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Friday (11/06/2010)

Update by Anjkhoney

Gopikitte andha ponnu tells that she came to his house accidently and not on purpose of visiting him.. Mayil sees them together and starts commenting but stops when he comes to knw that her parents were there.. Ada ada ada ellam hint kuduthu pesaranga. Ore code baasha thaan.. Mayil pannina koothu thaan comedy.. Avar ponna pathi edho solla poraaru and finally Sokku takes him out...

A lady comes with veragu in her hand and asks her daughter to help her.. Avanga kaara sev podaranaga.. She starts polambing to her daughter about her pozhappu and the way he was working for the house and doing the Kaara sev preparation..

Her husband comes and avanga wife romba kevalama treat pannaraanga.. Someone comes, oh kalayana tharakar comes to inform about a gal for their thambi.. Namma Maheswari thaan ponnu itseems. That lady puts condition of doing all house chores as she was going to tk rest once their thambi gets married. So she confirmes on whter the gal would do all the duties at home...

Devana and Ponni talk about Kamu's mappilai who was ready to meet Kamu the next day.. Ponni tells that it was just a formality,as they already liked the gal a lot... Devana thanks Ponni and Ponni cycle gap le asks a Saree for Kamu's marriage...

Gopi comes to meet his chithi and sisters.. Chithi goes to make coffee and he goes to ask his sisters about their Nalam.. Kamu and Paramu starts their Polambing and Gopi with his lecture.. Mappila pakka Gopi chithiye koopadraaru and she doesnt seem to interested in the Hide and Seek more Maapila Paakkal..
Gopi again invites her to see the Mappilai and Idhu thaan saaku nu Devana informs about Kamu's Ponnu pakkum sadangu which was on the same day

Gopi is shocked and surprised about the news and he tells that Kamu's matter was more important that Maheswari's so he talks about being with them.. Devana asks him to inform the others and Gopi also agrees to inform the news to his family and leaves..

Both the daughters ask their amma about the and Kamu tells her that she was not ready for marriage now.. Devana argues with them and tells that it was her prestige issue and she arranged for the funtion on her own without any help...

Gopi informs the news to his appa and Mayil... Both father and son decide to be with Kamu by postponing their plan to see Maheswari's Maapilai in the temple.. Mayil thinks and tells his brother to take care of Maheswari's mappilai first... Gopi's appa asks him twice and then agrees to Mayil's decision and leaves..

Mayil runs to meet Ponni and discusses about Kamu's mapilai matter and asks her to stop them from coming home the next day.. Ponni tries to convince him but fails and finally agrees to listen to his words.. Avar andha pakkam thirumbinathum Ponni runs in the opposite direction as if to meet someone...

Mayil calls his Anna and informs him about the latest update on Kamu's matter and avaroda anna still insists to consider Devana's thoughts also as it was the first Nalla kaaryam in their house and he dint want anyone hurt during the function.. He tells Mayil,if needed he would talk to Devana and clear her confusions..
Mayil sadly asks his bro whter he trusted him or not.. Idhu kettatum Mayil's anna gave up the discussion and agrees to wht Mayil says..

Mayil and his son having dinner and Devana while serving put the topic about Kamu's matter. Mayil tells her about metting Ponni but Devana also tells him that his meeting with Ponni was in vain as the final update was Kamu's mappilai coming to see her the next day..
Both the husband and wife argue about the same matter and Devana doesnt seem to give up.
Mayil talks about avoiding as misunderstanding as if they were competing with Maheswari... Devana keeps on yelling about her decision and asks Mayil to tell his anna to change their plans.. Mayil gets wild and gets up and challenges her that he would see how her plans gets fulfiled.. Sawaal



