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Story Writing Contest 2010-CLSD!VOTING INFO PG 26 (Page 7)

XDevilsDesireX IF-Rockerz

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Zeejay amazing OS dear.It was a touching OS.The way you described Gunjan,s condition was extremely beauitful.Heads off to you dear!

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Username: premeer4rever
Name: Kavya
Topic: Love stories (Romance)
Jab se tere naina

For the past five years, he has been alone, away from his family on the pretext of studies and then office but now finally someone entered his world. After a day full of hard toil in the office dealing with the clients, making them agree to his terms, dealing with his workers Prem finally returned home. How much he longed to run away from office and land right in front of his angel!!! And now he's finally back home.

The hall which was bustling with murmurs and laughter when he first left in the morning now seemed completely empty. It then struck him that the whole family was supposed to catch a flight for Canada in the evening. He missed bidding them farewell. He kicked himself for being so irresponsible. Now, how is he supposed to meet her??

Taking slow steps he made his way upstairs. He could hear voice from far in the corner.

Lage re lage re lage lage re nainwaa
lage re lage re

Shaking his head as the song sync in, he made his way towards it. As he opened the door, a feeling of warmth spread up his entire soul making him forget all the tiredness. The whole room was dark except for the light from the screen and at a small distance away from the screen, she sat on the sofa.

Lage re lage re lage lage re nainwaa
lage re lage re

Draped in a dark red saree hugging her graceful figure, her wrists adorned with bangles and the next thing he saw brought smile on his face. How much he longed to see her like this and finally his wishes came true. He recalled how once she told him that she hated wearing heavy pieces of jewellery but in the past once week he couldn't help but smile seeing her expressions struggling with them. Now that everything came to an end, she was finally content with only one piece hanging around her neck. It was her mangalsutra, which reminded him of the day before when he put it around her neck. His eyes then travelled to her forehead and the vermilion in the parting of her hair gave him a sense of pride. His Heer finally became his in true sense. Taking small steps he went and sat beside her,

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re

The moment he sat beside her, she turned abruptly only to be caught in his passionate gaze. She would have fell for him any other day but today she didn't. How could she!!! It was hardly a day since they got married and her dear husband has already been to office. He saw her giving him a tough look scanning him from top to bottom and then turning her gaze away to the screen, moving a bit away from him.

 Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re
Tab se deewana hua aa haaa
Sab se begaana hua aa haa

The sight on the screen brought a smile back on her face. He knew how much girls love this song or rather say video. He had seen his own sisters; Veera and even Kul di go drooling over it and now added to the list is his wife'He didn't mind it earlier but now he felt a tinge of jealousy sweep across him. He understood that his dear wife wouldn't pay him any attention now and added to it was the fact that she was angry with him for leaving her alone on the very first day. So, he felt from there and made his way towards his room to freshen himself.

Rab bhi deewana lage re oye oye oye oye
Rab bhi deewana lage re ho oohoohooo

He opened the door of his room to get a shock of his life. Was it actually his room??? Or is he visualizing things'. He recalled the previous day's events.


After performing all the post marriage rituals in his place, he was waiting eagerly for the moment when he would find sometime alone with his dear wife. His mother finally told his sisters to take her to his room. He felt like giving his mother a big hug but somehow controlled himself.

A few minutes later, bidding his friends and relatives good bye he went towards his room. He was surprised to see the hallway empty. As far as he knew his brothers and sisters should have formed a queue by now irritating him asking for money. He thanked god for making no such interrupts and proceeded in.

With a naughty smile on his face, he opened the door only to see that smile to be replaced with a frown. Whole of his family except for his mom and dad were settled on his bed beside his wife chatting with her. They were so involved in their talks that they didn't even notice him coming. After a few seconds he saw Preet coming to him saying "arrey PB aap hi ka kamra ha..Come in..wahaan kya kar rahe ho.." Like a robot he made his steps towards his bed. He found some place beside his dear wife but before he could settle in, his sister moved there offering him her place which was opposite of Heer.

