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Do I have to say the words (AR)#3 (30/7/2014)

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Hello folks,

Never thought that I would be posting part 23 on a new thread, but thanks to some of my friends who were too excited to read the new part (way to go guys LOL), it's finally showing up here.
However, I want to thank everyone for reading this FF and encouraging me to write more. 
You guys rock!!!!!
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Part 23:


The happiness bursting inside Riddhima knew no bounds today. She still couldn't believe that Armaan proposed to her and that too in such a beautiful manner which spoke volumes about what she meant to him. She also wanted to say the same things but was somehow too overwhelmed to put her feelings into words. However, Riddhima's heart knew how ecstatically happy she was. Right now, as she remained ensconced in his strong arms, she felt a wonderful sense of peace enveloping her. It indeed felt like she finally reached her destination. Sending a heartfelt thanks to the Almighty for bestowing her with the gift of Armaan's love, she closed her eyes to savour this wonderful feeling once again.


It was as if time decided to stand still for Armaan and Riddhima to celebrate this important milestone in their lives. They stood there without exchanging a word, but both could feel the happiness diffusing inside each other. It seemed so surreal yet true.


"I love you" whispered Riddhima as she snuggled further into Armaan's embrace. Today she just wanted to lose herself in him and his love. Right from the time she remembered, this day had always been very special to her, but Armaan made it all the more special by his wonderful gesture today.


"Love you too honey" replied Armaan and he placed a kiss on the top of her head. Just like Riddhima, even he was having a hard time believing that they had taken a major step towards a lifetime of togetherness. Though he was always a very tough guy who never let anything affect him, this new development was a little overwhelming for him too. Trying to control the surging emotions inside him as he protectively held Riddhima in his arms, he made a silent wish that this happiness would last forever.


Right now, they wanted nothing more but to stay in each other's arms and letting this new feeling sink in. However, the new found naughty streak in Armaan soon made its presence felt.


Pulling Riddhima even more closer to him, he whispered in her ear, "Won't you kiss your fiance? After all, you have the license to do so now."


"As if I have never kissed you before" replied Riddhima, still lost in his arms.


"I want to make a correction here sweetheart. It is always me who makes the first move, so now I would love to see some initiative on your part too" he retorted with a grin.


In return Riddhima just stared at him in surprise.


"Armaan, tum bahut badmaash ho gaye ho aaj kal. Where is that prim and proper Armaan Mallik who never cared about girls?"


"Yes, I never cared about girls because I never found anyone who was worth it. You haven't seen the way some girls would throw themselves at me. I was initially shocked but this doesn't mean that I didn't look at them, of course I fact, I enjoyed all the attention," he winked and Riddhima gave him an angry stare.


"Come on Riddhima, I am a guy too!" he exclaimed before adding, "however, I somehow started bucketing every girl in the same category, which I later realized was a big mistake on my part."


"Gosh Armaan, you and your high blown notions. You thought the same about me, right?" Riddhima said angrily, pulling away from him.


"I swear I didn't were so different from the girls I knew. I had built high walls around myself so that no girl could ever penetrate them, but whenever you were near me, I could feel them crumbling" he confessed, "and that is the very reason why I was always so confused and agitated when you were around. However, I soon got to know that you were the one whom destiny had sent to kick some sense into me. So here I am now, the refurbished Armaan Mallik... or should I say your brand new fiance?"


Riddhima suddenly realized that Armaan just called himself her fiance. He uttered the word a few minutes back too, when she was so lost in him that it didn't register in her mind. But now that it sunk it, she felt giddy with happiness.


"I like the second option better" she said with a dreamy smile that also had the hint of a rosy blush. Armaan stopped breathing as soon as he saw this.


"Guess I will wait for your first move some other day as you are getting a little too tempting for me right now" he said in a husky drawl.


