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I Luv U For What U Are#2-AR-FF-T:NotPg32(16/11/10)

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I Love You For What You Are

This is a story of a boy who is a dream of million's heart. In the meanwhile He... You'll know more about him soon.
This is a story of a girl who is really different from loads of girls yet same... You'll know more about her soon.
This is Ridhima and Armaan's story.

Introduction: Page 3
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Hey guys,
Here is my new FF which I posted earlier than I planned. And it's only reason is our Armaan's come back :D.
I put KaSh picture, but you can, of course, imagine KaSu or KaJen :)
I know reading this, you can't get much idea but a proper intro will be posted on Friday, why Friday? because I heard Armaan would be in Friday's episode :D.
I want to dedicate this FF to KSG for his come back and to all Armaan's fan :D
Anyways, I still hope you liked it, you enjoyed it and would want to read in the future.
I also hope that you I would get good response, so guys leave your comment, even a word, good or bad. Your comments means a lot to me, they encourages me to write further :).
All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.
And I'll PM as soon as I can :)

Luv u<333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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A girl is sleeping peacefully in her comfortable bed, dreaming about her prince charming. As the sun peeped through the curtains, she got disturbed. In order to prevent the sun disturbing her, she tossed and went back to her deep sleep.

A woman entered in her room and said "Ridhima beta, wake up, we have to do the preparations and then go to the airport"

Listening that, Ridhima opened her eyes and sat instantly, she was happy as he was coming back from London after his further studies. He just lived the next door and they knew each other from childhood. "mom, he is coming back today, right?" she asked her mother, Padma, for confirmation

Her mother smiled and confirmed "yeah, he is coming back". Ridhima was really over the moon but her mother got lost in her thought, her daughter was overweight and she truly wondered "What if he doesn't love her, would she be able to bear it?" she was really worried for Ridhima, she was her only child and she can't see her hurt.

In the meanwhile, Ridhima got up and gave her mother a kiss which made her come out from her trail of thought. After that, Ridhma went to take a shower while taking a dress with her.

On the other side, Padma made her way in the kitchen for preparing the breakfast. All the while making the breakfast, her thought was stuck on the same think 'what if he doesn't love her', her six sense told her again and again that he doesn't love her. But she didn't knew why.

While Padma was worried, Ridhima was lost in her dreamland... she was truly on the top of the world. She knew he loves her as he himself confessed to her. In fact, they were dating each other from a long time. She remember, once she had asked him "Why do you love me?" and he simply answered back "because love you the way you are. it doesn't matter me, if you are overweight";

The very first time when they had their kiss was, when they confessed but they never crossed that limit, Ridhima never wanted.

She came out from the bathroom, in a blue churidaar dress. Even if she is overweight, she looked completely ravishing. She sat in front of her dressing table.

Sitting there, she picked up the drier and dried her her, then brushed them and tied them un a pony. She applied pink shining lipstick and put kohl in her eyes. She wore her blue simple earrings and a plain locket gifted by him on valentine's day. Then she sprayed her perfume, Dior and placed her dupatta on her shoulders.

After checking herself out, in the mirror, she made her way down.

"Good morning dad, how are you this morning?" Ridhima hugged her father, Shashank, from behind.

"I am fine bacha" he smiled and brought her in front of him " aaj to mera bacha bohot sundar lag raha hai"

She blushed and replied "thanks". They all had their breakfast and went to complete their chores.


"Shit, aaj bhi late hogaya. If I don't catch the plane on time she would kill me" a handsome, blue-hazel eyes guy said, while running toward a taxi. He put his bag in the car trunk

Another guy shouted from behind "Ammy wait for me, I am coming"

"Do quick Rahul. Otherwise, we'll miss the plane" he was really worried he didn't wanted to miss the plane on any condition. Rahul joined him in a while and he too put his back in the trunk.

The driver started driving. As they reached on the airport, Armaan paid and they came out form the car. They quickly picked up their luggage and entered in the airport.

Entering in the airport, then they booked their luggage and they made their way toward the check-in area. Soon enough, they board the plane. As the plane took off; Armaan smiled thinking that he is going back to her, his love. Once the plane was on it's height, Armaan fall slept.

In the evening, Ridhima and everybody of their family went to airport to receive him.

They reached at the airport on time and made their way in. They were waiting for him when Ridhima opened her purse only to take out her cell, but it wasn't in the bag. Then she remembered that she must have left in the car 'I am so stupid', she looked toward the door from where he'll come out and then at the exit door.

'it would take him some time to come out, till then I can go and bring my mobile back', she was expecting for a call from the company where she applied for job.

"mom, I forgot my mobile in the car. Can you give me the keys?" Her mother nodded and handed her the keys.

As soon as her mother handed her the key, she heard the announce that, the passengers have came out from the plane.

She was in dillema but then her brain said 'it would take him some time in the baggage area" so she rushed toward the parking.

Reaching near her car, she quickly opened the door and frantically searched for her mobile, which she finally found, beneath some papers.

She picked it, and coming out from the car, she locked the car and ran back in the airport. She was waiting so eagerly for this day and she couldn't afford to miss seeing him as soon as he came out.

But to her bad luck, while going toward that area, she collided with someone. As she looked at that person, it was a guy... with very attractive features.. He has got blue hazel eyes... and no one ont he earth can't deny that he was very handsome.

Once she was done checking him, she realized that his shirt is stained with Pepsi because when they collided, he was sipping his pepsy. She couldn't help but accept the fact that he was looking cute with confused expressions and while looking at his shirt with a frown.

But on the other side she was also feeling really guilty to ruin his shirt "I am really sorry, I didn't meant to do that" she said innocently

The blue-hazel eyed guy looked at her. His confused face and  the frown was replaced by a smile showing his billion dollars dimples. His dimples were utterly heavenly.

"It's ok but do take care, as by running you can not only hurt others but yourself too. And moreover one should always take care of themself" he said in such a sweet tone, that it mesmerized her.

Ridhima smiled and said "But again I am sorry, I spoilt your shirt"

"hmm" he said while scratching his chin, it seemed like he is in a deep thought "actually I can aplogize you on one condition"

"And what's the condition?" Ridhima asked curiously

"Give me the pleasure to know your name, what's your name?" His smile was even more deeper

His tone was a bit flirtious, but she didn't minded as she can sense he is a honest and good guy. She was confused at the moment, taken back from her own thought, she has never thought like this about him.

But she shruged out this thought and said "I am Ridhima Gupta, and you, what's your name?"

"My name is Armaan Mallik. And, even unexpectedly, it was truly nice meeting you"

"same here, I have to go now, bye" she smiled

"bye" as soon as he said that she ran, but this time carefully

Armaan was smiling constantly, he doesn't know why but he liked Ridhima even tough she was overweight. He liked her nature, she was really innocent which was evident from her eyes and smile. His smile was still playing on his lips.

After that, he went toward her love, who was waiting eagerly and with anger for him, as all the passengers of the plane and came out. He too came out a while back and saw her, so he sneaked out quickly as he wanted to tease her a bit. Now he thought that it's enough so he went behind her and covered her eyes.

"guess who am I?" he asked in a changed voice

"Ammi" she said and took him hand away from her eyes. Then she turned toward him with anger clearly visible on her face

When Ridhima reached there, she saw him and realized that he truly missed the chance to see him the moment iself when he came out. He was looking really charming.

She approached toward him "how are you Abhi?" she said in a sweet tone, she was waiting to be engulfed in a wam hug.

"I am fine, how about you?"

"I am also fine"

She was confused, he was being too formal, neither he hugged her nor he smiled meeting her. Ridhima felt awkward, but she dimissied the thought, thinking that he must be tired.

They all went out of the airport and sat in the car. She was feeling him distant from her, she didn't knew why, but she can see that and she wasn't the only one to see that.

Her mother too noticed that, her fear was becoming true. True, she knew Abhimanuy from his childhood but now, after he lived abroad, she knew he might have changed.

Sitting in the car, Ridhima rested her head against the back of the seat. Now as she thought back, they didn't had any proper in the mast two month, either he was busy or he replied into monosyllabed.

She never gave any thought to it, but now seeing him like this, she couldn't help thinking that but then the next second she shook this thought off as she came to the conclusion that maybe she is over exaggerating the facts.


"Kaisa hai tu? Zara bhi tune miss nahi kiya na mujhe?" she was on the verge of crying

He hugged her tightly and let her cry in his embrace "I missed you a lot. How can one not miss his love.. please stop crying, I can't see tears in your eyes"  he moved her back and wiped her tears

"woh doosra kider hai??"

"mom, I am here" Rahul came running and hugged her really tightly and then both Armaan and Rahul kissed on her cheek. After that they met their dad.

Soon enough, they left the airport while talking to each other and teasing. As they sat in the car, Armaan placed his head on the back seat and closed his eyes.

He saw a photo getting flashed in front of his eyes, of Ridhima. In first meeting, no one in his life had effected him like this.

She was just a sweet creature, so cute, so innocent. He had seen loads of girls, all loaded up with face powder, lotion, eyes shades, lipstick and trying to show their body but she had minimal make up and she wore simple tradition clothes yet she looked a goddess of beauty.


They parked the car in the drive way and came out "so Abhi did you enjoyed there?" Abhimanuy's dad, Vishal, asked while walking in the house and the rest of them followed them.

"dad, it was amazing... I mean, it's nothing like here..everything is so neat and clean there, even the road.. it feels good there to go out and hang around with friends... All of them are educated and well-manered... They know how to get dressed and...." he kept on blabbering but Ridhima didn't like even a bit of what he said

'It doesn't mean that going abroad he'll criticize our own country. Agree where he went to study is a great place but he truly has no right to say anything about our own country' she didn't like the fact that he has changed, she just hoped that he still loved her.

Because if he truly loves her, she knew he'll make him the old Abhimanuy, the one he used to be before going abroad.

Entering the house, Abhimanuy's mom, Anisha, said "Ramu kaka, please set the food" saying that she turned toward Abhimanuy "Abhi, you go and get fresh"

"yes mom" he said with a smile and left toward his room

Ridhima looked down with an upset face, she was really dishearten. She had expected a lot more from Abhimanuy.

As soon as the food was set, all sat down and Anisha said to Ridhima with a smile "Ridhima bacha, please call Abhi down"

Ridhima smiled and made her way toward his room.


*sigh* Armaan sighed, "finally, it's so good to be at home" he said as they entered in their house.

He looked around and it was a big house, he and Rahul had decorated it last year with their won taste as well as their parents. Whoever came to their house were just left with their mouth wide open.

"Ammy, it's truly so good to be back at home" Rahul too agreed

"acha bacho, baatein baad mein, now go to ger fresh up and come down for dinner... Maine apne haathon se tum dono ke liye khana banaya hai" Armaan's mom, Keerti, said

"really mom, we'll get fresh up later.. right now we'll directly attack on you hand made food" Armaan and Rahul said excitingly and rushed toward the dinning room.

Both Armaan and Rahul sat on their usual chairs and said "mom, please take the food out quickly"

Their mom, dad entered in the dinning room and smiled seeing them. They were still as much childish as before.

Keerti went to take the food out with the help of her servant while their dad, Shubhanker sat down with them

"on one side it's me, whose taste is even count and on the other side it's both of you whose taste is always in count" Shubanker said while pouting

"Arey, what are you saying to my sons?" Keerti asked as she saw all of them shutting down.

"huh!! who I??? I didn't said anything" he was stammering

"mom he was complaining to us that you don't make the food according to his taste"

"Shubanker? now this is too much, mein hamesha apki taste ka food banati houn..."

Shubanker glared at his son for putting him in these spot "jaan, you know, I was just.... "

"bas aap rehne dijiye" saying that she placed his favorite dish in front of him, which made him guilty

"mom, it's our fault, he didn't said that, he just said the you love us more than you love him" Armaan sided up with his dad

His dad looked at him thankfully "I love all of you equally" Keerti said and sat down next to Shubanker, who hold her hand under the table, Keerti looked at him and couldn't but blush.

"wah wah, what a sight" Both their sons said in unison

Armaan still couldn't believe that his parents were married for more than 25 years and they still loved each other like they are newly in love.

He saw people getting divorced after a month of their marriage but he also saw few people living their life together and still loving each other, his parents were a living example of love.

All his prayed was that he too will led a life like his parents.


Armaan still couldn't believe that his parents were married for more than 25 years and they still loved each other like they are newly in love.

He saw people getting divorced after a month of their marriage but he also saw few people living their life together and still loving each other, his parents were a living example of love.

All he prayed was that he too will led a life like his parents.


As Ridhima reached in front of Abhimanyu's door, she thought to knock but then thought otherwise as she never had knocked his door before.

She turned the knob and entered. Seeing the sight in front of him, made her blush, he was standing there shirtless with his back toward the door.

Instantly Abhimanyu turned as he heard someone entering. "W*F, how dare you enter in my room" he said as he saw Ridhima

Ridhima was bewildered, she didn't expected this from Abhimanyu, he had never done this. She still can remember the times when she entered without his permission and then they had cute moments.

"what happened?... now will you tell me what you want or will you keep standing like this?" he asked in an irritated tone

"woh...hmm..everybody is calling you down" she said while stammering

"ok, I'll come in a while, you can leave now" he said in a tone which showed completely that he didn't want her to be here. He turned back to choose a shirt.

She was confused and didn't knew what to do, but as she saw him in a search of a shirt, she decided to help him. So, she went to him and told him while picking up a white shirt "this shirt will look good on you"

"I don't need your advice and I told you to leave, didn't I?" he said rudely and instead took out another shirt.

Ridhima was really hurt, she left the room with her eyes moist. He wasn't the same Abhi, she used to knew. His words really pierced her heart.

She wanted to make clear if he still loves her but didn't get the courage. As she was scared... scared to know, if he says that he doesn't love her, she wouldn't be able to take it.

The ring tone of her mobile made her come out from the trail of her thoughts. She quickly wiped her tears which somehow leaked out.

She picked it up "hello... yes... yes... from tomorrow... ok... thank you very much..bye" as she ended the call, she was really happy, she had a big smile.

Whatever had happened a while back, she has forgotten everything and was over the moon. She got her first job of her life, not that she couldn't get a job in her father's company but she wanted to be something with her own hard work and all were proud of her.


"Armaan, by the way, is this a new design of shirts?" his dad asked Armaan, as he noticed a stain on his shirt

"Ammy, as far as I remember this shirt's color was half-white" Rahul said with a frown

"Nothing guys, I collided with someone on the airport, while I was drinking from my pepsi can so that's the result" he said with a smile. This made him remember the beautiful lady, Ridhima.

They had an encounter of barely a minute and yet she already have made place in his mind and heart. 'what is happening to me?" he was confused, he never felt like this before

As they finished with their dinner, Keerti said "acha chalo tum dono fresh ho ker, so jao, bohot thak gaye hoge"

"ok mom" both said in unison. After kissing their mother on the same time and then hugging their father, they rushed to their respective room.

As Armaan entered in his room, he directly went to take a shower. Once he came out from the bathroom with towel around his neck, he saw his drawing stand. As soon as he saw that, Ridhima's face flashed in his mind and he instantly thought to draw her face and capture her in his painting.

He just loved painting, it was his passion. He picked up his pencils and other stuff. Even tough, he was tired as heck but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to draw down every feature, every single detail of hers.


Ridhima rushed down and said happily "Mom, dad, uncle, aunty... I am selected for the job"

"Oh My God, that's a great news" they all squealed in happiness and congratulated her

As Abhimanyu came down, he saw the commotion "what happened guys?"

Listening Abhimanyu, Ridhima remembered what happened in his room and again the smile was replaced by hurt. She didn't knew why he was behaving like this.

"Ridhima got a job"

"oh! on which post?" he asked casually without even congratulating

Ridhima was again hurt but glad that he was at least interested to know what job she is going to do "hmm, assistant manager"

"Ridhima you should have joined the company itself... I mean, come on, you want to be an assistant manager and to be ruled when you can be the owner and rule others"

Nobody liked the way Abhimanyu thought, even his parents were surprised.

"well, there is no use to be an owner till you don't get a taste of having an experience in other posts. The post and position doesn't matter. The experience matters. And in company, an owner may rule other but we all are ruled by God" she said whatever came on her lips, she was fed up by him. They just met today, after a long time, he brought the worst out of her. She had never been so irritated, angry or hurt before.

"no! not again" he said making bad face, all looked at her "why do you always bring God in between, when you can even not see him?"

"Abhimanyu, that's enough, have your meal" her mother said strictly, she would have scold him but as it was his first day at home, she controlled herself.

 "O.K" he said whilst rolling his eyes


Hours passed, he didn't knew how and when. As he finished, he looked at the drawing, her eyes were green and big like an ocean showing happiness, her smile was so attractive, he can pass his life seeing her smile. He smiled with satisfaction "you are an angel"

He covered the drawing. As he turned his head and saw the clock, he gasped, it was really late. He just came in his room, with the intention to just have a look at his room as it had been a long time and to also have a shower, but when he saw the drawing paper, he couldn't stop himself.

He quickly switched the light off and went to Rahul's room. Both the brother's slept in the room despite having different rooms, they were used to sleep like this.

To his surprise Rahul was awaken "Ammy"

"yeah, you awake?"


"can't sleep?" Armaan asked looking toward him

"well, yes, I couldn't sleep but you don't know the reason" Rahul said seriously

"You seem serious, what happened?"

"As you weren't coming, I came to your room to check upon you and I saw you drawing a girl indeed a beautiful girl's face. What's the matter Ammy? Who is she?" Armaan had never painted a woman's picture before expect his mother, so that was surprising for Rahul.

"Oh that, actually she is the very same person with whom I collided and she is really innocent" Armaan said with a dreamy look

"so you have fallen in love at first sight?" Rahul assumed

"hmm I don't know, seriously I don't know.. but yeah It really made feel different, a bit giddy.."

"tell me more about her, her name?..." Rahul asked, he was interested to know about that girl. As knew Armaan has never taken interest in any girl till this very girl.

"Her name is Ridhima... sweet name right?" Armaan asked excitingly, he was ecstatic to talk about her

"yeah" Rahul smiled seeing Armaan so happy

"you know what she is more sweet than her name... she is overweight but that doesn't matter as what matters to me is her inner beauty, her innocence"

Rahul was very proud of his brother, he knew his brother is different, he has chosen a girl for her true, her inner, beauty instead of her physically beauty. True, his brother; himself is very handsome and charming person but he didn't took an advantage of what he received by God. He was a complete gentleman, always ready to make smile others. And one more thing, he always maintain a distance with girls.

"Ammy bhai, tujhe pyar hogaya hai" Rahul said in a pure Hindi, even tough, he and Armaan, has stayed abroad but still they never forgot their culture, they love their own country.

"shayad" he said with a smile and then continued "now, have some sleep, we'll talk tomorrow"

"ok" both Armaan and Rahul slept peacefully. Armaan slept dreaming about Ridhima.

On the other side, Ridhima too couldn't take out Armaan from her brain. She woke up next day earlier than usually, it was her first at job and for nothing in this world she wanted to be late.

She got ready and left the house after saying bye to her parents. She would have loved to meet Abhimanyu but she knew that if she met him now and if he behaved like yesterday she would be hurt. That was the last thing she wanted in the beginning of this very important day.

She sat in her car and drove it toward her-from now on going to be-company. She parked her car in the parking lot and entered in the gigantic building.  It was the same as two days back, All were working on their own desk, everything was organized, the furniture wasn't cheap but also not expensive.

In fact seeing, when she saw the interior decorator, she was impressed. All this showered her, the owners personality and she knew they were great persons. Because usually, rich people would spend millions on their interior decorations as they want people to know their wealth.

With every step she took, she was feeling nervous as well as excited. She hoped that she'll prove herself capable for the job she was given.

She went to the receptionist who told her to go to the manager to know what she has to. Ridhima thanked her with a smile and went to the manager's room.

After knocking on the door, she waited for an answer. As she heard "come in", she opened the door and entered.

"good morning sir" Ridhima said with a smile

"Good morning Ridhima, I hope you don't mind me calling you Ridhima" The guy said with a smile while looking at Ridhima

She only shook her head and was happy at the friendly tone and the way he was trying to make the atmosphere comfortable for her.

The guy also smiled deeply and added "and thus you can also call me Atul"

"but sir you are my sir" she said in a surprised tone

"come on Ridhima, I don't believe in all this. See, I am about the same age as you and when people address me as sir I feel like an old person." he said with a smile

"Ok, si... I mean Atul" she said correcting her mistake with a grin

"that's better. By the way, two important person will join this company soon and apart that welcome Ridhima In Mallik's Enterprise" Atul welcomed her warmly


"but sir you are my sir" she said in a surprised tone

"come on Ridhima, I don't believe in all this. See, I am about the same age as you and when people address me as sir I feel like an old person." he said with a smile

"Ok, si... I mean Atul" she said correcting her mistake with a grin

"that's better. By the way, two important person will join this company soon and apart that welcome Ridhima In Mallik's Enterprise" Atul welcomed her warmly

Her first day passed away really smoothly, everyone helped her. It didn't took her long to be integrated in company, she made a lot of friends and nobody said a thing about her being overweight, it seemed like it didn't mattered to them, in fact it didn't mattered to anyone in the company. She just felt at home.

Before leaving she had to meet Atul, in order to update him about the details. She knocked on the door and entered as she was allowed.

"oh! Ridhima, how was your day? I hope you are feeling comfortable here" Atul said while closing his file and signaling Ridhima to sit down.

Ridhima sat down with a smile "My day was great, I didn't felt like it was my first day here...and I am really feeling comfortable here"

"great" he said with a smile "so you are leaving?"

"yes, but before that I have to tell you the details about the project"

"you could have tell me tomorrow as your work time is over"

"I know Atul, but It's better if I tell you today instead of tomorrow. As I believe 'Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today'"

Atul's smile widen as he was impressed. They discussed over the project and Atul couldn't help but admire her work, she was really serious about her work and all was done perfectly.

"well done Ridhima, you are a very talented woman and I must say if you keep on going like this you'll definitely achieve whatever your dream is" he said honestly with a truthful smile

Ridhima was really happy to hear compliments and that too on the very first day. She couldn't deny but Abhimanyu's word had really lowered her moral but at that moment she truly didn't regretted her decision, instead she thought that was one of the best decision she ever made.

"thank you Atul. You know I may have worked hard in another company but working here it's truly a relief. I mean it's so comfortable all are here to help each other on every step. I must agree that's really rare to see nowadays"

"I am happy to know, you think like this about our company and Ridhima from today morning you too are a part of our company. True this company's base was founded by Mr Mallik but the success of a company doesn't depend only on the founder but also on the workers. So Mr Mallik and his family believes in leaving like a family in this company"

Now it was Ridhima's turn to be impressed by Mr Mallik and his family's thought. True, her father too was a businessman but still they were some restriction in the office, they all are serious about everything but here apart of being serious they do have fun. In short they do work while having fun, which add a different and unique charm to their work.

"I think you should leave now as it's really late. If you want a ride, I can drop you" Atul said politely

"Thank you a lot Atul, but I have my car. Take care, see you tomorrow, good night" Ridhima said gently. Atul too said her bye and packed for the day.

He was just about to leave when he heard some noise, if he wasn't wrong it was as if someone was walking and as far as he knew everybody has left the office expect the guards. He was somehow afraid as it was so unusual but then gaining some courage, he came out from his cabin.

He thought to call the guard but then decided to check by himself first. He looked everywhere but there were no trace of anyone, but still he heard those voice. He kept walking and checking when all of sudden, he jumped in horror as three persons jumped in front of him. He sighed with relief as soon as he saw them.

"you guys are just too much... I was so scared" he said while controlling his breath and wiping his sweet. Unlike him, the rest of the people were laughing madly

"hehe, Atul, you were just an amazing sight to look at" a girl said

"Anjali, you are feeling happy to see your fiance scared" he said with a frown

"and what else should she be feeling. You completely deserved it, I mean we came here yesterday and you didn't even come to meet us, your best friends" One of the guy said

"I am sorry Armaan, I was just came back from Delhi today morning but as I packed today I was about to come to meet you and Rahul" Atul said making a sad face

"Do you think, this is a valid reason?" Rahul asked with a straight face, even tough it was an available reason he was just teasing him

"please forgive me na guys" he knew he should have come back before but the project date was preponed at the last time and this project was important. Even tough the project was nothing in front of Rahul and Armaan but still he wanted their company to get the project as it was Mr Mallik's dream.

"Arey Rahul, jaane de na..." Atul was assured listening this from Armaan but then he frowned as he continued with a smirk "but it doesn't mean that we won't punish you"

"what?? punishment???" Atul said with a gasp

"yeah Atul mere bhai.. you have to take us for dinner" Armaan said with a smile

Now that was a complete relief for Atul to hear this so he said "ok, but where?"

"hmm, our usual place" Rahul replied

"that sounds great, like this we would be also able to revive our old sweet memories" Anjali said with excitement

"ok guys, then what are you waiting for, let's go" Atul said and all made their way out.


Ridhima reached at home all happy, she was really feeling content. This was really what she wanted. As she entered, she saw Abhimanyu's family as well as Abhimanyu. His family was looking gleeful but he was looking dull, not interested at all in their discussion.

She greeted all of them and once again she expected some proper welcome from Abhimanyu but how wrong she was, he replied her curtly. Everyone asked her how was her day and she told them everything in detail. As she looked at Abhimanyu she found him typing on his mobile with all his focus on it.

She bet that he didn't even listened to a word.

"bacha, go get fresh, till then I'll set the dinner" Ridhima's mother said joyfully, she was really happy for her daughter.

