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This is brief introduction to the storyline and characters of Gunahon Ka Devta.

Gunahon Ka Devta is set in Lallanpur, a place where violence rules over the people. It is so notorious that even children carry guns and shoot for fun. Safety and life comes with a price around here. Among those that roam the realms of this sordid place, there is a god or the god of the sinners/crime Advesh  Singh Thakur. Popularly known as Bhaiyaji, he protects those that seek his help and doesn't tolerate sinners. The story start with Arpita, who is in love with Advesh narrating the tale. She in love with him because he fights for the right reasons and respects those being oppressed. She collects his newspaper clippings and talks to his photos everyday. One day during a scuffle, she is saved by Advesh, their eyes locked and for a moment both are lost in each other eyes. This is where the story starts for both of them. Apri asks Woh Pyaar Hi Kya Jo Aapki Hifazzat Na Kar Sake (What Love Is It That Can Not Protect You?) However this beckons the pertinent question can the love story of a criminal lord ever end happily?

Avdesh Singh Thakur aka BhaiyajiDay DreamingEmbarrassed

He is Devta or God for the locals. A Robinhood type of hero who fights against the oppression. He is feared by many yet respected by all.  Advesh has great compassion and hates the sinners . He became a gangster after his whole family was killed .He fights fire with fire. He saves Arpita during a fight in filmy hero style and can't stop thinking about her. He is shy by nature and doesn't know how to react to his new found feelings or around girls. He lives with his widow sister in law, who is a control freak. He is blinded by the love showered by Bhaoji (who he sees as a mother figure). He has vowed to kill Lal Singh (the guy who killed his bro and dad) before he makes any commitment to his wife Arpita. (his Pratigya) He didn't believe Arpita's innocence and now is running around like a mad person consumed by guilt . He also believes Pihu is Arpita.

Arpita Rai/Pihu

She is a sweet, simple girl, who is in love Advesh. She has secretly built a shrine for Advesh and follows his development in the news. She lives in a big mansion with her family-mother, father and two brothers. She doesn't like her father and brothers because they ill treat her mother. She hates them for being chauvinistic pigs, who have complete disrespect towards women. Her life is controlled by her father, who sends her to college with bodyguards (who are useless).  Her father wants her stop college and get married as he thinks her education will not do her good because she will only end up in the kitchen. She studying history in college and doesn't want to end up with a man like her father and brothers.She is married to Avdesh now and wants to reform him. She dies when she slipped from the terrace and gets thrown into the river by Panditji because of Bhaoji. A lookalike in the name of Pihu comes, who eventually helps uncover Bhaoji's real truth.


She is Advesh sister in law, who has control of the  haveli. She was first introduced emerging from the dark with the keys to the haveli. There is a clear indication that she wants to control her brother in law in many sense. She doesn't agree with the idea of her Devar helping people out for free. She is the widow of Advesh elder brother, who was killed on their wedding day. She seemed jaded about life. Bhaoji loves Advesh (yes it's a bit sick) and is trying to separate him from Arpita. She even let Lal Singh escape so that Avdhesh doesn't complete his pratigya. She is also responsible for Arpita's deathErmm

Mahesh Chandra

He is Arpi's father and a real snake (he keeps sticking his tongue out). He is a male chauvinistic pig, who mistreats his wife and speaks ill of all women. He taunts his wife everyday with things like education, dowry and lack of skills. He punishes his wife even for the mistakes he makes. He  is a very corrupted civil engineer.DeadDeadHe was heartbroken when Arpita died and reminded his wife this is why he never wanted her to marry Avdesh.

Chirag Rai

He is Arpi's youngest brother, who needs a haircut. He is a spoiled kid with no sense of direction or good judgment. Due to the bad influence from his father, he too taunts his mother sarcastically and has no respect for her. He needs boarding school and a really good spanking!!LOL

Jagat Rai

She is Arpi elder brother, who needs to stop wearing shinny shirts and less powder on his face. He too is a jerk who doesn't respect his mother nor come to her defense when she is mistreated by his dad. He works with his dad.Dead He is married to the chief engineer's daughter Simple, who is a force to be reckoned withLOL


She is the daughter of the chief engineer in Lallanpur. She is Jagat's wife. Very chatty and modern girl, who speaks her mind. She doesn't like boring traditions and very straightforward with everyone.She keeps the Rai men on their toes and comfort her mom in law.


