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UGH. Okay, so the formatting didn't go through the first time around, so I'm just gonna screw this whole thing and arrange it as Bhav's thoughts first and then Radz's thoughts because I do not have the time to sit down and do this whole thing again.

Also, we're really sad by the dismal responses. We put in a lot of effort into doing this, and yes, it is mostly a labour of love, but we do like getting responses too. We're gonna stick it out another two weeks or so and see if the responses improve, if not we'll probably just relocate to Tumblr. Our future rests in your hands, loves.

A reminder: orange is Bhav and purple is Radz.


Mystic Musings: Phases of the Moon

Episode 3: Bad Moon Rising

First Five Minutes:

Am I the only one who squeals whenever "Previously on The Vampire Diaries" bit comes on? *looks around* Okay, fine, I'm weird, whatever. Tongue

ALARIC'S BACK! *tacklehugs Alaric* Oh, Alaric, I missed you so much! :D Not in an OMG-where-is-he-I-need-him-to-survive kinda way like with Jeremy, but in an aww-where-is-he-i-miss-him-and-his-awesomeness kinda way. Does that make sense? Well, it makes sense to me, so, yeah. And he still hates Damon. Understandable, since Damon *was* a total'jerk'to him'

And ooooh, Mason's going for a run and Tyler (I very nearly wrote Taylor. Oh good lord, I think I need help. No, wait, I think I just need chocolate. *pops a few mini M&Ms into mouth*) now what was I saying? Oh right. Mason's going for a run and Tyler's chori-chori-chupke-chupke following him! It's interesting (I swear I need new vocabulary) how the'I need a name for them'the discussion of the Lockwood family secret is interspersed with the Lockwoods in question. It has some awesome meaning that I'm not really in the mood to explain, but you guys get what I mean.

"Like that amazing vampire story!" Damon interrupts with wide, eager-beaver eyes. Damon can be so'aggravating sometimes, in that he's so deliberately antagonistic. I suppose it's easier for him to be hated than to be'scorned in love? Replaced by Stefan? Something like that. Poor baby. *shakes head*

For some reason I like that Ric called 'em 'lycanthropes'. Makes them sound so much cooler and more exotic than 'werewolves'.

"If werewolves exist, where the hell are they?" Cut to Mason running. Gee, TVD, way to tell us something we already know. RE: Mason's a werewolf. Can they make it any more obvious? I mean, yeah, it makes sense and all, but it's just a little..cliched'?

Aww, poor Ric. It must be so painful to even think of going back to Isobel's office in Duke and to keep up the pretense that she's missing when really she's become a vampire and run off to god-knows-where'

Tyler in the Lockwood'old Lockwood estate. With him getting so creeped out by that sound he hears, you really do wonder just what he suspects.

I wish I knew what pop culture reference Damon was making in the end of that scene, with the Bela Lugosi thing. *wikipedias it* Dracula! There we go! :D *is supremely pleased* And of course, we have self-centred Damon thinking solely about himself. Typical. *shakes head again* Then again, the instinct for self-preservation is strong in everyone.

ALARIC'S BACK! And Damon was friendly. Damon likes Alaric. Yes, he does. Okay, I'll stop now.

I love the way they've interspersed the conversation between Alaric, Damon, Stefan and Elena with the Lockwoods. Stefan asks about the Lockwoods, we cut to Mason heading out for a jog and Tyler following him.

It's awesome that they've brought back what Isobel did before she turned, the research and everything. The writers have done a wonderful job of putting things in for a reason. There's always a connection - and here, we have another one. It's brilliant. 

[sidenote: Rick looks fantastic. So do Stefan and Damon (Stefan's arms! *fans self* and that colour on Damon.) but then again, they always do.]

"Like that amazing vampire story?"

Damon has some of the best lines. Ever. 

And I love how skeptical Damon is of werewolves. While Stefan isn't, but then again, Damon's point has some merit.

"If werewolves exist, where the hell are they?"

And then cut to mason jogging through the forest. If anybody didn't catch the significance, well, they've obviously not been paying attention properly.

Mason's seemingly innocent jog had it's purpose. Creepy cellar with chains and scratches in the wall? No wonder Tyler was freaked.

[another sidetone: Tyler looked so good. (D, that's Gale alright.) Mason too, but Tyler's got these arms that just look, my gosh he's yummy. I shall stop gushing right now.]

The use of the voiceovers with Stefan and Damon explaining their suspicions to Alaric while showing us the Lockwoods makes it all the more connected. Handled very nicely, this beginning.

