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Memorable Moments (Page 2)

rachna11 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 10:39am | IP Logged

My memorable moments are :-

1st Sword fight between Yash and  Arya .
Yash at the time of ramleela.
Revash moments. Starting with their marriage till reva got kidnapped.
( When they were alone in palace, Scenes when bholu comes in palace, revas rain dance and all the closer moments.I even loved their baraf ka gola scene and they together making a pot. They get stuck in farm house....the HUM TUM song.
Reva coloring the murti. Yash teaching all etiquets of royal family to reva and then tinka tinka dance. Yash making reva jealous )
Whenever i think of AKNV i remember all revash scenes b4 she gets kidnapped .

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swabera Groupbie

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Hi Guys hp u all ok,I was on my way to Green Street to binge on the sweet, gluey indian delight by way of Jummun or halwa ,but when I read the topic, it save me from going the weather did not look appealing , but not save completely I binge on Cream slice instead I think we are suffering for AKNV WITHDRAWAL SYNDROME.

I have a list of memorable moment :I could go on but!
When Cutie hide behind the pole and watch Reva playing hide and seek with Bolu,he stand in the rain to see them play together and when one of the servant had a pot stuck to his head,the look on Cutie face when Bolu was describing the Palace guard as Raksha ka chamcha.the big smile on his face when Bolu told him I prefer Reva with loose  hair.When  he told Bolu u have to help me to make your friend happy and he had a big smile,Reva walk in he quickly hid his mouth and bend his head.

When they went to visit one of the servant sick child, he watch Reva , then he visualise how she used to feed him with slice of fruit and  he pretended  to read when she enter the room and she notice the book was upside down,he look very shy.

When Mr bomb call him in to see Reva before the Ball, they only show Reva eyes, when he ask her are u ready to go down,her eyes sparkcle with a smile and say yes.When he was turning her into Cinderella for the ball, he show her how to eat with Knife and Fork, he drank some water,she copy him ,he just smile to himself and shake his head.

When they went to the village and he was trying to eat grated ice, to impress her, but he did not know how to eat and ask Jyoti.Then he took her to reconcile with her mum, and when they hug , he had tears in his eyes.

The moment making the pottery in Mela, dance in the rain, he splash her face with water, turn round and keep on dancing ignoring her,and Reva wipe the mud from his face causing Monster to crush his glass hence sporting a bleeding hand.

When he was dancing in the Hotel to make Reva jealous, he stole a look at her , when she sees him , he point his nose up in a mocky gesture, as if it's your lost.

On Reva side she might not have express her love in words but in other ways,
She cook his favourite meal a way of thank you
When he went on the horse and did not return she was worried ,she talk herself out of it, but still she was concerned.
she was very curious about the private room, she would follow him,thinking he got a girl there.
she was touch when he gave Sharad a job and went to express her thanks.
She start to rely on him and trust him.
When He sent money for her mum, and Monster told him infront of the family and Reva overheard, but they expect her to make a scene in front of them, but she did not she serve him his food, but in private she told him off.
She did notice and appreciated that he was trying to please her, and she would just exchange look.
His kind gesture and respect for others touch her to question herself if he is capable of doing  such act.

Lastly the rapport between Cutie and Jyoti as brother and sister, he confine in her of his love and he ask her for help in organising the birthday party, she in return ask him for his blessing as elder brother, they had a close bond.

When Cutie and Sharad went to identify the body, he turn round and see Cutie in despair,all the hatred for Cutie turn into Respect due to his love for his sister.

Sorry to went on and on it was a good show.

Cutie left us with a big gap in telly world, let hope some directors out there recognise true talent and bring him back to our TV screen very soon.

Kind Regards
S.J from UK

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Annonymus Groupbie

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 12:24pm | IP Logged

These are my favourite moments, which I have tried to put in chronological order of events.

