Chellameh 4 - 8 Oct: Update 1 page and discussion!

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Monday 4/10/10

Pearl is looking for her jade necklace - enge?? athaan kakka Oosh pOche.....frets, cries..
while Kavi waits eagerly to see the jewel..Visalam comes in and learns that the jewels are
missing. The thief is called immediately..who is on his way home ( entha home ppa??? Roja
kku Ore confusion)
but does not know that the reason for the urgent call is the missing jewelery. By then, the whole lot comes to know that the jewels are gone. Pearl's dad can't believe this - "eppOvum namba yaaravathu veet le irukkOm !! How, oh how?" Kavi has this sly look - "nijamma nagai kaname pOcha ??!! or drama vaa??" - Beach walks in...finds his arumai bro and wonders " hey sweet heart, intha visitors  ai paarkka thaan kooppittiya??" Comes to know that the jewels are gone. Offense is the best form of defense - Dhaam dhoom nnu kuthikkaraar " Pledge panna ketten kudukkalai... locker le vai nnu sonnen ..kekkalai ( yovvvv, arivu kozhundhu, apram epdi dhinam thalai le antha gold plate ai vaichukkirathu??)  ippO ...ellam gone..."  Kavi has that " I know you thiruda" look. Now speculation is on " who let the dogs out ..oops..who stole the jewels ?" Beach preempts "police le pOi  yen purushan thaan thirudinaan nnu complaint kudu....avanga ennai adichu ..uthaichi..." - Enga appan kuthirukkulle illai di yoyyy - Kavi and Bell leave "naanga vantha time sari illai " ( unga annan time thaan sari illai, dharma adi is waiting..)

Next stop for Kavi and Bell - Garden and Valli's house. To cut a long story short - Kavi spills the beans. tells them all that Beach has a No 2 house - " Sneha.....kovil le kumkum ....abortion.." The brothers want to know as to why Pearl is not educated on this..and later decide that they  better keep quiet "anni manasai yen kashta paduthanum?"

This segment merits not even one line !!! Both Pearl and her mom go to a samiyar -
Single man deputed from FBI to find the missing jewels - verdict??? " Kappatha vendiyavane
thirudi yirukkan...that is all I can say " uh huh



Updates by keen_critic

5th Oct 2010 - CM will get twins...but

What a relief... no Snake or Anjali in this epi Tongue  Only an astonishingly accurate samiyar, a gynaec who gives both good and bad news to Vadai.  
Pearl and mom are at the samiyar - who says exactly who has thirudified the jewels and where the jewels are now - i..e. in Snake's house. The samiyar acts weird though - but is nevertheless right. He does even the mai ezhudaradu on Mom's request. Pearl's worst fears came true - and she and her mom plan to finally retrieve the jewels and push that snake out of Beach's life. Clap(High time - dear, you are already late) 
VAdai and CM are at doctor's - nurse says report has come - before CM could go to the room, Vadai quickly goes in and tells the doc how CM consumed poison due to some family problem - and he is worried that it will affect the baby. Any negative news, please tell me first, not CM - he pleads.
CM comes in and doc looks at the report - and says that baby's groW*H is okay. CM is happy and goes to the physiotherapy room to learn some labour exercises for smooth delivery of baby. Doc stops Vadai.
She says that the couple is expecting twins - Vadai is ecstatic -  but quickly she says that one twin has a handicap - the other is fine. Vadai is devastated. He is not able to bear it. To console him, doc says that atleast one baby is fine. If CM had only one baby and that had this oonam, then it would have been more difficult to bear. But Vadai is not consoled.
CM comes out and sees Vadai outside in the foyer. Vadai tells her the good news of twins, but not the other matter. CM is happy that after so long, they are having a baby and that too - twins??? CM goes happily out of the hospital and VAdai follows her sadly.     
Updates by kittykrishna

