble. Gopi stitches new clothes for the idol from her new sari. Kokila is surprised to see Rashi willing to finish Gopi's work. Rashi is irritated when Kokila asks her to wash the silver utensils and put rangoli in front of the mandir.Rashi is exhausted finishing Gopi's work. Rashi is stunned when Kokila finds the chaat's bill. She is shocked when Hetal confronts her about lying to the family. Rashi is scared when Kokila insists on taking the idol's dress from her. She is relieved when Kokila finds the clothes stitched by Gopi. She is irritated with taking up all the responsibilities of the house. Hetal is touched to see Gopi's hard work for the puja. Everyone praises Aham as he looks stunning. Gopi prays to God to solve her problems with Aham. Kokila taunts Rashi when Jigar compliments Rashi's look. Gopi is worried when Kokila insists her to eat samosas before the puja. Gopi is happy to do the puja with Aham. Hetal is irritated to see Rashi's changed attitude in front of Jigar. Rashi is stunned when Kokila asks her to lock all the doors and windows after everyone sleeps. She fails to lock the back door of the house. A thief enters the Modi Bhawan through the back door, which Rashi had failed to lock. The thief steals all the articrafts in the house. Kinjal is worried when the blackmailer calls her to give him the rakhi's shagun. Gopi is stunned to hear noises in the kitchen. The thief threatens to kill Gopi if she makes noise. She is shocked to see the thief stealing the silver utensils. She tricks the thief and screams for help. Everyone wakes up when they hear Gopi's plea for help. Kinjal takes advantage of the situation and steals the rakhi's shagun from Kokila's cupboard. Kokila questions Gopi about the incident. Aham and Jigar catch the thief and they lock him up in the store room. Kokila is shocked to know that Kinjal's rakhi's shagun is missing. She is furious at Rashi for failing to lock the back door. Gopi is touched when Jigar defends her actions with Kokila. Aham comes to apply ointment on Gopi's wounds, but she refuses to take his help. The thief is shocked when Kinjal releases him from the store room. Aham is surprised to see Kinjal awake and asks her to stay in her room. Kokila lambastes Rashi and questions her about locking the back door. Rashi is stunned to know about the thief breaking into the house. The police and Aham are shocked to know that the thief has escaped. Rashi is scared when the police officer blames the family's negligence for the robbery. Aham expresses his doubts with Kokila regarding someone from the family helping the thief to escape. Gopi is shocked when Aham blames her for helping the thief but Kokila confronts Hetal the reason behind her defending Rashi's negligence. Kinjal is worried when Kokila vows to find out the truth behind the robbery. Kinjal is worried when Gopi assures Kokila that the thief did not have the jewellery in his sack. Everyone search for the jewellery at home. Kinjal is relieved when Kokila does not find the jewellery under her bed. Kinjal explains to Umang her plan and requests him to keep the jewellery with him. Kinjal hides in Kokila's room as she sees Hetal, Kokila and Gopi coming towards her. Kinjal buries the jewellery in the plant's pot in Kokila's room. She is scared when Kokila asks her to accompany her in searching her room. Kokila is furious when Chirag blames her for not keeping the jewellery safely. Aham is hurt to see Kokila crying. Gopi feels bad to see Rashi celebrating for Chirag blaming Kokila for the theft at home. Kokila stops Aham from confronting Chirag for hurting her. Jigar is stunned when Aham asks him to warn Rashi not to forget her responsibilities at home. Rashi defends her actions when Jigar asks her not to be negligent. The blackmailer calls up Kinjal and asks her to handover the jewellery to him the next day. Kinjal plans to sleepover at Kokila's room so that she can take the jewellery back from the pot, but Gopi ruins her plan by asking them to shift to her room as it's clean. Gopi is stunned to find the jewellery in the plant's pot. Kinjal calls everyone and blames Gopi of hiding the jewellery. Gopi tries to prove her innocence but Aham blames her of stealing the jewellery. Kokila scolds Aham for blaming Gopi and declares that she trusts Gopi's words. Kinjal is worried when Kokila confronts her for stealing the jewellery. Kokila questions Kinjal the reason behind stealing the jewellery. She receives the blackmailer's call and asks Kinjal to tell her the truth. Kinjal pleads with Kokila not to inform police about the incident. Kokila calls up Ketki and invites her family for lunch. Rashi asks Gopi to take care of the Teej celebrations in the house. Hetal requests Jigar to gift Rashi a saree as part of Teej celebrations. Rashi pretends to have finished all the work in front of Kokila. She is scared when Kokila decides to give her additional work. Kokila advises Gopi not to let Rashi rule over her and asks her to take pride in her work. Rashi is elated when Jigar gifts her a saree. Aham finds the saree which Kokila gave Gopi as part of Teej. Gopi is happy to receive the saree from Aham. Kokila feels jealous to see Hetal receiving the saree from Chirag. She is surprised when Parakh gifts her a saree for Teej. Rashi feels jealous as everyone praises Gopi's saree more than hers. Parakh thanks Gopi for reminding him about the festival beforehand. Kokila asks Rashi to prepare the grocery list according to everyone's needs. Gopi is happy when Kokila gives her the permission to fast. After asking everyone, Rashi finally makes the list. Kokila orders Kinjal to keep fast for her future husband. Gopi gives Rashi the list of grocery items required for the kitchen. Kinjal tells Umang that she is fasting for him on the occasion of Teej. Kinjal is stunned when Rashi blackmails her about Umang and makes her write a list of Rashi's requirements. Gopi tells Hetal that she is waiting for Umila to gift her a saree on Teej. Rashi tells Urmila about Kinjal's affair with Umang. Urmila is worried to know about Rashi's plight in Modi household. Rashi is furious when Kokila taunts her in front of Urmila. Rashi dumps her work on Gopi and goes to meet Urmila. Gopi hopes for Aham to accept her as his wife. Kokila taunts Rashi in front of Urmila and asks her to be prepared for the pooja in the evening. Gopi is heartbroken to know that Urmila did not get Teej's shagun for her. Kokila taunts Gopi for expecting Urmila to give her the shagun. Gopi is touched when Hetal gifts her a saree as shagun. Hetal is happy to know that Jigar is fasting for Rashi on Teej. Aham is irritated to know about Gopi fasting for him. During the Teej pooja, Kinjal is irritated when Rashi taunts her about Umang. Gopi is hurt to do the pooja alone as Aham fails to make it home on time. Kokila scolds Aham for making Gopi wait for him and asks him to come home immediately. Gopi is stunned when Aham calls home to talk to her. Aham scolds Gopi for triggering the fights between him and Kokila. Gopi cries when Hetal teases her for her conversation with Aham. Kokila searches for Gopi and Aham at home. Kokila and Hetal are shocked to learn that Gopi has finished having her dinner without Aham. Gopi cries when Hetal questions the reason behind breaking her fast. Kokila asks Chirag not to stop her from punishing Gopi. Kokila locks Gopi in the store room and warns everyone not to open the door. Rashi is happy when Kokila complains about Gopi with Aham. Hetal expresses her concern regarding Gopi's strange behaviour with Chirag. Gopi is convinced that she can never have marital bliss with Aham. She remembers how she broke her fast in front of Aham's photo. Gopi is touched when Parakh sneaks into the store room to give her bed sheets and promises to help her in every difficulty. Rashi is irritated when Jigar stops her from eating sweets because of Gopi's incident. Gopi is hurt when Rashi congratulates her for teaching Kokila a lesson. Kokila scolds Rashi for giving sweets to Gopi. Kokila is stunned to learn the conversation between Aham and Gopi. Gopi becomes weak and faints. Kokila feels guilty of punishing Gopi when she learns from Mani that Gopi did not break her fast. Kokila is worried when she realises that Gopi is unconscious. Gopi is touched when Kokila treats her like her daughter and requests her to have dinner.