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Archives copy

Monday 14th june 2010 Episode 39 update

Starts with Mr and Mrs mayil fighting abt ponnu parkum matter...mayil tells his "sound party" wife to postpone this ponnu pakum padalam to some otherday...Deivanai  shouts go and tell ur annan to postpone...Fight worsens..Mayil gets angry and leaves the place without eating...Deivanai polambing to her daughters abt Mayil...kamu too says amma pls stop this ....Deivanai not ready to listen...again singing the same song...ur appa kku his brother's family is important...iam the only one who thinks abt u two...atleast u listen to me....crying crying going...Kaamu and paramu baa nnu muzhuchukittu standing....Pandi edhayumae kandukama eating....(ada paavi son naeShockedLOL)....
Chokku's house...Girls getting ready for "maappu seeing party"...rombha sandoshama they r getting ready...Mr and Mrs. chokku konjam konjing and talking abt their marraige...ellarum inga ready aayitanga...main party maheswari not yet ready..She tells them that she dont want to see the mappillai...chokku,mayil and gopi partha podhum..Choku says ur opinion is important..come on..this is not pazhaya kaalam..this is 21st century and nowdays girls should be bold enough to take their own decision..gopi comes there and supports his dad... Chokku says that he will go to temple first and once kaamu and paramu comes of the kootam can come to the temple...
Meenatchi sitting and crying..She is crying thinking abt her kanamal pona elder son...Gopi says he will go and call mayil family...he comes out and a white veshti man comes and gopi tells him to join them for mappu seeing party..That man says that he dont beleive in such sambradayams..becoz thru this we come to know abt maappu's looks ,but..what abt his character?....Gopi confused...
Mayil comes home and tells his daughters to get ready..they will go to choku's house...Deivanai shouting..mayil shouting...mayil asks deivanai..naan illama inga eppadi ponnu parkum vaibavam nadakkum?if they come and ask for me..what will u say?...deivanai says..i'll say that this girl's appa had gone for edupudi velai in his annan's house..Me,the mom is everything for her...LOLLOLMayil now turn toward his daughters and tell them to come with him...Mayil explains his daughters and abt choku's love towads kaamu and paramu....says if u have manasatchi come with me...if we dont go there now ,it will be like avamana paduthing our chokku...sollittu mayil laves the place...kaamu and paamu follows him...Deivanai helpless...crying....Mayil tells his daughters gopi and co kku edhuvumae theriyakoodathu...kaamu and paramu  says ok and goes with gopi...
Gopi tells pandi to bring auto for his veetu kootam...maheshwari rombha azhaga getting ready..sisters kindal pannufying..Meenatchi welcomes kaamu and paramu and sandhu saakula thitting deivanai....Gopi sees his sister maheswari and stunned...He says she looks so very beautiful...Dhishti pottu vaikirar annan sir....All sisters aajar..parapatcham parkama ellarkkum drishti pottu vaikirar annan...meenatchi comes...Andha ammavukku vaikala..that means she is not beautiful...ConfusedLOLLOL2 Autola kuppathu makkal  kovilukku poranga...Andha josiyar watches this and says "ppavam..kudumbathoda vamba vaanga poranga..."...LOL
Deivanai's house..ponni comes with mappillai veetars..Deivanai lying crying...Shocked seeing them..ponni too shoked..asks deivanai..what happened?where is kaamu?...Deivanai tells her the story so far...maappilai veetu makkal kevalama talking abt deivanai and her daughters...says...mummy so irresponsible...then the daughter will also be like her...ponni kkum semma dose....Thittittu they leave the place..ponni too scolds deivanai and leaves the place...Deivanai angry....Locks the door and gives the key to a neighbour,meena and tells her.."avanga elam vandha sandoshama irukka sollu..."sollittu azhudhukitte poranga....
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Wednesday 16/6/10

Peacock is sad about his missing bitter-half. Chokku consoles and proves that he is Gopi's dad - advice mazhai - Peacock wedding time le solli irukka vendiyathu ellam ippO Kaamu kalyaana time le solraar !!! "Both of you love each other but you do not know how to say /show it !!! You should not have lied to us like this .." blah blah. The whole jing bang is upset about the missing Deivanai. Gopi and Pandy have gone jalan-jalan - Net spread search is on. The heroine of this
drama is walking aimlessly - viruttu viruttu nnu engiyO pOraanga . Rasappa, the third brother is going in the lorry and sees anni.
Gets down from the lorry and cajoles anni - "thaniya enge pOringa??? any problem at home??"  Deivanai is waiting to bark - LoOL LoOL happens and that poor Rasappa does not know what hit him !!! He has the presence of mind to call Sokku and inform about Deivaanai " Na kOil tank kitte anni yai madakki vaichurukken, seekiram vaanga ( ennamO jalli kattu maattai katti pOtta mathiri !!) All the 5 daughters want to go , Peacock chickens out.. Sokku insists that PC should come " apram avalukku un mele innum kovam varum !!" PC says that Deivaanai will be more mad if she sees him "neengale pOi kootti kittu vaanga anne//" Sokku says that Deivaanai will be livid once again. However takes kaamu and Paramu. Gopi and Pandy follow.

