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Sokku comes home with others and the sisters ask Kamu about the Mappilai matter. Sokku samalyfies the matter and makes Devanai and Kamu go back to their home peacefully. Adhukku appram Sisters kitta avanga amma explains the whole story and gets mad on the mappilai and family for not able to see Kamu's good heart.

Gopi comes home and informs Ragini and Geetha about all what Malar's sister told him.Sisters are shocked but still confused about all what they heard.They both decide to go and meet Malar in person.

Malar sees them waiting outside their house and calls them inside. Avanga sister who sees the gals follows Malar to insult them. She asks if they had come for money matter. Paavam sisters who couldnt open the matter had to pretend that they had come to meet Malar to ask about the beautician course.

Malar assures them that she would do it b4 her wedding. Idhu kettatum sisters ku ore shock. Malar's sister uses this chance to insult them talking about their culture for not wishing Malar on the happy news. Malar stresses that she was getting engaged on the same day of Gopi's engagement.

Rohini asks them to return the 60,000 they got for her father as they were in need of money for the marriage preparations. Both sisters cry and run out of the house. Malar shouts at her sister for insulting them but Rohini doesnt give any concern for her sister's words. In return she shouts at Malar for being so down to earth, which made everyone take advantage of her.

Kamu sitting in the hospital reception and Devanai comes to talk and console her. But nothing seems to be working. Kamu shows her frustration and agony about being rejected due to her looks.She asks Devanai not to force her anymore. Dev consoles her telling one day someone would surely come to liking her. Immediately Kamu replies 'Appidi oruthan vandha ungalku avana pudikkathu' and she leaves

On the way Kamu meets the guy who likes her. He asks her about Pandy's condition and she thanks her for helping Pandy in such a situation inspite of all what her brother had done to him.

Then he asks her about the mappillai matter and she in surprise asks him on how he got the info. He replies that if they keep on thinking about someone who they like very much then all these news will reach them automatically as avanga pathi theriyanum nu eppome aasa irukkum and thats due to their sheer care and concern.

Kamu finally asks him about the factor which made him like her.Adhukku he replies that he could never classify and tell factors as on the whole he liked her a lot and thought about her kept him happy. She leaves the place silently.

Mappilai and family comes to Malar's place to take her for Nitchaya podave selection.Mappila sir asks Malar to accompany them but she refuses telling she had work.. He tries to convince her and even force her to come with them but she hesitates to go.

Rohini who sees all this pushes Malar and makes her sit in the car and tells them to leave (Adada so Maha Malar encounter a next? Rendu perum podave vangarthukku nu kalambeetaangale?).

The sisters cryingly comes to Gopi and informs about all what happened in Malar's place. He first gets upset on the fact that his sisters went to meet Malar in her house, that too without asking him.

They confirm the news of Malar's wedding and also tells about the day she was getting engaged. They also informs him about the change in Malar madam. They make him understand that Malar was getting married but not with her own interest.It was just a compromise. Gopi sad and in deep thoughts


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Monday (27/09/2010)

'Sam'min Leelaigal

Pullayaar Suzhi potta mathiri aarambam namma Saam Annan's entryWink.. Ore Gala Gala sirippoda he comes with his appa and wishes his pretty girlsLOL. The gals giggle as a reply. Sokku sir gives a suggestion about getting the nitchaya podave soon as the next day is Edhir Virundhu..

Sudan sir and Sam paraparappu discussion about Pee Pee family and Karasev family .Sam comments about the KS aunty's saapidum ability but doubts about her samaikkum abilitilyLOL. Sudan also agrees to that. Idhellam orama irundhu ketkara Pushpa asks them to keep quiet.

Maha without even thinking about anyone,proceeds furthur inside the house to see Gopi. Kamu talks to her but Maha is busy to find Gopi.She calls Gopi to take the Podave. He refuses. Pushpa comes for recommendation but Gopi again refuses.Maha ku kovam vandhu she starts to torture with her psycho questions..

Ragini comes to the rescue but Maha asks everyone to keep out of the affairs betweens her and her mathan.. Ragini also doesnt give up.She comments on the torture given by Maha. There starts a hot argument which is broken by Sokku's entry

He hands the money to Gopi and asks him to accompany them telling it would make Maha happy
(Neenga thaan andha ponna chellam kuduthu ippidi keduthirkkeenga.. how far will u nod to all her adamant requestsAngry. )

KS family busy checking the grocery items for the Virundhu. KS aunty comments on the alpa budhdhi of KS uncle getting commision by reducing the quantitu of the grocery.Selva asks them to reduce their volume as Mahes was nearby and could hear their alpathanama talks and comedies.

Two thaadimama's come to their house in bike (Aiyo paaka evalo bayangarama irukkanga.)They ask for the house keys. KS uncle explains the situation and they call the house owner and talks to him over the phone. They again repeat to have th keys. Both the thaadis asks them the final time to handover the keys and KS uncle assures that once the virundhu is over they would go directly and hand the keys to the owner. Both the thaadis leave the place..