Ridhima nodded and went in her room, she had a quick shower and came out, looking all fresh. Then she joined them down.

To her utter disappointing surprise Abhimanyu has already left. As she asked the reason, they told her that he had to go for some important work.

This was so strange, before whenever he used to come, he was the last one to leave. And now he left even without spending some time with her. Let that on a side, he didn't even had dinner. He was behaving so unlike him.


All the four were sitting on a table, in their favorite restaurant. All were talking and pulling each other's leg. Not to mention Armaan and Rahul were teasing Atul and Anjali, who were both blushing badly.

"Rahul, Armaan, just wait till you find someone. I swear, I won't let any chance to tease you, that's a promise" Atul said seriously and he was trying hard to control his blush

"I think that wont take a long time" Rahul said eying Armaan. It was now Armaan's to blush lightly, but he covered up soon. Now that Rahul brought up this mention, he realized that in such a short spam of time she had a big impact on him. He had been thinking about her every second. All his thoughts were related to her.

He came out from his thought as he heard Rahul "so when are you guys going to get married?"

"hmm, actually we are waiting for Muskaan to come back from Goa, then we'll fix a date" Anjali said, Muskaan is Atul's younger sister

"oww, Junglee billi.." Rahul said while rolling his eyes

All shook their head, Rahul and Muskaan were like child when left alone, in fact they can even be worse then children. They were named 'Tom and Jerry' by their family

"Anyways, what is she doing in Goa and when she'll come back?" Armaan asked curiously, Muskaan was like a sister to him.

"As you know she is a beautician, so she just went to Goa for a seminar in beautician institute and she'll come back in few days" Atul replied

"seminar?? couldn't they find a better beautician" Rahul said while making fun of her, but the next second he imagined what would she have done if she had listened, well she would have choked him.

"Rahul!" Armaan said while glaring at him

"ok peace" he said showing peace sign.

"By the way, you guys tell, have you met any girl whom you liked?" Anjali asked

"to be honest, there were loads and they were beautiful too but they didn't touched our heart" Armaan replied and Rahul too nodded

As they were done with the dinner, they hanged out some more then went to home as Armaan and Rahul were exhausted, they were still tired from the plane trip.

Armaan entered in his room and uncovered the sketch he has made of Ridhima. He didn't knew why but he couldn't help admiring her. She was a goddess of beauty and innocence.

"Ridhima, you are so innocent" he said dreamily and with a smile then he continued "anyways, it's getting late, good night and take care... hmm and one more thing keep smiling" he covered her sketch and went in Rahul's room.

He laid next to Rahul and asked "why you always keep in fighting with Muskaan?"

"She is so irritating" Rahul said while making a bad face

"don't worry you wouldn't get to bear her for a long time, she'll be soon married to someone and would be far from you" Armaan while looking at Rahul, he expected to see the expressions on Rahul's face that he expected

When Rahul heard that, he was somehow against the idea of her getting married to someone else. He didn't knew why but he felt bad.

Armaan rolled her tongue in his mouth in order to hide his smile, he got to see the expressions he expected. He knew, even tough they always kept fighting, they couldn't stay away from each other.

He remembered, he hadn't mentioned once her name yesterday but when they were away for their studies, they all spend a lot of time chatting with each other and there too Rahul and Muskaan fought like 'Tom and Jerry' and today, from the morning itself, he was bringing Muskaan's name somehow in all their discussions.

"ok I am tired now, good night" Armaan said and turned toward the other side with a smile. He knew he has succeeded to make Rahul ponder over it.

"good night" Rahul replied absent-minded. What Armaan said truly made him confuse, but he didn't knew what was happening to him. He tried to know why but all in vain, he automatically felt asleep.


Ridhima was laying on her bed, she was all confused. Her abhimanyu wasn't behaving the way he used to. She didn't knew how her thought went to Armaan. They just met for hardly a minute but it felt like she knew him for ages.

PRECAP: AR second meeting ;)


Ridhima was laying on her bed, she was all confused. Her abhimanyu wasn't behaving the way he used to. She didn't knew how her thought went to Armaan. They just met for hardly a minute but it felt like she knew him for ages.


The next morning, after getting ready she went to Abhimanyu's house as his parents, specially invited her. Once again, hope was rising in her heart, she couldn't help doing that. She just so loved him, that she could even ignore his past days behavior with her.

With every step, she took toward his house, her heartbeat was getting fast. She was anticipating from yesterday to meet him but now she was scared.. Scared to be rejected once again, she just shrugged these negatives vibes away and entered in his house.

As soon as, she put her feet in the house, she heard "Mom, please I don't want to see this silly stuff in my room", she knew it was Abhimanyu but she didn't knew what they were talking about.

She put her purse on the dining table and walked toward his room, as she reached there. She saw him taking all the teddy bears and literally throwing them out. His mother was standing outside, looking all upset.

Ridhima was hurt, these were the same gifts she gifted him and today, he was throwing them away. True, they are quite childish but they both had so many memories attached to it. How can he forget those moments.

Before, anyone could notice her presence, she rushed back in the hall and picking her purse, she went out of the house as she didn't had any desire to stay here even for one more minute. She was hurt, her heart pierced seeing him doing this.

As she sat in the car, she saw in the rear mirror, a few tears had streamed down from her eyes. She quickly wiped her tears and put her car in drive way. She promised herself that she would be strong and would try to confront him as soon as she would be ready.

A week has passed, she hadn't spoken to Abhimanyu this whole week as he didn't came across, he was always busy. She was ready for the day, after having breakfast with her parents, she made her toward her office.

How this week passed she didn't knew, but she truly enjoyed her time at her job. She has made a lot of friends. Atul was an amazing boss, he was always there to help her.

Soon enough, she reached at her office. She entered in the office and her mood was already lighten up, that's right that she was sad because of Abhimanyu's behavior but she knew something good is going to happen.. what? she didn't knew.

She went in her cubicle and placed her purse, then taking her file she went in Atul's room.

"He Atul"

"Hi Ridhima, how are you?" he asked cheerfully

"I am fine you tell?" Ridhima asked back

"well, I am happy, my sister is coming back... I am so missing her" he couldn't help blurting out, he didn't knew why but he knew she was special.

"That's cool, you are lucky to have a sister... I have no siblings" she said the last bit sadly

Atul smiled listening this "no worry Ridhima, from now on I am your brother, I promise to be there always for you"

"but you are my boss" she was confused but on the same time she would love to have him as her brother. She never had any siblings, she didn't knew how it was to have brother or sister.

"so what Ridhima. Along with being your boss, I am also a human, right?" he asked her with a frown

She just nodded her head and Atul continued "and I wouldn't want for anything in world to let go a sister like you" his frown was replaced by a smile

Ridhima too smiled, she couldn't imagine, it has been only a week that she was here and her boss was now her brother. She truly felt blessed to have a brother like him, for whom status didn't mattered.

"So I can call you bhai from now on?" Ridhima asked for confirmation

"of course, you can call me whatever you want" he finished with a wider smile

She was really happy, she felt like she was on clouds. She couldn't help but hug him with few tears. She just felt so good. Abhimanyu, the person she knew all her life didn't seemed to care or love her and here Atul, a mere stranger who she met yesterday, was no longer a stranger, he was her brother now.

Atul was surprised but then smiled. As she moved back, he found some tears in her eyes which made him worried "Ridhima, what happened? Did I said something wrong?"

She shook her head and wiped her tears but in vain as tears were started leaking again from her eyes "No bhai, I just felt so nice to have a brother like you... I never dreamed to have one" she admitted

"arre pagli, so you were crying for this" he said while sighing, he was really worried. He wiped her tears and this time they stopped "no more crying, warna sab kahege ke dekho Atul ne apni behan ko rula diya, meri reputation ka to sataya naas ho jayega" he said with a straight face but started giggling as soon as he finished saying this, Ridhima too joined him.

"ok bhai, now back to work, what do I have to do today" she said in a professional tone

He was really impressed by her manners "hmm..." he told her all the tasks she had to do.

As Atul was done saying her the task, she asked "Bhai, you told me, there were two new persons joining the company. When are they going to join?"

"Nothing is fixed yet, but soon... Actually they just came from abroad and they would join the office after some break"

She nodded and went to her cabin for doing her work, she was really satisfied. By the lunch time, she went in Atul cabin and saw him sitting on his chair with his head in hands

"what happened bhai?" she asked with concern

"actually, I am in a big mess... My fiance, Anjali, is not talking to me" he said while looking at his newly found sister

"why?" she asked while sitting on the chair

"I am so busy from the last few weeks that I hardly have time to spend some quality time with her" he admitted it

"that"s bad bhai"

"you are also siding up with her" he asked sadly

"aur nahi to kiya bhai, all a girl want is a guy who loves her and spend quality time with her... This wealth is important but nothing in front of the person you love... I think you should make it up to her"

"wow Ridhima, it feels so good to talk with you. Until you came, I was confused, I didn't what to do but now everything is clear... I am going to meet her..." he said dreamily but as if he remembered something he continued 'Can you do me favor?"

"yeah bhai, tell me" she said with a smile

"After lunch, can you take care of the office and attend the call on my place?"

"of course, bhai, now you go and take some flowers" she said with a smile as he nodded and hugged with excitement. After that, he left.

Armaan and Rahul were in Mallik enterprises, they came to talk with Atul. Actually Anjali told them all the situation and so they wanted Atul to go and meet her. Unaware of the fact, that he has already left.

They were just in the entry, when Armaan remembered something and said teasingly, looking at him "By the way, have you already shown anyone the video were you..." He started running while laughing madly as he knew Rahul was ready to kill him.


Ridhima came out from the office and with her friends, Raina and Misha she made her way toward the canteen which is on the first floor of the office itself.

They all were immersed in an animated conversation and Ridhima was looking Raina as she was telling her about her childhood memories. All of sudden, someone bumped into her and they both fell down. She was on the top of someone and her eyes were closed as she was somehow afraid.

But then next moment, something happened which she couldn't understand, she felt secure in that persons arms. So she opened her eyes, only to find Armaan looking at her intensely. Both forgot everything around them, it was only them. She couldn't help but blush.

From the day they met, he wasn't ready to leave her mind. All she did was to dream about him, see him everywhere. She was surprised that from the day she met Armaan, she didn't had any dream of Abhimanyu. She didn't knew what was happening with her Nero-system.

On the other side, when Armaan fall down he shrieked with the sudden pain in the a*s as he fall down. Armaan was bewildered with the collision but as soon as he saw that persons face, Ridhima's face, he was over the moon. For him, It was just too good to be reality.

He couldn't believe, that the girl about whom he was dreaming from the past one week, who has taken the whole control of him in just merely a minute, was right on top of him.

Armaan was completely lost in her innocence, she was looking an epitome of beauty and innocence. There were such a different type of relief on her face which made him forget all his worries.

As she opened her eyes, he was mesmerized by her once again, her eyes were of green colors, that he truly wanted to be drown in her expressive eyes. And he was able to see surprise expressions on her face and then she blushed.

Seeing that Armaan couldn't stop from smiling which left Ridhima quite shocked at why he was giggling, she hoped that he hadn't seen her blush. She herself was confused on herself, she didn't knew why she blushed. 

She looked around and all were staring at them, she was embarrassed so she tried to stand up but was enable to do so, as his hand were wrapped around her waist and he was still gazing at her, very cutely.

"Armaan" she slowly whispered

'haye' Armaan thought in his heart, listening his name from her mouth made shiver ran thrown his spine. The next he thought with utter satisfaction 'oh my god she remembers my name' knowing that there were no height of his happiness.

But soon Armaan came back to reality as Rahul shook him hard "where are you lost man?"

'huh!!... No where" he shook his head then looked back at Ridhima, she was still there, he smiled widely.

"Armaan, are you going to leave this beautiful lady? All are watching you guys"

"oh shit!" Armaan muttered out of pure concern for Ridhima and took his hands back so she could stand up which she did instantly, her face was all red and she was looking down. he didn't wanted anyone to say anything wrong to Ridhima, he wouldn't be able to take it. "I am sorry Ridhima"

At this Ridhima raised her head and looked at him with the thought 'Oh My God, he remembers my name, I thought he would have forgotten about me the day itself, but no" she was amazed.

She just smiled and said "It's ok.. By the way what happened to your thinking 'by running you can not only hurt others but yourself too. And moreover one should always take care of themself' " she repeated in a teasing tone, the same he told her

"Oh so Ms Gupta is sticking my dialogue on me" he said in the same tone with a smile

"what to do, one can't get this opportunity everyday" she said with a grin

"so true. Now as you have mentioned about opportunity, would you like having a cup of coffee with me?"

She blushed, she didn't what was happening. Apart Abhimanyu, she didn't let any man come in to her life. But today, fate is bringing them closer.

"hmm, well actually me and my friends were going to canteen to grab some food" she said while stammering a bit

"then it's a lot more better as I am really famished" he said happily

Rahul was looking at them with a wide grin. He was so happy that his brother get to meet the girl he loved again. He knew his brother is head over heals in love with Ridhima.

As Armaan said about lunch, Rahul was about to interrupt and make Armaan remember why they came there but then he thought 'let Armaan be happy, we'll talk to Atul after lunch', he was so happy to see his brother happy.

(This part is dedicated to our princess Habs :D)

Rahul was looking at them with a wide grin. He was so happy that his brother get to meet the girl he loved again. He knew his brother is head over heals in love with Ridhima.

As Armaan said about lunch, Rahul was about to interrupt and make Armaan remember why they came there but then he thought 'let Armaan be happy, we'll talk to Atul after lunch', he was so happy to see his brother happy.

Somehow, Armaan and Ridhima were again lost in each other's eyes. They didn't knew what happened that them but there were a magical sparks which attracted them to each other.

Rahul looked at Armaan and then toward Ridhima, he shook his head with a grin and thought an idea to get both of them's attention. So he faked a cough.

Fortunately, it was enough to get their attention. Armaan loked at him quite irritatly while Ridhima looked at him confusingly as she didn't knew who he was.

"what?" Armaan asked annoyedly

"care to introduce me to this beautiful girl?" Rahul said with a fake frown, of course,he knew she was the very same girl whom Armaan painted.

Armaan looked at him sheepishly and said "sorry yaar, meet Ridhima Gupta, my friend. The one I met on the airport and Ridhima meet Rahul Mallik, My brother, I know he is as charming as me, if not more" he finished with a wink

Ridhima looked at Armaan as he started speaking, she smiled widely as he reffered her as 'friend' she was amazed but she was smiling. And when he said the last bit she looked at him with her mouth wide open but she couldn't deny he was, indeed, really charming, even more than his brother.

"Thanks bhai for the compliments" Rahul said while looking at Armaan

"mention not" Armaan said back with a grin

"Hey, Rahul, nice to meet you" she said with a smile to Rahul and brought her hand forward to shake it

"same here" he too said with a smile and he shook his hand with hers.

Then she looked at Armaan and said "Aww my my, someone is complementing himself, that's not good" she said with a raised brow and she faked a mocking tone.

"I know, I know, but what to do, I have a beautiful lady standing in front of me, who isn't even giving me any compliments. So I am satisfying my heart by complimenting myself" as soon as he finished saying this, Ridhima burst out laughing as well as Rahul

He so loves seeing her laugh, she was an angel. Actually that wasn't also enough to describe her, he just couldn't find the word.

Ridhima just blushed and then suddenly she remembered she wasn't alone, so she looked at her friends, who were looking at her with a wide a smile and a 'carry-on' look.

She was shocked as realized what her friends are thinking. She shook her head but they winked. She was completely stunned. But wasn't it abvious that they would thought in that way, as they don't know about her and Abhimanyu. So she thought to tell them as soon as she can.

"Anyways, we guess Ridhima forgot to introduce us, like you did for Rahul... I am Raina"

"And I Misha"

Both Armaan and Rahul smiled whereas Ridhima smiled sheepishly as she completely forgot about them.

"nice to meet you" both boys said in unison

"same here" Raina and Misha said together

"I hope you don't mind that we join you?" Armaan asked while looking at Raina and Misha, because he knew Ridhima is ok with that.

"of course not" Both girls replied enthousistically

They all entered in the canteen and sat down on a round table of six. Luckily, Ridhima end up next to Armaan, as they were sitting in the following position, Raina, Misha, Ridhima, Armaan and Rahul. There was a chair free between Rahul and Raina.

They soon ordered for the food and all started talking, they all feel at ease.

Armaan smiled with a sigh, he was happy for another fact too that none knew in this company who they, he and Rahul, were. Because if they knew, they wouldn't have threaten them this way.

"so Ridhima what are you doing here?" Armaan asked, hoping that she worked here

"well I work here" she replied with a smile

Armaan was over the moon to know she worked here, now he seriously thought to join the company as soon as he can. In his thought, he didn't even remembered once to ask who is she working under.

Rahul was oberserving Armaan and Ridhima's faces, expressions, conversation. Truly, he couldn't deny that his brother's choice, is indeed, one in billions.

Raina and Misha too were please to meet Armaan and Rahul. As they all got to know each other, there were no hesitation, they cracked jokes and talk about everything.

"So Misha and Raine, tell me do you have boyfriends?" Rahul asked hoping he could get a luck here

"hehe, really sorry to break your dreamy-bubble, but I am engaged" Raina said

"oh my poor heart" he said dramatically while putting his hand on heart "well let's know about Misha, what about you?"

"I have a boyfriend, and trust me if he ever get to know that you are trying to flirt with me, he won't spare you"

All laughed at this expect Rahul "uff my luck is so bad"

Armaan looked at him and shook his head, he didn't knew when his stupid brother would realize that he loved Muskaan.

They didn't how the time flew, as soon enough their break was over and so Ridhima, Raine and Misha left saying bye to the boys.

Armaan was left once again in his dreamland, he didn't wanted her to leave. He was unaware of the world, all he thought while sitting on the chair and admiring her retreating figure was about destiny.

From the past one week, he was craving to meet her once and luck brought them face to face. And to his luck, she is working here, in Mallik's entreprised.

But all his happiness, her quite dull face didn't went unnoticed from him. He had noticed a sadness in her eyes, he didn't knew if he was over-imagining or was there something bothering her.

He thought to ask her later, when they would be alone. He didn't knew, what he really felt for her, but he knew he cared for her and he couldn't see getting hurt.


Ridhima said bye to her friends and entered in the cabin. She was in Atul's cabin itself as she had to attend important calls concerning the delegates, who were coming in two days.

Apart that, she had to complete her project file, so she could show it to Atul when he came back.

Before she could start, she thought in her heart 'I hope everything would go weel between bhai and bhabhi' and then she went back to work.


Rahul who had been the oberservator of the day asked him "do you want to join this company from now buddy?"

This startled Armaan, not because of what he said but because being interrupted suddenly from his thought "huh.. hmm what did you said?"

This made Rahul chuckle "I asked if you want to join this company from now on?"

All Armaan did was to smile happily, he didn't how Rahul knew him so much, he just couldn't hide anything from him.

"So I count this as a yes" Rahul said with a grin

Armaan just passed his hand through his hairs, he didn't what this feelings were but he was feeling so good and relaxed.

"by the way, I guess you forgot we actually came here for something" Rahul said reminding him

As Armaan heard this, he gasped "oh my God, how can I forget that. If Anjali gets to know about this, she would kill me.. let's go Rahul"

They both jumped and went toward Atul's cabin. Not knowing, that there was another surprise awaiting for Armaan.

"Armaan you really love her, right?" Rahul asked while walking toward Atul's cabin

Armaan looked at him all perplexed, but he couldn't deny his feelings. He knew felt more than liking for her. She meant a lot to him. He didn't how can someone feel a lot to him just in a matter of a week.. well not even a week... Actually in a matter of few seconds.

"I think, I do" As Armaan replied that, Rahul gave him a big smile

"You know bhai, no girl can be better than Ridhima for you" This truly made Armaan happy. He was overwhelmed to know that his brother approved his choice.

Soon enough, they reached in front of Atul's cabin. As usually, they entered without knocking.

"Atul mere yaar..." Armaan started as soon as he opened the door, he didn't even saw who was sitting on the seat. As he realized it wasn't Atul but Ridhima was sitting there, he stopped in midtrack and just blinked his eyes in disblief. He knew, if he even asked something else to God today, it would have been fulfilled but he knew he can pray nothing more important than this.

On the other side, Ridhima who was sitting on Atul's seat and was busy on the phone. As soon as she put down the phone after fixing the conference date, she heard the door opened and she heard Armaan's voice.

She truly wondered what he was doing here, so she asked "Armaan, what are you doing here?"

"hmm I just came to meet Atul, he is my friend... but what are you doing here?" he was confused to see her here

"oh ok... well he had to leave so I am here to attent his calls" she replied surprisedly, as she didn't why but something was bringing them face to face again and again.

"oh!... woh kider gaya?" Rahul asked, for a change.

"he went to meet bh.. his fiance"

Both entered in the cabin with a sigh "finally, he got some sense. I mean, he is an utter most idiot to ignore his fiance for that long" Armaan said

"yeah you are right.. so now everything is solved and finally Anjali won't kill us" Rahul replied happily

"why would she kill? there weren't your fault?" Ridhima was confused

"from morning, she was in a fool mood and she treathened us,that if we don't persuade Atul to go and meet her, she could chop us in pieces and then make our soup" Rahul said animatedly

At this Ridhima couldn't control but burst out laughing. She was having a tough time controling her laughter which left Armaan breathless while Rahul pouted.

"I am sorry Rahul but you were looking so cute" she admitted it, when she was with them, she actually forgot that she had to complete her work.

Soon enough, the room door opened again. But this time with a smiling Atul accompanied by a girl, who Ridhima assumed to be Anjali.

Atul's smiling face soon turned into a frown as he saw Armaan and Rahul "what are you guys doing here?"

"we just came her to teach you a lesson.. I mean how come you were ignoring our cutie pie" Armaan said while hugging Anjali

"sorry yaar, bohot baari ghalti hogayi thi... but now thanks to Ridhima all is well.." Atul replied with a smile and Anjali too smiled

"no formalities, remember" Ridhima frowned and then she moved toward Anjali

Without even waiting, Anjali hugged her and Ridhima hugged her back, much to Armaan and Rahul's shock.

"ahem ahem, care to share a penny with us?" Armaan asked

"Armaan, she is the one, who persuade Atul to give me sometime and I don't know if you are aware or not but she is Atul's new sister"

See the rest of the parts, in the below post :)

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Anjali hugged her and Ridhima hugged her back, much to Armaan and Rahul's shock.

"ahem ahem, care to share a penny with us?" Armaan asked

"Armaan, she is the one, who persuade Atul to give me sometime and I don't know if you are aware or not but she is Atul's new sister"

"wow... so much beautiful coincidence" Armaan and Rahul said in unison

All, including Ridhima, as Atul forced, sat down comfortably and Atul ordered for some cold drink. "so it seems you and Rahul already knew Ridhima" Atuk said while eying Armaan, who was lost in Ridhima. Atul was confused, this was so-not-like Armaan.

As Rahul nudged Armaan, he looked perplexed but covered up soon as Rahul mouthed him what they asked, so Armaan replied with a smile "yeah... we collided at the airport and that's where we exchanged our names" that one meeting is unforgettable for Armaan.

Ridhima too looked at Armaan and automatically a slight blush appeared on her face but she controlled it as soon as it appeared. She didn't knew why but from the time he got to know Armaan, she came in his surrounding, she always found herself smiling and happy. For the matter of fact, she even forgot Abhimanyu.

The peon brought their cold-drinks and all enjoyed it while chatting and having fun.

All of sudden Ridhima gasped in horror "Oh My God, how can I forget" she hit her forehead and stood up

"what happened Ridhima?" Anjali asked confusingly

"actually, I have to finish a project report. So I have to go" she said in tense tone

"Ridhima, it's ok, you can work on it tomorrow" Atul said with a smile

"no bhai, I have to finish it by tonight. As from tomorrow we have to start working on the foreign project" Ridhima said reminding Atul about the foreign delegates.

Atul's eyes were wide open, he completely had forgotten it and as he remembered he told her to set his appointment with the foreign delegates, he asked "OH yeah, by the way, when are they coming?"
"hmm, next week, on friday, 3PM"

"cool, but still you can finish the project report tomorrow" Atul tried to change her decision, as he knew the report was important but that could be done tomorrow too.

"I know bhai, but still I want to finish it today itself" she said with a smile and saying bye the everybody she rushed in her cabin with her files.

"tell you this girl... She wants everything perfect" Atul said with a sigh but yet with appreciation, he was proud that she gave the projects the best she can.

Armaan couldn't agree less, but the moment he saw her figure retreating, his face became dull, he was already missing him.

All this expression didn't went unnoticed by one person, Rahul, who also didn't mind to have a great time on Armaan's expense, said with an innocent look of concern "what happened Armaan, why are you looking so upset?"

Armaan glared at Rahul and gave him a warning look. On the other side as Atul and Anjali looked toward Armaan, he too looked back at them and didn't knew what to say.

"Huh.. Huh" he fumbled as he didn't found the word but then an idea stuck in his mind "nothing yaar, I am not upset, I am just thinking that we should join here soon, like this Atul will get more time to spend with Anjali" he finished while winking at Atul and Anjali, both were blushing slightly, but happy with what Armaan said.

To his luck, even Rahul sided up with him with a smile "yeah, you are right bro, I think we should the company from tomorrow itself"

Armaan looked at Rahul and smile thankfully, Rahul just gave him a brief wink.

"by the way, we expect to see you both at Atul's house tonight, we are having dinner there" Anjali said

Rahul frowned and asked "why?"