I didn't get the references Damon made though! It disappointed me, and if I had Internet connection while I was doing this up, I'd have searched for it. As it is, I don't so I won't. 

And then we get this really sad scene with Matt wanting to talk to Caroline the day after he confesses how he feels about her, and Caroline unable to get to the door because of the patch of sunlight in front of her. It's seriously heartbreaking for the both of them, and considering how much I adore this couple, I was so upset. But it made for a very pretty Caroline. And Matt's got seriously blue eyes.

In contrast, the scene with Stefan and Elena was not heartbreaking. But I'll talk about them in the discussion bit below.



I love Caro in this episode. Well, mostly, but that'll come later. So what if she's a vampire? That doesn't change the fact that she's still just a teenager, with a boyfriend she loves and who loves her but she can't do anything at all because Fate has screwed her over and made her a vampire and she can't go into the sun without being burnt and poor Mattie's just wondering what in god's name is wrong with Caro. Poor girl.


More affirmations that she's just still a teenaged girl when she complains about the ring and about the lack of'special effects'when Bonnie does her mojo on the ring. Admittedly, it *is* an ugly thing, and I was kinda hoping Stefan would get the idea to make a pretty lapis lazuli necklace instead of giving her a big tacky ring like his own and Damon's (side note: have you guys seen the I Love Stefan/Damon necklaces on Amazon? GORGEOUS!), but I guess Stefan didn't have that genius idea.


I LOVE the scene with Stefan and Caroline in the forest with the whole bunny thing. She's so adorable, despite her neuroticism, and again going back to the whole she's-just-a-girl thing, Stefan has to, well, bribe her with Matt and the swimming hole to get her to cooperate. It's so cute seeing the two of them together. I'd totally want Stefan as my older brother.


Alaric and Jenna!

So good to see the two of them together again! We need a shippy name for them. Alenna? Jelaric? I heard somewhere Anna, in memory of, well, Anna, but I totally prefer Alenna. *nods* What say? ;) I think, though, that Jenna is clearly hurt by Alaric's long absence. (And so am I. *sniffs* Only because I love Ric and Jenna and all the siggies I used to make of them came out the prettiest') I like that at the end of the episode, they kiss and make up. (:


Friends Don't Manipulate Friends, Elena.

At the risk of getting jootey thrown at me, I'm gonna come right out and say it: I do not like Elena in this episode. At all. First off, that whole grabbing Stefan and kissing him in front of Damon just to'well, put on a show for Damon thing? Seriously, Elena? I mean, yeah, Damon's being a total'jerk'but that was just seriously immature.


It's really really low of Elena to keep mentioning how Damon's manipulating her when he's trying to be her friend, because hey, she's not doing the same thing. /sarcasm/ Damon really does care about her, and he's trying, but Elena's just'toying with him like a cat with a ball of yarn, flinging him aside when she's done using him. It's no wonder Damon says that she and Katherine have more in common than just looks.



It's a little sad that Stefan is the only vampire she seems to be able to trust. Not even Caroline, who's been her best friend since like forever (I'm guessing). It's definitely because vampires have messed up her life so bad, and Stefan is the only stable one she knows, but I really was hoping that she'd be a little less cold towards Caroline ):


Did He or Didn't He?

Major question to be answered in this episode, one that we've all been asking since episode 1: Did Damon know that Jeremy had a ring or didn't he? I've always suspected that he didn't know, that snapping Jeremy's neck (sounds a lot better than killing him, I'm sorry) was spite, vengeance, him being so'upset'so hurt by Katherine's and Elena's words that "It was always Stefan", that he just wanted to hurt Elena the way she had hurt him. (God knows he couldn't hurt Katherine.) But until the end of the episode, he insists that he did know. Just trying to get back into Elena's good books, I guess.



Vanessa Monroe does not rub me the right way. IDK what it is about her, but she just doesn't. And then out she comes with a crossbow (Buffy much?) aimed directly at Elena. Part of me's cheering, but another part's like, "Uh, HELLO?! W*H, chick?" And then we find out that she knows about Katherine and mistakes Elena for her. Hmm. Okay. So I guess she'll prove'useful'in obtaining info about Kat.


Okay, and I LOVE that scene where Elena and Vanessa are conversing about Damon's who's in another room and Damon's just responding to everything and Elena's just rolling her eyes.


Aimee Bradley.