Podave kadai,Gopi's family busy taking the podave and Gopi looking somewhere. On the other end its Malar's maapilai and family selecting podave and Malar with her pathos feel looking somewhere. She walks to one saide and Gopi too walks near by her but not noticing her.. Maha goes with a Saree and asks his opinion by showing the podave blocking her from seeing Maha.Same way Malar's Mapilai shows the podave calling her name.. Both the Mapilai and Maha are holding the saree and they cant see the other end,but Gopi and Maha are well aware of each others presence in that shop now. Rendu perum looking at each other with pathos feel BGM
(Aama idhukkonnum korachal ille, vaaya thorandhu solla mattum seyyatheengaAngry)

Maha and Mapilai rendu perum onnume theriyama edho curtain screen pudukkara mathiri Podave pudichikittu waiting for approval aana no response. Maha's podave screen is down and she spots Malar and her Gopi mathan with their eye locks.

Maha now in full tension. She snaps her pothan from his dreamworld and asks him about the podave.One the other hand Malar is also asked about her opinion by her mapilai. Malar uses this chance to intro her would be to the other couple. Aiyo Mahakku oru kushi after hearing that word Would be from Malar.

Maha holds Malar and ore pugazh paattu about Malar.. Ivanga romba nallavanga,naalum therinjavanga, edhayum thaangaravanga nu adukki kitte pogaraanga (Ammadi, konjam rewind panni paaruShockedShocked, Mahes kalayana mandapathile ennallam sonne nu nyabagam irukkaAngry?)

Nyabagam Irukkiratha?
Malar veetukku velile ninnu
Vaarthayale avangale insult pannathu
Nyabagam Irukkiratha?

She comments on their jodi porutham and asks the mapilai about her jodi portutham with her Gopithaan...Adhukku avar yosichu Soopper,Made 4 each other nu sollaraaru.Malar asks him to carry on and tells him that she wil be waiting in the car as she was having a headache. Maha doesnt leave her as such, she invites her for their wedding again and asks her to come without fail.

Maha pulls Gopi and takes him to her father and brother. She mentions about the paal vadiya mugam of Gopi and asks them how they could blame Gopi and create stories about him having an affair with Malar. Adhukku Sam kuduthaaru oru nose cut.. "adi paavi epidi balti adikkara' annaikku ellar munnadiyum avanga rendu perayum vatchu scene potte'ippo ennachu..Maha emotionala pesinataam
(Idhu eppo emotionala pesudhu, eppo ozhunga pesuthu ne theriyala.) She calls him cute and pinches his cheeks (vera velaye illaya indha ponnukuAngry)

Sam's new complaint file pannaraaru..He asks for justice. He mentions about his sister younger to him,a gal getting married soon and he being a guy still a bachelor nu. Sudan gets mad and asks Maha to handle the situation. Maha asks him to decide on who to marry among the 4 gals.. He approaches everyone single single....

First he goes to Kamu and asks her to wait as she was the last in the list. Then he goes to Ragini and proposes her.He asks her to marry him and he would make her settle in Bangalore. He mentions about their jodi which would be the centre of attraction.Ragini also comments on that statement telling that everyone would defenately watch her going with a Monkey.. Idhu kettathum Ayyakku kovam vandhu nejamave monkey mathiri react pannaraaruShocked

Next appointment with Geetha. He asks her to marry him and get settled. She asks him to leave but he asks her to understnd his feelings. ore romance paarvayoda she asks him for a Kiss. Hayya idhaan saaku nu he rushes to kiss her and she moves away and he ends kissing the pillar

Adhuthu Paramu, she asks him to stand straight.He obeys her but avaroda straight enna nu namakku theriyatha? Haha aiyo aiyo... Paramu ore oru dialogue thaan 'Nera nikka kooda mudiyale, unakku kalyanam oru keda?'

Last Kamu kitteye vaaraaru. He asks her for her ambition. She tells to get married and two cute kids. Sam asks her to marry him as only he could fulfil her wish. Kamu asks him to stop his non sense. Maha comes to the scene and asks him to tell the name of the gal. He tells that Mahes was the gal as he would give maruvaazhvu to her.. Podhume namma Pancha Paadavis serdhu ore kuthu thaan

Mothu Mothu nu Motharaga Motharaga
Kuthu Kuthu nu Kutharaanga Kutharaanga
Paathu,Sam Mogaraya Paathu
Ada Gumunu Thaan Gumunu Thaan
Gummankuthu Kuthu

Mapilai comes with Malar and drops her,talks to his would be mama and asks Malar to come with him just talk with him. He asks her to be free with him and not to hesitate to share anything with him. He asks her to consider him as a friend and not a husband for now. He then tries to flirt a bit and goes to kiss her hand but she takes her hand off. He reminds her that he was her would be hus.She asks him to be a friend atleast till marriage. He apologises and leaves.