purple flower
October 2010
Epi#112 to Epi#133
Gopi is hurt when Aham refuses to listen to Kokila the truth about the Teej incident. Kokila scolds Rashi for paying the money to the vendor without checking on the groceries delivered. Kokila is furious at Rashi for taunting Gopi for the Teej incident. Kokila lambastes Rashi and reveals the truth about Gopi not breaking her fast on Teej. On the pretext of helping Rashi, Kinjal switches Kokila's facial cream with another one. Gopi is touched when Hetal apologises for avoiding her. Kokila and Gopi are stunned when Kokila's face turns red as Gopi applies the cream. Rashi cries when Kokila lambastes her for being negligent. Rashi plans to expose Kinjal's affair in front of the family. Kinjal is worried when the blackmailer calls her and asks for a ransom. Rashi overhears Kinjal's plan to meet Umang. Rashi is happy when Urmila plans to follow Kinjal and gather more information about Umang. Kinjal lies to Kokila about going to the parlour. She is worried when Kokila insists Gopi to accompany Kinjal. Rashi finds out about Kinjal's parlour trip and informs Urmila about the same. Kinjal tricks Gopi into getting a facial done and escapes from the parlour to meet Umang. Kinjal tells Umang about the Mehta family coming home to meet her in the evening. Umang pretends to love Kinjal and asks her to refuse the Mehta's proposal. Urmila follows Kinjal to a park and catches her hugging Umang. Urmila confirms to Rashi about Kinjal's affair with Umang. Gopi is worried as she does not have the money to pay in the parlour. She is happy when the parlour owner lets her go as she is from Modi family. Kinjal is stunned to know that Gopi went home alone. Kinjal lies to Kokila about Gopi having paani puri with her. Gopi is stunned when Kinjal blames it on Gopi for being late. Kinjal is worried when Rashi teases her about her meeting with Umang in the park. Kokila scolds Kinjal for forgetting to cook porridge and creating a mess in the kitchen. Gopi contemplates on whether to tell the truth to Kokila or not. Rashi is irritated as Kokila orders her to clean the mess which Kinjal made in the kitchen. Kokila is furious at Kinjal for forgetting Gayathri mantra. Kokila asks Gopi to teach Kinjal the Gayathri mantra and help her in getting ready for the dinner. Gopi is hurt when Aham avoids her in the house. Kokila scolds Parakh for ordering only 11 fruit baskets to give for Mehta family as shagun. Kinjal asks Umang to call at her home as Eelesh and inform everyone that the Mehta family is unable to come home. All are irritated to know that the Mehta family is not coming home. Kinjal is happy when the family decides to go to Mehta's house. Aham is irritated when Kokila asks him to get Gopi to the Mehta's house. The Modi family is stunned to know that the Mehta family has gone to their house. Kinjal is happy when Kokila scolds Gopi for giving her false news about the Mehta family. All are happy to meet Elesh. Kokila insists on not involving Rashi in serving snacks to the Mehta family and handovers the responsibilities to Gopi. Mani instructs Gopi not to add sugar in Ketki's tea as she has diabetes. Kinjal tricks Gopi and adds sugar to Ketki's tea. Kinjal is stunned when Ketki praises the tea prepared by Kinjal. Aham is irritated when Ketki and Ratna praise him and Gopi. All are happy when the Mehtas agree for Kinjal and Elesh's engagement. Rashi discloses to Kokila about Kinjal adding sugar in Ketki's tea. Rashi is happy when Kokila scolds Kinjal for her negligence. Kinjal expresses her concern regarding her engagement with Umang. Monaben comes home to invite the Modi family to the community navratri celebrations. Jigar and Rashi decide to take part in the dandiya competition. Gopi is hurt when Aham refuses to take part in the festivities with her. Kokila and Hetal explain to Rashi and Gopi their responsibilities during navratri. Kokila warns Rashi not to burden Gopi with her share of work. Urmila advises Rashi to buy cheap products for Navratri to save money. Kokila is irritated when Savita brags about her daughter-in-law winning the dandiya competition. Kokila warns Rashi not to forget preparing the prasad for the evening. Rashi dumps all her work on Gopi and goes to get ready for the Navratri festival. Rashi is worried as she realises that she hasn't paid the electricity bill because of which electricity goes off in the Modi Bhawan. Kinjal is stunned to know that her marriage is fixed for the next month. Umang is worried when Kinjal asks him to elope with her. Rashi rushes to the electricity office and pays the bill. Gopi decides to help Rashi by keeping diyas everywhere at home so that the family members don't realise about the electricity not being there. Rashi is worried when Kokila informs her of returning home