So if Vanessa rubs me the wrong way, Aimee is just'*makes zooming gesture over head* WHOOSH. I do NOT like her. AT ALL. IDK what it is about her, but I just wanna slap her and tell her to get away from Matt and Tyler.



Mason Lockwood has so many different angles, like, appearance-wise, and he looks so gorgeous in so many different shots. It's like, whenever I look at him, it's just, WHOA, he is gorgeous. Anyhoo, the whole alpha male thing comes in here again. But later on, 'cause I'm still at that scene where he comes to the swim hole to tell Tyler to get everyone out there by nightfall. (I'm SURE Tyler must be thinking that his sudden responsible-uncle act is very, VERY suspect.) And that look that he and Stefan-Caroline exchange. *shudders* I would not wanna be a vampire near wolf!Mason, nope, not at all.


Like everyone else, I was a little let-down by Wolf!Mason. His transformation looked so positively painful, and seemed so threatening, and then you see this small husky-like wolf. Um, whut? Seriously? *sighs* Oh well. At least he's a very pretty wolf.


Then comes the whole Alpha Male thing. It's very, VERY strange that Wolf!Mason (WM from now on, 'cause I'm too lazy to type it all out) stops when TYLER tells him to. Just a simple "NO!" is enough. WHO is the Alpha Male here??? I read somewhere on the forums that Mason can't be the Alpha Male 'cause he's so small, but honestly we can't say that 'cause we haven't seen Tyler's transformation. I'm curious to see how the dynamics change over the episodes.


"My what ' my serious-vampire look?!"

You know you loved those lines. I did too. So I'm quoting them here for you.

C: Why are you looking at him with your serious-vampire look?

S: My what ' my serious-vampire look?

C: Mmm-hmm. I mean, it's different from your worried-vampire look. Neither of which stray too far from your hey!-it's-Tuesday! look.

S: Ohh, I get it, you think I'm, uh, you think I'm too serious, that it?

C: I mean, I wasn't gonna say it like that'

Don't you just love how they get along so well?


Vampire-Werewolf Mythology

I like how they drew their mythology from the Aztecs. It's definitely a different one from the typical vampire-werewolf lore, and from any others I've heard. And it's pretty fascinating too, the whole Curse of the Sun and Moon thing, and how werewolves hunt their "prey of choice", i.e. vampires. Totally explains the whole rivalry between vampires and werewolves thing, which is a bonus. Five stars for mythology :D


Mason Lockwood. In chains.

This episode is full of Mason fetish fuel. Putting my Viewbie status on the line, first we have Mason shirtless in chains and later Mason covered in mud. *fans self* I shan't say anymore ;)


Matt and Caroline.

I love the two of them together so much, and it's so painful to watch them slowly unravel. Caroline can't exactly control the way she acts/reacts, and Matt doesn't understand why she's doing all that, and he loves her and she loves him but it's so frustrating for him that she's keeping him in the dark ' for his sake, of course ' and then they just'break up. Regardless of wheher or not Caroline deliberately gets him to break up with her, it's still heart-wrenching to watch, because he was the one thing good in her life, the one human who still trusted her ' sort of. Poor Caroline and poor Matt ):


Also, I was hoping against hope that Caroline wouldn't feed on Matt, because she loves him and all, and I think I almost cried watching the scene where she feeds on him 'cause it kinda shows her giving in to the bloodlust and well I just really hoped that wouldn't happen. Looking at this, I guess it does make sense that Caro deliberately breaks up with Matt, just to protect him. Maybe one day when she's more in control of her vampire nature they'll get back together and do a Stefan-Elena'*wipes away a tear*


Tyler, Tyler, Tyler'

Tyler, what the hell were you trying to do, bringing that Aimee chick to the old Lockwood cellar? (I kinda hoped that she'd run off and be mauled to death by Wolf!Mason, but alas, mera to bad luck hi kharaab hai.)


And why does Tyler seem so'nonplussed'about the fact that Mason was the wolf that attacked Stefan and Caroline? Also, that scene where Tyler goes "It was you!" and Mason just nods solemnly, it cracked me up the second time around. LOL Please tell me I wasn't the only one?

folklore, fiction, fact

I'm going to lump the whole Duke thing together in one point. Mostly because I've got not so much to say about the research itself, but a lot to say about the relationships between Stefan, Damon and Elena.

The roadtrip does involve so much baiting though. Does Damon not learn? The only person (in the show) to really find him funny, is himself.

Vanessa is interesting. Her information about Isobel is another insight into what we didn't know about Elena's birth mother. Of course, then she goes and tries to shoot Elena. And Damon saves her. I'm not surprised, though Vanessa takes everything Alaric and the others explain rather easily.

