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Archives copy

Monday 26-07-2010 Update Episode 68

Starts with mayil performing sky earth jumping...pushpa,meenatchi trying to stop  mayil...No use....Mayilthaiyya thakka nnu  shouting and jumping....There comes malar and  gopi...Mayil more tensed....Ellarumaelooking them as a vetru  ulagathu jandu......Malar tells inspector that now the problem is pls release pandi ji... says its their  family problem and they will solve themselves....Inspector oders torelease  pandi...and gives some dose to mayil.....says pandi kettuporadhukku mayil isthe onlyreason and also  talks in support of gopi.....says see man,this gopi is here to release  ur son...but u??uportraying his as a criminal??Mayil looks gopi and gopi gives a pacha kuzhandai look.....
Pandi released...Seeing him mommy starts crying...Mayil takes pandi away....Outside the police station mayil  shouts at gopi....Malar tells mayil to stop shouting at gopi.... Mayil stops malar....stop ma...nee kottaividamairundhurundha inga problem ae vandhurukadhu.....Malar shocked...immediately looks at gopi...Gopi turns his face....Malar  leaves the place....
Pushpa standing inbetween mayil  familyand chokku family...Mayil asks pushpa..."nee indhapakkama?andha pakkama?"......Pushpa thinking....Says "bro...i'll meet chokku bhai andwill comeback to urhouse".....Mayil now shouts at pushpa..."i know pushpa...nee avanga pakkam dhan...ellarum ponga...."
2 side pp's (chokku and mayil's)talking and walking....They are talking abt mayil's sodappal....They decide to accept the offer for anew katcheri which will be performed by mayil.....And also they are planning to play double game with mayil and chokku....
Shanthi and her purushar in jewel shop....Jewel owner ottufying abt her brothers lakshanam....Shanthi says  that they are in need of money...Rs.50,000....They give him the invitation and says adha vachukittu 50,000 panam kudunga....Jewel owner says "ennaiya kindala?"....Shanthi says ..."no no...seethe invitation and look atour sammandhi puram...Big shots....Lots of property's...u give moneynow...Aftermaaige we eill settle that money...."....Shop owner says  no way...Give some item andi'll give u money....They both kenjo kenjunnu kenjing......Shop owner no no nnu solli viratti vittutar....Shanthi and mr.shanthi leaves the place.....
Side PP's comes to meet a person regarding PP katcheri.....That man says that weaskedchokku for katcheri...He denied....Mayil came and accepted the offer....Side PP's surprised and happy.....
Mayil comes home and givesthe money to deivanai ....Deivanai,pandi very happy....Kames and paramu chup chupp.....Pandi thitting chokku....Deivanai says that maappu ppl are coming tomorrow to see kaamu....Mayil says that he will arrange his daughter's marraige in a very big way......Deivanai tellsmayil to accept all the offer hereafter....Kaamu and parames sad seeing all this.....They decide to stop allthis kanravi....Kaamu says all this problem are becoz of maha....we 5 pancha pandavi's will paln something and so that maha should come and ask sorry to pandi and mayil......
Side PP's coming to chokku's house and tells him abt mayil's thani katcheri....Pushpa crying.....Chokku says no crying....its good for mayil....How long he will remainas my side playerLOLLOLLet him munnerufy in his life...Chokku visaruchufying abt mayil's katchery....He tells side PP's to co-operate with mayil and instructs them to take care of mayil.....Pushpa continues her polambal and oppari.....Chokku starts polambinh abt his paasamigu thambi....maathi maathi polambi thalranga pa.....CryCry
Pushpa says that she feels that deivanai and mayil will not come2morrow for dress purchasing...She accuses herself and her daughter for all problems happening in chokku and mayil family.....Chokku says no...All problems arebecoz of pandi only...No one responsoble.....Chooku says beleivein god...Everything will become normal.....Chooku cring...Pushpa crying...ellarum crying..... 
Vaanga makka ...nammalum senthu cryuvom...vera vazhi....AngryAngry 
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Wednesday 28/7/10

