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The World's Oldest Story!! #2 AR

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Armaan obediently followed the file of cars that was led by Atul.. They had entered Mahabaleshwar ten minutes back.. They saw the beautiful strawberry farms on either side of the roads.. The lush greenery was pleasant to the eye and the chilled weather added to its pulchritude.. Sid had gotten maha excited as he had seen those farms and wanted to stop at one immediately..  Thankfully, Riddhima had managed to convince him that they would visit one later with everyone.. Armaan didn't like the control that Riddhima had over Sid.. He listened to anything she said.. When they had entered the place, he thought that finally he'll get rid of him.. But Atul wasn't stopping anywhere at all.. When he saw them take the road that exited Mahabaleshwar he frowned.. What were these people doing?.. "Riddhima.. Could you please call Anjie and ask what's the deal.. Why are we leaving Mahabaleshwar?.."

Riddhima smiled, "Don't worry Armaan.. We are first going to Panchgani.. Wahan humara holiday home hai.. We'll dump our bags and stuff there first, have some breakfast and then go out.. Atul and Di have planned everything..", Panchgani was just fifteen minutes from Mahabaleshwar and they were going to stay over at the Guptas' holiday home.. Armaan had never heard of this before and wasn't aware of this plan either.. He 'Ok'ed and continued to drive, when Sid opened his mouth again, "Its gonna be awesome.. Main kitne saalon baad yahan aa raha hoon.. Remember how we used to come here so often.. ", he asked Riddhima, his voice full of nostalgia.. Riddhima smiled, "Yeah I remember.. Aaj kal toh hum bhi yahan nahi aate.. Even I am going there after such a long time.. We always had the awesomest time when we came here.. ", she recollected her childhood when both their families would come to Panchgani for a weekend and they would all have a blast together.. It was so much fun!

When Armaan saw Riddhima smile at the memory he couldn't help but feel jealous.. This guy shared a history with his Basket and he wasn't a part of it.. He didn't like it one bit..

Soon they had reached Panchgani and were parked in front of a very beautiful house which had quite a view.. It was grand if anything else, with a well maintained lawn and an outhouse They entered the house to be greeted by the care takers who had breakfast ready for them.. There were two rooms in the house.. so they decided to have one for the boys and one for the girls.. They dumped their bags etc there and made their way to the living room for breakfast.. All of them were ravenous as nobody had eaten early in the morning.. All the couples settled together and Armaan also wanted Riddhima next to him.. So he had saved a place next to him on the couch and indicated Riddhima to sit there through his eyes.. But that kabab-mein-haddi Sid came and sat next to him and then had the nerve to invite Riddhima to join him for breakfast.. Armaan's eyes screamed murder!!

Over breakfast, Atul told them that today he had planned a trek up a famous fort that was in the vicinity.. Armaan and Rahul had been extremely excited as he announced that.. "Awesome Champ!!.. Is it a difficult climb?.. Yaar.. Kitne dino se I haven't gone on a trek.. Kya idea hai.. ", Armaan was super excited as he Rahul agreed and they hi-fived each other.. Sid and Abhi also seemed excited.. Among the girls Anjali was the only one who was up for it.. Muskaan was just plain lazy and Nikki didn't want to get herself dirty, while Riddhima was just horrified.. She had always avoided treks due to her acrophobia.. She'll probably have to make another bahana today.. All of them excitedly went in to change into something sporty.. Anjie managed to convince Muskaan and Nikki.. But Riddhima was still sitting on the couch, wondering what she should do..


Armaan was the first one to change and was all geared up for the climb.. This was all he could ask for.. His mood had suddenly been uplifted by this plan of theirs.. And in all his excitement he forgot about Riddhima's fears.. He tied the laces of his sneakers and straightened to find Riddhima in the garden on the swing.. She had not gone in to change.. He wondered how she was planning to trek in denims.. And she looked quite down.. So he went up to her, "Hey! Kya hua.. You planning to trek with that on.. Go wear something comfortable.."

