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Monday (13/09/2010)

Virundhu Update

(Indha mathiri virundhu nadandha naama BP ku Marundhu Saapdavendiyathu thaan)

Nadaswaram PPP PPP
Mela Chatham Dumm Dumm Dumm
Ennalume Nadaswaram Ketkumbothe
Veedu Kooda Koyilaagume

Break (Ennadhu? Edutha odana breakaConfused? Ini enna vara pogutho)

Ahaa Virundhu is ready in vessels and the gals are busy spreading the jamakkalam for the quests. There comes Mahes with her Karasev family. Sokku Gopi and all greet them and make them sitSmile.

Mahes is taken inside by the girls and they have a discussion on her life with the Ks Family. Mahes also doesnt leave the chance.She explains about her in laws who were greedy for money,panam panam nu alayaraanga (Apidi podu ma. u will surely survive.. Avanga torture thaanga sakthi venum and that u have for sure). She even talks about her husband who is a puppet controlled by KS aunty.

Appidi Pugundha veedu perumaya pathi sollikitte poranga. Ragini and others tell Mahes to give them left and right if they troubled her. Adhukulle comes KS aunty. She sees the group formation and asks if they were talking about her,as they stopped their chat once she entered. Adhukku Ragini and the other kuty sister tells that if it was about KS it owuld definately be bad talks only as she never deserved to be praised for anything.KS aunty gets into an argument with the gals but leaves the place asking Mahes to continue her gossips.

Malar comes and PP's whole family welcome her lovingly and she goes inside to meet Mahes first. She asks Mahes about her life and then tells she wanted to talk to Gopi urgently. She goes out and asks Gopi to come outside the house with her. She tells him that there was something important which she wanted to share with him in private.

They go outside and b4 they start talking one akka comes and asks them to join the function. Gopi greets her and asks her to go inside. She goes inside and they continue to move a bit forward for some privacy.. B4 she could open her mouth there comes Patcha Kili storming in with anger seperating them. Aama adhu Maha ve thaan.

Appram as we all know its Maha Thandavam thereAngry. She shouts and bring everyone out of the house.. Gopi raises his voice this time but Sokku interferes and asks them to be silent. No use, Maha goes on talking and Mayil tries to console her but gets insultedOuch. This time Sokku tells her to mind her words and that her insulting Mayil is like insulting Sokku.

Maha now comes out of her madness and tries to convince Sokku that she was doing it on purpose. All the girls come in support of Gopi and Malar. They ask Maha to control instead of acting stupid. Kamu reminds her that Maha thinking about herself as the DIL of that house doesn't mean she can do anything.Instead of creating scenes she should be supportive to the family.

Pirai and family comes running and shouting. The whole koottam comes to Maha's great deed of locking her family and coming out alone. KS family uses this chance to start their Music. Appram its between Ks family and Pirai.Again Sokku Mayil comes and stops them.

Adhukulla Maha starts that it was her dream which made her do it and it would have come true if she hadnt barged in like this. She asks Sokku to conduct their marriage now itself (Aiya this gal is making everyone madAngryAngry.. Kalyanam mattum thaan vaazhkaiya? degree ippo thaan join paneerka. is she aware of al that? Eppo paathalum Gopi Athane KattikanumDeadDead.. KodumaD'oh)

Sokku tells she has to wait. Then she asks him to conduct atleast engagement (Cha sariyana Alayal pisaasuDead). Sokku then asks Pushpa about it and andha amma also tells her anna to do the enagement soon.(she just wants to escape from her husband's torture about Maha's marriage..She is not at all bothered to knw whter the guy is also interested or not)Sokku then tells his decision to have the engagement soon and there comes the next headache. Aiyo its Devanai now..

She starts screaming about Kaamu's fate and asks Sokku about his promise to her to have Kaamu married after Mahe's wedding. Sokku again assures her that Kamu was his daughter and he would sell anything and everything and conduct Kamu's wedding. Devanai is now silent.

Sokku consoles Maha and asks her to wait. Sokku then tries to console Malar for having to face all this. Adhukulla comes Malar's Annan with his gang. Then avaroda music starts (Aiyo mudiyala da
D'oh.)He tries to slap Malar and Gopi stops him and there starts a big fight... Yaarellamo adichukkarannga. Who is hitting who nu onnume puriyale.. Selva also joins the fight hitting Malar's anna and Mahe stops him.
Then Malar's anna goes away.. In between one lady comes with a gal (idhu yaaru? aiyo mandaye picthikkalam pole irukkeAngry) She sees someone and escapes from him.

Idhukellam naduvile, KS family comments mela comments and aunty asks him whether they were going to put soru for them or should they leave the place..Paavam Sokku sir asks them to wait for 2 mins.

