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Mystic Musings || Set A Fire And Watch It Burn

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So the fact that this edition of Musings is way late is completely and totally my fault. I apologise. Sincerely and deeply. But Musings 3 will be up by tomorrow or Friday latest, and 4 over the weekend. Rest assured, this will not occur again.

Also, be warned that this Musings is very long. I went into a Caroline-tangent, because it was her day to shine. Or burn. Right, ignore me.

A reminder -
orange is all Bhav, and purple is me.

et A Fire And Watch It Burn

Episode 2; Brave New World

The First Five Minutes:

It's sort of chilling how Caroline wakes up, as if she was asleep. A part of me hoped that the whole end of the last episode was a dream, despite knowing better. And then how she's so - normal when she wakes up. Asking for her mom, and being polite and everything.

idenote: that nurse needs to get fired for how rude she is.]

The only other person we've seen in transition was Vicki, and we all know how
that turned out. She was messed up, and craving raw meat, and so hungry. I think it was the drugs, partly, because apparently some drugs give you the 'munchies' or something like that. But because Caroline is this very controlled person, and very much caring about other people, the hunger is not at the forefront.

At least not until she sees (and smells) the blood. The way she reacts to it is creepy. Vicki pounced and gorged on everything and anything she could. Caroline appears to be resisting and fighting every instinct of hers, though she does sneak a packet of blood. It's like she can't control herself, but she's disgusted with herself at the same time, which is so utterly Caroline.

And then the way she drinks up all the blood, she gives in to the temptation, it's way creepy because we've gotten to know and love Caroline and to see her like that is such a change from everything we've know.

Kudos to the writers and directors and Candice for pulling off such an amazing and chilling opening.

The rest of the five minutes [and more] was a switch between the usual Elena trying to talk to Bonnie about vampires and Bonnie not being happy to Bonnie talking about Katherine and Elena getting annoyed. It's not so fun when you're on the receiving end huh Elena?

It was amusing okay. Did no one else see the irony? It's usually the other way around, and for once - Bonnie was doing the grilling and Elena was getting bothered about it.

The foreshadowing about Caroline made me want to cry though. How much it would pain (and did pain) them to find out what had happened to their best friend.

The first thing I noticed was WOW, that nurse is'*shakes head* I mean, seriously. Aren't nurses supposed to be all nice and sweet and caring and all? This one's just'"Can I get something to eat?" "Breakfast comes at around seven." RE: I'm busy, I don't want to be working the graveyard shift so just leave me the heck alone and go back to bed. Geez, woman.

So there's obviously quite a distinction in the ways Caroline turns and the way Vicki turns. With Vicki, she was just hungry, nothing but raw meat satisfied her. (Was she into Jeremy's blood? I forget.) With Caro, maybe 'cause she's in a hospital and all, the blood just'compels'her, for lack of a better word, just calls out to her in a VERY disturbing way. She makes the transition a LOT quicker, I think, than Stefan or Damon or even Vicki. And, well, she did it all on her own. I think her initial revulsion of her act of drinking blood, followed by her frenzy in drinking it later on, is creepy. And as if that wasn't creepy enough, it gets even creepier in the animalistic way she springs on the spilled blood bag and drinks from it as if it's the only thing keeping her alive. Which I guess in a sense it is.

Three creepy stars for the opening.



It's interesting how in the next part, Elena is throwing herself into carnival preparations to try and put aside that whole thing with Katherine and Damon and Jeremy, and then you have Bonnie who is just,
grilling her on all of it. And Elena is CLEARLY annoyed. It's kinda funny.

But at the same time, you
can see where Bon's coming from. If I were her, I'd probably be seriously confused too. And Bonnie does raise some valid points. Even if they're not what Elena wants to hear there and then.


Ohmygod, all the foreshadowing the girls make about Caroline, it makes me so uncomfortable! ): First, "We have to make Caroline proud, or she will KILL us'I don't know how she does this all the time." "Well, that's because she's not human, obviously." *both girls laugh*

And these just keep coming! It's enough to make you super uncomfortable, especially since you know that Caroline is dead and not human and she could very easily kill them.

not invincible

Jeremy seems to think that since he's got the ring now, he's invincible. He's not, Katherine proved that when she almost killed John, and Damon proves that when he manages to get rid of the ring from Jeremy's hand. While Jeremy's hatred for Damon is justified [
hello, the man/vampire/psycho killed him!], baiting Damon - is idiotic. Jeremy needs to learn that.