"Saale, do you we need a reason to invite you?" Atul said with a fake anger, which everybody knew

"hehe, no, but this time we know there is something else behind this invitation" Armaan chuckled and then replied, he knew just to well his brother, friends and maybe soon another addition.

"well, you are right" Anjali said with a smile

"so what it is?" Rahul said, who was sitting comfortably on the couch with his right leg on his left one.

"what's say 'wait and watch' " Atul finished wish a smirk, indeed an evil smirk

Both Rahul and Armaan, looked at each other and they knew that something is black in the lentil. But they knew they would have to wait.

"It's seems, to know what tishe reason  behind this invitation, we'll have to wait" Armaan said and plumbed back in the couch

"yeah, you are absolutely right" Atul said coolly, while sipping from his coke

All of sudden, Armaan didn't what happened to him and what urged him to ask the very next question "Is Ridhima coming too?", he didn't meant to ask this, as he knew suspicious would be raised.

Both Anjali and Atul were looking at him with raised brow and confused look on their face.

"hmm, Actually Armaan is right, as Ridhima is your sister, she would be also there, right?" Rahul asked, coming to Armaan's rescue

Listening this Armaan sighed, because till a second back, he knew that he is gone so he looked at Rahul and smiled gratefully.

That made Anjali and Atul questioning air and confusion vanished. "of course, I'll invite her, the rest is up to her" Atul said with a smile

"by the way, Atul, how did you manage to make Anjali talk to you again?" Rahul asked

Anjali started "hmm well, as you guys know, I was in a foul mood and was cursing him badly... I was sitting in my balcony, when all of sudden, I heard the bell, so I went to open the door. As I opened the door I saw an immense bouquet of roses."

She looked at Atul and blushed, then Atul continued "then I took the bouquet away so she could see my face, the sight was worth-watching, she was standing there with her mouth wide open and her eyes so big that I could even swam in it... and the rest is private"

Armaan and Rauk whistled listening the word "private"

"ok, ok now enough, I have plenty of work to do. I'd be absolutely not mind at all if you all want to stay but I think you guys also should get going, get ready and then we'll catch up at my house in the evening" Atul said as he remembered he too had loads of work to finish before leaving

"so it means you are throwing us out' Rahul said dramatically

"I am hurt, Atul dost dost na raha" Armaan too joined Rahul and even put his head on his shoulder

"drame-baaz" Atul said while hitting them on arm mightly with chuckle and all joined him, that was the beauty of their relation, they understand each other well.

They knew if Atul told them to leave was only because he wanted to finish his work before joining them at his house.

Armaan and Rahul hugged Atul and left. Anjali left after giving him a big kiss on his lips. As she too left, he ruffled his hairs cutely.
To his mishap, Ridhima saw his cute act and she didn't mind teasing him.

"Ridhima, were Armaan and Rahul not enough that you too started" he said while making him pout

All Ridhima did was to laugh on Atul's expression, but then she stopped and said while holding her ears "I am sorry"

"Ridhima, never say sorry to me. You can tease me as much as you can, this is your right" he said sincerely, true he was pouting and faking an annoyed face but he truly enjoyed all the teasing

Ridhima just smiled "I never knew, I would get a brother and that too like you. I consider myself lucky"

"just not you, me too, I have two most awesome sisters in the world" he said with a wide smile "and yeah actually, all my friends are coming at my house in the evening for dinner, so would you mind coming at my house? like this you would be also able to meet my family"

"of course" she smiled with excitement

"so you'll come by yourself or do you want me to pick you up?" he said in a brotherly tone

"hmm, you give the address, I'll come by myself"

"ok" Atul smiled and passed her a paper with his address written on it

She took it and on the same time she noticed a file in her hand, she recalled that she came for some work "oh by the way, I came to show you this file"

Atul too the file and they discussed over it together.


As she reached at her house, she was happy, excited. So much happened in a single day and to her fortune all was good. Now that she saw a big picture in their hall of her and Abhimanyu's family including her and Abhimanyu, she realized that she didn't even once thought about Abhimanyu.

She was confused but she couldn't deny, she loved Atul, Anjali, Rahul and of course Armaan's company.

'is it right that I am thinking a lot about Armaan?' her mind asked and then it replied guiltily 'no I should only think about Abhimanyu as I love him'

But she didn't knew why her heart was only thinking about Armaan, for the matter of fact, from the day she met Armaan, the thought of Abhimanyu had decreased or even vanished from her mind.

She didn't knew if it was because of Armaan or because the way Abhimanyu was behaving. She couldn't deny, the way Abhimanyu was behaving didn't made her feel like talking to him, but she knew she has to talk with him.

The only question was when? because he was all the time busy, she didn't knew where he was busy, but he didn't even have a minute for him.

Before he went abroad, he used to spend most of his day with her. They would go for an ice cream or even staying at home and chatting was their perfect idea.

But now everything had changed, he was no longer the same Abhimanyu.

"Arey Ridhu to aagayi" Ridhima's mom, Padma, said while coming out from the kitchen

"yeah mom" she hugged her and told her almost everything which occurred the whole day, expect what she felt when she fall down or anything else related to Armaan

"so Atul is your brother now?" her mother ask for confirmation

"yes, mom, he is just an awesome brother and mom he invited me at his house for dinner. Even though I agreed but if you aren't ok, I can tell him that I am not coming, So can I go ?" Even though she agreed but still she asked her mother with a frown and if she refuse she would not go.


"yes, mom, he is just an awesome brother and mom he invited me at his house for dinner. Even though I agreed but if you aren't ok, I can tell him that I am not coming, So can I go ?" Even though she agreed but still she asked her mother with a frown and if she refuse she would not go.

For the matter of fact, she knew her parents would never refuse but still she always preferred to take her parents permission

"of course you can, enjoy yourself and be back at home before..."

Ridhima interrupted with a smile "....midnight, I know mom and I don't think It would take so much time. Ok, I am going to get fresh and then I'll leave" she left after giving a kiss on her mother's cheek

Padma chuckled and went back in the kitchen. She had never refused her daughter for anything, as she knew Ridhima would never do anything wrong. But today, there was also another reason because of which she agreed.

She wasn't unaware of Abhimanyu's behavior, she was noticing everything. How couldn't she, she is a mother and she would never want something bad for her daughter. She knew how much Ridhima was hurt by Abhimanyu's behavior and she also knew that if Ridhima goes for the dinner out, she would for sure enjoy.

She wanted Ridhima to enjoy and forget all the pain she received from Abhimanyu. As she was stirring the the food, she couldn't help but remember the peace, the glow of happiness which were on Ridhima's face while talking about Atul, Rahul, Anjali and Armaan.

Ridhima entered in her room and smiled, for some unknown reason she wanted to look good, she didn't knew why.

She opened her cupboard and looked at all her dress, suddenly her hands and eyes stopped on a dress, unknowingly a tear shed from her eyes.

Why shouldn't it, after all, this was the last gift Abhimanyu gifted her before going for his studies. She was missing him, but as the realization dawned upon her, she hadn't missed him even once while being with her newly founded brother and friends.

She was loving her time with them, as she turned her gaze, it went on her mirror of her dressing table and she found herself smiling.

As she questioned herself 'why am I smiling all of sudden?', her soul replied 'because in short spam of time, her new friends mean all to you and, above all that, they make you happy'

She was satisfied with her answer, of course they were her friends and she knew they would never hurt her unlike Abhimanyu who was hurting her. She didn't knew if he was hurting her on purpose or unknowingly. She just hoped he was doing it unknowingly and would realize soon his mistakes.

She just shook her head as she didn't wanted to think about Abhimanyu. She went back on choosing a dress, suddenly a dress caught her eyes, and she took it out, it was a beautiful deep sky blue anarkali dress.

Putting on her bed the dress, she locked her room door and went in the bathroom to get fresh. As the warm water hit her, her body started relaxing, she took a quick shower and came out wrapped in a towel, which was reaching her thighs.

After that, she went to her bed and picked up her dress. She quickly wore it and stood up in front of her mirror. She dried her hairs, smeared a cream on her face and she put kohl in her eyes. Finally, she sprayed some perfume.

That's all, she was ready now, It took her hardly 30 minutes to get ready.

She picked her purse and went down. After reaching there, she saw her mom sitting in the hall and watching 'Patshaala'

Ridhima grinned and said "oh so you are watching my hero?"

Padma giggled and replied "no he is my hero"

Both burst out laughing, they both were big fans of Shahid Kapoor and her mother was watching this movie for the 6th time.

"ok now, let me watch the movie and you go"

She laughed "ok ok, have a nice time, I be back soon" she kissed her mother's cheek and left, while whistling. For a change, she was really happy.

After sitting in her car, she took out the sheet from her purse on which Atul had written the adress and for confirmation, she entered the address in the GPS.

She started driving and soon enough, she was in front of     a small yet beautiful mansion. She parked her car and came out.

With hesitation, she entered in the house and found Atul there, all fresh and happy. He came to her and hugged her "how are you?"

"I am fine bhai, where are all the rest of friends?" Ridhima asked

"they are in their way, must be reaching there in a while"

Ridhima nodded, Atul continued "anyways come, I'll introduce you to my parents" She was really excited to listen this

Atul led her toward his parents, who were just standing nearby "mom dad, meet Ridhima and Ridhima meet my parents Omi and Naina"

Ridhima smiled and took their blessing "God Bless you" his parents blessed them with a smile, they were proud that their son have a sister as sweet as her.

"Ridhima, as you are Atul sister, it means you are our daughter too. So welcome in our family" Naina said while putting her hand on Ridhima's cheek

Seeing all this, Ridhima was touched deeply, she held her hand and said "I am blessed to have a brother like Atul and second parents as you" she couldn't help but hug them

Atul was smiling happily and unknown to them, the gang to reached there and they were the witness of this beautiful meeting.

"Aunty, if your meeting is done then we are also there" Armaan said with a pout

Meanwhile, all chuckled seeing Armaan like this. Armaan, Rahul and Anjali went to them and took blessings and hugged them. They met Ridhima too, Armaan stood next to Ridhima. Whoever would have seen them, they surely will say they were a couple made in heaven, just for each other.

"Anjali, how are you?" Omi Asked

"I am fine, how are you guys?"

"we are fine" they said with a smile

"wah wah, that's not fair, your daughter-in-law came and our value is zero" Rahul said with a fake anger

"you are absolutely right yaar. We don't have any value here anymore, after all now you guys have two more daughters, Ridhima and Anjali" he said with a fake anger too

All laughed at their drama scene. To their shock, someone held their ears "oye shut up bandro"

"Oww, that hurts, Muski yaar, does the host welcome like this the guests and plus we are meeting you after a long time" At that time they realized, the reason behind this invitation was Muskaan's coming back

Muskaan melted and left their ears. And then she enveloped them in a hug. True, She and Rahul were tagged as 'tom and jerry' but she truly missed both of them.

"how are you both?"

"we are fine" replied Armaan

But then Rahul came back in his avatar "Personally, I was fine till I got to meet you" he stuck his tongue

Ridhima was amazed to see two young mature people who were behaving like kids. Muskaan boiled in anger and she was ready to beat him but Atul held her back.

"Muskaan, Muskaan, before your first round starts, I want to introduce you to someone. Come" He took Muskaan toward Ridhima "she is Ridhima, about whom I told you and Ridhima, she is my sister Muskaan"

They meet each other, Muskaan's bubbly side took over, she hugged her and started blabbering, she told her about herself, her profession, etc. Ridhima was smiling all the while, unaware of the fact that someone's gaze was fixed on him, Armaan was through put admiring her.

"ahem ahem" that made Muskaan stop and she looked at Rahul as he was the one to fake a cough

"kiya hua tujhe bander?" Muskaan asked annoyingly

"what happened? well I am irritated listening your good-for -nothing voice non-stop"

That was enough for Muskaan to be angry and she ran behind Rahul, who was already running to save his life. He couldn't tell, how much he loved to irritate her.

"teri to, mere awaz kharab hai, tujhe to main nahi chorne wali"

Rahul turned quickly toward her, as he was now behind the couch "nahi nahi, teri awaz tere hasne se zyada achi hai" he stuck once again his tongue

Muskaan's jaw dropped on the floor "you... you... Idiot, moror..." she throw the pillow of the couch on him and he tucked them away.

Armaan was laughing looking at two adults completely immature when they are together, he looked at a stunned Ridhima and laughed even more "Ridhima you don't need to be so shocked. Actually it's ok for you this time but from now on you'll be used. Well let me tell you about them, they are 'tom and jerry' always ready to fight, this is their first round, there are a lot more to come. Enjoy their banter."

Ridhima looked at him with surprise "you all enjoy this?"

"of course yaar, actually you know what they love each other but aren't aware of this. They just tease each other to the length they know it won't hurt the other, both physically and emotionally"

Ridhima was now smiling, because indeed Rahul and Muskaan were looking cute.

Soon Atul declared "time up. Second round after dinner"

Muskaan glared at Rahul and grumpily sat down, she wasn't satisfied yet. On the other side, Rahul smiled sheepishly, when Muskaan was so involved with Ridhima, he sort of wanted her attention so he said all these to annoy her. He so loved her when she has an angry face, when her eyes were glaring at him, when her mouth was wide open.

For the matter of the fact, if he started telling about everything he loved in her, the night would finish but not his list. The only thing which can say all this in three words is him to admit "I love Muskaan" which he was denying at the moment.

"So what did you bring for me from abroad?" Muskaan asked childishly forgetting the fight and while chewing the meal

"hmm, were we bond to bring a gift for you" Rahul said teasingly

"not you, but my sweet bro was bond to" she stuck her tongue at Rahul

All chuckled and then Armaan said "yeah WE brought gifts for you" on purpose he emphasized on 'WE', as amost of the gifts for her were chosen by Rahul

"Where are they??" She asked childishly

"Have some patience. After dinner we'll give you, your gifts" Armaan said with a smile

"waise tumhe gifts ki zaroorat hai kiya?, your room has not even place for a person to live in and you want more stuff" Rahul said sarcastically but with a hint of tease

"haan hai, jab tum jaisa insaan ander sakte hai mere room ke to gifts to aa hi saakeinge" she said in the same tone

"very funny" He said with sarcasm

"Oh! but you didn't laughed" she too copied his tone

"Kids, please eat in peace, you can start your second round after the dinner"

"I wonder, how many round are their left to come" Atul mumbled, Ridhima chuckled as she was sitting to him.

Seeing all of them, especially Rahul and Muskaan, she was truly amazed, she had never seen someone like them.

All the while, Armaan was noticing her and he didn't missed the glow on her face. Right now too, he retrieve her expressions she was having in the morning. He knew he had to know, why she was looking so-not-herself in the morning.

It was strange, he truly was bewildered by himself, by his behavior, he didn't knew how he was able to know her so much. Nevertheless, he wasn't shocked, he wasn't upset but he was happy as he knew he loved her.

But still he has to know what happened to her before she came in the office, he has to know that as he could never see her upset.


All the while, Armaan was noticing her and he didn't missed the glow on her face. Right now too, he retrieve her expressions she was having in the morning. He knew he had to know, why she was looking so-not-herself in the morning.

It was strange, he truly was bewildered by himself, by his behavior, he didn't knew how he was able to know her so much. Nevertheless, he wasn't shocked, he wasn't upset but he was happy as he knew he loved her.

But still he has to know what happened to her before she came in the office, he has to know that as he could never see her upset.

Everybody sat down on the couch, Muskaan and Rahul were sitting silently but as Muskaan remembered her gifts she said excitingly  "Armaan bhai, where are my gifts?"

"kidoo wait" he said and went somewhere. After a while, he came out with few gifts.

Muskaan jumped and went to Armaan "Oh My God, all of them are for me"

"yeah" Armaan nodded with a chuckle

Muskaan grabbed the gifts and went back to sit on the couch. She opened all the gifts one by one and she was really happy. All the gifts were of her choice. She kept the gifts on a side and went to Armaan and hugged him "Thank you Armaan bhai, I loved all the gifts"

Armaan hugged her back and was about to say that Rahul choose the gifts for her, but as he saw Rahul shaking his head, he refrained from saying it.

"chal abhi hamare gifts nikal" Rahul said out of sudden

"gifts???" Muskaan frowned but in a teasing mode

"yeah our gifts. Come on, you just came back from Goa and I want our gifts" Rahul said while pouting

"hmm, well I brought them but I am not in the mood to give them to you" she stuck her tongue out

"that's not fair, we brought so many gifts for you and you are not giving us our gifts" he said like a baby

Muskaan rolled her eyes and wondered 'how much of baby can he be?'

"woh actually I brought the gifts only for Armaan bhai as you know the taxe officer said 'you can't take gifts for large-size-monkey with you' so I didn't brought your gifts" she said with attitude and while blowing non her nails

"Muskaan ki bachi" Rahul yelled, he couldn't stop himself hearing 'large-size-bandar', so he stood up and ran behind her.

They were running in the whole house and all were enjoying there cute fights, it was a full packed entertainment for them. Even there parents too didn't stopped them.

All were laughing, Armaan looked at Ridhima laughing so angelically. As he was sitting next to her, he whispered "do you want to have look of the house?"

As she heard Armaan whispering, she stopped laughing and just nodded with a beautiful smile.

Both stood up and left the hall quietly, nobody noticed them as they were busy watching 'tom and jerry' fight.

He shew her the whole house and finally they were in the garden. As Ridhima saw a swing she sat there and Armaan joined her.

"Ridhima, can I ask you quite a personal question?"

Ridhima sighed and replied with a frown "Armaan you don't need to ask me this. Remember we are friends"

"I know, but I thought maybe you would mind" he said with a smile

"no Armaan, you can ask me anything you want to" she replied back with a smile, a genuine smile

"well, I was wondering, today morning, in the office, when we met, you were looking quite upset"

She was numbed, she didn't knew how he knew her so much, but he knew her. Her mouth was left open, but she closed it and replied "actually, I..uh well..." she fumbling with words

He took hold of her hands "Ridhima it's ok if you don't want to say" He replied honestly, he didn't wanted to make her tense because of him. He freed his hands and was about to stand up.

Ridhima hold his hand and commanded "sit down"

He quietly sat down. 'haye even in this commanding tone she looks so sweet' he thought in heart.

"Did I say that I don't want to answer you?" she asked with a frown

Armaan like a baby shook his head and whispered "no"

"then, just sit there silently and listen me" at this Armaan nodded and Ridhima continued "well... I am sad because of my boyfriend, he went abroad for studies and returned the very same day we met for the first time. He is behaving really weirdly, like I have no value in his life, he has changed..."

It pained, Armaan's heart pierced. For the first time, he has fallen in love with someone but see the luck, she already has a boyfriend. How can God do this to him. His heart was aching, tears were ready to spill but he controlled himself.

In one moment, his dreams were shattered, how in the past few he had dreamed of her and actually he had already made plan for their, his and Ridhima's, future.

He didn't knew what to say, what to do, he was feeling helpless. As he was mourning over his heart, on the other side Ridhima told him everything from the very beginning.

He was so able to feel her pain, it doubled his pain. He could bear his pain but never hers. He just couldn't see her hurt or in pain. So he controlled his emotions and said "Ridhima, you don't worry, everything will be alright"

Listening that Ridhima hugged him, unknown of the fact, of what her hug was doing to her. The hug was electrifying, he was feeling in heaven but he knew he has to control. He has to keep their friendship on a normal level. He can't bear to loose her.

After that both went back in the hall. Armaan tried his best to stay a bit away from her. On the other side, Ridhima was upset as Armaan was sort of ignoring her, he was not sitting with her and was talking to her as less as possible.

She didn't knew why it hurt her more than anything in the world, she just couldn't see Armaan away from her.

Muskaan gave Armaan his gift and after some teasing session with Rahul she gave his gifts. He was so happy and both of them loved their gifts.

As they were done for the day, all left the house to go their respective home. Anjali was staying back as Muskaan came after a long time and they have a lot to catch up.

Rahul was walking ahead, leaving Armaan and Ridhima to themselves as he knew Armaan loved her. But he was unaware of the fact that Ridhima has a boyfriend.

Both were walking together, yet none speak a word. Ridhima couldn't take so she decided to break the silent "Armaan.." she started quite hesitantly

Meanwhile, Armaan was lost in his thoughts, he didn't how he was going to see her with someone else and other stuff. As soon as he heard 'Armaan', he looked toward Ridhima "uh haan, what happened?" he asked politely

"have I done any mistake?" Ridhima asked, her eyes were moist, but she didn't knew why.

Armaan gasped and said "no, why are you thinking this?"

"well you had been sort of ignoring me, you were just like not yourself" she replied honestly, that came as a shock for Armaan.

They spend just a day with each other and she already knew him so much. He thought that if he would stay away she won't notice it but she noticed it and was also hurt by this fact.

"I wasn't ignoring you, I was just thinking something" he replied back, half of it was true "Ridhima, I am truly sorry if you are hurt because of me, I didn't meant to" he could for nothing in this world hurt her.

True, she loved someone else but it couldn't stop him from falling in love with her neither he could come over his love, he will always keep loving her.

"No Armaan, you don't need to say sorry. But will you promise me that you would never ignore me? You see, usually, I am not that much hurt but you guys mean a lot to me"

"Oh Ridhima" he couldn't help but hug her, she was so sweet "I promise you that I will never ignore you and even If I ignore you by mistake you can punish me"

She was feeling so safe in his arms. After coming out from his hug she asked "I can punish you in anyway I want?"

Armaan nodded with a smile and said "you can punish me in anyway you want"

Ridhima gave a big smile and pinched his cheek "you are so sweet"

All Armaan did was to keep smiling. As he saw Ridhima sad a while back, he decided to go with the flow.

Ridhima came out from the hug and then said "for now, can you give me your phone number?" Ridhima asked with a smile and she knew the answer won't be negative.

"of course, beautiful lady" Armaan replied back, he gave her his number and she gave him hers.

Then Ridhima said bye to Armaan and Rahul she sat in her car with a smile of satisfaction.

She drove back home. After coming out from the car she made her way in, with just a thought 'why I was feeling so ignored by Armaan? I just know Armaan for merely a day but why does he mean a lot to me?.... This is strange Abhimanyu had been ignoring for more time and plus I love him but still I didn't felt the same pain I felt in few minutes because of Armaan unintentionally ignoring me... what is happening to me?'

With this confusion, and thought in her mind, she entered in the house. "you are back Ridhima?" Shashank asked

"yes papa, how was your day?" she asked her dad while hugging him

"good but now even more good as I saw my princess" both smile


Armaan and Rahul sat in the car and Rahul said "Armaan, I am gonna drive the car"

"hmm ok"

Rahul sat in the driver seat, while Armaan sat on the passenger seat. Rahul started driving.

As soon as Armaan was siting on his seat, he leaned his head back. He sighed and closed his eyes. Rahul who had been noticing was quite worried, he didn't knew why but he felt something was wrong.

"Ammy what happened?"

"she has a boyfriend"

"WHAT?" on the same time he applied the brakes. Now as he looked at his brother, he found him upset, broken but still he was trying to be strong "oh bhai, why does it have to happen to you" he hugged Armaan as he was honestly feeling sad for him.

Armaan too hugged back, he couldn't help but sob. It pained him really badly. As they broke apart, Armaan said "Rahul, you know what, if my love is true, she will love me too, I have faith on God" he wiped his tears. He said that, he didn't knew why he said that, but he was feeling that she will fall in love with him and they would be together.

He just prayed to God, whether they got together or not, just to keep Ridhima happy. He didn't prayed for anything else.

"Ammy just stay away from her or you'll get more hurt" Rahul told him whatever he felt right

"I can't stay away from her and Rahul, I left everything on God" Armaan said with determination

Rahul knew there was no point arguing with Armaan, so he just added "I am with you Armaan, no matter what decision you take"

Armaan looked at him and smiled gratefully


Ridhima sat next to her dad, who was watching a news channel. Padma too joined them and after a while she said "now you go to sleep, you must be tired"

"ok, mom dad, good night, see you in the morning" she gave a quick hug to her parents and rushed in her room

Entering in her room, she closed the door and changed in her nighty. She sat on her bed and thought 'why I wanted to look good today? why did I feel bad when Armaan was distant from me?' a new, different feelings raised in her heart.

She didn't knew what was happening to her, she was enjoying her time with them but above them she enjoyed Armaan's company the most. She didn't knew why but she felt comfortable with him, not that she didn't felt the same being round Atul or Rahul but with Armaan it was different. She didn't what it was.

*beep beep*

As she heard her mobile noise, she went to her dressing table and checked her phone.

*1 message*


Ridhima didn't knew what was happening to her, she was enjoying her time with them but above them she enjoyed Armaan's company the most. She didn't knew why but she felt comfortable with him, not that she didn't felt the same being round Atul or Rahul but with Armaan it was different. She didn't what it was.

*beep beep*

As she heard her mobile noise, she went to her dressing table and checked her phone.

*1 message*

She opened it and read it 'hey princess, I hope you have reached at home safely, do text me back as soon as you check your message... Armaan'

Unknowingly, a smile crept on her face, in the menu she selected reply back and typed whatever came to her that instant. After sending the message she noticed that she never had to think much while talking to Armaan.

'why isn't she replying me back?... has she already slept?' Armaan wondered, he was feeling really restless as he was waiting for Ridhima's message

As if God listened him, he heard his mobile beeping. He checked it and found *1 message*. He quickly opened it with excitement and read 'Armaan, I have reached at home safely and I truly had fun with all of you guys :D... ok I am going to sleep, you take care, I miss you, good night, bye... Ridhima'

Armaan was smiling childishly. He knew she has a boyfriend even then too he couldn't stop himself but be happy. She was just an angel and he so loved her, no matter what happen he will always keep loving her.

