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Posted: 26 September 2010 at 1:19am | IP Logged
Hi guys,
I have written an OS on AR! I hope you like it!
Do read it once and let me know your views!Smile
So here it goes:
*Love happens like that*
Armaan Malik- A terribly cute guy ...What charms man... Every girl likes him...Drool over his hot body... But wait a minute... EVERY GIRL? So not possible... I wasnt one of them ..For me he was merely just a cute guy... And girls..Remember Rule No.1- Never pay toooo much attention to a guy! ;)
So let me introduce myself...I'm Riddhima... Riddhima Malik...Yeah yeah...Armaan's wife..
But i know you must be wondering i was just crticising him ...And now i'm married to him? But the thing is ...WE FELL IN LOVE...A very filmy story but one of its kind!
It all started in Class 6( Isnt it too early for a love story...But dont ya worry,,It didnt happen there and took time..Lots of time... Ummm...5 years) ;)
So yes...In class 6.... we two met for the first time... Our classes were shuffled...And we ended up in the same class....
We two were just classmates for a few days... At that time..It was always like... For girls- I hate boys! And for boys- It was I hate girls!
So after a few resposibities came up...And i remember we two were appointed together for some duty... and we ended up talking to each other..
It was like any other love story which starts off with bickering and fighting...We two also did that...
Our talks always confined to ourselves..Not a word to the outside world..Otherwise the entire class started teasing us...And we were totally consious of that... ;)
A year or two later...In class 8... We got into that phase of our lives where you know...We start developing feelings for the opposite sex..And we always kinda wanting to experience everything and anything at that very point of life!
Being a guy...Armaan was wanting to be in a relationship and you know some girls just cant control themselves...For example- Taniya...The vamp of my story!
She was such a despo...And she used to reallly really like Armaan !
Me and armaan by that time were really good friends! We use to share everything...About school...about our crushes...about our all...About everything!
So this Taniya chick comes into our perfect story...Miss. Not-wanted-here started flirting with armaan and asked him out...Armaan being a fool...Started dating her!
And i sooo use to hate her... Coz of many easons though..
1) She took armaan away from me...He didnt stay or talk to me that much..
 *Pause *Pausee....Rule No.2 girls- A relationship should never ruin a friendship!
2) Me and Taniya had this huge fight regarding some project...After which she ad i hate each other!
3) Coz she was a despo!
And the list goes on and on...
Arman and Taniya were going strong...In a few days..She kept a request in front of armaan...She asked him not to talk to me anymore! Otherwise she wouldnt go out with him... Armaan was upset with this...But later on i convinced him to do that... * I know...Silly of me...But I really didnt wanna see him sad... Plus he promised to talk to me whenever he got time...
Whenever they had a fight...He would come up to me.. Ask for solutions and stuff...I would love to help him.... I didnt realise only when this feeling of love developed in my mind....I became dependent on him.....Without him... My life was incomplete! I was stupid not to realise that....But everything happens on the desired time!
To ignore the wierd feeling in my mind...I started looking at other guys...And that is when Sid comes into the story...My Ex-Boyfriend! Yeah...My boyfriend he was...In the beginning he seemed a nice guy....but it was later on that i got to know the true side of him!  And that is what bought me and Armaan closer! :D
When i started dating him.... Armaan and Taniya broke up coz of some fight...And guess what...Armaan was real happy with it!
Me and Sid were getting closer and closer! And one day...Sid tried to get physical with me... That was it! I had lost it! In class 9... Wasnt this too much? D-uh..Yeah!
He told all his friends that he dumped me because i wanted to get physical with me. D-uh...Such an idiot he was! But never-the-less...I was happy coz of I got rid of this mean guy! But this kinda turned out to be my worst nightmare!
Yes..This did happen! Everyone turned negative towards me! And even my closest friend-Armaan...Yeah this did happen! Sid and Armaan were really good friends! And infact to make an impression on me...Sid took help from Armaan!
Sid went and told Armaan everything even before I could! Armaan then lost it completely...He never thought that I could do such a thing!
I mentioned earlier right? That Armaan was a fool? He believed Sid! But he had many reasons to:
1) Sid told him everything...Everything means everything before I could!
2) I had distanced myself from Armaan!
3) Sid being the complete chamcha...Had totally got Armaan into his stories by crying and gaining sympathy!
And the major reason was that Armaan thought i was acting wierd( Yeah...Even I thought so... i was doing that...i had gone crazy after that!)...And on top of that I didnt answer Armaan when he asked whether all this was true or not! I was a jerk! I wanted support at that time..But what i did was rather stupid...Distanced Armaan from myself!
After a few days of thinking..I realised my mistake! I wanted it to just sort it out with him atleast!* Pause pause... Rule No.3- Girls please accept your mistakes at times..And if you're wrong then please go and apologise!
I went to Armaan and this was the conversation that happened!
Armaan- Ab kyun aayi ho? Meri yaad aa gayi?
Me- Armaan..Please dont do this... I'm sorry! I should have told you about all this earlier!
Armaan- Oh really? Thank god you realised! Tell me Riddhima...Arent you tooo young to get into a physical relation?
Me- That is what armaan! That was the biggest mistake! * Armaan only knew Sid's story whereas i was refering to the relation thingy
Armaan- What you did was wrong! You hurt Sid so much!
Me- wait a min armaan...Why the hell are you supporting Sid! He wanted to get physical..Not me!
Armaan- Why are u lying Riddhima? You were the one who did that?
Me- Armaan...Do you think I can do that?
Armaan- Riddhima..But.