Malar's office. The cycle thief is at work again. Only this time he is caught and dharma adis are doled out. Malar comes out, learns the scenario and asks the people to stop the dharma adis. Pries out the info about Gopi's cycle . asks the people to continue the dharma adis and then calls the police.

Round Tank meeting at Ayyanar Kovil tank. Kaamu and Paramu run to their mother and cry their hearts out. Pandy calls mommy "irresponsible " (apdi pOdu aruvaalai !!) for walking out on them. Sokku placates and Gopi finds a chance to lOda loda - "chithi, unga gnayam enakku puriyuthu.." - Deivanai says "thanks for the understanding but stop right there. I am not listening to any of the crap.." Sokku wants to know the problem " nee sonna thaane we
can set  right??" Deivanai sees that Peacock is not a part of that entourage. Starts chiding hubby...who slowly comes out from a corner...PC appeals to deivaanai's good sense " we have fought, I have even slapped you but never once did I think of walking out on you !! Will you ever understand?? You wanted me to fret??? If that
is so, then I fretted much more than your expectation..." Truce talk time - Deivanai has conditions -"if this , this and this is met with I might consider coming back.." Conditions are : " my daughters should stay with me and listen only to me. No more periappa's
house visits. Kaamu should get married soon. I want my daughters
to promise me.." All conditions are agreed. Sokku promises to get Kaamu married " Maheswari kalyaanam mudinja 3 aavathu
maasam, Kaamu wedding, ok??" The jing bang returns home.

Malar manages to identify Gopi's cycle from "Malar Cycle shop" - well, the cycle thief has sold the bike to a cycle rental shop. Other than Gopi's cycle all the others are confiscated and taken to the police station. The owner begs Malar for help and she promptly refuses. The cycle carries the logo "Malar " with some number.
Malar smiles. The green seat cover is missing. Malar replaces that, goes to Gopi's shop where the pOdisu talks too much and finally says "no Gopi.." Sokku's house - Meena makes fun of Deivaanai's running away and her daughters stop her. Malar lands there and
no one is in a mood to invite her. In fact Meena says "Iva enge di inge??? Irukkira kozhappam pOraatha?" Malar smilingly invites herself and says " wonder why am I here? All because of your brother..." Camera kku shocked faces round duty....


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Thursday June 17, 2010

Woohoo No Episode Aired today
Due to Singam Movie Special Program!!!

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Archives Copy

Nadhaswaram june 21st Monday update

Episode 43

Pirai sudan with a smiling beauty face(LOLLOL) come and stand infront of Maha..Maha studying...Nollaikannu pirai asks maha..Studying??LOLLOLHe asks for a passport size photogaph,degree certificate and ration cad xerox from maha..Maha confused..asks why appu....Pirai says he want all those to take a new passport for maha..and to give it to mappillai veetar....Maha and pushpa shocked...Pushpa visariching pirai..Pirai says mappu is from canada(Aishu...beware..Pirai is going to become canada sambandhi)....Pushpa says no canda and no kathrikka...(whats the relation b/w canada and kathirikka??Confused).....Pirai shouts at pushpa..says he knows her plan to send maha to her annan's house..Nothing doing..Maha's mapu my selection....U take of our 2nd daughter...(thogudhi pangeeduLOLpirai kevalama talking abt pushpa's annans....Pushpa says vasadhi is not important,only nimmadhi and sandosham is important and that maha will get only in annan's house..Pirai lifts his hand to slap pushpa...Mr.Manmadan Sammandam stops him mom and dad...says that pee pee makkal are coming ..(Mayil and chokku coming)..stop ur fight now.....Pushpa and maha happy....Pushpa and sam welcomes mayil and chokku...mayil asks sam ..What r u doing..Sam replies...Watching dry rice and dry mango ..maama..Chooo..chooooo....(no misundestanding makka...Toilet pogala avaru...crow viratararu).....Mayil and chokku comes in and pirai silently watches them....Mayil inga vandhum avar song aa vidama singing..DOnt send girl child to college..not safe....Chokku stops him....Pirai says see..we r discussing our family matter...Mayil says what ur family?say namma family....we r 1 family na...Pirai asks them enna visahayam?...CHokku says he wants everyone to be present for the ponnu parkum padalam for maheshwari....says mappu cocunut-fruit shop owner....Pirai nakkal aduchufies chokku's selction....pushpa shouts a pirai and cokku stops her saying that pirai maapu is joking....Pirai says he will not come there...he will send pushpa and sam for the fn....And he gives s.500 to chokku forkalyana selavu..Chokku and mayil shocked...pushpa crying at her husband's loosuthanam....chokku says no need..we have money..And thanks for sending pushpa and sammandam....