He messaged her back 'have a nice sleep, you too take care, I miss you too, good night and bubye... Armaan' he so wanted to add 'I love you' but for a matter of fact he knew that he couldn't. He didn't knew, if he would be able to do in future or not but he was sure that he will always cherish their moments.

After placing his phone in his pocket, he went back to her painting, the painting he painted the very first day he met her. He unveiled it and started talking while caressing her face "Ridhima, I never thought fate could do this to me.... First I met you and I fall in love with you at first sight, then we met again and we became friend, and today, I got to know you have a boyfriend." unknowingly a tear leaked from his eyes "Ridhima, I just want you to be happy so it doesn't matter either I am happy or not... I love you so much Angel." he wiped his tears and covered the painting. After that he went back in Rahul's room to sleep.

Armaan put his mobile on charger and laid next to Rahul. "Ammy" Rahul called him

"yeah Rahul" Armaan whispered back

"are you sure about your decision?" Rahul asked genuinely, he didn't wanted to see his brother sad so he was trying to convince him

"yes Rahul, I am very much sure of my decision, in fact I hadn't been that sure ever before." Armaan replied with his eyes closed yet with a smile "by the way, you truly had fun today, I was able to see that" Armaan said in a try to change the topic

"actually, I was really having fun. Haven't you seen Muski's face, it was truly a sight worth watching" Rahul answered back while chuckling a bit

"did you like the gifts?" Armaan asked, in intention to make Rahul talk about her and hoping that Rahul would truly realized his love for Muskaan soon.

"I like... I would rather say that I loved all the gifts" Rahul said dreamily.

"ok, enough for today, now we should sleep we have to join the office too from tomorrow on" Armaan smiled weakly yet excitingly and said like a big brother. Rahul too agreed, they switched off the light and slept in a matter of few seconds.

Their parents were already informed about their decision. Well, after leaving the office they came home and they actually told their parents that they want to join the office from tomorrow on, their parents were really happy. Still they told them that they just finished their studies thus they should enjoy but Armaan and Rahul told them that they had enough time to relax and now they really wish to join the office so their parents agreed happily.


The sun was on his peak, the hustling and bustling was already started in the city as all were going to there works. The sun peeped through the curtains in a beautiful room, where the bed was neatly made and Ridhima was brushing her hair.

All the while, she had a beautiful smile playing on her lips actually she couldn't resist but smile thinking of all the events that occurred yesterday. The more she tried to put her attention on other thing, the more her thought went to that events, especially Armaan.

She didn't knew what was happening to her, she actually had Armaan's dream. Even tough, she couldn't remember every detail but she still remembered one phrase that he said in her dream 'Ridhima, I promise to be by your side forever, no matter what happen' and she knew, it was true, she knew he will be always there for her.

She knew, in a short span of time, that Armaan was one of few persons who could go to any extent to make sure that the one he loved and cared for are fine. Cared one as in Atul, Rahul, Muskaan, Anjali, their parents and she knew that he cared for her too.

The fact that he cared for her, however gave her an immense satisfaction. She didn't knew why she was feeling that way but a lot was changing. And she wasn't hating it as there was nothing to hate in these changes on the opposite she was loving it.

In few minutes, she was all ready so she made her way down to have breakfast. Reaching in the hall, she sat with her parents and started a casual conversation while having breakfast.

"mom, I... well... I was wondering, where is Abhi? haven't seen him from few days" she said casually yet confused, till that moment Abhimayu didn't came in her mind and as soon as she saw Abhimanyu's picture, she remembered about him and also about the fact that she has to talk with him, she couldn't delay this matter anymore. She had to confront him.

"well, he isn't here, he is in Goa with his London friends" Her mother said while passing the jam to her husband, Shashank

"oh" Ridhima said disappointingly 'he didn't even told me' thought Ridhima, she was really upset by this fact "when is he coming back?"

"he'll come back in a month" Shashank said as he was applying the jam on his toast

"a month?" Ridhima gasped,she was confused. Abhimanyu was in Goa and he would come back in a month, he didn't even informed her.

Anyways, she shook her head mentally, she wasn't going to be sad, she'll just wait for Abhimanyu to come back. Knowing this made her decision even more firm about confronting him, though she was scared.

After having breakfast, she hugged her parents and left to go to the office.

She had a lot of work to do as the delegates were coming in few days. Apart that, her upset feeling were replaced with excitement and happiness as if her heart knew something good was going to take place.

As she remembered about Armaan, magically Abhimanyu's thought left her. She was no longer thinking about him.

In no time, she reached at her office. As soon as she entered in the office, soft wind blow on her face, her hairs were flying. She felt so calm and relaxed.

All the workers greeted her with a smile and she too reciprocated it. They all adored her, she had made a special place in their hearts, she was always there to help them.

Once she was done greeting, she made her way in Atul's office. She knocked on the door, it was more of a habit for her, and moreover she tried to never mix up professional and personal life, but she didn't knew how sometimes she ended up by mixing them from the time she joined this company.

As she heard 'come in' from the other side, a big frown took place on her face. This wasn't Atul's voice for sure, and if she wasn't wrong then it was definitely Armaan's voice. 'but why would Armaan be here?' she wondered then concluded by herself 'maybe, he came to meet Atul'

She opened the door and 'why I am not surprised' she thought in her mind with a smile, the person who was sitting in the office was none other than Armaan but yet she was confused. Even tough, she concluded that he came to meet Atul but she wasn't convinced.

"Armaan, hi, what a pleasant surprise, by the way how are you?" she asked with a big beautiful smile which made Armaan lost in her beauty once again, but he composed himself soon enough in the purpose to not be caught by her.

"Hi Ridhima, the feeling is mutual" he replied back and thought in his heart dreamingly 'it's so heavenly to see you like this in the morning' then he continued "and I am fine, what about you?"

'haye' she just couldn't help but think that as Armaan just smiled showing his so deep-dimples that she suddenly had an urge to touch them and actually measure them. 'what are you thinking Ridhima' she hit herself mentally to even think this.

Armaan's question was more than welcoming for her as she wanted to be distracted and not think about the way she was thinking a while back. "I am fine, but Armaan where is Atul? and what are you doing here?"

"Atul is with Rahul and by the way here I thought that you were really pleased to meet me, how wrong I was" he said dramatically

Ridhima couldn't control but roll her eyes on his childish act and chuckle "of course Armaan, I am REALLY REALLY PLEASED to see you here, I was just asking you this out of curiosity, I have never seen you here before yesterday" she said while emphasizing on 'really really pleased'

Armaan smiled and replied "well Ms Gupta, meet Mr Armaan Mallik, the new CEO of the company along Rahul Mallik"

"when?" she didn't knew how she blurted out with confused face

Armaan chuckled hearing this but Ridhima's confusion was vanishing away. How can she forget the company's name was Mallik enterprises, and he was the owner.

"oh my Goh, so you are the owner of the company, how come I didn't noticed before?" she asked with a frown

Hearing that, he went near her and whispered "well my beautiful friend, you didn't noticed it before because you are dumbo" saying that he ran for his life and Ridhima to ran behind him, forgetting completely that he was her boss.

They ran in the whole office then they sat on the couch as they were really tired and they were put of breath.

Then out of sudden Armaan chided "My! my! is this a way to threat your boss?"

Now the realization dawned upon her, she was running behind her boss in the whole office and now she was sitting next to him "Oops, I am sorry sir", she said the 'oops' very slowly

That was really not was Armaan wanted, he never wanted to create a strict professional relation with anyone and especially not with Ridhima

"oh come on Ridhima, did you really think that I was serious?" he said with a growl

"weren't you serious?" she asked innocently

Armaan simply shook his head "I wasn't serious, Ridhima. You are my friend and you have the right to call me Armaan whenever you want, you have the right to tease me whenever you want but just promise one thing" he said hopefully

"Armaan just say out, I won't eat you" she said with a smile

"hehe, I know you are not a wild cat" he said while burst out laughing and she too joined him and he saw her smile and laughing "that was it" he said while signaling toward her lips which made her stop laughing as she became confused "I just want to see you always smiling so just keep smiling and be happy"

Armaan just looked at her lovingly while she was lost in her thought, he was just sitting there and admiring her beauty, her expressions. He didn't knew if he would be able to see them again so he just wanted to capture them in his mind. He knew this moments would be enough, from him, to cherish all his life.

She didn't knew why, she was confused, as to why her heart wanted to say 'as long as you are with me, I will keep smiling as you make me always happy'

Moreover, Ridhima was more than amazed, this was a guy who was just caring for her, who just wanted to see her happy and he was not asking her anything in return, it was like 'no complaint, no demand'

'Will Armaan Ridhima be together or not?'


"I just want to see you always smiling so just keep smiling and be happy"

Armaan just looked at her lovingly while she was lost in her thought, he was just sitting there and admiring her beauty, her expressions. He didn't knew if he would be able to see them again so he just wanted to capture them in his mind. He knew this moments would be enough, from him, to cherish all his life.

She didn't knew why, she was confused, as to why her heart wanted to say 'as long as you are with me, I will keep smiling as you make me always happy'

Moreover, Ridhima was more than amazed, this was a guy who was just caring for her, who just wanted to see her happy and he was not asking her anything in return, it was like 'no complaint, no demand'


"Ammy, I love when your face glow like this" Rahul said while setting himself next to Armaan on the bed

"and I love seeing Ridhima smiling" Armaan said with a big smile, it had been a week that Ridhima was working with him, he completely enjoyed his time in his office. He spent most of the time with Ridhima.

The whole day, he admired how she worked, he admired how she got lost in her work, he admired how the little fringe of hair fall on her face, he admired how she chewed her pencil... actually he admired every bit of her.

"Armaan, once again, can't you move on?" Rahul desperately, he knew how much Armaan loved her but he didn't want him to get hurt, he loved his brother too much.

"Rahul it's not possible, you know it's not in my hand, it's all heart's matter..." he said lovingly and then continued "hmm.. ok, Imagine that you love someone, for example Muskaan, would you be able to forget her if she loves someone else?" now the question he asked was more to know about Rahul's feeling than the earlier conversation

Even the mention of him being in love with Muskaan made him blush unknowingly. Seeing this Armaan grinned.

"Well, I...I don't know... ok now enough let's sleep, it's getting late" he said in purpose to drop this topic

Rahul was confused, he didn't knew what was he feeling. A new feeling was developing in his heart but he didn't knew what it was. He ignored it and tried to sleep. Soon enough he fall asleep.

Armaan's grin widened, he knew his intention so he dropped the topic and let him sleep.

"I have to do something to help them" Armaan concluded while laying back properly on his bed.

The next day, Armaan, Atul, Muskaan, Anjali and Ridhima were sitting in Atul's cabin and were discussing over something. Their conversation seemed really serious.

"You are sure that you want to do that?" Ridhima stood up and asked not sure about the decision

"Ridhima, I had been thinking the whole night about this and I ended up with this decision" Armaan stood up too and said back trying to make her understand

"Well, Armaan I guess you are right, I am in" Muskaan said with a smile

All nodded including Ridhima who was previously hesitant but as she saw determination on Armaan's face she was assured. She knew she could trust him with whole heart.

Suddenly she felt someone's eyes upon her, she looked up and saw Armaan looking at her. She smiled, he too smiled back dreamily. How and when they got lost in each other's eyes, she didn't knew but she was feeling like she was in heaven.

There eye-lock get broken as Muskaan, who was looking at Atul and was moving back pushed Ridhima a bit. Muskaan turned and inspected if Rihdhima was alright "Oops I am sorry.. you are ok na??"

Ridhima looked at Muskaan perplexed not because of the blush but the intensity of her and Armaan's eye-lock. As she registered what Muskaan was saying, she said with a smile "Muskaan, I am ok don't worry"

Muskaan smiled back and went out of the cabin to bring some soft drinks.

Ridhima sat back and Armaan too sat down. Ridhima was puzzled, she didn't knew what was happening to her 'why did I get lost in his eyes?'

Meanwhile, Armaan sat there with a stupid yet lovely smile. He was thinking about the eye-lock he shared with Ridhima a while back. He couldn't help but think 'Haye, I so love you Ridhima. I really hope that one day you'll realize my love"

"what is this feeling?" Ridhima was confused

After a while all left expect Armaan and Ridhima who proceeded working on the project. They were working together on a foreign project. "sir I think we should reduce a bit our bid" Ridhima said unknowingly calling Armaan by 'sir', as she didn't received any reply, she looked up and found Armaan looking around so she asked woolly "what happened?"

"well I was looking whom was you calling sir?" Armaan scowled

"Oops, I mean Armaan" she said making a cute face. Armaan couldn't help but smile looking at her

"hmm by the way Ridhima, you are looking beautiful today" he said sweetly. This made Ridhima blush.

Wasn't it strange strange, she wanted Abhimanyu with her but he wasn't there, she wanted to hear these words from Abhimanyu but none came from him instead Armaan was with her all the time and he was the one saying what she wanted to hear. She didn't stopped herself from sharing her feelings.

"Armaan you know whenever I needed someone, you were always there and that means a lot to me. Isn't it strange, now that I think about it, I can maybe leave without Abhimanyu but not without you guys.. In this short span of time, you guys mean a lot to me"

Armaan smiled widely "Ridhima that is one of the quality that I like the most in you. You are never afraid to share your feelings with me and I feel myself lucky"

"Armaan, it's not you who is lucky, it's me as I have a friend like you, whom I trust from the bottom of my heart" she said with a smile, which made Armaan's day, in addition all her words really touched his hears. At this, he couldn't control himself, he went to hear and kissed on her forehead friendly.

Ridhima was bewildered but not angry as she knew it was a friendly kiss yet it was unexpected. As Armaan moved back, he was afraid that she might be angry but as he looked at her she was looking at him with a smile so he was relieved.

"Ok, now back to the work, what were I saying? yeah about the bid...." they continued discussing, while most of the time Armaan was lost in her

Soon enough, Rahul joined them. They kept on working till afternoon. As soon as it was time for lunch, they heard the door opening.

All looked up and found Muskaan, who was showing her biggest smile. Seeing that, Rahul wondered curiously "why is she so much happy?"

"guys I have a surprise for you all" she said excitingly

Armaan asked with a raised brow "and what is the surprise?"

She went outside and brought someone is with her. As Rahul saw her bringing a man while holding his hand, ha was boiling with anger, he didn't knew why but he wanted to kill that guy.

"guys, this is Anurag and he proposed me today and I said..." Muskaan said with a blush

"and you said?" Rhaul popped in as he couldn't control any longer

"and I said yes" Armaan and Ridhima went to her and hugged her in turn, then they introduced themselves properly to Anurag. After all that, they congratulated them expect Rahul who was shell-shocked. He felt his heart shattering in pieced but he asked himself "why?"

All the while Armaan was noticing Rahul, he knew it had stricken a cord in Rahul's heart, he was definitely jealous and upper most heart-broken, but Armaan didn't have any other way. He knew if he hadn't taken this step than Rahul would never realize his love for her till it was too late and he didn't wanted his brother to not have his love. 'A little pain was better than whole life's pain' he reassured himself. 'at least some will have his love maybe unlike me'

"Rahul, why are you standing quietly, won't you congratulate us" she said while looking him and pretending like she is happy

He came out from his trail of thought, he tried to not be angry and said "hmm, congratulations" after that he left the cabin, he didn't sound happy at all

"I think it's working" Muskaan whispered to them

All nodded and were happy with their first step, they knew if things keep on going the way they have planned then their victory wasn't far away

"by the way Anurag, thanks for helping us" Armaan said while putting his hand on Anurag's shoulder

"Arey Armaan what are friends for" Anurag replied with a smile. Armaan and Anurag were friends, they met each other in a party and instantly hit off. Then Anurag was going through some problem and Armaan helped him so he took Armaan as his brother that he never had.

"ok guys, let's go for lunch, I am really hungry" Armaan said with a smile

All nodded and left for the lunch, during the lunch they had so many fun. Armaan had ordered food for everyone as he knew everybody's like and dislike. Moreover, Ridhima was quite surprised to know that Armaan knew what she liked.

As far as remember, whenever he went with Abhimanyu in a restaurant he always asked her what she wanted to eat but Armaan didn't need to ask as he already knew. "what an irony, the person I knew from my childhood never knew my likes and the person I met a while back knows me in and out' she thought

Meanwhile, Rahul in his cabin was pacing non stop and was biting his nails "what's going on? what is happening with me? why I felt so angry and jealous seeing Muskaan with Anurag? and for a change why did I hate that she didn't picked up an argument instead of that she was being sweet and he wasn't liking that at all" he was frustrated over the limit

"And to add to all this that fellow proposed Muskaan, how could he? she is mine... what did you say Rahul 'she is mine' have you lost it, she is your best friend... but then what is happening to me?" he thought for a while and then concluded "I think I should talk to Armaan about this. He is the only person who can help me out"

Armaan entered in his room, he wanted to make a new drawing of her again. The other was framed neatly and hang on the wall . He had covered it so that no one could see it. He gathered all his stuff and started drawing.

Meanwhile, Rahul in his room was getting impatient "why is Ammy taking so much time?" he so badly wanted to talk to Armaan, he knew his brother was the only person who couldn't solve his problems. He couldn't wait anymore so he stood and made his way in Armaan's room.

Armaan was almost done with the drawing when Rahul entered but Armaan was still lost in the drawing, with pencil touch he was giving a glow to Ridhima's eyes that it actually looked like the glow of love.

As Rahul saw Armaan, he knew he was making a drawing of Ridhima. He couldn't help but accept that it was a perfect drawing of Ridhima, Armaan hadn't missed any single detail. He wasn't worried to see Armaan unaware of his presence.

He faked a cough which didn't catch immediately Armaan's notice so he coughed once again which finally made Armaan aware of someone else's presence.

Armaan quickly turned, hoping that it wasn't his parents, he didn't want them to know about all this. As he saw Rahul, he gave sigh of relief "you scared me"

"that I can see" Rahul chuckled a bit seeing Armaan's scared face "Ammy I want to talk to you about something"

Armaan knew what Rahul wanted to talk about so he said "sit down"

Rahul sat down and Armaan sat next to him after covering the drawing "yeah tell me now"

Rahul sighed and relaxed his back against the couch "I don't know Ammy what is happening to me? I mean today when Muskaan came and presented Anurag, I was sort of angry and jealous" he admitted what he was feeling

Armaan was happy that their plan was working "Rahul, all I can say for now, it's for you to find out and if you are not able to then I'll tell you but I want you to work this out on yourself."

"but Ammy how? I am confused, I am not understanding anything" he said confusingly and passed his hand through his hairs frustratingly

"Trust me Rahul, I know you can do this. You know why I want you to work this out by yourself" Armaan asked after he reassured Rahul

"why?" he asked with puzzlement

"because I want you to analyze, observe and understand everything on your own, only then you'll be able to realize everything's importance" Armaan finished with a smile "now you go and sleep. You need to think over it calmly and 'sleep' is the best way" Armaan gave a brotherly hug to Rahul and Rahul left after that.

Somehow, Rahul knew his brother was right so he decided to work this out on his own and anyways he knew his brother was always there with him.


See the next parts below :)

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Somehow, Rahul knew his brother was right so he decided to work this out on his own and anyways he knew his brother would be always there with him.

Rahul was pacing to and fro in his cabin, he was more than frustrated. It had been a week that Muskaan showed in Armaan's cabin with her boyfriend Anurag, it had been a week that Muskaan didn't picked up a fight with him, it had been a week that they actually didn't have a proper talk.

What was happening to him? he didn't knew he was confused but for sure he wasn't able to see Muskaan with some another guy, he felt jealous... In fact, he felt extremely jealous.

As Armaan told him, he was trying to observe, to analyze and to understand on his own but all in vain. He wasn't getting anything, he was confounded, he was unsure of what was happening to him. Nevertheless, he didn't let the hope die, he wasn't going to give up and Armaan too was now and then encouraging him.

Armaan sat in his cabin, with a pen between his lips and he was in a deep thought. No doubt he was looking so cute at that moment. Meanwhile, Ridhima who was been working on a project, felt silence in the room. She was befuddled as usually even if they are busy Armaan would start a conversation or another but today he was silent.

"Armaan" a sweet voice broke the trail of Armaan's thought

"yeah, what happened?" he asked looking at her

"what were you thinking about? you seemed so lost" she questionned him about his unusual behavior

"I was thinking about Rahul. He still hasn't realized that he actually loves Muskaan. I mean how long can it take to realize that you love someone?" Armaan shared his thought with Ridhima

"Armaan, there is no limit of time to realize if you love someone or not. Few times it a takes a second and few times it takes years. So don't worry, I am sure he'll realize soon, after all it's a mastermind plan" she replied with a smile

Armaan couldn't help but smile at her, she was truly a gem, she always somehow cause him to feel light. "you are absolutely right"

Then both discussed on the project they were working. Till date, all the project they presented were highly appreciated and they were chosen for the contract.

Muskaan took out her mobile from her jean pocked and called Rahul "hey Rahul, how are you?" she asked him once he said hello. His voice seemed low, she knew he must have been in deep thought about what was going on.

"hey Muski, I am fine how are you?" he was at least happy to hear her sweet voice

"I am fine. Ok listen, Anurag and I have decided to go to cinema so he wanted you all to join us. Can you inform everyone else... Oh I have to go Anurag is calling me. See you at 9, in front of Cinemax. Bye" before Rahul could reply the call was cut.

How happy had he been to know Muskaan called him, he thought 'she might have been missing me but no she is too busy with Anurag' he said angrily

Anyhow, he stood up and went in Armaan's room "how's going the work on the project?" Rahul asked in a low-tone

"oh hey Rahul, the project is going on smoothly" Armaan replied softly

"by the way, Muskaan called all of you at cinema, today at 9 PM" he said matter-of-factly

"that's a great. We hadn't gone out for a while so it's a good plan" Armaan said happily then looked at Ridhima

"yeah I agree and plus it would help us relax" Ridhima seconded Armaan with a smile

"but I won't be able to come" Rahul said while sitting down on the couch

"and why is that?" Armaan asked with a frown

"I don't know, I don't feel like it" Rahul said flatly

"Rahul, you should go with us. I am sure, you'll definitely feel good" Ridhima said him while trying to reassure him

Rahul sighed and nodded, he knew there was no way out from there. After that, he went back in his room and proceed with his work but his attention was on something else, he was non-stop thinking about Muskaan.

He exhaled and closed his eyes, 'what is happening to me?' he asked himself for the umpteenth time.

As the office time was over, all went to their house to relax and then meet at Cinemax at 9 PM. Ridhima entered in her home and found her mom sitting and watching some channel s she sat next to her and placed her head on her shoulder.

"my baby is back at home" her mother said while pating softly her head

"yeah mom, how was your day?" Ridhima asked while closing her eyes

"good and yours?"

"It was a tiring day" she replied back with her eyes still closed "mom, can I ask you a question?"

"of course Ridhima, you don't need to ask me this" her mother said softly

"you know it had been few weeks that Abhimanyu came back but it seems I no longer mean anything to him. He is in Goa since two weeks but he hadn't called me once and when I call him his phone is either on answering machine or he pick up and just that 'I am busy'. Mom I am not understanding all that is going on" Ridhima said tiredly

"Ridhima don't take stress, you'll find your way out. I know you are too smart to work this out on yourself" her mother replied with a smile "leave that in a side and tell me, why don't you call you friends here at home. I really want to meet them"

"I remembered from this that they invited me to go to cinema, so can I go?" she asked her mom as usually

"on two conditions" her mother said strictly, that was not the way her mother behaved

"and what is that?" she asked with a cute frown

"first you have to all your friends here tomorrow evening and second I don't want you to come at home alone at late" her mother said with concern

"ok mom, let me call Armaan and see if he can pick me up" her mother nodded at this. Ridhima fished her phone out and called Armaan "hello Armaan

"oh hey Ridhima, what happened you are ok na?" he asked worriedly while putting his dress on his bed

"yes I am fine. Actually my mom doesn't want that I come back at home and that too at late so I just wanted to ask if you can pick me up from my house?" she asked hesitantly but still hoping for a positive response

"ok no problem, I'll pick you up, give me your adress" Armaan agreed happily and noted down the adress "I'll pick you up in an hour"

"I'll be waiting, bye" saying bye, they both hung up the phone. Ridhima looked up at her mom and said "Armaan is going to pick me up"

On the other side, Armaan went to take a shower and came out after a while dressed in jeans and blue shirt. All in all he was looking handsome as usual.

He descended the stairs and joined everyone for dinner. He found something awkward, there was a pin drop silence and it was so not life his family so he looked at his parents. His mother was giving dirty glares to his father 'it means mom is angry with dad'

"what happened, mom, dad?" he asked while putting the spoon of rice in his mouth

"well..." his father started but receiving a more dangerous glare than before he stopped

"you are dad is going abroad for some meeting for two weeks" his mother replied angrily

Now he understood that actually his mother was upset to be away from her husband for two weeks. "mom why don't you go with dad for the meeting? like this you'll be able to have some fresh air" he suggested after having pondered over the whole situation

"wah Armaan tune to kamaal kardiya. So now me and Kirti are leaving day after tomorrow " his dad was happy as Armaan had found a solution just in a matter of few seconds. His mother too smiled as she was finally happy with the decision.

"well we are talking about THE ARMAAN MALLIK" Rahul said while joining them. His mood was still sullen.

"what happened to you Rahul? I have noticed that not only you but Armaan too look quite not himsef, what is going on?" Kirti asked looking at her both sons.

Armaan and Rahul were shocked to see that their mother actually noticed the change in their moods but Armaan couldn't tell her about his sad love story, he knew she would be really sad and he didn't want to tell her yet about Rahul.