early. Kinjal lies to Gopi when she catches Kinjal packing her clothes in a suitcase. Hetal and Kokila are impressed with the decoration at home. Kokila scolds Rashi for not cooling the sweet dish. Umang sneaks into the house to meet Kinjal and they are worried to see Kokila entering the room. When Umang goes to hide in another room, he hits Kokila in the dark. Gopi is stunned to see Umang hiding in the dark. Rashi and Gopi are relieved to know that electricity has returned. Rashi blames Gopi for decorating the house with diyas. Rashi is scared when the electrician comes home to return her purse. Kokila scolds Gopi for supporting Rashi's lies. Kokila expresses her displeasure in learning about Gopi not being truthful. She punishes Gopi by banning her from the navratri puja and orders everyone not to talk to Gopi. Rashi is happy to know that Kokila has punished Gopi instead of her for lying. Gopi is hurt to see the Navratri pooja as she cannot take part in it and prays to God to forgive her for lying to Kokila. Kinjal confronts Gopi and warns her not to reveal the truth about Umang to Kokila. Kokila scolds Kinjal for talking to Gopi against her orders. Gopi apologises to Kokila for supporting Rashi's lies, but Kokila refuses to accept her apology. Kolila warns Rashi to take care of her responsibilities the next day as the Mehta family is coming home. Urmila advises Rashi not to buy expensive stuff for the pooja and also asks her to buy new clothes for the dandiya competition.Hetal advises Rashi to keep an eye on the God's diya as it needs to continuously burn the whole of Navratri festival. Rashi sleeps near the mandir so that she can wake up from time-to-time to put oil in the diya. Gopi wakes up in the middle of the night and is stunned to see lack of oil in the diya. As Rashi fails to wake up to add oil in the diya, Gopi adds it and stays awake the whole night to add oil to the diya so that it remains lighted. Rashi lies to Hetal and Kokila about her staying awake the whole night to keep the diya lighted. Gopi is hurt when Kokila avoids her and does not give any responsibility to her. Kokila agrees to let Rashi prepare the sweet dish only on the condition that Hetal oversees it. Kokila scolds Rashi for seeking Gopi's help in making the sweet dish. Jigar forces Rashi to practice dandiya. Rashi is irritated when Jigar teaches dandiya dance to Gopi. Kokila scolds Jigar for talking to Gopi and warns him never to break her rule also lambastes Rashi for not preparing the dish and taunts Gopi for dancing with Jigar. Gopi cries as she is hurt with Kokila's words. Kokila expresses her doubts with Hetal regarding Rashi staying awake the whole night. Aham is irritated when Ketki praises Kinjal and Gopi. Kinjal lies to Elesh about her lifestyle and hopes for him to reject her but she is stunned when Elesh gives his consent to marry her. All are happy when Elesh declares that he will marry Kinjal. Kokila warns Gopi not to create any problems in front of the Mehta family during the aarti. Kokila gives Gopi the permission to play dandiya with everyone as Ketki insists Gopi to play with them. Urmila is furious when Kokila taunts her for not teaching Rashi on how to handle responsibilities. Aham and Kokila are irritated with Gopi's clumsiness while playing dandiya. Kokila snaps at Urmila when she praises Rashi's cooking. Rashi is scared when Ketki and Elesh find tiny stones in their kheer. Kokila lambastes Rashi in front of everyone for not preparing a good sweet dish. Kokila is furious when Urmila scolds Gopi and tries to defend Rashi's negligence and lambastes Rashi for buying cheap quality grocery. Hetal tries to console an upset Kokila but she continues to scold Urmila and Rashi for trying to strain the relations between the Mehta family and Modi family. Rashi blames Gopi for scheming against her while Urmila vows to teach Kokila a lesson for humiliating her and Rashi.Bhavna calls up from the club to confirm if the Modi family is participating in the dandiya competition. Rashi apologises to Kokila, but when she refuses to accept her apology, she decides not to take part in the dandiya competition. Due to Ketki's pressure. Hetal requests Kokila to forgive Gopi. Rashi is surprised to know that Kokila gave Jigar the money to buy her an expensive dress. Rashi vows to teach Kokila a lesson in the dandiya competition. Gopi is hurt when Kokila stops her from going to the club. Rashi is worried that her plan will fail as Kokila has not allowed Gopi to come to the club. Rashi requests Hetal to give Gopi the permission to come to the dandiya function. Aham is stunned to meet Gopi in the function but Kokila is furious to see Gopi in the dandiya function. Hetal explains to Kokila about her giving Gopi the permission to attend the function. Kokila is irritated when