Though I've got to say, I was way disappointed about Jeremy forgiving Damon so fast. The end, while sweet in a very odd way, was disappointing. What is it with the Gilbert siblings and forgiving homicidal maniacs who have tried to kill them/the people around them so easily? I love Damon, but
seriously? Some sort of redemption - actual guilt and working towards forgiveness - would be nice.

"Jeremy, if I thought you wanted to kill me we'd be having a much different conversation."

I love this new, supremely confident Stefan. Okay, not so new, this Stefan was under the brooding one, but he's at the forefront now, and I'm loving it because this man/vampire has some great lines, a great rapport with the other characters - and he laughs! Laughs and smiles and his cracks jokes!

"Well today we have a distraction in the form of the slavedriver Elena. Hello, Elena."

Seriously, can he get more perfect? And I love that he's completely okay with Elena wanting 'normal' because he knows she means it in the sense that nothing going wrong during the day rather than in a 'you're not human, not normal I want nothing to do with you today' sort of way. It's like, she accepts who he is and what he can do as normal, but if anyone else pulled anything, then it's wrong. Case in point, the end of the episode where he remembers what she said about the ferris wheel and jumps them to the top. I want a Stefan now. [B, my birthday is coming up, get me a Stefan Salvatore? *smiles*]

Big Brother Stefan

The Stefan-Jer scenes are probably gonna make me pretty happy this season. (Though clearly not as happy as Jer/Ty scenes. Ahem.) And not just because Steven is very,
very pretty, and I cannot get over how gorgeous he is. But because Stefan seems like a big brother to Jer, and that's pretty sweet to see. *I will not mention the'position'in which Stefan is standing in relation to Jeremy. I must not mention that. With that arm against the locker, leaning against it, so protectively, over Jeremy, and looking at him in that way with that smouldering gaze'Oh my.*

Okay, so I LOVE this scene. "*laugh* Jeremy, if I thought you wanted to kill me, we'd be having a very different conversation." Can I just say that Stefan and Jeremy have such amazing chemistry? Here's seriously hoping I don't have a new 'ship now. (Can I request for a prayer for my sanity, please?)

*has just realised that Steven got a haircut* *squees* Dang that boy is gorgeous. (HE'S MINE.)


(Oh my god, Bhav, get over it! Get over how gorgeous Jeremy is before you talk about anything else, please?! *takes a moment* Okay, I'm good.)

It's eerie and almost foreboding how Jeremy keeps playing up the fact that he's'not vulnerable..with the ring on, while Damon's just getting more and more annoyed by Jer's bravado.

Damon, you
killed him. Cut the boy some slack and back off him? You don't have to provoke him so much, you know. And Jeremy. Really? I mean, really? He's killed you once and he can VERY easily kill you again, and you're TAUNTING him? Hun, please don't tell me you've got a death wish.

On the other hand, when you take the ending into consideration, when Jer is (in the hoodie) at Damon's place and they have a little conversation (that does not end with Damon holding Jeremy in a chokehold), their relationship has turned. Not quite sure what it's progressed to, but it's definitely progressed to something good. I mean, if Damon can joke about Jer's whittling skills, then it's gotta be good, right? I'm looking forward to see how they play out too.

Alpha Male

Okay, so last episode I was convinced that the alpha of the Lockwood pack was Uncle Mason. After the end of this episode, I'm not so sure.

Let's go in order first though. How hot did Tyler look shirtless? *squee* I didn't picspam, B did, so yeah. Photos to drool over below. [MINE PEOPLE. You can see, but he is mine.] Michael Trevino is gorgeous. And Uncle Mason's not so bad himself.

I'm a little weirded out about the way Uncle Mason (yes, I'm going to keep calling him Uncle Mason) asks so many questions about Tyler's anger issues but isn't forthcoming with much, if any, help at the moment. Erm, fill your nephew in, idiot, before he accidentally kills someone.

The whole moonstone thing is pretty cool though. I don't know what it's for - but I have my theories (next Musings, it has to do with episode three) and the way Uncle Mason's all 'it has no monetary value' etc. etc just serves to add to my reservations about him. He may be hot, but that doesn't mean he's one of the good guys. I mean, just look at Logan, Ben and Damon. [What does it say that two out of the three are dead? Not undead-dead, but dead-dead. Do I make any sense? Forgive me, it's late, I've had barely any sleep, and I want to watch another episode of Castle.]