Riddhima looked up at him.. He looked so excited.. She remembered the last time she had spoilt his excitement in Goa when they all had gone sky diving.. She knew if she told him, he would make some bahana and stay back with her.. And she didn't want to spoil his day.. He looked really happy.. So she just gave him a smile and went in to change.. They all got in Armaan's car as his was the only SUV and suitable for the terrain and could fit in so many people.. Actually not.. But they squeezed in.. They didn't want to take separate cars and then waste time looking for so many parking spots.. Armaan didn't have any problem with this until he realized that Riddhima had to sit on that Sid's lap due to lack of space.. He was so angry.. He would have driven the car off the ghat into the valley!!.. Riddhima noticed this and gave him an assuring blink.. He calmed down a little when Muskaan shifted into Rahul's lap on Riddhima's request and she herself sat on the seat next to Sid..


On reaching the foot of the fort, they parked in the parking space and made their way to the base.. Atul had decided to take a trail as Nikki was very reluctant to take an unknown path.. Armaan and Rahul were very eager to explore the unknown, but they met with a lot of opposition, not only form the girls but also Abhi and Sid.. So they agreed to take the trail anyway.. 

"So Raool!! Lets see who makes it to the top first!", Armaan challenged him.. They totally felt like they were back in college when they frequently went on treks like these..

"What's there to see.. It'll obviously be me.. ", Rahul replied coolly.. And without wasting much time started his climb.. Armaan hurried forward competitively into the race, but stopped as he heard his voice, "Riddhima are you sure you're ok?.. I'll wait with you if you want..", Sid had noticed the tension on Riddhima's face and asked her.. Everyone else had already started the climb and had gone quite ahead..

"No Sid I am ok.. Chalo sab aage nikal gaye.." , she was determined not to create a fuss.. She wanted Armaan to enjoy for once.. Armaan immediately recognized the expression on her face.. He felt like cursing himself for not having realized that.. As she treked up towards him with Sid, she gave him a smile.. He waited for them and let Sid go ahead a little, then held Riddhima's hand as she attempted to climb the slope.. The hill had started to slope now and she surely looked uncomfortable.. "Riddhima.. Chalo we'll go down.. You don't have to do this. Why didn't you tell me before.. But I am also stupid.. Mere dimaag se hi nikal gaya.. Chalo.." and he started pulling her down..

"Armaan.. Kya kar rahe ho.. Stop it.. I want to go..", she said, trying to resist his pull, though not completely confident of herself..

"Riddhima don't lie.. You are actually lying to me?.. You know its useless.. ", he said nonchalantly and tried to get her to go down again.. But Riddhima opposed, "Armaan.. I am not lying.. Really.. I want to get over this fear of mine.. And I want to have a nice time.. Plus, jab tum mere saath ho toh mujhe dar nahi lagta, remember?", she tried convincing him.. He had been so excited about this.. She couldn't spoil this for him.. She would climb all the way up for him if she had to.. Armaan heard her and smiled, "You sure?.." When she nodded in a yes and pecked him on the lips once, he knew she really wanted this.. So he took her hand, and slowly, they climbed their way up the slope.. Soon they caught up with everyone and found Muskaan screaming on top of her voice as she clambered up a steep boulder, holding onto a tree branch.. "Muskaan.. Kya hua.. Haath de mujhe.. ", Rahul who had already climbed the boulder expertly was trying to help her.. But she wouldn't stop screaming.. "Rahul.. Cockroach.. Aaa!!..", she screamed again as the roach moved towards her hand.. "Rahul main haath chod dungi.. Iss cockroach ko hataa.. ", she shouted again.. Rahul didn't know what to do.. She had stalled everyone behind her and he couldn't go down any further as the boulder was really steep.. Nikki was almost in tears as she saw Muskaan hanging like that.. Riddhima held onto Armaan's hand tight in apprehension.. How in the world was she going to climb that!!.. Abhi and Atul tried helping Muskaan, but she was mortally afraid of that cockroach, to the extent that she would rather let go of her hand and fall if she had to.. "Muskaan.. Dekh tu uss cockroach ko dekh mat.. Chad jaa.. Who apne aap chala jaayega..", Sid tried to explain calmly to her.. But it all fell on deaf ears as Muskaan screeched again.. Anjali had lost her cool now.. "Muskaan.. Please grow up.. Baccho jaise behave mat kar.. Who's scared of a cockroach?.."