Panja Paandavigal kOmbu seeving Maha - Thudikkarathu kannadi, adakkathey adakkathey endru PPs dhoobam podaraanga. Maha express heads to Peacock's house. Other than Mahesh, the rest follow - finding it difficult to keep pace with that speed. The first to face the wrath is Deivanai. Maha express learns that both Pandy and Peacock are in the backyard. Heads for a head on collision. PPS is giving company to Pondy. Peacock welcomes Maha and orders for a cuppa. Maha is in no mood for all this cajoling -" I am much younger to you.Are u not ashamed to welcome me like this??? You be yourself, athu thaan ungalukku azagu..." goes on to say that his fighting with the senior Peepee is meaningless - "if u had seen me
and Pondy athaan in a compromising situation??? Who knows?? You would have rejoiced" Peacock is stunned. PPS tells pandy  that Maha is in a killing mood "pesame excuse kettu surrender aagidu..appO thaan Maha kku another Nool vitting is possible, gotcha??"

Maha express is in a spilling mood. Tells Peacock that Sokku is very hurt by Mayil's action. "Now I will tell you what exactly happened. Gopi athan came and met me... you know why??? He was pleading with me that I should marry Pandy. And do u know who sent him??
Your uruppadatha son. Then I saw you coming. I  wanted to put a stop to your unbecoming action. I kissed Gopi athaan. Avar pathari pOittaru. Yen kannu munnaleye neenga avarai epdi adichinga?? Look, the problem is not Gopi or Sokku, it is me who refuses
to marry Pandy. I love Gopi. I have no feelings towards Pandy, got it??" Peacock finally finds his tongue. Confronts Maha " now that you have come out with all this, why cant you marry Pandy for the happiness of the whole family??" Another tirade from Maha ( Much as Roja was livid with this girl, she appreciates her sincerity)  "maama, na oru pOnnu. Gopi athaan ai yen purushanne mudivu pannitten. Neenga ipdi kekkarathe asingam...but I will marry
Pandy athaan..." Pandy and Peacock are overjoyed..but of course Maha has a Bramhasthram - "I will marry Pandy athaan but will keep loving Gopi. Avar kooda pesuven, love pannikitte iruppen. All along I have been extremely transparent. So am I now. If this is acceptable, then I will marry Pandy, what say??" Goes to Pandy and tells him the same. Pandy apologizes for his act. Peacock drags Pandy and heads to Sokku's place. The Pandavis are thrilled with Maha - crowd adjourns to Sokku's place.

Mahesh is alone at home. Selvarangam comes - konjam vazhisal happens. Jing bang arrives. Learns that Mahesh is alone. Some light hearted bantering - even from Peacock. Sokku comes, sees darling bro.....too emotional to say anything..Peacock falls at his feet......Gopi arrives. PC goes to him....raises his hands in apology...Gopi holds the hands......pats Pandy. He gets to know that it is Maha who brought every one together. Asks Maha "why are you crying?" Maha says "neenga azharingale !! I can't stand your crying..." Ore feelings of India.... Pandy sees Maha going behind his usual kirukku look...


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                                        Friday 30 th july 2010

Update by Anjali

Karasev aunty tells her thambi and purushan that they would make a big fuss about this issue and leave the place before someone finds the real reason of the problem. Gopi and Sam listening to al this from behind.. Karasave party turn panna Gopi and Sam a paakkaranga ..Gopi walks towards them follwed by Sam (Ada Gopi nadakkara vidhatha paatha edho perusa dose kudukka poraaro?Shocked) He goes with a starting look and Karasev aunty kitta ponathum andha pazhaya en ippidi pannreenga nu paniju pesa aarmbikkraaru(adhaane Gopiyaavathu thunichala pesarthaavathuLOL)..