Sokku then tells Maha that he would get her engaged to Gopi soon. She asks for a date and threatens them that she would jump if they dint give her a date (Guthichu thaan tholayein. Atleast engalku nimmathi kadaikkum..) Finally the Jyotsiar gives them the muhurtham of 3rd which is in the next 4 days. Maha asks for a date b4 3rd (enna ponnu iva?).Sokku convinces her and then asks them to join for the virundhu.

 Mayil sees both Gopi and Malar expressing their shock on the news thru their eyes. Mayil reads everything and calls Gopi aside. He asks Gopi to share his true feelings and assures him to have his wish fulfiled but Gopi looks at Malar for a sec and then turns.Mayil goes inside and Sokku apologises to Malar and asks her to join them for lunch but she refuses telling she cant have food anymore.. Gopi to console Malar and come inside.

Gopi and Malar share an eye lock and Malar talks in pain and expresses her anger on Gopi's silence. She calls him adimuttal and leaves
Gopi also gives an expression. It dint seem to be his helplessness but its as if 'Nee sollarthu sollikko but naan ippidi thaan'

Thodarum (oru scene thaan kaamichanga but andha oru partleye evalo drama.. Nondhu poyitein)

CryIdhukku thaan ivalo scene pottu ad kuduthaaCry

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Wednesday  15/9/10

Both Pirai and duck-walk bro are busy kOmbu seevufying - " pO, pOi
avan collar ai pidichu kelu, Malar unakku yaarunnu??" Maha Express
starts its journey and ends up in front of rubber mouth Gopi. First says "forgive me for talking about you and Malar like that. I trust you but not her. neenga en kitte irunthu thappikka (???!!) koodathunnu thaan apdi seythen" . Rubber Mouth has a look which says "ada chee pO" - and of course the stupid express does not see that (or she just ignores it ??) Tells Gopi that there are some people who try to separate them - " I believe you fully, antha aasami galai panna thanni le visham kalanthu kuduthuduven" - both Pirai and duck-walk are shocked and Gopi sees them as well. (Yovvvv, unakkum visham vaichuduva iva, apram unakku nadu veet le samathi katti, kudumbame ukkanthu azhum, ok ya??) Pirai meets the josiyar and asks "enna yya, sooniyam laam onnum velaikki aagalai?" Josiyar
says that one of the sooniyam recipient is in the hospital "pozhaippana nnu kooda santhegam!! What we have planted is a time bomb, this engagement won't happen, be rest assured." Malar's house - as usual Malar's dad shouts at his son for his atrocious behaviour. After dad leaves the kudigara son goes and releases
his friend from the den. Both plan to manhandle Gopi. Looks like the mobile jwellery shop girl's family has a score to settle with that jail bird. Onnum sariya puriyalai !!!

Senior peepee's place. The Shanthi gumbal is leaving - she invites every one for an "ethir virundhu" (Roja kathile ETHIRI virundhu nnu kettuthu !!) Pirai wants his clan to leave and as usual Maha Express refuses to budge from Gopi Station. Again as usual senior peepee drills some sense - he was kind of vexed with Maha - "every time solli solli kudukka mudiyaathu" - "Engagement happens in the bride's
house . We are coming there and so you have to be there, gotcha??" Maha express accepts but not before announcing to Gopi athan that she feels shy "first time in my life !!" (yeah sure, we only know too
well !!)
After the Pirai clan's exit, senior peepee goads Shanthi gumbal to stay for one more day. Every one except Mahesh are game. Mahesh gives a coy look to her beau and the clan leaves.

Meena and other two ladies of the compound approach the mobile jwellery shop girl and her mother - ask them about the man who
came with Malar's bro - "enga kitte sonna , namba orutharukku oruthar help pannikkalaam " ( Gossip kku ipdi oru avtar??) The lady says that it is a big, sad story "may be later??" The disappointed trio
Mahesh kku first night. Selva is all smiles. Nunalum than vaayaal kedum - asks Mahesh "why did you insist on coming back??? We could have started our life in your dad's place??" Mahesh says that she loves Selva for defending Gopi. "panam innikki varum nalaikki pOgum. We need to support our own kith and kin. Ithu unga sontha veedu, inge neenga crawl panni vilaiyaadi iruppenga, inge namba
life start panrathu thaane right??" Selva "scorpion bitten thief " aagittar.... but manages to woo Mahesh...


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Friday (17/09/2010)

Mahes attacks KS Family with her questions

Mahes gets to knw that the house was rented and not owned by KS family. She goes inside and starts crying out loud. KS family comes to console and convince her but she gives them left right centre nu pottu vangaraanga. First time in KS family's history they are silent, not about to shout or react.Thappu avanga side le aache..