Damon needs to stop baiting Elena, really. But Ian's acting is brilliant when he's annoyed about the arrow in his back, and then shaking the pain off. 

Elena, on the other hand, can be pretty manipulative towards Damon. Shades of the book!Elena have appeared - and these are shades I have problems with. This Elena is a little bit like Katherine in some ways, the way I see it. Obviously Elena's not that bad, but it's still mean of Elena to take advantage of Damon's feelings for her in so many ways. Very human of the girl, but very mean as well. 

"I'd be extra nice to me right now."

Damon has great lines, and facial expressions. I love that Vanessa seems a little freaked by him. She knows how dangerous he is, considering Isobel's research.

Elena and Vanessa's conversation is nice, that she gives the other girl vervain - and Damon eavesdrops. His comments are priceless.

The Aztec story is interesting. But making werewolves and vampires as mortal enemies? Are they setting Tyler up to be the bad guy? Because I am not okay with that. I think the myth is really cool though, and I like that they set it with Vanessa's voice and showing Mason getting ready for what we now can expect to be his transformation. 

A werewolf's bite being fatal for vampires is scary. Stefan and Caroline are in danger, and they don't even know it. Yet. And this is just not good if they make it that Tyler becomes the bad guy!

We know nothing more of Katherine other than her name was originally Katerina Petrova - and that doppelgangers make people's lives miserable. Interesting? Yes. Informative? Nope. Of course we've got the rest of the season for answers.

We also now know that Damon did not know Jeremy was wearing that ring. He needs impulse control lessons. And Elena needs to stop using him. Then, maybe they can work at being friends.

two brothers, one girl. again. don't they ever learn?

Okay, don't take me the wrong way - I love the characters individually. I do, but it's frustrating not seeing them grow, for the lack of better word. Elena is, once again, hating but not really hating Damon. She doesn't want to admit that she does feel some connection to him, because in her mind it would be betraying Stefan. She thinks that because she looks like Katherine, she might end up acting like her. Or at least, that's the way I see it. But by denying Damon her friendship (though right not I see where she's coming from with what Damon did to Jeremy) she's effectively not letting Damon and Stefan fix their relationship. And considering how much I want that fixed, you can see how this annoys me.

The kiss Elena gives Stefan before she leaves with Damon and Alaric for Duke was a stupid move on her part, I think. It was like she was trying to incense Damon into doing something stupid again. I mean, she should see no need to be so 'in your face' with her relationship. It's juvenile and, quite frankly, made her not so much better than Katherine in parts. 

I absolutely love how much concern and care and love and trust Stefan has for Elena. He may not like that Damon has feelings for Elena, but he trusts her, and loves her, and thinks about what's best for her. It's so sweet. And another reason to hate this love triangle.

the hot teacher and the cool aunt

one thing to say - finally! this paves the way for Jenna to finally have a stable relationship after Logan, and Alaric to completely get over Isobel. I love that in the beginning of the episode, Jenna's more concerned about Elena, and avoiding the subject of her relationship with Alaric. And she obviously cares about Alaric - her "do what you need to do okay?" was seriously so sweet. I want them to last. But then again - ah, I'll leave that for the end.

the old Lockwood estate - and the secrets

Mother-son interaction that actually goes really well. I think this may be a first for this show.

I think it's nice that Tyler, while he may be fishing for information, is getting along with his mother. It's a better relationship than the one with his father, that's for sure. And Carol is forthcoming with the information he wants. Simple scene, effective in telling us that Carol has no clue about the family secret - and that Tyler does not completely trust Mason.

And the idea of a party - that party won't end well.

It seems like a way fun party though. 

Mason warning Tyler to get his friends off the property by night just peaks the younger Lockwood's curiosity. And the foreshadowing with the Amy girl here, I missed it the first time round. I'll admit. Now I looked out for it. I cannot believe I just realized that Matt and Tyler fixed their friendship. *headdesk* Slow much, Radz? 

Is it wrong that I find Caroline being jealous of Amy talking to Matt cute? She's seriously so insecure. [And this is under here because it happens at the Lockwood estate.] But the almost fight she has with Matt, not so cute. And then they sneak off to make out - and she winds up feeding on him. It's not so much the lack of control when he cuts himself - considering that Anna, a much older vampire also reacted somewhat like that when Jeremy cut himself in front of her - but the heartbreak she feels when she realizes what she's done that gets to me. 