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re
Tab se Deewana Hua aah haaa
Sab se begaana hua

The moment he sat in, Heer lifted her eyes demurely and that is it he was dead'He couldn't comprehend a single line of what his brothers and sisters were chatting all he could do was to get lost in the sight of heavenly beauty in front of him. He didn't remember the rest of the night. It was morning by the time everyone vacated his room and the moment he tried to talk to her, his phone rang. There was an emergency in the office and he had to attend to it'


Rab bhi deewana lage re oye oye oye oye
Rab bhi deewana lage re ho oohoohooo

Coming out of his dazed state he walked in to feel in the beauty of the room. The whole room was decorated with candles and his favorite or rather their favorite red and white roses. Taking out his towel he quickly went into the washroom to treat himself to a warm bath which would sooth his aching muscles. Standing under the shower, he closed his eyes to recall the beautiful moments of his life.

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re


Lage re lage re lage lage re nainwaa
lage re lage re

The song was running but she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. She was Mrs. Heer Prem Juneja now. She felt so ecstatic but the moment she recalled him a frown appeared on her face. How could he do this to her??? It hasn't been a day since they got married and he already ditched her for work. Knowing how workaholic he is, it was bound to happen but not so soon'.

He hasn't been to office for a week due to the wedding ceremonies, she understood there must have been a problem but couldn't he come even a little bit early. He knew that she'll be left alone in the evening as the rest of the family would be leaving but still he's running late.

Lage re lage re lage lage re nainwaa
lage re lage re

Just at that moment, he walked in and sat beside her. How could she miss that dreamy look in his eyes which makes her go crazy any other day but that isn't the case today'She turned her gaze back to the screen and saw him walking away'

This song was her favorite ever since she first heard it and the video seemed like icing on the cake but that was not the fact'.It reminded her of the most beautiful moment of her life'


It was her first day of college and there's no surprise to say that she was tensed. After hearing a lot of incidents about ragging, she was tensed like anything. Taking small steps she made her way from the main gate towards the building. She was walking so slowly that she herself got a doubt whether she was moving at allll'.That's it that second she heard someone call out saying white chudidaar' She scanned left and right in all directions, she was the only one who was wearing white. Then she looked in to the direction of the people calling her. There was a gang of boys and girls sitting on a porch and a group of people standing in front of them tensed who she supposed were juniors like her. She turned in that direction and started taking small steps. Out of fear, she closed her eyes uttering a silent prayer to god to save her'

Right at the moment she felt bumping into someone and the next moment she wished to find herself on ground but wait a second she wasn't. She slowly opened her eyes to find herself in someone's arms but she couldn't see the face as her dupatta came in as obstruction.

A gust of wind came causing the dupatta to fall of the face and the very next second she could feel herself drowning into the pair of chocolate brown eyes who seemed to be lost in hers'

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re

She couldn't even hear any noises around her but she guessed there were as the pair of eyes which were reflecting warmth till now changed into balls of fire and looked in the direction of the seniors causing them to move away. After getting assured that they felt he again turned his gaze towards her dreamy pair of eyes staring at him'

He made her stand properly and gave her a wide smile which seemed to effect her so much that she seemed like fainting and he had to catch her again. Both of them were again lost in communicating with their eyes'.

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re

The bell rang bringing them out of their daze. He instructed her to go to the first class on the left side and walked away.


Standing under the shower, he closed his eyes to recall the beautiful moments of his life. The first time he saw her,


It was the first day of college for the juniors and being the head of the anti-ragging department he had to make sure that there were no such incidents going on anywhere. Theirs was the first batch of the college so there wasn't any ragging for them and the management wished the same for the next batches. He saw a bunch of his classmates in the garden teasing the juniors. He was on his way to scold them when a girl bumped into him. He immediately wrapped his hands around her waist to prevent her from falling but he couldn't see her face as her dupatta was spread all over his face. Somehow the dupatta brushed off his face and he could finally see her. From the look on her face he could make out that she was tensed and her eyes were telling him how scared she was'He couldn't help but admire her choclatey brown pair of eyes which seemed like a image of his'He heard some giggles and shouts and immediately turned and passed one strict glare causing them to go away..