Soon Riddhima was back in his arms again and this time they came so close that they could feel their hearts beating in a rhythmic pattern. Not being able to stop himself any longer, Armaan slowly drew closer to her rosy lips.  Riddhima's heart started sommersaulting as his warm breath carressed her face and she closed her eyes to bring it under control.


"Armaan, koi aa jayega" she whispered, but she couldn't ignore the thrill running through her at that moment.


"Aane do" he whispered against her slightly parted lips.


He then lightly brushed his lips against hers, teasing her, before starting to kiss her softly. Wanting more of him, Riddhima unconsciously pulled Armaan even closer and started responding to him. Smiling inwardly at this unexpected action of hers, Armaan continued with his machinations. The kiss was just building up when they were brought back from their la la land by some persistent knocking on the door.  


"Oh no, I hope Mom and Dad wapis naa aa gaye ho" exclaimed Riddhima, who by now was a little drugged by the short but extremely sensuous kiss, while Armaan was clearly incensed at the interruption.


"Pehle jaa ke dekh to lo ki kaun hai" he said, mentally patting himself for having the good sense to lock the door after he entered the room. 


A panicky Riddhima opened the door only to find Rahul standing there with a stupid grin plastered on his face. Seeing who it was, Armaan came and stood near Riddhima, his arm automatically finding its way around her waist.


"Riddhima, yeh haddi yahan kya kar raha hai?" he asked, giving Rahul a dirty glare. However, Rahul was totally oblivious to this silent threat.


"What's this bro? I never thought that you would take me so seriously" he remarked.


"Would you kindly explain what makes you say so?"


"Well, I asked you get a room the other day, but I didn't realize that you would pay heed to my advice and that too so soon"


As usual, Riddhima started blushing in her trademark style but the ever so unperturbed Armaan just threw an unaffected look at Rahul and said, "Hmm, I finally realized that you have brains too kiddo. That was a great idea!"


"Of course it was but don't try to divert the topic bro. Aap log itni der se andar kya kar rahe the? "


"Isn't it obvious?" retorted Armaan with a smirk.


"Armaan, stop it now!" said Riddhima, unable to take this embarrassment any longer, "and Rahul, put a brake on your silly banter, otherwise I will beat you black and blue"


"That's not fair Ridzy, you will beat me up but won't say anything to bhai. Even he was pulling your leg!"


"I know, par aaj main Armaan ko kuch nahi bol sakti" she said, giving her man a light hug.


"Dekha kiddo" said Armaan victoriouly as he hugged her back.


"Dost dost naa raha, bhai bhai naa raha" Rahul was pouting like a kid now.


"Chup kar nautanki" teased Armaan, but Rahul continued with his song.


Seeing that he was in no mood to stop, Riddhima had to say it aloud, "Your bro just asked me to marry him"


There was a long moment of silence, which made her doubt whether Rahul heard it right or not. However, the silence was shortlived as a loud "What!!!!!!!!" pierced her ears. The next moment she found herself and Armaan being crushed in a bear hug by Rahul.


"I am so happy for both of you and for myself too. Two of my favourite people will be with me in the same house. Wow, can this get any better?" he screeched as soon as he realeased them.


Riddhima and Armaan could only smile at his childlike excitement.


"Main abhi Muskaan aur Niki ko bata ke aata hoon"


He was just about to make a mad dash for the living room downstairs when Riddhima restrained him with great effort.


"Kya kar rahi hai Ridzy, chod mujhe. I am going to give them this news."


"Rahul, listen to me first" said Riddhima and she took on the tedious task of making him understand that they wanted to give everyone a surprise. He finally relented, but not before making Armaan promise him a lavish bribe to keep his mouth shut for a couple of hours.



 "Atul, aaj hum tumhare wajah se late ho gaye" whined Anjali as her husband maneuvered his car through the traffic.


"Look who is talking. Tum taiyaar hone me itna time laga rahi thi, so I thought I could catch up on some sleep"


"You always manage to put the blame on me. Jao main tumse baat nahi karti" she pouted.


