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How We Met [OneShot]

FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 October 2010 at 1:57am | IP Logged
This OneShot is for my best friend Sanam [Phelinazar] 's Birthday! Ya, It's Gandhi Jayanti also. but she isn't a girl who works on Gandhiji's principles, infact, she is quiet opposite to Gandhiji. Still i love her a lot. Here goes a oneshot for you sanu. Hug

Also published here- http://mahak-thefragranceoflife.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-we-met-oneshot.html



They say that no two people are alike and no boy is like a hero. But, my case is different. My fiance is no less than a hero. Now you must be wondering that how lucky I can get. But to the contrary, I am a frank girl. I hated the way I had to go to India. I mean I had to wear full suits and all, which I never wore in Italy.


There are so many rules and regulations in India that I felt caged. I mean, apart from the way of dressing up, [not that I am complaining] I hate the rules. I mean, I believe that rules are made to be broken. It was a long tale how we met.


I was small and he was obviously elder to me. We used to stay in India only. I was thirteen only when I confessed to him that I love him, but he, like an idiot gave no reply. And I had tears in my eyes.


My heart was broken and my parents shifted to Italy along with me and my brother. Years passed and I tried to forget him, but can true love be forgotten? As if God wanted us to meet, he came to Italy. He had come to my place for studies and was staying with us only. Only I know how I controlled my feelings in front of him.




Only I know how I control myself to stay without seeing her. I mean she lives in my house only! And all I can do is to stay away from her. What to do? Rules are rules they say! But how I can not meet my beautiful fiance?


It was a small yet complicated tale about how we met. Only I know how I have been without her. We were just kids, and I could have never imagined her to love me at all. I mean, we were just kids at that time.


I knew her to be strong willed, very soft hearted, shy yet very frank. But I had never imagined her to come and propose me. I mean, aren't girls supposed to be shy? Isn't this step meant to be taken by a boy?


Well, for sure, the one who said that girls are too shy, they must meet her. She is shy, as she blushes whenever our hands brushed, but she is more straight forward person with no false pretensions. And maybe that's why I love her so much.


When she proposed me, I was confused. I didn't know what to reply. True, that I felt something for her, but was that love? I don't think so. I was afraid to commit her something which I didn't knew then.


But then she went away from my life. Forever. And the years of longing made me realize how much she meant in my life. I realized that I loved her a lot. I had the fear of loosing her forever. I wished I could stop her.


But they say, that it's better to be late than to never. I decided that I had to confess my feelings to her. She deserved it. She had the right to know that the person she loved loves her equally. And God gave me the chance of getting her back, I went to Italy.


One day, I gathered up all my courage and took her on a ride. She had slept on my back. The feeling that I felt was beyond awesome. I could her breaths on my back and yet say nothing. I just wished that the ride doesn't come to an end ever.




It was one day when he took me to a ride. I wouldn't have had gone with him, if it wasn't for my mother. I had slept on his back, and when I had opened my eyes, I had seen the most beautiful place in the entire world. It was all covered with flowers. It was a beautiful garden with roses and trees all around. The sky was full of thousands of stars twinkling in it.


I was feeling as if I was seeing a dream. But it was reality. He bowed down in front of me and said those three words. There weren't any cheesy lines yet I could feel his love. And then he confessed his feelings to me.


He said, "I love you a lot. I know that I took a lot of time in understanding those emotions, but trust me that I love you a lot. I won't say that I would die without you, but yes, my life would be really difficult to live without you. Will you marry me and be mine?"


I wanted to reply back that I still loved him, but my lack of trust came in between us. I didn't reply to him and pretended as if it didn't matter to me. It was irony that I had always dreamt of that day. But they say that things happen the way they want.




I confessed my feelings to her but she didn't reply. Maybe time had erased the memories of me from her heart. Maybe she didn't love me any more. I had opened up my heart in front of her, yet she felt nothing.


Today I felt the actual pain. I think that the pain of love is the most treacherous pain in the entire world. This pain is sweet and bitter. It can break you or make you. Today I felt what she must have felt when I didn't replied back to her. I had lost her completely.


I could feel tears in my heart whenever she ignored me. I mean I loved her God damn it. But she felt nothing for me anymore. Maybe I was right; her love was just an illusion, a childhood fling.




I could feel what he was feeling. I had been through this phase. I knew that he must be feeling that I betrayed him; or rather my love was just a childhood fling. But everything you see can't be the truth. It pained me too. With passing days, I could feel him going apart from me.


His time period was over and he was returning to India. I wanted to confess but I didn't. I had no trust on him. It had taken him years to understand that he loved me too, what if he again betrays me? I couldn't take the risk again, besides my papa wouldn't have agreed.


But then I talked this with my friend. I told her how much I loved him yet was afraid. That day, I came closer to my friend. She suggested me to stop him from going. But I didn't. I couldn't confess my feelings to him. I called him, but didn't confess. My papa didn't like him that much.




I was going away and she didn't even stop me. I had received her call, and my hopes had been built up, but then she didn't confessed. She only asked me to take care of myself. I was going away from Italy and my love.


Maybe destiny had something in store for us. I received a call about her engagement with someone. That day shattered me completely. I couldn't see her becoming someone else's. It really pained a lot.




My father wanted me to marry someone he chooses and that happened. My father chose a guy for me, and my heart was shattered. But I didn't complain. I was ready to marry his choice. But they say that things happen the way they want to and everything is preplanned by God.