I find it way amusing that Amy asks Tyler if he's single before sneaking off with him. And then stops him and tells him she likes Matt. And Tyler takes it like a champ - so much difference between the Tyler in the books who would not stop even if the girl said no. Here, Tyler lets Amy go off. That guy needs a girl. I volunteer.

Mason's transformation was acted really well. It really looked like he was in pain - which makes sense considering his entire bone structure was supposed to be changing. Freaky. And then the eyes glowing when Stefan approached the car. *shivers* That whole scene was set really well. Dark, foggy night. Middle of the woods. Creepy music and lone, handsome hero approaching what appears to be a stranded car. Then eyes appear in the window, and not human ones. Boom! Window smashes and creature jumps out. Classic horror movie, except the hero remains unscathed.

And the wolf was better than the one in Twilight. Those did not look like wolves at all. And thankfully, not like the were in Harry Potter. I'd assume according to stories and lore, werewolves look like wolves except for little details. So, in the quick movement, what I got was something like a wild dog/wolf thing. Not perfect, but not horrible either.

Once again, Stefan saves Caroline. I think that chase scene may be my favorite this episode. Then Tyler steps in, and could this scene get any cooler? Apparently. Wolf attacks - Stefan saves Caroline. And then wolf!Mason listens to Tyler. One more thing to chalk up to the side that says Tyler is the Alpha. [I'm on that side btw.]

I just noticed that when Tyler shouts at the wolf, wolf!Mason is facing off with Stefan - so despite Ty being a little suspicious of Stefan and Caroline being alone in the secluded forest, he seems to think about Stefan as a friend. Another friendship for Stefan? Yay.

Poor Caroline had to compel Matt though. Leading to a conversation with Stefan that has her thinking and going to get Matt to break up with her. Did anyone else think she was extremely sad and relieved at the same time when he left her alone in the Grill? Like she was happy she wouldn't accidentally lose control and hurt him again, but sad that she had to lose him.

And now Tyler knows what Mason is. Does he know that that's his fate?

friendships - can they be saved?

Bonnie and Stefan's friendship is on the mend - I love how he is so assured of her abilities. And that she agrees to helping him after he asks her to trust him. The first time round watching this episode, I was so happy.

And Stefan's right about Caroline's humanity. I feel that if she's cut off from the world she loves, she won't be able to hold on to that essence of herself that cares so much. And that would be a shame, and would make it that much harder to keep her grounded.

Bonnie and Caroline have a long way to go before fixing their relationship though. I hope they do, I love their friendship. It's still sweet that Bonnie spells the ring. And Caroline's obvious joy at being able to be in the sun is obviously infectious - Stefan smiles!

The hunting lesson is so cute. Caroline's reluctance to kill the animals is adorable. I see her switching to blood bags sometime in the future. Picture a scene where she complains on not wanting to kill Bambi's mom and then breaks into a hospital for blood. [Great, now I have another oneshot idea. *facepalm*]

Their friendship is so adorable. Stefan is so amused by how human and teenage Caroline is, and Caroline is seriously freaking out about herself and they're comfortable enough around each other to tease one another. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

"And now you're laughing at me."

"No, no, I'm not laughing. None of this is funny, trust me. It's just that uh."


"When a person becomes a vampire, all of their natural behaviors sort of get amplified."

And then Stefan gives us some background of himself. It's so sweet that he's opening up to Caroline in order to help her. 

"So you're saying, that now I'm basically an insecure, neurotic control freak on crack."

"Well I wouldn't say it like that."

Seriously, their conversations amuse me. Even the one when they go to the party, because Stefan wants Caroline to be around Matt because he's the closest link to her humanity. 

"Why are you looking at him with your 'serious vampire' look?"

"My wha - my serious vampire look?"

"Um-hmm. It's different from your 'worried vampire' look. Neither of which stray too far from your 'hey it's Tuesday' look."

"Oh, I get it. Okay, you think I'm uh, you think I'm too serious, don't you?"

"I mean I wasn't going to say it like that but."

Yeah, epic friendship.

The comfort level between the two of them is just brilliant. I hope Matt and Stefan build a friendship as well, and Stefan can start helping Caroline deal with Matt so they can work out.


OHMYGOD. Katherine's gonna try and get Caroline on her side? NOOOO. There is NO WAY Caroline can agree to that! No way AT ALL. Ohmygosh.

why does Katherine have to be back? And target Caroline? Though I don't think she'd really want to help the thing responsible for her turning into a vampire. What I want to happen, would be Caroline pretending to help Katherine but actually be helping the others. Effectively creates a group to fight Katherine and gets Bonnie realizing that Caroline is still Caroline.