One theory about the moonstone though - whoever has it is Alpha. A huge part of me thinks that might play a factor in the pack.

Uncle Mason's amazing fight skills do sort of remind me of the ninja turtles. That jump he did? Yeah - very ninja-y. The effects for the eyes are amazing though. Creepy and realistic.

I would now like us all to take a moment to bask in the hotness that is shirtless!Tyler. 

With a cameo from hot uncle Mason.

Who was not shirtless ):

Okay, now that that's done with. It's going to be interesting seeing how Mason takes Tyler under his wing. Which he clearly seems to be doing. He seems like a really shady guy, a more negative character than I'd want Tyler to be mentored by (like what was mentioned in the BSB AT, I think, I do NOT want Tyler to turn out like Tyler Smallwood in the books!), and I honestly wonder what kind of'father figure? Brother figure?..he'll make to Tyler. *is nervous for Ty* On the other hand, I'm glad for the bigger role Tyler now has. :D

Mason has mad skills. It's interesting how the alpha male dynamics change, even within the episode. Yes, I am referring to the ending, where Tyler has the moonstone. Even before that, when Mason's looking for the moonstone and Tyler comes in, notice how Mason keeps repeating the fact that the moonstone he's looking for has "minimal monetary value" and is purely sentimental. He's clearly hiding something from Tyler, and Tyler knows it, which is probably why Tyler seeks out the moonstone for himself. And it probably doesn't help that Mason lies to Tyler. I wonder, though, what are his motivations for doing so? He seems too self-centred a character to be hiding the werewolf thing 'for Tyler's own good'. Any ideas?

The Council

Really, once again, the amount of faith the Founders' Council has in Damon just amuses me. If only they knew the truth right? Though I think he's gotten fond of Liz Forbes and even Carol to some extent, now he's using this as a way to find out the Lockwood secret.

Damon spearheading the Founder's Council. 'Nuff said. *shakes head* Wow. Irony of ironies.

I've always known that Caroline was gorgeous. I mean, Candice is really, really pretty. I've known this since I saw her in the episode After School Special on Supernatural where she got to make out with teen!Dean and I had no clue who she was - but the subtle makeup differences they've done now just make her even more stunning. They've made the make-up around her eyes darker, and it makes them pop. Just so stunning.

I think it's a huge deal that Caroline is freaked out about her transformation. She's scared of what is happening to her, and what she can do - and what she may do to other people. It says a lot about her character. She cares about what other people think about her, how they feel about her - and it's translated into her being a vampire. She doesn't like hurting the people she cares about, and even as a vampire this is true. So very different from vamp!Vicki where she was a lot about the rush  and the high.

vamp!Caroline also seems to know a lot more about her abilities - everything that Damon made her forget because he was so secure in his compulsion of her comes back to her in bits and pieces and she knows a lot more than she did before. The innocence that her friends tried to preserve, the freedom from this horrible truth got her killed - and she woke up with that naivety gone, and remembering what she went through has given her an edge, a strength that Damon had taken away from her. She's a lot tougher than she was.

The way she keeps apologizing when she's feeding off the nurse makes it very obvious that she's still human, and still hurting and hates doing what she's doing only she can't help it. Even when she attacks Carter at the end, she's crying while she does it, and she apologizes. Her own actions horrify her - and ultimately, that is what keeps her from losing herself. She does not want to lose herself, because losing herself means losing everyone around her and possibly hurting them, and she cannot do that. I've said in earlier Musings that Caroline just wants someone to love her. If she lost herself to this monster that keeps rearing its head, she believes no one would love her - and she cannot live with losing the people she loves.

Caroline, in a sense, is the best representation of humanity on this show. It's sort of ironic that they've turned that into the living dead - but if they kept this essence of her humanity despite her lapses, it'd be tremendously poetic. This slip of a girl, this insecure, neurotic girl that is constantly overlooked, is the best of all of them because she cares, so much, about everything.

She is also, a teenage girl. And it is evident in so many of her lines. In the end, she's still Caroline. Matt and spending time with other teenager means everything.

The excuse she feeds the nurse
"My husband likes to get kinky" or something of that sort is so something a teenager would say, especially one like Caroline. And her joy in the compulsion - "I don't know how that works but it's brilliant" - is the joy of someone who would break rules and go wild with that power. Not kill-people!wild, but throw-a-party-with-alcohol-involved-and-charm-the-parents-into-not-grounding-them-for-life!wild.