She is Arpi mom, who lacks spine, loves being abused and taunted by her idiotic husband and sons. She loves Arpi very much and tries to protect her. Ammaji doesn't speaks up and constantly lives in fear of her husband.Confused

                                                         Amma (Avdesh's mother)

Her story is yet to be unveiled but she doesn't like her daughter in law and doesn't approve of her influence over her son. She thinks her daughter in law has manipulated Avdesh into doing his gangster work, thus ruining his life.


She is Avdesh's sister. She is married to Tanmay who is Ranvijay's brother.

Tanmay Singh
He is Ranvijay's younger brother and Avdesh's brother in law. He was a good guy but has turned to the dark side because Avdesh killed his brother. He want to seek revenge using Shika, who doesn't know his true colour.

         Prof Kranti Lal                                                   His wife Mamta Lal
The Lal's are new in Lallanpur. Kranti Lal is a righteous man who believe in good and against injustice. He constantly speaks up whenever he sees wrongdoings. His wife on the other hand is always fighting with him that sometimes we have to look the other way. She also thinks it's better to play it safe for the sake of the family.

He is son of Kranti and his wife. Much like his parents, he believes that justice should be served. He just got a job in Lallapur. He is an overprotective brother and loves Pihu ( Arpita) very much. He shares a lovely bond with his sister (Pihu).


She is Arpi's friend but so far is a kabab mein haddi and a real party pooper. But she is willing to help her friend to find her true love. She likes to make fun of Arpi's useless bodyguards.LOL

He is a lawyer and a family friend of the Lals. He likes Pihu and the Lals want them to be married. But Bhaoji kidnaps him and make the Lals think he is dead, which has made Pihu super angry.


He is Arpita's dejected ex-fiance, who is basically a real slimeDead But he was quite a comical character. He was the one who bestowed Arpi as Arpita RaniTongue


Lal Singh

This is Avdesh Public Enemy No1, who killed his brother and father. He is still on the run because of Bhaoji let him go and he plans to use this against her and Avdhesh.

 Beta Maharaj

Is another local gunda who is bad and talks crap. He is Bhaiyaji arch enemy, so less said about him the better.Dead

                                                                   3. Ranvijay Singh 

He was cop in charge of Lallanpur but a real pain in the @$$ for Advhesh coz he  keeps bugging himAngry. He is said to be an honest cop and wants Avdhesh to stop being a Gunahon Ka Devta. He turns pure evil and sets out a war against Avdesh. He tortures Arpita in jail as well as breaks Avita apart using his evil plans. He is later killed by Avdesh because he had cause Arpita to die, when he accused her to be in a relationship with him.Dead

Nattay Thakur

He is local gunda, who is jealous of Avdesh. He misbehaves with Bhaoji, resulting in him getting beaten by Avdesh. He is still lurking around for now.

Advesh's Merry Men -The Peeps (part time cupids)LOL

Pehlawan (Advesh right hand man)     Kanpuriya (the comical one)

Saravana (dead saving Avi during the                                    Amjad
fight with the police) Cry

Panditji (Bahuji right hand man and real Chamcha). He does everything that Bhaoji asks him especially in breaking Arpi and Avdesh's apart.

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Gunahon Ka Devta-Story so far.

Part 1

The story is set in Lallanpur, a town that runs by its own law but there is a god (Devta) in this place called Bhaiya ji. Avdhesh Singh Thakur (AST) is known as Gunahon Ka Devta, who a local demi god gunda that runs the town by going against the sinners. A lady comes asking for justice because he daughter has been molested by a goon called Beta Maharaj. Bhaoji, AST's widowed sister in law lets her into the haveli (house). The lady relates the unfortunate incident that had happened to her daughter and she wants justice from the Devta. An angry AST assures them it will be done.