Fave scene:

The scene when Bonnie makes the ring for Caroline. This dialogues in this scene were heartbreaking. Posi-bloody-tively heartbreaking. Caroline just wants her relationships to be normal, but Bonnie can't trust her until Caroline proves herself. And the level of distrust Bonnie has in Caroline'*sniffs* Poor girls. Hopefully Caroline will manage to win back Bonnie's trust, and the two of them will go back to being the bestest friends really, really soon, 'cause I can't stand to see them like this.

The chase scene where wolf!Mason is running after Stefan and Caroline. The effects are way cool. Stefan and Elena look like they're moving so fast, which they're supposed to be, and only the wolf's growls can be heard, and some sense that he's around but not much. It's creepy and scary and way cool.

Fave quote:

"I haven't been in the sun for days, and everyone's in the swimming hole having fun and Matt is there and he FINALLY told me that he loved me but I've been blowing him off and now YOU want me to eat BUNNIES and I'm kinda freaking out, okay?...And now you're laughing at me."

This quote is just way too cute. See above entry for Caroline! for reasons to why I picked this :P

"Everyday that she's cut off from her old life, from you, Elena, from Matt, it makes it that much harder for her to hold on to her humanity." - Stefan

I think this is so true for Caroline, and any newly turned vampire, because surrounding yourself with the people you care about would make it less likely for you to go out and hurt someone. It might be someone you care about who gets hurt and that would suck.

Fave character:

Stefan. I'm liking him more and more than I already did last season. He's so much more big-brotherly to everyone, and I like how he's taken Caro under his wing.

Tyler. He looked so good. Like, seriously so good. But my hormones aside, it was his episode today, and he was perfect. Stalking his uncle, trying to find out Mason's secret, saving Caroline and Stefan - it was Tyler's episode.

Fave actor:

Paul Wesley, because not only is he gorgeous, he can portray so many emotions in one look. His amusement, annoyance, worry, they're all portrayed so well. 

Fave Storyline:

at the moment? what's going to happen with Katherine to Caroline.

Overall thoughts and ratings:

Some parts of this episode were alright, but other parts left me really disappointed. I was disappointed by Elena and Bonnie (though, again, I can understand where Bon's coming from) and by WM and by Matt and Caro breaking up, but I liked that Alaric was back and he and Jenna got together again, and Stefan's character in this episode was definitely one of the plus points of the episode. Other than that, 3/5 from me.

a few theories before I rate this episode.

theory one, which everyone knows - the moonstone goes to the Alpha of the pack. Tyler found it and has it, so he's the Alpha.

theory two - the moonstone is also like the jaywalking ring for vampires. if you have the moonstone, you can control your transformations, and control yourself to some extent. cool theory right? wouldn't it be so cool if I was right?

I give this episode a 3 out of 5. I had a lot of issues with it, hence the really scattered thoughts in Musings. but it was alright, overall.


We're not very certain on the spelling of Amy/Aimee's name.

Also, we know we were very controversial on some things, but we appreciate your views and responses if they are phrased nicely and do not involve any personal attacks against either of us.

See you at the next edition!


Bhav and Radz

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First...i have to say that i was sooo excited when i saw that you guys have the MFM up!LOL