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re

He made her stand but something made her fall again and he was lost again'.. The bell sound brought him back to senses'He went into the class after instructing the girl where to go. He could see his friend smiling at him but he didn't bother to find out why. The lecturer came in and started the class. It seemed so boring'His thoughts drifted back to the girl and unknowingly a smile crept on his face'

Tab se Deewana Hua aah haaa
Sab se begaana hua

He was lost in his own world till his friend nudged him bringing him back to senses. He noticed that the lecturer had already left and it was break time..That meant he was dreaming since the past two hours..Oh god'but the moment her face appeared in his vision again he smiled'.

Rab bhi deewana lage re oye oye oye oye
Rab bhi deewana lage re ho oohoohooo

"kya baat hai!!!..lagta hai finally Prem bhi kisika dewaana ban gaya hai"

The voice whispered in his ears and he jerked out of his dreamland passing a glare to his friend..

"arre tu poore college ko darra sakta hai aisa look de kar lekin mujhe nahin..samjha..ab chal der mat kar usse doond the hai" Neev said dragging Prem along with him'.

Tak thak tak dhin dhin tak tha dhin tak dhin
Tak Dhin tak dhin tak tha dhin tak

Neev and Prem were walking along the hall while Neev made sudden halts checking in the classrooms beside'

"What are we exactly looking for?" Prem asked getting confused seeing Neev's weird behavior. Neev didn't pay much attention to him which irritated Prem and he dragged Neev into the canteen.

"Mein itni mushkil se tere liye usse doond raha tha aur tujhe bhook ki padi hai'" Neev asked him agitatedly.. Prem surprisingly asked "usse??? Tu doond kisko raha tha"

"Oh god mein iss ladke ka kya karoon???" Neev gave up and sat on the chair beside Prem. Just then a girl joined them'

"Hii Neev and Prem'how are you?? Dekho mein ne finally yahaan join kar hi liya" She told them excitedly'

"Ghar mein joh tujhe jelna kum tha..ab yahaan bhi.." said Neev irritatingly.

"Shut up Neev..Prachi tumhe pata haina he never means that" Prem cooled down Prachi who looked like she was about to cry any moment.

"Never mind chalo mein tum dono ko apni nayi friend se mila thi hoon.." said Prachi pulling in the girl behind her. As the girl came forward both Prem's and Neev's face lit up. Prem could sense the joy on her face on seeing him.

"Hi I'm Prem..Prem Juneja" He said holding out his hand for her'and then he felt an unknown feeling as she took his hand and said "I'm Heer..Heer Mann" Bringing them out of their trance Neev shouted'

"Hello Heer I'm Neev..Iss Prachi ka eklota dost'and I'm really glad ki usse tum milgayi..mera bhoj halka kar diya'"

"Kya kaha tumne???" Prachi chased him out from there'

"Don't mind dono aise hi hain'They're friends from childhood" Prem tried to start a conversation with her..

"It's ok..and thanks..subah kehne ka mauka hi nahin mila" said Heer unable to meet his gaze..

That's it from there on there was no end to their chat'In a short time breaking the barriers of senior and junior they became great friends..It was difficult to find them apart except for the lectures that too because they were in separate batches.. He helped her with studies as she found it really hard to cope up and times flew this way. Finally it was the day when Prem had to leave the college. Both of them didn't deny the fact that they had feelings for each other but they never confessed each other except to their respective friends.

The farewell party was going on pretty well and it was then that Neev and Prachi had taken a vow to bring out the hidden known truth to both of them..

Prem was standing in a corner enjoying the party while Heer was in the other end chatting with her friends. She was afraid to talk to Prem as she didn't want herself to break down in front of him. How will she live without him!!

Grabbing the attention of everyone Neev shouted loudly in the mike'

"Hello friends'lets' all enjoy these last moments of togetherness'Lets' play a small game'"

Everyone had to roam around in circles and the spotlight will move'selecting the two out of them and then the two have to perform the song selected for them' First it was two girls..two performed on dola re and then it was two boys who performed on jaane kyun from dostana causing everyone to roll in fits of laughter' The next it was "Prem & Heer"'

Neev and Prachi winked each other silently and showed the DJ a thumps up sign. The DJ blinked his eyes and all of sudden the entire atmosphere was suddenly changed into a romantic feel'.