Savita brags about her son and daughter-in-law being champions in dandiya dance. Savita insults Jigar and Rashi's incapability to win the dandiya competition. Rashi is happy when Urmila gives her the scissors and asks her to put their plan into action. Rashi tells Kokila and Hetal that she happened to tear her lehenga accidently. She and Urmila are worried when Gopi plans to stitch her lehenga. Ketaki praises Gopi for saving the day. Rashi pretends to fall and blames Gopi for not fastening the lehenga properly. Kokila is worried when Rashi refuses to get up as she has sprained her ankle. All are shocked when Rashi suggests Gopi to participate instead of her. Rashi tries to convince Gopi to participate instead of her, but Gopi refuses as she does not know how to dance. Gopi is stunned when Ketki and Kokila ask her and Aham to dance instead of Jigar and Rashi. Kokila asks Gopi to take part in the competition to save the honour of the family. Rashi and Urmila are happy that their plan is successful. Kinjal is happy to meet Umang in the function. Umang reveals his plan and gives her air tickets to New York. Kokila scolds Gopi for not thinking about the family's honour as she declines to participate in the dance competition. Hetal consoles a scared Gopi and instills confidence in her to enter the competition. Kokila is stunned when Aham refuses to dance with Gopi in the competition. She is heartbroken to see Aham leaving the function. Urmila is stunned to meet Umang in the function and sees Kinjal's air tickets with him. Gopi is worried when they call her on stage to dance. Parakh requests Kokila to get Gopi back as she cannot dance. All are stunned to see Aham entering the stage to dance with Gopi. Gopi initially hesitates to dance but later on she dances with Aham. Rashi and Urmila are worried as their plan backfired. The Modi family members including Hetal and Kokila are elated to see Aham and Gopi's performance and when both of them are declared as the winners of the dandiya competition. Kokila is touched when Aham dedicates the award to her. Ketki praises Gopi for saving the family's honour in the competition.Urmila is stunned when Rashi blames her for helping Gopi instead of her. Gopi abides by Kokila's instructions and does not attend the aarti. Kokila feels bad to outcaste Gopi during the pooja. Kokila is stunned to see Rashi walking properly and confronts her for lying to everyone about her pain. Aham is angry to see the dandiya trophy. Gopi reminisces moments spent with Aham during the dance. Aham asks Mani to remove the trophy from his room and keep it in Gopi's room. Rashi creates a fuss with Jigar for not insisting her enough to dance in the competition. She is irritated when Jigar tries to come close to her. Mona, Bhavna and Hansa come home to congratulate Kokila for the win in the dandiya competition. Rashi and Aham are irritated when the women praise Gopi for her dance.Gopi is stunned when Kokila stops her from watering plants and asks her to do the Navratri's last aarti. Gopi is happy to know that Kokila has forgiven her. Aham is irritated when Kokila insists him to do the aarti with Gopi. Kinjal is furious when Rashi taunts her for getting married to Elesh. Kokila is irked when Hetal hopes for Aham and Gopi's blissful marital life. She is stunned to know that Hetal plans to give all her jewellery to Rashi for safekeeping.Rashi is happy when Hetal and Kokila give her the responsibility to keep all the jewellery safely. Kokila warns Rashi to be careful as they are giving her a second chance to prove her worthiness. Kokila catches Kinjal scolding Gopi for checking her bag in the room and gives her a nice lesson to behave properly with Gopi. Rashi snaps at Gopi for stealing her limelight in the dandiya competition. Kokila is happy when Ketki insists on taking everyone out for shopping. Aham reluctantly agrees when Kokila asks him to accompany Gopi to go out for shopping with Ketki. Kinjal calls up Umang and requests him to help her immediately. On Ketki's insistence, Aham chooses a necklace for Gopi. Jigar is worried when Rashi is adamant to buy an expensive necklace. Kinjal is irritated when Elesh gifts her diamond necklace. She is stunned to see Umang in the same jewellery shop. Aham and Rashi are stunned to see Umang in the shop. Umang is furious when Aham enquires about Anita. Gopi is stunned to overhear Umang and Aham's conversation. Hetal and Kokila prepare the guest list for Kinjal's engagement. They are happy to know that Aham chose a necklace for Gopi. Kokila scolds Rashi for letting Ketki her buy her an expensive diamond jewellery. Gopi apologises to Rashi for stealing her limelight in the dandiya competition but Rashi refuses to forgive her. Aham is hurt to reminisce time spent with Anita and breaking her heart.