My father came to know about my love for him and he did what a father does for his daughter's happiness. Papa talked to his parents and our engagement was fixed. Even I confessed my feelings to him. I had to go to India for our engagement. So, I came here, to India. India is a very beautiful place, but I must say that very different. Rules are rules here.




I couldn't believe my luck when I heard her on the phone. She told me that her father had agreed for us. She confessed saying, "I love you a lot too. So sorry for taking so much time, but my love wasn't a childhood fling. I still love you a lot. Would you care to marry me? And answer right now, because this time I won't wait for you."


I immediately gave a yes and our engagement got fixed. She came to India this time. She looked beautiful in those suits. Ya, she complains about rules, but I know that she loves this place as much as I do.




My nani always scolds me for being clumsy. But haven't anyone heard, "To err is human and to forgive is divine"? I trust that. Anyways, I am staying at my nani's house and he lives here too. It is his house also. But we can't meet even! We had our engagement ceremony and we are legally a couple, still we can't see each other.


But can he ever stay away? No ways! He loves me a lot na, so he just can't stay away from me. It was night time when we met, actually he had called me. I was shy and afraid. But still, I trusted him a lot, so I went there. He took me by my hand and we went outside.


I asked him what the case was, and he told me that he had a plan. It was raining outside but we like 'love sick puppies' went out. And the rest was history, no, it was chemistry. It was our first date. I thought that getting wet in rain, eating ice creams at night and exchanging shy looks; happened only in movies, but in my case, all that happened.


I am thankful to God for making us meet, for completing our love. So, this was how we met. Cute story, isn't it? Someday, you would be old enough to read fairytales. And this was my fairytale, a tale of how we met.


Plz kindly comment on this. Embarrassed

Comment and well as criticisms are always welcomed. Requests are taken too. Big smile

And do hit the "Like" tab. Embarrassed

Hmm.....So all of you want to know na that why am i being irregular in updating my ffs? Guys to know that, read the next post...but before that, ispar comment karna mat bhooliyega....u know na....i write only for u?


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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 October 2010 at 1:57am | IP Logged
Hey! how r u all of you guys?

Wanting an update from my ffs?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but i am suspending all my ffs due to study load.

But i am NOT stopping them....

I would update whenever i can....

But my studies are taking a toll on me....and trust me, science is not that easy...

The stupid cycles, formulas and many more things make my head spin....

And my half yearly result wasn't that good at all.....infact, it was below what i was expecting.....

So i have decided to give myself a break.....and study for sometime.....

I would be updating whenever i would get time....and oneshots would be frequent enough....

Infact one oneshot on every sunday i guess.....

Thanks you for your precious time.


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Nirvrithi Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 7:22am | IP Logged
I am first  Dancing
Mahi - aa jaa Hug   proud of you again and promise - will not complain on your FF's delays..
Take your time and when you are ready , update kar lena.. I will waitDay Dreaming 
Coming to your OS -  It was really a beautiful fairy tale ,ofcourse with reality flavour here and there Smile 
Loved the girl when she didn't confess not to hurt her papa and loved the papa when he understood the unsaid emotions of her daughter and made her dream come true..Smile
My fav line of this update was :
I won't say that I would die without you, but yes, my life would be really difficult to live without you.
Thats what I said and will continue to say to my someone special...
P.S: Just now I noticed that its not a mayur OS  ,then that its not even in FF forum..  Great -  I can't believe it.Wink Probably its my first comment in IF on anything thats not on Mayur.

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 August 2009
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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nirvrithi

I am first

Yup u are......now read it and comment on it......

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Escapist Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 7:48am | IP Logged

Sorry mahi ! I left abruptly isiliye ....
Now coming to the update ...it was fab ! Smile

The way you expressed the emotions of both was fab yaar.....it's awesome.....
the time gap and all....and even love for parents !! 

I'm rendered speechless ...so I can't comment more :)

and I loved this the most ....
"His time period was over and he was returning to India. I wanted to confess but I didn't. I had no trust on him. It had taken him years to understand that he loved me too, what if he again betrays me? I couldn't take the risk again, besides my papa wouldn't have agreed."

God she not only loves the guy but also respects her parents a lot :)


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abb01 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 7:49am | IP Logged
Ab next time agar PM nahi kiya to like tab bhi press nahi karungi
Readers ke liye note itna bada aur Bechare Readers No PM CryCryCryCry
anyways enf of Drama
cut to update
You wrote a general story ,who ever wants there couple they can do it easily
only him and Her
that was beautiful
and the best lone from this was  
trust me that I love you a lot. I won't say that I would die without you, but yes, my life would be really difficult to live without you
I too feel Love doesn't ask anyone's life at anytime ,
i remebered the same line from our CC Life as not always Fairytales
But no doubt it was beautiful OS.
Note :  Hugfor you Mahi i respect your decision being away from IF and thats best thing u can do
it is the demand of the time that u should be serious for studies
go ahead with that and write when you feel you have some time nahi to hum itne achhe reader hai ki apni writer ke career ka dhyan rakhte hai
take care and luv,

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 7:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -shabnoor-


now i am definelty waiting.......

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FragranceOfLove IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2010 at 9:22am | IP Logged
Hey u guys better unreserve na!

i am dying to see your comments!

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