Prem stepped out of the bathroom, walking towards his closet but somehow he didn't..Instead he switched on the music player and fell on the bed backwards recalling their most cherished moment' their first dance and confession'.

Heer switched off the lcd and walked back to their room..She was about to walk in when she saw him switching on the player and falling back on bed'She smiled to herself seeing his antics and then the music made her recall the most cherished moment of their life'


Prem and Heer stood in the centre of the hall with all the attention from their fellow mates. They weren't prepared to face each other yet but due to Neev's yell to start..Prem slowly took in Heer's hand in his'

He placed it on his shoulder and wrapped one of his hands around her waist and entwined the other hand with hers'

Finally they made an attempt to look into each other's eyes and that's it'They were lost'Lost in their own world..Where no cheers, no applause invaded'It was just both of them and their love'

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re
Tab se deewana hua aa haaa
Sab se begaana hua aa haa

It was the silent communication between their eyes which none outsider can ever understand 'He could read what she feels at any second in her eyes'those dreamy set of eyes were saying it all which even if she tried wouldn't have expressed it so well'

Deewana yeh to deewana lage re

Neev, Prachi and few of their friends joined in and danced around them pulling them apart and circling Prem'..

Deewana yeh to deewana lage re

Prem saw Heer running away and hiding behind a pillar. He notice the blush which crept across her face making her even more beautifulll'That's it..This was the day..This was moment'he had to confess otherwise he'll miss her forever'..

Hooo jab se mila hai tera ishaara
Tab se jagi hai bechainiya

He passed a knowing look to Neev who understood everything and was happy that his efforts paid off well'..Everyone was puzzled as the music and lights went off'.that's when they heard a voice'.

Hooo jab se mila hai tera ishaara
Tab se jagi hai bechainiya
Jab se hui sargoshiyan
Tab se badhi hai madhossiyan

Heer was surprised as the lights went off'.She was looking in all directions when suddenly the spotlight came on her..She felt a soothing feeling in her heart'She could hear a familiar voice and can feel someone's approaching steps near her'It was needless to turn and see who it was as she knew that this impact on her can be because of only one person'.

Jab se jude yaara
Tere mere maan ke dhaage re

She was about to walk away when she felt a hand catching her wrist causing her to stop. He twirled her causing her to turn and fall right into his arms'The rest was unsung as he was lost in their love web'The lights were on and music continued from there on'their friends dancing around them'

Tab se deewana hua aah haaa
Sab se begaana hua aah haaa

At that moment he went on his knees and told her those three words which her ears were aching to hear''.


She simply nodded her head..She squatted so as to reach his level and then hugged him letting out tears of joy'..He hugged her wiping her eyes silently telling her not so waste those precious tears'

Rab bhi deewana lage re oye oye oye oye
Rab bhi deewana lage re

Tha dum takta dum takta dum thak dum

Tha dum takta dum takta dum thak dum

The rest one year passed off with surprises, partying and candle light dinners'Heer finished her graduation while Prem set up his own firm which slowly became renowned due to his sheer hard work. His father who initially had problems when his son came up with the proposal of setting up his own firm instead of joining the family business in Canada is now ecstatic when someone boasts him'

It was the day his entire family flew down to celebrate with him his success of achieving the best business of the year award'.After receiving the award he first placed the award in his father's hand and then introduced his support system..His Heer to his family'.

Gayatri, his mother was elated to see Heer'.she instantly bonded with her'She felt that even if she would have searched a daughter-in-law for herself she wouldn't have found someone better'Heer was just perfect. His parents went to Heer's house the next day itself and in less than two weeks here they are'


Heer came out of her thoughts and walked towards the cupboard to take out kurta for him'He opens his eyes feeling her fragrance in the room'He sees her standing near his wardrobe taking out the kurta for him'He goes and hugs her from behind. She felt being transported to another land when she felt his feathery light kisses on her earlobe and then tracing the curve of her neck and his hands caressing her bare waist through her sari'.

Hoooo jab se hui hai tujhse shararat
Tab se gaya hai chain o karar

She leaned on to his back moving her hands down his arms feeling his bare body..It was then she recalled she was angry with him'Pushing him back, she walked away.