purple flower
November 2010
Epi#134 to Epi#152
Aham hides Anita's photo in his bag when Jigar enters his cabin. Gopi is happy to receive her's and Aham's picture from the dandiya night from Mani but is hurt to realize that Aham is still in love with Anita.Rashi is irritated to do menial jobs at home and plans to check on the jewellery as she is worried about losing her responsibilities. Rashi is confused when Kokila gives her many instructions to complete different tasks. Rashi is worried when Kokila asks her to keep all the 18 jewellery boxes in her room. Rashi is stunned to find only 17 jewellery boxes in her cupboard. Rashi apologises to Kokila for losing one of the jewellery box. Rashi cries when Kokila reveals to her that she was testing Rashi to check her efficiency. Rashi decides to prove Kokila wrong by proving her worth. Aham accidently drops Anita's photo and Gopi finds it. Before Gopi can see the photo, Aham stops her from seeing it. All are surprised to see Rashi doing the early morning pooja and are shocked to see Rashi's change in attitude during the pooja. Aham is furious at Gopi for trying to do the aarti with him. Jigar praises Rashi for her hard work and dedication towards her work. Kokila and Hetal are stunned to know that Rashi has prepared the breakfast for everyone. Gopi and Kokila are worried to see Aham disturbed. Kokila is irritated when Rashi takes over Gopi's task. Rashi is happy when Hetal and Gopi appreciate her for decorating the thaali. Kinjal requests Umang to elope with her before her engagement with Elesh.Gopi ponders about the photograph in Aham's diary and plans to find out.Kokila is irritated when Hetal plans to take Rashi along with them to shop for silver utensils.Gopi gives Elesh the permission to talk to Kinjal in private. Elesh questions Kinjal reason behind her worries. Kokila is furious to know that Gopi has allowed Elesh to meet Kinjal. Kokila is furious to see Elesh being close to Kinjal in her room. Elesh explains to Kokila that he came to check on Kinjal as she sounded upset in the morning. Kokila is worried when Kinjal speaks ill of Elesh's character. Kinjal is stunned when Kokila requests Ketki to hold Kinjal-Elesh's engagement tomorrow. Kinjal calls up Umang and requests him to elope with her before engagement. Umang vows to teach Aham a lesson for cheating on his sister by breaking Kinjal's heart. Aham requests Rashi to keep the album in Gopi's room. Rashi sees Aham and Gopi's marriage album to get inspired for Kinjal's engagement's decoration. Kinjal is stunned when Rashi catches her leaving the room in the night. Rashi returns the marriage album to Gopi. Gopi misunderstands that Aham has kept their marriage photo with him. Gopi mistakes Aham to be admiring their photograph, while Aham is lost in Anita's thoughts seeing her picture. Kinjal realises that she needs Gopi's help to run away from home and plans to use her. Kinjal lies to Gopi that Elesh is not happy with the relationship, hence she is going out to meet Elesh in the night. As Gopi distracts Jigar, Kinjal steals Rashi's keys to open the main door. Gopi is worried about Kinjal leaving the house late in the night. Kokila is surprised to see Gopi awake late in the night. Gopi manages to handle the situation with Kokila and rushes to meet Kinjal. Gopi is stunned to realise that Kinjal has left the house. Gopi thinks that Kinjal have returned home but is worried as she cannot find Kinjal in her room. All are surprised when Gopi reveals to them that Kinjal is missing. Kokila is shell-shocked to know from Gopi that Kinjal left the house the previous night. Aham and Jigar set out to search for Kinjal.Kokila threatens Gopi of dire consequences if she will not find out Kinjal's whereabouts. Kinjal is stunned to wake up in the store room and realises the happenings of the previous night. Mani hears noises in the store room and mistakes it to be a rat making noises. Kokila is irritated to know from Mani the presence of rats in the store room and plans to scold Rashi for the same. Kokila lambastes Rashi for trying to publicise Kinjal running away from home in the neighbourhood. Gopi plans to find out Kinjal's whereabouts from Elesh. She is stunned to know that Kinjal hasn't met Elesh the previous night. All are stunned to see Kinjal fallen in the store room. Kinjal lies to Kokila about her presence in the store room. Kokila is irritated to see Rashi working harder than Gopi. Rashi receives Kinjal's engagement ring from the jeweler. She accidently drops Kinjal's engagement ring in the sweet box and gives it to the pest cleaner. The pest cleaner is elated to find the expensive ring in the box and plans to sell it. Kokila is irritated when Rashi brags about the work she completed for Kinjal's engagement. She taunts Rashi for not taking Gopi's help in the arrangements. Kinjal apologises to Umang for not meeting him the previous night. Gopi is touched to see Jigar helping Rashi in decorating the terrace. Urmila decides to attend the engagement so that she can tell Rashi about Kinjal and Umang's plan. Hetal teases Gopi when she tries to know Aham's favourite colour. Rashi assures Kokila that she has completed all the work and has not shown any negligence in it. Rashi is happy to know that Jigar has bought a new dress for her. Hetal catches Jigar admiring Rashi and teases him for it. Urmila is hurt when Rashi avoids her when she comes home. Hetal praises Gopi for decorating the rangoli well. When Aham praises the rangoli, Gopi requests Hetal not to reveal to Aham that she had drawn the rangoli. Kinjal hesitates before climbing down from her balcony, but later makes up her mind to run away. Aham is mesmerised to see Gopi wearing his favourite coloured dress. Gopi is touched when Hetal and Kokila compliment her dress. Kinjal is irritated when Urmila comes into her room when she tries to run away. Urmila tries to tell Rashi about Kinjal trying to run away from home, but Rashi fails to listen to her. Umang warns Kinjal to leave the house immediately. The Modi family welcomes Mehta family to the function. Gopi is worried not to find Kinjal in her room. Rashi is stunned to realise that she has lost Kinjal's ring. Rashi reveals to Gopi about the ring being missing. Hetal is shocked to overhear Rashi telling Gopi about the ring being missing. Hetal refuses to use Gopi's engagement ring in the function. All are