"Anjie relax.. ", Armaan asked her to calm down, then climed up deftly behind Muskaan.., "Muskaan tu bhi na.. Itna sa cockroach hai..", and extending his arm over hers, he very casually flicked the cockroach from near her hand and helped her up.. But instead of following her, he climbed back down and let everyone climb.. Sid had just made it up that boulder and now it was just him and Riddhima.. She was obviously scared..

"Hey Abhi!!..", he called out.. "Hold her hand and pull her up when I tell you..", he told him as he indicated to Riddhima.. Then taking Riddhima's hand he asked her to try climbing.. She was not liking this one bit.. He saw the discomfort on her face and held her by her waist as he gave her support to climb.. He carefully climbed right behind her, never letting go of her waist till Abhi's hand was in her reach.. He asked her to take his hand and he pulled her up.. He was relieved to see her make it.. What was going to happen on the descent god only knew! He was about to step up, when Riddhima's foot suddenly slipped and she fell back on him.. As Abhi steadied her, Riddhima almost died, when she saw Armaan  lose his balance! But before he could fall Someone had caught him by his arm.. She turned to look at Sid still holding onto Armaan's arm.. When Armaan had steadied himself, he rudely pulled himself out of his grip and said an off-hand, "Thanks..", and continued climbing without looking back at him..


As they climbed up further, the terrain got even wilder and the climb even harder.. Anjie was completely enjoying the climb, leading the way.. Atul was a little out of breath now and was trudging behind all of them.. Rahul was now letting Muskaan climb before him as the acclivity just seemed to increase even more.. Nikki was trying hard not to get her white shorts dirty, and every time she soiled it, she whined to Abhi, how precious these shorts were to her.. "Nikki.. Concentrate on the trek yaar.. Kapde toh kharaab hone hi hain.. You cant climb a mountain without getting mud on yourself.. ", Abhi has scolded her.. But she was more careful not to touch any of the dirty rocks as she held onto Abhi's T-shirt for support every time she had to climb.. But all her attempts at staying clean were washed away as it suddenly started raining when they were half way up.. All the muddy water ran down in streams around them as they climbed up.. Her white shorts were now brown..

The rain had scared Riddhima more than she already was.. The rocks had become slippery and there was dirty water trickling around them now.. She had slipped quite a few times as her footing went wrong, but Armaan never let her fall once.. And if Armaan wasn't able to control the fall, Sid would always appear out of nowhere to help them.. "Sambhal kar chalo Riddhima.. And don't be scared.. ", Sid had advised her as she had almost slipped again.. Armaan scowled.. But he couldn't curse him this time.. He had saved his Basket from falling after all. And her safety is what always mattered above anything else..


By the time they had made it to the top it had started pouring heavily.. They were wet and cold and the howling wind sent shivers through them.. As they walked through the misty cloud that engulfed them, they felt a sense of exhilaration.. It was beautiful up here.. As all of them stood at the cliff, letting the cool wind blow through their clothes and hair, they couldn't help but think it was all worth the trouble.. This place was so romantic and beautiful..

"I love you..", Rahul whispered in Muskaan's ear as he hugged her tight from behind while she looked down the valley, leaning on the railings.. She smiled as replied, "I love you too..", and leaned into him feeling all nice and warm in his embrace..

Atul and Anjali were holding hands and sharing this moment with each other, seeing the clouds below them in the valley.. Nikki had hidden herself in Abhi's embrace as she was too cold.. She couldn't stand it.. They stood at the cliff enjoying the beautiful view of the valley..

Riddhima could not believe it would be so beautiful up here.. she was walking through the clouds as it rained and the wind howled, sending her hair lashing on her face.. She crossed her arms tight around her front to keep herself warm, but it didnt work at all.. Though she was freezing because of the wind and the rain, she couldn't help but feel free.. She had finally done it.. She didn't want to think about their descent, but she felt liberated at this moment.. She felt like she was on top of the world.. But she didn't dare go near the cliff.. She didn't want to faint up here.. She looked around for Armaan.. She wanted to share this moment with him..