Rohini comes
(Oh nee thaan ma baaki. Maha and You both are gone casesAngryAngry).. She comes to give her comment on Gopi and his presence which disturbed Malar. Malar tells she was sorry for Gopi and it was painful to see her. Rohini says she felt sorry for Maha (aiyo enam enathoda thaan serum nu summava sollarangaAngryAngry)

Rohini then takes interview asking Malar about her feeling when she saw her ex(Romba mukhyam, therinju enna pannaporalaam?Angry) tells that she was able to feel Malar's thavippu( aana Malar ku thaan paavam Un avasaram puriyala.Ille?AngryDead) but she tells she was wrong feeling like this now(Nee mattum Gopi ye Malaroda Aalu nu sollarthu mattum sariya?Angry)..


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Wednesday 29/9/10

Starts with the Peepee kudumbam standing outside while the Karasevu kudumbam
is behind the bars. Mahesh cries copious tears and the peepees now know that the
house is rented. Vazhai elai vaanga pOna mahanubhavan innum varalai !!!  Chance for
Peepees to veluthu kattufy. And Deivanai makes hay while the sun shines - shouts at
the head of karasevu and digs at her own hubby and senior peepee - " I said that some
thing was not right with this family when we came here before marriage, appO ellarum
yen vayai adaichinga....ippO??" Shanthi  is at a weak wicket..... Selva has lost his mouth....
Mahesh criessssssssss - finally the peepees learn that the house owner has locked them
in as they refused to vacate the house. Mr.Shanthi arrives, finds the scenario and herds the
Karaikudi kudumbam to the Kovil mandapam "  all of you please stay there for a while.
I will talk to the house owner and release my clan.." Senior peepee is heart broken to see his daughter behind the bars - bids a teary farewell " key vantha apram varren.."

The whole jing bang is at the temple tank - Paatti is eating her pOttalam - Peacock has become nondhu noodles - "look at mommy, happy aa saapiduthu !!!! Enna, Karasevu veet
 le sapida vendiya pOttalathai inge vaichu labakkuthu.." Senior says " amma thaan right. Namba thaan feeling kaatti ...sapidame...Odambai keduthu kittu.."  While the peepees are uruging, Pirai is feeling hungry - shouts at peepees for their excellent sambhandham and demands food. Nalla kaalam, Thirumurugan wanted to ease the situation - uses darling Sambhandham judiciously - the word "sambhandaham" brings our duck walk to the front - only to be told by dad that he was not the subject " ivanga pannina sambhandhathai sonnen da.." Duck walk has managed to find some murukku from somewhere - "enge da chellam, appa kku??" Kozhandhai oru chinna bit kuduthu ttu ..adjourns  to senior peepee - " maama, Mahesh ai ipdi behind the bars paarkka kashtama irukku, veliyile kudutha ipdi thaan... bakki irukkira  4 girls le....onnu enakku??" Senior peepee is actually looking forward to a willing victim " enakku palaar nnu yarai yanum araiyanum pole irukku, vaadi chellam.." Duck walk scoots. Mr.Karasevu comes with his vazhai elai kattu and says " venue owner prisoners ai release panna poraar...dum dum dum.." All rush to see the release of Mahesh..Mr.karasevu wants some murukku from duck walk.....enge?? appanukke peppe..ivarukka kuduppan??? The jing bang sees the house owner on the way - senior peepee requests "one month time kudunga, avanga vacate panniduvaangs.." time granted...prisoners released. At last Mahesh kku real release is in the vicinity. The moment the lock is released Shanthi finds her tongue as Deivanai shouts more. "pOna pOrathu nnu paartha....pesikitte pOringa??? Naanga nalla thaan irunthOm, intha peedai, athan unga azhumoonji Mahesh vantha apram thaan ...all this..." This angers senior peepee no end  - shouts back, herds his clan in to the van and tells Mahesh " they do not deserve a
Mahalakshmi like you amma, let us go home.." All leave, Selva begs and pleads to Mahesh,
Mr.karasevu sings " pOraale Maheswari, 15 poun ai kazhuthil pOttu, bhuvva kku enna seyya, sollu Shanthi.." Shanthi did not expect such a turn of events...Selva shouts at his clan for thorathufying Mahesh...Shanthi wonders " yenna ithu?/ Na eppOvum pesara mathiri thaane pesinen??" (yeah sure)

Karaikudi - Kinathadi mahanaadu of peepee girls. Mahesh says that arranged marriages
are failures. " love marriage panni yiruntha, at least we will be loved and when the in-laws
demean us, hubbies will support.." This jolts Kaamu and sets her thinking. Paramu says
that the guy should be loaded " see, ellathukkum money thaan reason, panam neriya iruntha
no problems !!"  Maha feels that she has not talked for a long time " Take my case, love and
arranged !!" Rahini rightly points out "yours is not is an arrogant marriage !!
Love panrennu oruthanai miratti kalyaanam panra ore pOnnu nee thaan!!" All of them
laugh - nalla respite for an azhumoonji episode..


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