"Come on darling, ab tum itni si baat pe naraaz ho rahi ho. We will be there on time, don't worry. But looking at the way you are jumping with excitement, I am not sure whether it's only the dinner party you are looking forward to"


"Is it so obvious?" she asked disappointedly.


"Your excitement? Yes, it is. Kahin tum koi special announcement to nahi karne wali ho na. Kahin koi naya mehmaan to..."


"Aisa kuch nahi hai Atul, you will have to wait for that. I admit there is something else, par kya fayda, ab to hum late ho gaye hai.'s going to be such a special day for Ridzy and I wanted to be there first but I guess everyone has arrived by now, even him."


Atul gripped the steering wheel as he heard this. So Anjali knew about the announcement Armaan and Riddhima were planning to make today.


"Well, Riddhima must have confided in her sister like Armaan did to me" he thought.


"Don't worry, the announcement won't happen before we reach"


It was now Anjali's turn to look surprised.


"Atul, you know about it?!"


"Yup wifey" he grinned.


"But how?"


"The would be groom told me about it himself ."


"Really? But when did you become such a good friend of his that he went on to confide in you?"


"Anjali, tumhe partial amnesia to nahi ho gaya hai na? He has been my buddy since childhood" exclaimed a surprised Atul.


"What! How come I never knew or met Ayush before we got married?"

"Ayush? Yeh Ayush kahan se aa gaya?"


"Atul, guess you are suffering from amnesia now. You just told me that he is your childhood buddy"


"Anjali" exclaimed an exasperated Atul now, "I was talking about Armaan"


"Yeah, I was talking about him were talking about Armaan!!!!!!"


"...and you were referring to Ayush??????"


Realization hit both of them at the same time. It truly seemed like a ton of bricks had fallen on them. Not being able to take the shock, Atul parked his car by the side of the road.


"Yeh tum kya keh rahi ho Anjali? Riddhima and Ayush? How did you even think about that?"


"And what about you linking Riddhima with Armaan? Not that I don't like him, but both of them are so different that there is no possibility of them coming together. Moreover, Ridzy would have told me if there was anything between them"


"I guess that's the biggest mistake on her part. She didn't tell you about Armaan. Trust me Anjali, I know better...these two love each other"


"What? They are in love?"


This was truly a day of surprises for Anjali, but along with that also came a sense of hurt.


"But why didn't she ever tell me when I was trying to set her up with Ayush?"


Anjali was literally holding her head in her hands now. She was just not being able to get over the sudden revelation. All along she had been patting herself for her wonderful idea to get Ayush and Riddhima together. Now as she reflected on her earlier conversations with Riddhima, she realized that there was something her sister wanted to tell her every single time, but she never gave her the opportunity to do so. To see that she was totally wrong in judging her little sister's feelings made her really feel guilty.


"How could I not sense it?" she whispered.


"That's ok darling, actually the problem lies in the fact that you have always been very protective about Ridzy and this concern carried over to your adult years too. I don't say that it's bad to be protective about your younger siblings, but once they grow up, you should try to stop controlling them. Let them be, but always be there to offer your advice or support"


"Tum yeh sab ab keh rahe ho? Couldn't you have given me this enlightening speech earlier? And, why didn't you ever tell me about Ridzy and Armaan?" asked Anjali, narrowing her eyes in irritation.


"I know I am at fault too, but believe me, I always thought that you had some inkling of what's going on in Riddhima's mind. When you used to tell me about your suspicions about Riddhima being in love, I was sure that you would confront her some way or the other and get to know the truth. As for me, I didn't want to say anything before confirming it myself, plus I was very busy with some important work, which is the reason behind my hiding of facts."


He however didn't mention that the "important work" was related to Armaan and the attacks on him lately.


"Oh no, I and my presumptions have created a huge mess. Just because Ridzy used to blush at the mention of Mr A, I very foolishly assumed that it was Ayush. Why did I never confirm my facts first?"