Chellamey updates,
Oct 6, 2010, Wednesday........
Both CM and Vadai returns home..CM is sooooooooTongueTongueTongue happy. Updates Mams,Amudha and Anjali about Double dhamaka. All are happy. Vadai is asusual with plastic smile. Amudha tries to lift up CM in joy LOLLOLLOLand says that she will take car of both the twins. Mams says that he will play with the kutties and leads his rest of the life. Amudha tells that she will make payasam. Mams updates that not only payasam but also Seemantham should be done to CM. All are so happy. Mams is ready to meet josiyar.CM Stops him and says that she doesnt want Seemantham. Tells that her appa,annans and annis are all away from her and she is not in a mood to celebrate it. Vadai,Mams try to convince her. But, CM becomes emotional. She says that twins should be born healthily and she should hear calling her ''Ammmaa'' and thats enough for her.
Next Scene, Snakekku sema aappu
Pearl and Visalam visarichufies about snakes house. They enter the house and finds snakes eating apple and sitting like maharani. Both charge inside. Pearl tells snake to get up and argument start. Pearl barks that it is because of snake, Beach stole the jewellery. Snake defends.says that she is a saadharana employee in Beachs company. But Pearl and Visalam dont believe all this.They increase their intensity of anger. Finally ,Snake says that it is the fault of Pearl and that is why Beach is suthing around her. Pearl gets sema kovam and catches Snakes neck from behind, orders her to tell Where the jewellery is. Snake somehow frees from Pearl and warns her that She would have thorathi adichufy with Beach if he himself is there in the house. Visalam gives a strong slap to snake. Pearl orders her to give the cupboard keys. They go inside Snakes bedroom and starts searching for jewellery. They helter-skelter all the things. Finally, no jewellery. Visalam gives an ultimatum that within 2 days jewellery should be given to them and also Snake and her dad should leave the area. They both leave from there.
Snake is utter shocked. Her dad toooooooo. Snake gives a savaal that the same thing will happen to them by Beach. Finally, Beach comes to snakes house. Snake orders him not to enter the house. But ,Beach enters inside and ask what had happened. Snake updates all the matter. Both snake and Thavasi veppliai adichufies beach to the fullest. Atlast, Beach says
 ''Innime indha madiri nadakkadapadi mudivu katrenn'' Snake crying.........
(Nice acting by SnakeClapClapClap and Rads tooooo)