Hoooo jab se hui hai tujhse shararat
Tab se gaya hai chain o karar

He smiled to himself pulling himself up from the bed where he had fallen due to her push. He saw her walking out of the room but before she can he ran and closed the door behind him locking it..

"Do you think your prince charming would let you go just like that after all the preparations you made??" He said glancing around the room which made her blush a little but then she turned away faking anger.. She was walking away when she felt a sudden tug on her pallu'

Jab se tera aachal dhala
Tab se koi jadoo

She saw him lift it and then leave causing it to fly in the air, covering his face while he made his way towards her'His hands were back on their right position while his lips were moving over every nook and corner of her face. It was hard for Heer to resist any more'She hugged him closing the inch of gap left between them. Her hands were moving over his bare torso in a fiery passion causing him to lose all his controls and tighten his grip around her'He was about to press his lips on hers when she pushed him back on to bed and ran away to the other side.

He let out a small sigh of frustration and hit the pillow with his hand. She sat near the mirror removing her bangles and smiling seeing him through the mirror. She removed her studs and placed them in the drawer. She then moved to take her night dress when he tugged on her arm and twirled her causing her to fall in his arms'.

Jab se tujhe paaya
Yeh Jiya dhak dhak bhaage re

She was lost in his world, staring at his face which gave her a smile that melted her insides and she dreamily moved her hand up to his face. Next second she felt a sharp pain. He left her all of a sudden causing her to fall on the bed. He gave her a sign of victory and winked at her. 

She then saw him dancing around the bed'She wasn't dreaming'he was actually doing those towel steps'.

Tab se deewana Hua aah haaa
Sab se begaana hua aah haa
Rab bhi deewana lage re oye oye oye oye
Rab bhi deewana lage re ho hohhohho

She smiled to herself, feeling elated to see him doing those steps and then a small thought came in her mind. She feigned as if she hurt her hand and was rubbing it and that's when she saw Prem running over to her'.She passed him a knowing smile and pulled him'..

Jab se tere naina mere naino se lage re


He landed right on the top of her'.


That's it'I don think I need to tell iske baad kya hua''s up to you''.

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Originally posted by Sweetu.Baby

Than you =]

I think v shud hav an index at pg1, its really getting difficult to find stories here....

and i think v shud all try not to comment here, and instead use the like button, that way it wud be easier to find the stories... just my suggestionSmile

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Your username: jasminerahul
Your Name(Optional): Jasmine
Your Age(Optional):25
Topic Number:
Love Story
Title of Story: Two souls

The beauty of the resort stimulated him.His fingers penned a beautiful poem about the beauty of the resort.He is diligent and looks at every single thing.He gives enchanting music to his lyrics.When he sings his poem,the music flows like a cool breeze and reaches her ears.
"So beautiful",she murmers.
His eyes follow her automatically.Though her face is vague because of the mist she seems to be a white fairy.She is ravishing.He goes towards her.
He realizes that her face is fragile,yet pretty.Her fingers hungers to pen a poem about her.
"You sing very well.Is it your own poem?"
She asked.
"Wow!I can't believe it.It is so beautiful.I love poems".
"Life moves slowly like a poem.Right?"
He says.
But her opinion is different.
"My life moves very fast.I wish it moved very slowly.I'm sad that my life is moving towards it's end very fast".
He looks at her eyes.Her lovely eyes have lost it's glow completely.Hopes have tasted death in her eyes.
"You did'nt tell your name".
"Oh,I'm sorry.I'm Riddhima.Even you did'nt say your name".
"Oh,i'm also sorry.I'm Jigar"
The cool breeze makes Riddhima cover herself with her shawl.Her hair strands fall on her face.
"Is anything troubling you?You lost your love?"
He mutters.
Suddenly she is ecstatic.Her tear drops look like pearls.
"Yes.But how did you understand that?"
She asked with a shock.
"I saw pain in your eyes.I saw fear also.You are sad about your life moving fast".
"You are right.I was in love with Soham".
Riddhima goes to her past.