Me- But what Armaan...You believed Sid and not me huh?
Armaan- Stop acting ok?
Me- Acting ...Oh yeah! Armaan... i never knew you would do this to me! I'm hurt Armaan..I'm truly hurt!
Armaan- Oh yeah! Why should i believe you huh? You never came and told me anything... Sid atleast came and told me everything..Unlike you! Had you come and told me everything... i wouldnt have been fighting with you...Rather I would have been supporting you....
Me- I'm sorry Armaan...But believe me... I really didnt do anything wrong! Sid wanted to get physical..Not me...Trust me armaan...Trust me * I was in the verge of tears!
Armaan- Riddhima... Please stop pretending now! When I came and asked you about the truth you refused to talk to me... Now what happened huh?
Me- Armaan...Fine! You dont wanna believe me...Dont! I'm going! You're gonna repent this!
Armaan- Fine go!
A year passed by...We were in tenth now! Armaan and me were in different classes! I used to miss him so much! Unknowingly i had started developing feelings for him...Whenever I used to see him with some other girl.... I got totally jealous! I missed him way toooo much! Our talks...Our texting...Our hanging-together times...Our phone convos,,,In all...I missed US!
It was only later on...That i got to know these feelings were mutual!
I had seen the longing in his eyes too! There were rumours that Armaan Malik hasnt dated anyone since a long time now and is in love with some girl! After hearing this i was somewhere happy and I hoped I was that girl...Because I Loved him! You heard me right... I loved him...Truly loved him... He was special and he made me feel special like noone else did...!
And now this is where Muskaan a.k.a. Muski enters the story...The cupid between us! She is such a sweetheart...She was my best friend...She knew everything about me...In and out! She was good friends with Armaan too!
Muski and Armaan were in same classes! And would always tell me things about him! Awww...I so love her for that!
But one day...She told me something which just pissed me off! PISSED ME OFF COMPLETELY! She told me that Taniya and Armaan were back together... And Taniya supposedly was bragging about how awesome Armaan is as a Kisser! Armaan and Taniya were seen roaming around together too! This was it! I completely lost it! I had to talk to Armaan..He knew Taniya was such a b****! How could he do this! I was dissapointed Because I thought he Loved me too... i had a feeling he did! I was not in my senses now... I had completely lost it! 
I told Muski to tell armaan that I wanted to meet him and I asked her to tell him to come to the area behind the canteen since noone came out there much! Muski did so! She told me that Armaan wasnt too excited about this... And he might not to turn up! Never the less I waited for him!
And and and Never in my life had I thought that this day would turn out to be my life's bestest and the luckiest day!
Armaan did come...He was looking as dashing as ever! Gosh....He looked irresistable today!
The convo went like this:
Armaan- Bolo...Kya hua?
Me- Armaan...How could you do this?
He pulled me towards him...Very close! I couldnt fight back... i wanted to just look at him...Stay right there and be in his arms forever and ever!
Armaan- What did I do Riddhima? *In a soft tone
Me- As if you dont know anything! *I couldnt control any more! I burst out in tears!
Me- Aaj tak sirf tum hi sab kuch kare aa rahe ho.... Sid ko tumne believe kiya...Mujhe chod diya...You left me armaan... Do you have any clue how much i missed you? Do you have any clue what state I was in? Do you even care about me? How could you just get together with Taniya...You know such a b**** she is! You never thought once about me huh? I love you god damn it! You know it and still you just keep hurting me again and again! Why do you just leave me and go everytime I need you Armaan...Why armaan why? * I just poured my heart out to him.... And what happened the next moment was just OUT OF THIS WORLD!
I was wanting to say more! But Armaan stopped me!
Armaan- Kitna bolti ho tum Riddhima!
And with that he kissed me! Oh man....It felt so right!
I was tooo shocked to react at first...But gradually I did!
I thought it was a dream and within a few seconds, Armaan would disappear. But he didnt! After realising what was happening I opened up and reciprocated. I let go of his collar and put arms around his neck. Both of us poured out all our desires in that one kiss. We kissed each other till we were breathless....After we parted...Armaan planted a few kisses here and there!
Armaan- I love you Riddhima! I'm sorry I didnt believe you before! Thanks to Muski... I came to know the truth...Such a jerk I was! Please forgive me! And what Muski told you was a lie...We two made this plan and stuff!
Me- Armaan... I was a jerk too.... I myself distanced my self from you! I should be sorry too!
Armaan- Forget it! Its over now na? Lets live this moment! ;)
Me- Armaan.. I love you!
Armaan- I love too Riddhima!
And with that...We kissed again!
And even after 10 years of commitment...We havent got bored of each other!
Hear it goes! Do tell me if you like it or not!
It sounds filmy...Doesnt it?
Welll... To mee it did...And the role of muski was played by me in real life! :D
Hope you liked it!

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aww that was such a sweet story. i love AR.

please pm me in the future if you write more on AR

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OMG..!!! That was soooooooo shweeeet.. awwwwww..Smile
plssss pm me when u write more next tymSmile

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awesomeee lyk alwayssss

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its such a sweet OS....


luved muski for this...

sooo cute...

thnx for the pm..........

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Hey dear..!!!
awww this was such a cute love story..
n tht its true really make's it even more beautiful...
muski was indeed the best character...
thnk u for the AR version... :)

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Awwwwwwwwwww thts adorable!

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very sweet ..and different... write more in futureSmile

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