She goes on shouting about KS family being fraud, pithalaattam etc etc.. KS aunty tries to convince her telling now she is also a part of them and their problem is hers too.. Mahes gives her nicely telling about her nature when they came to knw when the chain was duplicate. KS aunty all silent and muzhichifying today.

Sokku calls on Selva's phone and Selva shivering with fear gives the call to Mahe and requests her not to tell anything about the veedu matter. Mahe morachyfies and talks to her dad. Sokku finds out from her voice thats something is wrong and tries to clear his doubt by talking to Selva and KS aunty. After talking to all he clearly gets it that something was wrong with his daugther's happiness.

Deivana in the hospital worried about Pandy and there comes Valli with an alliance  for Kamu. Mayil also hears about the Maapilai. he is from Dubai, working there and wished to see Kamu on saturday. Mayil then mentions about the Edhir Virundhu part and there starts Deivana's music.. Mayil then takes her  to Sokku's place and tells the matter .. Sokku replies that Kamu's matter was important than the virundhu and convinces them that they could have the virundhu on Sunday too.. Deivana is happy now.
Kamu expresses her sadness in getting ready for the ponnu paakara matter.

Sokku then takes her side and gives a suggestion about have the meeting in a kovil so that once they like the gal they can come home and fix the alliance.. Everyone is happy with this suggestion. Kamu is not fully okay but still she doesnt react this time. Mayil asks about calling the KS family but Sokku tells he was directly going there to meet his darling daughter

Gopi in his shop and the kutty payyan with his lecture on how to take care of sontha vaazha, then think about family etc.. The 2 kutty sisters come and call Gopi to accompany them to give the palaharam to their dear ones.. Gopi goes and gives the packets one by one. Malar madam's sister comes and tells Gopi she had something imp to tell him about her sister's life.. Gopi is now worried when he heard Malar's name. He was eager to knw what happened to Malar madam.. His sister finally informs him about her sister who loved him sincerly..

Gopi shocked or sad? The 2 sisters have heard the announcement too.


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Monday archives

Monday 20th september 2010 episode update

Chichuation song:Lyrics penned by ECLAT.....ClapClapLOLLOL
           Niththam niththam nellu sOru..maha vaaila maatuvaaru
Sethuvechchu adi unakku vizhapOgudhaiyyaa
gopi ippo tailor illa dhobi thuNingayyaa..


Malar's sister tells gopi that her sister malar is in love with gopi...(Indha line la enna ezhudhirukken nu yaarukavadhu puriyudha?Becoz enakku onnum puriyalaConfused).....2 Pandavis also present there...listening to the conversation...Gopi shocked hearing those words from malar's sister...Sister continues..."Malar loves u so much...i know u also love herLOLShe loves u truely,sincerly... andha ly indha ly ...ungakitta ava solradhukku sandarpam varla....But i dont want to leave this matter as such...i want  the result from u now itself..i want to know whether u love my sisiter or not...If yes,my sister will wait for till all ur sisters marraige gets over...pls sir...sollunga ..u love malar or not??...."Gopi stands with his usual thiru thiru tube light muzhi....
Muzhichikitte gopi turns and there he sees chokku coming towads him....Gopi tells malar's sister(Ada....indha ponnu name enna pa...yaaravadhu sollungalenCry)....u leave now..i'll talk to later.....Malar's sis gets irritated....shouts..."what??...u will talk to me later aa?iam not here for stiching...iam here to talk abt my sister's life...Loosu gopi kenjufying..."pls leave dad is coming...I'll talk to u and i'll talk to ursister also abt pls go..."Malar's sister leaves the place angrily....
Chokku oruvazhiya reaches the spot and asks gopi whether he is busy now...(gopi andha ponnu kitta pesinadha chokku parkalaya?rombha kitta vandhuma pakkala?paavam rombha vayasayi pochu..kannu theriyadhu polarukkuConfusedConfused)....Gopi says no...Chokku says he want to meet he is going to thirupulani and asks whether gopi can accompany him...Gopi says yes and they both leaves for tthirupulani.....2 pandavis look each other and smiles.....(aama aama nangalum smiling...but edhukku?..neenga edhukku smilingo adhukkudhaan...LOLLOL)...
Thirupullani...Mr and Mrs.karasev shocked to see gopi and chokku..welcomes them and all goes inside....Mahes and chokku goes to backyard to wash hands...Karasev aunty follows them and tells mahes to go and prepare coffee...Karasev aunty rombha over aa acting...Mr.karasev doing chaing chak to his wife's words...Chokku says edir virundhu date will be sunday instead of saturday..Karasev's shocked...shouts...what sunday?why?naanga ella yerpadum senjachu..blah blah blah...Chokku tells them the reason kaamu va ponnu parka varanga...karasev's agrees...
Chokku tells shanthi that he want to talk to his daughter separately...Chokku and gopi asks mahes...ur face is not happy?any problem ?Edhuva irundhalum sollu.....Mahes says she is verrry problem here...Gopi asking the same question..Mahes giving the same answer....Chokku and gopi goes inside with mahes....And karasev family kitta sollittu leaves...
Chokku and gopi talking...Gopi says he feels that there is some problem going on that house..mahes also trying to hide that from us....Chokku praising his daughter...eppadi irundha my ponnu ippo ippadi aayitta...rombha poruppa irukka.....rombha perumaiya irukku...
Malar's house...Ragini...(Malar's kandu pidichu kudutha eclat kku indha samayathil en manamarndha nandriyai therivithu kollllugirenLOLLOL).....says "i always supported urlove towards gopi...but today...i'll will not do that...Today when i said u love happy expression or even a small smile in his face...A kevalamana,soranai ketta manushan kooda(Naan illai..andha paapa dhaan sollichuLOLLOL)..will show some happy expression when he comes to know that someone loves him...But this man ...he is such a loser...Avan unnai love pannala...u r mistaken....The only thing important in his life is his family,sisters and their problems...Malar starts crying...says ennai thedi thedi vandharae?....Sister says he came ..becoz he need a person who will be always there to help him,by giving money,helping in tough situations...he used u...thats all...Sister kovama shouting...says he is a wate fellow..
Malar unarchi vasapattu takes a wrong decision...Goes to his dad and says "appa...iam ready fo marraige...andha coimbatore maappillai ya ponnuparka vara sollunga"...Appa rombha happy and informs maappu veetar immediately...says Today evening ponnu parkum padalam....Sister tells malar...this is the correct decision akk..dont worry....Malar sad and crying...
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Wednesday 22/9/10