Pirai stops them and says ur range kku only cocunut-fruit shop owner mappilai..but my range kku i've selected canada mappillai for my daughter...Chokku and mayil shocked...Pirai goes on perumai pesing abt his canada mappillai....

chokku and mayil looks each other...Pirai ..aiyo thangalai...rombha kevalapaduthing chokku ..he says ur mappilai's monthly income will be 3000..But my mappu is earning 3 laks per u ppl know how much zero's for a lakh?...sam performing loosu stunts standing behin his father.LOLLOL..Chokku and mayil porumaiya standing and listening...Pirai tells them behave as per pazhamozhi.."viralukketha veekam"..if u have some aasai like asking maha to ur sons seruppa veliya kazhataa maadhiri aasaiyum veliya kazhattittu vandhurunga....Chokku and mayil sogama comes out...Pushpa follows her brother and cries ..asks sorry..Chokku says no problem...Dont forget to come on friday....Pushpa tells her daughter maha not to woory abt her rishta with gpoi..she will take care of that..wait and watch....
Pushpa and sam comes to chokku's house for the fn....Girls waiting outside..Pushpa warns sam not to misbehave with anyone..Girls welcome them and pushpa goes in to meet her annans..Sam vazhinjing towardsthe girls..pushpa calls him to come with her..Sam say..U go front mummy..I come Back....ROFLROFLPushpa says..onnum thevaillai..come along with me..sam and pushpa goes in....Pushpa asks sorry to chokku..Chokku says its ok..ur husband's nature is likethat..avamana paduthinadhan maappilai nnu he is thinking...u leave that...Pushpa akss where is mayil and deivanai...Meenatchi says "why should i call her..avalukkudhan kovam varuma?enakku varadha?"....Pushpa says this is ur veettu fn....U should call her...anyways u have to invite them fo maha and gopi's marraige na...innaikku koopidama how will u invite them tomorrow?...Pushpa tells meenatchi to come with her and she will talk to deivanai...meenatchi summa ninnapodhum....Meenatchi agrees and they both goes to deivanai's house....sam stays back...Chokku leaves the place..
Sam enter maheswari's room...He ularufies..."i love u so much mahes..u r marrying a thenga-pazha vyabari..iam a thennam thoppu ownerROFL..."mahes ignores him...loosu goes on ularing.LOL...says i'll teach u how to behave with ur husband after marraige....mahes says ok....he takes her somewhere..He enters a room and calls mahes..Mahes locks the door from outside..Thee stands kaamu with  kudam...Kudatha vachu adi pichu erijutanga kaamu....Girls laughing from outside...Sam escapes and comes outside..Girls teasing him...Sam runs away from the place...
Pushpa and meenatchi walking towards deivanai's house..Pushpa tells meenatchi to stay silent...whatever deivanai says u pls be silent..just invite her to our house..becoz its ur house's fn..Deivanai watches them opening the gate..Deivanai welcomes pushpa...Pushpa says i'll not come inside..she didnt call me...Pushpa comes in and tells deivanai to call meenatchi...Deivanai says no...Pushpa goes back and bring meenatchi in....Cat and mouse in same room....Pushpa tells meenatchi to invite her....menatchi says first tell her to talk to me...Pushpa like a tennis ball ingayum angayum odittu irukanga....And atlast she says deivanai anni..maapu veetar will come ..come fast..Deivanai and and meenatchi war of words started...Pushpa again tells deivanai to come with them..Deivanai says will only come if meena invites..meena says "why naan koopitadhaan varuviya..or else u will not come aa"?...2 peru kathing....Deivanai says iam already ready..i'll come there for that girls....nnu sollittu mupperum deviyar meenatchi,pushpa and deivanai fn kku varanga....

Habbada..Mudinjupochu....Mudiyalada saamy....meenatchi and deivanai scenes ellam update panradhu rombha kashtamCryCry
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Tuesday June 22 2010 - Episode Update