"That's ok Anjali, you know that truth now, so I guess everything's sorted"


"It's not Atul" wailed Anjali.


"Why do you say so?"


"I already got this into Ayush's mind that Ridzy likes him and he is going to talk to mom and dad today."


"What!! It's going to be a real mess then. Armaan and Riddhima are planning to confess about their relationship in front of everyone today!!!"


"Oh no! Let me call Ayush then"


Anjali frantically got hold of her phone and tried getting in touch with Ayush, but his phone was switched off, neither did her parents take her calls. She couldn't of course talk to Riddhima about this. 


"Ab kya karein Atul???" she exclaimed helplessly.


"There is only one way and that is to get to your house as fast as we can"


He immediately revved up the car and drove like a maniac to reach Gupta Mansion at the earliest.




Riddhima had planned out a very nice evening for her parents and all their guests. The ambience was perfect, the food was perfect and so was the choice of music. Talking about the guests, they included some of their close friends and family members, besides the Malliks.


Shashank and Padma's joy knew no bounds when they came back to a beautifully decorated house. They were really overwhelmed to know that their youngest daughter and her friends had gone great lengths to make this day a memorable one for them. However, there wasn't much time for display of emotions as it was almost evening and the guests would be arriving soon. Leaving it for later, everyone scampered away to get ready for the evening. Armaan for once blessed his kiddo for having the foresight to bring along an extra set of clothes for him too as the shirt he was wearing got partly spoiled by the juice Muskaan dropped on him earlier in the day.


Riddhima was busy trying to clasp the chain gifted by Armaan around her neck. It had been a very busy day for her. In fact, all of them were on their toes ever since afternoon. While Armaan and Rahul supervised the decorations, Niki and Muskaan took care of the food arrangements, and on the other hand, Riddhima did a bit of everything. So with the help of a few domestic helps, they managed to put up wonderful show.


Even though she was busy throughout the day, Riddhima couldn't stop thinking about Armaan's sudden proposal. As she replayed it in her mind for the thousandth time, she couldn't help but blush. It was just so beautiful that she had no words to describe it even to herself. Indeed, Armaan had become a true blue romantic like her.  The way he happily hopped around her house as he helped everyone made it seem as if he always belonged to this place. He was as much a part of her world as she was of his. Happy that she waited for the perfect guy and didn't bow down to pressure from her relatives to get married, she sent a silent thanks to the sky.


There was a sudden knock on the door that roused Riddhima from her happy thoughts.


"Come in" she said in a sing song voice.


"Miss Gupta, you sound very happy"


It was Armaan who was dressed in a semi formal shirt teamed with a pair of well fitted trousers. Her breath indeed got stuck in her throat on seeing her Adonis make his way towards her.


"Armaan, don't you have any anything else to do, other than sneaking into my room at every given opportunity?"


She tried to sound angry, but couldn't ignore his dashing looks and killer smile that were making her go weak in the knees. She turned towards the dressing table mirror, remembering that she was trying to clasp the chain around her neck. When there was no response from him, she turned towards him again and raised her eyebrows questioningly.


"Life is all about making the best use of every opportunity that comes your way. Since everyone is busy getting ready, I thought about coming here and see for myself whether my fiancee needs any help in getting ready"


Hearing the word fiancee from his lips yet again sent a thrill down her spine. It felt so good that now she truly belonged to the man she loved the most.




"Ok baba, your mom was looking for you, so I offered to help by going in search of you myself."


"Oh, so mom ko impress karne ki koshish kar rahe ho"


"Come on Riddhima, she is already impressed. By the way, I can also be a great charmer when I choose to, do remember that"


"I know that very well, so you better keep your charms to yourself. I don't want to spend the rest of my life warding off love struck females, who tend to get very attracted to a certain Mr. Mallik."


"We will see to that, but I want a similar promise from you too as I am very sure that any guy would want to try his luck with you the very moment my back is turned"


"So we have a deal then" Riddhima said with an amused chuckle.