We are then introduced to Arpita's family aka the Rai clan, where her father (Mahesh) treats her mother like crap. Mahesh often abuses his family both physically and mentally. He is also a corrupt engineer. The Rai family has two sons (Jagat and Chirag), who are equally ignorant to their mother's ill fate. Arpita is a young with a lot of dreams and in that dream lies AST. She is in love with AST and regard him highly but her father wants to marry Arpita off. He tells  her not to dream big as she would only end up in the kitchen and attending to her husband. A sad Arpita feels her dreams of being with AST have been crushed. The time has come for AST to avenge for the molested girl, he calls out Beta Maharaj, who doesn't acknowledge his wrong doings. This angers AST and he beats the crap out of Beta Maharaj. During the fight, Arpita gets caught by Beta Maharaj but fate puts Arpita right in the arms of AST, thus love blossoms. It was love a first sight for AST and Arpita was over the moon the man of her dreams was in her arms.

Meanwhile, Beta Maharaj comes to meet Bhaoji, who basically runs the haveli and the gunda business. He tells her off and gets chained in the stable by AST's men. It is learnt that Arpi's dad was told to arrange for some money involving some contract to AST but Mahesh refuses as he had paid some money prior to this. So this irks AST's men and they come in full force to Mahesh's house during dinner time for the money. AST meet Arpita there and is taken aback but his men kidnaps Chirag instead because Mahesh refuses to pay.

AST is distrubed by the thoughts of Arpita and his men-Saravana, Amjad, Kanu and Pehlewan tease him about. So they encourage him about Arpita and hatch a plan to get the girl and the money by parking in front of Mahesh's house. Arpita notices them, eye lock take place and love starts for both. Eventually the Rai's paid off AST and Chirag is freed.

Now the love story gets kick starts as AST's men (Merry Men) give him the encouragement to woo Arpita. The Merry Men write a letter to Arpita professing AST's new found love. But Mahesh has arrange for Arpita to marry a guy named Pappu, who is total perverted scumbag. Pappu takes Arpita out on a date, where AST finds out of her impending wedding to Pappu (yuck) and is heartbroken. A disgusted Arpita is unable to stand Pappu and cries about her fate, she confesses to her mom about her love for AST. Dad finds out (beats the crap out of her), so he takes the whole family away and get Arpita married off quickly.But with the help of Arpita's friend Manjari, a letter written to AST declaring her love comes to him. She also wrote that she will kill herself because she sees no way out.In true hero style he gate crashes Arpita's wedding and marries her. AST brings his new bride home, which left Bhaoji very angry and disappointed.

It is later revealed that Bhaoji was married as a teenager and became a widow on her wedding day because her husband and father is law (AST's dad) was murdered by Lal Singh. A young widowed bride, she took over the household and raised a young AST, his sister and mother in law  ( a stroke patient).Over the years, Bhaoji has developed romantic feelings for AST ( she lusts over him too *yuck*). So the idea of someone coming in between hem was something she was going ever expect, so she starts her scheming ways to get rid of Arpita. Bhaoji was also the person responsible for making AST a feared Devta, so that no one will ever try to harm them again, much to the resentment of AST's mom.

Arpita's father is also against this union because he doesn't think she will have a future with a gunda. He even tries to kill her but AST saves her in the nick time. The Rais are always fearful of AST but Arpita's mom believe that Arpita will be happy with AST while her dad reminds her that a relationship with a gunda will never be a happy one.

Bhaoji continues her minds games as well as tries to kill Arpita but somehow marries Arpita and AST in a grand style only to make AST take a pratigya (pledge) to never start his life without avenging the death of his brother and father. Bhaoji manages to split AST n Arpita (Avita) by invoking anger in AST. The hunt is on for Lal, which turns AST into an angry young man filled with revenge. Arpita tries best to control his angers and his ways, which constantly backfires because of the fuel added by Bhaoji. Eventually AST manages to track Lal Singh but Bhaoji n her chamcha (Panditji) kidnaps him before AST can kill him. Bhaoji lets Lal Singh go and tells him not to ever come back again. Lal Singh thinks he will use this against AST in the future and does a disappearing act.