Her confrontation with Damon was probably one of my favorite Caroline scenes in this show so far. Here we have a girl who's been physically and emotionally scarred by this man/vampire standing in front of her, who has been so terrified of everything he represents because he played on her insecurities and feelings and used her, fight back. She stands up for herself, doesn't back down, throws him across the floor - and then childishly says
"You suck." Admittedly, that threw me a bit. I expected something fiercer. Then I realized that it was such a Caroline thing to say. That entire scene was perfect.

Vampire!Caroline ' or Caroline, as she shall now be known, since, well, Caro's a vamp ' is gorgeous. Especially her eyes. IDK if they're lined darker or if the mascara is more obvious or what, but her eyes look a lot darker, which is an interesting way to show that she's not human anymore. And I suppose her time with Damon is why she's a lot more knowledgable about her powers and the limitations of being a vampire. Which doesn't help make her any less miserable over her situation. I'm sorry, I think my rush from earlier is slowly dying out now, which is not good 'cause I'm only ten minutes into the episode.

Poor Caro, though. She's so freaked out by her transformation, even though she's got a better grasp of what's happening than Vicki did. (Then again, Vicki was a train wreck. Caroline, thankfully, is not.) And yet the monster inside of her keeps rearing its head, and we see another side of Vamp!Caro too. Again, lemme emphasise how animalistic Caro is when she's feeding. It's enough to give you goosebumps.

I think there's a little debate on the SSLP thread on what kind of blood Caro will go for, and here's my take. I think Caro will do a Lexi (LEXI! :D Remember her? I miss her') and go for blood banks, because she clearly enjoys the strength that human blood gives her, and I don't think she'd be too happy with animal blood. Plus, she feels tremendously guilty over attacking people, so she would NOT be able to pull a Damon and sustain it the way Damon does. Vicki, she probably could have, but Caroline is so much different, so much BETTER than Vicki was. Caro has so many things to live for, for one thing, which I doubt Vicki had, which is why Caro would be so much more cautious about things'.


Oh, so many things to say about this couple. Most prominent among them just how much Matt has changed about Caroline. He wasn't as affectionate in season one as he is now. It seems like coming so close to losing her made him face his feelings and realize some things - and it's nice to see Caroline being appreciated and taking care of, even when her mood goes crazy because of what has happened to her. They complement each other.

Caroline not wanting to hurt Matt is probably one of the saddest things yet to be seen on the show. How she runs away from him because she's scared that she'll hurt him. The end, when she controls herself - after he admits that he is falling in love with her and she responds with a kiss to tell him she feels the same - just shows the depth of her feelings for him. She'll try not to hurt him, because she loves him and cannot live with hurting him.

[note: the song playing, OneRepublic's
All This Time, is such a gorgeous song and so apt for the two couples.]

Oh, Brother!

Stefan and Damon semi-get along now. *throws a party* I have got to say, I love that Damon no longer hates his brother (I'm still not sure he ever truly did, but he definitely acted like he did, now he just acts like an annoying older brother) and Stefan doesn't act like he doesn't trust Damon (again, not sure he ever lost that much faith in his brother, just that it hurt too much to be proven wrong again and again). Baby steps towards the relationship we've been shown snippets of in the flashbacks to 1864? I sure hope so!

And now, not just Damon has the awesome lines. Stefan does too! It makes for fun scenes.

"Aren't you worried that one day, all the forest animals are gonna band together and fight back? I mean, surely they talk."
"I'm just really glad that that's a uh, blood bag and not a sorority girl supplying your dinner."

The fact that they egg each other on notwithstanding [Damon bringing up Elena, Stefan bringing up Katherine], Damon still trusts Stefan with helping him find out about the Lockwoods. Something that we would not have seen happening in season one unless it was a flashback. Yayness.

Stefan willingly goes looking for Damon. I think a part of him (a huge part) likes hanging out with his brother and not trying to kill each other. Don't they look awesome together?

The banter is so refreshingly - not murderous. It's awesome.

And Stefan humors his brother, goes against Uncle Mason, and concedes defeat against both Mason and Damon's suspicions. I love that they're working together. And then of course, Stefan gets some hilarious lines.

"Ooh, maybe they're uh - ninja turtles."
"You're not funny."
"Or no, zombies, werewolves."
"No comedic timing. At all.