"Yup, my lady" he said with a bow.


"Tum aajkal bahut nautanki karne lage ho. By the way, kaisi lag rahi hoon main?"


"Simply yummy" he muttered under his breath. She was looking a little too tempting in the blue sari she wore. In fact, he was stumped the very moment he entered the room, which left him tongue tied for a few minutes. The way the sari accentuated her beautiful curves made him wish he was alone on an island with her and not a houseful of people.




"I mean simply gorgeous" he said, trying to keep any naughty thoughts at bay, but without success.


"Ab chalo, we have to go downstairs" she said, taking hold of his arm.


"Okay, but before that I would like to remind you something"




"You were supposed to give me something before that kabab me haddi called Rahul decided to make his entry"


Knowing very well that he was alluding to that kiss, she said, "Armaan, kuch to sharam karo"


"Hmm...but you are my fiancee now and there are some liberties I can take"


Saying so, he cleverly positioned himself in such a way that his back was resting on the door.  This would alert him if anyone was about to enter the room.  He then pulled Riddhima towards him, holding her securely in his embrace. Moving his thumb over her soft pink lips he let out a sigh. As his touch ignited a fire inside Riddhima, she slightly parted her lips and the very next instant his lips joined hers. Closing her eyes, Riddhima let her hands wander over Armaan's back and neck, while his hands were busy exploring the bare skin of her waist. They knew people were looking for them, but at that point neither of them could stop. As he deepened the kiss and tasted her like never before, Armaan could feel Riddhima's nails digging into his back. There was something really different about this proximity today, as if they didn't care about any consequences. They knew that they were bound to be together, come what may. Since breathing became a problem after some time, Armaan let go of her lips, but now he found another spot to explore, the sensitive area right below her chin. As he left a trail of hot kisses there, Riddhima simply lost her senses. He then went down a little further and kissed the AR locket resting just above her heaving chest. Riddhima stifled the moan emanating from her as her fingers locked themselves in his hair. However, this seemed to wake Armaan from his stupor and he immediately backed away.


"Riddhima, I am sorry. I just don't know what came over me" he stuttered, "I really didn't mean to take advantage of you"


"Armaan," she whispered, "it's not about you taking advantage, I gave you the right to do so and don't be sorry as it's just me, your Riddhima. We were in it together."


Hearing this, he relaxed a bit and she snuggled into his arms. He really got worried about what she would be thinking of him, but the way she understood him was simply amazing. Indeed, she was God's gift to him.


"Ab chalein, otherwise Rahul will come in again" Riddhima said with a smile and he nodded.


"Ek minute Riddhima. What's this on my face?" he said as he caught his reflection in the mirror.


Riddhima burst out laughing as she saw her lipstick adorning his face.


"Let it be Armaan, it suits you"

"And give Rahul another chance to tease me to death. No way!"


He tried wiping off the smudged lipstick with his hand, but it didn't go away completely.


"Will have to make sure you are not using this hideous thing before I kiss you the next time"


Riddhima just wanted to roll on the floor with laughter, but that would have brought everyone to the room, so she somehow stifled this desire and reapplied her lipstick.


Handing Armaan a few tissues, she said, "I guess I should go now and you can come downstairs after you get your face cleaned"


"Mujhe is mushkil me akela chod ke jaa rahe ho?"


"Can't help it darling" she smiled before making a quick exit.


Armaan was totally zapped for a few minutes before whispering happily, "Darling???!!! Wow, I just loved it!!!!"




As Riddhima made her way to the living room downstairs, she saw that almost all the guests had arrived but she was surprised to see two family members missing, namely her di and jiju. She then saw Smriti talking to her mom and went up to her.


"Aunty, how are you?"


"Riddhima beta! I was looking for you all around. Gosh, you are looking so beautiful dear" said Smriti affectionately as she hugged her.


"Thanks aunty" she answered with a shy smile, "I was busy with the preparations till the last minute, so I was the last one to get ready"


"I thought so. By the way, where is Armaan?"