 Arpita tries to make AST understand to let go of his revenge as she is feeling they are drifting far away because of this pratigya. She was grateful that AST didn't taint his hands anymore, which made AST angrier but Bhaoji was happy.

Meanwhile Arpita's brother Jagat gets married to a gusty girl named Simple, who starts teaching the Rai men a lesson on respecting women. She becomes the knight in shinning armour for Arpi's mom while trying to instill goodness in the Rai men.

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Gunahon Ka Devta-Story so far.

Part 2

Then AST woes got deeper when a new police by the name of Ranvijay Singh (RV) was shifted to Lallanpur. RV is known to be a righteous police who always gets his man and will go to any extent to make sure criminals are behind bars. Both AST and RV become loggerheads with RV raging a war against AST and his rule. During the fight AST is shot and the manhunt by RV continues but AST manages to reach home bleeding. However with the help of Bhaoji, AST manages to be saved by a doctor. Arpita and AST runaway hiding into the jungle from the police.

RV, relentless in his pursuit of AST manages to track him down in the jungle. In a confrontation between RV and AST, Arpita shoots RV. A shocked Arpita and AST runaway to another village, leaving a bleeding RV. Later RV is found and treated for his wounds. This is where RV turns pure evil from being an honest cop to a stark raving mad cop. RV becomes so consumed in his revenge against AST and Arpita. Bhaoji tells the henchmen to look for AST and Arpi before the police find them. Bhaoji gets super mad and jealous because Arpi has gained so much respect in AST's eyes, thus making their bond stronger than ever. Bhaoji makes a deal with RV to ged rid of Arpi by giving him the gun she used to shoot him but RV hatches his own plan to bring down AST by using Arpita. RV then captures Arpita and puts her in jail. He tortures her like a mad person, leaving her almost lifeless. AST gets mad and wants revenge but Bhaoji tells him not to react impulsively. However AST cannot bear to see Arpita getting ortured because of him, so he prepares to attack the police. During the attack, Saravana dies trying to save AST. Then Arpita and Avdesh runaway from the police with RV contantly tailing them.

So Arpi and AST have a bit of jungle mein mangal track that brings them closer. Arpi is still haunted by the memory of killing RV and AST reassures her, thus making him realise the kind of sacrifice she is willing to make for his sake. AST tries to make it up to her for being a meanie and their love blossoms further.  AST takes another Pratigya that he will honour their marriage and will not engage in violence anymore. He finds a job, so they will be able to sustain and have food but trouble seems to find them everywhere. Arpi's mom is sad thinking about her daughter and her dad blames her for allowing Arpi to marry AST as she too now has become a cop killer. As trouble seems to follow AST, he walks away from a fight but Arpita makes him understands that as a Devta, he must fight against injustice. This not only makes Arpita understands AST but it also helps him understand that he has to fight for the right reasons in the right way.

Shika, AST's lil sister comes back home and finds out her brother and sis in law are on the run. She is pregnant and the father of her child is RV's brother, Tanmay. Bhaoji tries to get Shika to abort the baby but she doesn't want to. Bhaoji meets Tanmay, who promises to be with Shika. RV manages to find Arpita and AST. He drags Arpita back to jail but with the help of Bhaoji RV's true colours are revealed to his superior officers. RV gets suspended. Arpita is all happy beacause of Bhaoji, they were able to be united as a family. Shika is happy to have her family back. A celebration is held for the couple to unite but Bhaoji hatches another plan, whereby Shika's pregnancy is revealed to AST. This revelation infuriates AST but Arpi tries to make him understand the situation as Shika is pregnant. AST and the family find out that Tanmay is RV brother, which cause AST to become even angrier. RV is also against the relationship because AST is his arch enemy, so Tanmay says he can't marry Shika because he can't go against his brother's wishes. RV then starts scheming again but this time using Arpita's weakness. He makes a deal with Arpita that he would agree to the marriage if she sleeps with him for one night. Arpita gets disgusted by his indecent proposal but gives in to his emotional blackmail as Shika is pregnant. She goes to meet him one night, hoping to make RV understand and change his mind. But RV drugs her and prentends that they had spent the night together. Arpita wakes up thinking the worst has happened but puts a brave face for Shika's fate. RV then agrees for the wedding, so it takes place in style.