He tells them that it was due to her brother that his sister was adamant about the Saree and he mentions about her kanavu and aasai of wearing her would be hubby's choice podave for the muhurtham. He continues that he would help them pay the balance amount needed to get the Saree. Idhu podhume,idhu thaane main pratchana. Karasev aunty happy and vekkame illama her hubby tells that Gopi irukka kavala edhukku (Idhellam oru pozhappa ya?AngryDead)

She goes inside and Mahe kitta paasa mazhai pozhinju thallaranga consoling her that she would get the same saree for her..Maha samma killadiyaache,she questions KS anuty about the over paasam now and the aathram just a while ago..KS aunty somehow manages to console her telling that she was just testing her SIL... Andha Scene over da...

Mahe is asking her appa about his trip alone and he tells everything will be fine (Enge porraru?)
Gopi comes with his chithappa (ada ada enna paasam,erumbu sakkara mathiri piriyatha paasam..rendu naal munnadi enga odi pocho indha paasam)

Gopi asks the same question as Mahe and Sokku replies about the Katcheri in Bengaluru where he was invited to play Nadaswaram..Gopi asks about the Kalyana velai and asks why he was going alone without his chella Chitthappa. Sokku tells that he was called urgently and he was going to play there as he would be given good reward which would help him in Mahe's marriage .He mentions about Mayil to be there taking care of the Marriage works and thats why he purposfully dint want to call Mayil this time..(Devanaikku kondhalikka idhu podhaatha? Aiyayo....).Sokku leaves ...

Mayil is on the way,and we fine Pandy there (oh appa pullaya pakka thaan porapattu vandhaaro)
Mayil talks to his son.. Pandy also listens to him silently.Mayil starts by first talking about himself as a father to Pandy, taking care of all his needs everytime Pandy mentions about it..
He proudly mentions about his paasam for his son which made him blind even towards all his bad habits like drinking.. Endha appavavathu pullaya velile kudikkathey veetule vandhu kuid nu solluvaara (Sabaash sariyana kelvi,sariyana appa..idhule perume vera ivarkkuAngry..)Pandy asks him why he was mentioning about all that now..

Mayil continues but this time its about Maha.. He mentions about all wht Maha told about marrying Pandy to keep everyone happy but still having Gopi as her love for her happiness..Mayil tells that Pandy's life would never have be happy if he married Maha as she never loved him...
He also tells that for his son he even fought with his Kadavul ku equala nenacha Anna..He assures Pandy that he would get a very good sweet gal for his son and asks him to forget Maha.. Idhellam solli he leaves.. Slowly Pandy face closeup and we get to see the same payithiyakaaran in him coming out slowly (adhaane paathain, enga thirundhuvaaro nu bayandhain..)

Gopi goes to the temple and we see Malar there. Malar turns back after her prayers and finds Gopi aana avarku ivangala paathu endha surprise shock reactionum illa (plan panni onnum varalaye?)He follows her and starts to talk on the first place. She talks about very reluctantly ..
He asks about her sadness and tension on her face and wants to knw if he was in anyway responsible for that.. Adhukku amma super reply ,indha sadness ku full reason avar than nu...

Gopi asks in detail and she replies about the strange ways of behaviour and talks from his chithappa from day 1 to the last time they met in the policestation.Gopi samdhame illama happily talks about his chithappa and family joining with them again..Idhu ketta kovam veruma varatha? Malar again talks about his marriage with Maha and asks him whter he loved her or not... He tells that he dint love her but it was for his family he is marrying her..

Malar ore questions narakku nu kettanga 'Ungalku nu aasa kanavu virumppam nu illaya'(aiyo onnu marandhuteengale, ungalku nu sontha budhi sontha mudivu nu oonume illaya?)She asks him to speak out his feelings to someone alteast his friends nu.Adhukku he replies that his only friend now was Malar.. Malar again asks about his true feelings and he escapes from there ..Malar is again left alone in thoughts...


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