Riddhima blushed as she heard his name.


"He must be around" she said as her face turned redder, "do you want me to look for him?"


"That's ok beta, I was just wondering" said Smriti, happy to see the reaction to Armaan's name.


They chatted for a few more minutes when Riddhima spotted Ayush in a corner.


"Hey Ayush"


"Hi Riddhima, you are looking stunning today"


"Thanks! It's so great to see you here. When did you arrive?"


"Just a few minutes back"


They were chatting away when she heard Shashank's voice.


"Riddhima beta, could you come here for a moment?" he asked happily, while a beaming Padma stood beside him.


Riddhima could sense that they were up to something, but at this point she could only guess.


"You have really made us very happy beta. Thanks so much!" he said.


"You are talking about the party and the arrangements? Papa, please don't embarrass me by saying thanks."


"It's not only that beta, we are talking about something else too" added Padma.


Riddhima was really confused by now and could only look from her dad to her mom, hoping for an explanation.


"Mom, dad, what are you referring to?"


"About the relationship you want to tell us about today"


Riddhima's face changed many shades of color before she could mumble, "You both know about it?"


"Yes" said her parents in unison.


"But how?"


"We will tell you but hey, here comes Anjali" said Shashank, "what took you kids so long? We were waiting for you"


He then spotted Atul and went to welcome him.


A flustered Anjali pulled Padma's hand and said, "Mom, I need to talk to you and it is urgent"


"What happened beta?" she asked worriedly.


"It's about what I told you yesterday'."


She couldn't even complete her sentence when she heard Shashank's voice.


"Everyone, thanks for coming here to celebrate this special day with us. I am honored. Of course, today is a big day for Padma and me, but there is another announcement that will make this day all the more special"


It was at this very moment that Armaan came in. He didn't exactly hear what Shashank said, but was curious to know why everyone was looking so excited. Armaan then looked at Riddhima who had a completely bewildered expression on her face. It couldn't be their announcement as he and Riddhima had planned to do it later in the evening and not now. Totally confused, he decided to pay attention to what Shashank was saying.


"We are dying to hear the announcement uncle" said Niki and Muskaan excitedly, while Rahul smiled to himself knowing that Shashank was referring to Armaan and Riddhima.


"Of course, but I am not going to say anything, the young man by my side will do the honors" he said.


Before Anjali or Atul could even utter a word, Ayush came forward and began, "Uncle, aunty, you both have known me since I was a little kid. Though our interactions have been limited, I have always had your blessings with me. This time I have prepared myself for a very big step in my life and I hope you both give me your blessings again. I want to marry Riddhima, would you please give me the permission to do so?"


Riddhima was totally shocked at this sudden declaration from Ayush. In fact, the same shock reflected on the faces of Armaan, the Cupid gang and Smriti. Ayush went on telling everyone how important Riddhima was to him and that he would always keep her happy, while the senior Gupta's listened happily. However Shashank and Padma didn't see the expressions on the faces around them, most importantly Riddhima who looked devastated and Armaan, who just kept on looking at Riddhima, too shocked to react.


"Ayush, we would be very happy to have you as our son-in-law" said Shashank, "but the decision rests on Riddhima and I am sure she would'''."


Armaan was just about to step in when Riddhima caught his attention and assured him through her eyes that she would take care of this.


"Dad, please stop it there" she pleaded, "I think there has been a very big misunderstanding"


Shashank looked at her dumbfounded, while Padma was totally confused.


"But beta, we are doing what you wanted"


"I know you would never do anything against my wishes, but how did you come to the conclusion that I want to be with Ayush?"


"Anjali beta, what is happening? You told us that Riddhima and Ayush like each other" asked Padma.