So he found an alternative to it "Mom, it's workload stress nothing else" it was a honest reply, he didn't lie but there was more to their change.

Rahul gave a low sigh that Armaan said that as he didn't know what to reply. He was himself confused so what should have he told his parents? nothing.

Kirti frowned as she knew there was more to it but decided to leave this matter for now. She knew Armaan and Rahul would tell everything by themselves when they would feel like sharing.

Once they were done with dinner, they left for the cinema after giving hug to their parents. As Armaan and Rahul came out, Armaan said "Rahul, we also have to pick Ridhima"

Rahul thought for a while and came with the conclusion that he should leave Armaan and Ridhima also for sometime. He was hoping that Ridhima would also realize her love for Armaan. "Armaan, why don't you go and pick her up? I'll join you guys in front of the cinema as I have some work in the way" Rahul suggested

"hmm ok, then see you at cinema" he gave a hug to Rahul and left in his car. He didn't even doubted that there were other motive in Rahul's denial to go with him.

Rahul smiled and made his way to the cinema while sitting in his car. He reached there in few minutes, only to see Anurag and Muskaan, hand in hand, and talking to each other while laughing. How he despised that sight, he hated to see Muskaan with Anurag. In fact, he had realized, he couldn't see Muskaan with another man than himself.

Meanwhile, Armaan went to the address Ridhima gave him. As he reached there, he saw a big mansion, he didn't know that she was rich. He took his cell out and called Ridhima "hey Ridhima I am outside your house...Ok I am waiting"

After a minute, he looked toward the door and he was completely mesmerized by her beauty. With the moon on the sky and Ridhima on the earth, it looked so pure.

He came out his thought as Ridhima sat in his car and asked "hey Armaan, how are you"

"I am fine, and you?"

"I am also fine" she said while setting the belt

Armaan started driving and they chatted a lot during the whole way. As they reached there, they found Rahul with a angry face while Anurag and Muskaan were laughing on something. Looking at Rahul's face they knew he was really boiling with rage.

They went to them and greeted them "where are Atul bhai and Anjali?" Ridhima asked Muskaan

"I called them, they said they are in the way. See here they are" Muskaan pointed at Atul and Anjali

All met with them and then made their way in the cinema as Muskaan and Anurag had already booked the tickets for 'I Hate Luv Storys'

In the hall, they were sitting like Armaan on his right Ridhima, then Anjali, then Atul, then Rahul, Muskaan was sitting next to Rahul and on the left side of Anurag.

Rahul was getting frustrated seeing Anurag and Muskaan as they kept on talking during the whole film almost and giggling over God knew what.

As Anurag's mobile beeped, he looked at his phone and then whispered something in Muskaan's ear. Muskaan made a sad face but nodded "see you later, bye" saying that he left the hall

Rahul had noticed this so he asked her in a whisper "where had anurag gone?"

"he had some urgent work so he had to go" she said while pouting "I came with him and now I'll have to go back with Atul and Anjali but I don't want to be an intrusion between them"

"don't worry, I'll drop you" he said sweetly and he didn't knew why but he was really happy.

Muskaan looked at him and smiled. She just hoped this act of them would led Rahul to realize that he loved her.

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world"- by Ebony Mikle



Rahul had noticed this so he asked her in a whisper "where had anurag gone?"

"he had some urgent work so he had to go" she said while pouting "I came with him and now I'll have to go back with Atul and Anjali but I don't want to be an intrusion between them"

"don't worry, I'll drop you" he said sweetly and he didn't knew why but he was really happy.

Muskaan looked at him and smiled. She just hoped this act of them would led Rahul to realize that he loved her.

Soon enough the movie ended and all came out. Everybody said by to each other expect the person with whom they were going back.

While walking toward his car, Armaan asked "do you think it will work?"

True, when he planned all this he was certain it would work but he was having some doubt now. He didn't want his plan to fail and he wanted to see Rahul and Muskaan together. He knew Muskaan loved Rahul a lot and she had confessed to him. He knew Rahul loved her but he hadn't confessed yet. He truly hoped Rahul will realize his love for Muskaan soon.

"Armaan, you made this plan and I am sure it will work" she said reassuringly. Listening Ridhima, he gave a dimples smile.

Looking at her, he said in his heart and he truly wished it to become reality "I want our hand entwined, just once...
I want your arms around me, just once...
I want you by my side, just once...
Then it's not the truth, If I said just once...
Because I want our hands entwined, forever...
Because I want your arms around me, forever...
Because I want you be my side, forever...
Just once, forever and ever"

He came out from his thought. Both sat in the car and Armaan drove toward Ridhima's house. In the whole way, they talked about everything and anything. They truly enjoyed each other company.

Meanwhile, Rahul and Muskaan made their way toward Rahul's car in silence. Rahul tried to break the silence "Muskaan, why are you not fighting with me nowadays?" he asked her the question which was haunting him all the time.

Muskaan hide her smile, she was happy that it had an effect on him. "Rahul, we are growing up, I'll soon get married to someone else and we all needs to get changed" she said while pretending that she was saying honestly

'married to someone else' pierced Rahul's heart, he hated to hear this. "but Muski, I don't want you to change. I want the same old Muski back who is always ready to fight with me" he said while trying to control his tears which were in his eyes.

"I think that won't be possible" she said with a sigh, she was not happy to see him sad but this was important and then she sat in the car as they reached the car.

Rahul wiped his tears which leaked out and sat in the car. He didn't know what to say. He just didn't want to let her go, he needed her. He missed their sweet fights.

At he stopped at the red signal, he looked toward Muskaan. She was looking more beautiful
than usual. There was a sudden fear in his heart that he'll loose Muskaan from the day he got to know about Anurag.

As the signal turned green, Rahul started driving. Soon enough they reached at Muskaan's house. Rahul stopped his car and looked at her "thank you" Muskaan said with a smile

"your welcome" he said in low voice

She was about to leave the car when Rahul held his hand and did something that both never expected. He cupped her face and kissed her slowly and softly. Muskaan lost herself in the kiss and responded back.

A low moan came out from her mouth as he entered his tongue in her mouth and played with her tongue. The kiss was turned into a passionate one, Rahul's hand were in Muskaan's hair and Muskaan encircled her hand around his neck.

That kiss made Rahul realize what he hadn't realized till that moment. As they broke apart,Muskaan realized she was completely siting in his lap, she didn't knew when and how this happened. She swiftly went back on her seat. Rahul dreaded looking at the lost color on Muskaan's face, he was afraid to know that she regretted this moment.

Muskaan wasn't feeling good as she thought he didn't love her and he just did that as he got lost in the moment.  

Seeing her, Rahul sighed with pain but he didn't regretted what he had done for even a second. He cupped her face and saw her eyes glistering with tears. Their breath was still unsteady but Rahul knew this talk had to be done, he didn't want to loose her "Muskaan, I know you might be regretting about what happened between us as you are with Anurag but I don't regret as I love you" he said while kissing on her forehead

As Muskaan heard that he loved her, it felt like a new life was blowed in her. She couldn't help anymore and hugged him "I love you too"

Rahul was stunned to hear this, their were no boundaries to his happiness. "really Muski?" he asked for confirmation.

"Really" she said with a blush and now she was really happy with the kiss they shared.

Listening that, Rahul softly pulled her in his lap. Muskaan moaned the whole time as he planted a trail of kisses on her face and as he reached her lips, he kissed her there again and again till both were tired.

He rested back again the seat back and his arms wrapped securely. Suddenly, a thought passed from his brain "But what about Anurag?" he said scaredly, he truly didn't want to hurt anymore but he couldn't loose her.

"Well I love you from a long time but you never realized. Armaan knew about my love for you so he planned all this, Anurag is just a friend of Armaan and he helped us but If you want I can go back to him" she teased him coming out from the hug

"no never" he said quickly and possessively and took her again his embrace, where Muskaan felt warmed and secured "I love you" he whispered while nuzzling in her hairs

"I love you too" she said while blushing

On the other side, Armaan stopped his car in the entrance of Ridhima's house and then asked her the question which came to him the instance he came there to pick her up "Ridhima, why do you work in my company when you are so rich?"

She looked toward him and replied with a smile "Armaan all this belongs to my parents, I know one day I have to take it over but I want to have some experience before taking over my responsibilities"

Armaan nodded with charming smile, this answer of her made him fall in love with her all over again. "you are a very sweet and sincere person" he said genuinely

"thank you" she answered back sheepishly

"Missy, there is no thank you and sorry in friendship" but chuckled at this

"but I believe there is no condition in friendship so this one doesn't apply to us" she replied honesly, her face beaming with happiness. She was happy to spend some more time with Armaan.

"I agree" Armaan couldn't accept more, she was right there was no condition in love and thus that 'no sorry and thank you in friendship' didn't apply to them.

"Armaan, my mom would like to meet you, why don't you come in?" she asked sweetly

"wouldn't they be sleeping as it's late?" he asked confusedly

"No. They allowed me to go at the cinema but my parents are really worried for me and I am sure they are still awaken" she said with a confident glow on her face

"ok then let's see" he said with a smirk, he was sure that Ridhima was right.

Moreover there was one more reason for which Armaan agreed as he could never say no to Ridhima. He nodded his head and turning his car off, he entered in Ridhima's home with Ridhima. He didn't know how her parents would react seeing him with her this late but he knew it couldn't be bad as they were Ridhima's parents and he was sure her parents would be as sweet as Ridhima.

While walking Armaan asked casually "How would they react seeing me?"

"they would be really happy seeing you" she said excitingly and then continued with her hand on her forehead "Oops, I forgot to tell everyone that mom invited all of you here tomorrow for dinner"

"don't worry, I know now and we'll inform everybody else tomorrow" he said while simpering

"you are right" as she finished they had arrived in the hall and as Ridhima said, her parents were really waiting for her. In fact, her father was glancing on the clock after every second while pacing in the hall. As they saw Ridhima, they were relieved and going to her they hugged her.

As Padma noticed a young handsome man standing next to Ridhima, she knew it was Armaan, it would be no on else than Armaan. He was exactly the way her daughter described him. "you must be Armaan" she declared without any hesitation

Armaan was amused to know that Ridhima's mother knew him, he just nodded and asked "how do you know my name is Armaan?"

"You completely define what Ridhima told us about you" she said while smiling

Padma and Shashank met Armaan properly, they all sat in the hall and chatted for a while. They were truly happy to meet Armaan.

Padma saw the sparkle between Armaan and Ridhima. Her experienced eyes told her that this handsome man loved her daughter and for some unknown reason she was happy. Her motherly instinct couldn't be wrong, she was sure.

After a while, Armaan said "It's late,I think I should leave and you all should also rest now" though he didn't want to leave but he knew they must be tired.

"Armaan why don't you stay here?" Shashank offered him a night stay at his home

Before Armaan could reply, Padma seconded "yes, Armaan you should stay here as the weather outside is quite cloudy, it might start raining any minute"

He was about to be interrupted once again by Ridhima and he knew if she said anything he wouldn't be able to refuse so he said "I would love to, but I have some work with my brother". By the he was looking at Ridhima with puppy eyes as in to let him go to which she nodded understandingly.

"Ok son, but you have to promise that next time you'll have to stay" Shashank said fatherly

"ok done... Even if you don't invite me next time, I'll invite myself" he said while chuckling and all joined him

"Ridhima please go with Armaan" Padma said with a smile

Ridhima nodded and left with Armaan, once he was done saying bye to her parents. In the way Ridhima asked "so did you like my parents?"

"like??? I loved them. They are just like you, so sweet and so lovely" he said with a sincere smile

Listening that, Ridhima was happy she was glad to know one her best friend loved her parents. All the way, they kept on talking and soon they reached to his car. Both were upset so Armaan said "Ridhima, times with you flow like in gypsy and I crave to spend more time with you"

"same here" she said frankly

"ok then see you tomorrow" he said sadly

"yeah, and do call me once you reach at home" Armaan nodded, both said bye to each other and Armaan left reluctantly

Ridhima stood there till he was out of sight, she sighed and wondered 'why do I want to spend more and more time with Armaan? and why do I feel so much comfortable sharing anything with him?' she was confused but she left everything on God.

After that, Ridhima retired to sleep meanwhile her parents were talking about Ridhima. "have you noticed the way Armaan and Ridhima behave with each other?" Padma asked

Shashank laid down comfortably on the bed and pulled his wife toward him who placed her head on his chest "Yeah they behaved like friends" he said with a frown

"Not only that Shashank, have you noticed the sparkle in their eyes?" she said looking up at his face. He shook his head, Padma continued "those sparkle was of love, the one I can see in your eyes for me"

"do you mean they love each other?" Shashank asked with a frown though he was happy

"I am sure, they love each other but Armaan has realized it whereas Ridhima hasn't realized it" she said confidently

"how do you know that?" Shashank softly while caressing her hairs

"His every action spoke volumes" she said with a smile and placed a kiss on his cheek

He was sure his wife was right "I hope Ridhima will realize soon her love for Armaan as I know Abhimanyu doesn't love her" he confessed his inner feeling with his wife

"you are right, ok now go to sleep" she said while forwarding her hand toward the bedside lamp

As she was turned the lamp off, shashank pulled her toward him "what are you doing?" she asked while blushing

"I am going to make love to my wife" he said while kissing her wife, he was truly amazed to see his wife still blushing today like she blushed the first time. They shared again a blissful night.

Armaan parked his car and entered in his home, he was sure his parents must be sleeping by now as his mother never let his father awoke till late due to his unwell health nowadays.

Changing his clothes, he uncovered the portrait he made of Ridhima and said while caressing the sketch softly "Ridhima, good night". He covered it again and went in Rahul's room.

The bed side lamp was on and Rahul was sitting on the bed, lost in the moments he spent with Muskaan. Nothing went unnoticed by Armaan so he sat down next to him and asked "what are thinking you about?"

Rahul snapped out from his thought and said nonchalantly "the very same thing you had planned about". He turned toward the other side and turned of his side lamp whilst Armaan was left stunned 'what happened to him?'


The bed side lamp was on and Rahul was sitting on the bed, lost in the moments he spent with Muskaan. Nothing went unnoticed by Armaan so he sat down next to him and asked "what are thinking you about?"

Rahul snapped out from his thought and said nonchalantly "the very same thing you had planned about". He turned toward the other side and turned of his side lamp whilst Armaan was left stunned 'what happened to him?'

"Rahul, what are you talking about?" he asked with a stunned tone, he didn't know why his brother was behaving like this with him. Getting no response, Armaan got worried "Are you ok?"

Rahul turned toward Armaan and snapped back "I am ok" and then turned toward the other side with a smile, yes he was just kidding with his brother, how could he be angry with his brother when he made him realize that he loved Muskaan.

Seeing Rahul responding like this made Armaan worried, it is was so not like Rahul. Moreover why had he said 'the very same thing you had planned about', as it dawned to him 'It means Rahul knows everything' so he asked innocently "are you angry with me?"

*sighed* Rahul turned toward Armaan while hiding his smile and asked "why did you hide all this from me?"

The try of hiding his smile didn't go unnoticed by Armaan, he sat down and replied "because If we had told you, you would have not realized your love for Muskaan and I didn't want that"

Rahul knew his brother didn't want to see him suffer like he was suffering. Though, it was true that he was sad, upset, angry, jealous and what not seeing Muskaan with Anurag but that for just a short period whereas his brother was suffering for so long and God knew for how long Armaan would have to suffer like this. He just prayed 'please God, don't make Armaan suffer more'.

Sitting down, Rahul hugged him like they used to do in their childhood and said with a smile "thank you Ammy, if It hadn't been you then I think I would have never realized till It had been too late"

While hugging Rahul, a sense of relief passed through his body, he was happy to know that Rahul and Muskaan were together and in love. The smiled looking at each other.

Both laid down and falled asleep in a matter of few seconds. As soon as they were in deep slumber, the dreams of the girls they loved invaded their mind.

Two more weeks passed like this, everyone got to know about Rahul and Muskaan the very next day of their confession. All celebrated the accomplishment of their plan.

After that time, Rahul and Muskaan were seen always together but falling in love and confessing it, didn't mean that they didn't had their arguments or fights, they did have.

Seeing them fighting, all their friends were still amazed as they used to think maybe after confessing they'll stop all this but they were big time wrong.

It was evening time, the moon was on it's peek and there was beautiful sprakle to it. Unaware of all the outer beauty, Muskaan and Rahul were sitting in Rahul's room.

Rahul was sitting on the bed with Muskaan on his lap who was facing him. "you know I love it when you fight with me" he said while kissing on her ear lobe which made her gasped

"I know, is liye to tu mujhe har time tang karta rehta hai" she said while pulling his nose softly.

"you know I love you so much" he said while holding his wild cat's hand

"I love you too" Rahul hugged Muskaan while putting his hand on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Ridhima was sitting in her room and remembering how close her friends had become to her and her family. She still recalled what happened two weeks ago, the very next day when Armaan came to her home for the first time. As invited by Ridhima's mother all went to her house.

As her friends, expect Armaan, met her parents they were really happy. They all noticed how Armaan was almost a part of them as he helped Padma and Ridhima in serving the food and he was chatting comfortably with Padma and Shashank.

Seeing that Atul couldn't help but say "it seems like we are in Armaan's house" all chuckled hearing this

"That's the magic of Gupta family" Armaan replied while giggling

Padma looked at Armaan and just wished her daughter to fall in love with this guy who possess a heart of gold.

All their friend couldn't deny but agree that truly Ridhima's family just in one meeting made them feel like at home.

After that day, they kept on visiting Ridhima's home here and then. Padma and Shashank were really happy to meet Ridhima's friends.

Ridhima came out from her thought with a smile and went in the balcony. Looking at the moon she said "why can I see Armaan's face in this moon?" she was confused yet amazed.

She too became more close to Armaan in those last two weeks but she didn't know what was happening to her. Whenever she was with Armaan or whenever their hand accidentally touched each other she felt strange feelings in her, she felt her body shivering.

"I don't know what is happening to me" she said while sighing, she looked up and said "Please God help me"

After that she went back in her room and looked at her calender and saw that day's date encircled, that very day was the day when Abhimanyu was coming back and the next day she was going to comfront him as this couldn't wait more anymore.

She had enough of all this, first he behaved so aloof, he didn't talk or behave with her like before, he ignored her, he didn't bother even informing for anything.

In the last whole month, Abhimanyu didn't take time to call her. She knew in fact she was certain everything of Abhimanyu was changed or perhaps he was always like this maybe she didn't notice it or perhaps his character wasn't as clear as now.

She knew this talk had to take place yet their was a fear an bizarre fear in her heart that she was unaware off. Well she just prayed for the best.

With the rising of the sun a new days marked it's begging. As it was Sunday, Ridhima knew she could go and talk with Abhimanyu without time's restriction.

But before that she did want to call Armaan and she did that "hello" Armaan said in sleepy voice

"Hey, were you sleeping?" Ridhima asked guiltily, she was waken up at 7 in the morning, it didn't mean he too was waken up.

"yeah" he was still in a sleepy state but he replied with a smile as he got to hear her voice in the morning

"I am sorry, I'll call you later, I didn't mean to disturb you"

"Ridhima, you don't need to be sorry what are friends for. So tell me what is bothering you" he asked while standing up and going in the balcony, in order to not disturb Rahul

Ridhima was truly amazed to know how much Armaan knew her, just seeing her face or hearing her voice, he could tell that she was happy or she was in problem. "Actually, Abhimanyu is back and I am going to confront him but I am feeling scared" she confessed her fear

"oh" he knew that was coming sooner or later so better now than later "Ridhima, don't be scared just go and talk to him and I am always there with you, ok?"

"ok" she replied feeling the courage building in her, that was Armaan speciality, whenever she talked with him she felt good. They said bye to each other and Ridhima went downstairs.

She had a light breakfast and left her home. While driving her car, all that came in her mind was the sweet moments she spent with Armaan, how he cared for every little wish of her, how he was always there for her.

Parking the car in front of Abhimanyu's house, she came out. Maybe she was earlier but if she was right everyone would be awaken and if not everyone than Abhimanyu for sure was awaken as he was used to exercise every morning.

Ridhima rang the bell, a servant opened the door. Entering in the house, she asked "where is Abhi?"

"he is in the gym room" the servant replied with a smile

Ridhima nodded and made her way there. As reached there, she found Abhimanyu doing push-ups "hey Abhi"

Abhimanyu tilted his head and looked at her "what are you doing here?"

Listening that she was hurt, he didn't even bother to say hello or ask how she was. "We have to talk" she said firmly

While sighing, he stood up and was now standing in front of Ridhima "what do we have to talk about?" he asked her hinting clearly he wasn't interested.

"why are behaving like this? you are not the Abhi whom I knew" she said while controlling her emotions

"I am behaving the way and I am the same Abhi" he replied harshly

She knew there were no use to ask him all this so she asked him the main question "do you love me? in fact did you ever love me?" her eyes were closed to fear the rejection

"I don't love you, I never loved you" he said with a smirk and then added "did you seriously think I would love a girl who is fat like you?"

Ridhima opened her eyes and looked at him. She was stunned, she never imagined even in her nightmares that Abhimanyu would said that, the same Abhimanyu who said that her weight didn't matter him.

She was still in daze when a girl entered and greeted Abhimanyu while kissing on his lips "good morning baby" Abhimanyu greeted her politely

"good morning" then the girl looked at Abhimanyu and asked "who is this girl and why is she crying?"

"Nikki, my dad's partner's daughter Ridhima and she is crying because she loves me but I don't love her as I love you madly" he said while kissing her neck, Ridhima was shocked to see them like this and Abhimanyu addressing her as his dad's partner's daughter and not even as his friend.

Nikki came out from Abhimanyu's embrace and went to Ridhima "I don't know what to say" Nikki said softly as she could never see anyone hurt because of her "I am sorry"

"It's not your fault" Ridhima replied and ran from there with tears leaking down, she said in the car and drove aimlessly in the city.

Whilst, on the other side Armaan wasn't able to sleep as he was worried, It had been an hour that Ridhima went to meet Abhimanyu what if he broke Ridhima's heart, he was sick worried. He resisted an hour to call her but now it was getting to much for him to control so he called on Ridhima's mobile but no answer. That add furthermore to his worry.

He kept on trying to call her but still no answer, unknowingly a tear streamed down. As he felt a hand on his shoulder, wiping his tear he turned and found Rahul, who asked him "why are you awaken up so early and why do you look so worried?"

"Ridhima called an hour and half ago, she was going to confront Abhimanyu. From half and hour I am trying to call but no answer"

Rahul could see the pain in his eyes, with frustration in his voice. "call at her home"

Hearing this, Armaan nodded, hoping that she would be at home "hello" he heard Padma's voice at the other end

"hello, Aunty, how are you?" he asked her while controlling himself

"I am fine, how are you?" she asked while sensing something was not right

"aunty, I am ok" he replied politely and then asked "is Ridhima at home?"

"no, I thought she left earlier to meet you all" she said with a frown

Armaan hold his head with one hand and told her everything from the morning "Oh My God" Padma said in upset tone as she sat down on the couch and declared firmly "I am sure that guy broke my daughter's heart"

"Aunty, you don't worry, we'll find her. " he tried to assure her but he was trying to assure himself more, he was really afraid. Before saying bye, he took Abhimanyu's phone number.

Padma sat there holding the phone in her hand, and cried, she was worried for her daughter. She knew that was going to happen, "but what if Ridhima try to harm herself?" she shuddered as the thought passed from her mind.


Armaan held his head with one hand and told her everything from the morning "Oh My God" Padma said in upset tone as she sat down on the couch and declared firmly "I am sure that guy broke my daughter's heart"

"Aunty, you don't worry, we'll find her. " he tried to assure her but he was trying to assure himself more, he was really afraid. Before saying bye, he took Abhimanyu's phone number.

Padma sat there holding the phone in her hand, and cried, she was worried for her daughter. She knew that was going to happen, "but what if Ridhima tries to harm herself?" she shuddered as this thought passed from her mind.

As soon as he hung the phone, he called at the number he took from Padma. The phone rang for a while but no one picked it up. He tried again and this time luckily  someone picked it up.

"hello" A sweet voice came from the other side

"hello, can I know whom am I talking to? And is Abhimanyu there?" he asked out of curiosity, he knew something was wrong.

"I am Nikkita, Abhimanyu's girlfriend and Abhimanyu has left for office as he had some urgent call" she replied politely

Listening the words 'Abhimanyu's girlfriend' made him shocked. He now knew what happened, he was sure and certain that he broke his Ridhima's heart. Armaan's was fuming in anger, he promised himself that he wasn't going to spare him.

"can I have his office address please?" he asked controlling his anger, he didn't want to burst his anger on Nikkita.

"yeah..." she gave Armaan the address without suspecting once that something was wrong. She didn't even bother to ask his name as she thought he was some old friend of Abhimanyu.

Armaan thanked her and hung the phone. He was furious, he shouldn't have left Ridhima going there alone. What if she has done something wrong to herself.

'no, she can't harm herself" his heart cried out.

Rahul asked worriedly "what happened? you look really angry"

Armaan told him everything with the anger still flaring up, he was hating Abhimanyu to the core. Knowing this, Rahul too was angry, he too was willing to do the same as he had always considered Ridhima as his sister.

Somehow, there was a birth of some hope in Rahul's heart that Armaan and Ridhima were meant for each other and he was a bit happy for this.

"we have to go there" Armaan said angrily while pointing at the address written on some piece of paper

"yeah, you are right" Rahul's tone matched Armaan's, he truly was going to not leave that bas****.