Both the sisters are drilling some sense in to Gopi's wood head. "Look sonny,
it is your life !!! And an opportunity like this does not knock over and over, gotchaa??
Gopi as usual dilly dallies "enge, you both tell me....whom do you want to grace our
palace??"  Ragini is categorical " hey, look, if you give me a choice of bridegroom,
I will choose without any hesitation. But I cant choose your wife. But I can tell you
one thing. You must marry the one who makes you happy, not some one who
gives you the jitters all the time" Makku Gopi gets the point - that his sisters are
routing for Malar. Tells them that he will go and meet Malar first thing in the morning.
After the sisters leave, he calls Malar but she ignores - expert advice from Rohini.
Immediately the groom to be calls - Gokul - and Malar talks to him. His enthusiasm
is not reciprocated and he does sense it.

Jagajjala killadis  - Shanthi and Co - are discussing about the Ethir Virunthu - the house
owner is away and the dead line is fast approaching.  After kneading their hands a
few times and unable to find a solution, Shanthi sends darling bro to Mahesh - "avalai
epdi yaavathu samathana paduthi, make her dance to our tunes, ok??" Selva goes in
like some warrior - only to bitten by Mahesh royally - she says that she is ashamed to
share her bed with a cheat like Selvarangam - "yen mele kaiyai thinnai le pOi
paduthuppen.....paarkka avvalavu nalla irukkathu.." Selva is beaten thoroughly.

Peacock arrives with Kaamu and Deivanai - trip to the temple - Swamy ai pakkara
mathiri girl seeing ceremony. Senior peepee decides that none of the other girls should
come - "varra payyan ella girls aiyum paarthu panni...why invite trouble?"
Deivanai and Meenakshi engage in a verbal war - so, whats new?? - All leave for the
temple. Tailor says that he will join them at the temple. Innikki second warrior namba
Gopi. Goes to Malar's house and it is Rohini who confronts him. Gopi romba jolly aa
solraar - "neenga sonna vishayam pathi think panninen..Malar madam kitte pesi.... oru
nalla mudivaa.." Rohini says that she was just sizing him up "unakku apdi oru thought
irukka nnu check panna thaan apdi sonnen.  Have your ever seen your face in the mirror??? Enga akka padippu, job, beauty, wealth.....unakku enga akka vaa??? no kidding..." Gopi
kku pecche varalai (habbaaa, Rohini , Gopi vaLa vaLa vai niruthanum nna....nee  killadi
thaan !!)
. And finally Rohini says that he better keep off Malar "enga appa avalukku oru
 NALLA mappillai paarthuttar.......akka pakkam inimel thirumbathe..." Gopi kku thannai adichathu Peyaa , pisasa nnu theriyallai...


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