Armaan was standing alone at the railing taking in the experience.. He just wished he could share this with Riddhima.. But that Sid was lurking around and plus, Riddhima would never come near the cliff.. So he turned around to see her staring at him.. She was shivering due to the cold.. He so wanted to engulf her in his arms and hide her from all the cold and the rain.. He looked at her longingly and walked up to her..
As she saw him make his way towards her, she didn't really care anymore.. The setting was too romantic and she was too cold.. She just wanted to be ensconced in his protective arms.. She stepped ahead to hug him, but…

"Riddhima.. Look at this.. Its so beautiful!!", Sid's voice came from somewhere.. He had found something interesting and because everyone else was busy romancing, he had chosen to share it with his friend.. Armaan's jaw tightened for the hundredth time in a day.. Why?.. God why?!!


The descent had been even more eventful than the climb.. They had slipped and sledged down the slope.. Thankfully, it had stopped raining.. But the rocks were still wet.. Plus, they had taken a wrong route and had lost their way.. They were all eager to reach the foot before it gets dark.. It would be impossible for them to find their way if it got dark.. Thankfully Armaan had found the correct route.. And along with Rahul, he had gotten all of them down safely.. Of course, they had slipped and fallen many times.. But at least they were back to safety just before the sun went down for the day.. Armaan had not cared about Sid's presence and had not left Riddhima's hand even once throughout their descent.. And she had not let go either.. She would have never managed this without him.. By the time they had reached the car all were dead tired.. Their bodies were all sore and they were dirty from head to toe.. They didn't feel like going anywhere.. Nikki was so tired that she slept off in Abhi's arms.. Atul leaned on Anjali's shoulder as he slept peacefully there.. Muskaan for once was not bickering with Rahul as they stared out the window.. Even Sid had run out of energy as he sat quietly for once.. Armaan was just glad that he wasn't sitting anywhere near Riddhima, who had slept off with her head on Anjie's other shoulder. So they made their way back to their abode for the weekend in silence and took turns to clean up before they attacked the dinner that awaited them..


Riddhima was the last one to have a bath and come out of the girl's room to see all of them already eating hungrily.. "Hey Ridzi.. Jaldi kar warna saara khaana khatam ho jaayega..", Anjali called her as she saw her sister come out all clean and fresh in a pair if denims and her favorite red sweatshirt chained half-way to reveal a white t-shirt underneath..

Armaan looked up as soon as he heard Anjie and his face lit up.. He had been waiting for her to come and had not even touched his food.. But he was getting really hungry.. She saw him smile at her and returned his smile.. She went to the table to get her plate and then made her way to sit next to him..

"Riddhima..", Riddhima cringed as she heard Sid's voice form behind her.. "Yahan baitho na mere paas.. You know what.. I had thought we'll get time to talk on this trip.. I haven't spoken to you properly since I've come.. You've been really busy otherwise!"

Riddhima had no choice but to go sit next to him.. Armaan wanted to throw something at him.. How could anyone be so annoying!

Riddhima observed that Armaan's plate was still untouched.. She looked at his frown and smiled.. That just turned his frown into a scowl.. But then she pleaded him to have his food.. When he stubbornly refused by shaking his head in a 'no', she glared at him angrily and kept her own plate on the table, making it clear that she wouldn't eat till he did.. Poor Armaan didn't even have a choice to remain angry with her.. So he apologized through his eyes and started eating.. Riddhima smiled him a 'thank you' and ate her dinner too.. All this while Muskaan and Nikki couldn't stop appreciating the house.. Rahul and Abhi were busy hogging on the food.. Sid, who had made Riddhima sit next to him, turned to her as he ate, and said nostalgically, "This feels so nice.. Haina Anjie! We have had quite a few interesting encounters here.. Remember your 18th birthday celebration..", he turned to Anjie, who was putting small morsels into a half-sleepy Atul's mouth, as she ate..

"Oh ya! You guys must have been here before.. So Anjie's 18th birthday was celebrated here haan?", Abhi asked as he heard Sid..

"Ya! It was a 'couples only' party.. And Riddhima was my date for that night.. Remember Riddhima?..", he turned to Riddhima from Abhi.. Riddhima smiled a half smile and looked fearfully at a furious Armaan as all the girls went oooh… "Common guys.. Sid and me thought that the rule was applicable to us also.. And we were friends and really wanted to attend this party.. So.. ", she explained to them hurriedly, but looked only at Armaan, who had murder in his eyes..