Updates by vaish316

07th Oct 2010 - Thursday

(sorry my first few times updating,Embarrassed sorry if the way i narrate is difficult to read, hope to improve in my subsequent updatesWink)
Beach goes to his house. Pearls' mum, dad and grandad are there. Pearl is in the room. He goes and shouts to her abt going to Sneha's house. Pearl says abt tat josiyarr putting mai on the leave and telling them tat the jewellery were at sneha's house. Beach scold her and says if the josiyarr says the fact why police dont go behind him to find for the culprits. Then beach says tat when ppl are out to cheat like this bcos there's a group who wants to get cheated(tat tamil saying). Pearl says it's not the josiyaar who cheats but it was u who cheated. She tells abt beach false promising upon her and their daughter Ratna. All these being watched by Pearls' mum, dad and grandad. Pearl continue to say that beach has stoop so low to steal from his house bcos of sneha. And palaarrr!! Beach slaps Pearl! All get shocked! Beach asks Pearl how dare you tell me a thief! U claim that I stole the jewellery and gave sneha but did u find anything in her house?? Pearl then says, jus like how beach stole and gave sneha, sneha must have given it to some other man! Beach slaps another 2times. Pearl's mum and grandad asks her dad to interfere. Pearl's dad goes in the shouts to beach and asks him how dare u beat my daughter. For tat beach replies in the very usual 'indian' way, she's my wife, i will beat her, punch her even kill her, who are u to ask tat!! For tat pearl's dad says, for a man who cheats his wife, he has no rights to hit her!! Pearl interferes and says, he will even kill me, u pls dun interfere! If u cant see him hitting me, u can go far away! This is between us. Her dad says u r my daughter, how can I see u getting hit by ur husband. Pearl says I know how to change my husband. Her dad says ur husband is blinded by lust, which can neva be cured or changed, u did not only lose ur jewellery but u lost ur life as well!! Rather disown ur husband and and be peaceful with us!(wat a father!!) Pearl's mum tries to stop him but no use. Beach says, how well u can keep ur daughter, but she will be a vaazhavetti for the rest of her life! Pearl's dad say my daughter will be better off as a vaazhavetti then live with u! Beach gets angry and says how dare u call me 'dei'. Pearl's dad says yes i called u, one more time u beat my daughter see wat happens!! Beach purposely asks him wat the hell u can do and starts to slap Pearl again 2 times(she got slapped 5times in today's episode!!!!!). Pearl's dad says 'dei poda veliyea!!'(get out!!)
All faces shocked except Pearl's grandad, always a cool man! Beach also stunned!! Slowly walks to his cupboard and and starts packing his suitcase. Pearl and her mum, both try to stop beach and asks Pearl's dad to stop him too, but in vain. They follow beach outside will his car, but he doesnt seem to care and left the house!! Goes to sneha's house(i jus hate the look she gives everytime!!). She's sitting at the steps in front of her house. She stops him and asks him, I told u not to come here why u came. Beach says I disowned Pearl and came here. Gives a brief happening of wat happened in Pearl's house. Sneha's dad says but if ur wife comes and cries u will go behind her without shame. Beach says she begged me there itself but I didnt even care abt her! This is my house from now on! Both of u are my only relations!(oh my god! then his daughter? disown both wife and kid huh?) Both sneha and her dad gives a stupid look. Sneha tells her dad cannot trust beach. The beach swears upon her! Sneha and her dad happy and brings beach inside the house!
Sneha's dad is pouring water('thanni') for beach. Says tat u can drink in this house as much as u wan. How can Pearl's dad tell u not to drink in the house and how can her interfere when u beat u wife! He tells beach, even if sneha scolds u and u slap her also i wont interfere at all! Sneha then pours oil on the burning fire(tat tamil saying again). Says how can expect Pearl's dad to behave with pakkuvam(i think it means decency) like u. Further describes Pearl's family, saying they're barbaric and dunno wats nagarigam(sorry dunnno how to say tat). Beach listens to everything, getting more and more drunk. Sneha's dad says if the wife is gd why the husband finds for a mistress! He says last time u used to be so macho(gambiram), but now u are disgraced and come and stand in front of my house(yo! he bought the house for ur daughter ya!). Sneha tried to stop her dad but he dad goes on talking tat beach has given Pearl alot of face, even if it's his wife he shld keep her within a limit! Tell beach tat he is lesson for those who supports their wife alot! Finally beach opens his mouth to talk. Fully drunk he says he only realises this after all tat experience. Sneha and her dad very happy. Sneha dad tell beach tat he has overcome so many prob in life, but now every1 is going to know tat u're living with sneha, if people asks u abt this wat will u say? Beach replies tat all the while he was afraid tat people will think bad abt him and was leading a fake life. From now he doesnt care abt anyone and will tell everyone the truth, and according to him, mistress is better then wife!!(wat a dialogue! tthhuu!)
Finally this episode ends!! No CM today!!Clap Hopefully tomorrow will be better one!!Cry

Updates by gudgal

Friday October 8th Written Update

Its Friday and serial keeps Thumbs Down so here is the small update of a very boring epi:

-Father-daughter duo make beach drink till he starts blabbering. he admits veppatii better than pondatti.OuchOuch father ClapClap daughter all Big smile on plan working. Finally beach calls its quits and decides to go to sleep. (finally relief from this tortureWink)

- sneha wonders if he is telling truth. father says he is angry pearl father beat him, so he is saying and we have to take advantage and create probs. Sneha promises beach will forget pearl (amma sneha ur underestimating the oppari/polumbufying powers of pearl LOLLOL she cannot be forgotten neither by beach nor the director for her these skillsLOLLOL)

-Preperation in full swing for the seemandham of new Mrs Bell. all guests arrive but Bell is waiting for his bros and their wives.  garden and valli come and bell is Tongue both bros wonder why beach didnt come?