Soo....ummm no...Bhav...i also squeal at the "previous on the vampire diaries" part. ROFLI'm usually jumping up and down...but...*clears throat*
OMG! I was sooooo happpy Ric was back.....i had this goofy grin on my face that i couldn't get rid of as soon as Ric appeared.LOL
Tyler...Taylor....ROFL....My little brother ends up calling Tyler Taylor most of the time and i have to keep correcting him over and over again.
Damon can be aggravating but he's sooo cute...he's so much fun.LOL
....Huh....i didn't think the werewolves..and Mason running and stuff was cliched or cheesy at all..sure it's been used many times and it's so obvious but it was still very cool like Radz said.
I LOVE Ric and Damon's umm.....friendship? Is that what it is? Whatever it is...i'm loving it...might just start shipping Dalaric. ROFL Good name huh? ..OR...Ricamon....ROFL
....MOVING ON from my VERY weird new obsession...LOL
Ya'know what Radz? Surprisingly i agree with you on the Tyler part....he is hot... At first i didn't really think of him as..HOT...but..WOAH! That guy IS hot! *shakes head mumbling* I have issues. LOL
BLUE EYES! OMG! AGREE AGREE AGREE a thousand times Radz! Pardon my obsession with blue eyes but OMG....MATT does have blue eyes! Gosh...they're soooooooo bluueeeeeeee.......*sighs* I mean...they're not as blue as Chace Crawfords but......ahhhh Chace! Talk about hottness....ROFL
But the M/C scene was heart breaking. So upsetting. I feel horrible for them.
They were so sweet fave couple...=( I really hope they get together again...though i did hate Matt for a bit in the end. He pissed me off when he broke up with Care....
ROFL The Care-Stefan scenes were CHOOO CUTEEE!! They have such a cute friendship. I kept replaying the "your serious vampire look" scene. ROFL They're sooooo sweettt... so comfortable and's really cweet....LOL
Alaric-Jenna...they had me going "awwwww""....seriously.... i'v always loved them. They're both so amazing and they also make such an amazing couple.  Bhav...i vote for sounds a bit like Elena...ROFL Have i ever told you how much i love Elena's name? It's sooo pretty.....
I am going to disagree with both of you on the Elena subject. I liked her...sure..the kiss in front of Damon was very cheap and ridiculous of her to do but the other scenes...i totally get. Damon tried to kill Jeremy and he was the only family that Elena had, so her actions like Dhruz already said...were perfectly justified.  I know she shouldn't have "used" Damon but she needed the information he had and after what he did, she didn't trust him to be friends anymore so it makes sense....
I DID feel bad for Damon but...honestly...he deserved....most of it...i'm not saying all...LOL
I also love Stefan and Bonnie's friendship as well. Theres this trust that only the two can share between them. Have you guys noticed how the chemistry between Stefan and everyone Care and Bonnie is so perfect but when it comes to's a total lost case....i mean...even Kat and Stefan had this chemistry going on...they totally stole the show but Stelena?...It's just not there like it was in the books....
VANNESSA! OMG! I had a bad feeling of her as soon as she appeared....ROFL But yeah...the whole arrow thing...soo Buffy...not that i like that show..*shakes head* Watched one episode and thought it was weird....
But it was extremely nice of her to help them out later on...
ROFL Bhav...*sighs* What are we gonna do with you? Sure...i thought the "it was you?" and Mason nods part sort of...umm...weird but it didn't make me laugh...i smiled...LOL Perhaps i should watch it again?
Radz...about the Tyler being the alpha..TOTALLY AGREE! It makes soo much sense ya'know... I mean..all Tyler had to say was NO and the wolf stopped...right it could be possible unless Mason understands everything even in wolf form and he realized his nephew was there or something but why would Tyler yell NO so authortively? Hmmm...... He probably had a feeling to do something like that.....
OMG! Caroline's freak out was so hilarious. I loveeeeddd Stef-Care. Stefan smiled soo much. =] ROFL
The cliffhanger was great but TVD doesn't have many lately...quite upsetting...=[ I LOVE Katherine though...she ROCKS!
3/5?? I give it....4.4/5
GREAT job done guys!
Have i mentioned how much i LOVE the pictures thing you guys do now? It's so amazing.
And aww...don't's soo much fun reading this and replying to it of course...=] And sorry if my comment is all's your fault guys! *glares* YOU are the ones that have this update scattered so my comment is scattered...*sighs* Well...i loved it though! =D

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ROBlicious. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2010 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Great job Bhav,
Totally Agree about Stefan. I think his character is growing in many ways and how he helps out C is amazing and adorable at times. Loving Stefan these days and not to mention Kat just adds the bonus to the episodes. Feel so bad for C at moments along with Matt.

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-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 October 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
So, both of you are epic writers...i love the way you guys put everything into context - Applauses..lolz :P
My fav scenes from the entire BMR epi was defo the SC bonding i got see, until those scenes, i didnt even think they knew each other that well at all, and my fav character was Caro, and the line "....on crack" cracked me up! just pure amazingnesss! hehe :)
Mason Lockwood is going to marry me someday, and i will be aunty payal. thats all im saying!ROFL
I was really suprised at the way tyler took the whole amy rejection thing, pleasantly suprised, i wouldve thought that it might get him mad and add to the whole wolf affect going on at the time.
Also, i didnt like Vanessa's character that much either, it just didnt fit for me, idk what it was, hopefully ill like her better as we see more of her.
I think i hit my high points of the epi, lolz :P

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-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2010 at 1:37pm | IP Logged

"Like that amazing vampire story!" I died at part. Oh Damon! :P As for the werewolves bit - OMG I just wanted them to come out with it. I cannot believe they took that long when it was so obvious before. Wanted to give Ric a hug - is it me or did he come back a hell of lot cuter? Or maybe it was just seeing him - my eyes lit up lol. Oh Radz agreed loved how they edited and mashed the scenes together like that. Yes I was thinking about that scene when you mention him as Gale - how funny. Really are soul sisters gosh!