"Oh! God! Ridzi.. That was so much fun.. I hadn't stopped teasing you about it for a month..", Anjali teased her, as all of them laughed along..

But Armaan didn't find it amusing at all.. In fact, he was at the end of his tether.. He just got up abruptly from his seat and everyone shut up.. He glared once at Sid and started to move out towards the garden, "Armaan! Kahan jaa raha hai.. Khaana toh khatam kar le..", Rahul called out to him..

"I'm done.. Mujhe bhook nahi hai! ", he said without turning around and left his unfinished dinner on the table before he made his way out to breathe some fresh air..

Riddhima wanted to go after him.. She knew he was angry now.. But she couldn't follow him out.. As soon as he had left the room, each and every person, apart from her and Atul who was sleeping, had burst into fits of laughter.. She scrunched her eyebrows in irritation at this behavior of her friends.. When she saw Rahul and Sid hi-five each other she asked them irritated, but still trying to control herself, "What is so funny guys?.."

"That expression on your Face!! Basket!!". And Sid had burst out laughing again, pointing at her face..

"Sid!! Rahul!! What the hell's going on.. Who bechara apna khaana chodkar chala gaya.. Aur tum logon ko hassi aa rahi hai..", she raised her voice.. This was too much now..

"Aww.. Toh go after him.. Jaao apne haathon se khila do usse.. ", Sid teased her.. Riddhima was in shock as she heard his tone.. He sounded like he knew everything about her and Armaan.. Then she looked at a laughing Rahul and realized, but immediately scowled, "Rahul!! You told him!!.."

"Yes! He told me.. Actually he didn't tell me.. He threatened me.. that if I try to mess your relationship with Armaan then he'll give me hell personally!! ", Sid told her as he thumped a friendly pat on Rahul's back.. Everyone had stopped laughing by now.. "What?..", Riddhima was confused..

"When we saw him with you the first day, Armaan was very uncomfortable with Sid around you.. So I just thought I should go and warn him before he created a problem between you two.. You know how Armaan is.. doesnt say when something's troubling him..", Rahul explained to her, then turning to Sid, "Hey sorry man.. I was a little rude to you that day.. Was just concerned for Armaan.."

"That's cool Bro! In fact, I am glad you told me.. Warna madam toh wasn't planning on telling me at all.. Kya Riddhima! I thought we were friends.. I agree we lost touch, lekin itni badi baat tumne chupaayi.. I am really hurt..", Sid said, adding a little drama to his reply..

Riddhima looked at him guiltily as she apologized, "I am sorry Sid! Woh.. You know.. I thought you'll tell papa.. And you know.. Armaan and papa.. "

"Yeah I know why.. Its like Shashank uncle haunts him.. I cant forget that night when he had to sleep next to him.. Bechara kitna disturbed tha..", and he laughed again as Rahul hi-fived him.. Abhi too joined them as he had witnessed that incident himself..

"He's not scared of papa.. Its just that..", Riddhima started defending Armaan but Sid cut her off, "Oh please.. You should have seen him that day!.. But seriously Riddhima.. Luckily Rahul ne mujhe aake hool di! Agar mujhe nahi pata chalta toh I was actually thinking about dad's suggestion about 'us'.. You know.. Phir kya karti tum?.. Don't you trust our friendship enough.. You could have just asked me not to tell Shashank uncle.. ", he seriously said..

Riddhima looked down and apologized again, "I am sorry!"

Sid smiled at his friend and went up to her, "Its ok.. I have already punished you enough for it.. But I must say.. It was so much fun!! Especially to see your lover-boy trying to be nice to me, when he actually wanted nothing but to strangle me..", and he burst out laughing again, taking her in a hug.. She frowned and got out of the hug as she heard all of them laugh too, "You did this on purpose.. And what are you guys laughing about?.."

"Coz it was awesome fun to see Armaan at the receiving end of a tease for a change..", Rahul answered for them.. He had not forgotten the hard time Armaan had given him and Muskaan..