Both left the house in hurry, Rahul drove the car as Armaan wasn't in the condition to drive the car. Tears leaked down none stop from Armaan's please God wherever Ridhima is, keep her fine and safe'.

Rahul stopped the car in front of the a big building but which looked so small compared to Mallik company.

"so this is Abhimanyu's company?" Rahul asked for confirmation

He wiped his tears as he had to be strong. "yeah" Armaan replied as he looked at the company name board which said 'modi enterprises'.

They came out and entered in the office, which was empty, it seemed no one was there. "where is Abhimnayu's office?" Rahul asked rising the question which was also in Armaan's mind.

"exactly my point, where is this jerk's office" Armaan seconded with anger.

After few minutes of search, they found a name plate outside a cabin. As soon as Armaan saw the name, he couldn't stop himself but open the door with full anguish.

On the other side, Abhimanyu looked up as he heard the door opening with so much noise. "Who are you? and what are you doing here?" he asked strictly and firmly as he was in a mid of contract reading and they just came without knocking.

Armaan took big and quick step toward Abhimanyu. "why did you hurt Ridhima?" Armaan asked while taking hold of Abhimanyu's collar.

From Abhimanyu's point of view, Armaan looked angry that he was capable to even kill him. The aura was full of Armaan's fragrance. His personality was such as the moment that Abhimanyu got scared but it didn't last for long as he composed himself and snapped "that's none of your business"

Armaan punched Abhimanyu hard on his face. "oh it's, no one can just hurt my friend and live freely. You are going to pay, I am not going to hurt you physically again but the way I am going to hurt you, you'll cry all your life" Armaan threatened and pushed Abhimanyu, who was thrown back on his chair.

Abhimanyu was left in a deep shock, he truly didn't see that coming that was so unexpected. For few minutes, he sat there in daze. He couldn't believe two persons came in his cabin like a wind, one of the puched him and left like a wind. He didn't even know their name.

After he regained his senses, he thought about everything that happened, he couldn't help but feel afraid, his jaw was hurting badly, he still could remember what the unknown person had said 'I won't hurt you physically but the way I am going to hurt you, you'll cry all your life'. All this event of that day made Abhimanyu sure that person was going to do something.

Suddenly the strong Abhimanyu felt so shaken up but he promised himself he wouldn't let himself down or stressed over just because someone came into his office and threatened him.

Sure he was shocked but he wouldn't let this effect him. He no longer had any relation with Ridhima so it no longer mattered him anything related to her. In fact, it never had and never would.

Coming out from the office, Armaan looked at Rahul and said "drive to home"

Rahul nodded, he didn't want to ask any question for now, he wanted Armaan to calm himself but he knew his brother wouldn't calm till he found Ridhima. Then why was he saying him to drive to home. Moreover, he wondered what was he going to do to Abhimanyu, well he knew nothing good.

After a minute, Armaan spoke "I want you to make your people search every detail about Abhimanyu and his company" Rahul nodded now he knew what Armaan was going to do. He was going to destroy Abhimanyu's career.

Parking the car, Rahul said looking at a lost Armaan "Armaan, we are home"

Rahul knew that Armaan seemed calm at the moment but he wasn't, his eyes told everything, he was really angry and more than angry he was afraid for Rihdima. He knew his brother too well.

"yeah you go and leave me the keys" Armaan announced it with determination "and you take the other car, we have to look for Ridhima and yeah inform Atul too"

Rahul nodded and jumped out of the car. All including Atul started their search, seconds turned into minutes and minutes in hours but there was no trace of Ridhima.

Sky was full with clouds and soon it started raining. Armaan was scared for her, he was really worried and feeling helpless at the moment, he didn't know where she was, in what condition she was.

Armaan called time to time to Rahul and Atul to know if he got any news but nothing till now. He was really worried, as the signal turned red, he stopped and close his eyes.

As soon as he closed, the past time he spent with Ridhima flashed in his mind. At that very moment, he remembered that once she said that she loved going to park when she was really happy or really upset.

He opened his eyes and smiled, this was a clue enough for him to find her and at the same time the signal turned green. He looked at few parks but no sign of her till then.

Now as he reached near a park, he could feel her somewhere near him. He parked the car and stepped out. Entering in the park, he saw a girl sitting on a bench, all drenched, her back facing him.

*sigh* he knew it was Ridhima, he could recognize her even with his closed eyes. He marched toward her in full step and his heart got broken when he saw sobbing, her face covered with tears,her eyes red and puffy.

He sat next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. As Ridhima felt a hand on her shoulder, she knew it was Armaan, before he could say anything, Ridhima hugged him and sobbed.

Armaan let him cry, though his heart pierced seeing her like this but he knew she had to let out her pain. "Armaan, why had he done this with me?" she asked again and again, while crying her heart out.

"shh Ridhima, he is just an idiot, who is not able to understand what he has done" Armaan hushed her, soon enough her sobs subsided "now tell me what happened?" he knew if she shared with him what happened it would help her to lessen her pain.

Ridhima's head was still placed on his chest, she told him everything and his anger grew even more, he was determined to make Abhimanyu cry all his life but for now he had to make sure Ridhima was fine.

"He is an idiot to not love you as you possess a heart of gold and anyone would fall in love with you" he honestly told her this, as he himself had fallen in love with her, so deeply that he couldn't even forget her for a second.

"sachi?" she asked as for confirmation, looking at Armaan cutely.

"muchi" he confirmed it with a smile but then his anger took over.

Ridhima smiled, she was feeling fine now thanks to Armaan.

"and anyways I am going to destroy him" he said angrily while holding Ridhima in his Arms.

Ridhima came out from the hug and shook her head "no, please don't do anything to him", she didn't want him to do anything to Abhimany because he was, once upon a time her friend, she would fulfill all her duty of a friend.

In thousands of pieces was shattered Armaan's heart, he couldn't believe that she still loved him after what he did but he knew he couldn't see her sad. "ok" he couldn't say anything more than this.

Yet, he made his mind, if Ridhima happiness led in Abhimanyu then he'll make sure that Abhimanyu accept Ridhima.

"come let's go, it's raining and you'll get sick" Armaan said worriedly, Ridhima nodded and both made their way to the car.

Till few minutes back, they were sitting in rain, unaware of it because their heart pain was more higher to realize the surrounding. Both were drenched and broken. Ridhima because Abhimanyu didn't love her and Armaan because even though Abhimanyu left Ridhima still she loved him.

Sitting in the car, Armaan made sure, she was fine then he called Rahul then Atul and informed them that he found Ridhima. Both Rahul and Atul felt relieved. While driving, he kept on looking at Ridhima to make sure, she was fine.

Meanwhile, Ridhima couldn't help but look at Armaan and admire him, he was true friend unlike Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was there with her when he needed her but not when she needed him whereas Armaan was with her whenever she needed someone, he never let her down.

Today too, he found her when she was sure that no one would find her. At that moment, she remembered her car was still in the parking of the park "Armaan, my car is left in the parking"

"no problem, I'll pick you up tomorrow and then pick your car up from here" Ridhima nodded at this.

Armaan stopped the car in the entrance of her house, they both came out and entered. Padma was happy to see her daughter safe and fine. Though tears were dried on her face and she was drenched but she was fine, she hadn't harmed herself.

Padma and Shashank hugged Ridhima as if to make sure she was fine, the last few hours were nightmare for them, Shashank too had left to find her and when Rahul called him telling that Armaan found her, he was happy.

Hugging Armaan, Padma said while controlling her tears "thank you so much, we were so afraid", Shashank too hugged him and thanked him.

In the last few hours, all sort of thought passed through her mind which made her shiver.

"Aunty uncle, it was my duty. I'll take her to her room, Aunty can you please arrange for something to eat? chue uchal rahe hain mere phet mein"

All chuckled at this including Ridhima, all felt relieved seeing her chuckling. Armaan held Ridhima's hand and made their way to her room.

As they entered, Armaan made her sit and said "I know Ridhima, you still love him and I'll make sure he too loves you back"

"Arm..." she wanted to say something but he stopped her

"Shh, I won't allow anyone to hurt you" he said firmly. At that very precise moment, for Ridhima's happiness, he forget that love couldn't be forced, it happened on it's own.


As they entered, Armaan made her sit and said "I know Ridhima, you still love him and I'll make sure he too loves you back"

"Arm..." she wanted to say something but he stopped her

"Shh, I won't allow anyone to hurt you" he said firmly. At that very precise moment, for Ridhima's happiness, he forget that love couldn't be forced, it happened on it's own.

All their friends joined them and were relieved to see Ridhima fine. As they got to know what Abhimanyu did, they all cursed him and vowed to never let him hurt Ridhima.

The next day, Armaan descended the stairs with firm face, he had taken a decision which according to him will make Ridhima happy.

In all the chaos, last day Ridhima and Armaan couldn't talk much. Soon enough, Armaan had to leave with his brother.

Though before leaving he made sure, that she was fine. He wasn't able to see her hurt. It hurt him to see her in that condition. Before sleeping last night, he promised himself that he would make everything alright for Ridhima.

A single tear leaked from her eyes, made his heart pierced. Every time, he saw her upset, crying, he himself was shattered and broken.

He joined his family on the breakfast table. After a while Armaan started some serious discussion "mom, dad, I want to go to England for six months with Rahul and one-two workers to get a further formation concerning business"

His parents were surprised listening this, it was so sudden. But unlike them, Rahul understood what his brother was up to.

After pondering over everything, there parents were impressed. As this would not only help them to be successful but to double their benefit.

"Ok then done, you and Rahul are in-charge of this, you have to choose among the employees" his father affirmed with a smile, followed by an approval by Kirti.

Armaan and Rahul were happy to know that their parents were ready. Soon enough Armaan and Rahul left.

In the way, Rahul looked at Armaan and said "you are doing all this for Ridhima, right?"

Armaan looked at him with a smile "yes Rahul, Ridhima needs to be away from all this atmosphere. The more she'll stay here the more she'll be depressed and I don't want that"

Rahul nodded in understanding way. He knew his brother was crazy about Ridhima and every decision he took was in Ridhima's favor.

In the office, Holding a file and glancing toward the door every second, Armaan was getting impatient. Finally the door opened and he instantly closed his eyes, light breeze touched his face and he felt heavenly.

"Good Morning Armaan" A beautiful voice greeted him.

His morning indeed became beautiful hearing her melodic voice. He opened his eyes and greeted her back with a smile "good morning Ms Ridhima Gupta".

Both sat down and then without turning points, Armaan directly came to the main point. "Ridhima we are going to England, to get a further formation concerning Business. It would last six months"

"But Armaan, how can I go there?" she was mortified listening this news from Armaan. She couldn't stay away from her parents, her family for so long.

"Ridhima, this is the second reason for why we are going to England. The very first reason, I want to make you look perfect so that Abhimanyu accept you"

Ridhima wanted to say something but she stopped. Abhimanyu was once upon a time her friend, she trusted him but not anymore. Still, she wanted to know if he really loved Nikkita or not. If Abhimanyu fell for her beauty, it would mean that he never loved anyone for their inner beauty and she wouldn't let him hurt anyone else. Ridhima had seen the honesty in Nikkita's eyes.

"ok" Ridhima agreed with a tiny smile.

"so get the packing done as we are leaving tomorrow in the morning. Rahul, You, Me along another worker are going to England. Muskaan would also join us in a week and she would stay with us during the whole time as she herself plans to go their to have some more courses done"

Ridhima nodded affirmatively, she knew staying away would make her forget Abhimanyu. Moreover, for some unknown reason, she wanted to spend some time more with Armaan.

"come let's go at your place, Atul would take care of the business here" Armaan declared

"ok" though she agreed but she was sad, as she would be away from her parents, from Anjali who was her sister and from Atul who was her brother now, the one who was always there with her. After Armaan, Atul and Rahul were always there for her, they always cared for her.

Surprised and stunned she was, she did feel something different for Armaan. She could clearly make a difference with her feelings. Never, she felt shiver run through her body when she wasn't with Armaan. Every time she was with Armaan, not only shiver ran through her body but also butterfly in her stomach.

She didnt know what that feeling was, she never felt so strongly for anyone. "what is happening to me?". Something was happening to her, she had fallen in love with Armaan from a long time but she was unaware of it.

Unaware of the fact, that she loved his dimpled smile, unaware of the fact that she loved his blue-hazel eyes, unaware of the fact that she loved his heart of gold, unaware of the fact that she loved everything about him. She knew all of it but still unaware of it.

While saying anything, she could have blurt all of this if asked without even realizing what she said. But till then neither the question came up nor the realization.

Neither Armaan nor Ridhima knew the future, but they predicated it would be the best for them. Maybe they were just being optimist, maybe they were unaware of the future.

Both sat in the car, though Armaan was surprised to see Ridhima happy but he assumed that the reason was he was going to reunite them. Unaware of the fact, he was the reason of her happiness, of her cute smile which lighten up his world.

"Ridhima, yesterday when I found you crying I was broken but now seeing your smile just made my day. Always remember the words I told you 'I just want to see you always smiling so just keep smiling and be happy' " he said with a genuine smile.

Amazed at the words coming out from Armaan mouth, she couldn't help but smile "Armaan you are just the best. I just thank God the days we collided"

Armaan too remembered that day, a more bigger smile took place. He too couldn't forgot those meetings.

"Same here"

Both reached at home and came out. Armaan started talking with her parents casually and then said "uncle, aunty, I hope you don't mind but I want Ridhima to go with us to England for business formation. It would last six months. Are you ok with it?". He was unsure of their decision, he knew they were easy going but still they were protective for her.

No news could be better than this, they had seen their daughter shattered a day before. They knew it was a wise decision to send Ridhima away from India for a while. They wanted her to forget about Abhimanyu. Moreover, they trusted Armaan to the fullest.

"Armaan, I think this would be good for Ridhima as well. We are ok with it" Shashank replied back with a smile

Sighing with a relief, Armaan flashed Ridhima a smile "so uncle, start the preparations we are leaving tomorrow" Armaan announced and then left after saying them bye.

The next day, everything was prepared. Rahul, Armaan, Ridhima and another worker Shekhar were going to England.

At the airport, Muskaan, Atul, Anjali, Ridhima's parents and Armaan's parents came to bid them adieu.

At that moment, Armaan's parents met Ridhima for the first time and they liked her. Abhimanyu's parents didn't show up as they were ashamed due to their son who hadn't even enough decency to apologize to Ridhima.

Armaan, Ridhima, Rahul and Shekhar made their way toward the plane. Ridhima was going for the first time to England all alone, yet she didn't feel alone as Armaan and Rahul were there for her. She knew they would protect her.

They reached to England safely. Armaan had already hired a car, they took it and made their way toward an apartment which Armaan had arranged for them for six months.

The apartment had four rooms. Armaan and Rahul were going to stay in one room, Ridhima in one room and Shekhar in one room.

Ridhima's room was right next to Armaan's. Meanwhile, Shekhar's room was quite on the other end of the apartment.

The reason why Armaan brought Shekhar along them was that he didn't want his parents to doubt his intentions. He didn't want there hope to rise and then fell down.

After the long flight, they were tired to the core so they decided to sleep. The following day, there formation and Armaan's mission to make Ridhima look perfect was going to start.

Tired they were, still Armaan, Rahul and Ridhima couldn't sleep for hours. Armaan because, he knew he loved Ridhima, he kept thinking about her. Rahul because he missed Muskaan still he couldn't call her as it was really last in India and Ridhima because she was confused of her feelings, all she could think of or dream of was Armaan. She couldn't understand what was happening to her.

In the other side of the world, in India, Muskaan tossed and turned in her bed, it was 5 am, she wasn't even able to sleep a wink. Not able to control herself anymore, she took her mobile and called Rahul's number.

As Rahul heard his mobile, he picked it up quickly making his way toward the hall, he was feeling quite excited. He sort of knew it was Muskaan "hello Muskaan, tu ab tak jag rahi hai?" he asked in a go.

Armaan who was waken up, knew as well that it was Muskaan. He smiled happily and closed his eyes again.

"Hi Rahul, tujhe kese pata ke mein houn?" Muskaan was surprised to hear her name from him. Meanwhile, Rahul sat down on the couch.

"nobody can disturb me anytime like you and I love this" Rahul said dreamily.

Muskaan blushed slightly, they both talked for a bit more time and hung up the phone with lovey-dovey words. After that Rahul fall asleep instantly.

The next day, their formation started and they completely enjoyed. They got informed that their classes would last two hours per day.

As always Armaan spent most of his time with her. When they reached at home, Armaan told Ridhima to take her track-suit. Ridhima obeyed and joined Armaan.

In the apartment itself a gymnasium room was installed. Armaan instructed Ridhima the rules concerning the treadmill and she followed them. By 20 minutes she was tired as hell. She couldn't do anymore so Armaan called it off for the day.

"Armaan my body aches" she complained with a pout.

"don't worry, in a day or two you will be used to it" he reassured her. Though, he couldn't see her in pain, but he had to bear it. In the purpose so that she and Abhimanyu would be together.

Never for himself, he would have allowed her to loose some weight as he loved her for what she was.


See the next parts below :)

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In the apartment itself a gymnasium room was installed. Armaan instructed Ridhima the rules concerning the treadmill and she followed them. By 20 minutes she was tired as hell. She couldn't do anymore so Armaan called it off for the day.

"Armaan my body aches" she complained with a pout.

"don't worry, in a day or two you will be used to it" he reassured her. Though, he couldn't see her in pain, but he had to bear it. In the purpose so that she and Abhimanyu would be together.

Never for himself, he would have allowed her to loose some weight as he loved her for what she was.

In the evening, all went to hotel for dinner. As Armaan knew Ridhima food taste, he ordered food for her which was not only healthy but also tasty. At that moment, Ridhima couldn't stop but stare him with admiration.

Two months had gone by, It had been one month and three weeks and few days that Muskaan had joined. Muskaan and Ridhima got more closer than before.

Their professional work was going great. A lot of knew knowledge were achieved by them and they were happy by this.

In fact, they all enjoyed a lot together. Shekhar wasn't treated only like a colleague but a friend too when at home.

Ridhima's work out didn't stop, her determination was strong and when Armaan was by her side, she didn't fear anything.

Not only that, to make this easier for Ridhima he kept on telling her some stories while she would be working out, which Ridhima listened queenly. When and how time passed, she didn't know. Although when she finished with he work out, her body ached a bit but that was short-lived. She was getting used to the work out.

As usual, she was working out while Armaan standing near her. "what happened? why are you so silent today?" Ridhima asked after five minutes when she realized he was still silent and was just staring at her.

How could he say her that he was lost in her. From his point of view, Ridhima looked beautiful anywhere, everywhere.

To cover up the situation, he asked "would you mind if I sing a song today?"

Ridhima smiled to the fullest "of course, I won't mine"

Flashing her, his millions dollars smile, he left the room. Apprehensively, she was confused but as she saw him returning with a guitar, her confusion turned into amazement.

Spending more time with him, caused her to know more about him. Not that, she didn't know him much but now she was also getting to know about his hiding talents.

(here is the link to the song Sach Sach Hai from Rakht: )

He looked at her and started strumming the guitar and humming the song 'Hey...aa...aa...ho...; Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye, Tum Mera Pyaar Ho; Meri Aarzoo, Mera Qaraar Ho; Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye, Tum Mera Pyaar Ho; Meri Aarzoo, Mera Qaraar Ho; Chaahat Ki Chaandni Ho, Tum Chaand Ho Sanam; Mere Liye Toh Tumhi, Jaan-e-bahaar Ho; Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye, Tum Mera Pyaar Ho; Meri Aarzoo, Mera Qaraar Ho"

Listening him singing made her lost in his voice, his voice was so pure and soft. Like Ridhima, he too was looking at her and all the words he sang were completely true.

Desire was his name but his desire was Ridhima. Unaware of what future help for him, he just wanted to live in present and savor each and every bit of these precious moments.

"Mohabbat Khudaai Hai Yaara, Mohabbat Hai Tujhse Mujhe; Mohabbat Khudaai Hai Yaara, Mohabbat Hai Tujhse Mujhe; Main Chaahat Ka Saudaai Paagal, Pyaar Karna Mujhe; Meri Tamanna Yahi Hai, Oh...; Meri Tamanna Yahi Hai Ke Har Pal Mujhe Tera Deedaar Ho, Sach Hai; Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye, Tum Mera Pyaar Ho; Meri Aarzoo, Mera Qaraar Ho"

For Armaan love was equal to his life. With no hesitation he could have give his life for her. That was the depth of his love. All that mattered to him was that he loved her and would love her the rest of his life.

"Wafaaon Ki Mujhko Kasam, Tumhein Dil Ne Maana Sanam; Wafaaon Ki Mujhko Kasam, Tumhein Dil Ne Maana Sanam; Bhoola Do Mujhe Tum Bhoola Do, Diye Zindagi Ne Jo Gham; Baahon Mein Teri Samaaun Oh..; Baahon Mein Teri Sama Jaaun Yaara Agar Tera Iqraar Ho, Sach Hai; Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye, Tum Mera Pyaar Ho; Meri Aarzoo, Mera Qaraar Ho; Chaahat Ki Chaandni Ho, Tum Chaand Ho Sanam; Mere Liye Toh Tumhi, Jaan-e-bahaar Ho; Sach Hai Sach Hai Ye, Tum Mera Pyaar Ho; Meri Aarzoo, Mera Qaraar Ho"

All he wished to God was give him all the pain of her share. All he wanted was to loose himself in her arms. All he needed was her by his side.

Far or close, she would be always with him. The shadow of moon always showed him, Ridhima's face. His heart was filled by the love for her. His mind was filled by their happy and sad moments together.

It took Ridhima a while too came out from the dreamy trace. She noticed she was still running and it had been quite a while yet she didn't realized it.

"Armaan do you love someone?" Ridhima asked him out of blue. The reason for this question was that she felt the love in his voice. She felt that he was singing this song from the core of his heart.

Somehow, thinking that he loved someone, hurt her heart. She didn't know why she was feeling this way.

Armaan nodded and then said in a whisper "but she loves someone else". Although, he confessed that he loved someone still he didn't told her it was her.

Stopping the treadmill, she made her way to him and placed her hand on his shoulder. "if your love is true, she would be only yours. I am sure and certain that you love her with all your heart thus you guys would be together for sure, just a bit wait. I'll always pray for you from the bottom of my heart" Ridhima told him all this honestly. Though her heart ached but she was happy for him, he deserved all the happiness of the world.

A cute smile was on his lips, he just wished her prayers would be fulfilled. "I hope so too but all I want is her to be happy"

Ridhima admired the depth of his love. One more fact that she knew what any girl who'll be with Armaan would be nothing but happy.

Gathering her bottle of water, both left the gymnasium. "Oh by the way, we have decided to go for outing tomorrow as it's Sunday" Armaan said while looking at her.

"That's so cool" Ridhima replied excitingly.

In the last two month, they didn't get much time as they were busy with the formation as well as the work back at India. Atul communicated with them through internet and then they worked together on the projects that way.

"go, get freshen up and then join us as Atul and everyone must be waiting for us" Armaan reminded her that Atul must be on, not for some business talk but as a family member.

"ok, see you later" saying this, she went in her room.

Taking a quick shower, she wore a yellow anarkali dress. Once she was ready, she stood up on the weighing machine. As she looked at her weight, she was satisfied. From 75 Kgs, she was at 68Kgs, she had lost seven Kgs, all thanks to Armaan. She made her way in the hall happily where everyone was there expect Shekhar, who had left for some roaming around the city.

Though the site in front, was quite entertaining. "teri kher nahi" Muskaan shouted while throwing the couch pillows on him.

"oye Muskaan, kiya kar rahi hai yaar?" Rahul asked her while running for his life

"mein kiya kar rahi, kankhujare tu kiya keh raha tha?" Muskaan yelled at him

"I was just saying that Priyanka Chopra is hot" he replied innocently still runing for his life.

While Armaan was almost laid on the couch with his hand on his stomach due to laughing madly. His brother and his going to be sister-in-law were just the rarest couple to find in the world, he so loved them.

"I am sorry Muskaan" he said while begging for forgiveness but to no avail.

Ridhima's jaw dropped down listening to why they were playing 'tom and jerry' that day. But then again, they were talking about Rahul and Muskaan, who were always ready to fight with each other on every small reason. Maybe that was their way of showing love.

Not only that, she noticed Armaan still laughing crazily for the super entertainment. Though one thing she couldn't help but admit was that he was looking so handsome while laughing.

"time out" Once Ridhima composed herself, she shouted loud enough to catch their attention. As they stopped but Muskaan was still giving Rahul dirty looks. "sit down" Ridhima instructed them and both sat down quietly.

Still laughing was going on, she knew Armaan was still laughing on them "Armaan, will you stop laughing please?"

Looking at Ridhima in that serious look, made him shut up. Ridhima sighed and asked "what happened?"

"well, we were watching B4U music on TV, when Priyanka Chopra's song aired" Rahul said in less than a normal voice

"oye batate kyon nahi ke woh song dekh rahe the 'ayega maza ab barsaat mein' from Andaaz" Muskaan said while interrupted him. That song was really a hot one.

Rahul knew he was in a big time trouble, he had made a big sin as he called some other girl hot and Muskaan was quite a jealous girlfriend. To be honest, he loved her jealousy.

"yeah yeah you are right Muskaan" Armaan seconded what Muskaan said, with a naughty smile.

"you keep quite Armaan" Rahul said while looking at him angrily. As he looked toward Ridhima he found her with the proceed-on-look, he continued "Then Armaan said Priyanka is looking so sexy and hot"

Listening that Ridhima glared at Armaan which made Armaan gulp. "so I just agreed that she was looking hot" Rahul said it a single breath.