-Mrs kavi bell seems all decked up, everyone comments its a lucky child u got a hotel(and bell of courseBig smile) valli comes in and wants to talk to kavi alone. They have women gossip on pearl and if she will come. both are kind of happy on the love triangle situation of beach-pearl-love(sneha)

-ratna tells mom we have to go to seemandham. pearl says to go there I have to put jewelery, he took all of my jewelery and left. its a insult to go without.ShockedShocked

-her mom says ur dad is gone to buy jewelery, u get ready. pearl asks from where did u get the money? she says dont worry abt that. pearl keeps insisting to know the truth. father comes with ornaments. Pearl is all TongueTongue to see it. she asks where did u get money to buy all this? father says its covering fake jeweleryROFLROFL

-Pearl as usual refuses to wear covering as its beneath her but parents convince her no one will know( seriya asinga padha poora OuchOuch) the fanily except thatha gets ready to go to the function.

-Beach is all fresh in the morning. sneha says first lets pray to god, beach asks what sp today? sneha says today is my weddingShockedShocked beach is all ShockedShocked father says its a wedding with u and me, in front of me and god ShockedShocked beach is not ready. but sneha says no need to tie thali(now that I have pearl's jwelery worth more than a thali chainLOLLOL) just a ring exchange. beach is all WackoWacko

-sneha tries convincing that ring exchange means both of us will be bond. beach thinks its SillySillyfather says sneha is asking such a small thing, not asking to call whole world and getting married. beach says we are already living like husband-wife, what more?OuchOuch sneha all sweet talks and says now that pearl akka is not there, we can start a new life. Both father-daughter emotionally blackmail him till he agrees.

-The ring exchange styles of wedding takes placeLOLLOL father blesses them and thanks beach for being his daughters bodygaurdLOLLOL he says give me a child and make me thatha. epi ends

I thought the ending was like abrupt

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Thanx for the hilarious updates RojaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Jewels kaanama pona yaaravadhu saamiyar kitta povangla?????SillySillySilly

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Both Pearl and Beach deserve each other Approve
When will our grand heroine come to their rescue? Anjali's matter is milked dry already. So CM's next mission should be 'rescue pearl and beach' from Snake.  Day Dreaming

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Thanks Roja akka for the update. Beach nalla poi solraar, ellam sneha training.   

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Originally posted by kittykrishna

Thanx for the hilarious updates RojaROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Jewels kaanama pona yaaravadhu saamiyar kitta povangla?????SillySillySilly
Poovangle.... LOLLOLLOL
Thanks Roja & KC

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Thanks Roja and KC for being so patient as to update this serial - Beach ku dharma adhi kittaka vandhukondirukku.  Surely CM will come to the rescue - the issues will escalate some more with snake and Pearl and in will come our knight (Oops, sorry lady in shining armour!) to save the day.  How predictable is this serial - And please this samiyar kitte poradhu idhallam enna pa??  We are getting more and more regressive in this serial - Rightly said jewels tholenju pogarathukku ellama samiyar kitte povanga - Thangalada saami - eppo thaan viduthalai kidaikkumo.....  I have stopped watching this serial long time back - happy to read the updates.
Basically there is nothing in this serial except problems and more problems and how CM comes to the rescue to solve each one.  En pa vera oruvarukum arivu ne ondu illaya??

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Thanks so much for the kalakkal updates Roja Akka and KC ClapClapClap
Sorry the like button is not working Ouch... so will try it a bit later!
Aahaaaa... I must admit the moment Beach joined hands with Sneha, he has become a good actor Star!  Nermai Nyayam ellam poyi poyi pithaalatam replaced Big smile!  Great going Beach... what ever goes around comes around... so in Pearl's case this is turning out to be true for all the effort she took to split CM from the family Wink
So now Pearl knows it........ soon will we see Pipe adi sandai/ Nadu santhi sandi between Pearl and Sneha ... lets see how it goes Tongue
Awww... so Vadai and CM are gonna have twins but one will be handicapped CryCry.. but hey they are still God's gift Star

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By some miracle the handicapped twin will be born hale and hearty and this miracle will be attributed to CM - who else!! 

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