"Exactly.. He looks so cute when he scowls..", Nikki said through her giggles.. Riddhima agreed with her in her mind, but shook her head in disapproval as all of them continued to tease her and annoy her..


They had all decided to crash in the living room itself for the night, as there wasn't enough room for so many people in either rooms.. Plus, this would also allow them to chat with each other into the night.. So the care taker had spread a few quilts on the floor and provided them with a lot of warm blankets.. It was quite cold.. They sprawled randomly on the spread and snuggled up in blankets to keep the cold away as they jabbered on.. But soon enough all their plans to have a sleepless marathon gossip session was forgotten, as exhaustion took over and one by one they conked off to sleep.. Riddhima was the only one who hadn't changed and nor was she planning to sleep..  As she saw Sid finally doze off, she got up quietly and went in search for Armaan.. He had come back inside to see them all laughing and talking to each other.. But he had been evidently pissed with Sid and her.. Coz when they invited him to join in their gossip session, he had not answered and had gone off towards the basketball court with a ball in his hand.. Only if he would have waited for them to explain, he would have known that they had just pulled a mean trick on him.. Riddhima had tried to talk to him, but Sid wouldn't stop teasing her, so she gave up and stayed back to spend time with her friend.. He was right.. She had completely ignored him because of Armaan.. So they jogged down memory lane as they recounted their childhood and laughed about it.. Though she had enjoyed talking to Sid, she couldn't stop thinking about Armaan.. She had to tell him about this fast.. He would be happy to hear that they didn't have to pretend now.. Obviously all of them would have a hard time when he would get even with them tomorrow!


She looked all over the place for him and was now worried as he was nowhere to be found.. She finally entered the so-called girls' room, the only place she hadn't checked so far.. She panicked as she didn't find him there too.. Frantically, she ran onto the terrace adjoining the room, hoping to find him there.. But she jumped when she was pulled behind hard into his chest as he held her from the waist.. "Armaan!! God.. You scared me!.. ", she pulled his hands away from her waist and turned around to face him.. As soon as she saw him, she smiled and hugged him tight.. But Armaan wasn't interested in hugging her.. He pulled her apart a little and without wasting time placed his lips on hers.. He couldn't stand the distance anymore.. The whole day, that good-for-nothing Sid had kept them from even talking to each other.. And he had so wanted to share a moment with her when they were at the top of the mountain.. But Sid had interrupted them there too.. He had seen that she had wanted to get away from their friends but they were just giving her a hard time.. So he had waited in her room, to accost her, when she came to change or something..

He kissed her hungrily, not wanting to stop this.. Especially coz he had to work so hard and wait so much to get it.. He didn't want to stop even when they were out of breath.. Riddhima pulled out and took in some air.. "Armaan.. ", she said, breathing fast.. Armaan just looked into her eyes, longingly and leaned in again, even before they had caught up with their breaths.. "I want more.. ", he demanded and pressed his lips on hers again.. This time gently, as he pressed her against the wall and continued his work.. He had missed her so much.. He couldn't get enough of her.. Riddhima responded back with equal fervor.. She had missed him too.. But she was eager to tell him about Sid and the others, so she calmed him down a little as she pulled out slowly, "Armaan.. Mujhe tumse baat karni hai.."

"Mujhe nahi karni..", and he leaned in again.. But Riddhima stopped him this time, "Armaan please.. I have to tell you this.. ", Armaan didn't care what she wanted to talk about.. He pulled her down as he settled on the floor.. Riddhima sat with her back to the wall as she hoped he would listen to her.. "Armaan.. Woh Sid na..", but before she could continue, "Please Basket.. I don't want to talk about that loser.. I just want to be with you.. ", Riddhima smiled as he lay his head on her lap and said that with a frown.. But the next minute her eyes were wide open in surprise as she felt him zip open her sweatshirt, "Armaan kya kar rahe ho?.. ", but he didn't answer her..