 1.     When Yash & Reva are left alone in the palace to understand each other, Reva scared of Yash hides knife in the napkin and serves him dinner  which Yash notices, and falls asleep and when Yash goes back to put back the knife , and Reva wakes up and frightens and goes in search of Yash and tries to harm him when suddenly Yash sees somebody behind the curtain and calls out and Reva in fear hides behind Yash and holds his arms tightly and yash is astonished and thinks that she is so innocent that on one side she thinks him to be a threat and on the other hand she only thinks him to be her saviour. This enhances his love for her

 2.     When lights go off suddenly and Reva cries for help, Yash comes there with a candle and both of them call out for each other and reva holds his arm tightly and he says not to fear and he will take her to her room.

 3.     Yash teaches her how to eat with spoon and fork and teaches her to speak in English starting with How do you do and when she learns he says good for which she says for such a small thing why is talking of eating jaggery?.

 4.     Yash teaching her how to walk with high heels but when she is about to fall yash though wants to hold her hand and help but desperate, and when she realises she herself  stretches her hand to him and asks him to hold her and help.

 5.     When Yash grooms her fully in eating, walking and talking like a princess and changes her looks through a designer as to how to dress and adorn with the right kind of jewellery and make her civilized.

 6.     When Yash and Reva visited the village and yash was holding a child and playing with her when the villagers wanted to take photograph of them and asks them to be closer and Yash seeing reva;s dilemma, moves closer to her for the snap.

 7.      When Yash takes Reva to her home and convinces both mother and daughter and sees the plight of  their house and tries to help their family thereby offering Sharad a job in their hotel.

 8.      When Reva comes to thank him for his act, he pretends to be busy and when she thanks him , he says that one thing is left out to her becomimg a princess fully and when she inquires what is that he says that she should learn horse riding.

 9.      When they go for horse riding, yash assures her not to fear since he is there and animals are better than humans if they are treated with love, and extends his hand to lift her and put her on the horse and she holds his hand in fear and and he asks her to concentrate and teaches her how to ride.

 10.    While riding, the background music Dil kyun Ye Mera Shor Kare and both on horse and the rains on, a beautiful sight to see and suddenly when she falls down from the horse his immediate reaction and the way he feels for her and requests her not to strain her leg and extends his hand to lift her and the way in which he lifts her and puts her on the horse, sits behind her and rides and carries her in his arms into the mahal.and goes to fetch bandage for her. The expression which he shows when he sees Arya putting the bandage on her feet and the look he gives to Arya when he extends his hand to lift her and carries her to their room and asks her to rest and calls the doctor.

 11.     The smile and the happiness on Yash's face while feeding the chocolate to Reva.

 12.     When Reva asks Yash's about that mysterious lady, thinking that she is his love ( without knowing that that lady is herself)  whom he visits daily and scolds him that this is the trait of Raj Parivar, Yash retorts as to she she has no right to insult her like that since he loves her too much from the bottom of his heart,

 13.     When Reva finds out the truth about that mysterious room and the lady he loves and is furious and Yash with  tears in his eyes says that it is true that he truly loves her but he doesn't expect anything from her in exchange.

 14.     The scene when Reva helps Yash to make a pot when the guests tease yash as to whether
he can make a pot as his wife must have taught him and while making the pot mud stcks oh his cheeks and reva wpies it off for him. The expresion and the feelings they gave each other were pretty awesome and loveable.
 15.     When  Yash and Reva reach the Farm house , Yash innocently asks her whether she has come there for any party, she says that he has only sent her note to meet him here and both  get confused at to who has sent the note  and when she wants to go back immediately and leaves, Yash runs behind her to stop her and with his both hands folded requests her to stay back till the rains stop as the roads are very bad and they may get stuck in the forest.

 16.     When Yash asks her to change her clothes since she was fully drenched , but she refuses and for the first time Yash angrily says that there is no harm in doing this and atleast some time listen to what he says and also says that he may not be able to express his feelings by words but she can read them from his eyes and for the first time she realises him and understands that she also loves him and the way they feel for each other infront of the Bon- fire and Yash helping her drying her saree.

 17.      The scene where  Reva says that she can always leave behind her pain and agony of the past but how can she run away from her soul wherein Yash has settled and the scene where Yash comes to help to make tea wherein he asks her to move behind and makes way to boil the milk and in the process gets hurt in the eye and reva trying to soothen  his eyes and they both are lost in each other that they realise later that Monster was also there.