Brilliant. And I love how Damon is convinced that there is no such thing as werewolves. Both of them are convinced about that. And Damon, hun, it's ninja turtles, not combat turtles.

[oohh, one of the people I subscribe to on YT favorited this and I had to post it here:


So it seems Damon and Stefan are gonna team up to figure out the whole Lockwood family secret thing too. It's obviously too much to hope that Damon and Stefan will patch up their differences (I could NOT see that happening, and for SO many reasons!), but is it too much to hope that they'll come together a lot more this season, work together to deal with all the big bads that they're confronted with? THAT would be
tres awesome.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Damon's lines? "Aren't you worried that one day, all the forest animals are gonna band together and fight back? I mean, surely they talk." Oh, Damon. *giggles*

"Ooh, maybe they're'ninja turtles."
"You're not funny!"
"Or, no, zombies. Werewolves."
"No comedic timing. At all."

As much as I love Stefan, this exchange amused me. Sure, Stefan had the right deadpan expression at all, but I probably would have loved these lines more if Damon had said 'em, not because I don't love Stefan, but because Damon's lines are cuter. *ahem* :D

On a related note'"Since this is reality, and there's no such things as werewolves or combat turtles'" (But there ARE such things as vampires? *giggles*) I wonder how Damon will react when he finds out that the Lockwoods really
are werewolves'.

why do all the guys that hit on Bonnie end up dead?
The poor girl. Ben went out with her because of Anna wanting to use her for a spell. Carter gets compelled into fighting with Tyler and then gets attacked by Caroline because of the blood. He seemed to be a nice guy, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And Bonnie's other potential boyfriend ends up dead.

The girl is jinxed. She needs a guy to show interest in her, and only her, and have Damon get all jealous because the little witch has stopped paying attention to him. [and I know this will probably not happen for another few seasons' *pouts*]


Who is Katherine's real victim? Stefan? Or Elena? She obviously still wants Stefan, and she's presumably mad at Elena because Stefan's over Katherine and onto Elena. So perhaps she's killing two birds with one stone with Caroline ' awfully crafty of her ' but it still begs the question as to what Katherine is doing back in Mystic Falls to be answered.

to kill or not to kill

The whole sequence where they try to decide Caroline's fate is upsetting. A part of me agrees with Damon - that Caroline might hurt someone, or worse, if her mother finds out and harms her herself. The way he comforts her and prepares to kill her reflects last season's
"Are you going to kill me?" scene in how heartbreaking it is.

And then Elena stops him. And Stefan takes her inside leading to my favorite scene of the episode. [I'll go in depth for that later!] The Bonnie/Elena/Damon scene could have been handled better but I liked that Bonnie would go to all lengths to protect her family. Yes, it wasn't technically Damon's fault that this happened to Caroline. It was Katherine's. But I think a part of why Bonnie attacked Damon is so she wouldn't feel the guilt - she did after all tell him to give Caroline blood. The whole scene also shows Damon that Bonnie is not someone to be messed with. Those two need to start realizing that they have a common enemy and call a truce.

The way Elena stops Bonnie is great as well. She tells her that
"This isn't us." Which is true. Bonnie is not about revenge. If she falls into that, then she becomes no better than Damon, and the fact that Bonnie stops when Elena says this shows that she realizes how close she has come to doing something that she would never forgive herself for. She is all for justice and vengeance, not revenge.

[note: I love how Bonnie doesn't believe that Caroline's been turned until she grabs hold of Caroline's hand and feels it herself despite the blood all around her. And I find it heartbreaking that she backs away from Caroline and can't you just feel Caroline's heart shatter with that? Eugh, they have to fix this sisterhood. It's my second favorite relationship on the show. The first being the one between Damon and Stefan of course.]


The S-C scene was awesome. Like, really,
really awesome. I'm not in the mood to elaborate on it, but yeah, definitely sets Stefan up to be Caro's mentor. And honestly, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

If Jer had turned, I'd have wanted Damon to be his guide, simply because Damon would have felt at least a glimmer of responsibility, or maybe he'd have thought he owed it to Anna or something, that because he couldn't save her, maybe he could save Jer. But with Caroline, Damon would just drive her off the deep end, which is why I think Stefan is the perfect mentor. And which is why I don't think that Caro's gonna do fresh human blood.

favorite scene:

Stefan and Caroline in the bathroom as he gently cleans her up. It shows the two most human characters on this show, the ones that care the most, and feel others' pain - and ironically enough, both of them are not human anymore. An epic!relationship must brew her. If it's friendship, sibling!ship or even a bit of romance to show Elena that yes, other people do find Stefan way desirable now fight for your man before you lose him while you dither over what you may or may not feel for Damon - I just want something there. Caroline's a lot like Lexi - she makes Stefan smile, even when she was human. And with him taking care of her, I see a lot of teasing and good natured laughs in the near foreseeable future.