"What?" Riddhima turned towards her sister. "Di, yeh sab kya hai. Maine to kaha tha ki Ayush aur main'''"


"I am sorry Ridzy" said Anjali, "I was a little too presumptuous and came to the conclusion that you and Ayush love each other"


"But you could have confirmed with me first"


"I know Ridzy, that was a big mistake on my part. I really don't know what to say now"


Anjali was not only plagued by the guilt of presuming that Riddhima loved Ayush, but also for giving him hopes of a future with her sister.


"It's not a mistake di, it's something much bigger than that" Riddhima was almost in tears now and couldn't go any further. Not being able to see her like that, Armaan came forward and put his arm around her shoulders. This miraculously helped her regain the strength that had started failing her in the last few minutes.


Putting her hand over his, she looked at her parents, "Mom, dad, there is something I have been dying to tell everyone but never got the right opportunity to do so. However, I think I made a big mistake by keeping this under wraps for a long time. Yes, di guessed correctly that I am in love, but it's not Ayush but someone else. He is the person who makes my life beautiful with his mere presence, he is the one who loves me like no tomorrow and he is the one who asked me to marry him a few hours back."


Waiting for a few seconds, letting her words sink in, she added, "He is Armaan"


Even as she said this, Riddhima's parents kept looking at her, still too surprised to react.


Knowing that he had to step in now, Armaan took Riddhima's hand and stood in front of the Guptas, "Sir, Ma'am, we didn't want this to come as a rude shock, but we really wanted to tell you how much we love each other. Riddhima truly defines my life and I promise to be with her and keep her happy till my last breath. She will always be my first priority and I won't ever give you a reason to complain. Please give me the permission to marry her"


 There was pin drop silence all around, making Armaan and Riddhima a little uneasy. However, this uneasiness was short lived as Shashank suddenly spoke up.


"I know that life throws many surprises at you, but never in my dreams did I think that my 30th wedding anniversary would bring so many surprises. Armaan and Riddhima, all of us have seen what you mean to each other and I wonder how you could even think that we will say no to your relationship."


Putting an arm around Ayush's shoulders he continued, "Beta, knowingly or unknowingly, we have caused you a lot of pain. But as you see, it's destiny that decides who's made for us."


"I am sorry Ayush. Hope you can forgive me" said Anjali, as she joined her father in consoling him.


Ayush looked at Shashank and said, "Yes uncle, you are right and Anjali, please don't worry about me, I am fine. It's Riddhima's happiness that matters."


He smiled reassuringly which took a big weight off Shashank and Anjali's hearts.


Shashank then went up to Armaan and said, "Welcome to the family beta"


As the two men hugged, Padma went to Smriti and hugged her. On the other hand, the Cupid gang and Atul burst out into loud cheers before taking Armaan and Riddhima in a group hug. They tried cheering up Ayush too, who too joined the group hug.


"I wish Yash didn't have to go on that stupid tour today" thought Smriti as she excitedly dialed her husband's number.


Riddhima and Armaan then went around the room taking everyone's blessings, still not believing that they were officially a couple now.


Catching her eye when others were not looking, he whispered, "Ab to ghar walon se bhi permission mil gaya hai. So I guess I can take some more liberties now"


She could only stare at Armaan as he had really become too naughty for comfort. However, she could not hide her blush from him.


"Oye Hoye" shouted Rahul, suddenly coming between them.


"I won't leave you this time" threatened Riddhima as she started chasing him all around the house. Armaan could only stand there and smile to himself, while the elders were busy amongst themselves.


"So all's well that ends well" said Atul, as he tried to console his happy but distraught wife.


The celebrations in Gupta Mansion went on till the wee hours of morning. Every one was deliriously happy at the way things turned out to be, but in the melee, they failed to notice the solitary figure that made its way out of the house and disappear into the dark night.

Some relationships are just not meant to be, but that doesn't mean that you lose faith in relationships altogether.





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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
Yippeeeee!! me first PartyDancing

Congrats for the 3rd Thread..!! PartyHug
Way to go ahead.. Thumbs UpHeart

Wow Richa Hug

That was so beautifully written ! i was left speechless by the end! No useless dragging of drama and turn of twists.. Just the way they should have reacted! Embarrassed...