Credits to
Shokku and Mayil family are expecting the maapillai family.  They hear the sound of an auto.. so all assume that it is the maapillai family, but it turns out to be Thailamma.. the foursome's mother.  She walks in and taunts... as usual, for forgetting her.  She also taunts Meena for not giving special welcome.  They all walk in.  Soon after the maapillai family arrive. 
The maapillai arrives with his sandai kaara sister, maamaa, their daughter, and maamaa's father.  The auto driver requests 70 Rs. for the ride, but the sandai kaaraa sister sandai onnu pottu, vaikku vantha padi pesi, she merrting him [oh my kadavuleh.. this is def a scary family.. esp this aldy Confused].  Mapillai and her husband try to calm her down and request her to behave.. but she doesn't stop.  She continues to fight with the auto driver.. finally giving the 50 Rs, she was filling to give the driver, and gets insulted.  Thankfully Shokku n co don't see it. 
The tharahar then introduces all of them.  They walk in.... Sandai kara sister starts korai pidiching that the house is too dark, why they never painted it and then there is a big ootai [oh neenga from raaja parambaraiyo? Confused].  She simply says this may be too tough.  Soon Kaamu comes outside with water for the maapillai.  Sandai kara sis wonders if this is the girl, but they correct that the girl is yet to come nnu.  Deivanai, who veembhu picidhing earlier, is there, all snobby. 
The sandai kaara sister wants to suthi paaking the house.. so Meena takes her inside.  On their way, Deivanai just says a big vanakkam, while Thailamma just follows the maapillai's sister.  Midway through, the maapu's sis hands over the jasmine flower to Meena to hand over to Magesh, while she suthi paaking.  That Thailamma takes the chance to vathi vaiking... about Deviaanai and Meena's fight.. to get their daughter's married first... and warns that she be careful [Angryithellam oru family member aa? Confused].  Maapu's sister requests Thailamma to stay by her side, so she can guide along, not knowing who she really was.
Maapu's sis soon walks into Mahesh's room to put the malligai poovu maalai on her head... they then take Mahesh out.  Mapiilai mogathilah 1000 watt bulb velicham.. upon seeing Mahesh.  Sokku n Mayil say that the maapu likes the ponnu (as per his word's from the temple) and how they too like him.  So they request to go ahead with the sambarathaayam.  Thailamma interupts and requests the Maapu's sis to talk about other stuff, i.e. dowry kiwry.  Mappu's sis and mama want to talk about it later on, but Thailamma insists... So maapu's sis says they can give whatever they want to, but this Thalaimma starts "well, Mahesh is dark... maapillai is of a fair complex... so nagai kigai.."  Upon hearing this maapu's sis wants 15 pown... Mayil, Shokku, Gopi n co are shocked, but Maapillai's mama says they can wait and talk about it all when they meet in thier house nnu.  Soon after they eat, they take off, very much happy with the proposal.  They also get to learn that Thailamma is none other than Shokku n Mayil's mom.... but a strange lady indeed, who wants to be independent. 
Soon after, Deivaanai takes her kids and leaves.  Pushpa also wants to leave soon.. as her kannadi moraatu purushan would be grrr if they were late.  She then reminds Mayil and Shoku to come talk to that man tomorrow itself, before that man finalizes that foreign maapillai for Maha.  Pushpa wants to get Maha married to Gopi soon.. but Gopi says first his sisters have to get married... but then again he is silenced by Shokku and Mayil, considering the problems brewing in Pushpa household.  Gopi leaves it upto them and walks inside.  Mayil and Shokku agree to come speak with kannadi thaasan. 
In Deivaanai's house... the girl's are talking good things about Mahesh's maapilllai.. and how he would be a pondaati thaasan soon nu.  Ithukku pandi payal says they now know what kind of a guy to look for Paramu.  Deivana taunts for speaking about marriage for others when the first girl is yet to be married off.  Just then Mayil walks in.  Already argument... but Pandi for once stops there fight.  Mayil then informs about the kannadi thaasan's attagaasam.... about finding a maapillai for Maha, and how they are going tomorrow itself to fix Maha for Gopi.  Deivanai agrees with this and tells him to go sort it out soon, but reminds that the marriage not be hold before Kanchu's.  Pandi payal becomes veracha mandaiyan... he is shocked.. Maha vukku Gopiyaa? 
He calls his father loudly and asks him to come out, to have a private talk.  Outside, Pandi payal tries to suthi valachu pesing... He asks Mayil, if they are dead sure that Mayil isn't in love with anyoen else.  Mayil says they know nothing like that exists... Pandi kadupu aagi.. tries to come up with stuff... but finally gets emotional and asks if his dad will get what he wants... Mayil is confused and tells him to ask away.... suddenly Pandi asks.. "I want MAHA.. I want her!!!!" 
Mayil is shocked..
If you've read the update and liked it, please press the like button.  We encourage you to join the discussion and shrae with us your opnion/ predictions about the serial.  Thank you for your support. 

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