Riddhima keeps her head on Soham's shoulder.
"Only few days are left for our wedding".
She blushes.
"But i can't wait till that day.I'm impatient".
Soham looks deeply into her eyes and says.
The moonlight kindled her dark upswept curls.
But suddenly her face becomes dull.
"What happened Riddhima?"
Soham asks her.
" know that my sister Smriti crave for your love.So i feel guilty when i'm with you.Her's is a brittle heart because of me".
"Nonsense!We both love each other.I don't love Smriti.I never promised her that i will marry her.Then why are you guilty?You are not doing anything wrong.I love you".
He caresses her hair.A calm smile appears on Riddhima's face.Suddenly her lusterous eyes go dark.She feels discomfort.Red drops fall from her nose.Soham is startled.

Riddhima sheds tears while narrating her own story to Jigar.
"The doctor said that i'm having blood cancer.Poor Soham.He lost his tears because of me.He cried that much.I did'nt want him to cry through out his life for me.I want him to be happy".
Riddhima remembers her past moments.

Riddhima holds Soham's hands.His face looks tired.
" love me.Right?"
she asked.
"Is there any need to ask me how much i love you?i love you from the bottom of my heart".
Riddhima feels the sweetness of his love.But tears dwell in her tears thinking about the fact that she is not lucky enough to feel his love forever.
"Will you fulfil my wishes?"
She asks.
He promises.
"Then you marry Smriti".
Soham cannot believe his ears.
"My ears are cheating me?"
"No Soham.I asked you to marry Smriti".
"How could you ask me to do that?I love you Riddhima".
"I know that.That's why i'm asking you to do that.If you want me to be happy you must marry Smriti.Otherwise i won't be able to die peacefully".
Riddhima pleads him.He nods softly.She tilters her head and smiles slightly.Soham's tears fall on her palm.She keeps her head on his shoulders.The warmth of his skin lulls her.

"Soham married Smriti.I'm happy that Soham is not single".
Riddhima tells Jigar.
Jigar looks deeply into her eyes.Riddhima feels strange.
"Why are you staring at me like this Jigar?"
She asks.
"Do you love Soham now?"He asks.
"No.Our relationship has changed.He is my sister's husband.I don't feel the same for him now.Why did you ask like that?"
"I can't imagine you loving Soham.Because i have started loving you.The few moments we spent together now made me fall in love with you".
Jigar opens his heart.That leaves Riddhima in shock.
"What are you saying Jigar?I'm a dying patient".
"I know that.That made me closer to you".
"I just don't understand you".
She is in a confused state.
"I'm also a dying patient Riddhima.I'm having brain tumour".
Jigar's truth makes her a numb.She is not able to move.
"I am not upset about my fate like you.I'm in my own world where i live with poems.But you are upset about your fate.You are not able to accept your fate.That is why you feel that your life is moving very fast.You are scared about your death.Be happy in your own world.It will drive you away from the thoughts about death".
Riddhima's eyes shine with wonder.
"I don't know why...i feel that your words have changed my views about the life.I feel relieved now.I don't feel grief anymore".
Jigar smiles sweetly.
"I'm happy that i could bring charm and glow to your face again".
"Thank you so much Jigar".
"Welcome.I wish i got your heart along with your thanks".
She smiles slowly.
She holds his arms softly.They exchange romantic gestures.Jigar's cute smile is priceless.He wraps his arms around her tightly letting her head rest on his chest.We see two souls becoming one.

The end.

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aww.. lvoely story vampireprincess.. too gudd..well written

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@vampireprincess superb os
@adhya....awesome os...

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-Sakina- 54 8003 24 July 2011 at 9:18pm by avivakirk
Discussion: Reading helps your writing?


Author: -Mystery-   Replies: 13   Views: 2698

-Mystery- 13 2698 29 January 2010 at 11:14am by EatPrayLove
writing styles....

Author: spln   Replies: 2   Views: 755

spln 2 755 05 September 2008 at 7:58am by -Mystery-
*Book Talk Banner Contest Voting* Vote!

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Author: cool_pooja   Replies: 22   Views: 1962

cool_pooja 22 1962 31 December 2007 at 3:28pm by sobiatahir
Book Talk contest voting!


Author: Naughty_n_nice   Replies: 12   Views: 1751

Naughty_n_nice 12 1751 20 July 2007 at 7:33am by Naughty_n_nice

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