relieved to see Rashi getting the ring to the function. Rashi, Gopi and Hetal are worried when the engagement ceremony begins. Kokila is furious at Rashi and Hetal after seeing Kinjal's ring. Rashi is worried when Ketki declares that she hadn't chosen this ring for Kinjal. Hetal lies to Elesh and Ketki and manages the situation. Urmila is happy to see Kinjal and Elesh's engagement. Rashi is scared to face Kokila after the ring fiasco. Kokila is irritated when the Mehta family members praise Rashi and Gopi for handling their responsibilities well in the function. Kokila refuses to forgive Rashi when she apologises for her blunder. She lambastes Rashi for using Hetal's ring in place of Rashi's engagement ring. Rashi is shocked when Hetal does not defend her in front of the family members. Rashi is flabbergasted when Hetal blames her for losing the ring and making her lie in front of everyone. Kokila is happy to see Rashi falling on Hetal's feet and apologising for her negligence. Rashi is stunned when Hetal asks her to return the keys of the house. Hetal relieves Rashi of all her responsibilities as she was not successful in fulfilling all the tasks. Rashi unwillingly returns the keys to Hetal. Kokila is happy to see Rashi returning the keys to Hetal. Hetal requests Kokila to take over all the responsibilities from Rashi. Hetal confesses that she cannot continue to hide Rashi's mistakes as she has started to doubt Rashi's capability.  Kokila taunts Urmila for not teaching Rashi any household chores. Kokila lambastes Rashi for taking up her responsibilities lightly and dumping work on others. Rashi is depressed as her hard work was not appreciated by the family members. She is hurt with Hetal's judgement. Rashi is stunned to know from Urmila that Kinjal has plans to run away with Umang. Kinjal is hurt when Umang breaks up with her. Kokila scolds Gopi for sympathising with Rashi. Rashi scolds Jigar for not understanding her point of view and taking Hetal's side. Jigar is hurt with Rashi's rude behaviour towards him. Rashi accuses Gopi of plotting against her and taunts Gopi for being jealous of her marital life. Rashi talks rudely with Hetal in front of everyone. Hetal is hurt with Rashi's rude behaviour towards her. Urmila asks Rashi to buckle-up and try to woo everyone again. Rashi takes over a task from Gopi to woo Kokila. Rashi is worried when she breaks a vase by mistake. Rashi scolds Hetal for trying to cover her mistake in front of Gopi. Hetal is stunned when Rashi asks her to punish her for breaking the vase. Kokila lambastes Rashi for arguing with Hetal. Kokila taunts Hetal for not doing any background search on Rashi before selecting her to be Jigar's wife. Kokila reveals to Hetal that she had given the house's responsibility to Rashi to test if she was a responsible daughter-in-law, in which she failed.  Hetal and Kokila request Gopal and his men to finish the painting work soon. Rashi decides to execute Urmila's plan. As Kokila is distracted with Gopal slipping and falling down, Rashi changes the colour shortlisted by Kokila in the colour book. A painter finds Kinjal's engagement ring and returns it to Gopi. Gopi is surprised to see the colour which the painters are painting in the mandir.  Kinjal is stunned when Gopi returns her the ring in front of Kokila. Kokila scolds Kinjal for removing her engagement ring. Aham and Jigar are irritated to see the painting work started at home. Aham is furious when Hetal asks him to shift to Gopi's room as the painting work hasn't yet started there yet. Kokila helps Aham by asking Hetal and Chirag to sleep in Gopi room. She asks the others to sleep on the terrace until the painting work isn't completed. Gopi is worried to see Aham coughing in the night because of asthma. Gopi is hurt to see Aham struggling because of his asthma. Aham is touched when Gopi gives him a homemade cure for his asthma. Gopi is happy to see Aham taking her help in curing his asthma. Aham is thankful to Gopi for helping him. Rashi snaps at Gopi when she tells Hetal about the colour of the Mandir. Rashi is irritated when Hetal gives her menial job to finish for the pooja. Rashi stops Kokila from going to the mandir to check on the colour. Kokila scolds Kinjal when she talks cheaply about Ketki. Chirag gives shagun to Rashi, Gopi and Kokila. Kokila is hurt when Chirag gives her money for Kinjal's marriage. Rashi avoids Hetal and asks Kokila to check the mandir as the painting is finished. All are stunned to see bright orange colour of the mandir. Kokila scolds Gopal for not painting the colour which she chose. She fires Gopal from the painting work. Chirag orders Kokila to get the painting job done before Dhanteras. Gopi is hurt when Kokila scolds her for her inability to read a painter's number. Rashi pretends to help Kokila and calls up the painters. She lies to Kokila that none of the painters are ready to work for them. All are stunned when Rashi sarcastically comments on Kokila's negligence. Kinjal scolds Rashi for not giving respect to her elders. Hetal expresses her disappointment with Rashi's behaviour. Gopi finds a way to help Kokila. Kokila tells Kinjal that she is hurt with Hetal's behaviour for not scolding Rashi for her sarcastic comments. Gopi plans to paint the mandir white before the Dhanteras pooja. Gopi is happy when Jigar helps her in painting the mandir. Hetal is hurt when Kokila sarcastically comments on her inability to control Rashi. Gopi is worried about not being able to finish painting the mandir as Kokila gives her extra work to finish for the evening pooja. Umang decides to come up with a new plan to hurt Kinjal and Aham. Hetal and Jigar surprise Kokila by showing her the new mandir's colour. Kokila is elated to know that Gopi and Jigar repainted the mandir to the colour which she had shortlisted. Rashi is furious at Gopi for ruining her plan. Kokila and Hetal gift silver coins to Gopi and Rashi as shagun for Dhanteras. Kokila buys expensive necklace for Gopi from the jeweller. Hetal is hurt when Rashi refuses to take the necklace gifted by her. Rashi is irritated when Kinjal taunts her for being jealous of Gopi. Kokila praises Gopi in front of the family members. When Gopi comes to Kinjal's room, she receives Umang's call. She is stunned to hear Umang talking about their next plan. Kinjal is relieved to learn that Gopi mistook Umang to be Elesh.