Bhaoji gets suspicious with RV sudden decision allowing the wedding to take place. She starts getting suspicious of Arpita as well. She later finds out what Arpita had done for Shika's sake. She pretends to be on Arpita's side and promise to help her. However she starts playing games by planting the seed of suspicion in AST's mind. She continuous to play both sides. Arpita who feels guilty tries to commit suicide but survives. AST takes care of her and reassures her that they will go through her problems together.Arpita finds out that nothing happened that night and how it was all a plan by RV. RV is happy that AST found out about Arpita. One night AST confronts Arpi about RV, she pleads and begs him to believe her but he doesn't. AST says he can't be the Gunahon Ka Devta for by killing her as he loves her too much. Arpita is left crying her heart out and later slips over the terrace. She hangs on calling out for AST to help her. Just then Bhaoji comes but doesn't help her despite her pleads. Bhaoji tells Arpi she never liked her not even once, so it was best she goes far away. This revelation surprises Arpita and she falls hitting her head bleeding badly. Bhaoji tells Panditji to get rid of the body, so he throws it into the river.

The next day everyone is looking Arpita but AST pretend not to be bothered. They receive a news from the police that Arpita body was found in the river. This sad news cause great grief especially for the Rais. Arpita mom screams at AST for not protecting her daughter. Her funeral takes place and AST is absent. Arpita's dad is also sad over the lost of his daughter and say this is why he never wanted her to marry Avdhesh because he know eventually she would get hurt but no one listened to him and now his daughter is dead.

Things are sombre after Arpita's death except for RV, who is delighted his plan has succeeded in ruining AST's life. One day he receives a letter from Arpita revealing his bad deeds, leaving Shika suspicious. After some snooping around, Shika together with Simple finds out the truth about RV relating to Arpita's death. She reveals the truth to AST, who goes stark raving mad, thus killing RV. Even in the end RV dies a happy mad because his job is done (pyscho). AST is now feeling guilty for not believing Arpita and breaks down. Tanmay finds out about his brother's death and vows revenge on AST. AST asks forgiveness from Arpita's mom but she blames him

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Gunahon Ka Devta-Story so far

Part 3

A new family in town is doing pooja for their son to get a job. The family is none other than Prof Kranti Lal, his wife (Mami), Pawan (the son) and their niece Pihu (Arpita lookalike). Prof is a righteous man, who against injustice and violence while his wife doesn't like him constantly fighting about everything. Pawan and his sister Pihu share a special bond and the family is a loving one.

Nattay Thakur is introduce and he is jealous that AST rules Lallanpur, so he wants to pick a fight with him. He starts his game by threatening and misbehaving with Bhaoji. This infuriates Bhaoji, who relates the incident to AST. Bhaiyaji is back in full form wanting to teach Nattay Thakur a lesson for misbehaving with Bhaoji. So they have a fight in the town, where AST beats him black and blue. During the fight, he sees a girl, who looks like Arpita and gets distracted. Pawan takes away Pihu/Arpita while Nattay escapes from AST, who tries to look for Arpita/Pihu.

Back at home the Lals discuss about the local gunda scene and AST's rule. The Prof and his wife have disagreement but are consoled by Pihu and Pawan (mama and mami are like the Middle East). Bhaoji invites Shika for Ramleela function but she's afraid because Tanmay wouldn't want to go but he tells her, they will go together while vowing revenge (I know evil like his brother).

So the functions takes place at a temple, where the Lals are present. Pihu/Arpita is dacing for the celebration. AST sees her thinks she is Arpita and everyone are shocked to see the striking resemblence. The Lals get angry at AST for misbehaving but Shika explains to them that Pihu looks like their dead Arpita. The Lals takes Pihu back home, leaving AST calling out 'Arpita'. The Merry Men bring AST back home, who is unconcious and they tell what had happened. Bhaoji gets suspicious over the lookalike issue. AST gets crazy  over Pihu and becomes a mad stalker, which makes Pihu scared and the Lals angry. The Lals lodge a police report against AST, so Bhaoji goes to meet them asking to revoke the report as well as apologise. She asks to meet Pihu and gets the shock of her life seeing Arpita.

