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Credit: .Lali for the Beautiful and Amazing bannerSmileClap

We Did It Guys
100 ThreadsPartyPartyParty

Page 2: Lets Have Some Ronak ShonakDancingDancing

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YuNa a Fabulous tale for many of us, will ever remain in our hearts as luvly couple n for giving us a luvly paradise "YuNa love island" and of all for giving us wonderful lovely hearts for friends.
YuNa, a remarkable couple with dashing dare devil Dr.hottieEmbarrassed, the ruler without a sceptre and the chirpy charm, his lady luv, naina will ever remain ruling our hearts. the tale is all like a classical tale where yuvi the determined young hottie falls for the pretty princess naina n turns an understanding luver who awits his lady luv's return n the charming princess awaits the right time to get into her beloved's hold n hugs... so they are made for each other, ever n ever....
Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana Sanam
Pyaar Hota Hai Deewana Sanam
Ab Yahan se Kahan Jayein HUM
Teri Baahon Main Mar Jaein HumEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Credit To Shilpa For the Amazing siggyClapClap And Credit to Yami for the amazing words aboveClapClap

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Sehban Azim (Yuvi)


Neha Julka (Naina)

Credit: .Lali for the Above Beautiful and Amazing bannerSmileClap

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100th Island Members MessagesParty


yuna-ever binding sizzling chemistry fabulously played by sehban azim n neha jhulka.....so intense pairing dat we cudnt resist ourself to go mad after them.....never forgettable jodi due to whom we r so tightly bonded wid fellow crazy yunaninas.....kuddos to SeHa for giving us such magnificient couple n chance to drool n go nuts over them again n agian endlessly.....LV always YUNA...here we go yunainas...congo on hitting century.....long live island n islanders...LOL...
my dear dear islanders are some of the wonderful people i hav met, my luv to all my luvly friends here...  n island is the coolest hang out were it rings fun n fun only... n yuna has become my most luvd tale n will stay in my heart forever...
100th islandDancingPartyParty
yuna rox and seriously gets us all going crazy.Silly
maybe we wont get yuna anymore but we will never forget all that yuna gave us.
yuna island 4eva & eva & eva.Smile
luv u all islandersHug
Frm Poornima:
Finally we r at the 100th thread....congrats to all the Yunains out there...its indeed been a long journey.YuNa will always remain special no matter what happened in the show coz they r what  made us witness  a beautiful story n made us islanders friends frm strangers.So a big Hug and warm wishes to all the friends i've meet here...Bhuvan,Yami,Nadz,Suj,Naina,Maryam,Lekha,Manal...and also to those whom i've yet to meet...

loads of luv'
Firstly let me say that I am really elated and over the moon by the fact that we have successfully reached the 100th island.

Journey to the Yuna Island

I got hooked onto DMG Season 2 only because of Yuna. I was never aware that there was an India Forums website that existed. While searching for Yuna related stuff, I came across IF and thats how I started exploring the site and thought of creating an account. Since I was new, I was clueless about how am I supposed to get started but then somehow I started interacting with Yami who then helped me explore my way to the island. Initially I was skeptical as to how would I be able to interact with strangers and would they accept me. Initially it did take time for me to know everyone and then slowly I started getting comfortable and the rest is history.

The islanders are now my family and I share my joys, sorrows and craziness with them. In fact they have become an indispensable part of my life. Never ever thought in the wildest of my dreams that a fictional couple would earn me so many good friends.

Last but not the least I am proud to have such lovely friends. You guys rock and love you all.