"Tch..", and frowning he buried his head in her waist.. Riddhima smiled at his antics.. She knew he was upset because of Sid's comments and wanted to get away by hiding himself and not talking about it.. She ran a hand through his hair, pulling his head closer as he nuzzled her navel through her white t-shirt.. She felt jittery but ignored the feeling as she continued to talk, "Armaan.. Sid knows..", but Armaan pulled out and glared at her as he still lay his head on her lap.. "Maine kaha na don't talk about him.. And I don't care what he does.. Even if he comes here and watches us, I am not leaving you.. Bohot ho gaya..", and he nuzzled in her waist again.. But this time she didn't think his intentions to be very innocent as she felt him push her t-shirt up a little by the tip of his nose as he nuzzled on.. She giggled, "Armaan stop it.. Its tickling me.. ", and she tried to get his head away.. But he was too fast for her, as he ignored her completely and had now started kissing her ardently around her navel and his hands had slipped under her t-shirt, caressing her back.. Riddhima's 'it tickles' comment was so not true.. She felt much much more.. Her heart beat erratically as she felt his lips on her skin.. Shying at the feelings she got, she pulled her knees close to her body, leaving Armaan no choice but to stop.. He frowned again as he readjusted himself so that his head rested on her knees and he faced her, his back in an incline, leaning on her folded legs.. Riddhima was blushing, but smiled looking at him frown, "Armaan..", she made him look at her as she slowly stroked his hair, running her hand through it.. He looked at her smile and knew she wanted to talk about Sid again, "Riddhima.. I cant take that Sid anymore.. He's so irritating.. And I am getting this feeling that he has some feelings for you.. Humesha chance marte rehta hai!"

Riddhima continued to stroke his hair and smiled as she said, "Armaan.. That's what I am trying to tell you.. We don't have to pretend in front of him anymore.. " and she pecked the tip of his nose.. Armaan was confused, "But you said ki..", he couldn't complete his reply, "He knows.. He knows everything.. Rahul told him..", she said overriding his voice.. "What?!!", was his only reply as he tried to get out of that comfortable position of his.. But Riddhima stopped him and calmed him down, caressing his face, as she told him all that had transpired over dinner, behind his back..

"That Kameena Raaool!!..", he cursed him aloud, but in his mind, he couldn't thank his friend enough.. He felt so lucky that he had such good friends.. Rahul had gone out of his way and stood up for him even without telling him anything.. Beacause of him, Sid had refused to even consider marrying Riddhima. Of course, he had to give due credit to Sid for understanding and not coming between them, not to mention, keeping this fact from Dr. Shashank.. He was grateful to God to give him such good friends.. He wondered what good he must've done to deserve them.. Even Abhi for that matter had always supported him in his malice against Sid.. He knew that Abhi didn't get too friendly with Sid coz he kept away from him.. Atul and Anjali always treated him like their younger sibling, while Muskaan was his buddy! And he didn't even have to say anything about Nikki! And now he'll probably find a new friend in that cartoon Sid! He wasn't that bad after all, he thought! But today, all of them had teamed up against him and troubled him to the end of his limit.. Maybe he deserved it, but he wasn't going to leave them either..

"Armaan!.. We are so lucky na.. To have such good friends..", she said softly, speaking exactly what he was thinking..

"Yeah!! But not when they keep me away from my Basket!!", he caressed her face as he put her hair behind her ear from her face, "I love you.. "

Riddhima blushed but kissed him lovingly, then pulling out, "Armaan.. "

"Hmm.." he said, his eyes closed as he felt at peace with himself and the world.. He couldn't stop smiling.. Everything was right in his world right now.. Everything that had seemed wrong in the morning was all a joke all along!!

"I think we should go and sleep.. I am very tired.. Baaki sab toh so bhi gaye..", she said between a yawn..

But Armaan was too comfortable to move.. "Please Riddhima.. Just a little while longer.. Please..", and he put his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, his eyes still closed as he buried his head in her waist again saving himself from the cool breeze of the night.. Riddhima felt the chill too, as she slumped down a little, and continued running a hand through his hair, but she couldn't deny him his request.. She closed her eyes with a smile as she felt the cool wind caress her face..