purple flower
December 2010
Epi#160 to Epi#179

Kinjal informs Umang that kokila got hold of the pregnancy report and he manages to pacify her again. Koki ends up thinking that Elesh is the baby's father when Gopi confirms that kinjal had gone to meet Elesh the night before the engagement. Koki vents her frustrations on Rashi and she complains to her mom again but Urmila tells her that kokila must be worried because of their kalaakari. Jigar tries to be romantic with Rashi but she brushes him off and walks away saying she has work to do. Elesh comes to visit Kinjal when he comes to know about her food poisoning through Gopi and kokila is not happy to see him.

The panditji comes to fix the wedding date and kokila selects the one which is next week saying that they can't have the wedding next month since it's her dad's death anniversary. Kinjal tries to speak to her mom but kokila tells her off and walks away.

All the elders in the Modi family go to the Mehta's residence with the shagun and fix the wedding date. Rashi went to meet Urmila and complained how her workload is going to increase due to the wedding and also that koki seems to be worried lately and Urmila ask's her to find out what the problem is. Kinjal is shocked to find out that koki thinks that the baby's father is Elesh when she asks her why she is marrying her off so quick. Kinjal tells Umang what she found out and he tells her to tell her mom it's his baby and he tells her off and hangs up on her when kinjal wants him to speak to her for tow minutes. Rashi catches Gopi daydreaming in the kitchen and asks her what she is thinking about to which Gopi hesitantly says that she thinks everything is going to be fine in her life now as she thinks Ahamji has been taking care of her lately. Rashi is very shocked to hear all this but she decides to concentrate on kinjal's love story instead.

Umang send a bouquet and card for kinjal which would reveal that the baby is his but koki tears the card without reading it and orders kinjal to throw the flowers out. Rashi does something wrong while preparing haldi for Kinjal's haldi ceremony and koki shouts at her again. Rashi is upset and thinks that koki is always scolding her and never says anything to Gopi.

Rashi gives Gopi false hopes that Aham has really started liking her and tells Gopi she has to do something to thank Aham for taking care of her and Gopi agrees. Rashi is happy when Gopi agrees and thinks that it will be fun as Gopi has not been scolded for a long time now. Kinjal throws the bouquet out and it lands on Rashi's cousin Dawal who has come to visit from Mumbai. Kinjal and koki don't seem to like him and simply walk away from him and he tries to give them a flower. Rashi and urmi try to put the torn card pieces together but don't understand anything and Urmi tells Rashi to keep an eye on Kinjal and Koki.

Gopi decorates Aham's room with flowers and candles and he has a go at her when he sees all this and tells her to clean the room before she leaves. Gopi cries her heart out when she goes to her room. Kinjal and Umang make another plan to tell koki the truth.

Rashi tries to find out what happened the next morning but Gopi does not say anything. Koki scolds Gopi for not paying attention when doing some work for her and Hetal finds Gopi distressed when she goes to her room. Both Hetal and koki ask her why she is crying but she does not say anything.