I'm sorry, there were just WAY too many awesome scenes in this episode. The Stefan-Jer scene, the Bonnie-discovering-Caro's-a-vampire scene, the Damon-Caro confrontation scene, the Damon-Jer scene, the Caro/Matt scene at the end, the Stefan/Elena scene at the end - I can't pick.

favorite quote:

ahh. I couldn't choose one. I loved both Candice's delivery of "I'm a murderer. I'm a monster." and the way Kat delivered her tearful "I can't believe this is happening."

It just makes me wonder what's in store for the rest of the season.

"No, it's not your fault, Stefan. It's no one's fault. It is what it is."
- Elena

I chose this quote because I think it contrasts REALLY well with what Bonnie says about how EVERYTHING is Damon's fault. There's probably gonna be a lot of Bonnie-hate after this, but as Viewbie, let's try to keep that to a minimum kay? But anyway, the way that both girls react to what happens to Caroline is interesting. (God I need a bigger vocab.) Bonnie blames Damon, when in a way, she was the one who agreed that Damon should give Caro his blood. But you see, Bonnie doesn't view vampires in the same way, and that's what you NEED to remember. For Bonnie, vampires have brought her nothing but trouble, while Elena is able to see that they're not all bad. Both girls have had different experiences when it comes to vampires, which is probably why Elena is so resigned with whatever's happened and will happen, while Bonnie fights back.

favorite character:

God, Stefan. I love how instead of blaming himself for everything [as another brooding vampire would do], he goes about and tries to help everyone he cares about. He's amazing. [again B, birthday, next month. Stefan, yes?]

Stefan. I like how he's so protective of everyone he ' or Elena ' loves. First with Jeremy, then with Caroline, and even with Damon, to a certain degree.

Wait, talking about characters - where were Jenna and Alaric?! Am I the only one who's wondering where they are??

favorite storyline:

Caroline's and how it's going to evolve and how it's going to affect everyone else. My main concern, of course, being how her friendship with Bonnie gets back on track. I need that to happen.

Again, there were so many amazing storylines in this episode. But I think I'm gonna pick the Jeremy storyline, even though it wasn't very significant. I mean, in season one, we saw such a messed-up boy, who was so shattered by the death of his parents that he went on this downhill path of self-destruction. And when Anna died, he tried to turn into a vampire just so he could shut his emotions out. It's so, so good to see him slowly picking himself up now, and after that final scene with Damon, I'm hoping things are gonna get better. *cuddles Jeremy*

favorite actor:

Candice. She's beautiful, and talented and she kept going back and forth in this episode between this heartbroken and scared girl, to this confident BAMF and then back again. She was so brilliant.

Candice Accola was genius in this episode, flitting from confident, I'm-loving-this vampire!Caroline, to freaking out, why-is-this-happening-to-me, in-the-end-she's-just-a-girl Caroline, and doing all those different aspects of vampire!Caroline so well.

overall thoughts and ratings:

I'd give this episode a 4/5. It was great and all, but I had some issues with the handling of certain things so one point gone for that. A lot of points went into the evolving of Stefan's relationships with people other than Elena.

I'm giving this episode a 4.5/5 because I loved so many little bits and pieces of it. The -0.5 is because I'm too selfish to give it way. *cuddles the -0.5*

The title of this edition is an allusion to the fact that Katherine started a fire of sorts by killing Caroline and now she's staying back and watching the show. And a direct comment on Bonnie setting Damon on fire.

I hope you enjoy. We look forward to reading your responses.

note: don't bash please. we respect all views, we're merely expressing our own.

See you at the next edition!