Hurray. How can I forget my emosLOL

Since i joined this thread i made some really good friendsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and i had i stillLOLLOL have great times wiht them at the Island if i am sad wiht their pagal talksROFLROFL i get happy...This thread learned me lots of stuff like how great singer i amROFLROFL ,that i should focus on school and what a great spammer i amROFLROFLROFL...Dont know what to say moreLOLLOL..
I just wanne congrats everyone for the 100th thread i never thought we would make it till 100 but we did wiht lots of spamming till 4 amROFL
Well first Of all i want to say YuNa are the best and will always beEmbarrassed Secondly this island is a paghal khanna and the only plave where i can show all my behoodinessROFLROFL akhir meri 4am tak spamming has achieved something we did it guysDancingDancing Suj ke emos Anji Ka HonewalaROFL and mere sehbu ke liye gaane have been the road to 100thROFLROFL Love all you behoodisHugHug
And my msg is that keep rocking the page, and never 4get Yuna=)
I love YuNa because when they came in, There was a change in dmg. There were bright anf funny epis and chemistry between actors was sizzlinh hot. For 2 years we had been watching same things, fight and make up of the same couples but never saw a nice ending to them but YuNa were different and above alll - THE BESTEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

A biggggggg congratulations to all YuNa-ians out there! You guys rock, and did an amazing job reaching 100 threads! May you keep moving ahead on and on! :D Congrats once again!

Shilpa -

100th Island Messages From Sehban And NehaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
thanks to all of u for making me feel so special and loved.
i not only feel loved but also highly responsible and inspired because of d constant feedback i receive from u'll.plz guide me in future too. i have a laid back attitude, but ul wantin to c me onscreen motivates me soooooo much.
yup i remem it was u ,d dreamy girl....sweet. tahnks 4 makin us a part of ur lives.
n how can i not appreciate d wonderful, amazing videos ul have made,so many nostalgic moments. A HEARTFELT THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!LOVE U ALL
Guys Sehbu was busy So could not reply but he said on his int That he loves all islanders and wishes all of us a great life ahead. He even said that he watches vms all day hes our behoodaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
P.S- Thanks to Anji and Naina for collectimg Messages and Maitz for telling me what colour of writing should be used u guys rockEmbarrassed

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Link to PreviousIsland's





Link to Next Island:
I Like to Move it Move itDancing
U LIke to Move it Move it
We like to

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YuNa 100th Island Siggies

By Shilpzzz awesome work girl and my fav is SeHa oneDay DreamingDay Dreaming
By Tina Awesome work againClap
Thnx soo muxh sumi for thisHug

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Credit:Danglez for the Above Beautiful and Amazing bannerSmileClap

Old Members:
Gaganjot. (24th July)
-Preeti- (26 June )
Trina- (16th June)
riddhzie - (oochita)-(2nd Jan)
-Sofia.786- (Sofia)-(10th Sep) 
AshiYuvi4Life(Komal) (16th June )
anwaya - (11th May )
Mariel - (Marielle) - (5th June)
angel_1692 (anshika) - (16th Nov)
Amit-Tandon (Sanya) - (1st Feb)
pakindmuziq (Iqra) - (17th June)
mevrulz4eva (23rd Jan) 
Qnz_diva (Fatima)- (28th Sep)
Krishy_ - (28th Nov)
hunder (PJ) - (19th Aug)
Eloquent (Harshu) - (4th July ) 
ayesha09 (Ayesha) - (1st July)
madz1 (Madhura) - (1st March)
KaSh.2030 (Naina) - (12th April)
RonaldoLover7 (rav)
N786 (Nayab) 
Knowalot2 (Kanya)
anglekti (Kruti)
piya2025 (Piya)
Chandnixxx (Chandni) - (14th April)
Javz (Jeveria)
KSG2 (Sanjana)
ayeshaD (Ayesha)
Jenifer. (13th October)
music_l0ver036 (Aaisma)
kash fan4ever (Sakshi)
maybe-just (Farah)
act12 (Jiya)
_Sonya_ (Sonya)
SKTani (Tani)
sweetu84 (Padma)
daffodils.dudu (Tanaya)
dmg_mjht (Esha)
pagli91 (Fahi)
kaneez-e-fatima ()

Inactive Members:

 Starry_night (Priyanka) - (13th Nov)
sunena2293 (Sunena) - (2nd Feb)
miss_precious (Safina) - (14th Dec)
...anshu... (anshu) - (18th Oct) 
 EssenceSkye (Sky) - (18th Nov)
priyanka4340 (Priyanka) - (20th april)
sups2222 (Supriya) - (23rd June)
Pocahontas (Niti) - (26th Nov)
0o.Leah.o0 (apporva)- (4th oct)
aish_punk - (7th Nov)
1kaarzoo (sana) - (22nd Mar)
SimplyNice (Alia) - (27th April)
adiarmaan (Adiba)- (11th Nov)
karan.my.armaan (Sukriti) - (12th Feb)
dmgfan03 (Neha) - (2nd Dec)
PreeyalKSharma (Priyanka) - (31st Jan)
KaShbaby_Riya (Riya) - (31st Oct)
-PZlicious- (Dhara)-27th April
*payal_15* (Payal)
Jatinthakkar (18th Oct)
pari_smile ()

Active Members:

-Naina- (27th October)
26javey26 (Javeria) (26 Sep)
Sofna - (Saeeda) - (17th Oct)
Tushtih7(yami) - (10th march)
anjananazir (anju) - (28th Mar)
tharuni (bhuvan) - (10th Nov)
fizza311 (Fizza) - (3rd Nov)
nadz_J (Nadia)- (28th Sep)
Nikita (nikz_sweetpoison)
Yuna4ever~ Maryam(4th November)
Gimzy ~ Girisha (26th September)
Sujsub-Sujanya(28th November)
Mehmysyls- poornima (11th January)
princessuma (sumi)- (13th July)
Supercool3- October 21st
bornalee.. - (22nd May)
LanaBurak(Lana)-(6th May)
ibdt2004 (Shilpa) - (4th Feb)
ArTiToTheEnd- Shamsa(Sam) 14th October
Mona1993- 17th June


Do PM Lana (LanaBurak), Javeria (26javey26) Dhara (-PZlicious-) or Nadz(Nadz_j)  if u want your name to be added in the list. PM the one who has opened the Island. Pm with your date of birth and your name


U guys know we are crazy right?..lolz
anyways as u all know we have TN (Team Naina) and TY (Team Yuvi)..so here are the members:


Team Yuvi

 Lana (LanaBurak)

Nitica (Pocohantes)
Jenifer (Jenifer.)
Komal (AshiYuvi4Life)
Javeria (26Javey26) 
Saeeda (Sofna)
Sakshi (Kash fan4ever)
Sana (1karzoo)
Sunena (sunena2293)
Mariel (Marielle)
PreeyalKSharma (Priyanka)
Fizza311 (Fizza)
-PZlicious- (Dhara)
Bornalee (Bornali Sharma)

 Team Naina

 Apporva (0o.Leah.o0)

Sumaya (princessuma)
Alia (SimplyNice)
Payal (*payal_15*)
Anu (*Adorable_Anu*)
Nadia (nadz_J)

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Pink Divider


 Find all Yuvi-Naina Love Scenes by Piya Here:




SBS - New doc in Sanjeevani

Seha SBS

December 4th, 09


YuNa On TellyTadka - 13th February 2010

YuNa- Picture Gallery **NO COMMENTS**




Dr. Naina Mehta Intro

Dr. Yuvraaj Singh Intro
All The docs - Yuvi & Naina - Sid & Tamana

Yuvraj Anjaane Khatrein Mein - 18 November 09

Kya Ho Gaya Mujhe - Naina

Naina Kahi Nahi Jayagi

WOHI KAROGI JO MAIN KAHUNGA (we never saw this scene in DMGConfused)

24 November 2009 Promo YuNa dancing on Just Chill (OMG yuvis style and nainas dressTongue)

Naina Yuvi Soft Scene


Dill Mill Gayye & Miley Jab Hum Tum - 12 December 2009 SPL PROMO

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