AST continues to go gaga over Arpita/Pihu while Bhaoji schemes to get rid of Pihu (how many times she wants to do this is beyond me). The Lals are worried for Pihu's safety but she assures them all is well. Pihu get an apology letter from AST and reassures the family. One night on her way back from night classes, some goons misbehaves with her but AST comes to her aid. Pihu tells him off and stop this act. She accuses of him for setting up the goons, so that he will look good in her eyes. She further tells him not to do such a thing anymore because she would never like a gunda like him and he have to pay for his sins. The incident leaves the Lals even angrier but Pihu says she will continue with her classes, adding that she will fight for her family and their freedom.

Pihu is thoroughly annoyed by AST and hates him to the core. She feels he is the cause of their constant woes and misfortune but actually it's Bhaoji, who is behind it all. She has sabotaged Pawan and causing the Lals to have no peace at all as she plans one thing after another leading them to believe that AST is doing all this. Pihu ridicules and slaps AST, labeling him a scum and a sinner. Meanwhile Tanmay has begun his game by going to Natay Thakur to finish off AST.

AST is wondering who is causing these problems for the Lals. Kanu says it has to be Natay Thakur doing all this saazish to create problem. AST goes to threaten Natay about messing with him, which leave Natay confused. One night AST goes to the Lals' house to explain about Natay but things get a bit tensed when AST accidentally pushes Pawan and Prof Kranti falls down while trying to help. Arpita/Pihu get super duper angry at AST, so she drags him outside and offers herself. She tells him to do what he wants and be done with it. This leave AST sad and humiliated because he is not a scum that Pihu/Arpita thinks he is. AST said that she is his wife and pride as well as the haveli's honour. He further adds that despite him being a gunda, he respects women and upholds honour, leading him to vow he will marry Pihu. AST adds that he will never bother her again.

The next day Pawan is sad that he was unable to protect Pihu but she cheers him up. It's his first  day on his new job, so the family bless him but on the way he gets caught for drug dealing by the police. So he gets drag into prison coz they found more drugs in his room. Mami is very sad over what has happened and blames Prof Kranti. Meanwhile Bhaoji gloats that Prof Lal's 15-day challenge to bring AST down had foiled. So Bhaoji hatches another plan to hurt Pawan more.

The Lals are trying to save Pawan, who is jail but in need of money because the lawyer wants  1 lakh to fight the case. AST tries to help but the Lals refuse because they believe he is the cause of their

Mama tries to arrange for some money for Pawan's lawyer  by selling some of medals while Pihu gives her jewelry. At the pawn shop, Mama doesn't get as much money as he had expected, AST tries to offer but Mamaji snubs him off. At home, some goons steals the money Mamaji got from the pawnshop, misunderstanding against AST continues.

While the family is down and left with no other route, a new entry by the name of Dev enters. He happens to be a lawyer and an old family friend of the Lals. Dev fights for Pawan and wins the case much to the amusement of the Lals, who are happy to have Pawan back safely. Dev and Pihu happen to have some romantic feelings for each other, so the family decides to get them married. AST is shattered to hear this revelation but Bhaoji is happy and starts scheming even more. Bhaoji kidnaps Dev and sends a blood stained shirt to the Lals. Pihu and the family think that AST has killed Dev, so Pihu wovs revenge against AST. Pihu enters the haveli.


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wonderful job totally rocked it...i loved "mami-lal" and the cupids...he he...awesome!! thanks for taking the time to put this together for're the best!


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Hey Fuzzy Hug
This is just AWESOME StarStar Wonderful job done ClapClapClap Have no words to describe how much i loved the post. Thanx so much for putting in all the effort and giving us this Beautiful Update of the story so far Big smile

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guys what a fabulous job, keep up the good work ClapThumbs UpHug

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Woohoo Fuzzy!!!

Fantabulous work by youClapStarThumbs UpClapStarThumbs Up

Me Supa Like itParty

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