Armaan felt something tug at his hair.. He opened his eyes.. But he couldn't see anything.. He moved a little to realize that Riddhima's hair was covering his face as she was falling over him, pulling him closer as she felt cold.. He carefully priced her hand away from his hair and slowly sat up straight.. Trying to adjust his eyes to the surroundings, he blinked through his sleepy eyes, and looked at Riddhima as she pulled him closer in her sleep.. It was still dark and very late in the night.. He realized Riddhima was shivering due to the cold.. It was quite late and the temperatures had dropped quite a bit.. He quickly zipped up her sweatshirt and held her close to himself to keep her warm.. "Basket..", he whispered as he prodded her to wake up.. But she was way to deep in her sleep to get up.. He somehow managed to make her stand up and holding her close, he somnolently led her inside the room.. She clung onto him as he led her, half asleep himself, his arms around her and her head on his chest.. Both were too cold as they held onto each other.. The warmth of the room swept over them as he dragged her.. She didnt even know what was going on, her eyes still closed.. The big double bed looked too inviting with its fluffy blankets to Armaan.. Having put her on the bed, he sleepily got in with her.. He pulled a blanket over themselves  as he laid his head on her chest and slept peacefully, half lying over her.. Riddhima pulled him close as her one hand found itself in his hair, and the other his back as she pulled him even closer in her sleep, feeling all warm and protected.. Unknown to the world and the morning that awaited them, they slept peacefully in each others' arms.. More peacefully than they ever had in their lives..


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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 11:08am | IP Logged

Hey People!! I just want to thank all you guys for sticking with me for so long.. hope you guys keep reading further and enjoying it as much as i do writing this story.. I have updated the next part above.. and I have been busy lately, and personally am not very happy with the part.. I guess I m losing my touch.. But i promised.. so i updated it! Hope you guys enjoy it anyway.. Thanks a lot once again!!

Cheers!!Big smile
I am going to reply to the comments on the previous part on the last thread itself.. so do visit it in a while..
Also for all those who want PMs for the updates, please add me as your buddy.. i will surely send you one!
Love Ya!! Smile

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namita18 Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 11:08am | IP Logged

congratulations for the second thread

part was awesomeClapClap, i loved it completely.
i like the possessive armaan,thank gos sid know everything abt them now, so we can get some more romantic scenes of Ar.

i love the moment of AR at the end, it was sooo cute and romantic..
u r a great writer.Clap. i just love ur ff, allthough i didnt got time to comment on every part, but still i have never miss a part of ur ff.
i always wait for ur update.
so keep it up..Clap
and i dont think that this part was not upto the was just fantastic, their bond is getting stronger.Wink

pls update soon

luv u tk

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baby bubbles Senior Member
baby bubbles
baby bubbles

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 11:22am | IP Logged

lovely update..!!!! loved d terrace scene beyond nethin..!! so very ell written..Smile

n tnx for sid's character as if he wud have butted in more, all of us were almost ready to kill him..!! rofl..LOL

n rahul is so gud..! n armaan is so ridzi..her heartbeats myt have raced up lik rajdhani..!!

chalo, finally tnx for d update..SmileSmile

n once again, CONGO FOR D NEW THREAD..!!

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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 11:25am | IP Logged
awwwww....such sweet part ..arm was missing her so much ...

update soooooonnnnnnnnnnn

Edited by sjain - 29 September 2010 at 12:05am

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baby bubbles Senior Member
baby bubbles
baby bubbles

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 12zephyr

The World's Oldest Story!! #2

too exciting for u na..!!! also for us..!! 2nd thread..!! just wow..!!
i wish u all d best for d further story n yr new thread..! with loads n loads of love..!! SmileSmile

yea, i ll resume to buks..have no other m logged on resist yr ff..Wink
n just to tel, m also a medico, toh even while studying, its smwhere related to

chalo chalo, ll bug u lil later..Tongue


Edited by baby bubbles - 28 September 2010 at 11:26am

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wilddevil2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 September 2010 at 11:27am | IP Logged

I don't agree wid u abt u loosing ur touch

The part was like always gud. I had never thot that Sid was doing drama. The gang has played an awesome prank on Armaan.

The whole trekking part was quite interesting. Muski is such a kid. D scene when they reached d top was lovely.

The terrace scene was d best. I also liked d dinner bit. I hope AR don't get into trouble for sleeping on d same bed.

But I want more romance
Pls update soon

Edited by wilddevil2010 - 28 September 2010 at 2:12pm

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