Hetal tells koki the Gopi decorated Aham's room last night and maybe he did not like it. Koki speaks to Aham and he says he married Gopi only for her and he will never be able to accept her as his wife. Gopi apologises to Koki and says she won't cry for every little things from now on. Koki tells her she knows what happened last night and asks Gopi to be patient as she will get the status of a wife just like she got the status of Daughter in law. She said she will always support Gopi. Kinjal leaves her phone near koki and tells Umang to call and tell her mom everything but this plan backfires as well as it's Rashi who takes the call and comes to know about the pregnancy.

Kinjal calls Umang and tells him she is scared as she does not know who picked up the call and he tells her he will think of something else. Rashi tells Urmi about the pregnancy Urmi says that they will humilliate Modi family in front of everyone during the sangeet. All the guests have arrived for sangeet and Gopi goes to give a maang tika to kinjal when kinjal tells her that she can't marry Elesh as she is pregnant with Umang's baby.

Kinjal falls on Gopi's feet and cries in front of her and asks her to tell koki the truth. Gopi tries to speak to koki but she can't as they are surrounded by guests and she has to bring kinjal down for the sangeet. Urmi suggests that they all play pass the pillow and she writes that kinjal is pregnant with Umangs baby in one of the chits.

While playing pass the pillow Aham is forced to express his love to Gopi by giving her a rose and Ketki is given the piece of paper in which kinjal's truth was written by Urmila. Dhawal spills juice on the piece of paper before Ketki can read it. Gopi tries to tell Koki the truth but is unsuccessful.

Gopi finally tells kokila that kinjal is carrying Umang's child and Urmila phones Elesh and tells him Kinjal is pregnant with her boyfriend's child. Kokila is super angry with kinjal and gives her a couple of slaps and breaks all ties with her.

Kokila tells kinjal to to leave the house as she is now dead for her. Elesh tells his parents about the phone call and they think that kokila tried to deceive them but Elesh says it might be a rumor as well. Kokila decides to speak to the Mehta family and break the alliance. Kokila can't leave to meet the Mehta's as Baa comes back.

Everyone comes to meet baa and it's too late for kokila to go meet the Mehta's by the time everyone goes to bed. She decides to go the next morning and asks Gopi not to tell anyone about kinjal and Umang. Rashi informs Urmila that koki is trying to sort this mess and Urmila says she has to think of something.  Baa asks Gopi to give prashad to Aham.

Gopi goes to keep the prasad in Aham's room quietly but he sees her and tells her to leave the prasad and go away. Kokila tries to leave to meet Elesh's family but Urmila manages to stop her and they come to Modi Mansion before she can leave.

Koki takes Ketki to her room and ketki tells her about the phone call and asks her if it's true. Kokila says it's true and ketki accuses her of trying to keep them in the dark and leaves the room. Ketki tells everyone about kinjal's pregnancy. Everyone is shellshocked when kinjal says it's true.

Ketki breaks the alliance after insulting the Modi family and everyone is speechless. Kokila says that kinjal is dead for her and asks Gopi to tells her to stay away from her. Aham blasts kinjal off before walking away from her. Everyone is worried in the house except for Rashi and Urmila.

Kokila is crying her heart out and blaming herself in her room and Aham tries his best to comfort her and tells her he will fix everything. Kinjal tells Umang that the wedding has been called off and her whole family was humilliated. Aham asks kinjal the name of her BF's name and nearly slaps her when Gopi tries to stop him. Hetal manages stop Aham and he goes from Kinjal's room.

Rashi is sad to see how affected Jigar is but Urmila brainwashes her again. Urmila goes to Modi Mansion early in the morning and tells the milk man that the wedding was called off because kinjal is pregnant. Kokila is very disturbed and decides to call all the relatives and friends to tell them the wedding has been called off.

Aham goes to Kokila's room and is very angry to see her crying. He tries to make her stop crying and says that he won't spare the person who made his mom cry. Kokila tries to calm him down but he does not listen and leaves her room angrily. Gopi brings food for Kokila and convinces her to eat. Aham comes to know that Gopi knows the name of kinjal's BF and he threatens her to tell him but she refuses to. Kinjal accuses Gopi of telling everything to Aham but he says that she did not say a word and he found out by her phone. Both Aham and Gopi are shocked to know that Umang is Anita's brother.

purple flower

If anyone has any doubts regarding the story or its not much clear to understand...feel free to post on this thread only, i'll try to clear it for u and will update the same here also.

SNS Dev Team


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sujji0609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2010 at 12:29am | IP Logged
That's a nice short update Sadhli....

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-GayabCat- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 October 2010 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
thnks sadhli for the short brief

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Nandita5 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 October 2010 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Thanx for the update. was very helpful in following up story as I have only recently started watching it.

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minoushka93 Goldie

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thanx for the updates! it's exactly what I needed!

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shruja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2010 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
thank u so much for posting this
kab goham n rashi jigar ki love story start hogi
but i liked they played diff music for bothEmbarrassed

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bebbo09 Newbie

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Luk this gopi and ahem issue is getting very boring ur gnna lose viewers I mean gopi is such
A sweet gal and she's never happy n this rashi character u nid to deal with her very soon
Tired of her always gettin what she wants not fair one more thing we really don't care bout
Silly kinjal we just wanna see gopi just once plz.thanx

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VivaciousQueen Senior Member

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Thank You dear. you've put in a lot of effort and have done a great job

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