 18.    Yash requesting Jyotika to arrange a grand party for Reva on her birthday when he laerns of her birthday and requeeting Jo not to disclose it to her and taking her to the party and surprising her and when he extends his hand to her to dance when simultaneously Monster also extends his hand to dance with her and she turns to Yash and dances with him.

 19.    The scene where he brings a ring for Reva and presents it to her and puts it on her finger saying that since their marriage he has not given her anything hence a small present for her and fells so shy after that.

 20.    The scene when Yash intentionally takes Reva to the hotel and dances with another lady and while returning taunts Reva as to whether ids jealous and realises that she also loves him and Reva also realises that she cannot bear to see anyone else with Yash other than her.

 21.    Cooking of food by Reva specially for Yash with all the items of his choice and waiting for him at the dining table.

  22.    When Yash calls up Wang and tells him that he wants to stop the game he has been playing with Reva to make her realise her love for him since he doesn't want to see her in pain and it is unbearable for him to see her like that.

 23     Reva's feelings for Yash when a car was to bump him off and the way she ran and pulled him aside and saved him

 24.     The feelings of Yash when Reva asks him to sleep on the bed beside her after removing the curtains with the background music Kuch Na Kaho and when he wakes to find Reva;s arm on his arm and pretends to be asleep when she wakes up.

 25.     When Yash gets hurt and expects Reva to be with him and nurse him and dreams of Reva confessing her love for him.

 26.     When Reva gets kidnapped , the pain and the agony expressed by yash with the background music Tuhi Re Tuhi Tere Bina May Kaise Jiyoo!

 27.     When Yash goes to identify the dead body, his feelings when he remembers of his wedding with Reva and the exprseeion and the tears and the agony followed by the relief when he finds that it is not of Reva and the nervousness and the shivering depicted by him whilse opening his car door when the keys fall down and sits under a tree and tells Sharad that there there are so many things between him and Reva which have not been told or expressed but to feel his love and express hers, Reva has to come back to him.

  28.    While in captivity, the realisation of Reva as to what extent she loves Yash and that it is the punishment for her to have ignored him and his love.

 29.     When Yash finds out that Reva has married Arya and threatens him that he must have only done something evil and tells Reva that he knows she loves him and her heart cannot beat for anyone else.

 30.     The anger, the agony and the pain Yash expresses of the betrayal by Reva when she leaves him.

 31.     The faith Yash had in his love when Reva asks him to forgive her and he says that he has faith in his love and that of her and knew that his love will not betray him and asks her not to leave him else he will die.

 32.     The love, respect and affection he had for Rani Maa and promising her that he will not reveal the truth about Arya to Reva and maintaining it even when she told him to reveal and when he tells her that he has fulfilled all the duties as a son at all times and had she asked for, he woukd have sacrificed his life for her son and when he asks her as to whether ge will still be deprived of her love abd affection to him.

 Lots more to write but no time and space. What a brilliant actor Anas is ! Hope his true talent is recognised and utilised to the optimum and he comes back soon to rock and entertain us!  

 Overall, it was a good show , started off with a mediocre note and proceeded to the top with the entry of Anas and was progressing pretty well till that stupid track of kidnapping and remarrying of the main lead shattered the entire charm of the show and proceeded to drag and drag and finally led to closure in a hurry !  

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Shantell IF-Rockerz

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RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2010 at 9:09am | IP Logged
the 1st end 2nd entry of aryaman....his eyes..nd everything about him

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Rose_Petal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2010 at 3:46pm | IP Logged
^^^Yeah....I like Arya's second entry...I didn't like him very much but the way they brought him with the masked ball going on was good. And isn't it funny how Revash are together and Josh are also engaged but Arya is still all alone.......LOL...good for him! This will be a final memorable moment for me along with the SR of Revash...Wink.

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RoseFairy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2010 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
no arya is not alone m here for arya..hehe

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 October 2010 at 12:04am | IP Logged
i loved revash farmhouse sequence

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