"simply yummy" dialogue got me into fits of laughter .. that was really hilarious! wat a punch line yaar..  ROFL.. gosh! this Armaan is trying to take full on advantage of his liberties .. m loving to see this side of his.. such a sweetheart he is!

The Ayush fiasco was so nicely handled by Ridz.. that was really great that she voiced out the truth on time ..but i wonder if Ayush will now be on the right track or would create problem again for Armaan.. i m scared abt the latter part .. Its time he realize that they aren't meant to be! n that love is not possessing or winning that person by any n all means but its just the bond of emotions n feelings of utmost togetherness forever..

Really waiting to know wats gonna happen next .. Update S

Love Ya


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richa_b Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 1:58pm | IP Logged
Waah Vini........that was quick.........after all you are the detective
Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by richa_b

Waah Vini........that was quick.........after all you are the detective
No yaar, that shows how much eager i have been for the update.!! WinkBlushing

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-Bleeeh- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
Reserved :)


Congratulations and celebrations....ClapClap

Wohooo.... 3rd thread...Way to go gal!Smile

Main second aayi...haww...Cry
Lekin koi nahi....  Its party time! Dancing

Update do jaldi seeee..... Waiting Richa...
*Ab toh neend bhi udh gayi Wink*

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
CONGRATS ON UR 3 THREAD TongueClapClap RICHA DI Embarrassed
it feels sooo great to be a reader of ur ff cuz itzz simply awesome n sooo beautiful... Embarrassed
and i'm third....Tongue


hey Richa di.. welcome back... hope u r dng great.. :)
u know how much i missed u and this ff... :(  but glad tht u rl back now.. :)
Di... this part was sooo beautifully written.. it was awesome... mind blowing.. and really cute one.. <3ClapClap
Clapi sooo fell in love with AR once again..Embarrassed cuz the way u described their feelings..their love and their getting more stronger relationship made me go into a fairy world...Embarrassed
i luved the beginning.. awwww AR were extremely cute... luved how Ridz was having the same feelings as Armaan..but she poured it into tht hug and kiss instead of words.. Tongue and when Armaan actually was teasing her for the kiss all along was soo cute... specially when he calls himself her fiance.. Wink
and then comes our Kiddo.. man he really completes the ff along with AR... i soo luv him for hi antics..  i was laughing when he said tht AR took his advice of getting a room soo seriously....LOL frankly first i was confused at this statement cuz i was like as far as i rmbr he jst cam and didnt gave any advice but then i cracked up after hearing abt the advice.. LOLLOL
and Armaan is def getting very very naughty but i luv this naughty and romantic Armaan.. <3
i felt angry at Anjali for giving in to her own presumptions and telling Ayush to propose Ridz at the function but glad how Atul took the situation in his hands and explained everything sooo calmly.. he is truly a sweetheart.. <3Embarrassed but also happy tht Anjali is happy for AR and along with their relation..... :)
and evrything got cleared up at the function and finally and officially AR r together now... and luved their confession.. infront of everyone.. :) Armaan def has more and official liberties on Ridz now.. :)Wink
Rahul said Oye Hoye... awwww how cute.. but funny when Ridz started chasing him.. :)
sooooo as Atul.. evrything ended well... everyone is happy. :) but i noe Ayush is planning smthg else.. Angry
but gud tht now everyone is aware of AR... :)
thankkk u for this lovely update.. :)
take care :)
luv u <3
Preet <3

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arshluver_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Hey richa.....

congratulation for the 3rd thread of this wonderful FF......

that was just great part...............i hope that now ayush dont get anymore angry with armaan and try to kill him again................

the whole part was just great i truly loved the way everything turned out...................

cont soon
lods of love

Edited by arshluver_15 - 03 October 2010 at 9:36am

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ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
congrats on ur 3rd thread i love this ff

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