I was so busying swooning over how gorgeous Caroline looked and amazing Matt looked I would have went awww. I think I did - but to be on the safe side I was very superfical in that scene ahha.
No comment on the B/C scene *cries* I agree I was so looking for a necklace and I see a ring. Though given at least it looked more girly than the brothers. Ehh. Haha bunny hunters  - love it! Stefan can be your brother Bhav, because he's much more to me haha. J/A haha - Alenna/Jelaric were major cuteness awww especially at the end scene.
I like Elena in this episode. I mean not the scene where she kisses Stefan in front of Damon - that was completely wrong in my eyes. In the end- on a level yes it was hypocritical of her to use him like he does with her. Maybe because I'm blinded to the fact that finally the girl acts realistically to me. He killed her brother because he didn't get his way with her or Katherine - not saying he's wrong to act on impulse I see it but for Elena to a contectable character it seemed fair. Maybe because I don't see how it was using him to take him on the trip? On a level yeah she can be like Katherine - but I find her actions justified - fair like I've found Damon's, Bonnie's, and now Elena's impulses.
I did not like the B/C scene but I wanna explain Bonnie for a second. Like you said - its the stabilty thing. Human Caroline has her ups and downs and I know Bonnie loves her. I cannot judge if what I think is true or not because of the fact that Bonnie has been underdeveloped but I'll try to explain this the best I can. It was a matter of thinking with her heart or mind. Her heart said go for it, you know Care you love her, going with it means you're trusting Care completely and well bluntly blindly when you have no idea how she will be as a vampire. Her mind said exactly what I just stated - its blind, you don't really know. She went with her heart in trusting to open the tomb she let out multiple vamps and lost her grams - she's now relunctulant to go with her heart. It all comes from the heart in the end - her want for everyone to be safe and okay but she has to think of that exactly and that means go with the rational thinking. Do I make sense or am I just blabbing nonsense?
Vanessa was actually fun to watch. Lol at the Buffy comment. I dunno how I feel on Aims. Haha on the wolf comments - totally agree. Painful and then awww! What?! I think Ty is the alpha male. S/C scenes are utter bliss - love em. Yess on the mythology front for me as well. Haha Mason does that! Too painful for me to talk about M/C. I'm still broken up about it. Uh yeah Ty cool about the were thing and everything was like what?!
Radz this is not even cool - I cannot even right stuff because we agree so much! I love the lazyness but give me something to work with lol. *grins*

"I'd be extra nice to me right now." - and Damon eavesdrops. His comments are priceless.  with you! *hi5s*

Are they setting Tyler up to be the bad guy?

Yes sadly they are, speaking of which I cannot wait for you views on 2x05. Haha was it only me who listened to the name 'Katerina' connected it to my KG and 'the year of Kat' - oh sue me lmao. Agreed on the bros vs the girl comment and Ty/Carol and Ty/Amy thing. I loved that Lockwood does not equal Smallwood yay! Oh a Stefan/Ty frienship, yes please! Oh SB were love, but SC frienship is just as killer. As for
Fave Scene: Mason/Stefan/Caroline/Tyler.
Quote: Bhav's.
Character: Tyler.
Actor: Paul.
SL: Caroline learning to control herself.
Rating: 3/5 as well.

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sourpuss IF-Dazzler

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 04 October 2010 at 5:55pm | IP Logged
^^Wait, D, they really ARE setting Ty up to be the bad guy? NOOOOOO! *runs off to a corner and cries*
-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 October 2010 at 6:00pm | IP Logged
Yeah they said werewolves have antagonist arch. Ty will be a were someday, right? If he runs into the beloved vamps - hate for him may come. I am *hoping* not. As long as there is no beef with him or Mason I think we'll be good. I really hope Stefan taking to Mason clears the rivarly away. I'm just not sure its permantent sadly.
Why can't they develop a frienship, they MUST!

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sourpuss IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2010 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
They were SOO CLOSE! OH wait we haven't done Musings 4 yet. *shifty-eyed* Shoot.

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