"oye khote" Muskaan said while smacking on his shoulder

"Muskaan I am really sorry, please ghussa maat ho. You know for me you are the hottest and the sexiest girl in the world" he said cutely which somehow helped Muskaan to melt.

Ridhima didn't know why she felt jealous knowing that Armaan was praising someone else, she didn't know what to say, she was really confused. Somehow, Armaan was liking her expressions.

"Enough, have you guys forgotten we have to talk with Atul, he must be waiting" Ridhima reminded them the reason of them being there in the hall.

"oh han" Muskaan seconded, forgetting her fight with Rahul.

Looking at Muskaan, Rahul smiled widely, he was sure his 'jungle billi' can never change and he loved her this way as he didn't find anything negative in her behavior.

True some changes are needed in a person's life but not if they are already good ones.

Armaan connected on Skype and got in communication with Atul. "hey guys" Atul, Anjali and Armaan's parent's greeted Armaan, Ridhima, Rahul and Muskaan.

"hey everyone" they all greeted them back

"how are you guys?, we are so missing you" Anjali asked.

"we are fine, how are you all?" Muskaan replied and asked for everyone's behalf.

"we all are fine" Armaan's mother replied getting emotional, she was missing Armaan, Rahul, Muskaan as well as Ridhima a lot. Atul had told them about Ridhima thus they knew a lot about her.

"mom, don't get sad" Armaan said looking at the dull face of his mom.

"Armaan, I miss you everyone a lot" Kirti said teary

"we too miss you and we'll be back soon. I don't want to see my beautiful mom crying and then having wrinkles under her beautiful eyes" he said dramatically, which made everyone giggle.

Seeing this, made Armaan proud. "So how is my little sister? it seems like you have lost quite some weight" Atul asked noticing the change in Ridhima.

"yeah bhai, I lost few pounds" she replied proudly

Expect Armaan parents, everybody knew it was all thanks to Armaan. "So when are you guys going to get married?" Rahul asked excitingly.

"once you guys would be back" Atul replied happily.

"wow that's great, we are so looking forward for your wedding. But I would be on Anjali's side" Armaan said clearly this fact.

"me too" Rahul seconded with the same enthusiasm. They had always considered Anjali as their sister and now the time had come to fulfill their responsibilities.

Anjali was touched seeing their brotherly love, even Atul adored their relationship. "Dost dost na raha, pyar pyar na raha" Atul said melodramatically

"oye don't overact" Armaan said while chuckling and all joined them even Atul.

"Bhai you don't worry, Muskaan and me are on your side" Ridhima replied siding up with Atul, who instantly smiled.

Armaan smiled looking at Ridhima, she had the power to cheer up anyone in a second. "I am so happy that there is at least someone is on my side" Atul said happily and with a big smile.


Armaan smiled looking at Ridhima, she had the power to cheer up anyone in a second. "I am so happy that there is at least someone is on my side" Atul said happily and with a big smile.

"Dance?" he said forwarding his hand, waiting for her response.

Smiling slightly, she put her hand in his. The smooth music started playing in the background. They moved closer to each other. Her one hand was safely placed in his and the other on his shoulder, meanwhile his other hand was placed on her waist.

Slowly slowly, the distance between them decreased, her arms were now around his neck and his arms around his chest.

"I love you Ridhima" he whispered near her lips.

She gasped. Looking in his eyes, she confessed "I love you too"

Their lips were a few centimeters away, they could feel each other's breath. That moment was making their heartbeat rise.

***Buzz*** ***Buzz***

With a thumb, he fell down on the floor as the alarm started buzzing. 'Oh My God! Armaan what were you dreaming about?' he asked himself.

Though, he couldn't deny but he loved his dream and was hoping for it to become reality. Even though, he knew it was next to impossible as the girl in question loved someone else and he truly could do anything to see her smiling and happy.

The next day, they went to visit various places along Shekhar. They went to the London bridge, Tower of London. They were completely enjoying.

Rahul and Muskaan roamed together, with their hands entangled. Meanwhile, Armaan and Ridhima walked together, admiring the places. Finally, Shekhar walked behind all of them, making photos of the places as well as of everyone.

It had been so long that they had gone somewhere out and now that they were out, they felt really good. "It feels so good to be out from house after so many days" Ridhima declared while sitting in the back seat.

"I agree" Armaan seconded, fasting his seat belt and looking at her through the rear mirror. She was looking so relaxed after so many days and he liked this fact.

Seeing her like this, he made a mental not to take her out every week for some fresh air. Be it a place nearby if not far.

All he wanted was to see her happy and relaxed. He could see that he was succeeding. Moroever, Ridhima's company was the best for him.

"guys, what about dinner in McDonald's?" Rahul suggested and all agreed.

Armaan drove toward the McDonald's, parking the car, all came out. Making their way in, the girls sat at the table.

The men made their way to the counter, as Rahul and Armaan knew what the girls wanted. They didn't need to ask them, they just knew them so well.

After few minutes, all of three came back. Armaan placed a tray and sat on the opposite side of Ridhima. The same goes for Rahul and Muskaan. Whilst, Shekhar was sitting on the right side of Rahul.

"here is your meal" Armaan said, placing filet-o-fish, diet coke, french fries and Sundae Caramel in front of her.

"thank you" Ridhima said, smile but then she noticed, he had just brought a filet-o-fish for himself. "why haven't you bought Sundae, coke and french fries for you?" She gave him a questioning look.

"because, I am going to share with you, do you mind?" He said, raising his brow as in asking her reply.

"of course, I don't mind" she said with a wide smile.

Rahul and Muskaan looked at them, admiring their bond. They knew, Armaan loved her, they can see it but they can also see some sort of feelings blossoming in Ridhima.

Armaan and Ridhima shared the Sundae Ice-cream, the coke and the french fries while having fun. As is, Ridhima was about to pick up a few french fries but before she could, Armaan picked up the packet teasingly.

This made, Ridhima glare at him. "you look so cute like this" he said, giggling and stuffing few french fries in her mouth.

Her mouth was replete, she chewed them and asked "what was this?"

"you wanted to have french fries so I made you eat them" he said casually, gulping down a french fry.

Ridhima took the packet of french fries from his hand and stuffed few in his mouth. He was looking stunned and so cute with his mouth full that she couldn't help but giggle. All of them joined her in giggling, as indeed he was looking so cute as well as funny.

As Armaan noticed so much eyes on his, he chewed and swallowed them down. "that was a payback" Ridhima grinned.

He didn't mind this sort of payback, if he would get to see her smile. Actually, he was even ready to be a clown, only to see her smiling.

Ruffling his hairs sheepishly, he continued eating and teasing her. Once they were done, they made their way at home.

Few days later, they came from their formation lessons and were now sitting in the sitting room.

"Armaan, I didn't understand few points today" Ridhima said, upset. Hard she had tried but she couldn't.

"there is nothing to be worried in it. Let's go in your room, I'll explain them to you" Armaan said standing up and making his way in her room, with Ridhima following him.

As Armaan and Ridhima had left, Shekhar asked to Rahul "can I ask a personal question?"

"yeah" Rahul replied with a confused look. He wondered what the personal could be.

"Does these two love each other?" asked Shekhar. He had observed the bond between Armaan and Ridhima but he didn't want to jump to the conclusion without confirmation.

"As for now, it's one sided and I hope I will be two sided soon. Shekhar, please don't mention this to anyone" Rahul answered his question, and sort of ordered him the last bit.

Shekhar nodded, anyways it wasn't like he had a choice. He was their employee and he had to follow their orders. Not that he minded as the Mallik's were one of the best employee in the world.

Armaan sat on her bed and took her note-book. "ok here..." he explained her the whole procedure.

"wow, Armaan, you are genius" she said, giving him a hug as she understood what she was trying to do from few hours.

As soon as she hugged him, a current of electricity passed through his whole body. 'breath in, breath out' Armaan told himself, as he felt his breath stuck in his throat.

Only she had this effect on him. He had hugged several female friends but they never effected him in any way and he knew why, the reason was that he loved Ridhima and she was really special for him.

"Ridhima, can I ask you a question?" he asked looking her longingly, wishing to hold her eternally in his arms, but he knew maybe it wasn't in his destiny.

Placing her note-back aside, she said "Armaan, why are you being formal. You can ask me whatever you want" she glared at him fist but then smiled.

Armaan took flashed a smile back and asked "Are you missing Abhimanyu?".

This question was so sudden, she didn't expected this. It left her shocked for a while but then she replied with a smile "I'll answer to you question at the right time."

He was confused at her response but left everything on time. Ridhima looked at him and smiled. He was one of the best human on the earth.

If only, she could realize that he was 'the one' for her. For sure, she'll realize this one day. Be it sooner or later.

Some days later, Armaan and Rahul were in their room getting ready as well as Shekher, to go for formation. Meanwhile, Muskaan and Ridhima were all ready and were sitting in the hall.

"Ridhima, it's Armaan and Rahul's birthday tomorrow" Muskaan said, looking at Ridhima.

Hearing this news, she got stunned, not because it was Armaan's birthday but because it was Rahul's birthday. "I knew it's Armaan's birthday tomorrow but I didn't know about Rahul" she said, admitting the fact which confused her.

Muskaan stood up and made her way to Ridhima "oh my God, you didn't know Armaan and Rahul are nonidentical twins" Muskaan exclaimed.

This news really was truly a surprise for Ridhima. All she knew about Armaan and Rahul was that Armaan is elder and Rahul younger. She never asked anything more neither they mentioned anything.

"nobody told me" Ridhima said with a pout.

"maybe, that didn't crossed their minds. You must have noticed they are among those who don't speak a lot about their life. It's not like they don't want to tell someone about their personal life but they are just not used about it" Muskaan said casually.

Ridhima couldn't agree more. She had noticed, especially for Armaan, he never talked a lot about his life to other persons still he told a lot of things about his family to her. She concluded, he must have forgotten the fact that he and Rahul were twins. Anyways, this wasn't a fact at all to be angry with him.

"so what's the plan" Ridhima asked, knowing Muskaan so well gave her the hint, Muskaan had a super plan cooked up in her mind.

Moving forward, Muskaan whispered something in Ridhima ear. As Muskaan moved back, they looked at each other face with a naughty smile and hi-fived.

Soon they were joined an all left for their formation. Ridhima and Muskaan waiting for the moment when they'll put their plan in action.

It was midnight, Rahul and Armaan were sleeping peacefully. Not knowing what was awaiting them.

Their sleep got broken as they heard something falling down. They stood up, worried for the girls, thinking that some thief might have entered in their apartment.

Both made their way out, and checked their room, which was empty. That added more to their worry. "where are they?" Rahul said, running a hand in his hairs.

"let's check the apartment" Armaan said, concerned.

Rahul nodded and both checked the apartment in quick motion. As they reached in the hall, they heard a shriek. Making Rahul and Armaan scared. Armaan rushed to turn the light on.

As they turned the light on, they were surprised. Nothing had happened the sort of thinks they had imagined a while. Seeing both Ridhima and Muskaan standing there with mischievous smile, they sighed with relief. The hall was decorated, it seemed as it was someone's birthday. Then they noticed a cake placed on the table, with 'Happy Birthday Armaan and Rahul' written on it.

Armaan and Rahul looked at each other and it dawned to them, it was there own birthday they were really surprised. A while back they were so shocked, not finding the girls in their room but now they were pleasantly surprised and happy.

"you both scared us" Armaan declared, pretending to glare at them.

The girls chuckled and Muskaan said "well, we are sure now that you won't forget this birthday of yours"

Both girls moved forward and wished them "happy birthday". They hugged Armaan and Rahul. All they missed at the moment was their rest of family. Still, this moment was like a dream.

Rahul had been surprised by the girl he loved and Armaan by the girl he loved. No matter, if she didn't love him but for sure he wasn't going to forget this birthday.

One minute their breath was stuck somewhere and the next minute they were surprised, happily by the girls.

The next second, the phone rang. Ridhima picked it up and smiled hearing the voice. Armaan and Rahul were confused, they didn't know who was on the phone.

"here" Ridhima moved toward them and out the voice on, so all of them could hear the conversation.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMAAN-RAHUL" came the wishes from the other end.

Armaan and Rahul realized it was their parents, along Atul and Anjali. Even if they had something else that day, it would have been granted.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMAAN-RAHUL" came the wishes from the other end.

Armaan and Rahul realized it was their parents, along Atul and Anjali. Even if they had something else that day, it would have been granted.

'I hope Ridhima will fall in love with me and we'll get married' Armaan prayed silently in his heart. Not knowing what overpowered him at that moment but he just couldn't help praying this.

"where are our presents?" Rahul asked excitingly.

"here" Ridhima replied, giving them their gifts from her behalf, followed by Muskaan.

"and from our behalf, your gifts are pending. We'll give you once you'll come back" Atul said, through skype.

"Oh it means we have to wait 3 months and 15 days" Armaan exclaimed.

"exactly" Anjali replied back.

"haye anways what can we do else?" Armaan said, dramatically.

"nothing" and all chuckled including Armaan himself.

They all celebrated till 2 am, while chatting to his parents, Atul and Anjali. Though, they were not face to face with their parents still they enjoyed to the fullest.


"Ridhima can you believe that 2 months and half passed away since Armaan and Rahul's birthday" Muskaan said while laying on her side of the bed.

"I know yaar, we really enjoyed that day, especially the threat Armaan and Rahul gave us. That was so sweet of them" Ridhima said while arranging her pillow.

"Yeah I know" Muskaan seconded, remembering that time. "It was so good".

Ridhima nodded in agreement, all the days which she spent with Armaan and their common friends were memorable she knew she wouldn't be able to forget them.

As they heard a knock on the door, Muskaan replied "come in".

The door opened, Armaan and Rahul entered. Rahul started "Muskaan a friend of mine, Nikhil has invited us at his party on his success. So we came to ask if you both would want to go there?"

Ridhima and Muskaan looked at each, they had nothing against the idea. "of course, we would like to go, but when is it?" Ridhima asked.

"In two days, as in on Sunday" Armaan replied, Ridhima's question.

"ok done" Both the girls, replied in unison.

"uh Muskaan can you come with me for a minute?" Rahul asked Muskaan, who excitingly jumped off the bed and followed him.

Once Rahul and Muskaan were out of view, Armaan looked toward her "huh, actually Ridhima there is a problem" he said hesitatingly.

"what's the problem?" she asked, raising a brow.

"actually, we have to go in pair so would you be my partner" he said looking down.

"of course Armaan, is this even a question to ask? after all you are my best friend" Ridhima said with a smile.

Armaan looked at her and repeated on his mind 'best friend! you are right Ridhima we are just best friend, nothing above that still I wish that we can be more than that'.

Meanwhile, Rahul and Muskaan made themselves comfortable in Armaan and Rahul's room. "so why did you call me?" Muskaan said, sitting in Rahul's lap and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Armaan wanted to ask Ridhima to be his partner for the party and I thought it would be better to give them some privacy as Armaan was already really nervous" Rahul explained her the complete situation.

Muskaan pecked on his cheek and said "I really wish they would end up together. They look so cute together".

***knock knock***

"I think Armaan is there" Rahul declared, hearing the knock.

"ok then, good night" Muskaan wished him good and was about to leave, when Rahul held her hand and pulled her toward him.

"not like this" saying so, he quickly kissed on her lips "now go and good night" he said with a big smile.

Muskaan blushed and without saying anything, rushed out of the room. Armaan, who was standing outside, saw Muskaan opening the door and ran away.

Entering in the room, Armaan wondered why she ran away but as he looked his brother's face and a bit of lipstick mark on his lips, he knew what had just happened. It was rare to find Muskaan running out of shyness and not because of rage.

As he realized this fact, he smiled widely while shaking his head. His brother was surely a lucky guy and he truly prayed both of them would stay together forever.

"hmm, Rahul, why don't you go and wipe the lipstick from your lips" Armaan said, teasingly.

Hearing this, Rahul turned beetroot red and said confidently"don't worry Armaan, even you'll be on my place one day and I swear, I won't leave a single chance to tease you". After that, he left for the washroom.

"I wish the same Rahul" he said closing his eyes, seeing Ridhima's face and said in his heart "I love you Ridhima but all that matters me are your happiness". He sighed at his faith.

Finally, it was the day they were going for the party. "Ridhima" Armaan called Ridhima, who was in her room confused about what to wear in the evening.

"yeah" Ridhima said coming out from the room and found him outside her room.

"time for work out" Armaan said, looking at her. She was now weighing 62. He had realized once she was determined on something, she completed it.

They were in the gymnasium and Armaan telling her stuff about her friend Nikhil, so that she wouldn't feel awkward in his party.

Once they were done, they went in the hall. As Ridhima was about to enter in her room, Armaan stopped her "huh wait a minute', with this he went in his room and came out with a little big in his hand.

"there is a dress for you in this" Ridhima looked at him, confused. He always solved her problems in a snap of finger.

"Thank you so much" she hugged him, out of sheer happiness, making Armaan shiver. "you know what, I was really confused as what to wear and you solved my problem even before I told you" she said, amazed.

"hmm, let's say I have good bond with God and he tells me everything concerned to you" he said playfully as soon as he was back to his sense.

Hearing this, Ridhima giggled. She knew, it was Armaan, himself, who knew her like nobody on the earth.

If anybody would have seen them like that, they would have thought they knew each other from years. That's how strong their bond was.

Entering in her room, she opened the bag and found a beautiful saree of pink dark color. Still she wondered 'won't it look awkward?' but then remembering Armaan gave her this dress, she had no reason to have a second thought.

In the evening, Ridhima wore her dress and came out from the washroom, wiping her hairs with her towel, the saree was enhancing her body even the more. The color of saree was enhancing her green eyes. Even without make-up, she looked a fairy-girl.

"wow, you are looking beautiful, stunning" Muskaan compliment Ridhima. Muskaan, herself was also wearing a plain white saree, with light make-up and decent hairstyle

"but you are looking more beautiful than me" Ridhima replied back, smiled.

"don't underestimate yourself" Muskaan reprimanded her and didn't allow her to say anything and continued "now come here" she ordered Ridhima, to come and sit on the bed.

Being a beautician, Muskaan wanted to give Ridhima a new look. Ridhima complied in and sat down.

Muskaan blended a foundation on Ridhima's face which almost matched her skin, followed by looser powder. After that, she applied a light color of pink on her eyes along a thin line of eye-liner and a transparent mascara, enhancing her eyes more than they already were.

"ok now smile" Muskaan instructed Ridhima and she obeyed. As Ridhima smiled, Muskaan applied a light blush on the apples of hers cheeks. "and now the lipstick" declared Muskaan. She applied a pink gloss on her lips. Avoiding the lip liner as she knew, Ridhima didn't neet it.

"you look stunning not that you weren't before but this look too good on you" Muskaan praised her new look.

Ridhima looked at herself through the mirror and she was looking completely diferrent. She wondered 'how would Armaan react?', somehow all her thoughts were connected to Armaan.

"finally, your hairs turn" Muskaan said, looking at Ridhima hairs as if thinking what hairstyle to make with her hairs. Her hairs were quite long, thus she decided leave the open, while curling them a bit.

"It's time to show how look to Armaan and Rahul" Muskaan said, happily as Ridhima wore long drop dark pink-silver earrings.

Meanwhile, outside the room, both the men were getting impatient. Shekhar was also invited thus he left earlier.

"were are these girls left?" Rahul said, with his last word, the girls came out.

The two Mallik brothers stood there, with their jaw dropped down. Ridhima was looking beautiful and he knew he would have a hard time keeping her away from men, the same goes with Rahul.

Armaan loved Ridhima's inner beauty but he knew their would be certainly few guys there who would be attracted to her for her outside beauty.

"oye khotte moun band ker" Muskaan exclaimed, coming closer to Rahul.

Ignoring her cursing, Rahul said lovingly "you look stunning"

As Muskaan heard this, she blushed to a deep red color.

"You are looking beautiful but yeah" he moved closer to her and whispered in her ear "you look more beautiful without this make-up"

Once he moved back, he found out that Ridhima was blushing with her eyes lowered down. "thank you" she whispered slowly, but audible to Armaan. Then she looked at him and find him in tuxedo with light pink shirt, theor clothes color matched.

"my pleasure" Armaan replied back, with a grin and continued noticing the time "I think we should leave now as we are getting late"

All nodded and made their way out. They reached at party hall exactly at time. Nikhil greeted them and complimented both the girls and also added playfully "if I hadn't been married then I would surely fall in love with any of you"

Both the women giggled at this but Armaan and Rahul made a mental note, to not leave their side for even a second. They were going to stick with them like glue.

Ridhima looked around the hall and comprehended that the theme was indian as most of the girls wore sarees but there were few girls, roaming in small clothes.

A few more guys complimented the girls, few even asked them for dance but Armaan and Rahul politely refused them. If it had been on Muskaan, she would have surely given them a piece of her mind.

"dance?" Rahul and Armaan asked respectively to their partners.

Both of them nodded and all made their way on the dance floor. A slow song was going on, thus the couple were doing a slow and quite close dance, specially Muskaan and Rahul.

"Are you enjoying the party?" Armaan asked in her ear, moving more closer to her as the music was loud.

Ridhima looked at him and replied "yes Armaan, I am enjoying the party a lot"

They danced a bit more and their way off the dance floor. "the food is laid down, shall we proceed?" Rahul asked and all agreed.

Before they could move, a girl came and hugged Armaan tightly. "I missed you so much Armaan" the girl said in a sugary tone, leaving all of them stunned.



They danced a bit more and their way off the dance floor. "the food is laid down, shall we proceed?" Rahul asked and all agreed.

Before they could move, a girl came and hugged Armaan tightly. "I missed you so much Armaan" the girl said in a sugary tone, leaving all of them stunned.

For some reason, Ridhima felt utterly jealous and angry seeing her clinging to Armaan and talking like his girlfriend. 'is she his girlfriend or something?' she wondered and replied to her own question "no, she can't be. Armaan will never hide anything for you" she was assured with her conclusion.

Too numb to react at but as he realized what was going on, he jerked away and tried to maintain his calm "what do you think you are doing Aine?"

"Can't I even hug and say to the person I love that I missed him" she said pretending to be upset.

Armaan was getting frustrated and angry by her reaction "cut the crap, you don't love me neither I love you. You are just a girl who wanted to complete her desire by sleeping with me" saying this he left the hall and went outside.

"I think what Armaan said was way to more polite for you" Muskaan taunted her, she was really angry and continued, grinding her teeth "you are a sl*t and now leave before I do something you'll regret"

While Huffing and puffing, Aine left. She was feeling highly humiliated. "Muskaan do you know her?" Ridhima asked.

"not personally, but Rahul told me what all she was doing to get Armaan in the bed" Muskaan's said with loads of anger.

Ridhima really gasped knowing this, knowing the fact that someone could steep so low. Initially she was angry seeing this which was suppose to be as no human can see the person he/she loves with someone else and that waswhat happened with her. The only regret was she didn't realize it as for yet.

"let's go to for the food" Rahul tried to enlighten the mood, though he was worried for his brother but he knew it wasn't Aine which bothered her there was something else. He would definitely ask him when they would be alone.

"you guys go, I'll join you later" she said that looking toward the way, Armaan left. Both of them understood her gesture and they thought it was better for her to talk for him at the moment.

"ok" Rahul replied, holding Muskaan's hand they left.

In the way, Muskaan asked worriedly "why did Armaan leave so suddenly?"

"I also don't know and that's exactly what is bothering me" he expressed his inner feelings.

"Don't worry talk to him when we'll go back at home" Muskaan tried to reassure him.

Rahul nodded, understanding that this wasn't the right place to talk him especially now when Ridhima had already left to see him.

Armaan was lost in his thought. He wasn't worried or tensed because of that girl but he was worried of what Ridhima would be thinking about him. He knew she loved someone else, still he didn't want her think something bad about him.

"would you like to give me a penny of your thought?" a voice came from behind.

Knowing really well, who it was "Ridhima" he said without turning toward her.

"wow too good" she exclaimed as she joined him and rested her arm on the barrier "what happened?"

"nothing" though, he didn't know why she was behaving calmly but again shouldn't she behave normally as she never considered him more than a friend. Nevertheless, even as a friend too he truly didn't want her to not trust him.

"Armaan, I know there is something bothering you and moreover you can't lie to me" she said proudly at the fact that she caught his lie. "so now spill the bean" she said, quite in ordering tone.

"Are you angry with me?" he said looking in her eyes, his eyes were slightly moist, knowing very well he wasn't at fault. At that moment, he didn't know how to put his emotions in front of her.

Ridhima cupped him face "why would I be angry at you when there was no fault of you at all.". Leaving his face, she looked at the other side and continued, admitting a big fact honestly "though, I won't lie, I felt jealous and initially angry but I don't know why"

His heartbeat increased, hoping that she was falling in love with him. His mind stopped him, telling him, he was just observing too much. True he didn't want her to be angry but then being  a bit angry and jealous were also a part of love so he could understand, still he was utterly happy that she tried to see the other side of the coin.

"thank you for trusting me" he wasn't able to stop his tears of happiness.

"oww, why these precious tears?" she asked him while wiping his tears gently.

"I am really touched Ridhima. I sort of get afraid thinking you would not believe me and would never talk with" he said getting emotionally.

"will you be always there with me?" asked Armaan, not wanting to loose her for anything in the world, yet knowing very well she would go back in her life once back to India. Still he couldn't control his emotions, though fearing that he would let out his feelings for her in front of her.

He didn't want to make anything complicated between them though sometime he couldn't control himself and blurt out whatever came on his lips.