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Love the title.....totally apt for this episode!
i was kinda so glad tht caroline woke up, n yes part of me wishedit was a dream but i knew the inevitable, she turned! n i felt so bad for her, but yeah i agree maybe she knew more bcuz of wha happened to her with damon, n when she began drinkin the blood, i felt soo bad!!! but i was a lil happy when she stopped drinkin the blood but then she started drinkin again n i was screamin at the screen "no caroline don't!!!!" but yeah i agree she's transitioned much btter than vicki did!!!
ok Jeremy was jus looking for trouble, damon tried to kill him, why is taunting damon.....ok since i love both jer n damon, i wanted 2 yell at damon as well, actually i was yellin at the screen "damon....stay...away...from....Jeremy!!!"
ok the jeremy n stefan scene....loved it!!!! n love those pikz....n B......i wasnt even thinkin bout the position stefan was in until u mentioned it!!!!! plz stop shipping the guys together.....leave it at jer-ty please....
Radz...plz stop callin Mason....Uncle Mason!.....callin him uncle makes him sound old n not gorgeous....where as callin him Mason makes him sound young n irresistible....ahhhh tht scene......topless tyler (see my tvd hit list) n yeah at the mo Mason looks like alpha male but i reckon Ty will b the alpha male...the whole thing with the gemstone was out of my thinkin lol Mason's fightin skill were not ninja turtle-y they were awesome!!!!!
*takes time drooling over ty*
I had no idea Caro was in i reckon i was payin 2 much attention to dean...neways Caro makes a kick-ass vamp!!! esp he scene with damon, totally shows, she knows exactly what's happened and she knows exactly what damon did! im so glad stefan is the one mentoring i reckon she'll b gd on animal blood...i hope...
the stefan-damon my i loved it!!!! have i mentioned how much i love season 2 stefan....not only is he looking hotter but he has better if to say dmaon isn't the only witty salvatore!!! the ninja turtle comment had me laughin like no end!!! n the damon comment about the animals banding together to get their revenge on stefan...hilarious!!! and the arm wrestling match......ahhhhh heaven....let me drool again over the guys standing there with their arms folded.....
the whole "shall we kill caro-not kill caro" i ws definitely yellin at damon to stay away from caro....i was so greatful for stefan saving her...n the stefan-caro scene......shows how much human despite not being human stefan is.....but the bonnie settin fire to damon...i love damon, no matter what he does lol, weird i i was sooooooo angry at bonnie, but then i kinda saw where she was comin from....she felt a lil responsible as she did tell damon 2 give caro his blood...n it was the guy she was flirting with who was the victim...but im happy she didn't kill damon as we know she is capable of doin so... :(
all in all a great MM again.....maybe bcuz of the lovely ty pikz....*goes back 2 drool again* hehehe
 btw i love tht video!!!!!!! lol didnt get 2 watch it at work, but jus sin it so hilarious

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-dhruvi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2010 at 9:30am | IP Logged


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Good- I was missing it and glad to know 3 in a row is in my way woop woop. I was deff expecting lots of Care, yay. Let's get it started!

Haha I agree- waking up and the nurse comments. I love how you guys analyzed her human-self transitioning to the vampire-self. She is deff is the most controlled vampire during transition *nods* I knew it from the first five minutes Candice/Caroline will be the star - kudos to everyone *claps* Oh wow, completely agree on the Elena/Bonnie situation and foreshowding - I legit has chills hearing that. Oh snap!

Yes to the Jer comment. Everything. *grins at the Stefan comment because its so true* Awww at the SE scene because I know what happens at the end. Haha Bhav I'm with you on the JS bromance I love it. I love the bromances and frienships in this show. Seriously anyone/Stefan makes me happy. I need the prayers too lol. I noticed the cut, happy I like this look better but all yours Bhav. Oh love the way you put the DJ scenes.
Haha Radz your Mason/Ty interpretation are so funny, in a good way *chuckles* Oh I was deff thinking Mason might be not good guy but whoa at the Logan/Damon/Mason comment - there is something new to look at. Nice points. And oh wasn't even thinking it could be for Alpha purposes I was thinking it did something when the full moon was present or something. Like the book - I can't remember was it a moon statue thingy? I dunno was a long time ago.
vamp!Care in my view is just the same - I'll let my laziness slide and say ITA. End of story. And yes D/C scene is deff on my top 3 scenes. Perfection and amazing to the max.
Aww yeah- Bonnie is in need of some seriously loving and so is Damon. I am suggesting something, maybe lmao. B/C scene broke my heart. B/D/E scene: meh. I do love how E/B were at the end though, nice to see that finally. S/C are amazingness, I love that they took the apporach I wanted. I want  some serious SC superdupercuteness. And yes J/D for me too.
Faves are all the same but I'd deff rate this 4.99* almost perfection.

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Wow cool post..:)

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