"of course, I will be always there for you. You know if I have to choose between 'our friendship' or 'love', without hesitation I would choose our friendship. I can't come up to leave without you" saying this she hugged him, hoping to emote all her emotions.

An immense relief engulfed him, he knew if he told her that he loved her she would accept him but he didn't want to comprise her happiness for himself.

As if to enlighten the atmosphere, Armaan said with his cute dimpled smile "let's go back for the dinner as I am feeling really hungry. Moreover, how bad of me to make a beautiful woman starve"

"you are right, It would be really bad of you to starve me" she played along and then next both giggled. After that, they made happily their way back in the hall.

Aine, the girl who just half an hour, an hour ago tried to be close to him and seduce was now nowhere to be seen.

Armaan, Ridhima, Muskaan and Rahul had loads of fun and enjoyed to the fullest. To not mention, the fact Armaan and Rahul weren't ready to leave their partner's side even for a fraction of second.

Whenever, a guy would dirtily watch Ridhima or Muskaan, they got an angry glare which shouted "she is mine" thus no one dared to mess with them. Apart that, for sure, Nikhil knew how to host a party as nothing lacked. Perfect venue, perfect decoration, perfect food and perfect hosting.

As they left the venue and sat in the car, Muskaan exclaimed while laughing in her usual trade mark, in purpose to tease them "hehe, Rahul and Armaan what a possessive guys you are"

"I agree yaar, they weren't ready to leave us alone for a second, specially Rahul, he was even ready to go with you in the ladies washroom" saying this Ridhima burst out laughing, followed by Armaan, whilst Rahul blushed deeply but then gulped down his saliva as Muskaan, was now glaring at him annoyingly.

"Muski, don't be angry. You were looking so hot and all the guys were looking not only at you but at Ridhima in dirty way. Seeing which, my blood boiled and I was feeling really protective about you so I protected you" he said sincerely

"oh my Rahul" she said cutely and gave him a hug.

Meanwhile, Armaan and Ridhima sitting in the front seat, admired them and Ridhima was touched at their protectiveness. She knew as long as Armaan and Rahul were with them, no harm would even come near them, they are their human shield, their angel in disguise.

"Ridhima, you know I hate people who love outside beauty instead of inside. Seeing the outside beauty, they can't see through it, they can't see what a beautiful one is from interior" He said in low yet audible voice. All his word were full of honesty.

It proved to her, that Armaan would love a woman for her inner beauty, for her innocence, for her honesty. For him inner beauty was priority and outside beauty was nowhere near his priority, it would be just a bonus.

There are loads of woman, beautiful from exterior but from interior they are nothing but cruel persons, who didn't care for others and that was exactly what Armaan didn't want.

Armaan believed 'outside beauty of everything can be deceiving, even there is great say "don't judge a book by it's cover", this proverb does work for everything be it a book, be it monument, be it a house or be it a woman'.

"You are right and that's exactly what I believe. I don't want to be someone beautiful as then a lot of guy would declare that they love me. I want to be someone simple so that a person would love me for what I am truly" Ridhima seconded Armaan's opinion.

"Don't worry Ridhima, I am sure with however you'll get married would love you for what you are from inside" he said genuinely, smiling.

Ridhima sat there, admiring him. His words always soothed her soul. What was this new feeling which was arisen in her more and more. Why all his words, gestures and feelings effected her so much?

With every passing minute, she was getting impatient, her heart was getting restless, waiting to have answers that would give her satisfaction.

As soon as the reached at home, they retired to their room as they were really tired. But Armaan and Rahul weren't sleeping as Rahul had a question, he asked to Armaan what happened. After talking to his big brother, he got to know Armaan was upset wondering what would be Ridhima's reaction and everything else that happened outside.

That night Rahul was really sad for his brother, how he wished he could do something but he couldn't understand anything, he was feeling helpless.

With the dawn of the next day, Armaan woke up as the whole night Ridhima's yesterday night's jealousy face was roaming in his mind, he wanted to sketch it down so that to capture it forever. As he didn't know what future held for them in the future thus he wanted to keep these little memories with him to cherish them all his life.

As he hadn't took his drawing stand with him, he bought a personal sketch book for him so that when he would go back, he would sketch them down on higher profile.

Opening his sketch book, he looked on the past 5 months sketches of her that he made. Gathering all the stuff, he started sketching, tracing the face forms, enlightening and darkening few spots and loads of other stuff.

The whole next month, he kept on making her sketches here and then, he tried to capture each and every expression of her.

One morning, he was making her sketch as usual. As always, he was lost in it he didn't realize the time neither that a person was standing behind him and admiring his love through the sketch.

As Armaan finished, he gave it a look. "true, you look lovely in this sketch but this is nowhere to your real self as this only show your outside beauty, your innocence, the love in your eyes but not the beauty of your heart. Yet this sketches will always remind of our moments together, they are priceless for me, I love you" he said the last with huskily.

"Armaan,why don't you tell her?" As Armaan heard the voice, he knew it was Rahul. He exhaled and turned toward him.

"I can't, she doesn't love me" he said upset tone.

"but you love her. Moreover we are leaving tomorrow to India, please tell her once" Rahul was almost pleading him, he couldn't see his brother like this. In addition, they were leaving tomorrow; he really wanted from the bottom of his heart his brother to confess his feelings to Ridhima.

"no I won't, all I want is her happiness and they lay in Abhimanyu." he said turning back to his sketch book, he closed it and put in his bag.

"then what do you want that we see you suffering the whole life, we can't" Rahul said emotionally and quite in a raised voice

"I won't suffer, I have enough memories of her with me to cherish all my life, enough reason to smile, enough reason to laugh" he said without any hint of selfishness yet with a smile.

Rahul sighed and wondered how someone could be so much selfless. "Armaan, all I want to say is I want to see you happy and your happiness lay in Ridhima. I know if it had been on you, you would have never allowed her to loose weight as you love her for what she is, for sure she is lucky only now if she would realize your love" Rahul said hopefully.


"I won't suffer, I have enough memories of her with me to cherish all my life, enough reason to smile, enough reason to laugh" Armaan said without any hint of selfishness yet with a smile.

Rahul sighed and wondered how someone could be so much selfless. "Armaan, all I want to say is I want to see you happy and your happiness lay in Ridhima. I know if it had been on you, you would have never allowed her to loose weight as you love her for what she is, for sure she is lucky only now if she would realize your love" Rahul said hopefully.

The next day, in the morning, all were getting ready as their flight was in four hours. Ridhima was all ready, she rushed in Armaan's room and hugged him tightly. "Armaan, I am so happy that we are going back".

Armaan could notice her excitement and thought 'why shouldn't she be excited, she is going to meet Abhimanyu' this thought somehow made him sad. He didn't want to loose her but all was upto God.

Nothing else he could expect hugging her, maybe their last hug. He knew they will meet again as she worked in his company but again nothing would be like it was then.

All he wanted, was to freeze at the moment. He just wanted to keep hugging her like this all his life.

He knew people would find it cliche but he could spend his whole like looking at her and not get bored.

Moreover, Once they'll go back, she and Ahimanyu would be together, all would be changed. Her priority would be always Abhimanyu. She would think about Abhimanyu before than anyone else and he dreaded that moment.

Their meetins would reduce, their talk would reduce, everything would be changed, she would not be with him 24 hours 7 days.

From the past months, he got used to her care, he knew that he meant a lot to her but she didn't love him.

He was completely lost in his thoughts and kept hugging him. Ridhima too didn't put any effort to move back.

Both knew once they'll be back, they would get less and less time with each other, they would be not living together like they were doing form the last six months.

Still hugging him, she said "I'll see you later, have to do last minute checking". She moved back and left the room quickly.

He noticed that she didn't even look back at him, maybe she was too much excited to look at him or notice his sadness but then again he was happy that she came to him to express her feelings.

Ridhima was in her room, she was done with the last bit checking. Putting the bag down, she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She was weighing now 58 and looked so changed.

Looking at herself, she felt proud at herself and Armaan as if it hadn't been for him, she wouldn't have succeeded he was indeed her angel in disguise.

"Ridhima" Muskaan called Ridhima, from behind.

"yes" Ridhima turned and looked at him.

"I bought a dress for you and I want you to wear it" Muskaan said joyfully.

"dress?" Ridhima frowned hearing this.

"yes, here take this and wear it" Muskaan said authoritatively.

Not wanting to make Muskaan upset, she accepted "ok" Ridhima smiled. Opening it, she found a beautiful red churidaar suit and she was completely mesmerized seeing it.

From the last few months, she was wearing trousers and long shirts-Kurti type- as that's what they found easily in the shops. Moreover she felt comfortable in them, specially while going for formations but still nothing could be more conformable than traditional clothes.

The red churidaar made Ridhima completely happy. All her clothes were now oversize. Even though, she love the saree given by Armaan but she couldn't wear it all the time as it was really fancy.

"thank you Muskaan" she said hugging Muskaan cheerfully.

"Mention not hun" Muskaan replied back beamingly. How she controlled herself to confess to her that Armaan brought that dress for her but she promised Armaan she would give Ridhima the dress on her behalf without mentioning his name. He meant a lot to her, he was like her brother thus she didn't broke the promise.

As Muskaan left, Ridhima looked at the suit and thought 'red color is Armaan's favorite, how is going to react seeing me in this suit?' she still remembered the way he stared at her when she wore that saree. Unknowingly, that thought made her blush with a big smile.

Taking a hot a shower, she came out wearing the dress, it fitted her prefectly and it was enhacing all her curves eventhemore.

She was honestly really excited, excited to meet her parents, to meet Atul and Anjali. She picked her luggage and made her way out but soon enough Armaan took hold of it "arey Ridhima, you should have called me" and without looking at her he placed the bag near his.

As soon as he tilted his head, his jaw dropped down and he was lost in her beauty. She was looking an angel. He knew this dress would look beautiful on her but that much beautiful he never imagined, she was looking an epitome of beauty, naivety and innocence.

He noticed she lowered her eyes down feeling his intense gaze in her. He smile deeply, showing is cute dimples.

Going to her, he whispered "This color is my favorite but it isn't making you look beautiful as you are making the dress look beautiful"

Ridhima blushed hearing the compliments. For some unknown reason, Armaan always succeed to make her blush. He had an extreme effect on her. Not knowing that she had an equal effect on him.

In the flight, Armaan and Ridhima sat together. As the whole night, Ridhima wasn't able to sleep, she fall asleep as soon as the plane took off.

Her head was comfortably placed on Armaan's shoulder and his hand was securely placed around her shoulder. He was caressing her hairs softly. Never she had more peaceful sleep than this. Sleeping in Armaan's arms, she had best ever sleep.

Armaan was constantly looking at her, he wanted to look at her for as long as he could as he didn't what was planned for them in the future.

"wow, see they look a couple made in heaven" Armaan heard someone saying this. He looked there and found an elderly British women looking at them. She smiled at him, the man sitting next to her added teasingly "I am sure this must have reminded you our own time".

Armaan smiled at them and blushed at their remarks. Suddenly, it struck him that they thought he and Ridhima were a couple. 'I wish we were or we would be' he sighed, hoping something which was close to impossible.

Again, he knew if once he had told her than she would have said yes, not for the sake of love but because you respected him way too much and that was absolutely what he didn't want.

As Ridhima woke up, she found her head on Armaan's shoulder and he was still passing his hand on her hairs. Ridhima smiled looking at him, he cared too much for her and going back at home she was going to miss it. 'sighed' she kept placing her head on his shoulder as she felt peach and dozed of in her dream land again.

The plane landed, Armaan, Ridhima, Muskaan, Rahul and Shekhar came out. Soon Armaan saw their parents and friends. "here they are" Armaan pointed happily.

All of them went to them. Armaan hugged his parents and greeted Ridhima's parent's the same way followed by the other's. Both the coming and receiving parties were happy, their happiness were clearly visible on their faces.

They all looked at Ridhima and they were completely in awe to see her like this. For sure they had recognized her but she had changed a lot still she could be recognized by her innocence.

Ridhima was the last one to do that, all blessed them but then Ridhima father said "where is our Ridhima?".

He was looking around, of course, he had realize it was his daughter, he was just playing around.

"papa" Ridhima pouted and hugged him as well as her mom. "I am your Ridhima"

Shashank chuckled "we know but you have changed a lot. Still I want like to add one thing, you were beautiful and you still are" he said proudly.

Armaan couldn't agree more. Weight didn't matter, she had her own beauty that could attract anyone but few were those who could get to know what a good person she was and he was one those thus he considered himself lucky.

What if she couldn't be his, what if she didn't love him, what if they wouldn't be able to spend much still he would keep loving her them same way.

"Now that because we are seeing you after six months we have decided to throw a party for the close friends" Shashank said placing a hand on his daughter, Ridhima's head.

"it seems like you have sent your daughter away for the first time" Kirti exclaimed.

"you are right, Kirti" Padma answered her, hugging her daughter and kissing her forehead lovingly.

Malliks and Gupta's parents got to know each other closely once Armaan, Ridhima and their companion left for London. One of the thing that made them closer was their down to earth attitude.

While smiling and laughing, they started walking toward the exit. Armaan and Ridhim were walking together, here and then they throw glances at each other. People around them for sure had considered them as a couple just made for each other.

"you all are invited today at our home" Padma said to all of the other parents.

"ok" All of them agreed happily.

"mom, please invite Modi's too" Ridhima said, as she heard what her mom said.

Her parent's look at her shocked, they didn't think she would like to meet them neither did they wanted. "Ridhima..." her mom tried to say something.

"mom please, you'll get to know everything today" she said determinedly. Her parents nodded as they knew their daughter would never do something wrong.

On the other side, Armaan was shattered the perspective, the imagination of her belonging to someone else pierced his heart. It hurt him a lot. He quickly wiped the tears which came out at that thought.

"excuse me" saying so he move before them so that they couldn't see his expressions.

No one could see Armaan's face from behind. Tears streamed down none stop. He knew all of this even before they went to London but then reality was hurting him. He knew he will never came in between her happiness but he could neither see her with someone else as he too was a human and it pained him immensely.

As they reached their car, Armaan wiped his tears quickly and plastered a smile on his face. "ok guys, then see you in the evening" he gave a quick hug to everyone, hiding his face the most possible and he was the first one to sit in the car.

As soon as he sat, he found his sunglasses in the dashboard and wore it hiding his puffy eyes. "Mom dad, you sit in the car, I'll be right back" Ridhima said and made her way in Armaan's car.

"Armaan" Ridhima called him, once she was sitting next to him.

Armaan was lost in his thought when he heard her voice. He instantly turned toward her "yeah"

"thank you very much" saying so she kissed on his cheek and left her lips lingering there for a moment.

Closing his eyes, Armaan engulfed her fragrance, he wanted to feel this emotions forever. The next moment, he realized that was not possible as she broke apart and said "take care, you have to come in the evening, bubye". Kissing him again on the cheek, she went out of the car, leaving a dazed Armaan.

He couldn't help but smile, yet again she managed to make him smile but then it dawned upon him that he would have to go to the party. The party he was wanting to escape and now he would have to go as she told him. He could never refuse whatever she asked, she meant a lot to him so her wishes too.

He decided to go there and stay till he could bear. As soon as he couldn't take it, he would leave the place. *sigh* That's all he could do.

It was evening time, Ridhima's parents have arranged a simple party for her. Ridhima was standing in front of the mirror. "today, I know what I am going to do is the right thing to do" she said to herself with a confident and lovely smile.


See next parts below :)

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PART 15-20 on Previous Post

He decided to go there and stay till he could bear. As soon as he couldn't take it, he would leave the place. *sigh* That's all he could do.

It was evening time, Ridhima's parents have arranged a simple party for her. Ridhima was standing in front of the mirror. She was dresses in a beautiful saree of red color, she had minimal make-up done on her face and very light jewelery. "today, I know what I am going to do is the right thing to do" she said to herself with a confident and lovely smile.

Ridhima's mother entered and got teary eyed seeing her daughter changed so much. As Ridhima saw her, she held her hand and took her toward the bed.

"you are like as always beautiful, may God save you from devil eyes" she said, as she took a bit of kohl from her eye and placed it behind Ridhima's ear. In response Ridhima smiled widely seeing her mother's love.

"we didn't even get any time since we came back at home " Ridhima said placing her head on her mother's shoulder.

Her mother placed her hand on her daughter's head and caressed it lovingly "I know that's why as soon as I was done with the preparation, I joined you. So how is my daughter?"

"I am fine mom and I missed you guys loads" she said encircling her hand around her mother.

"we too missed you loads. We were not used to stay away from you but we knew Armaan will take complete care of you and will never make you miss us loads" she said kissing on Ridhima's head.

"You are right mom, Armaan always took care of me, he was always there with. In fact he is always there with me, I know he won't leave my side" Ridhima said, with a proud smile.

Padma's mother couldn't agree less, she knew Armaan was an ideal guy for every girl and she knew he loved Ridhima crazily, that was why he was ready to sacrifice his love, his happiness for her.

"Ridhima, I am confused to know you called Abhimanyu and his family. Why did you call them?" Padma asked with a worried look, she didn't want Abhimanyu to hurt Ridhima again.

"mom, you'll get all your reply in the party but for now just trust me." she said looking at her mom, intently, hoping she would trust her. She knew her mother trusted her a lot but she just wanted to her those words from her mouth.

Padma cupped her face and said "I trust you, I know you won't do anything which is wrong"

Holding her mother's hand, Ridhima smiled widely, that was all she needed to hear from her mother.

As someone knocked at the door, Ridhima said "come in".

The door opened and they saw Armaan, in blue denim jean and white shirt, he was wearing her favorite color. Though, he didn't choose it on purpose but once he was dressed he realized he was wearing her favorite color and he didn't feel like changing to something else.

The sight in front of her left him in daze, she was looking an epitome of innocence. He noticed she was wearing his favorite color, he knew it was a mere coincidence as she couldn't be wearing it for him. Moreover, when it came to her he loved all the colors.

He couldn't help but keep staring at her for a while. The more he tried to take his gaze away, the more his was loosing in her eyes.

"Armaan, finally you are here" Padma said, pushing his forelock back.

As Armaan heard his name, he came out from the lalaland and noticed Padma aunty. "hi beautiful" Armaan said hugging her tightly and reprimanding himself to not look at her 'what if she would have noticed it?' he didn't want to make anything confusing or messed up between them. He loved her way too much.

"chalo now you sit here with Ridhima" Padma said lovingly, she had noticed Armaan looking at Ridhima all lost. She on purpose reproached him so that he didn't get any trouble. He meant a lot to her.

"Actually, Aunty I came to call both of you down. All the guest are here" Armaan declared, as he remembered why he came there.

"oh ok, then I am going down Shashank must need my help. You please bring Ridhima down" she said with a smile and left the room.

Ridhima hugged him. "I am so happy to see you here. Finally the big day has come and I am really thankful to you" She said and kissed on his cheek.

'Ridhima why do you come so close to me when you are going to go away from me' he thought with a heavy heart, his heart was in great pain with each passing minute he was getting upset.

She moved back and asked "how am I looking?" she twirled in circle.

"you always look beautiful" he said honestly.

Coming closer to him, she held his hand "it's not me who is beautiful it's you who make me feel beautiful" she said with a big smile and light blush appearing on her face.

Armaan didn't know what to say, as for him she was truly beautiful whatever however she was. He loved her from the core of his heart.

"can you help me please?" she asked looking at him sweetly.

"of course, I am always there with you" he said; forgetting what was going to happen in the party.

"I am fed up trying to were this necklace, can you please tie it?" she asked with a pout.

He chuckled at her facial and took the necklace. He placed it around her heck and tied it around her neck. "ok it's done"

Ridhima looked at him. "thank you, ok now let's go down. Will you mind escorting me down?" asked with a wide a smile

He nodded with a smile. Maybe for the last time, he wanted to spent each and every second with her till he could.

Both descended the stairs, with their arms entwined and a big smile was present on their face. All were left in awe as they were looking a couple made just for each other.

Abhimanyu who just entered with Nikkita in his arms. He looked uninterested as he came just on his parents's blackmailing. His mouth was wide open. He couldn't believe his sight, an eternally beautiful woman was descending the stairs with so much grace and confidence that how and when he left Nikkita's arm, he didn't know when.

As nikkita felt him removing back his arm, she looked at him shocked and her mouth open with shock. She could see his eyes fixed and that beautiful woman.

"here come my daughter Ridhima as beautiful as ever and her charming best friend, Armaan" Shashank said, welcomed both of them.

There were loads gasp coming from people, seeing Ridhima changed so much. Amidst them, Abhimanyu was frozen at his place, the woman he was staring non-stop was Ridhima, the girl he rejected and humiliated. The next second, his eyes fall on the guys next to her 'Armaan'. How could he forget this guy, he was the one who punched him.

Instantly he got afraid but he felt good hearing that he was just Ridhima's friend. He still got a chance with Ridhima as he knew how to convince her and make her forgive him.

Leaving Nikkita alone, he walked up to Ridhima and hugged her "Ridhima, finally you are here, I missed you so much. Please forgive for what I said that day. From the day you left, I was feeling ashamed of myself. I really love you baby" he said shedding crocodile tears.

As Armaan saw Abhimanyu saying all this, he wanted beat him badly as he could see he was clearly lying but he didn't want to make Ridhima sad. 'am I doing right to leave Ridhima with a monster like Abhimanyu who left his current girlfriend for Ridhima as she is now beautiful'. He wanted to stop her and that was what he was going to do but stopped in midway as she was smiling.

He couldn't come to make her sad, he was helpless. He just left the stage silently, controlling his tears, he didn't want to stay there anymore, knowing very well he would give up. He couldn't see her with someone else. Finally tears made their way out and he let them flow down. 'maybe that was how it was ought to happen' he thought with a deep sigh.

Armaan was near the exit the door "Armaan".

As he heard Ridhima calling him, he stopped in midway and closed his eyes painfully. He didn't want to stay herE more, he just couldn't bear to. Feeling her walking toward him, he wiped his tears.

Ridhima came and stood in front of him "where are you going?" she asked him with a frown.

"Uh I was just going to have fresh air" he said looking away from her, he knew she would get to know he was crying.

She cupped his face and made him look at her "stop lying to me"

As he heard this, a tear unknowingly came out. He didn't know what to say, what to do. "I want to hear the secret which is hidden in your heart. The three words which for some reason you had not said, the three words which I want to hear" as she said this, her tears came out.

Armaan was stunned to hear this from her, he never thought something like this would happen. "please Armaan, say them"

All were looking at them hopefully expect Abhimanyu and Nikkita. Abhimnayu, who felt like a looser. When he was hugging Ridhima, he thought everything was fine but then, she pushed him and made her way to Armaan, this way more hurtful than a slap. Nikkita, who was immensely hurt by Abhimanyu's doing.

As Armaan gained his conscious, he realized it was reality, he looked at her and asked her innocently "what if you say no?"

"just try once" she replied him back, with a cute smile through her tears.

"I love you, I love a lot. I can't live without you" he confessed with tears streaming down.

Ridhima couldn't stop but throw herself on him and said "I love you too Armaan and I also can't stay away you."

"really?" Armaan asked for confirmation, looking at her face. He was still in a daze. He couldn't believe the turns of even. He had always imagined them confessing their love but in reality it was way too more good.

"really" she said looking back in his eyes. All Armaan saw was pure love.

All of the people in the hall, expect Abhimanyu and Nikkita, were left in tears seeing their emotional confession.

Nikkita left the hall and Abhimanyu followed her as he couldn't bear to loose her too. "Nikki, please listen to me"

But she didnt stop and made her way out. Finally Abhimanyu held her arm and made her look at him. "I love you yaar, please don't leave me alone" he begged in front of her.

Nikkita looked at him and slapped him hard "you don't love me and now that I thought about the day when I met Ridhima for the first time, I realized she was saying the truth. You are two faced cheater. I loved you so much that's why I believe you but you cheated me. Not once you confessed this to me but now that you saw a change Ridhima you went to her. I HATE YOU" she said angrily, yet with tears leaking down. She left the place, crying badly.

For the first time, Abhimanyu felt really bad. He could see what a bad human he was. He got two women in his life, who at times loved him immensely but he was the one to hurt them. Maybe he just deserved to be alone.

Now that Nikkita left him, he felt hurt, his heart felt shattered. True when he saw Ridhima he was lost in her beauty, he forgot about Nikkita but now that Nikkita left him, he felt bad and broken. At that moment, he realized that he really loved Nikkita, not for her beauty but her inner self. After what he had done, he knew she would never forgive him and he only deserved this.

Meanwhile, Rahul smiled through his tears, he was really happy for Armaan and Ridhima. He looked up and thanked God "thank you God to reunite them". He was one of the most happy person in the hall as he saw his brother suffering a lot.

Wiping his tears, Rahul made his way to the stage. Taking hold of the mic, he said with a big smile yet with tears "now that you guys finally have confessed. Please Armaan don't wait any longer for what you always have dreamed"

Armaan and Ridhima looked at Rahul as they heard his voice. Armaan blushed at what Rahul said but he knew he was right.

Kneeling down on his knee, he held her hand softly and looking in her eyes, he started "Ridhima, I don't know how to say you in words how much I love you but I love you a lot. Will you marry me?"

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Kneeling down on his knee, Armaan held Ridhima's hand softly and looking in her eyes, he started "Ridhima, I don't know how to say you in words how much I love you but I love you a lot. Will you marry me?"


"... What I don't understand is when and how?"


"Why didn't I ever understand that I love you?" as soon as she closed her moist eyes, few tears leaked out.


Will Ridhima say yes? Who is not understanding what?


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congratz for new thread dear
nice promo continue soon

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congratulations for the new thread.
update soon.

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